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“Men can never slay the truth. Though banished, it will come again in greater power, for truth will subjugate the world.” Jesus the Christ

These transcripts include the Megalithomania speakers festival which was a fascinating event that happened over two days with several presenters presenting photographs and spoken words on some of the ancient wonders. Hearing the presenters story’s of traveling to ancient sites was an experience of the worlds’ ancient archaeological mysteries and a sharing of the energies from these sites.

This festival lead me to travel to the stone ruins at Adams Calendar outside Nelspruit and stand between the central standing stones and experience that vortex of energy. South Africa is a significant location in the great tale of humanity.

UFO Consciousness and Science speakers festival which happened later in the year was something similar, yet completely different. Using the foundation knowledge of the archaeological wonders of the world, speakers talked about philosophy, religious texts and new science. There were many many opinions presented which can not all be true. However they are all transcribed and presented in the spirit of this information and that is in the words of Graham Lesch, “It is worthwhile if you make it worthwhile.”

At both festivals I spoke to Bernie. She told me that she had always known she had come from the Pleiades. Bernie explained that the Pleiadians are us way in the future. She offered to send me a bumper edition of information. This she did. She sent me a whole package of disks including the fascinating series on Atlantis and the innovative film called Thrive. However the majority of the disks where recordings of interviews from a radio station in Sweden called Red Ice Radio. These recordings were refreshing and challenged a lot of ideas presented at the UFO Consciousness and Science speakers festival.

This was the eye opener for me, illustrating that in the work I have presented in this epic series of transcriptions there is truth, some over-exaggeration and some information that is tough to comprehend. The scriptures for the new day are presented as humbly as Buddha presented his teachings (the Dharma), “Like shit on a stick, blowing in the wind,” as he described it. As a collection of transcripts it takes the title of Spirit Reality because I have experienced the SOUL to be true. So as everybody’s soul is unique so everybody’s truth is unique. This truth has begun to shine through.

The totality is God and God is the one and the all. God being ‘all’ makes every everything an aspect of God. God IS and all that IS is the ‘isness’. God is infinite. God is all that is manifest, unmanifested and manifesting; a collective of consciousness so vast and so experienced and a force that is so absolutely united in and of itself that he/she.it.us.we.they.them.all.and.all is/are.

LOVE is a basic building block of the universe. Ananda sais, ‘Love is the holy spirit.’ The speakers festivals, online radio stations and these transcripts together with extensive online coverage is an illustration of the tremendous desire to share the message of love. Why? It is a 2012 thing. We are increasing our vibrations, repairing our DNA and beginning to live heaven on earth. And now it is a 2013 thing too.

The Body of information :

Listening to the voices from the Pleiades

Aluna Joy has written: “During the first sun/world the Earth was implanted with the 4 races; Red, Yellow, Blue and White. There was a council of 4 great creators called Balams that did this work. After life was implanted on Earth, the four continents were colonized and the four races continued the cycles of light. The creators sent four other beings from the Pleiades and each one of them took a continent. Kukulcan (or Quetzalcoatl) in America , Mayachez for the white world, Caramaya for the Asian world, and Nagamaya for the black.”

Ian Lungold has said: “The Mayan civilization believed that each cycle was just one stage in the collective consciousness of humanity. The Mayan are the most recent ancient civilization. They left the freshest tracks. The Mayan calendar is based on the cycle of the Pleiades or “Muchuchumil” as they are known by the Maya. The elders say the universe comes from the Pleiades.” Ian Lungold

Concluding remarks

This is the presentation of ideas, theories, extensive bodies of research, gut feelings, instincts and love. It is exactly what it is. No more, no less. The question therefore is not about this work, it is about your reaction to this? Will you be able to pull as much out of this that is available to you? Will you able to use this to trigger your own journey into all and every aspect from all and every perspective to what it is to be you?

Note that book one and book two are slide presentations so throughout the presentations striking visuals were used to explain the story further. These written versions have no visuals, however many visual are provided on the authors websites and the DVD’s are now available through Zulu Planet :

Have no fear of what there is still to learn. To be open minded to everything, suspend belief and disbelief.

One Love and Joyous vibrations for ALL

Struan Douglas