The Guardian Alliance

A’shayana Deane Interview conducted by Kerry Cassidy
The Guardian Alliance teachings of ascension mechanics and stargates
Edited transcriptions provided by Struan Douglas

Introduction : On the opening day of the UFO Consciousness and Science conference 2011 a member of the audience expressed with great excitement how she had heard about the Krystic spiral being different to the Fibonacci spiral and she asked Kerry Cassidy to comment. Kerry said that A’shayana Deane teaches the Krystic spiral and referred us to her 7 hour interview session with A’shayana Deane. I have transcribed these tapes in detail and added more information to bring the essence of these teachings in the Krystic Spiral across

A’shayana Deane says, “ I’m know as speaker one in the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order, and that was a commission that was given to me, and the other two speakers, there are three of us present in the room. The guardian alliance communicates with me, and has since childhood with an electronic data streaming called keylontic transmission. It is literally electronic data streaming but inter-dimensionally as opposed to simply on the horizontal like we do it here.

By the time I was 12 the guardians had begun teaching me for the commission that I later learned was for speaker one for the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order. We’ve been working for ten years: this is our 84th workshop coming up. Every workshop, every one is new information, the next level of information. The guardian alliance has been providing us with progressively growing teachings since the Voyager  books were out: very, very technical teachings on ascension on stargates on understanding planetary stargates, galactic stargates, universal stargates, how they all work and what the process of ascension is.

In understanding some of those things like; what is a stargate, what is ascension, it brings us to the point where we are right now on the planet. And it explains what is going on with the visitors: it explains what their agenda is, why they’re doing what they’re doing and what we can do about it, because their is a negative and positive side to this, but the picture is much bigger than most people realize, even people in the UFO movement, and people in the new age movement. They have pieces of the story. I found out what this story was because I had my cellular memory turned on. I had incarnational memory since I was very small, so it was not knew to me, but when the guardians revealed progressively the scope of this drama, I was horrified at first, and, moved past that to the point of realizing, that the little dramas we’re worrying about are so tiny here. This is much, much bigger.

The information is important now. For ten years we hardly did any media at all, we didn’t do interviews, we had a couple of little interviews, we turned down a lot of radio interviews because we wanted to fly under the radar.  The reason why we’re coming out and speaking now is because the guardian alliance has asked us to. They are on now what is called official disclosure protocol because of things that are occurring. 2012 is very important and so are the periods right after it. To coin a phrase from Anderson Coopers’ show: ‘ planet in peril’ . Ah Yes, to put it mildly. So if I can explain some of the things that are taking place now in a certain sequence . It’s the quickest sequence you can do. This has been, ten years worth of work, now we can look back and see what this is all about and see where it’s going, so, if you don’t mind, I will put a couple the charts up.

Kerry:  Let me ask you, where the diagrams came from, in other words, do they, are you getting, you say you’re getting this sort of data stream  

A’shayana : I call it a pullback process where the whole big thing comes down in one data stream that it might take me like 6 hours just focused completely on 1, getting it all down and that’s even without the words and labels and arrows and stuf f. That’s just getting the shapes and structure. So it comes in like a zip file . When it opens, there’s a lot of heat involved, you can feel the DNA activation. It comes through, the chakras activate and there’s like this heat field around me when its coming through or sometimes, depending on the line, cause there’s different lines, different ones, different levels of the Guardian Alliance communicating, from different places and some of the lines come in cold, like shivers, some of them come in hot. Some of them carry the images 

Ascension involves stargates. But what is ascension anyway? There’s a quick way to explain this and it has to do with graphs and I use these graphs because pictures paint a thousand words.

These graphs are literally transmitted from the Guardian Alliance and I take them down by hand, because I don’t have computer art skills and then thanks to a team of volunteers they’ve put lot of work into putting them into computer. I will qualify these by saying, you’re going to see diagrams that are one out of, there might have been 50 diagrams in that series explaining every piece of how that worked, what it is, the structure of it all of this, I’m just going to show certain diagrams that will show structure, because structure is important.

Science here is getting into quantum physics, and all of those things and oh maybe there’s dark matter and all of these wonderful maybes.

There is a whole order of these things, yes there’s dark matter, yes quantum physics are real, but they have no idea the structures that are involved. This is not a haphazard cosmos or universe. If you’re going to understand what ascension is, you need to understand what context it’s happening in and that’s why the guardians gave us the context in the first place.

In the early days they taught us about 15 dimensional physics and that’s not meaning there’s only 15 dimensions. Dimensions run in sets of 15 and there are many many many different sets of 15 dimensional matrices that have particular order that form galaxies, universes cosmoses, plural. It is a multi-cosmos, not just a multiverse. Now when you think of ascension and stargates that you ascend through it implies there is an order of stargates within these greater structures.

Ascension is about evolution. It is actually about re-evolution. The Guardians refer to it as re-evolutionary determinism. There is a predetermined framework within which creation occurs and you have free will within the framework. You start out as part of the whole. They refer to it as GOD SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS FIELD . There is no place outside of GOD.

They consider the structures in which and through which matter forms and identities individuate. They consider that part of the manifest body of God Source and they are talking about the cosmoses being part of the manifest body. And there is a field of pure cognition beyond that. It is eternal, it is always aware. Time as we know it, in linear form, is not a reality there, but it is understood as an experiential quality within the framework of materialisation.

There is structure in this. Partiki creation takes you from the first unit of consciousness in the consciousness field of God that underwent certain changes. From those changes, that shape grew and literally created the wheels within wheels or spheres within spheres that is the hidden structure behind all cosmic order.


As it expands outwards these are called Eckashi expansion cycles : consciousness is coming out of the God source consciousness field into the smaller form of materialisation and it expands out through these cycles simultaneously.

This particular line is called a time vector. One end of it is referred to as an event horizon. One time vector has two event horizons.

Here you have a core, here you have an inner and here you have an outer domain on each side. Reality fields take place all over this. There are numerous reality fields.

The process of coming into existence is expanding out through experiential cycles within the Eckashi expansion cycle; until you get to this point. These are time cycles with names. They are called Yugha’s.

When you get to this; which is called the KaLE-Yugha there are several options. One of the options, which is the natural evolutionary process, is ascension. Ascension is the natural process by which eternal life beings (everybody started as eternal life beings) would naturally go.

When you expand outwards you enter a Krystar turnaround . A Krystar turnaround is when you enter these little cycles behind.

They are called ADASHI return cycles . They are, going back into source, cycles. This is the process; when you expand out, and at this point, if you were able to make this Krystar turnaround your atoms will transfigure into eternal life light atoms. And at that point whatever form you hold will become an eternal form where you can materialise and dematerialise at will. You become what is called an Adashi adept. Some people call them ascended masters but that term is terribly overused on the planet, so, the Guardians do not like to use it. The Adashi adept have made it through that change and they have become what is called MASHAY HANA, which means they are eternal life and can manifest and de-manifest at will. They go back through the cycles, back into the centre and they can actually rebirth as collectives like as suns and those kinds of things. It is amazing that a human being can evolve and re-evolve to go back into the state like a sun or a star. It is an eternal process. There is no death involved in that process. That is the natural process for life forms so when we are talking about ascension, it is about doing the natural re-evolutionary process, but that is not happening on this planet.

There are certain qualities of ascension that are very much about physics and there are consequences in physics. If things are not working well on the planet it affects the body of the people who live on it and the animals that live on it and the plants. If certain things are not working well in the body the DNA does not function properly; the body will not produce the chemicals and a particular one called Celestalline that is required to allow the atoms to merge with their anti-particles without annihilating. It allows particles to come together to shift angular rotation of particle spin and you can literally change into a radiation wave. And that is what it means to go into full merkaba and be able to go through gates.

If we get stuck here there is another path we can take. It is called the KaLE-RAma   path. It is the path of step back. You can go back here, to the stage before; and rebirth outwards into the outer domain. It is like a restart.

Hopefully you fulfil all your ascension codes. It is activating your atoms until the point they transfigure. If you can do it in a cycle, you can ascend again.

There is another path that can occur here: there are basically three paths.

KaLE-DEma is the path of FALL. That is when you get stuck here and you can’t go back and you can’t go forward because of the choices you were making in your life that were affecting directly what your DNA can do and what consciousness you are aligning yourself with; it affects the frequency your body is able to carry. If you get stuck here you will reincarnate in this cycle until the quantum you came with is burnt out. And then you will do what is a space dust return. Where ashes to ashes dust to dust and you will come to a point where you don’t have enough energy to reincarnate into another body into another time cycle and you will eventually go back. And eventually everybody goes back. If you go back in ascension you go back whole, if you go back in step back you can come back out and go back whole but if you do the path of fall, you do go back eventually as space dust where your body dies and your consciousness can no longer hold together, it fragments and becomes part of the local environment. The local environment at times becomes part of natural cycles that have to do with stargate cycles and ascension cycles.

All these little time tracks pull in together and come back out again. At that point anything that is stuck out there gets drawn back into the centre. This is why God Source does not look at it like losing anyone on the fall path. It is the experience of you losing your connection with the universe.

Right now we are in the KaLE-Yugha Cycle and those three choices are facing us very much now and more than they might usually because this planet is in the middle of a drama that people have forgotten. They knew what was happening during the Atlantean period 10 000 years ago. We have forgotten.


We’ve talked about the core and the inner the middle and the outer domains of reality, within which reality takes place: they each have a different state of matter, a different type of matter, a different density level of matter, and different states of consciousness that go with them.

So when we see this diagram we’re seeing the three, the Kale Hara system, and the Hara bodies and the ‘time, space time structures’ within the Hara bodies.

These are large energy structures that you don’t see, but they’re there.

The cosmos is created with this structure, but it’s much more complex. When you see it, it implies structure but also time and evolution. And that is a good way to show the ascension process, where as you expand out, you go through experiences in the time on the levels of the time matrix, and then come back in through the Adashi return cycles.

The word Adashi is special to us because we are from the path of Adashi and the path of the Krystar return.

When I use the words Krystar or any words like Kryst; it is spelt with a K because that is how it originally was. KRYSTHL represents the first 7 audible sound tones of creation. KA RA YA SA TA HA LA. We often shorten it to KA Ra Ya Sa Ta. That is where we get the word Kryst from. It has to do with the sound vibrations of audible sound tones when we get into first Partiki creation. Within all these structures in the cosmos there are certain things at a very nano micro level. That is why we use Kryst. It is something that belongs to everyone in every language. 


Inside of this you have the Hara ball structures in the time cycles, moving in and out of this. You will notice here there are 12 points (on the circumference of the circle). There are 12 petals. Each one of them would have a line running down that comes out the other side. Each would be a vector line. You are not dealing with just one vector with two event horizons. You are dealing with sets of 6 vectors that form 12 event horizons. The spirit body structure is built on this particular structure.

These flows here: the outer flows are called the lotus flows.

These little things that you can see part of that go all the way down to the core: These are called the core flows or the Na-VA-Ho   flows.

The Na-VA-Ho   word has to do with a particular part of the creation cycle where the Partiki units which are the first units of consciousness that materialise are actually born. These are called the Na-VA-Ho   core flows. This has to do with stargates.


It just doesn’t flow out and expand until it destroys itself, and burns itself out, that’s what science is watching happening to this universe because it’s not functioning normally, in our local galaxy.

These structures, these flows, apply to a cosmos, to a galaxy, to a planet, to our bodies. to atoms. They have their own structure like this.

Each one of these, core – core structures – core flows, represents a stargate that has particular structure.

When you look at it on a planetary level, there are literally points on the planet that interface with these energy flow systems that connect into core and under certain conditions, they activate, and they literally allow space, time and matter to turn into radiation and pop up somewhere else. They are passageways. 

Kerry : Are you talking about twelve major stargates?  

A’shayana:  There are twelve; they go in sets of twelve. On this planet, there are a whole lot more, because the main twelve, which are called the Halls of Amenti Stargates, they actually fell in 2003. They fell under the control of the service to self groups, we call the them F-A’s, fallen angelics. There are about five different interfaced gate systems that were put here by the guardians a long time ago because this isn’t the first time that there’s been gate wars, on this planet. In fact, two seedings of the human race were wiped out, by the same type of gate wars. They call them Templar wars, cause’ they’re fighting over the Templar.

The stargate system on a planet or in the universe is referred to as the Templar, and that word refers to Template Pillars. That’s what the Templar word means. The whole Knights Templar and all of that stuff, were from the old records from Atlantis. They had pieces of them.

Ascension, the process of doing that turn around and being able to go back into the eternal life cycles, has to do with getting your body able to where you can pass through the natural structures of stargates. Now that’s great if you’ve got your body in shape, but if you arer on a planet that’s templar is messed up, you’re going to have a problem, you’ll get stuck on the planet and your body will reflect whatever distortion is in the planet. That’s why people right now, die on this planet and don’t ascend instead.

Death is not a natural condition, it occurs on planets that have a distortion in their stargate structure, where the natural flows are not occurring, which creates distortions in the biological forms on that planet. We have been locked into this planet, this has been a prison planet for at least thirteen thousand years and actually, a little further back than that but there are little bits of times where gates were working properly. This is the first time, why everything is coming to a head right now, is because it was known in 22326 B.C., which was the last stargate opening cycle, and that one failed, that this would be the next one. They knew this time period would be the next one because there’s a specific time frame in which the gates open and they stay open for a period of time and they close again. That’s why it’s all coming to a head again. 

Kerry :  When you say the gates are going to open, you’re talking about the twelve that have been taken over, so to speak, those, I’m assuming, are not going to open?  

A’shayana :  They’re opening them. They open them into the black hole wormhole systems.You can still use them but it takes you into fall systems . S o there has to be alternate stargates that are going to be used. The Guardians, are opening the others . They need to be activated, they’re old dormant systems, but they’re rescue systems . At this point, the reason why the Guardians are even speaking publically about this information in interviews, is because on March 25th of 2007, something occurred in this solar system that just, shut the program down. We are on a 200 year evacuation program period, and that’s it. The gates are closing, permanently. The gates are closing in this galaxy, permanently in 200 years.  

Now, the drawings that look like the lotus petals , they’re usually the flows, that when a stellar activation cycle happens, they’re usually the only ones that open because they will take you to the next density level up. Or even two densities up. They’ll give you vertical ascension, but not diagonal or going back in and back out again. They’re very limited in their capacity but you can still ascend through them. The only time they open these is if they’re seeding a new race on the planet, or, if they are evacuating a race on the planet. And these core gates are opening on the planet, because this is an evacuation. We have a two hundred year warning. Because, something happened with the sun, that its, it’s not going to be, one is not going to be able to live on this planet by about 2976. And it’s going to be before that actually but that’s when it explodes from what they said.

That we’re in a timeline and we’re stuck in a timeline,  Voyagers  mentioned it, that if we didn’t make certain changes with the stellar activation cycle, and reach a certain level, we were going to get dragged into a probability alignment in which the planet literally exploded because of the mechanics that were occurring with, the Zetas and different intruder races, and that is a probability line we got stuck in and that’s why we are on a evac order, and that’s why we’re speaking about it publically.

There are things we can do, its not like, ahhhhh – you know the world is ending. No, in fact, this is really good, because what could have happened in 2012 isn’t going to, but there’s certain ones that really want it – want these things to happen and I will talk about those a little bit, in a little while.


And there would be twelve of these on the planet, and when you would pass into it, you wouldn’t see this thing standing in the air, there would be a certain field and only if your DNA was keyed to it, you wouldn’t even know it was there. If your DNA was not activated to be in co-resonant energy form, with that structure, you’d walk right through it, past it, not even know it was there and you’d still be in the same place. But, if you have certain things activated in the body, in the DNA, in the DNA template, in the light body in the spirit body structure etc, in your anatomy, you would be able to see it, and you would know where to stand in it. And you would know what to do and how to breathe, and you could use it and go in ascension.

Kerry :  The twelve stargates that have been interfered with, are they located in certain places on the planet? I’m thinking there are a lot of misdirects going on the planet right now, to where certain people are directing people to, focus on certain areas of the planet which contain these stargates, thinking that they are, ascension stargates, when in fact they are taking them to another place.

A’shayana :  Yup. They are being guided to fall stargates, so they’re not called stargates, they’re called wormholes. Wormholes lead to black hole systems that are finite life systems, and right now they are feeding on our living system and killing it basically, and that is why the intervention is happening, that is why the NaVaho core gates are being opened, because we didn’t stand a chance.

There were five other occasions that extinctions were launched on this planet. They were before the humans were on it. This was going to be the sixth extinction, and it was scheduled for 2012 and ah because of what the guardians are doing, that is not going to happen. We’re not fighting with anyone, we’re standing, we’re standing in the frequency of the Kryst and we are being taught master templar mechanics to be able to assist them. We’re the ground crew, just like on the other side you have what we call the Metatronic crew that are working the Atlantean death star, merkaba stuff that is running the wormholes. There’s a whole bunch of people running around thinking they’re doing ascension, that aren’t and that is what is heartbreaking. When I started to go public with the guardian teachings, I ended up like the black sheep, in the new age movement, why? Because we exposed the teachings of Thoth. We exposed the records. Thoth broke the emerald covenant, way back in the Atlantean period. He stole one of the CDT plates, took the knowledge from it, and created the emerald tablets of Thoth which had a bunch of mechanics that were the death star mechanics. He helped in the takeover, and he still is. That being is still in existence, he, pops back and forth, you know, he can travel through time in his little, death star merkaba. But, it wasn’t just Thoth, there’s a whole bunch of them.

We have more merkaba mechanics than they can dream about. I mean, they they couldn’t touch the stuff with a ten foot pole. The guardians showed us, all of these different things, sacred geometry and how it connects to the cosmos. They showed cosmic structure in order to show how it’s supposed to work, and then they showed where the distortions they’re teaching fit and what they do to pervert it.

I’m aware of the distortions out there. I have to say that people need to really go into their hearts, they need to use their heart and their intelligence to discern what resonates, and we’re presenting this as what resonates, I’m going to say, personally with me, but also with what I think people need to be aware of and then they make their own decision. We’ve got plenty of the other side, of information out there and I think its time that we hear from this side. And I, really want to thank you, for, for making this opportunity possible.


One of these Kathara Grid structures would hold four density levels of our local universe; let’s say the Milky Way galaxy, but there’s actually more to it than the Milky Way. It actually includes Milky Way and Andromeda M31 galaxy, and it’s connected to another one.

The one at 90 degrees to it would be considered its parallel. It also has a light field that goes with it, so these are intricate structures that are formed from these templates.

And where you see these structures, these are the bones again, you will have spheres of energy and spheres within spheres, built upon them.

There are various levels: these are called the  Veca  systems and four Vecas come together and at the center, an Eca system forms, and the Eca systems form a cluster and they form what’s called an Eckasha system, then there’s an Eckasha A system, an Eckasha Aya system and they all form this big cluster that’s called the Eukatharaista Body. 

The Eukatharaista Body is one cosmic creation body. Our own personal anatomy, has these levels to it. They connect to those levels of the cosmos that we were born into. Full ascension is actually turning back in on our atomic structure and all of the frequencies involved with all of those spaces.

So we’re down here in the Veca worlds, the next thing is we have to move up into the Eca and then from the Eca, this is the long way to ascend, by the way, that’s when the gates are working well.

The normal way for ascension would be you would work your way through re-evolution, through the Veca system up the densities. We’re in density one here, we’d work up to density four, then we go to the Eca level and your growing and getting lighter and your matters’ less dense and your getting more control over it and your getting more God consciousness. And then you would work to the Eckasha level, and then you would work to the Eckasha A level and then the Eckasha Aya level till you got up here. 

At any one of those points, you could experience the  Krystar turn around and it would take it you the next level.

Then there’s the quick way to ascend when it’s an evac, and that’s what we have. 

These are called, harmonic gate systems. It is built on a system of dimensional harmonics, which means you have to take them in sequence, harmonically one by one. It’s the low, the slow train.

There is something called the trans-harmonic continuum, that actually runs between them.

It requires a very specialized type of merkaba vehicle and accelerations in the light body and spirit body anatomy to be able to do it, but those core gates, they’re also the NaVaho gates, also called the spanner gates. They are trans-harmonic, where they can actually jump the scale. So, you can jump from here to here or from here, you know, to there. So you can move. You have more liberty of where you can go, in ascension in a sense, you are able to actually become a time jumper. You go boing boing boing boing…

That is the system we’re working on, because at this point, all of the natural structures of the outer gates have been damaged. The Amenti gates are damaged, we are stuck down here and the same thing is happening through the Milky Way. It’s not just here, it’s not just in our solar system . Our solar system is a mess, but the Milky Way is a mess too: that black hole at the centre; that’s not an accident. That was done on purpose. That was done three hundred and sixty billion years ago. The Milky Way actually used to be a part of Andromeda Galaxy and it was literally forced into what is called Fall, and now there’s many light years between them, but they were once one.

That is actually our home galaxy: the Andromeda M31, but right now we’re in the Milky Way which is a fallen, phantom part of it. It wasn’t a full Fall system, until recently, when certain changes occurred that means the quantum of energy going into the negative Fall path, is larger than the one pulling back the other way, and at that point there is a galactic evac where they’re pulling out the ones who can still go; the consciousness that can still follow the ascension path is being evacuated out because the gates will close. Once they close and a system falls, that system won’t immediately blow up or anything, it will have a finite life span. It no longer has the direct currents coming in, the inflow of currents coming in from the larger structure of space time and source, so it becomes a finite system that feeds on itself, until it eats up its own quantum, and then it implodes and goes back as space dust.

So, we are at crossroads, a huge crossroads right now. We are on a planet that is going in the fall direction, but this planet is actually going to take that path I mentioned, the step back path, but that requires losing its body and it’s going to do that. Not while we’re on it, but that is what we’re headed for, but right now we have two hundred years to go before these gates close, in the Milky Way galaxy and that includes here, so this is why they’re giving the advanced ascension teachings now. And, ah that is why, crazy people like me come out and talk about them…

These are part of the actual templates of the layers of creation going all the way back up into expansion, into God source consciousness field. They are the literal bones of our space-time orientation, so they are time references.

The Veca system is down here, closer to where we are. When you get up to the next level of ascension, there is the Eca system, which is at the core of four Vecas, then you get up from there, and you have what’s called an Eckasha system, which has, a set of all the smaller ones inside of it, and the Eckasha A system, and then, you go up into the Eukatharaista System. These words, to describe things, make perfect sense, to the people that are describing them, the Guardians.

They’re words in the ancient Anahazi language, which was the first spoken language in this time matrix. The translations from those languages carry the meaning.

Kerry :  Does Anahazi relate to Anastasi? 

A’shayana :  Actually, it does. The Anastasi were connected to, to the guardians.

Kerry :  Did they ascend? Is that why they disappeared?

A’shayana :  Some of them did, others were raided and overtaken by another group, and some of that other group became Anastasis as well where they became violent and the originals ones weren’t like that.

Kerry :  Is it that the Kabbalah is not the positive ascension path. 

A’shayana :  In relation to the Kabbalah, or the bible, or the Koran, or any of the texts that are out there: there are elements of truth all of which came from the original teachings that were on this planet. There were twelve legions of the Kryst, twelve bodies of teachings that went with the CDT Plates. There are pieces of those that have wound up in the religions of today and there are distortions in all of them as well. Which means, they all carry a mixed path. The way to tell takes a while to develop the sensitivity, but there’s something invisible inside of everything, be it a cup or a cosmos or a set of letters written on a page. There’s something called an encryption. An encryption is a very specific radiation signature. It is underlying, it’s in the dark matter template. When you get to a certain point, in DNA activations which sensitize your inner senses in your body, you, can, know with direct cognition, you can read a sentence and know which part is taking you in which direction.

There’s some beautiful things in the Kabbalah and they also use a mutated tree of life, because they don’t remember any different. They were tricked, just like there’s a lot of great things in the Christian religion that are, true to form, and a lot that aren’t. There’s been trickery ever since the Atlantean periods here. Well there was before, but that was the big showdown for trickery. What we have now are the trickle down ideas and piecemeal memory and piecemeal history of what could be salvaged from that time.

Our stance isn’t to make any of the other paths wrong. There’s only one that we actually will stand against. If they’re directly teaching metatronic death star merkaba, we have to address that. We don’t address the people who are teaching it, we feel bad for the people who get caught up in that. I feel bad for anybody whose contacted by Thoth, because I’ve known Thoth in other lives and I’ve known Thoth in this life and once upon a time he was an emerald covenant speaker, and he broke the emerald covenant, and he decided to go with the Annunaki races and go into a Fall path, and stole the technologies, and part of what he did is why this planet is going on the path it is now.

So it isn’t the people. We don’t blame the teachers, or the people listening to channels. Any of the religions, any of the new age or the old age religions, there’s good and there’s not good in both of them, and it’s almost like you need to feel out and feel what works right for you, but don’t limit to yourself to just saying, oh well it has to be the Jehovah god, or it has to be the Allah god, or it has to be the this god or that god. You can call GOD whatever you want, but you know GOD doesn’t really need you to call “it” anything, it is beyond gender qualification. We were created in the image of GOD, all of us, and that doesn’t mean we are all male or all female, it means we are all living consciousness fields, that have the potential of direct creation and eternal life, and that is what that line meant. 


There’s one that shows exactly where we are, in the Milky Way galaxy, actually M31 Galaxy, but we’re a part that’s twisted off but still connected to it, energetically. We can show our location and also show the locations where the black hole systems are that are interfacing here that are messing with us and where the main Guardian groups are coming from.

These maps then translate into probability fields. These are all probability fields. So you might have one, say galaxy, and its twelve different probable expressions, and all of these are spinning. And they interface with each other, all of the time. They’re like bubbles within bubbles that don’t collide and collapse each other – well they’re not supposed to. If they’re doing the death star mechanics, they actually do, but, there’s a natural system of probabilities, so it’s not just we have a parallel universe. We have many parallel systems and adjacent systems and neighbouring systems. This is literally the structure of the maps of the cosmos. This is the structures you use. Once you get to the point where you can ascend, you have to first of all decide where you want to go, and then, where’s the map to get there? These are the maps.

There is a structure that science does not know about yet, they have no idea how complex it is. Each one of these structures, they’ve taken it from the first partiki unit, the first unit of consciousness; how that structure grew, in each stage. We have like hundreds of diagrams that go with these that show how the Kathara grids all filled out; to show how these structures of the spirit body and their flows filled out. Inside of the ‘spirit body flows’, which isn’t on this one, you’ll actually find where, what is called the hall of records, exists. The Akashic record is part of this anatomy structure. The planet has one, the solar system has one, the galaxy has one, etc. So these are not just, interesting little diagrams on a paper, these are very practical. They’re just as practical as a map you’d buy down at the gas station to get to go somewhere horizontally.

Kerry :  Isn’t it true that we also have twelve incarnational bodies, that have incarnated simultaneously – that mirror the same pattern there?

A’shayana :  Seventeen hundred and twenty eight simultaneous, you’re existence implies the seventeen hundred and twenty seven others that are you in different forms. T hey’re in sets of twelve.

You have your first twelve in density one down here. You have your incarnate identity and you would have a set of twelve incarnates. And if you pull those twelve up to density two, you would have one soul. Your soul is your density two level of identity. That one soul would be in a group of eleven others as part of a set of twelve. And you pull all those together and come up to density three, and that’s where you are an oversoul. And that oversoul is part of a group of twelve oversouls, that, you pull it up to density four and that is an avatar. And then you have a group of twelve avatars, pull it up to density five, and then you would have your Rishi identity, which is your fully formed Veca level identity. There are other levels of identity that go up beyond the fifteenth dimensional system. Those five densities that I just talked about, each have three dimensions, so there’s your fifteen dimensional stack right there…

This is just a real quick glimpse to show that these time cycles that we’ve talked about in relation to these structures, they are quite specific.

These were given as far as time frames: One time vector here on-on this planet, (and they are using translations into earth time) is seven hundred thirty eight years. One time continuum is four thousand four hundred and twenty six years. One eYugha is twenty six thousand five hundred and fifty six years. A eYugha time cycle is a stargate cycle. That is when the stargates on the planet open. Once every, that period.

Right now its distorted into what are called the false Yuga cycles and we’ll show you at the end. It is because we are in a stellar activation cycle right now and the last one was twenty six thousand five hundred fifty six years ago and it failed.  The gates did not open, they had to be shut closed because we got raided. That was called the eieyani massacre period where, there was a lot of, ships mowing people down, actually.

 Kerry :  Was this during Atlantis or prior?

A’shayana :  There were several phases of Atlantis.  The last pieces of it went under in 9558 B.C. but way before that there was Atlantis. There was an Atlantis in seeding one; there was in seeding two an Atlantis and on Terra, there was an Atlantis. That’s where it all came from and Lemuria. You had Lemuria, Lumenia. There were different spellings of the names but they were the same places and the same soul groups inhabiting them.

This was in the 9558 BC period, you know the last period, that was like the late Atlantean period.

These stargate cycles, this is the cycle that our gates open on this planet. This planets gates are supposed to open on the26556 year cycle. It’s now been shortened because of what they’re doing to the planetary grids and the stargates and the Templar; to what’s called the false eYugha cycles, which are plugged into the processions of the equinox.

This is not natural. That really came into fore about thirteen thousand years ago when a major victory in the Atlantean drama on the dark agenda side had occurred. They created something called the Toral rift. It is a time rip. They literally plugged earth’s templar into this time rift and knew that when it came to the next stellar activation cycle, they would use it to draw earth in. It’s not just earth they’re after, earth connects still to its corresponding planet or star in M31, it is called Eartha. There is still a direct energetic link between the gates. They’re after M31 as well, so it’s a much bigger drama than people here realize. They’re not just after little earth. Earth has always been a fighting place because of its connection to the larger universe and because it was connected as part of what was called the krystal river host. That was three hundred and sixty billion years ago. When the Milky Way fell out of M31, there was a whole collective of guardian of the Adashi adepts, people who formed a coalition to assist in trying to re-evolve the Milky Way back into its natural position so it could continue as an ascension system.

Kerry :  What is their motivation for taking us down, closing us off and making it a finite system?

A’shayana :  What is their core objective? Food. They are in a black hole system that has fallen. The way eternal life creation works, is when a thing falls, it loses its connection to the inflow and backflow of energy from the source consciousness field, which means it gets left with only the quantum it had, when it fell. Now, everything is spinning, that takes energy. It uses up its energy, and if it doesn’t suction energy off something else, it will implode and go back to space dust return.  This is what a system is meant to do so nobody gets stuck and everybody gets to go home; either as space dust or you know whole through ascension

These groups that have adopted the false creation have tried to recreate the creation. They didn’t like the consequence their own choices brought to them, in relation to the physics reactions to the actions they took. They ended up in a fall system and they wouldn’t face the reality that you can make peace with that. Even if you’re in a fall system you can handle yourself with grace. We can still love creation. We can still act in loving ways. They decided instead it would be more interesting to keep themselves alive by using a vampire technology. They are going after it for quantum food, to feed their system. If they can harness this system, literally the entire quantum of energy that is in this system will be drawn into their black hole system which will give their whole system more life.  They pray on living systems. But there is a point in time, where that backfires and they’re getting very close to that point too. They are fighting over survival and they feel they have to kill the living systems in order to have that energy as food. Period. and that becomes the most important obsession for them, and it is a twisted thinking, when a being gets that far into de-evolution where it really has no remorse. They don’t have emotional bodies like we do. They don’t care. They just take. And they don’t care about giving, they don’t think about that, and they don’t want to hear it. You can’t rationalize with a certain level of fall consciousness. That is what we’re dealing with and that is why it is a very large story. It’s really not a personal story. Don’t take it personally. Do you take it personally if you’re swimming and a shark rips off your leg? It’s a shark . It’s just doing what its instinct moves it to do and that’s kind of like what is happening here. So that’s how I’ve been taught to look at it, and I’m at peace with it, I don’t like it but I’m at peace with it in that regard. I believe in the loving creator God source field and I believe in being fair to people, and I believe in telling the truth, even if it’s hard, and I believe in facing the truth even if you’d rather pretend it wasn’t there.

When I say we stand in the Kryst, that’s what it means. It’s not fighting with these beings, we have to stand and work the gates here. Somebody has got to take care of the remaining gate potentials here, so that consciousness can evacuate out within the next two hundred years.


We made it through what was called the Kali Hara celebration. We call it a celebration. At the time after certain things happened in 2007 as we moved into 2008, if we did not hit on this planet a certain level of core vibration, we would have gone into fall right there. We would’ve not been able to hold a host. All of the gates would have shut except the fall gates and we would’ve all been stuck and it we’d all been extinct in 2012. That was the other sides plan. But, we did make the vibration for the Kali Hara which allowed us to pick up into the host, which is called the krystal river host. This has to do with a stream of energy currents that are coming in from a matrix that I’ll show you later on the maps, that are the high level of the Guardian Alliance. They’re like the ones that wrote the books originally. These are massive messianic beings, and that means they’re the eternal life beings, the ones who have gone through the Adashi return cycles. The planet was able to pick up the host, where it could anchor those frequencies, as long as there was somebody here to anchor it and that is what our groups have been doing.

Our bodies are energy, everybody’s bodies are energy, and we’re all anchoring something. Right now the planet, most of it, is anchoring the Metatronic currents. There are a few people, just because they happen to have the DNA codes that are connected with the Kryst, that are anchoring the good currents.

We passed the Kali Hara cycle. We’re in this cycle period right here, right now. 

We haven’t come to the centre point yet, that’ll be 2027, when we hit this point in the cycle. There are certain energy changes that take place here, certain accretion cycles; that means energy coming in cycles. These are accretion cycles where energy pulls in to a certain point, there are certain things that happen at each of these stages, so we are right here and this stage is the first stage of the Kale Krysta cycle.

This is the Barto phase, and then over here, the Masha phase. That’s where you get the Mashaya Hana word from, and the word messiah was twisted from that word, The Mashaya Hana word is in the ancient Atlantean teachings. It is an Anahazi word, having to do with this cycle…

We have till this point when we get over here, that is 2047, I don’t have it marked on this one, but this would be the point in the cycle that would be 2047, and this is where something called an in-fold happens.

Go back to remembering the vector line with the Hara bodies on it: at certain points they pull into the centre and then come back out again. That is going to occur with the energy systems in the parts of this galaxy that can hold the host including earth, including our own fields.

So, right now we’re making it through this part of the cycle. There are certain changes that will happen here, this is a point, that middle point, during which, something called the Barto chambers open.

Now the Barto chambers, can be a pleasant thing or it can be a time when people evac the quickest way possible, and we are still looking at the potentiality that there could be major earth changes that occur, during this period. At this point it’s like if we get this far! What’s happening between now and 2012 is pretty rough. What some others have planned for 2019 isn’t to be pretty either. So, we’re trying to help keep the grid stable and the consciousness stable.

This is a really bumpy period we’re going through here because of what the ‘service to self’ ones are doing. They’re trying to take our planet, forget about us, they don’t care; they were planning to exterminate us in 2012, and just use it as torque to drag a whole larger system in to feed their black hole. So, when you have an objective like that you really don’t care, they don’t care how many people are lost, but the Guardians do and that’s why we’re still here.

So, we’re moving through this period now. We’re probably somewhere right about here… because this would be 2027.

There’s some rough spots coming in 2019 and 2022.

March 25th 2007: there were certain things that a particular group of the raider races called the Borja, that are connected with the Thetens did. They kind of work together, they’re on the negative side, they’re, they’re part of the groups that are fighting over whose going to control this beast machine, this death star merkaba here . They did something with the solar gates at the core of the sun, and they force closed what is called the prana seed.

Now the prana seed has to do with sophisticated anatomy. We all have one and so do planets and galaxies. When a prana seed closes, it forces the Barto, which means it forces the beginning of the death cycle. And our sun is dying as of that point. That doesn’t mean it’s immediately going to die. There are fifteen layers of the dark matter template called the Rasha body that need to separate from the physical matter body. That will be done in 2022. Now, there is a gamma burst that is released every time one of those solar ring waves releases. Rght now it’s being buffered. They will get stronger as it goes into the higher levels of the rings. And, fifteen comes in 2022. So far so good, we haven’t had any major gamma bursts, you know solar flares that have wiped everything out But there are other potentials that we are looking at as well.

This is showing the cycle. There are certain different things that happen in this amazing structure of the planetary, solar galactic and universal, spirit body and light body structures. It’s a very specific process that is involved with Kryst Star evolution which is going into that where you fulfil, accrete or bring in all the frequencies in the template that you needed to make that Adashi turnaround; where you can immortalize your atoms and go into the eternal life. Planets and solar systems and galaxies can do that too. There’s a portion of this galaxy system that can still do that, with the extra frequency that is being added, by that host system, which is called the Aquarian matrix. 

The Aquarian matrix has the prototypes of what the humans were actually designed on. The genetic prototypes were from there, even though we weren’t directly from the Aquarian system. We were from M31, and from this particular Universe, the Milky Way once it fell. They are very closely related genetically to us in that regard.


Aquinos is actually the name of M31, that’s the official name as far as the ancient records go. W e are a part of the Aquinos universal system.

Up here is the Aquarian Eckasha matrix. Right up here. So, we’re down here, and they’re up in this section, so its literally showing the relationships like you know ok one lives over here and one lives up here. One lives in Pennsylvania, ones in California, right?

There’s a black hole system a fall system right here that’s called the We Sala system. What’sinteresting about this whole creation is falls can happen, where part of the spherical structures of that system is literally no longer energetically connected to the grid. They still hang in the grid, but they’re cut off from it. They can only happen on the Veca and the Eca levels. A whole Eckasha can’t fall. Once you get to the Eckasha layer, none of those other layers can fall. And it’s a different type of existence, where you don’t worry about the different polarity dramas that end up in falls and things. 

The ones who are helping us are here. It is an eternal matrix. Their purpose in staying in existence is to play the helpers for any of the other systems that want to go in.

They live by ‘let my will be thou will,’ as far as Source go’s and they want nothing other than to fulfil what Source’s intention is which is the loving intention and the assisting intention.

They find their joy in being of service and assisting other evolutions in the lower matrixes and they hold these frequencies. Their systems stay pure enough that they can actually send currents in and help systems and hold them up so they don’t fall.

This little red one right here, that’s our parallel; our immediate parallel system on this level. And this one is a black hole system.

We have a parallel earth and that finally finished falling in 2003. We have a parallel Milky Way, that is a mess, and it’s called the alpha system. That was the first black hole. They look at us as the Omega system. They’re the beginning, we’re the end. They’re planning to pull the two systems together, using the death star merkaba mechanics.

We’re here in the Aquinos, that system, the parallel, is running, and here our buddies that are helping us with the Krystal river host, sending us energy to literally stop it.

It’s kind of like sending big energy arms down to hold us up, because these guys are pulling so much energy out of us, we would have fallen already, this whole galaxy would have.

Up here there’s another system. This system, the We Sala system, is connected with this one, they’ve linked through wormholes to the centre of their cores, their Eca cores, and created a structure of wormholes.

Kerry :  Are certain of these systems in other dimensions ?

A’shayana : Each Veca, each Kathara Grid, those little structures that you saw, each of those has four density levels and implies a fifth density when you cross through the centre. Whether you find that Eckasha on the lowest densities in the Vecas or up in the highest in the structures of the Eukatharaista body where it can’t fall, it’s all consistently; five densities and fifteen dimensions to each set.

They have different types of matter and different density levels of matter. Some are heavier than others. It is just the refinement of the matter type changes as you go up into the ones that can’t fall, there’s a refinement  to the energy and the consciousness there that you don’t find in the lower systems.

Kerry:  The light beings that manifest here, what level are they coming from?

It depends. Could be, anyone one… There’s an old saying, that light can deceive, but sound tells the truth. Sound is the vibration, the encryption. Its a feel thing. You can have really beautiful light beings, that are actually FA’s or fallen angelics that are coming to mess with you. You can have really ugly ascended ones that are really good. They come from many different levels. We are learning to turn ourselves into light. We are learning first bilocation, next is translocation, and then eventually we get to do transmigration, but that requires having certain things where you actually aren’t trapped by the planetary time cycles anymore.

So, light beings – where do they come from? Well they could come from here, you know, they could come from Venus next door. They could come from the highest levels or the lowest levels. There are light beings that come and visit out of the black hole systems and there are ones that come and visit from the higher levels. So just because it’s a light being, doesn’t mean its good light.

They taught us some very interesting mechanics about the difference of light or radiation signatures.

ShaLAah living light is a very specific configuration. It is created out of 3 units that form a light unit. Matter fields form out of this. There is another light, an organic light that comes from natural creation. It is the three balls, the TriVeca. It has the ability for the two bottom balls to phase in and out and spark when they do so it can generate its own quantum, so it is eternal. There is another type of light which is not organically recurring. SHO-NA light field is a dead light field. It is made of the Vesica Piscis configuration which is two light balls spinning together. They spin and they spark but they have to attach to something in order to feed or they are finite and their spin actually burns them out. Same things with orbs. There are positive and negative.


Through number three on the Andromeda, or the M31 grid, and number three earth on this grid, they are connected. That is the link that has been holding the Milky Way connected to Andromeda.

The host mission was to try to help the Milky Way evolve back into its natural position, cause if something gets stuck like that, eventually it will fall and be off the grid. That’s where it will become finite, until it burns out its quantum. So, there are always rescue missions to try to bring something back. Earth has always been such a place and so was Terra. Before earth became earth down here, there was a star here called (Ashalay?) and that was actually the host star that the fragments of Terra were put in to begin this solar system down here in density one. That’s described a bit in  Voyagers .


This becomes important. We actually use drum codes to bring in very specific frequencies by using the numerical coordinates that go with the specific systems we’re trying to bring the energy in from. This bounces out the frequencies from the black hole systems that are coming in. I mean it’s quite sophisticated the technologies they’re showing us to use

W e’re all learning how to beat on drums. You’re an energy system, stomp, get the vibration in.

This is showing the Eukatharaista map. We’re over here. But now it’s showing the probability systems that we’re in. So, where our Kathara grid is, every one of these has a system that looks just like this, but a smaller one. And then every one of these, inside of that, has that.

So you have all of these probability systems on each level. At a certain point you’ll see there’s ones that are the meta-galactic level.

The meta-galactic level is where we’re having issues with the parallel meta galaxy that goes down into the galaxy. The black holes link in the centre, and that’s where our parallel, what’s called our parallel Veca is. We are in Veca 5, and they are in Veca 2.

That would be our parallel. They’re at 90 degrees. They’re actually pulling our system in. This is just another way of looking at it, showing not just the bones, but also showing the many many layers: the wheels within wheels, the spheres within spheres. These are all probability fields that interact with each other and pass through each other. There are gate systems between all of these organic ones, and now there’s wormholes that don’t belong there too.

This is showing a close up of the section of the map we just saw that corresponds to our galaxy. We got the Milky Way here, we got M31 up here.

These two used to be together. This is what science already knows. The core of the Milky Way, they already know, has a black hole in the centre of it.

The core of the Milky Way’s black hole, would be right here. M31 is right here, and we are in this twisted down offset, in these spheres.

You can literally find us in the maps. This is how they, the Adashi masters use these. These are the coordinate maps. And you know how they use them? Once you get to the point where you ascend, you simply visualize it. It runs the encryption through your field, bang zoom you’re gone, you’re there. Speed of thought. And that’s what full ascension is.

Kerry : The individuals that see these maps can then begin to internalize the maps themselves.

A’shayana :  Yes , it will help, it will activate, it will bring back their own ancient awareness of this.

We tell people don’t worry… Just watch the sequence and it often is the sequence because it creates an activation wave.

Kerry :  Is there correspondence in some of the crop circles?

A’shayana :   Yes, from both sides. These are called probability maps, when we look at them with just the balls without the bones.

Kerry :  When you’re calling them probabilities, are you saying that certain things could change within these maps?

A’shayana:   After a certain set of things occur, a probability locks in . And then whatever is in that probability must follow through to whatever the natural next point is. And that’s what we’ve been stuck in. We’ve actually been stuck in this probability system on Earth, for ages now… for about a hundred thousand years longer than we should have. The probability locked in when the solar core closed, the sun is dying. And that is going to start at some point, a red pulse, which is a vapor wave that takes out any life on the planet. When that event happened, that is something you can’t go backward from.

Kerry :  How did that happen, how did the sun end up in that place?

A’shayana :  The Zetas are the little guys on the block. There’s a group called the Thetens. And There’s another group called the Borja, they are from a parallel Ekasha, part of the black hole system. They have been trying to get control of the grids here. Every bodies fighting over the death star Merkaba, cause it’s here and it can be activated, and now. They actually tried to activate what’s called the Mica Meca complex. The Mica Meca complex is a set. Mica is on parallel earth, and the Meca complex is here and it is set of wormholes that connect in through the Theten grids. There are certain implants here that the Thetens put in. They actually tried to blast through to activate that, and take it away from the other groups who are F.A. groups that are activating it. It overloaded the sun, the solar core. And that created a spasm. When a prana seed spasms, it locks. And when it locks, it cuts the connection to the natural breathing that would happen between it and its dark matter template and that is when Barto starts. And the sun entered its Barto cycle when that occurred.  It was grid wars. This is happening not because nature had it happen or God had it happen. No, this is because people are acting like crazies in this universe. We all came from the same place, we’re supposed to work together peacefully. This crew just doesn’t get it, the ones dealing with these particular level of mechanics.


They’ve created probability fields: balls within balls that overlap each other. In part of their natural configuration, there is an overlap between them.

What the alpha system is doing in the parallel universe is using the metatronic, Atlantean death star Merkaba technology to reverse. If you reverse certain curves using that technology, you can harness a certain part of the field next to you and drag it in to your system, and that is what they’re trying to do.

This place in between here, normally they would pass-through, but this one is all convoluted with implant structures that are wormhole structures. They refer to this as the dragon’s eye.

The word dragon comes in, actually not because of big winged creatures, but there was a race that got involved with all of this very far back in time called the dragoon. And the dragoon races took sides over which sides of the fallen ones they were going to side with. The dragoon races ended up with some of theirs fallen trying to help the others and you ended up with ones that wanted them all exterminated, ones that wanted just the one side exterminated and ones that just wanted the other side. The dragon races are actually the dragoon race line. It is a reptilian based race line. Reptilian crossed with Equari. Equari are a group of the ones that were originally called Aquari, before they fell. The Aquari are from the Aquarian matrix. They are the hosts, the ones that are helping here. Some of them incarnated into the fallen matrices to try and assist. A group of them had an ancient way a couple of billion years ago. They got ensnared in one of the fallen angelic dramas and they ended up falling. They ended up in a fall system. They lost their ascension codes and the distinction with them is they become the Equari, where they use the e instead of the a on the front

Kerry :  Will they have a memory of when they weren’t fallen?

A’shayana :  It depends on the fall. The blank slate technology completely wipes you clean, where you don’t remember anything. You wake up just born here, what am I? Who am I? Where am I? That happens when the transition of that fall occurs. There is a final point of transition when the death star Merkaba activates and literally rips you apart and drags you into another field and then assembles you in a facsimile on the other side. There are time capsules that they leave for themselves so they can re-find the memory. When you re-find it and discover it somewhere else, it puts that memory back in, so they will get a facsimile of the memory that you know, that they would have otherwise had.

But, once the metatronic activations in a body have taken place, to where those Merkaba fields have activated to a fifty five spin, or higher, there’s no turning back for the gene code at that point. The consciousness is trapped in that body and the only way out is a hosted Barto. This means when the body does its’ natural death it would need help for the consciousness to get out of the body. And it would have to go through a rehabilitation process. The KaLE-RAma   path of step back, it comes back out and reincarnates into the matrix again, to try to get back into ascension.

Kerry :  Are artificial intelligence clones without souls ?

A’shayana :  I think so… There are a lot of different races who have gone in that direction in an attempt to preserve their finite life spans: where they started with transferring consciousness from an old and dying body into a new cloned body. Cloned off their own, like another copy, but the copies get weirder and changed every time, just like a photocopier copy, copy after copy after copy and eventually you say, what is that? Right, well there are races like that, some of them are already here. It’s small compared to the rest of the things that are on the plate right now.

Kerry :  What was planned? Are you talking about a pole reversal, are you talking about a pole shift in which the planet itself would roll?

A’shayana :  Crust spin. It has been  postponed to 2230. They’re trying to activate it and make all this stuff happen in 2012.

We have really strange titles to some of our workshops, we’ve got “mirror in the sky” we’ve got “orb fest” but they all mean something. There are very specialized grid dynamics that we are being taught so we can anchor the frequencies here of the things that are actually creating buffer fields, for some of this.

Buffer fields are the fields that we’re helping the guardians to anchor. They’d be able to anchor it alone if they were here, but you need an anchoring rod, and that’s what our shield, the group shield anchors here. The frequencies they send in are actually giving a counter pull. The fifty five activation on the Merkaba can’t go all the way in 2012. If it did, it would spin something called the planetary rods. We have a two rods and a staff on the planet, and they are key energetic configurations that have to do with vortices and things like that.

They’ve moved the rods before. They moved it from Pangaea to the next stage. It breaks the crust and it shifts it depending on what ways you pull the rods. You have extinctions and things happen on the surface when they do that. They’re planning to move the rods again in 2012. We the little people on the ground, we’re helping the guardians to anchor it. The guardians are going to stop that temporarily. They can’t prevent it but they can hold it off long enough for, before the gates close. When the gates close, they have to pull their energy out. When they pull their energy out, that meatronic merkaba’s going to activate on this planet and that’s why evacuation can be a good thing.


These come in sets of 12 planets.

They have specific relationships and ratios and sizes in relation to each other and in relation to their central sun. Every one of them has gates in the centre, every one of them has a central staff of energy that it rotates around and it has two rods: a rod coming out (side to side) and a chamber from front to back. The sun would have the same thing. They all have their North pointing up and their South pointing down. Each spin on their axis at a reciprocal rate to each other and the rods and chambers pass through each other and spark. Rods can be very long energetically so even though planets or stars may be long distances apart, the energy fields of their rods would interface and when they interface they spark and they generate quantum. There are certain periods within the natural breathing cycle, or expansion and contraction of energy cycle, where there are these wonderful arches that take place between the tops of planets and the sun, and the bottom of planets and the sun. It is called the solar symbiosis cycle and it is a natural living structure of a living solar system and it generates its own quantum and it expands and contracts.

All of the planets would have a Corona sphere, they would look like stars. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t live under the Corona sphere, but from the outside they would look like stars. Our system started out this way after the fall from Terra. The remnants of Terra were taken back in through that KaLE-RAma step back, and re-seeded in density one, as this solar system. That’s how we did the fall from terra. They actually pulled us back in through the KaLE-RAma   path and re-birthed this system back out. And it was re-birthed back out in this natural configuration. That is a natural solar system and that’s what we used to be.


Nibiru was our 12th planet. Our 11th planet was SHERON. Then Pluto and where the asteroid belt is there was another one called Melduck. And that exploded. This is a mess.

The solar plane is twisted here where you have Pluto’s orbit going wacky and then you have Nibiru that comes in every 3326 years and beyond that is an artificial body that was created from fragments. It is called Wormwood . It was meant to counterbalance the orbit of this and they go in and out of density 2 Sirius. It was literally a cyclic machine. It was to counterbalance this one: the Matraya moon and Clarion which is a piece of Sheeron. There are beings that are moving planets, they have literally created this.

The scale of what is going on here is not natural. Nibiru is not due for a couple thousand years, but, Wormwood was going to be coming back in. Wormwood, in 2003, became Wormwoods because it was shattered. It was going into the orbit of parallel earth at the time. It was shattered, but it is still a massive asteroid belt. It still potentially can come back in. if it does it creates total havoc when it comes in. These orbits come in between Mars and Jupiter, and it causes a bit of havoc on the system. They play with the dimensions here where they can bring them in without totally tipping the system, that’s why they’ve been able to do this cycle before. But, when the full gates are open, and they allow this in a stellar activation cycle, where they’re activating the 55 merkaba, it will be used to flip the whole plane and drag it in. I don’t know what kind of game you would call this, but they’re using very advanced physics.

Wormwood was going to be coming back in; fortunately it was shattered in 2003, entering the orbit of parallel earth. It is still an asteroid mess. It can still potentially come back in. These orbits come in between Mars and Jupiter.

Nibiru is a natural body. Wormwood is an artificial body. It was created from fragments and pieces of the moon.

The moon is an artificial body. It keeps certain things at certain spin rates that they have to keep in order to keep the vortex connections to the wormholes. That is why our solar system is such a mess because they were creating wormholes.

Kerry :  What other axis have you got there, there are two other planetary bodies:

A’shayana :  This one they call the Matraya, moon. Some of this stuff they actually dragged in from the parallel system, to counter balance it.Clarion, this one up here, was related to it, I think it was a piece of Sheeron. Sheeron was eleven.

You have a controlled black hole system which was the We Salay matrix that I pointed out on those maps? It comes down to a split between the Annunaki and the Drac’s. It’s hilarious. It’s sad its really just sad. But there are a whole bunch of groups on each side of this polarity drama. Then you have the Krystics sitting in the middle! They’re not fighting with anybody but, what do you do when everybody’s hell bent on destroying each other?

This is what our solar system looks like up here, it’s artificial, it’s like a wobbling orbit. It’s not just our planet that wobbles. There’s a wobble created in the solar plane itself. The solar plane doesn’t sit flat in the galactic plane anymore. I think it’s around a 45 degree tilt to the galactic plane. It has harnessed how fast things spin, which means it has harnessed the time pulse. Through this device, they have been able to progressively get control over how fast things spin so they can synchronize the spins of things over here with the things that they’re trying to merge them with on the parallel side. It’s a bizarre and fascinating and horrifically morbid technology this death star technology.

It’s not just that this has happened on the solar level, they’ve also put the same type of mechanisms in the planetary core and in the star gate systems here, to create the same effect to plug our planet into that whole system. They’ve done it on the other planets too, the ones that don’t have its axis tilted the same as the sun. It is either in its normal place and the sun got tilted, which is part of the case here, or it’s not in its right place, because they should all be sitting on a natural, vertical and horizontal plane with each other.


They look much more like a flower. We call it the daisy of death or the bloom of doom. They are phase locked which means they can’t phase and they can’t generate quantum. It is a planet that is dying because it can’t breathe. What that also does is create a bulge at the equator where it squashes the natural spherical shape down.

Kerry :  Is there a correlation with the cross.

A’shayana :  Yes and even more. That has to do with the mutation of natural ShaLAah light units, forcing them into the vesica piscis dead light unit configurations – the sign of the cross

The original cross has the perfectly equal sides. It’s called the Reushe. I think the Celtic cross is the closest you get these days as far as symbology.

They just released some fascinating things about the old pagan rights and stuff and what this actually has done in its relationship with parallel earth, this was done for a reason,

The cycle of the equinoxes and solstices have to do with alignments between here and parallel Earth and between parallel Earth and the centre of the Milky Way, the black hole. That’s what we are looking at coming up in 2012 and the Mayans got the word that it was going to be the end of time.

The sextent shield is not the natural spin ratio that you would have for the planet on its axis. They have actually been accelerating time for the last 13 000 years to make it faster so it will catch up with the parallel anti particle universe to merge them. It means our days have got shorter, our spin has got faster.

This is Earths poison apple. This is our net field. This is literally a contained net. It is a Sho-na which means that it is made of bi-Veca light units instead of living light units. This is what the death star merkaba creates around a planet or a system or a body. When you work those merkaba mechanics this is what you are creating. It is a tortion field that constantly circles energy in on itself, but does not have a connection to anything outside of itself except what it can feed off from its centre.

There are four levels of this that actually move in earth’s atmosphere. All of these net systems are plugged into things like the Haarp machine and I am sure the hydrogen collider has something to do with activating these too. These net fields are responsible for wiping out the DNA science.

DNA is sensitive to radiation, to magnetism. You mess with the magnetic field you mess with the DNA. This is why we have no memory. It has wiped it out of the DNA. There are fragments in the junk DNA. That is what we are working with the techniques of the Guardians to reassemble.

It does it through controlling the epigenetic overlay. This is a chemical sheath which triggers how DNA should be behaving. This is holding the mutation in the body. Our bio fields and the bio fields of the life forms on the planet carry these same mutations. We need to reverse mutate our bodies.

We’ve worked through the light body layers we worked through the spirit body layers now were into something called the AhGee body layers. The AhGee body is interesting. It’s a combination between the spirit body and the light body and the atomic body. Once you master that, it allows you to actually do the transfiguration and turn into light.

The first stage of that is called glide – where you’ll learn to bi-locate, where you put yourself into orb and you go elsewhere and bi-locate and then come back. You leave a body here.

The second stage, is what we’re working on now, it is called translocation where you get to the point where you can do a certain level of transfiguration of a certain quantum of your atoms into light temporarily so you can go visit elsewhere and take your body with you but you’ll still be keyed to the space time imprint or encryption of this planet. That’s called a slide, slide one.

The third thing is called slide two or span. That’s where you learn how to translocate where you arer going to visit and then come back, but transmigrate where you actually can be free and you do not have to come back here, you do not have to incarnate back here. That has to do with releasing something called the Vabodi cell that is the donated quantum from the egg and sperm of your parents that was not your spirit body encryption. That has to be released, before you can be freed from the space time location in which those two things came together. It gets released as, what’s called Vabodi dust.

While we have this going on, the planet is keeping us mutated because the visitors are keeping the planet mutated.

Good luck fixing the planet because, look at the solar system, look at the galaxy. This problem is going on all the way up into the galactic level and there’s a certain point where the quantum that is going down is larger than the quantum that can pull it back and that is what’s occurring and that’s why there’s 200 years left on the gates, earth time from where we are.

Kerry :  Isn’t it true that the planet is a being

A’shayana :  Yes . It chose the path of KaLE-RAma   , which is the step back path instead of the path of fall . I t will go back into that middle density that happens to be called the Edons.

We have the Hara bodies. We had the core; the inner, the middle and the outer domains. They each have names. This outer domain area where we are now, where we’re experiencing the Kale eYugha, that is called a radon. This one is called an Edon, and then this one, the inner one is called an Adon and there is the core. Edon is the step back to where it is innocent and pure. It clears anything off your encryption that didn’t belong there in the first place and it’s passing through the ring of fire. You get back into the purity and then you get to come back out again and try again.

Kerry :  Where is Terra in this equation?

A’shayana :  Part of Terra was what we’re sitting on. This solar system is part of Terra. The other part of Terra is um when we look up in the sky and see Alcyone in the Pleiades cluster. That is the remnant of what Terra was. So if you take Alcyone and take the quantum of this solar system here, minus the few bits that didn’t belong here that weren’t from here, and you put all that quantum together, you would have had Terra at density two.

Kerry :  My understanding was there was going to be an ascension group that’s going to leave here and go to Terra.

A’shayana :  That was before the Brisdon project failed in 2003 . You would not believe what we have been moving through since that. We’re on mission upgrade 45. I have a list of them somewhere.

First there was the attempt to salvage this and all the stuff they were trying to do before the thing that happened with the sun. Once that happened, there’s nothing that can be done. But, we still have ascension, but it’s fly by the seat of your pants. Keep these gates open and you got two hundred years to get anything that’s going up out of here. And that’s what happening at this point. Voyagers  was written ten years ago.

Kerry :  If they’re not going to Terra, where are they going?

A’shayana :  They’re going home-home. There’s a few steps to get there, M31 Andromeda galaxy . There’s a few steps in between. The first set of steps has to do with something called higher earth. We’re in the lower earth planes, they’re a set of planes that are still in predicaments, they’re still connected to this mess that we’ve been looking at but they’re in much better shape, they’re not under the net.The first stage is where we go to higher earth.

Then there’s a level beyond that, that’s still part of the earth planes quantum that is called median earth. Then we go back to remembering when they were telling us about the history of how they seeded the Amenti rescue mission in and created the solar system. There was a host star here that Amenti earth had been seeded into. And that was called Ashalay. So that will be the next stage. And from Ashalay, we’ll move through another layer that has to do with the level of energy called the ‘Eir-adhona layer that we don’t really have to get into cause it gets really complicated as far as different types of energy. But, it’s another set in between before we get to Eartha in M31. That’s where originally the encryption here emerged from. From there you can go where you want basically. But it’s a process of re-evolving back to where we can do full kryststar evolution on our own. Right now we’re being hosted where we’ve been given frequency just to support us in the process until we can hold that frequency ourselves.

Terra was where we were aiming until the Brisdon project failed. Since those books were written, there were intergalactic wars that were taking place here that involved the Ecka. The Ecka is, if you remember the maps that showed one Kathara grid and then four of them together with the thing at the centre. The thing at the centre is the Ecka. That’s a little kathara grid and that’s the well for earth. The inner earth would be there and that kind of thing. It wouldn’t be in here, it’s actually up there. It’s like a high level. That actually fell, in one of these wars. Ecka’s can fall. The Eckasha above it can’t, but the Ecka did.

Kerry :  What happened to the beings that were there?

A’shayana :  They’ve gone into various places. The Veca system is being evacuated. Going vertically, wasn’t an option anymore. They had to take us from just going into harmonic Merkaba states or harmonic ascension states into transharmonic, where we could actually go through and into the Edon domain. There’s a space between the Raydon and Edon, it’s called the aurora continuum. You have to have a transharmonic Merkaba ability to be able to go through there and then come back out again someplace else. So that is the technologies they’re teaching us because vertical is not an option anymore, unless you want to end up in one of the wormhole sets going into the fall. Rather leave on a happier note though

As far as the poison apple fields go, this one shows the shape better. You have that net field around it but see that little shape right there? Looks like an apple. That’s the shape of our magnetic fields, the basic shape of our magnetic fields.

There’s two Kathara grids there. One the artificial tree of life which has taken the natural proportions and pulled them in, squeezes it. That changes the shape of the sphere and gives you a bulge at the equator like our planet has. That is the configuration our planet has in light body right now. It is also connected to something called Metatrons cube and something called the Fibonacci spiral.

Kerry :  And what is this? A black hole?

A’shayana :  No. That is another one of their twisted Kathara centres. On our grids these are actually stargates. Right you take this down into the planet and that’s where you got stargate connections. These are twisted ones, so these would line up with the stargates that interfaced with the Amenti gates.

You’ll be amazed to see how it fits in when it sits next to what eternal life creation is.

All of the shapes that they’ve shown us fit together. They’ve shown how the pieces fit together, what the processes are. We’ve had to do this because this is what is taking down the planet. These dynamics and the people now practicing them. It’s like Atlantis rising again. It really is. The same, how did we get into this predicament?

Gullibility, on a certain level: in the same way right now you have a whole new age movement that was supposed to be a movement of enlightenment and everybody loving each other, to being a bunch of back biting people practicing anti-Krystic Merkaba mechanics that are harming themselves and harming the planet. How did that happen? You know. Same question for Atlantis, how did that happen?

Kerry :  But there’s also the misuse of crystals!

A’shayana :  There’s all sorts of really strange things being done with crystals. Crystals are another subject and we do take them very seriously, they’re very powerful beings actually and they can be used in terrible ways. Speaking of crystals, in about 2002, the guardians were starting to teach us about the Nibiru-notic crystal bases that are here. They’re subterranean crystal instalments that were planted here and actually seeded from Nibiru, and used to spike the grids, to receive Nibiruan frequency and to receive wormhole frequencies and that kind of thing.

Not all of the crystals in the world, under our world are like that, but some are. Right when we were being given this information, this lady appeared in one of the workshops and she goes, I’ve seen them – I went there, and she brought photos and it blew my mind. She is Leela, she actually was one of the few that got to go down there cause she knew the scientist. They’re in Mexico , Chihuahua, and there’s many others like that actually on the planet . This one was seeded, it’s a Nibiruan cluster

Kerry :  What happens to the people that go inside there?

A’shayana :  If they don’t die from the heat! It’s like 150 degrees . Frequency wise, you could do interesting things with those. Now they’re not so bad because the guardians have worked in a way that has recalibrated them.

There’s been a whole bunch of deals and treaties going on. The ones that broke the original treaty of Altair that was talked about in in the  Voyagers  book, they found that they lost that round and the other ones were going to take them over and take over their grids. So a bunch of them handed their grids back over to us and kind of said we’ll be nice now.

It comes down to a split between the Annunaki and the Drac’s.

Annunaki tend to hang together. And then the really fancy Annunaki gene code are the Enochians. They took both Annunaki groups and created a master race, gene line, the Enochian Annunaki. They’re usually high illuminati guys running around with 33 degree plusses and things.

Why don’t we take a break? I’ve hit that spot where we get into the planes of earth, which gets fascinating, because this is where we get into the spherical maps and the vertical maps going up and down from the core up into the atmosphere . W e start finding out where we’re going to learn to orb to and eventually where that space is going to become physically solid as well as this space so we’ll be able to move through and that’s what our teachings are teaching us how to do, go home, yeah.

Tape two

Angelic beings look much more angelic. We actually have six appendages, two thumbs on each hand, an extra toe, we are much taller. We come in all colours.

The human gene codes are priceless. They have the diamond sun DNA minimum 12 strand. Some of them had up to 48 strand. It has been a fiasco down here but the earth allowed this to happen.

We are at an amazing point in human history and galactic history. We are dealing with a planetary field that is a lot stronger than our individual fields. So, we have freewill within the parameters of the framework we are in. There are still choices we can make. We can still choose which path to be on. There are things to do if you don’t want your DNA to go 55 metatronic.

You need to know what a light body is. It is about getting your body healed enough to support the path you want to be on…

We were talking about distortions in the planetary grid. This information is built on understanding the plane structures of how the grid is meant to look. If you take one stellar body there are a set of organic planes that are created and based on a template that looks like this.


The dark matter template has 15 HYDROGELEZIAC RINGS. The rings are the spaces between the lines. The bands between the rings are called Krystal spans. You can think of it in terms of the FIELDS of the ring and the SHIELDS of the Krystal structures around them.

This template is important in understanding when a materialised body such as the planet.

This point would correspond to the planets core.

There would be certain dynamics in the core of the template that would materialise in atoms and atomic structure as the core of the physical planet.

The core has what is called a Prana Seed in it. The Prana seed is supposed to open and close and spark when it does. It generates quantum and also allows flow of living energy between dark matter template and light body, spirit body, atomic body structure.

When something goes wrong with the Prana seed it actually locks up and that blocks the energy flow into the dark matter template: that started the Barto process. This is the death process.

Ring by ring of the matter starts to pull away from the dark matter template which means it starts to lose its core. The sun has gone through this process on the 25 th March 2007. The rings start pulling away from the inside going outward. It is on ring 3. In 2022 ring 15 releases.There is a gamma burst that comes from the core every time a ring fully releases.

When it comes to a planet this becomes very interesting because. In this template those 15 Geleziac rings are broken up into sets of 3. Each one of those is considered a plane. There are 5 planes in this 15 ring structure. Each of the planes has three Geleziac rings to it.

Certain Geleziac areas have certain characteristics. Certain bands 4,5 and 6 are liquid. They are called aquifers. A three dimensional planet like earth has four levels so it would be four embedded templates. It shows you all these overlapping rings and in those, if you take a cross section it gives you a map of what is where, what energies it is composed of and also what doorways exist. There are pass throughs’ that exist in certain parts of this.

In one dimensional layer you have 15 rings which make up 5 planes. So you would have 5 x 4, 20 planes in one density level of a planetary system. It becomes important because in certain areas between these planes there are platforms or consciousness that can and are being activated that allow for safe zone spaces. So eventually those spaces will open and there will be an interface of planes between here and the hosting systems. Eventually we will be able to walk through certain grids and if your DNA is keyed to it you will be able to see the other reality field and literally walk out of this one and into that one.


The Terra gates have fallen in Pleiades. Gaia gates have fallen, this matrix is falling. You can’t go vertical because of that. There are certain interface points. We have the liquid aquifers, we have the crystal core, something called the flame field which is a thermal vapour and then there is the void space.

All of the aquifers will have these natural passage ways that are partially in the aquifer and partially in the mantle above it, so there are doorways there that you can learn to project through. There are biomes in the middle mantle. They are the crystal temples and there are people who live there at certain angular rotation particle spin so we are not as alone on this planet as we think.

Up here we have levels in the atmosphere.

These are the projection maps. If we are going to learn how to bi-locate and then learn how to translocate, it is helpful to know where we are going. When we get to that point it is going to be a visualisation process and at the speed of thought your fields activate and zoom you are there. It is instantaneous.

Kerry: What about the great pyramid ?

A’shayana: SAQQARA is the real hotspot but there are direct portals under Giza. Gate 4 is in the Giza complex. It has always been fought over. Ark of covenant passage was moved there around 9558 BC. There is a portal passage from here to Andromeda. There are ways to open it so that it leads to ascension chambers and there are ways to open it so it leads to wormholes.

There is a portion of the Ark of the Covenant passage that is still secured and that means there is a portion of the race morphogenetic field that is secured. The blue flame that was coming down from Terra is now reversed which means it carries the reversed coding which goes with the wormholes. Right now we are doing silver flame activations where the guardians have pulled a portion of the race morphogenetic field and angled it, so the passage that goes with it won’t receive a blue flame. It will receive a higher level one that is called the gold and silver flame that actually allows the activations for trans harmonic.


We got the D1 derma net which is an etheric net that runs half way down to the mantle and half way up to the ozone layer. That is one of the frequency control nets that is controlling our DNA our minds, and that we are getting broadcast. You may wonder where channels get their information from. The D2 level is up in the atmosphere, a bit higher than the ozone. Here is the thermosphere area which is the inner atmosphere. Moving upward is the next net, the intranet where the channels get their canned broadcasts from. This is right in the beginning of the Van Halen gap.

This is what the HAARP is about and they are getting these things activated to kick them up to a full throttle to try and rule the planet and that is what this technology is aiming for, the final extinction which they are not going to succeed at.

Here we have the next level, the density grid which is the Katheric level of matter.

This is called the EGO net, Epigenetic Overlay.

That is the one that controls the chemical sheath around the DNA that actually tells the DNA what to do. These are the bio controls that are being used. When we have psychotronic warfare and these are the nets they are coming through. There are a whole other set of technologies on planet to go with this. It is called the Caduceus network. It is a perversion of the natural structure of the figure 8 shape Na-VA-Ho   gate. They have learned to tap some of the energy of those and learnt to twist them into the Caduceus shape and run an artificial free energy system off it and that is why we never get excited about free energy. On planet earth there isn’t such a thing. Syphoned energy is being taken off the gates and helping to kill the planet more quickly because of the distortions on the planet.

We end up with more planes then we should have because these nets actually split the natural planes which means you end up with a regular one and a reversed one. The reversed ones are called HYPERNATION ZONES where literally whatever quantum matter was there was put on reverse spin and it disappears from here. With opposite spin it appears invisible. This is where you have places like Shambala, Eartha: all the little channel control matrices that have been working wormhole systems; interacting and controlling here.

Kerry: The energy is going into the grids ?

A’shayana: Yes and they are also being used as beacons to send energy into the remaining grids here to control them. The people don’t know that they are being used that way. They are being used as energy conduits to literally help pull the planet into a black hole. That is really sad because most of the people who are being used in that way, it would be the last thing in the world that they would want. They mean the opposite.

Also some members of this group are incarnated from FA soul groups. Once a being incarnates, it has free will, even if it is out of a non free will matrix which is always a risk. When the FA decide they are going to incarnate and put their little soldiers on the planet, their soldiers might rebel when they realise we can make better choices, but they still have the DNA link. They will have a fight in their head, one part pulling them this way, one part pulling them that way. It is difficult for people born with greater degrees of illuminati gene code. The illuminati gene code is what plugs into the FA matrices. Nobody ever comes in alone here. We came from some place and we all have family groups and that kind of thing. And if you happen to come from an illuminati matrix that does not give you free will. You will have a hard time if you try to escape from them. It doesn’t mean you can’t because you can. There are things you can do with your biogenetic field that will allow you to slow down their ability to push you and make sure they don’t come into your body and take over.

These planes are here and those are the negative ones but the positive ones are here: These aurora platforms that connect into the aurora continuum.

We are progressively being given technologies and techniques to work with our biofields in the various levels of our bodies to bring in the currents that will allow us to begin to be able to go into these spaces and open up these spaces, they are in the same spaces as the other but you can have two people standing next to each other. One activated to this time wave and one to that and they will see completely two different things. Right now we are all seeing the same thing because we are all stuck with the time wave that’s being run by the metatronic clock.

As soon as this other time wave comes in there will be another option and as we work with technology and bring that other time wave into our bodies, that’s why they give us techniques to progressively fix the light body.

There is a place they are going to have: called the MIRRORBALL Zone! There is going to be a place with the higher earth planes that are invisible to us right now because they are on the other side of the net. We don’t see those matter layers because of the nets.

There has been a place where part of those planes blend with part of our planes. There is going to be a blend field and if you have the activated blended time wave you will be able to see both and switch between them, which means you will be able to slide from one reality field to another. That is the first step in ascension from here.

The next step is to get to the point of making it permanent because as long as your body is partially running the time wave here which means as long as you have that cell donated from mother and father and is not released you will be bound to the timeframe of the planet where that conception occurred.

First we learn to slide then we learn to span. We do the transfiguration and free that and we are literally free to go into the living universe through the ascension passages. That is what we are working on. It is the real deal. I remember teaching this in Egypt, India. It is the same thing we have been teaching over and over again. It is the same thing that Jeshua tried to teach back then. That was the person they call Jesus these days. Before him there were people in India trying to teach this. These are the teachings they belong to everyone. There is not one religion that they are a part of. The CDT plates were just one translation of the universal knowledge. There are a higher level of those plates called the Alumbra plates. They are crystal disks and they are just starting to release information from those. When the solar crisis happened they started bringing in a higher level of information to do with the spanner gates.

Kerry: Are the CDT plates physical ?

A’shayana: The plates are hidden in different places but they would often take me through the Hawaii portal to a place in the year 6529 or something of earth but higher earth planes. In those experiences I held them and knew they were real so didn’t think I just dreamed it.

I have had bilocation experiences with the crystal ones from Andromeda. The holy book from Andromeda is holy because they explain our relationship to source and the paradigm that this is about. It belongs to everybody. It is the way the universe works. You can work with it or against it. What goes around comes around. What you put out you are going to get back. Whatever frequency you are holding will be the consequence you get back. That was the agreement coming into materialisation for everybody. There is no angry God in the sky, which is a relief.


The staff line is the vertical line. That would be the axis that it is rotating on. Then there is the chamber that runs from front to back.

And then there is the rod that runs side to side East to West.

These are all twisted up. We are upside down in terms of the greater maps of the Universe. Eartha in M31 still has its North in the North position. We are upside down and then shifted 23.5 ° , so it is 180 ° + 23.5 ° shift.

We went through a whole series of things showing the twisting and distorting of the rods and chambers of the planet. Where is the front, the back and the true sides?

We have this thing called the Greenwich meridian. There are natural chambers that should run front to back and natural chambers that should run East to West and these are all twisted.

If you took that sphere and flattened it out, there are 4 points on the sphere were those rods and chambers come through. You will be able to chart them. They come out on the equator line.

They are called FONTANELLES where these chamber energies come through the front and the back and also the top ones. So there are 6 fontanelles on the planet: one on top, one on bottom and four along the equator. These are actually spinning vortices of energy. These are supposed to be interacting with the natural sun which has the same thing in the solar symbiosis cycle.

The rods have been split various times. The first was 540 million years. This solar system was receded 550MYA when the fall of TERRA happened, so it was soon after that that they first started to mess with the rods. The movement of the continents have to do with people playing with the rods when they shouldn’t have.

One third of the rods have been left where they are supposed to and they still spin as they are supposed to. If you get one spinning one way, and the other spinning the other way it creates a sinkhole in the middle.

You wonder how a continent that big isn’t there anymore? They sink holed LEMURIA.

They get those going to create a field that dissolved the matter, turns it into an oscillatory wave and take it to someplace else. Part of the quantum of this planet is called phantom Earth and has been taken into, full fall zone. We are in the net and have not fallen fully phantom yet. There is another part of Amenti earth that has stayed in the natural configuration. It is called median earth and the higher earth planes are connected to that. We are stuck in the middle of that as most of the grids are going down; some of us are going up!

Kerry: Bermuda Triangle ?

A’shayana: BERMUDA triangle has to do with wormholes, there are a whole set of wormholes called Phoenix and Falcon wormholes right off the coast of North Carolina. What they have done to this planet is heart-breaking, but the planet as a being allowed it. It allowed itself to be used as a nursery. Angelic humans were created to be the Templar guardians of this time matrix. The ones that were seeded here were allowed to breed with certain races that entered the emerald covenant by biogenesis. Which means: if they were losing their ascension codes to the point that they were going to go into full fall, then they were not able to incarnate into a body that had ascension codes; and if they entered emerald covenant we would literally help them get their gene codes back.

But, what it started to do was drag angelic humans down. They got our gate codes because our DNA was keyed into the stargates here. And theirs was not. They only had wormhole access.

They were to be brought through via emerald covenant to come here and heal. Earth allowed herself to be a place where this healing could take place. But, the ones who were healed took over. Right now you have what used to be the angelic human race and a whole lot of other races that look very different. If you interbreed something enough and shut off certain parts of the DNA, they start looking more and more alike. This is a transposition of race identity.

Angelic humans look much more angelic. We are actually much taller we have six appendages, two thumbs on each hand and an extra toe. We are more fine-boned and we come in all colours. There were people who were much more Reptilian that were in the bio-regenesis project. It is just like club universe here.

The others raided. As soon as some of their own that had defected and came to get the healing of their gene codes, the parent races they came out of started coming here and messing with them and trying to get the human gene code because the human gene code was priceless. They had the diamond sun DNA minimum 12 strands. Some had up to 48 strands.

It has been a fiasco down here but the earth allowed this to happen. The earth allowed itself to be pulled into fall, but it will take the path of KaLE-RAma   step back it will not allow itself to be used and taken into the black hole system as food. Earth is cooperating with us in this whole hosting movement. Earth does not want to hurt any of the beings that is on it. The earth is an amazing consciousness. Earth feels this is the best she can do for the races that she has agreed to host.

The Earth loves its children. This is an agreement of the highest order between a being that calls itself a planet and bunch of races that are trying to heal.

Right now we have the potential to heal the gene code enough where we can do physical ascension.

That will change very abruptly in 2012 unless we do stuff to stop what is happening in the planetary grids. Right now the human DNA is keyed to the planetary grids. The majority of those grids are on the 55 death star activation. It won’t complete. It could be enough to shut down the ascension codes in our biological bodies permanently.

There needs to be a group that gets out because if not: the human race will become extinct. If there is not at least a breeding set brought off planet physically with the ascension codes restored what the human race was, will no longer be, because it would have been mutated into something completely different and those potentials will be lost. It will become extinct. The consciousness would go on in various places but the race as a line would become extinct. That is not desirable because there are a lot of beings in the cosmos that think the human race was a good race and a prototype gene code worth having. Somehow there are going to be a group of people that get off this planet into full ascension.

After the gates close, the planet is still going to be here, but it is going to become more and more obvious that being here very long isn’t an option, so there is going to be a huge rush for who can get in the air the fastest and out of the solar system because they are going to realise what is occurring with the sun.


They were planning to do this in 2012 and it would have ended up as the one extinction that did take out the humans. They took us out twice before. This is the third seeding and the last one here. There were two other seedings of humans here. We were taken off frequently on ships. They got some of us out through gates but there were also ship pick-ups, as it was fast and they had to get them out fast. It is another one of those dramas. They didn’t use the rods in the first two extinctions. A little bit in the first one, 5.5 million years ago was the first extinction. They used them but tried to decimate the humans first. Whatever was left was taken off planet before they removed the rods. What we are dealing with is an amazingly huge set of mechanics.

Tortion fields are not natural. Merkaba fields are natural but unnatural merkaba fields can be created to create tortion fields which are external vortex sets that can harness things and move things, and that is what is part of the Atlantean death star merkaba structure.


The Greenwich meridian is not the natural front back or sides. That matters when you are trying to line up angular rotation particle spin with certain planes that are not in the net. If you get it going the wrong way it will go into the matrices to do with the wormhole structures.

There was a time when we were hoping to get some of the planetary grids out of the fall where literally some of the quantum here could be shifted. In the higher earth plane that is physically manifest, it would look like new islands appearing. The chance of doing any of that now is very slim because of the 55 activation that is going to take place in 2012. That can’t be stopped. If they tried to stop it, it would implode the core. And we would all be history. We are at an amazing point in human history and also in galactic history.

We are dealing with a planetary field that is a lot stronger than our individual fields. We have freewill within the parameters of the framework. There are still choices we can make. We can still choose which path to be on and take the steps that are a part of that path. It is about getting your body healed enough to support the decision you take of the path you want to be on. In the creation: God source created everything out of love and imbued everything with its own power, it had the power to create as it chose. We were given freewill but part of the creation was that it will be an eternal life system. That means a set of physics boundaries were set in the structure itself.

Diagram 2:1:05 : A list of names: This is some of the gate locations.

MACHU PICHU is an ancient gate that is active. There is always a part of that that stayed safe.

Spanners are core gates. They will interact through a set of gates that refer to the Ark Cov gates which are in an interface system where if Amenti fell they would still hold the passages. They haven’t given specific locations of the core gates except for one which is referred to as Shalon 7. That is in Arizona but it connects into Scottsdale in Phoenix.

SG 1 – 12 Amenti gates that have fallen: SG 1 at the South Pole, SG2 we are sitting on Florida. It is a controlled gate. This used to be part of the Atlantis region. SG 3 is on Bermuda islands, SG 4 is Cairo in Giza and it actually interfaces through several. It comes in through the big pyramid, Cheops, it is also angled into Cairo and Saqqara. Machu Pichu is gate 5. In Moscow is Gate 6. Lake Titicaca Peru is Gate 7. SG 8 is in China, SG 9 is in Tibet, SG 10 Iran, SG 11 is in England and SG12 in France. That is where the CATHARS were massacred. Those are the main Amenti gates.

Cue sites interface with the gates. There are 12 of those. There are gates that connect into the parallel earth stargates which are now under the control of the fall force.

The Ark of the Covenant hub gates and the Polarian gates interface through the Aurora time continuum.

There are the Trinity gates and they are the ones that step down to a D3. Most of the gates you need a minimum of D4 but mostly D6, six strand activation to take a body fully through. The Trinity gates were designed for if you had third strand activation and you could still go through them and go into safe spaces until you can get into six strand activation and finish the process. Trinity 1 is Malibu beach California. Trinity 2 is Belize City. Trinity 3 is off the South West Cost of Goa India. Trinity 4 is in New York City, 5 is in Tuscany Italy, 6 is in the Adaman sea off the Coast of Burma.

They require to be plugged into other gates, the larger gates, the Ark Cov gates. They run of the Ark of the Covenant portal between here and the Andromeda galaxy. They are a 12 strand activation. Certain beings who have certain contracts would be able to use them. They can plug them into the spanner gates: which requires 24 strand activation. And they can plug them into the Trinity gates: which allows people with average DNA activation levels. The dynamics are very specific.

When the Zeta’s were doing abductions 20 years ago they were trying to work out how to calibrate the beam because they were losing people in flight, just vaporising people. It is all about frequency and how much electricity the body can hold and handle. What we have been doing for ten years, is progressively building our bodies ability to hold higher and higher dimensional frequencies. Now we are bringing in the trans harmonic frequencies that come in from the aurora continuum.

The courses and the techniques are the fastest way to get your light body healed and your DNA activated. They are working with the highest frequencies that are available on the planet.

If you want ascension, try and remember what it is like to live in a free system. This has been a prison planet. There are places not like this in the cosmos, where people get it and they act pleasant toward each other. They wouldn’t hurt each other and they wouldn’t hurt another being and they wouldn’t hurt the planet. In fact the majority of the places in the cosmos are like that. We are in an exception system where the extremes of freewill have been allowed to be tested. We don’t always have to choose to be in that. Once you are in it you need to finish the cycle to get back out or get ensnared in it. That is where we are. There is no hostility toward the people who are choosing the other paths.

We have talked about the word Merkaba quite a lot. It means moving light body. There are specific structures to natural merkaba’s and unnatural merkaba’s.


The two cones do not spin in the same direction. That is the big difference between the death star merkaba and the natural krystic merkaba. The natural crystal merkaba will always have one of the spirals going in one direction and the other one going in the opposite direction. With the death star they have two merkaba fields. The one Star of David shape and the other Star of David shape. You spin the one this way and the other that way; that is a same spin spiral set. That is a phase-lock Merkaba. That is a death star merkaba and they are combining it with the one from the parallel universe to get an unnatural blend between the particles over here and the particles over there to drag you into the Toral Rift time rip. And the ratios are different.


These are meant to link the parallels unnaturally: to force them together into a harness field that can be dragged and ripped out of its matrix. It is a feeding machine. We talked about the light units that are built on the vesica piscis. It actually creates fields like that and pulls those piscis together into one harness. It distorts physics as they apply in an eternal life universe and it creates a finite one. It can temporarily sustain whatever is in it as long as whatever is in it can feed off what is alive. It can’t generate its own quantum. There are systems that are built on that. When their body dies they clone another one and try to stick the consciousness in that. They get to the point with cloning that it just does not work anymore and they can’t sustain a biological unit. That is when they start going to raid other things for gene code so they can start building again because they end up as consciousness that is stuck in a ghost like form because it does not have a biological form anymore. That limits the arena’s it can play in. That is not ascension.

The structures of progressively building merkaba’s: that is ascension.

Diagram 2:1:37 ? Diagram not included

This is a summary of the stages of creation. When creation starts in a being or a thing or a cosmos or even an individual, there are a whole set of cycles that happen. There is the creation and evolution of the eternal consciousness and it works from microcosm to macrocosm.

We have the pre partiki creation cycle then there is something called the Na-VA-Na particle birth cycles where the partiki units are born. Then there is something called the SEda Ecousha-TA   cycle and this is where the spirit body is born first. Then there is the STARBURN cycle which are progressive and different aspects of the light body spirit body that are birthing. They are specific cycles and time periods. Then we have the life born cycle and then we have the god born cycle, and finally you get to the Kryst born cycle.

This is that still point of turn around where a being activates all its frequencies in its template and it is able to go into the Krystar vehicle and disappear from the outer domains and go back into the Adashi return domains in their Mashay Hana body which is that body that has gone through the RASHAPATHAHUR where you have literally transfigured your mundane atoms and mortal atoms into eternal life substance atoms and you will hold the form of that body. It will be a form you can choose to change at will. You can choose to have your main form as an orb which saves on housing!

Expansion cycles start somewhere and they end somewhere. They end naturally when they turn back around and start going in toward source. If a being goes through that and returns with their full memory matrix, then you can actually birth as a star. What was a human being can go through the cycle and the next thing they incarnate as; is a star. That is a whole different level of evolution. This is what evolution is really about. Ascension is about organic evolution. They don’t want this knowledge in fall systems. Fortunately this is still a blended system and that is why we are still living and breathing


Kerry: Are Pleyarens and Andromedans still going through starborn cycle ?

A’shayana: Everybody goes through this. A fertilised egg in the womb goes through this. You have the physical body that is growing in the womb and then you have the spirit body which is already huge, the Aluma Maradona one with all the probability dominions right.

The foetus grows to be a baby and when the birth point happens when this cell of the light body grows. Through the process, they call it the birthday chart, a very specific process of accretion of frequency, taking it from the spirit body into the physical form, bonding the spirit energy with the atomic form and therefore expanding the atomic form.

The light body simultaneously grows and when it finishes that cycle it will go into what is called the Unici seed atom it will become the full core of the light body structure from which the rest of it grows.

To get out here in the outer domains in incarnation implies we started at the core, came out to the inner and then to the middle and from the middle came out to here.

We have these structures behind us in time: part of our extended anatomy which goes with our extended family of identity with our other simultaneous incarnations.

Kerry: Guardian beings are at a stage in their development, where ?

The Guardian alliance has billions at this point because of the levels we are dealing with. Some of them are in various stages ahead of us which are still in a 15 dimension time matrix, that haven’t gone through Krystar evolution yet but are still working toward it. The ones that are orchestrating this load out evacuation, they are the Adashi ascension adepts. They have completed this process. They are in those Adashi cycles that after the expansion you make the turn around and go back.

A few of them have actually completed that. It was funny we kept having mission upgrades. They cannot teach something they haven’t gone through themselves. If you do not have a certain frequency inside of you, you will not be able to convey that certain frequency.


They are also teaching us how to project up and meet half way. So we can orb up and meet them or sometimes we can use projected versions of ourselves. They would like people to learn how to do this but people do need to be watched through this process. This is not a simple ascension cycle. This is a mess down here. They are doing everything to assist us.

The frequencies that are running are directly connected right into our biology, right into our brains, right into our electric system and subtle body fields.

What it comes down to is the battle of the spirals. We left off on the eternal life Krystal spiral and the Matatronic or Fibonacci spiral which is part of the death star merkaba technologies. These spirals are the core currents of energy that spiral out for the expansion of any form.

The core quantum of the eternal life system is the infinite god source consciousness field.

With the krystic spiral, it always contains an open connection with its source, centre point where the metatronic spiral does not. It does not even have its own centre point if you look at how it is constructed on the golden meme rectangle.


We are in the ETORA system and the expansion of the energy is clockwise. At the same time there is another spiral that spirals out on a counter clockwise rotation which is the expansion cycle for the system that goes in the opposite direction. Going in the opposite direction does not mean it is negative, this is the structure.

The systems are separated even though they are in the same place. They are on opposite angle rotation of particle spin; so they are invisible to each other, they pass through each other. But, these spirals are synchronised with each other. What they refer to as the electrical spiral spirals out on the clockwise and the magnetic one spirals out on the adorA side and at a certain point they cross over and meet; at this axis.

And this is showing only a little bit of the expansion. In the expansion when they meet here there is something called a flame cycle. When the two currents meet, they merge, do a replication and create an eternal fire.

You have the eternal flame from the first time they encountered each other. And then it comes out again and when they come out again, they crossover over here. This creates certain passages.

There are certain things that are not just this spiral but there are these little spirals that come out of them that form those little petals that come out of each of these octans: which are part of the time clocks.

This is a time cycle with dates plugged in. It started April 2009 when certain activations took place that put us in the last round of this cycle.

These axis, 0 up to 7 and back to 0, right here there are certain currents that are referred to as the MONADIC Passage. That is where spiral expands from 1 density to 2 density from (3D) to (6D) spiral. That opens something called the Monadic passages and they allow for the formation of the Ja dah body. It is a 6 th dimensional body that is trans harmonic and activates the merkaba’s; the really large one.

We just went through this period March 15 th of 2010 when the Etori side of these passages opened. Here we are going to have another period where the Adori passage on the counter side opens and there is a point before that September 2 nd 2010 when they cross through and open this area which is referred to as the Rama passage.

These spirals are actually coming down through the probability maps we looked at. They are spiralling down into our solar system and into our planet. There is a certain point where the Metatronic spiral is also doing the same thing, coming right through the galactic core interacting at our solar core and into our planet core.

Just look at the one clockwise spiral, when that comes around into this axis right here (7 ): that is when that Metatronic spiral starts its takeover; where it goes past, interfaces it and tries to bend it and harness the quantum.

We are going to be feeling resistance and pull even though we have got the Monadic passage open.

From February 16 th 2011 until this point August 6 th 2011, that’s the point where the duelling spiral effect will be felt and that will be the strongest point of pull, when the yank will happen. Frequency wise the DNA starts being pulled over.

We have three of the Krystic activations: the one that just happened; the one that is coming when a part of the Rama passage opens, that is the vertical passage; and there will be another perk when the adorA side of the Monadic passage opens. The Krystic spiral we be strengthened before it gets hit by the Metatronic harness.

For people to start working with linking with the krystic spiral: that is the 1 st step. That has got to do with that code called Galaria. That is the linking code to the reservoir of Krystal spiral frequency that is being built in the core of the planet.

This will be the period of most resistance. The Krystics are opening these passages and will have enough strength. But in this period you have a Metatronic spiral coming in with two competing groups controlling it and they are fighting not just to take everything but to take everything from each other.

As we move past this, this is where the harness will start and one time wave is going to follow the metatronic spiral and go into the harness effect and the other will go past it. We have already got the two time waves going. The krystic time wave is just starting to come into activation. It will grow stronger as these Monadic passages open. It will grow through this period where the krystic spiral will be strong enough not to be taken over. The planet is going to anchor the Metatronic spiral and it will activate a part of your DNA, if you don’t do something about it. It is quantum over ride. The planetary field is bigger than yours’, quantum wise, and it is going to drag you into the same configuration of the planet. The planetary body will allow that harness to occur but we are going to be riding the larger time wave: as this starts to accelerate and compact and get tighter and tighter, this starts to expands and seems to go slower; it is a different time quality that is going to come more into our experience as we move through this.

When we move into 2012 at this point (8) there are other passages that open here that correspond to the ones on their opposite vector.

This begins our journey into 2012. There are various activations that happen at various stages.

Again you have the two time waves running: and it is important to choose which time wave you want to ride and consciously interact with the frequencies of the one you want and follow that path.

When we get to this point 21-22/12/12 this is the point where if it wasn’t for this other krystic spiral coming in this would have dragged it over: and created poll shift and would have shifted the rods as well. The counter pull of having that larger slower spiral will slow the speed of that so it will hit 55 but not a full activation. It will not be able to do the blend with the parallel side and we will hold them there for 200 years while the gates are open.

There is a blast from the past coming in from the parallel side through the centre of the Milky Way and it is going to interface directly with our earth through our sun. It is meant to hit the rods and it is meant to knock the rods and make them spin and literally crack the plates at the equator. After something like that there is no life left on the planet. This is what the 2012 end time of the Mayan calendar is about. They were told about it and they were told they were going to be taken off planet. This end time was known since 2336 BC because that was the last stellar activation cycle when the gates opened. They cannot do this when the gates are closed because they will just blow up the planet.This is the end of a very old drama.

Every person is a unit of energy on this planet. Your body is your greatest gift right now. Bring in the proper frequencies, it will be your salvation. It will anchor the Krystal spiral. There is an adjustment process when you are processing this huge amount of information you have never heard before. Suicide is not the answer, that is how to get stuck here. It is not worth doing. There is always a solution to get out. Your body will help you. You can anchor these frequencies in your body and it will set your spirit free.

The Alignment of 2012 is not about the galactic core, it is about the rods and the chambers and what they are doing.


If you have a sun and the Prana seed closes and it enters its Barto cycle all the planets and stars in that system which have the natural circulation with it will follow suit and all close their Prana seeds and prepare to die together. This planet was going to go into that. If that happens all the gates shut except the wormholes.

This is actually the cosmic respirator at the moment. There are two currents that are coming down. They call it the AnshaTAsa Passage and these are frequency currents coming in forming a loop coming in through the earth rods and literally holding the core open so the Prana seed does not close and the gates can still circulate energy and that will stay for 200 years. When that pulls up the Prana seed is going to close and the natural process of Barto for the solar system is going to unfold. Whoever does stay here after the 200 years is going to have very interesting evolutionary experience.

The solution is we need to reverse mutate as much as we can the light body structure; and turn back on the spirit body the light body flows that have been blocked by these fields, and get the junk DNA to reassemble, so it can process the natural atomic and chemical changes that would occur in the body when it goes through the activating the Merkaba process. It is a biochemical process. In the process is field integration; that is when the consciousness from your spirit body enters the foetal body and it starts to bond the spirit body consciousness into the atoms. It is called the Ja dha. That is the part of the consciousness that is actually stuck with the atoms, part of your living consciousness that forms your atoms. When you go through a natural Barto or ascension cycle the Ja dha is freed and the atom is able to go through the biochemical process that involves a transient element called Celestalline . There is something called a Celestalline wave that has to do with the substances they call white powder and blue powder gold. Natural monoatomic atoms allow the body to become a superconductor, where the angular rotation particle spin in the atoms can shift and they blend with, instead of annihilate, their natural anti particle and they can go into ascension. The biochemical processes that we are working on are directly connected to the DNA and to the epigenetic overlay that is triggering the DNA, telling it what it can and can’t do.

The techniques we have been working with all along: we started with fixing the light body structure, then different layers of that and then what is called the Krystal body structure and then we went into turning on the core flows of the spirit body structure and now we are working with what is called the Ja dah body structure which is the part of this anatomy that brings those two together and allows the core flows to happen; where you can actually go into orb. These little orbs we see, eventually we will be able to turn ourselves into those as a traveling median. What we don’t see in orbs, is a natural orb would have its merkaba field moving around it. You can also have orbs that are coming from the other system as well. You cannot tell directly from the orb. You would have to see the structures of its system if it had the poison apple shape magnetic field around it or if it had the natural thing that looks like a butterfly.

When we talk about reverse mutating it has to do with techniques. You play with our own DNA by knowing which pieces of the anatomy you are trying to turn on and trying to heal and working with them directly through certain breathing techniques, certain visualisation exercises, projection exercises and there are even certain movements, yoga moves that the guardians refer to as logas because they also do energy work with chakras. There are things to do to help the body to get in to the space where these things can be repaired.


There is one thing to do to link with that Krystal spiral when it is coming in and then at least you are linked with it. If you want to actually clear the other mutations out and have a stronger field so you don’t get that metatronic pull on your DNA, it is worth working with these technologies if you haven’t done the activations before.

Ask the Guardians to help you with this. There are all sorts of things out there calling themselves Guardian Alliance and are not. You have to be careful about that. If you have done nothing with your DNA to get your line clear, it runs two lines, actually three, a krystic one, an annunaki one or a drac one. We have all got combinations of those codes.

Only you can activate your DNA. It is not hard. There are simple meditation techniques. When people start them they usually fall asleep half way through the tape because the DNA can’t hold all the frequencies it is bringing in. The more you use the tape the more you will find that you can stay awake in it. Even if you don’t stay awake you are still picking up some of the activation. Look at various techniques and choose what suits you. Nobody can activate your DNA for you but they can transfer things in that weren’t there otherwise.

Kerry: What about monoatomic gold ?

A’shayana: Don’t take it! There is an organic version of monoatomic gold that the body secretes. There used to be a horrible period in Egyptian and Atlantean history where Angelic humans were captured as soon as they did a gate cross and killed so they could scrape the powder of their skin before it evaporated because the ones who didn’t have gate codes took a little bit it would give them a temporary burst where they could force themselves through the gate. It becomes addictive and it destroys the body, if it is not made within the body itself. It is the product of a natural transient element called Celestalline . This has to do with a substance called Hydrolase which is living water. There is a lot of Nitrogen that bonds to it. It is a natural state of water. The water here is actually mutated the way that the planetary grids are right now. We don’t tell people to stop medical treatment. If it is a physical symptom there are certain things we can work to help fix in ourselves. I would be much less likely to rely on a doctor for myself then I would be for my child.

Eventually we will all go back to being Breatharians. We won’t have to eat because we will be able to do so through symbiosis and create hydro layers in our body by breathing air and sunlight. That is what our body is supposed to do. We are in a space of evolution where there are changes we need to make in our body just to hold the ascension potential. There are changes that will come naturally. If you try and force them you will make yourself sick. I like the concept of vegetarianism, but if you just eat vegetarian your fields become very high and buzzy and they fight right in with the metatronic acceleration going on with the sextent clock. Be aware that this high buzzy feeling you get is not good. That is too much electricity. It means you are processing too much frequency coming in and that means you are going into a choppy time wave that is connected with the metatronic activations. There is so much trickery where it appears as a good thing but it isn’t always what it appears to be. As far as mono atomics I wouldn’t touch them! I feel the same about colloidal silver. I use my own radar with that.

They support becoming energetically self sufficient. If you start taking mono-atomics it will create a dependency in the body even though science has not identified that yet.

There are certain substances that accelerate the frequency in which the light body processes into the atomic structure. That can be good for people who have a sluggish field in certain ways. It can actually override and take it into metatronic twist for other people whose flows are faster or normal. Eventually we will have better guidelines.

You don’t have to get the physical body through to ascend.

How many systems bury dead bodies? When you bury a body, it has trapped the vabodi cell. It is anchored into that space time location.The spirit is trapped to the space time location. If the person Barto’s out there is a natural process of the chakras shutting down the dark matter template separating. Consciousness pulling itself out and up. It needs to release the vabodi cell. Cremation is the way it was normally done. Normally when your body is operating you wouldn’t have to worry you would actually transmute your dead body yourself. You would turn it into vapour and pull that part of your consciousness out and there would be a little dust left and that was the veboody left from the verbody cell which is the donated quantum from your two parents who gave you the foetal pattern to begin with. This is one of the horrors here. How many religions are teaching to bury? That is the absolute opposite of krystic teachings. There are a lot of rescue missions that do go on in the various plane structures of earth, because the guardian groups know this and people are getting stuck here for aeons. There are times when the way showers will come in and actually round them up and say there are certain things to do to release that connection. It is quite a physics mechanics thing a little like brain surgery. There are guardians who do service them so if you have people you loved who died and were buried you might want to put out a good word to whoever the way showers of the Kryst are and they are not just the Guardian alliance there are a lot of Adashi adepts out there.

It is ok to die as long as you do it well and take your quantum with you.

33 to 56 days after conception is when the soul or spirit can start integrating into that body. Until that point the body is alive. It is being fuelled by the quantum donated by the two parents. If a being dies in that period it is not attached to the body yet. It is not stuck. Before the 56 days the spirit can start to integrate into the foetal body. If it did it would explode the foetal pattern and the foetal body. We all have our own beliefs.


These things are called chambers. In the light body structure these 12 chambers would be called fire chambers. On the spirit body they are called ALLURIAN chambers.

They interact with the dark matter body that form atomic structure when the body is working properly. This is how stars actually birth atoms. A planet, a star or a person generates their own 144 prime elements that then go to form the natural chemicals that will then be in the body. The angelic human aspect does have the core pieces of fragment DNA that correspond to each of those 144 elements. Right now the planet body is not manufacturing 144 elements because of the mutations but we can continue turning them back on in our own body. We are progressively connecting our bodies into the krystic spirals that are being hosted by healthy living systems which means there is an alternative of energy flows we can use. We can begin the process of activating our Allurian chambers. We still have the dominant encryption in the DNA. And some of those elements are essential.


There is this interaction where these base elements come up here and they manufacture other ones as they interact with the currents coming up here and these currents split and it is going on all the way round.

So, there is this whole set of mathematical implications that take place in the structures that unite the rasha dark matter body, the spirit body and the light body through which the atomic body is formed.

These numbers correspond to the colours that correspond to the frequency bands.

There is a colour spectrum that goes with this 1 through 12, 1 is red, 2 is orange, 3 is yellow all the way up to D12. So, the colours correspond to the frequencies. These colours would change on each line because the numbers change. It is called the mixed master. And this has to do with quite a complicated process of what angles which dimensional level is at. This is literally the atomic creation factory for what our bodies are supposed to be, a planets body is supposed to be and a star body is supposed to be.

To begin triggering the activation of those presently dormant (most of them) 144 elements in the body this code can be used through optical pineal induction.


In the core of the planet there is going to be a reservoir of energy from the aurora continuum and carrying the Krystal spiral frequency. Using this code carries the whole template for the 144 different elements. Put out the intention, hold an image of it in your mind, even inhaling it once and go to earth core with the intention, ‘I want to ride the KRYSTAL spiral’. That is a start that will link. It is that simple to link. Once you link there is the light body and the various pieces of yourself that you want to put back together if you want your fields to be strong enough to handle the periods that are going to come up between now and 2012.

It is directly linked to the atomic chart, the Allurian chambers chart.


This is what you don’t see orbiting on the opposite orbit of earth is parallel earth. That is on the other side of the wormhole structure. It also has its chambers and rods and it is also counter tilted. Through the core gates of the sun they link and they form an open wormhole at the centre of the sun. This has created the acceleration in the natural stargate cycle: where ours was speeded up to synch with this one. Now they are actually tethered by their rods. They are still spinning so there is a period where the rods separate and come back together again.

The Precession of the equinoxes gives you a system referred to as the false yuga’s. That is associated with the death star merkaba teachings.

This link occurred 13 000 years ago. There is another link that has to do with this.


You end up with the parallel one and our earth crossing over. They cross through each other. One is at one angle of particle spin. They are synched and they literally pass through each other. The core is open at that time. Do you know how many pagan celebrations and ancient cultures used to do their fertility rites and all sorts of interesting ceremonies on the equinoxes and the solstices? If you get pregnant here, things could come in directly and soul incarnate directly from parallel. This is part of the trickery that has been going on here. Equinoxes and solstices are part of the twisted sextent clock that is part of this nasty wormhole black hole vortex system.



Science and religion have never been separated. They only separate them here. Why? Because; if you put them together, it all makes sense!

Kerry: Looking at December 21st 2012 what is the potential for that moment ?

A’shayana: This is the alignment of the rods . If you don’t know that spinning bodies have rods and chambers you have no idea.

At this point December 21 st 2012 our rods will cross into this. The solar rod made more powerful by the frequencies that are going to blast through here.

They are going to open the black hole centre and they are going to beam in frequency from the parallel side.

That kick will send powerful frequency bursts through here through the solar gates that will hit our rod as it crosses over and that would make it spin.

As it is spinning in the opposite direction, part will spin one way and part will spin the other way and it will snap the crust. It would be a three day role and everything gone. This is multi matrix warfare that is happening here. We have got all sorts involved who aren’t even in the Voyager books. We didn’t know about them. The Thetans from parallel earth invaded here 75 MYA. Everybody is represented here on ‘Club Universe Earth,’ right now; all the teachings of each little fallen group.

We will get through this alignment and we will be able to withstand that acceleration that will come through there. That acceleration will spin the rods and it will also trigger the rods fast enough for the core to hit 55 activation. Once it hits the full 55 it starts going and it eats the quantum behind it and it expands rapidly in the Fibonacci spiral. It spins faster and faster and pulls the two of them together into the sun and it takes the whole system out. The level of technology involved is mind blowing. Our scientists look like kindergarden’s in comparison. That is horrific, but impressive.

It is not going to happen because the Guardian groups are going to intervene. If it weren’t for the intervention of the Mashay Hanic groups from Aquarian Matrix, that are already the Adashi adepts who have gone through the Krystar configuration, there would not be enough quantum here to stop the grids and to hold them stable for about 200 years.

There are two things. One of them happens this weekend and is the beginning. It is what is called the mirror in the sky.

We talked about the planes of earth. We showed those maps with the different plane interfaces and the aurora platforms in between. They are progressively being activated and another level of activation is coming through this weekend. They will create literally a buffer field that will bounce back some of that energy: which is going to be interesting for those on the other end who are throwing it, because it will bounce it back with minimum 12 times spin increase.

Some of it will get through but not enough to rip the rods and make them spin enough to fulfil the 55 activation. That protection can hold only as long as the gates are open because of what the galactic gates are doing in this: what is called a ‘Starfire ascension cycle.’

Starfire ascension is the krystar evolutionary process. Those gates have to close in 2000 years. This means those big energy arms that are coming down from that matrix that are right now holding earths’ core open are going to be pulled back.

When that happens all this will let loose: that is going to happen in 2230AD.

In 2976 there are going to be things that the others have caused to occur in the core. Earth is going to choose the path of KaLE-RAma   stepback. There are going to be periods after this host leaves but I am wondering how many will be left on the planet because there is still the issue of the sun. And it is still going to start throwing larger gamma bursts and there is going to be a point where that does become a problem. First you will start having the satellites acting wacky and then you would have stranger things happen. There will come a time I do believe that there will be very strange electromagnetic storms that become the norm here. The civilization as we know it now is going to change. It is just a matter of when.

If you look at the soul groups on this planet, the people who are controlling countries; everybody hates each other. These are soul groups it is not just about the little people on the ground. Those people are connected to things that they don’t even remember exist. Those soul groups are having wars with each other. They are trying to wipe each other off the planet because whoever gets left with it might have resources enough to get themselves off the planet in spaceships.

The KRYST purpose is to hold ground and keep and the gates open for the 200 year period and help as many people who want to learn how to get as far as they can with their biological evolution. If they can’t fully go into transfiguration that is fine: they can learn to Barto properly; and get out of the proper gate sets and not get caught in wormholes. That is our job.

What the others do on the planet might get ugly and that ugly might be from 2019 to 2022 and that is around the time and there is a strong possibility and it is not phase locked in yet, what they choose to do with the Cortiums offer on a certain weapon. But there is also something the Guardians are doing to make it more appealing not to bother and that has to do with the activation of the ancient arrow sites. If they are activated on the Krystic spiral the weapon the Cortium are using won’t work.

Those sites belonged to the Guardians originally.

Kerry: Who are the wingmakers ?

A’shayana: The wingmakers and the Cortium are the same soul group and the same race group. The people have been tricked by these groups. You play one side off the middle. This is about a war from the Toral rift 2770 AD. That is after this place has gone into Toral rift alignment. The Borja are controlling this now and are one of the strongest and nastiest fallen groups. They have a huge portion of the parallel VECA system and parallel ECKASHA system.

They are not going to achieve this. If it were allowed to go through: they would activate those sites. They wouldn’t have to play games with weapons technology. They would just use it. They would be the ones who were pushing the buttons for this extinction to occur.

That is why the art is very dangerous, some of it is wonderful and beautiful. Others of it is coded mathematically to trigger the metatronic stuff in your DNA. The music is even more dangerous because the sound tones work even more quickly than the optical pineal induction to trigger the DNA so I just avoid the wingmakers material even though some of the art is very pretty. The whole slight of hand has been going on and is part of the reason why it got this bad in Atlantis and worse. Because of the trickery that was going on. I kind of feel like a cosmic news reporter some times. People don’t always want to hear the news. I trust my sources and will let people know what my sources have said.

It wasn’t fun having to be Metatron’s whistle blower, that is not the role I wanted to play. When the Guardians showed the mechanics and showed how people were being tricked and hurt what could I do? I am not here to be liked, I am here to tell the truth.

There are a lot of hopeful things to look forward to. We are in the calm before the storm right now. One of the most important things is to move through the 2012 period where we do have enough quantum of energy of anchoring the Krystal spiral. The more people involved in that the better that would be for them and for us.

The activations of the Krystal spiral will happen. The people who do anchor it before that 55 hits will have a protection field. People who use these technologies after will still get some protection field from it. If you can get the DNA protection before that 55 hits it will be much easier with the 55 activations than if you discover this in 2013! You can still use it in 2013 but you will still be working with a DNA code that is dragged into 55 and holding. And that means right there; biological ascension is out of the question. The next thing to do to evolve to your next higher level will be to work on a proper Barto which means keep your body alive as long as possible. Bring as much krystic frequency in as you can. When it reaches its natural death point which usually happens when the seed atom is about to burn out, it gets tired, and that is what causes natural death, even though death is not natural.

Kerry: Is the grid line targeted by HAARP ?

A’shayana: It is connected to the Gravitron that is in the gulf of Mexico. It is connected to the Alpha Omega temples and the Spirit of Destiny grids which happen to be Draconian grid. It has to do with certain activations taking place there. That is why Haiti earthquake was caused and the Chilli one is also connected. That was a counter reaction that had to do with the wingmakers. The earthquakes are not being done on purpose but it is the result of the grid mechanics that is known. And they are doing them anyway. There will be more instances like that.

Kerry: Secret governments are building underground bases ?

A’shayana: They are expecting solar flares to come sooner rather than later. And there is a very distinct possibility that we will all see an end similar to the Knowing movie.

Eventually there will be Earth changes. The first thing is to wake up in 2013 and have one of those Y2K mornings. Oh that was boring, nothing happened. Then what? Then we still have a bunch of countries being motivated to rip each other apart. Then we have a bunch of people still doing grid wars. And we still have a sun that is progressively separating from its Rasha body. The 15 th level ring comes off in 2022.

There is also something that the Guardians have been doing called the aqualine sun buffer field that again has to do with the planes that run through the earth’s atmosphere and also through the solar atmosphere because the sun has a similar structure. All stellar bodies have a similar structure of the four sets of fifteen layers. And that means it will still have those places where the aurora continuum can still come through. Right now the reason why we haven’t seen any major solar issues is because of that buffer field. The Guardians put it up as soon as that Prana seed closed. Usually when each one of those waves come and the dark matter body separates from the physical matter body, it releases a gamma burst and that will usually send an EMP out. The CME’s do that too. In that, there will be a red pulse that comes with it that shatters matter from the inside out. That would have started on a small level already if it weren’t for the buffer field that was activated. They call it the aqualine sun because if you could see it in the astral, it looks like a glowing aqua coloured sun. It has also been keeping the gamma burst down and transmuting them before they come out.

If it is to go into a knowing movie scenario, they will let us know and there will be certain things that can be done and certain things that can’t be done. There is always the option of what they call pulling the shield which means the Aquafarian shield. The people who touched the Krystal spiral, they can get them up and out while it is still possible. If their bodies can’t they will bring them through the gates, and that is a really good way to Barto fast: go through a stargate when your DNA can’t handle it yet. Inhale and hold so when you go pssh, all your pieces of consciousness stay together.

The most pressing issues now are going to be what humans and illuminati are going to do on this planet. There is a slight possibility of invasion from the sky. It is not as strong as it has been. There is not a lot that will be gained by it right now from any of the sides. But, that may change, we will see.

The Guardians are planning their own visitation. They are not going to use space ships. What they are going to do is activate these specific zones that can be opened between those planes where there will be spaces where the higher earth planes and these earth planes actually comingle. They can come here and meet us half way and we can go there and meet them half way. When we get that far, the next stage is we will be able to go over to that side. The first level out of here is going to higher earth. They will look physical. Once you get your consciousness one dimension above where their matter is, it is physical, it is solid.

It is about watching and waiting and learning how to be at peace anyway and not let it wreck your day and not let it make you scared. There are techniques that take you into a space of expansion where you feel the living connection to GOD source.

I feel the living connection with source. I am Ok and I am home. It is a space I hope to help other people to reach. It is the space you need to go to in this time to smile, make jokes and mean it and love everybody. To be able to keep the love is part of the lesson and why consciousness comes into situations like this to move through.

There is only one set of rules that do apply in the eternal cosmos. They are the laws of the Kryst. The only ones that have not learnt that are the ones that play the FA games. All they will do is meet the consequence of their action. It is about not letting yourself be worn down by those who act in unkind or evil ways. Evil eventually destroys itself. This too shall pass. The eternal is just that, eternal.

Kerry: People think they are going to be rescued by space ships ?

A’shayana: There are none of those lined up in the port of any of the Guardian sites. It is a possibility that some of the FA’s will come and get what they consider as their own seed in order to transport it elsewhere in the fall systems. Even if you are in that position I would not hold my breath. If they did come in I would really think twice before I got on that ship. Thank you for your patience in allowing the Guardians to speak.

For full video visit Camelot


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