Red Ice Radio Interviews

Bob Friessell

Greetings ladies and gentlemen maybe you are tuning in for the first time. I am Hendrik and we are coming to you from Scandinavia, Sweden to be more specific. We cover a variety of topics that we think are interesting and important. Today we have Bob Friessell, a teacher of over thirty years who books are regarded as underground spiritual classics. Maybe you have heard about his title, ‘Nothing in this book is true,’ but it is exactly how things are. Bob is a qualified and authorised facilitator of flower of life research. He teaches the merkaba meditation, sacred geometry and breath of life rebirthing along with other heart opening techniques. He was trained by Leonard Ore, the rebirthing pioneer and by Drunvalo Melchezidek the originator of the Merkaba and unity breath meditations. Today we are going to discuss the window of seven to ten years and the drastic changes that Bob sees beginning now in 2012 and how we are moving from the third dimension into the fourth. Our current type of consciousness is something we have been immersed in for the last 13 000 years and according to Bob a new type of consciousness is now rising.

Thank you for having me Hendrik, I am doing fine and I hope you are too.

All things considered there is a lot of things unravelling today. 2012, personally I can’t wait for the year to be over so we can move on and talk about something else! Granted, it is a social phenomenon now and it is a spiritual phenomenon. It is related to everything that is unfolding in one way or another. We are right in it. How do you see the year unfolding?

What I see is not necessarily the year 2012 itself but rather, a 7 to 10 year window and we are right in the middle of that window where obviously tremendous changes are in process. When I speak of the 7 to 10 year window, one of the points I make in my new book is the idea the Hopi Indians have been bringing forth for quite some time now, roughly about 200 years of Hopi of prophecies. They are in complete agreement with the Mayans and they go onto say that you can pretty much count on the fact that on the exact day of 21/12/2012 nothing really significant will happen. You can almost take that to the bank if I understand them correctly. What they are saying is we are right in the midst of this window where according to the Hopi the movement will be from the fourth world to the fifth world.

The fourth world to the fifth world: I have heard this many different times. How will this manifest itself?

A lot of groundwork needs to be laid before we can really begin to look at this. Perhaps we can start with speaking about dimensional worlds. We have to have some understanding of the fact that there is many many different worlds and they are all separated by wave length. They are all literally in the space, the very same room you are sitting in right now. They are all linked, they are all interconnected and the only difference between one and the next one is wave length. Wave length is the key here. People who have been in physics for any length of time pretty much agree at this point that wave length really is the key. It is not frequency or anything like that. If you look at our reality, our universe: If you had access to the Hubble for example you could get a pretty good insight as to the macrocosm. It is huge. And then there is much more to it. There is the microcosm and then there is the world in which we live. All of that is just one universe, but it is only one of many.

When we speak of wave length, the wave length of the universe in which we inhabit is about 7.23 cm long. As you move up the dimensional scale the wavelength becomes shorter, the vibratory rate and the frequency becomes much higher. From the perspective of the big picture, this seems to be what is happening. The Mayans and the Hopis speak of moving from the fourth world to the fifth world and we are speaking about moving from the third dimension into the higher overtones of the fourth dimension. Really we are saying the same thing when you consider that the Hopi Indians consider the voidness from which all of this came as a place and we don’t. When I say we primarily I am speaking about the Ascended Masters and levels of Melchezidek and there. When you realise that the void was counted as a world with regard to the Hopi’s then basically we are saying the same thing. What this means is that we are in process of moving from one dimensional world to another, to a much much higher vibratory rate where basically a being at that level is in a light body; and if they appeared at this level they would have the ability to walk through walls.

Does overtones compare to musical notes in the way we can compare notes in a piano. We have microtones between this as well. The notes can influence each other. They can cause sympathetic resonance and dissonance depending on how strong they resonate individually. This could be an explanation of how the crossing over would be, if you are talking about a fourth world into a fifth and if we are having dimensional overlaps occurring. There seems to be some kind of bleed through.

I agree with that. Perhaps we need to lay some more groundwork for this to become more clear. If you look at quantum physics you realise every object should be looked upon as particles or as sound which is wave length. Furthermore every particle or piece of matter has its own sign-wave signature which is similar to a hand writing signature. It defines it.

When you realise you can look at everything as wave form, the dimensional worlds are separated by wave length exactly the same way that the notes are on a musical scale. If you take a moment to look at a piano keyboard and take an octave from C to C; there are the 8 white keys but there are also the 5 black keys. You put the two together and you have got the 13 notes in the chromatic scale. Really it is just 12 notes, because the 13th note would be the return note.

What you have in dimensional terms is separated by wave length in exactly the same way as the notes on the musical scale but in addition to that you have spaces in between. Everything is holographic. The universe is holographic, in dimensional terms it is all holographic. In music in between any two notes you have got these things called overtones. The same is true in dimensional worlds. In fact there are 12 of them. Each of these twelve overtones is a dimensional world just as vast as this one. So, 12 x 12 gives you 144 dimensional worlds and that is only one octave. We are sitting here in the third dimension and we are in the process of moving into either the tenth, eleventh or twelfth overtone of the fourth dimension.

This is not something that is going to be happening in the indeterminate future. You might ask the question, why now? Why not a million years from now? It is happening now. My sense of it is that it is obvious to everybody that these are dramatically accelerated times. We know that in many ways we are moving out there really fast. My preferred way of looking at it is that the dimensional worlds are beginning to interface. What that means is that you have enormous amounts of higher vibratory energy, i.e fourth dimensional energy that is now interfacing with the third dimensional world and what it is doing is creating a simple yet very powerful displacement process. It is stirring things up. Not that there is anything wrong with that because when you learn to align with the stirring up then you begin to realise that in alignment you are in the midst of a very powerful healing process. There is a lot that needs to be healed in order for us to successfully move from one dimensional world to another. Obviously we are still immersed in wars and separation.

The downfall of the old system and anybody who chooses to have their eyes open will see it. This is like a dial on a TV or on a radio. We can choose to tune into different frequencies. What if the blending is causing none of the channels to be clear? Will this settle down? Or are we in this for good?

Yes it will settle down. When you look at it from the context of the big picture you begin to see something quite differently. We are so immersed in polarity consciousness and have been for about 13 000 years. By polarity consciousness I mean we experience ourselves in this separate state. We are looking out at a world and we don’t really get that we are a part of it. It has created some rather huge problems. When you don’t get that you are one with all life everywhere then you tend to treat your planet, your very mother in this separate state that it is something to be conquered and something to be controlled, to be exploited rather than to be shared for the highest good for all. Look at the environmental problems and you see exactly what I am talking about here. We need to learn there is a larger truth. Recall what Einstein said that you cannot solve your problems with the same level of consciousness that created them. If we continue to remain in this state of separation then the possibility for solving these problems are slim or none. There is a change of consciousness that needs to occur. And the good news is that it is occurring. We are beginning to move out of separation and into unity. When you speak of unity consciousness what you are now speaking of is the fact that there is only one spirit moving through all life on all the different levels. When a good event is happening it is the function of the one spirit. Not quite so easy to see when it is a function of the dark side. But, if we can step out of separation long enough to notice that it is not what it appears to be and the whole thing is being orchestrated from a much higher level and in that setting the dark and the light are actually working together serving as timing agents.

So, when your stuff gets stirred up in the context of unity that is not a bad thing, that is a healing in process. You get the healing by learning to align with and learning to harmonise on an energetic basis rather than resist what is going on. The end result of that is called integration. Transmutation, translation and transformation are other names for it too. And this is where we are headed. Instead of resisting the stirring up if you will, we need to learn to align with it and realise there is something else going on. The darkness needs to be stirred up in order for the greater possibility to come in and that is the light of the higher dimensional worlds.

Why now? What is the mechanics of this?

In order to do that we need to take a look at one of the motions that the earth makes: We know that mother earth is tilted on her axis at about 23.5 degrees and this is what gives us our four seasons. But not as well known is that the axis itself is in a wobble. It is a very slight wobble it only changes 1 degree every 72 years. Every 2160 years it changes the viewpoint of one constellation and every 25 920 years approximately, it makes one complete cycle and it traces an elliptical pattern. If you looked at the night sky’s of the North Pole for 26 000 years, if you had nothing better to do, you would see this elliptical pattern.

This 26 000 year cycle explains a lot in terms of the question why now? It is called the procession of the equinoxes and it has been studied for a long time, mainly the Hindu’s and Tibetans in the ancient times were very interested in this. What they noticed is we are moving in a counter clockwise direction. At one point in the cycle we are closest to the centre of the galaxy and at the other point we are furthest away. When we turn the corner and start moving away from the centre of the galaxy. What they have noticed is when we get about 900 years away from the centre of the galaxy we just go to sleep, we are in the sleep cycle for 13 000 years as we are turning away from the centre. And then what they also noticed is that at about 900 years removed from the furthest point from the galactic centre we start waking up. All this talk about 21/12/2012 what it means is that is the exact moment when we hit the bubble, 900 years removed from 13 000 years from gong to sleep and we start to wake up, and not just start to wake up, we are waking up fast, dramatically so.

Are the changes that we are going through and this cycle of our rise and fall is completely determined by our position and angle in the galaxy?

It seems that this 26 000 year cycle determines a lot. When you hit one of these two points which is 13 000 years apart there is a shift in consciousness. Obviously when you go to the sleep state we fall a bit in consciousness but then when we hit the awake state we are going to grow in consciousness and that is exactly what we are doing. That is a time of tremendous change with regards to consciousness and also with regards to the physical nature of things, the ultimate expression of which is nothing less than the poles shifting. We are right at that time when these major events are going to occur and are occurring.

Which pole shift, pole flip or magnetic?

Both very closely timed together. They can happen at the same time but what usually happens first is the magnetic pole shift. If you have noticed anything about the earth’s magnetic field it has been going down dramatically.

There are a lot of reports about weird magnetic anomalies over the last few years.

There sure have been and the adventure continues. If you take a look at the magnetic anomalies, you can go back maybe thirty years or so and you can see that the migratory patterns of birds began to be significantly disrupted. They thought that they were following the magnetic field but they would find themselves in strange new places. The same is true for trying to land airplanes. Magnetic maps had to be changed.

Why would this occur during the New Years? I know that the celebration is tied into a celestial event and this is why humanity has placed the New Years on a particular date. For the last two or three years we have had very many strange things happening, birds falling out the sky, whales and other sea creatures beaching themselves. Do you think it is connected to the magnetics changing?

Certainly the whales beaching themselves is, the birds falling out the sky, I don’t know about that. I would be a little suspicious that HAARP has something to do with that, but I don’t want to go there.

If you look at it from the point of view of what is happening to some of the animals, how will this effect people?

Everybody is being affected by it. Before I talk about it let me just say something here. This discussion could easily bring up some fear in people. I don’t want to do that because there is something else going on here. I don’t really think we are going to have a violent shifting of the poles this time like history tells us we have in the past. When you research on pole shifting you discover that since you are looking at surface winds of about 1000 miles per hour and entire continents moving up and down, that is a rather major event. I don’t think it is going to play out in this way. I think that we are in the midst of the most unique ride from one dimensional world to another that life has ever seen. I would like to help us and everyone listening to just relax a little bit and maybe we can see this as a smooth ride.

How is it different this time?

That is a huge question and it is going to take some time to get there. Maybe we can slowly work our way in that direction. Our emotional stability is tied directly to the stability of the earth’s magnetic field. Look at the phenomenon of the full moon. If you go to any police blotter and take a look at the increased crime rate of the day before, the day of and the day after the full moon you will get a sense of what I mean. I have talked to people in law enforcement, few have come and taken my workshops and they have confirmed what I am just saying here.

With the earth’s magnetic field doing what it is doing it is more like a full moon becoming bigger and brighter, not just one evening a month, but almost every night. People are being affected emotionally. You can ask anybody if it is more difficult for you to keep things together emotionally now as it was 5 or 20 years ago and you get general agreement on that. There are other factors that might come into play if you have lost your home or your job but still the magnetic field is a major factor.

Everything is tied together. Usually when you reach this point of the procession things start to break down. You could make a pretty good case for the fact that things are breaking down. I don’t want to get too carried away with that because again there is something else going on here. The breaking down aspect of things first of all is nothing compared to what it could be. The other side of that is we are keeping things together relatively well compared to what it could be. In the larger picture, this breaking down is absolutely necessary. There is an old world that is dying and a new world that is simultaneously being born. Things are getting stirred up, but everything is a function of consciousness and we need to learn that it is time for us to start stepping out of the separation thing and into the larger pictures and that is the interconnection that we have to all life everywhere. In that context then you then begin to see this cycle in completely different ways. Instead of it being a bad or dangerous thing, it is the necessary healing in process. The plus side of this is that when you learn to catch the ride, when you learn to harmonise with the increased energetic aspect of things rather than to resist it then you realise you have the power and the ability to integrate or to transmute those very things you have been putting up with or trying to change and in some way fighting and resisting. It now becomes your ally in this process. This is a healing that we are all in process of learning to align with.

I am interested if everyone is intended, can and will go through with these certain set of changes. When I look around a try and get a feel for people from this country and others I see a large majority completely shut down, shut off in a fear mode. They are rushing around, not really conscious of anything. I am seeing a lot of people being turned into zombies. In some cases I can blame them individually perhaps. In other cases I feel sorry for them for the amount of shit that they have to take as they are going through this particular period. Will everybody make the shift?

Oh boy, that is a good question and a huge question. The more you try and cling to the old ways, the more you are resisting the changes that are happening. Whatever you resist will only persist, in fact it will become much more intense. The other side of that is learning to harmonise, learning to cooperate energetically speaking with what is going on. Is everybody on the planet going to get it? I don’t see how but what we are speaking about is not 7 billion people that is necessary to facilitate these changes. What it is is a critical mass, the old 100th monkey thing. That’s my focus, the creation of this critical mass.

We are not talking about the majority?

No a very small minority in fact. It is somewhere in the neighbourhood probably of about 7 to 10 % and when you focus on that then you begin to see that some really good things are happening and it is happening quite quickly.

We are talking in the high number of about 700 million people. And that is quite a bit?

It also depends on how you define critical mass which actually I believe in these abnormally accelerated times is basically being recreated and redefined probably on a daily basis. Where it is all leading it is hard to say. At some point this whole critical mass creates a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. This is not just theory or wild eyes speculation. This is hard core stuff. Certain studies have been taken on this. Transcendental meditation people for example way back in the 60’s looked at this very issue and what they noticed is that a certain percentage of people meditating using the TM method on a regular basis had a corresponding rippling effect throughout the entire area. People maybe didn’t know but they were being affected by it. This critical mass is real stuff. With the 100th monkey story nobody knows for sure how many monkeys it was but at one point this one monkey started washing its sweet potato and bingo they all get it.

How quick will this go? If we are making a journey towards the other end of the processional cycle how many years are we talking about?

Well if this information is accurate we are right in the middle of a window that is somewhere between about 7 and 10 years. However it is hard to say exactly how large that window is but it is fair to say that we are right in the middle of it. So what it seems to be adding up to is nothing less than a shift in dimensions, in other words a shift in wave length. So, we move our conscious wave length to a much higher vibratory rate, fourth dimension. We start moving out in ways that are pretty much at this level of awareness beyond our abilities to imagine. If this is true, this is more than good. It is fantastic.

Sometimes you get frustrated. You see how things are continuing to break down and that the release is not really happening. Haven’t we heard about this for thirty years or at least the last ten. Is there a delay in implementation? Are we struggling to make it? Are we time optimists?

I see it a little bit differently, I think that we are being given an opportunity, a very unique opportunity to make a transition from one level of awareness into another level of awareness, i.e. dimensional shift, in a way that most of life is not given. Perhaps one way of looking at this is that sometime around the turn of the century, mother earth maybe did go into the fourth dimensional world. I am putting this out as a possibility. If this is true what mother earth did was create the new world that looked exactly like the old world to give us time to transition from one way of being into another. These changes when they do happen are going to be dramatic. I do believe there will come a day and it will come any day because when these changes happen they happen in the space of about 20 hours. I do believe that the day will come when we will transition into a fourth dimensional world in a way that we will absolutely know that this is a new world. In the mean time we have created a new world that looks exactly like the old one to give us time to learn the rules of the game. The most fundamental rule is recognising that you and I are creating our reality 100%. Not just some of the time but all of the time. How we think and how we feel and how we interact with life is totally determining our experience of our reality. That is real important no matter what dimensional level you are on. In this asleep state for the past 13 000 years on this third dimensional level, we have kind of gotten away by playing stupid, pretending that we are victims in this whole thing and all the authority and all the power lies outside of ourselves and none of it resides within, yet nothing could be further from the truth.

When we get to a 4th dimensional world where nobody can deny that that is what it is, the manifestation is instant. Whatever you think, whatever you feel is the instantly manifested reality. The time delay has been completely removed. If you are in harmony with your world thinking and feeling thoughts like love and truth and beauty and peace, you are instantly going to create a world that is reflecting that. On the other hand if your fear thoughts take over, your limiting thoughts take over then you are instantly going to create a world that is reflective of that. Not everybody has got this message. Many people in fact the vast majority are deeply immersed in powerlessness and victim consciousness, but that is changing.

What is running this show is it the masses or the individual? If I live my own life in a bubble compared to what the masses are doing and I feel that everything is good and happy to me am I still affected?
At the 4th dimensional level, anybody who is still at the effect of their fear and limiting thoughts simply will not be able to stay there. They will be taken back to the third dimensional world from which they came. The 4th dimension is a much higher vibratory rate universe with a much shorter wave length. Basically the beings at that level would appear here as light beings and so you must be in harmony with your world in order to stay there. It is a world in which the fear, the darkness and the limitation simply cannot survive.

Is this a window of opportunity that eventually will close? Or will we see a fluxuation back and forth?

Definitely it is a window of opportunity. It is incumbent upon us to use the time to do whatever we can to raise our awareness, raise our consciousness and fundamental to that is recognising that whether you fully understand it or not, you and I, everyone and everything is intimately connected to the whole. There is only one spirit moving through all of life and you cannot separate the whole from any aspect of itself. The same is true for us, the spirit of oneness moves through everyone and everything. In that context life begins to look a little differently.

If we talk about this in terms of our Forgotten History, there is no comparison between what is happening now and the catastrophe of 13 000 years ago?

During the time of Atlantis and Lemuria before that we were in a form of unity consciousness where we didn’t experience ourselves and we didn’t experience life as we do now in the separate state. We have been there before. One simple way of looking at this is we are going back home but we are doing it in an upgraded manner from anything we ever lived and experienced in the past. What happened 13 000 years ago is when we reached this point in the procession where the poles shifted and the consciousness shifted. It was not a positive change. We went from a much higher level of awareness basically in free fall until we crash landed down here on this dark dense aspect of reality all as a result of this massive misuse of power in Atlantis about 16 000 years ago. That is what caused us to fall 3000 years later.

It is a very interesting story the myth of Atlantis and I feel it is comparative to the era we are going through right now. There is an opportunity to go in a new direction. What I feel is that the Atlantis civilization didn’t do this. Have we seen the worst of the earth changes?

If you look at prophecies and you look at Edgar Cayce who prophesised a shifting of the poles; sometime around the turn of the century the Hopi’s were saying pretty much the same thing and modern day futurists, a man by the name of Gordon Michael Scallion was saying exactly the same thing around the turn of the century and numbers of other peoples too, yet we are still here. The changes that these people have prophesised have not happened. I believe we are in the midst of the ride between one world and another. My sense of it is we are having the most unique experience of it that life has ever had. There will not be a violent shifting of the poles. There will not be the 1000 mile an hour surface winds and entire continents moving up and down. There will be earthquakes and weather phenomenon that’s rather mild compared to what it could be. It is 2012 and we are still here.

We have talked about this with other guests. In the context of Catastrophobia with Barbara Hand Clow we are fearful of this doomsday because we all have a kind of memory. We have always seen doomsday people throughout history. Is this a memory?

13 000 years ago it was a catastrophe. Atlantis and most of the inhabitants on Atlantis sank to the bottom of the ocean. There were a few conscious survivors but not many. I don’t think it is going to play out that way at all this time. First of all last time 13 000 years ago it was not a positive shift, it was a negative shift from a high level to a low level. We are going back up this time and I think here again relatively speaking it is a very gentle ride.

Your flagship book out there is ‘Nothing in this book is true.’ It recently had its fifteenth anniversary and you have some new titles out there as well.

‘Nothing in this book is true’, is the main book and the fifteenth anniversary is literally a new edition. I decided it was either time to write a new book or rewrite ‘Nothing’ and I chose the latter. I pretty much started over, brought the book up to date and added tonnes of new information. It is pretty much the source of most of what we talk about here. My other books, ‘Something in this book is true,’ is the sequel to ‘Nothing,’ and the third book, ‘You are a spiritual being having a human experience,’ that speaks to the unity of being which I really do feel is perhaps the single most important bit of information that I came across and everything else fell into place when I got this feeling of oneness. That is what ‘Spiritual Being’ is talking about. I also have this new book ‘Transforming through 2012’ where I have collaborated with 32 other authors each of us giving our sense of the times that we are in.

If you go to my website you can also see the two workshops that I give. Both are weekend workshops. One is called the flower of life and the other is the breath of life. In these workshops we are paralleling the ancient Egyptian mystery schools where the initiate would first spend 12 years in a school called the left eye of Horus: basically the left eye because it is controlled by the right brain and is the focus on emotional healing. This is what we do in the breath of life. In the flower of life, we are recreating the other school known as the right eye of Horus. In the right of eye of Horus the initiate way back in ancient Egypt would spend another 12 years primarily using the language of sacred geometry, a language that is known everywhere throughout the cosmos. It is a language that can be used to talk about anything which makes it particularly useful in showing the left brain, the part that is really stuck in separation that there is only one creation pattern and there is only one image through which everything in this created reality came through. That is a fundamental step in showing the left brain the unity in being. In addition to that we also teach the living merkaba field which is ultimately a tool of ascension, enabling one to take your body and turn it into a ball of light and travel from one world to another, which could be kind of useful if this dimensional shift stuff is actually real.

What are the tools of ascension, looking at Egypt and their tool for fourth dimensional access, the pyramid? You had some interesting stuff about Thoth or Hermes and how they used the pyramid as a tool to get access to this, can you talk a little bit about this?

Great pyramids primary function was that it was used as an initiation chamber designed to take us, our level of consciousness into the next level. There are different levels of consciousness that we need to have some level of understanding with regard to. Let me talk about the first three. There are actually five of them, but the fifth and the fourth we don’t have to be concerned about. The first level of consciousness is a completely different way of interpreting the one reality from where we are now. We are on the second level by the way. And it is completely different from the third level of consciousness: different height range, different number of chromosomes and different ways of interpreting the reality completely.

On the first level of consciousness you have a height range of roughly 4 to six feet, you have 42 + 2 chromosomes and you have a level of unity consciousness, the beings on this level are in harmony with their environment. They also have a way of accessing memory that is very different from ours and that is they have the ability to holographically recreate a room or whatever the space might be and in that hologram at some point in the future anyone else can step into it and relive the experience that took place a weak ago, a day ago or a month ago. In that way they can recreate part of it with a hundred % recall.

A time machine in other words?

Yes, it is similar to the holodeck on star trek. And then there is us. We are in the second level with a height range 5 to 7 feet, roughly 44 + 2 chromosomes and we are in a separate state. We are not in harmony with our environment. And obviously we don’t have anything approaching this holographic dream time.

It was Thoth the ascended master, way back in the early days of Egypt who by introducing writing threw us out of this holographic dream time and into the need to access memory the way we do and also at the same time threw us into the separate state. You might wonder why would he do a thing like that? The answer is that we are in preparation of moving from the first level of consciousness into the third level, the only thing is you can’t go directly from the first to the third level without passing through the second level. The introduction of writing is the very act that threw us out of the first and into the second level and it was done because it was necessary. The third level is a much higher level of unity consciousness even than the first level and furthermore manifestation is not a function, it is instant. Whatever you think instantly creates the reality. Memory is not holographic as it is on the first level, it is the real thing. In other words whenever a being from the third level thinks a thought or wants you to remember something, you are not in a hologram you are in the real thing, re-experiencing the exact event, whether it happened in the past or whether it is happening in the future because at that level, time is spherical.
Now when we look at the great pyramid and its function as being an initiation chamber designed to take us from the second level into the third level it begins to make a little more sense. The initiation took place in a tunnel underneath the great pyramid and this tunnel is such that when you are properly prepared and you go in there and align yourself there is a spiralling energy that would go right through your pineal point and take you into a place 1000 miles into the earth to a place called the halls of Amenti which happens to be a fourth dimensional world. In other words whatever you think, whatever you feel instantly manifests. The importance of being in harmony, in unity, in peace and in oneness with your reality cannot be overstated because if you are in that tunnel and you are not ready for it and you start thinking oh I hope there are not any poisonous snakes in here, they are going to hall out your dead body if that is the case. If you are in harmony you are instantly going to create a beautiful harmonious experience.

You positioned yourself at the very bottom underneath the pyramid, correct? Tell us about that?

That is the tunnel beneath the Great Pyramid. You needed 24 years of training on both sides of the brain, first the 12 years of the emotional healing and then the 12 years of the showing of the left brain the unity of being. After 24 years of training only if it was thought that you were ready to proceed to the final stage of the initiation. The first stage was underneath the great pyramid, the second stage was in the kings chamber and in the kings chamber you would lie down in a sarcophagus, they would put the lid over it and now another energy a spiralling energy, called a white light spiral would go through your pineal gland, taking you out literally to the centre of the universe where you had the incredible expansive experience of being one with everything, i.e. synthetically creating unity consciousness. What these beings were given was the experience of moving out of the second stage of consciousness the one we are in now and into the third state of consciousness and obviously their life would never ever be the same. This enabled them to step into the immortal state. These people are still alive today and became what we know today as the ascended masters. That was real stuff according to Thoth. Thoth has been around for about 52 000 years and because he is immortal he has maintained his memory through the times of Atlantis, through the times in Egypt and when Egypt died out he went to Greece and became known as Hermes. At this time he wrote a document called the Emerald tablets and much of this information is sourced in the Emerald tablets: A rather fascinating piece of literature to say the least.

Where is this data coming from?

I think the Emerald Tablets is a very good source to give some validity to this but you can only go so far with that because this is not your typical prime topic for conversation. I realise that there are certain leaps of faith that need to be taken with regards to this. Also considering the times we are in we won’t have to wait to much longer to see if all of this is true or if none of this is true, which reminds me of the title of my book, ‘Nothing in this book is true.” There is my disclaimer right there.

This has a lot to do with perspective, where we are coming from, what do we trust: is truth objective, depending on what you focus on and what you believe to be the truth that strengthens your world view?

If it is true that we are creating our own reality and I submit that it is then what you and I focus on is of prime importance, not to keep your head in the sand. I am very much an advocate of keeping both eyes open and I agree with you completely that much of what passes for truth out there through the mainstream media, if not most of it and if not all of it, is nothing but propaganda, half truths and flat out disinformation, so I don’t advocate a head in the sand. I am very much one who looks at the big picture and that includes not just the light or the bright side but also the dark side. I see it from a context that is broad enough in perspective to include the fact that there is only one spirit moving through all life and it is not what it appears to be. Everything that is going on is being orchestrated from a much higher level.

In these accelerated times, the timeline between thinking and feeling a thought manifesting it into reality is diminishing greatly and we are rapidly approaching the point to where the manifestation will be instant, so yes it is important to keep both eyes open and having said that it is tremendously important to keep the focus on what you wish to create and to do your best to stay out of fear and limitation because when that takes over that literally locks you into the most limiting aspect of yourself that is available to you where you can be totally and easily controlled and manipulated by the powers that be. We need to start taking responsibility for who we are and that certainly includes taking responsibility for who we are not. We are not powerless limited beings who are at the effect of life and who are nothing but victims and because our government won’t come and save us and keep us out of war and trouble and whatever then there is nothing we can do about it. You and I are unlimited beings intimately connected to the source of life, it moves through us. The blueprint for all of the created reality is contained in our chromosomes therefore all the knowledge, wisdom of the entire known universe passes through us. This is a sign of the accelerated times that we are in. It is about learning to catch the ride, let go of the old, embrace the new and start telling the truth about yourself. You are one with all of life everywhere. Your creative powers are infinite. What we focus on is absolutely unerringly creating our world. It is extremely important that we continue to for what we wish to create.

During this time where potentially we are on the threshold of something new, something magnificent, it is the time when the power elite show their worst side in the media to keep us occupied and busy with what they are doing. They are clever in how they play the game if they are aware of these things.

Absolutely. Depending on your perspective you could make the case for the fact that we are in trouble if you look at the systems breaking down, financial, political, the wars, etc. But here again I recommend that we broaden our perspective and include the fact that no matter how good or how bad it might seem, it is still a function of the one spirit. There is something else going on here. You have got this enormous infusion of higher vibratory energy coming here and by its very nature it is going to stir up the muck and when you start shining the light on the darkness, the rats are going to start moving around. What I really feel is happening is that you are looking at increasing acts of desperation by the forces of darkness, the controlling beings on the planet, the secret government, the illuminati whatever you want to call them.

Good point, they are aware that something is happening and the majority of people have been fed with so much garbage, mentally and physically to prevent these incoming energies.

Yes, keep us locked into the five sense realty. Nothing else, nothing beyond that and keep us stuck in fear and limitation and if you are stuck in fear and limitation you are totally and completely controllable. You are literally blocking yourself off from the higher frequencies that move through you. If you look at the seven chakras and perhaps a useful way of seeing this: that, when we are stuck in fear and limitation, we are stuck in the lower three chakras, survival and power and control and furthermore there is a wall keeping us from the experience of the higher vibratory centres where the universal connection to oneness, the spiritual aspect, the infinite love for all life everywhere is all in the higher centres. When you are in the higher centres you can’t be controlled anymore, you know who you are and you are functioning off of your true nature and not your illusionary nature. There is a document that has been out for quite some time called a course in miracles. What they say in the course of miracles is that all there is fear and love and fear is an illusion. Twenty years ago when I first started coming across most of this information, there weren’t many takers. Now you can talk to so many people about this. The times are accelerating dramatically.

If we go back to Egypt and look at the idea that there was some kind of record or knowledge left from Atlantis and if we go back to Cayce we have the idea of a hall of records. Is this the time when these things might be found or let into the public?

Cayce spoke of some detail of what the hall of records contains. It allegedly contains proof of 5.5 million years of civilizations. Most of these civilizations are so far beyond where we are today that we can barely imagine. If this is true then these records are about to revealed to us. That is something that can come a long and shake us up so completely that no matter what we are never going to be the same.

Hawass’s situation has been interesting to watch during the Egypt revolution. Do you think the discovery of such things might have happened already but has been kept under pretty tight wraps? Now it might be able to come out into the open because of what happened.

It could have been discovered at some point. Thoth said that the halls of records would be discovered sometime around 1990 and he went on to say that there would be 148 sets of three people and they would try and enter but only one of these sets of three people would be allowed to go through. You are looking at an Indiana Jones type scene here and when they made it through they would again find that there would be this evidence: proof positive of at least 5.5 million years of advanced civilizations on this earth. Has that happened? I don’t know. Has what has gone on in Egypt enhanced the opportunity of that coming out or has it been the opposite? Here again, I don’t know.

I always argue if we have more information of what we are doing here, where we come from, more pieces of the puzzle will fall into place and people will break out of the trams.

We have it according to conventional wisdom that our history began roughly about 3800 BC in Sumeria and before that there was nothing but hairy barbarians. There are a couple of ways of looking at this, one is that this earth is a star seed: a star seed that has a history of at least 500 million years of civilizations that have been super advanced, well beyond where we are today. Star seed meaning beings that have come from who knows where from all over the cosmos, connecting with other beings forming new life forms. Here again they have gone through five stages of consciousness and at the appropriate stage they leave leaving no trace behind them. All of that is part of our history so there is much more than just 6000 years and certainly more than 6000 years with regard to our past too because not only was there the continent of Atlantis that was around for roughly about 65 to 75 000 years and prior to that the continent of Lemuria that was around for roughly the same length of time and in addition to that we were on a much higher level of awareness, literally on a different dimensional level at those times. These things are in process of being revealed to us right now and in fact have. If you begin to accept just 10% of what we are talking about then you begin to realise the possibility that there is much more going on, much more to our history, much more than just this level of awareness. There are different worlds, they are all right here.

What are the roles of ET specifically greys?

What we have been told is that there is no life out there, we are all that is, what a bunch of malarchy. My sense is that every planet in this universe is inhabited on some dimensional level. This is one of the real keys. If you look at the third dimensional level of Venus you are probably not going to find anything there as it is 800 or 900 degrees and who can live on that? But, if you click up a few overtones into the fourth dimension and get into about the 10th 11th or 12th overtone of the fourth dimension you are going to find that Venus is alive and doing very well. Venus is populated by a race of beings known as the Hathors. These are fourth dimensional beings, they are a very conscious race of beings and they are literally our neighbours. That is just one example. The universe is teeming with different life forms.
The greys are just one of virtually an infinite number of different life forms. They have played a significant role in our history meaning that they have been here for some time with complete permission. They have been experimenting on human beings. The purpose for the experimentation was to create a new race of beings. There are certain changes that a race of beings like the greys are not able to make with regards to this dimensional shift and everything that is coming up. The greys are a dying race and they know it. They are operating almost 100% on their left brain, meaning that they understand the reality but they have no emotional body, they have no feelings, they have no love, they have no fear, they have no compassion and the times that we are in require that we have both sides of the brain open and functioning and furthermore functioning in harmony and in unity. It doesn’t matter how well you understand logically what is going on, if you cannot feel your way through these changes you are not going to make it through. For that reason the greys were given permission to come here and take a part of us, basically the part of us that is able to intuit that is able to feel and that is able to experience the reality and combine that with the left brain understanding that they have and create a new race and the intention is that this new race is able to make it through these changes.

Are they under orders from someone else? Who has given them these parameters?

You have to go back to Atlantis to get a sense of how and why they were given permission to perform these experiments. Back about 65 000 years ago in Atlantis a small group of Martians with another totally left brain culture came in and first tried to take over the earth and as they were not able to do that they decided they would try and coexist with us. The point is that there is an ancestral relationship between this group of Martians and the greys. In other words we all have some Martian (i.e grey) blood in us and for this reason the greys were given permission from higher life forms and come here and experiment on this planet.

How advanced is their technology?

Their technology is either very advanced or very primitive depending on how you look at it. They have got the technology of the UFO down and have for a long long time. This enables them to travel through time and through space and through dimensional worlds and they have got much more technology than that too, but not so advanced when you consider that the most advanced life forms are able to do these things without the hard core machinery if you will. The greys are operating only off of their left brain, and so they understand the reality and they also understand you can create a UFO using only technology and it is something you can get in and fly through the dimensions and through time and space but what they don’t understand is that it can also be created when you have got both sides of the brain working in harmony; in other words if you can create a living energy field it will do anything and everything a UFO can do and you don’t need anything outside of yourself. That’s what most advanced life forms are doing, archangel Michael being an example of this. If you have a living energy field, it is called a merkaba by the way, you can travel through time through space and through dimensional worlds and you can do a lot more than that. The greys can’t do that so they have done the best that they can and created this through technology.

Are they in cooperation with the government?

They made contact with the secret government sometime in the early 20th C. Allegedly in 1954 they met with president Eisenhower and signed a secret agreement and the agreement there was an exchange of technology in return for the right to experiment on our planet for the purpose of cloning this new race. The plot thickens from there.

What is holding this back, is there somebody helping us out?

Absolutely. The vast majority of beings out there if you are looking at a light versus dark kind of thing, are of the light and they are rooting us on. They know what happens here is going to have a direct impact on them too. It was Thoth that said “as above so below.” There is no separation, so this is kind of like a laboratory that in some way is not only going to affect them but have a direct impact on all life everywhere. They are doing what they can. I don’t see any need for cause or concern or alarm. I think things are playing out and they are playing out in an extremely positive way.

How can we work with the merkaba energy field?

One of the most important things I have found is the importance of emotional healing. In Egypt they felt it important enough to spend 12 years, spending a year at each of the major temples along the Nile, getting exactly what emotional healing was about, literally learning to move through your fears and limitations and step into the experience of the higher vibratory rate that is your true nature. Until or unless you have taken steps in that direction you can only go so far, because in the absence of doing the necessary work your own stuff is going to come up and grab you. We are in extremely accelerated times and it is stirring up the unfinished business in each and every individual on the planet. The most important thing I see is learning to catch the ride, learning the rules of the game and learning to align with it in a way that allows you to move through your fears and limitations and step into a much greater experience of harmony and oneness with all that is and that is essentially what emotional healing is all about.

A lot of this goes back to the flower of life symbolism, working with hexagonal patterns and all this. There seems to be a level of knowledge and tradition of this that has been kept throughout history.

Here again the knowledge of the mystery schools is something that is there. We are in the process of uncovering it. You mentioned the flower of life, a symbol that everybody is familiar with: where you have these 19 perfectly interwoven circles and another two circles through-outing the whole thing. If you want to put everything that is known in this created universe into an encyclopaedia you would look no further than the flower of life because when you truly begin to understand sacred geometry you begin to realise that the statement that Thoth made is absolutely true, when he said everything in this created reality, all the laws of physics, all biological life forms down to the very colour in your eyes is contained in that image. And it is an image that is known everywhere throughout the cosmos and can be used to talk about anything. The secret of the great pyramid, the secret of the ancients, the secret of the cosmos is all in front of us, all before us. Fundamental to begin to make these distinctions is beginning to take the step out of the separation and into the unity, the integrated perspective, into the greater picture and in so doing you begin to experientially discover your true nature and the knowledge of the pyramid and the knowledge of the flower of life etc can begin to take on true meaning.

The symbol of the merkaba is two interlocked pyramids, our upper body is a down pointing triangle and our lower body is an up pointing triangle and if you superimpose them overreach other in a here dimensional pattern you get different variations of the symbol as well, one of them being the star of David pattern. This shows potentially the knowledge of the Merkaba through ancient tradition and history.

The geometrical image is known as a star tetrahedron and in two dimensions it is called the star of David. A star tetrahedron is two perfectly interlocked tetrahedrons. You have got one pointing up which is male in nature and one pointing down which is female in nature. You have got male and female energy represented in this energy field in perfect harmony. This field exists not only around our bodies in electromagnetic form, but basically around everything and anything. You go down to atomic structure you are going to find the star tetrahedral field around everything and everything else.

Not only do we have one but we have three of these fields around our body. Of course in a dormant state it would look like there is just one of them. There are energy fields nested over one another taking the form of all geometrical shapes and essentially the form of Platonic solids extending a full 50 to 60 feet around the body. The super highway towards understanding what this living merkaba field is all about is about the start tetrahedral field because that is the field that goes right to it.

Merkaba is 3 words and if you break it down, Mer refers to light, but not just any kind of light, counter rotating fields of light. Ka refers to spirit and Ba means body or reality. What you are talking about then is counter rotating fields of light that take both spirit and body with it. In other words ultimately it is a vehicle of ascension enabling you to turn your body into a ball of light to leave this world and to reappear into whatever dimensional world you have tuned to. Obviously there is a significant degree of consciousness and awareness that needs to go with that.

The human body is ultimately the best tool we have of human ascension.

Yes it is a matter of going down the path and learning who you are. This is a remembering process. The how to do of all of this is contained in your DNA. We already know this. It is just that we fell 13 000 years ago and our memories were erased and we have basically forgotten everything starting back at square one again. The times at this point in this 26 000 year cycle are changing rapidly. This awakening is not illusory it is really happening. The Merkaba in remembering it is fundamental to who you are and at the appropriate moment it will be used as a vehicle of ascension.

If this is an interface of both our physical body and our spiritual body, how important is it to keep your body healthy?

Very important. It is the merging of the emotional, the physical and the mental body. When we talk about counter rotating fields it is actually the mental body moving to the left and the emotional body rotating to the right, these are the counter rotating fields and the physical body is staying put.

Keeping your physical body in as clean and pristine shape as you can is fundamentally important as you cannot really feel your spiritual essence unless you are feeling good. I have learned the practice of some of the immortal masters on the planet. On one hand it is pretty simple stuff and on the other hand it just works. One of the common denominators is the conscious interaction with the elements earth, air, water and fire. Part of earth purification is not only being in harmony in oneness with mother earth but that fundamentally includes keeping your body in shape. It includes diet and exercise.

What is the grid?

What I mean is an energy field that for every species on the planet or doesn’t matter if you are a mouse, a mosquito a cat or a dog, there is a corresponding electro magnetic energy field that encircles the entire globe. If it wasn’t there you wouldn’t be here. This electro magnetic energy field is based on geometry. There are very specific geometric shapes to it. It is about 60 miles above the planet and it encircles the entire globe. We talked earlier about the different levels of consciousness. There is a grid for the second level of consciousness, the level that we are on right now and there is also since February 4th 1989 the grid for the third level of consciousness and that is what is enabling us to move not only into the 4th dimension but also from the 2nd into this 3rd, this high level of unity consciousness. If it wasn’t there we could not make it through these changes.

Was 1989 the convergence event?

The harmonic convergence took place in 1987 but the completion of this grid for the third level of consciousness is something that actually began about 13200 years ago. One of the initial steps in synthetically creating this grid was the creation of the pyramids on the Giza plateau. Thoth says he built the great pyramid.

16000 years ago in Atlantis we violated galactic law. We did something we weren’t supposed to do. It almost killed the earth and the ascended masters saved the earth but did not completely heal it. They had to ask for help from higher life forms in order to really know how to proceed. The blueprint for the ultimate healing of mother earth that was given to them was to create the grid that would enable us to move into this higher level of unity consciousness. We were on the first level at the time. The higher level of unity was on the third level of consciousness. They were given a plan that enabled them synthetically to create this grid that would enable us to go from the first to the third level of consciousness. It took 13200 years to create. It was completed in February of 1989. It took about 20 years of fine tuning and in January of 2008 the grid was literally born. It became alive as a living energy field. That is the vehicle that is enabling us to move not only to the fourth dimension but also into the third level of consciousness and here again we go back into the early days of Egypt when Thoth introduced writing. The very necessary act that threw us out of the first level and into the second level as an intermediate stepping stone to get us from the first to the third level. You can’t go from the first to the second level without passing through the second but you can’t stay on the second because you are going to destroy your world. So we have to get on it and off it as quickly as we can.

There is a grid of megalithic sites on this planet built on a grid of these node points.

Yes, the 83 000 sacred sites all of which were first constructed on the 4th dimensional level and then subsequently recreated on the third dimensional level. The Mayans all of a sudden got this urge, this inner resonance that they had to do what they did to build Chichin Itza where and when and all the rest of it. And 83 000 other sites were similarly re-created on a third dimensional level. They all existed already on the 4th dimensional level. The recreation of these 83 000 sacred sites is consciously manipulated energy on the surface of the earth all of which had the impact of creating this energy field 60 miles above the earth and it took 13 000 years to do it.

Is this anything to do with the grid to lock us in and keep us in a bubble state, a quarantine happening on the planet?

They have tried and by they I mean the powers that be. Ultimately there is nothing they can do about this. Mother earth has made a conscious decision to move into the higher overtones in the fourth dimension. This is a said and done deal and is in the process of playing itself out right now. The quarantine aspect that I see is that for the past 13 000 years at a cosmic level we have been a jail. That is the quarantine. We have been kept from our cosmic brothers and sisters and all of that is about to change when we make the shift into the fourth dimension. The veils will be lifted and we will be reunited with the rest of life out there. These are exciting times.

This is a good time to wrap thing up? Tell us about your website?

Go to my website and all my books and CD’s and DVD’s are up there and also my two workshops both of which are three day weekend workshops.

Michael Cremo

If you are regular listeners you know we talk a lot about human origins, ancient civilizations and archaeology on this programme. I don’t think there is anymore upsetting or controversial work to the mainstream archaeological world than the work of Michael Cremo is the author of the monumental work, ‘Forbidden archaeology, the hidden history of the human race.’ We did a programme with Michael in 2007 on the subject and it has been a long time since we got an update from him with regards to his research and work. He is currently working on a new book on the subject and there is a new release, a compilation of articles. His websites are, and Michael is also the author of Human devolution: a title on the theory that we are devolving and not evolving. To me see this seems more and more likely for the direction we are currently heading in. What is human devolution?

I use the word devolution in several senses. The main sense I use it in the book ‘Human devolution, a vedic alternative to Darwins theory,’ is we don’t evolve up from matter, rather we devolve or come down from a level of pure consciousness or spirit. That is one sense that I use the word.

Another sense I use the word is in terms of reincarnation. The conscious self in this level of reality inhabits a material vehicle you can call a body; but only temporarily. The human vehicle for example lasts only a certain number of years then it breaks down and at that point the conscious self would either go back to the level of pure consciousness where there is no need for any such vehicles and if it hasn’t got to that level yet it will continue on in another vehicle which may be a human vehicle, but if we haven’t used the human vehicle properly, it could be another type of vehicle, an animal vehicle for example. It is just like any vehicle; you require a licence to operate it. For example if you want to drive an automobile you need an automobile licence. If you want to fly an aeroplane you need a pilots’ licence. If you want to be a ships’ captain you need a ships captains’ licence. To operate a particular vehicle, one requires a particular licence. So, if you don’t have a licence to operate a human vehicle then that means you will be put in another type of vehicle. That is another type of evolution or devolution. One can make progress in the cycle of reincarnation, going from lower forms of vehicles to higher forms of vehicles or from lower forms of bodies to higher forms of bodies or one can go back in the other direction, devolution in that sense. One can lose the right to occupy a human body and be placed in another kind of body that is more suited to the types of desires the conscious self has.

Who is overseeing that process?

I think there is a source for all conscious beings that is carrying on this process. There is a cosmic government that is responsible for these things. In our human societies we see that certain people are responsible for carrying out different processes. Same thing is going on in the whole cosmic hierarchy of beings in which we are a part. We are not alone in the universe. There are other beings in the universe. Even mainstream scientists, like Hawking, the famous astro physicist who is in a wheelchair from a disabling disease, has recently said, ‘Yes there is extra terrestrial life’. We are not just alone in the universe we are part of a whole cosmic society and in any society there is some system of governance. I think it works like that.

The other sense I use the word devolution is in terms of the on-going cycles of time. A lot of my work is inspired by my studies of the ancient Sanskrit writings of India in which there is a cyclical concept of time. Time doesn’t just go linearly, it goes in cycles. This is a very common idea in many of the ancient wisdom traditions. Many people are talking about the Mayan calendar for example which has also this same concept of vast cycles of time. They believe that in the year 2012 it is going to be the end of one of the cycles and the beginning of another cycle. Ancient Greeks and Romans and all types of people throughout history had the idea of time going in vast cycles so that is there in the ancient Sanskrit writings as well. These cycles go in a certain sequence. They are called Yuga’s. Yuga is one of the Sanskrit terms for repeating cycles and ages. There are basically four of them and they start out with the golden age in which everything on earth is very environmentally perfect, people are able to live very simply and naturally without complex social structures and cities. As cycles go on things become progressively more materialistic and there are more elements such as conflict and competition, greed, exploitation and domination until finally you get into the fourth age which is called the Kali Yuga in which these things exist in very extreme form and according to the Vedic cosmological calendar we are now at the beginning of the Kali Yuga and we can see all the environmental disasters and natural disasters and human conflicts over material resources. We can see these things getting progressively more intense and that is going to go on until the end of the Kali Yuga when another golden age will start. That is another sense in which I use the word devolution. Progressively as time goes on things are going to keep deteriorating until finally in the course of cyclical time another golden age begins and the process repeats just as in each year in the temperate climates we get spring, summer, fall, winter and then again. We can’t stop seasonal changes, we can prepare ourselves. We can adjust. Just because winter is coming doesn’t mean we have to freeze to death. You can prepare yourself for it. Those are the three different sense in which I use the word Devolution in the sense that we have devolved or come down from a higher level in the cosmos. We have been put in this material level of reality where we have to function through this material vehicle that we call bodies, but ultimately we are from an entirely different level of reality.

This has been popularised by films like the Matrix series and recently in the Avatar film where you have somebody’s consciousness being projected into a body that exists on another planet and he functions on that planet through that body. Basically in terms of what I am presenting is that: we are all pretty much in that situation. For all of us our consciousness has been projected down onto this planet into a material body which we have to function in on this level of reality. Ultimately as conscious beings we have some existence on some higher level.

In Avatar we see this being used as a form of a technology. They are using advanced technology to place this person into the body of someone else. Is this a literal computer game or a spiritual mechanism at play?

Yes, I would call it a spiritual technology but there are material elements to it in this sense. Say as human beings we are normally meant to live on the land. If we want to live in the water, then we would need special vehicles that would allow us to function in the alien element of water. You will need a diving suit or submarine. Where do those diving suits and submarines come from? They come from engineers who understand that if human beings are going to exist under water they need special vehicles that allow them to do that so they design and build these vehicles that we can then use to function in the water.

I would say, similarly there are higher intelligences in the cosmos that understand that human beings are ultimately beings of pure consciousness and to function in the world of matter, they need vehicles that will allow them to do that; so they design and build them. What makes these machines different to a submarine or diving suit is that once these machines are produced they can go on to produce other machines by different sexual and asexual processes; they are very complex machines. There is a spiritual element to it. Say we want to get into a submarine, we go down to the dock and get into the submarine, but how does the conscious-self get into the body? That is not something we do ourselves. That is where the spiritual element comes into it; how the conscious-self is projected down into this level of reality. There is a material element to it as we can see our bodies are vehicles made of material elements; calcium, phosphorous, all these elements that are there, but the consciousness is not made of any of those elements.

This is where a big debate will come in. Some people especially scientists think that if you organise matter in an efficiently complex way in the brain it produces consciousness. Only in connection with the brain, only in connection with matter and when you disorganise matter then there is no more consciousness. In that picture of reality it is matter that is primary. What we call consciousness is only a temporary by product of extremely complex organisations of matter and it only occurs when those extremely complex organisations are there otherwise there is no consciousness. If I am existing as a conscious being now, at the time of death when the chemicals in my brain are disorganised there is no more consciousness. Under that picture of reality, it is mater that is primary and the domination, control and exploitation of matter is the main purpose. People in our modern human civilization are organised for that, for producing and consuming more and more material things. And not for the benefit of all. According to the current scientific theories we are not only just machines made of matter. We are machines made of matter in competition with each other for survival. Under the influence of these ideas we see in our human civilization today, very intense levels of competition among individuals, races, classes, nations and even among religions with these very intense levels of competition for control and domination and exploitation of resources of matter. This results in environmental destruction that we see going on for example our human civilization the way it is organised now requires huge amounts of oil. The big corporations are trying to extract as much oil as they can from the earth. It is so important that they do that they are prepared to risk environmental destruction in the search for ever increasing supplies of oil. Therefore we get catastrophes like we see happening in the Gulf of Mexico. It will happen in other places as well. This intense focus of what we see on material consumption and production is what underlies all of these environmental catastrophes that the world is suffering from. It also underlies the intense levels of conflict that we see on all levels of human civilization. We are taught in our education systems that we are just machines made of matter. Not only that we are in competition with one another for survival. This is the Darwinian theory of evolution which is taught in all the official education systems all over the world. It is not just a scientific theory. It is a theory that is meant to keep people focused on material production and consumption, and that generates a lot of wealth that flows into the pockets of different people. It flows into the pockets of scientists who invent weapons of mass destruction, all kinds of pharmaceuticals and things like that. Money flows into the pockets of the corporations that build the weapons, manufacture the pharmaceuticals and consumer products and it flows into the pockets of the governments that are taxing all of this and we ourselves are also complicit in this. We are buying the stuff, we are working in the factories that produce it.

We are allowing it to happen.

We are all tied up in this. Therefore, we have to pay the price for it in terms of being caught up in all these competitive things. The cause of the huge financial crisis is that everybody is out competing for as much control and domination of material resources and some of them are winning and some of them are losing and in that conflict people are going to suffer. There are people who because of their influence and power and greed are going to try and suck more out of the system that they are due, and those who are in a position of not being able to resist that are going to suffer for it, but they are also going to fight back and therefore you get all these struggles between nations, among individuals and among different classes in societies. The bankers, the financiers, the workers, the governments and the people; it is a system that has built into it environmental destruction and conflict.

This competition based system is because of the current Yuga cycle. Is this meant to be like this as well? Is this for a reason?

In one sense it is meant to be like that, in the sense that every year the seasons change and as you go into winter, colder weather is going to come but that doesn’t mean we have to get cold and die. You can keep yourself warm. You can arrange to keep other people warm. You can find a way to survive even if the climatic conditions are getting a little bit worse. What happened is we increased the danger to human civilization by our own action.

For example if we had in our public education systems, the idea that we were not just machines made of matter in competition with each other for survival; but we are all beings of pure consciousness who have all come from the same source, we are all related to each other, we are all part of the same spiritual family. This would have the effect of lessening very intense levels of conflict that we see in the world today which are based on seeing ourselves as different, I am this nationality, this religion, you are this class: all that comes from the kinds of ideas that are being promoted in our education system. It is partly due to the age that these things go on. It can be resisted. If it is going to rain it doesn’t mean you have to get wet. It is going to rain but you can protect yourself and organise things in such a way as to reduce the bad effects. We are not doing that we are just making things worse and a lot of this starts with our sense of identity.

If I think I am an American man, I am going to behave like an American man in competition with others. If I think I am a being of pure consciousness, we are all beings of pure consciousness, we are all coming from the same source, I am not going to be in that competitive mood, I am going to be in a more cooperative mood understanding we are all in this together, we are all from the same source, we are all essentially the same nature, lets solve the problem and not just fight for our particular group in competition with other groups which is the way that our society works today. The reason it is like that is because of the sense of identity that we get. Through the monopoly they have in the education systems in the world today the materialistic scientists are able to dictate to people the answers to the fundamental questions. Who am I? Where do I come from? Their answers are quite materialistic, that you are just an evolved ape or a survival machine made of matter in competition with other survival machines and that is the way things are. If people think like, that that is going to influence the goals that you set for yourself individually, and it will affect the goals that society will set for themselves and what you get is the world you see today, the environmental destruction, the wars, the economic crisis’.

Fortunately there are some people who are resisting these things who don’t want to get caught up in this game of competition, domination, exploitation and control and who are more in favour of saying that we are all in this together and we need to cooperate with each other. The main purpose of life is not to produce and consume as many material things as possible. We should be developing the resource of consciousness and putting less of our energy into simply producing more and more material things. The more people that feel like that: the better this world is going to be, even though the cycle of ages is leading. Even if the tendency is like that you can do things to lessen the effects of the age.

How long is one age or one Yuga?

According to the traditional sources it began about 5000 years ago and will continue for another 427 000 years at which time another golden age will begin. That means we are just entering into the Kali Yuga and it is going to go on for a long long time.

It is always possible for any individual conscious self to get completely out of this level of reality where these cycles of time go on. You can transfer yourself. You can use the human vehicle for the actual purpose that it is intended for. You can use the human vehicle to transcend this level of reality, return to the level of pure consciousness which is timeless and beyond all of these cycles of time. If you don’t do that then you come back and you will experience the Kali Yuga get worse. There is some incentive to use the human vehicle to transcend this level of reality. Different wisdom systems have different systems of yoga and meditation and contemplation that are meant to help us do that, restore consciousness to its original pure state. That is within most wisdom traditions there are external aspects to it, external forms of religion and things like that. Within these traditions there are some more esoteric aspects which are not so much focused on the external forms of worship but more focused on the internal forms of consciousness, purification of consciousness, transcendence of matter and things like that. I am very much in favour of people exploring those kinds of systems of consciousness transformation that are there.

Say like a geologist can tell us how to extract the element of gold from its ore where it is mixed with other less valuable elements. Once you have extracted the gold you could form the gold into coins and stamp the symbols of different nations on the gold coins, but if it is really gold, it doesn’t matter what symbol you have stamped on it. Similarly there are systems by which one can extract the element of pure consciousness from our existence where this pure consciousness is now entangled with matter. If you are actually able to do that by one of these systems, it doesn’t matter what you call the system just as long as you have got the result where you see all other beings are of pure consciousness; where we are all coming from the same source and we are all part of the same family. If you are able to get to that result it doesn’t matter what you call the process. You can call it Islam, Christianity, Judaism or Hinduism or whatever, Australian Aboriginal consciousness, Native American consciousness or whatever.

Under the current system of education people are more or less discouraged from such things. If they are at all interested in spiritual life they are encouraged to identify with a religious system that is in conflict with other religious systems.

The whole picture of reality that I present in the book ‘Human Devolution’ is a consciousness based picture of reality. In the book I provide a scientific basis for thinking that the consciousness based picture of reality is the true picture of reality. That takes us into a lot of areas of paranormal science, investigation into what I would call the hidden history of physics that recognises the existence of different vital forces, a conscious self that can exist without matter and that takes you into medical studies and out of body experiences, psychiatric studies of past life memories, physicists who have investigated the paranormal, powers of the self like psycho-kinesis, mind over matter, remote viewing and things like that. When we take all of these things into account we wind up with a picture of reality that is consciousness based rather than matter based.

If we look at this current age from a mainstream scientific line we see ourselves as progressing in terms of technology. Out of those technological developments we get other qualities like communication over the internet. How would you look at the technological progression?

I think a lot of our technology in the Kali Yuga is an attempt to duplicate abilities that people had naturally in previous cycles. The internet is the idea that you can instantaneously communicate with people in other places. If you go back to these previous ages you will see that people had higher levels of consciousness and were able to use those higher levels of consciousness to communicate with each other without technology. A lot of our technological abilities; people once had naturally, they naturally had the abilities to communicate with each other telepathically. They naturally had the ability to see things that were happening remotely. Even though it is Kali Yuga there are still some people today who have these remote viewing abilities. One way to do remote viewing of course is to go on Skype with your webcam and now there are phones with video cams and you can do it in your phone. In previous ages people had the ability to do that naturally and some people still have these remote viewing capabilities.

Once I was speaking at a conference in Montreal, an alternative science conference and one of the speakers there was Steven Schwartz. Steven Schwartz was one of the researchers who was part of a remote viewing programme that the US military and intelligence agencies were operating in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The documents have come out showing that in the 1970’s and 1980’s the US government military intelligence agencies were using remote viewing to see what was going on the former Soviet Union. There were a lot of things they couldn’t see with their satellites, for example on one occasion they noticed in a Russian port city there was this huge building being constructed a few miles from the shore. From the satellite they could see the buildings being constructed but they couldn’t see what was being built inside the building so they had remote viewers look and see what was going on inside the building and they said they are building a huge missile carrying submarine. The government said that can’t be true because the building is several miles from the coast, how are they going to get this huge big submarine from the building to the coast. The remote viewers looked at the plans and said in a year when they have built the submarine they would have built a canal from this building to the shore and they are going to launch the submarine that way. And later satellite pictures showed that that was true.

The point is that some people are still are able to manifest a lot of these powers that we are trying to duplicate with our technology. The technology is tied into material consumption and production which means you have to pay for it. There are profit considerations and there is competition amongst the different companies, and the governments want to control what is going in in the internet, so you are getting the technology but you are also getting all the people who want to exploit it for different purposes, so you are getting the viruses, the scams, the spam and there is a price to pay for it.

This parapsychology aspect in terms of remote viewing it is interesting that it is being used by an institution that is on the cusp of materialism, the military.

Whether we are talking about the paranormal technologies or the material technologies, they can be used for good and evil. It depends on the consciousness of the people involved. The internet can provide a way of breaking down a lot of these barriers. Those same technologies can be exploited in such a way as to increase these things. There is a lot of debate about who is going to control the web and different nations are now starting to control it and to block sites. There are other people trying to use it for their own purposes. What is really important is not the technology but the consciousness of the people that are using it. I always go back to the consciousness aspect. The focus on technology is the result of certain decisions that were made 4 or 5 centuries ago in Europe. If you go back to Western Europe 4 or 5 centuries ago, they had a picture of reality that was very much like the picture of reality that I was talking about that involved consciousness and the idea that there were intelligent beings all over the cosmos. We live in a multi-levelled cosmos that is inhabited by different sorts of beings adapted to the features of existence at all these different levels. These were common ideas in Western Europe. Around that time a certain group of scientists got together and decided that we have to focus on matter, matter that we can control in our experiments and get predictable, reproducible results, ‘we can’t be dealing with all these alchemical stuff and spiritual stuff that requires a whole different mind set’. They wanted to focus on matter. It was very productive in a sense as they learnt how to control matter in interesting ways and that is the source of all our technologies, but by leaving out these other aspects of reality, and by marginalising these other aspects of reality, they did get a huge benefit in terms of technology but we can see that there is a downside to that because with the technologies have also come the wars, the economic crisis, the environmental destruction, the intense levels of conflict that we see in the world today and the increasing levels of unhappiness that we see in people all over the world. They are very disappointed with the lives that they have been given. Yes, they worked very hard but then they find their pensions disappear, their jobs disappear. It becomes a very frustrating situation. Because we marginalised these other aspects of reality, there is a cost. I think it is a question of balance. If you are eating too much of the wrong kinds of food it is going to be bad for your health, you are not going to feel as full of energy as you should and you are going to suffer for different reasons. The solution isn’t to stop eating. The solution is to eat the right amounts of the right kinds of food. That means cutting down the amount of food you are eating and be selective on the types of food you are eating. In terms of the technology it is not a question of eliminating the technology, it is having the right kinds of technology. What we should be using our technology for is to find ways to produce the material necessities of life in the most natural efficient way possible. That means not trying to get people to buy as much as possible, but what they actually need to live in the world in a nice way. I think technology could be part of the solution. I think a lot of people in the technology industries and the IT industries are actually trying to do that. They are working in a system that demands that the produce in such a way that they survive in the intense levels of competition that there are in the economic world today. They wind up over producing, over consuming.

A lot of the technological developments are being run by defence budgets.

The computer game industry is now bigger than Hollywood. The technology for those games was invented for war gaming purposes. Say the militaries are going to have a tank battle; you have 1000 tanks fighting 1000 tanks and there are a number of ways to do that. You can put 2000 tanks in the desert or you can do it virtually where you have individual operators in their individual virtual tanks fighting on a virtual battle field. That is where the computer game industry comes from. They used to talk about the military industrial complex. Now there is the military entertainment complex. The companies that developed those war gaming virtual reality systems for the militaries were licenced to spend them off as consumer games.

And they can analyse stats and data, even in games that are being played online to predict the combat outcomes.

We are in a virtual reality situation just like the person who is playing a role in a computer game has a reality apart from that. We also do that but we have sort of forgotten it. The idea I am trying to get across in my book Human Devolution is that we are beings of pure consciousness that have devolved or been projected down into this level of reality where we function in these vehicles into which our consciousness has been projected.

Now of course they have some games that are cooperative games. They are not as popular as the competitive games where you try and kill your opponents. Is that true?

I think that would be true. ‘Chew them up,’ they call it.

Or competitive zero sum games. We have an existence apart from that. The main purpose of human life is the elevation of consciousness.

You mentioned you had a booklet with a collection of some of your articles, a crash course into the ideas and theories around Forbidden Archaeology.

The first stop for anyone wanting to know about my work and books would be my personal website If anyone goes there they can see my travel schedule and there is an opportunity to purchase books and there is a museum of Forbidden Archaeology. My books are available on hundreds of websites all over the world.

Considering your work on Forbidden Archaeology you have been tracing evidence of intelligence on this planet millions of years ago. There is a thesis that human beings have been created in one form or another either by genetic manipulation or by cross breeding. Do you think that that could have been done in order to facilitate our spirits, to make a possible vehicle for the spirits to enter into. There was something going on in the universe and this was chosen as a spot for these spirits to incarnate here in order to deal with the experience.

In my book Forbidden Archaeology I presented a lot of archaeological evidence for extreme human antiquity. According to mainstream archaeology the human species came into existence only about 150 000 years ago. Before that they say there were no human beings like us, there were only more primitive ape like human ancestors, like Neanderthals and Homo Erectus and Australopithecus. They believe these first ape creatures came into existence 6 million years ago and before that there were only primitive apes and monkeys that they believe came into existence about 50 M years ago. Before that there were no apes or monkeys primitive mammals running around the dinosaurs and before that there were just amphibians and before that fish in the water and before that single celled creatures in the water and before that there were just chemicals. According to the current theories it is very much an earth based theory and a matter based theory. They believe that about 3 B years ago chemicals started combining together in the earths] oceans to produce the first self-reproducing types of organisms and then gradually some of those single celled organisms became multi celled organisms, in other words they started clumping together in certain ways and some of them became fish ultimately and then some of those fish crawled onto land and became amphibians and some of the amphibians became reptiles and some of the reptiles became mammals, some of the mammals became apes and monkeys, some of the apes and monkeys became ape men and finally about 150 000 years ago some of the ape men became human beings. As it is presented in the mainstream education systems it is a purely materialistic process. It is all just matter based. We are all just combinations of chemicals.

In my book Forbidden Archaeology I presented a lot of archaeological evidence that contradicts that idea that humans like us appeared fairly recently on this planet. There is evidence in the form of human bones, human artefacts and human footprints going back 10’s of millions of years 100’s of millions of years all the way back to the very beginning of the history of life on earth which means that human beings have always been present here.

If that is true it means we need new theories of human origin. People asked me, okay you have got all this archaeological evidence that contradicts present theories on human origins, ‘Where do you think human beings came from?’ My answer to that question was the book ‘Human Devolution’. In that book I propose that before we even ask the question where do human beings come from we should first of all ask the question what is a human being? Many scientists will say that a human being or any other living thing is simply a combination of the material elements, calcium, phosphorous, iron; we are simply a very complex organisation of these material elements. But, I propose that if we look carefully at all the evidence we are going that comes to us from science we are going to see that it is more logical to say that a human being is a combination of three things, ordinary matter and beyond that is a subtle mind element with some very unusual powers like remote viewing, telepathy, psycho-kinesis, mind over matter abilities and beyond that there is a conscious self that can exist completely apart from matter and from mind even. There is a lot of scientific evidence for that and when I speak of mind and consciousness I don’t mean temporary bi-products of bio-electrical activity in the brain, I mean real substances with their own independent existences. That means if we are going to talk about human origins we can’t just talk about how chemicals came together, we have to decide where this conscious-self come from? And this leads to the idea that; we live in a multileveled cosmos where you have got one level dominated by pure consciousness and another level dominated by the subtle mental energies and another level dominated by ordinary matter. What I am proposing is that our consciousness comes from that level of pure consciousness. The ruling principle of that level of pure consciousness is love. If a conscious self becomes selfish, it tries to dominate, control and exploit other conscious selves it can no longer exist on that level of harmony and pure consciousness there has to be some other place for it to act out its greed, its selfishness, its competitiveness and this material level of reality is that place. But, it requires a vehicle in which to function on this level of reality, so, such vehicles are provided in the form of bodies and the conscious self is projected into one of those bodies made of matter and that is where the human forms come from. Not just human forms but all forms of life are vehicles for conscious selves. According to ones level of consciousness one is placed in a particular vehicle, so the human form, the animal forms, the plant form, the bird form are all designed to allow conscious selves to experience reality in certain ways on this material level of reality which we now find ourselves and that’s where the forms come from. They didn’t just spontaneously arise from chemicals combining together in the earths’ early oceans’, nobody has really explained how that is supposed to happen anyway. They just say it happened, but I would say all of these forms are designed as vehicles for conscious selves to inhabit on this level of reality. It is just like say an automobile manufacturing company; and they have all kinds of vehicles, because they understand that different customers have different needs, different incomes and different tastes. Some customers want an off road vehicle, some customers want a truck, some customers want a fuel efficient vehicle. According to those needs, tastes and income levels the company comes out with a whole line of vehicles. Similarly the higher intelligences in the cosmos, understand the different needs and desires, different conscious selves want to express, on this level of competition, control and domination. In other words if the conscious selves want to play the game of material competition, they are going to need certain types of vehicles and the higher consciousness’s of the universe that designed this whole virtual reality system understand that and provide those vehicles. The human form is a vehicle for conscious selves that want to exist on this level of reality. They are provided for us, they don’t just spontaneously arise on this planet, they are there for a purpose and they were placed here for a purpose and they were placed here right at the beginning and there is archaeological evidence for that. That is the tie-in between the ideas that are there and Forbidden Archaeology which deals with the stones and the bones. The ideas that are presented in Human Devolution are more related to consciousness.

Is this planet a form of a prison. Are we in some way under a quarantine, safely tucked away on one of the arms of the galaxy and from the central experience of the galaxy?

There are many analogies and metaphors that we can use for our situation. Prison is one of them, quarantine is another, your own little vacation island is another or virtual reality system. There are a lot of metaphors we can use for the position we find ourselves in. If we want to use a prison metaphor, we can analyse what is the purpose of a prison? According to modern thinking a prison is a place where they try to reform and rehabilitate the prisoners and make them fit for existing in normal society. They are not seen necessarily as places of punishment as they were seen during the middle ages. The prison system is there to isolate people who are causing problems in normal society with a view of rehabilitating them so that they can go back into normal society, if they so desire. The quarantine is another good way of looking at that. There are a lot of metaphors and analogies we can use. We have a choice. A lot of times when a person goes into quarantine or prison they do things that result in them remaining there for longer than they were originally supposed to be there. You can do things in the prison or quarantine that will keep you there and you become more deeply involved in the affairs of the quarantine hospital or prison or camp or virtual reality system that you have entered, you can get more and more deeply absorbed in that or, you can make use of the opportunity to return to your original position and get released back into the normal society. That choice is always there for each individual to make.

If everybody is trying to go back to the original position and is trying to qualify themselves to do that then the affairs on that level of reality are going to be pretty good. But, if the majority of people are getting more and more deeply involved in the material competition, in the material greed, in the domination, exploitation and control then it is not going to be a very nice place.

And in a prison you get acquainted with criminals, they have a bad influence on each other which means we might end up staying there for longer and once we get out there are people who want to go back in. That is the only home they know. Like the Budddhist idea is your job to break out of the reincarnation cycle?

In terms of the cycle of reincarnation, the goal of the whole thing is to get out of the cycle of reincarnation and release from all that. In other words you graduate out of the school of reincarnation. Say you have a thousand students coming into a four year school and each year a thousand students are supposed to graduate. If all the students are graduating as they should then the population of the school will remain the same, but if people are not graduating and students are being held back an extra year, then the population of the school is going to increase. New students are coming in but the old ones are not graduating. It is a similar situation in the world today where there are conscious selves who should be graduating, who should be getting out of the whole cycle of reincarnation but they are being held back and new ones are coming in so the population increases on this planet.

Do you think that that could be a conspiracy, there could be other motives for human beings or even other beings to hold beings here in one place during one time?

I think that is in fact the case. Just like in a prison you could have the prisoners working at very low wages to produce things for profit while you keep them there. That happens in certain countries where the prisoners are used as a labour force. I think there are forces in the world today, economic, political, scientific forces that want to keep the conscious selves here producing and consuming more and more material things because they benefit from that in the prison world. If there are forces that are benefitting from the work of the prison economy, they may want to keep them there instead of letting them out and encouraging them to get out of the prison and go back to normal society. That is an unfortunate feature of the realities of the world today.

Are there human beings or malevolent beings out there who have an interest in controlling events?

I think there are both, ultimately however I think the power at the highest level are good but there are other powers that are trying to distract us from that and it is up to each individual to make the choice. The more that they choose the path of light, the lighter it is going to be and the more they choose the path of darkness the darker it is going to be. Those kinds of choices are always there. Ultimately you can ask why the powers of good would allow that and that is because love can’t be forced. It is not that the powers of light are going to force people to make those decisions that would lead them on the path of light: it has to be something that you freely do which means that it is a choice you have to make and it has to be a real choice.

There are certain countries under old regimes would say yes our people are free but if they ever tried to leave the country they couldn’t get a visa, they couldn’t get a permit or a passport to leave the country, so, they weren’t really free, they were forced to stay. Ultimately in terms of our situation as beings of pure consciousness we are not in that position, we have the freedom to choose what path we are going to take and it is a real choice we just have to live with the results and the choices we make. But, the opportunity to go on that path of light is always there; there is a lot of propaganda against it in this world today. Those of us who are trying to make the kinds of decisions that lead to the path of light are going to have to struggle a little bit, especially in the age of Kali, that is the time when those who are more into trying to induce the conscious selves on the path of darkness are more prominent in society. These kinds of decisions are always there and the reason why they are there is because ultimately we can’t be forced to make the right choices: we have to make the right choices ourselves, individually and collectively.

Does the route of the problem come with the idea of where we come from that our origins are mysterious? If you cut people off from the understanding of what they are and where they come from maybe that is the reason why people don’t progress and graduate from the school of reincarnation.

The choices that we make and the goals that we set for ourselves are to a large extent determined by our sense of identity. If I think I am an American man that is how I will behave. If I think I am a Swedish woman I will behave like that. We tend to set our goals individually and collectively according to our sense of identity, so the questions who am I and where did I come from are extremely important. If you can control how people think about who I am and where I came from you are in effect in control of their actions and the goals that they set for themselves individually and collectively. In most countries in the world today, materialistic scientists who believe that ultimately we are simply material beings have been able to dictate to the vast majority of people on this planet the answers to these fundamental questions. They have a monopoly in the education systems. Like the council of Europe two years ago passed a resolution on behalf of European scientists saying that no alternatives to the current Darwinian theory of evolution, which is very materialistic, should be presented in any of the education systems in any of the member states. This is also true in the United States. The supporters of the current theories of human origins which are very materialistic have a government forced monopoly in the education system. All other ideas are marginalised.

At least in the States you have had Creationism as a counterweight to the Darwinian point of view, we here in Europe have thrown that out of the window so we have nothing here to counterweight it.

I have been all over Europe and I have found that people do have some sense of the kinds of alternatives I am talking about but they have been marginalised. Even in America many people may privately believe in some kind of creationism but as far as the official system goes you can believe whatever you want but here is what you are going to learn in school, here is what the governments are going to base their decisions on. It is not real freedom of thought because in every area of institutional control, the Darwinian scientists have an absolute government enforced monopoly in the education systems, in the media and things like that. There are alternatives but they are marginalised. They are not the mainstream ideas which means they are not the mainstream ideas which means society has not been organised in terms of these ideas, society is being organised to the ideas that you are simply an evolved ape, therefore the goals of the whole society tend to be very materialistic in terms of production and consumption and control of our resources. The American government has just announced that Afghanistan has a trillion dollars worth of minerals, so that is what it is all about really.

Individually and in small groups people will make their own lives, but if we are talking about getting the maximum number of people out of this whole system, it can only be done if whole societies were organised in that way and that is not happening now. Whole societies are being organised on the basis of other principles which keep conscious selves on this level of reality entangled in that cycle of birth and death. The ultimate way of judging a government in my terms would be, how many of its citizens are getting out of the cycle of reincarnation? That would be the ultimate way of judging how effective the government is. And none of them are doing very well at it right now, either individually or collectively. People are talking about how people in different parts of the world are becoming very upset with their governments. In America there is a lot of worry about that, in Europe there is a lot of worry about that. I think governments do have a responsibility to see that they can provide people with the necessities of life in the most simple natural and efficient way possible. Beyond that I think they also have the duty to give the maximum number of their citizens the ability to get out of the cycle of birth and death on this level of reality. I think the first step would have to be some reform in the education system and getting alternatives of the kind I am talking about into the education systems. Without that we can continue on our own. We can talk on Red Ice. As individuals and as small groups we can try to structure our lives in the best way we can.

If people go the materialistic route instead of quenching their thirst for spiritual information and knowledge by seeking it themselves, they have themselves to blame. Laziness is not an excuse there is so much information out there and it is very easily accessible probably more than ever before in history.

Say you are living under some totalitarian dictatorship that is doing all kinds of terrible things then of course as an individual citizen you can resist you can opt out, but it would be much better if you had a good government that was actually helping you do the right things rather than forcing you to do the wrong things. Even if it is a bad government you can resist and you can try and do things better yourself. But, it would be much better if the government was a good government and was helping people do the right things.

In ‘Forbidden Archaeology’ your title of chapter 11, is ‘Something new out of Africa’, and that seems the case that we always have a new release of something. Not so long again there was a theory about a skeleton somewhere in South Africa near Johannesburg and they said that this was going to be the new missing link. For me this is not good enough.

I visited that place you are talking about, the cradle of humanity: it is actually a UN heritage site at a place called Sterkfontein in South Africa. It is interesting how they make propaganda for this materialistic conception of reality. There is something called sacred geography where people go to these pilgrimage places like the River Ganges and they actually get some experience of some higher reality and things like that and they have tried to make this Sterkfontein place something like that, the materialistic version of a sacred place. There is a lot of tourism that goes through there. They have a museum there and busloads of people go in and they are taken through the museum and then they are taken to the caves where the bones of various ape men were discovered. When you go into the museum which is a very important part of the whole experience in terms of controlling people’s consciousness, the first thing is a big picture of a human face saying ‘discover yourself, who are you, where do you come from?’ Of course everybody wants to know that. And then the first thing you see is this quote from this guy Richard Dwarkins, “You are a molecular survival machine programmed to pass on genes.” That’s what people are taught, you are a robot molecular survival machine. And that is the reason why big corporations sponsor these UN heritage sites like Sterkfontein as it helps get people into the mentality that “I am a robot survival machine!”

When were you there?

It was a couple of years ago, I was on a lecture tour to South Africa, my book Human Devolution had been published there. During the three days I thought I would look at some of the archaeological sites. I have been to South Africa a couple of times, I love the people but as with everywhere else the scientific institutions and education systems, these ideas that we were robots survival machine are very prominent.

What about the round sphere in South Africa? South Africa seems to be a hot spot for a lot of ancient sites.

There are ancient sites all over the world and in South Africa there are some of them. Those round spheres that I spoke about in my book Forbidden Archaeology: these are about one or two inches and 3 or 4 centre metres in diameter and they are made of haematite which is a naturally occurring type of iron and it is considered a semi-precious stone. The really interesting feature about these spherical objects is the parallel grooves that go around the centre. Some of them have one of these grooves, some two, some three. They are found in mineral deposits of over 2 billion years old. Once I was a consultant for a TV programme called the Mysterious Origins of Man and they included some of the cases from my book. They included some photographs of some of these spherical objects from South Africa. They actually come from a mine in an area called Outersdaal in the Western Transvaal region. Before they could be included in the film, the TV network said they had to be submitted to an independent company of metallurgists for analysis to make sure that they were genuine objects. The metallurgists said they could not explain how the grooves on the objects could have been formed naturally in the layers of the earth which means that they had to made by someone with human like intelligence.

There are interesting cases from every continent, actually I am not aware of anything from Antarctica yet. There are some reports that they have found things under the ice layers but I haven’t been able to confirm any of this yet. If you go onto the internet you sometimes see reports that archaeological discoveries have been made below the ice in Antarctica. There is the Piri Reiss maps from Medieval Europe that show the coastline of Antarctica as it exists underneath the ice which means the maps would have to been made when Antarctica was ice free which was millions of years ago.

There are even counter theories to that in terms of the ice ages that they would have potentially happened more rapidly and all the layers that we see are consequence of a number of downfalls during one year. The ice mage not have had to have been millions of years ago but maybe hundreds of thousands of years.

It is not something I have looked deeply into. I have to admit that is something I don’t know.

The point is there are a lot of things that are upside down in terms of our knowledge. One of the lessons to take with us is that all things need to be re-examined and looked at from a new point of view and re-questioned.

I think it is up to the education system to give people all the options and let them make up their minds. It would be very helpful if the education included in their presentations some of the alternatives. Let students make up their own minds about these questions.

What are some of the other exciting finds that you have made that is available?

What I am interested in is cases that show that human beings like us have existed for millions of years. I also like showing how this knowledge has been filtered out or misinterpreted by current mainstream scientists.

One example, in 1979 Mary Leakey found footprints in a place called Laetoli in the country of Tanzania in East Africa. There were dozens of these footprints. They were the tracks of three different individuals and they were found in layers of rock dated by the Potassium Argon method as being 3 million 700 000 years old. In her original report Mary Leakey said that the footprints were exactly like modern human footprints and other scientists agreed they were just like the footprints you or I would make when walking in the sand. But, these scientists like Mary Leakey did not believe that human beings like us made them, because according to their theories human beings like us did not exist almost 4M years ago in Africa or any other part of the world. What they proposed was that there must have been some kind of ape man who existed at that time who had feet exactly like modern human feet. That is an interesting idea but science has never discovered any such ape man. We have the skeletons of the ape men who existed at that time, called the Australopithecus and their foot structure is not like a modern human being, they have long toes and a big first toe that can go out to the side like a human thumb. You can move your thumb away from the other fingers. Their feet were like hands. The only creature known to science that has a foot exactly like a modern human being is a modern human being. So, she discovered evidence that human beings like us were walking around nearly 4 M years ago. That is one example for extreme human antiquity and also how scientists misinterpret it to fit their theory.

Another case that has always fascinated me is the California gold mine discoveries. In the 19th C gold was discovered in California and miners went there to get the gold and they were digging tunnels into the sides of mountains to get the gold and in the solid rock deep inside these tunnels they were finding human skeletons and human artefacts in layers of rock that modern scientists tells us are about 50 M years old. To have humans existing 50 M years ago is something that the mainstream scientists find very difficult to accept. These discoveries were originally reported to the scientific world by a prominent American scientist named JD Whitney. Mt Whitney is named after him and is one of the biggest mountains in America. He wrote a book about these discoveries that was published by Harvard University. We don’t hear about these discoveries today in the textbook because of a process of knowledge filtration that operates in the world of science. There was another scientist that lived at the same time as Dr Whitney, Dr William Holmes who worked at the Smithsonian institution in Washington DC and he said, ‘If Dr Whitney had understood the theory of human evolution, he wouldn’t have published that report.’ In other words if the facts did not support the theory of human evolution they should not have been reported, they should simply have been forgotten. Which happened. There are some artefacts from the California gold mines still in the collection at the museum of anthropology at the University of California at Berkley but if you went to the museum you would never see them because they are kept in a storage building several miles from the museum but I have seen them myself.

Imagine how much evidence has been lost through mining?

In the 19th C they were still doing mining by hand so when the miners would find something they were able to pick it up and then take it out and show it to a geologist and get some investigation going. These days the mining is done with these big crushing machines so I think you are right a lot of evidence is being crushed up and destroyed.

Keep up the great work Michael.

Okay Hendrik and keep up your great work too.

Penney Peirce speaks to Red Ice Radio about ‘The intuition age’ and Super Consciousness

Penny Pierce is the author of ‘The Intuitive Way’, and ‘Frequency, the power of personal vibration.’ We came across her new book Frequency by simply searching for that keyword. It can relate to many different things both spiritual and technical and organic. We have been interested in the Schumann resonance, the earth’s electromagnetic spectrum, what some people like to call the heartbeat of the earth. Is it increasing, is it not, is it affecting us, is it related to our own personal sensitivity about the unseen and our own personal frequency? Are things really changing from the point of frequency? We hear terms of higher vibration in connection to the new age. How can we get in touch with our intuition? These are some of the things we will get into today with our guest.

Please check out some of Penney Peirce’s websites: : :

You state on your website: “We are leaving the information age and entering the intuition age. Our perceptions are shifting and the rules of the way that lives are functioning, are changing. It is only by becoming skilful with intuition and mastering the art of working with the frequency principles that govern energy and awareness that you will be truly successful in our lightning fast new world.”

I don’t think too many people in the Western world would say things are slowing down at this point and I would like to ask you why you say these things are taking place? Is it because of the human world and our speed or is it something outside of the world that governs these changes?

There is something beyond our known world: It may be a cosmic event or something from the universe that is sending waves of energy toward us causing our planet and us to increase in vibratory rates. I don’t know the actual cause but I have had several dreams about it and in my dreams it has been about some sort of cosmic event, like rotations of planets or waves of things changing and flowing this way, toward us. I feel the whole planets vibration is increasing.

Since we are here in bodies and bodies are made out of physical matter, we are part of the planet. We are not separate at all from the process that is going on, on the planet, so everything is increasing its frequency and rate of vibration. They are measuring the Schumann resonance and it is increasing. Everything is going faster and faster and we are doing more things at the same time.

Is the increase in speed happening in human society because of the deeper change that is taking place from outside of our world?

Yes I do think so, but I don’t think it is outside of us. The raising of the vibration is also raising our consciousness which is allowing us to understand that everything is unified. We are all part of everything. Who started it the chicken or the egg? Is it outside of us, are we doing it, or what?

I had a dream once where I saw billions of higher beings that looked like clear balls of light gathering around the earth as though they were going to watch some kind of event that was going to happen because it was going to be so interesting. In my dream it was called ‘the gathering.’ The effect of so many of these high level beings coming to be present with the earth was also tending to raise the vibration of the earth. It acted like a bit of an aura around the planet which affected us telepathically. We here in the body started to feel those beings that were not in the body and were stretching up in vibration to try and connect with them or talk with them. And they were dropping down in vibration a little to resonate with us. That seemed to be affecting the process on the planet, and it was accelerating it. It may be a phenomenon partly caused by consciousness.

If the frequency increases that means the vibration of our body increases and the vibration of our emotions increase and the vibration of our mental processes increase so that we get closer and closer to the vibration of our spiritual truth, or our souls or the divine or whatever you would like to call that. It gives us the illusion that the spiritual realm is bleeding through into the physical realm.

The early signs of that were lots of UFO memories and siting’s and interest in all of that and angels, and all of those higher phenomenon where we started getting very curious about this unknown. The unseen realities are actually affecting us now.

Do you think it is a blending or merger of these planes taking place, it can be easily mistaken for stress in our society as things are speeding up. But that is a false version of it, isn’t it?

As the frequency in the physical body increases and the planet increases; that causes the body to vibrate at a higher level that is faster than the old subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind I think of as the place where we suppress all our fears. It is the place of denial. It is a low vibration. Fear is a very low vibration compared with joy or enthusiasm or love. That level of vibration is being surpassed now. It doesn’t have a place to hide. All of that negative stuff can’t stay suppressed any longer. The higher vibration is like heat with popcorn. When it is popping all those things start coming up to the surface into the conscious mind which is daily reality or current events. Suddenly we see all this stuff that used to be suppressed and hidden like sexual abuse, scandal in politics, reality TV and all the ugly stuff. That’s where the level of stress comes in because it is the first sign of the higher vibration.

In the book I have a nine step outline of the process of transformation. Each of these stages has a logic to it and how the clearing process occurs. The first level is when the negative stuff pops to the surface and we don’t want to see, unconsciously we try to ignore it, or suppress it, or run away from it or use fight or flight methods to handle it and we get crazy. Conflict increases, hatred increases, survival stuff comes up. People think they are going to die. All kind of drama and emotional things are flying all over the place. It is very confusing. It is easy to have that drama make you get more stressed.

What I am outlining with “Frequency” is this process of how to get through it easily with the least amount of distortion so that you can come right out of the other side of the tunnel and be in the high frequency without any interruption.

Is this the next step in the evolutionary process in terms of development, progress or the plan on how we develop?

Yes absolutely true.

I think we have involution where we come into the world, down in vibration and into form and then we have evolution where we go back into spirit. Then we come back into form and back out spirit. There is a rocking back and forth and there are little mini evolutions and involutions every moment where particles come out of the wave state and into particle form and back into waves. It is constantly happening. We as human beings are evolving over the long term to remember ourselves as spiritual beings. We are bringing the spiritual state into the physical plane.
We have been disconnected from that reality for a long time. We had a huge gap between that and now we have forgotten that. Now because the energies are increasing that gap is blurring. It is dissolving. And part of that is about our perception of time. All the people talk about the fact that they have a sense of time speeding up and this falls into younger peoples perceptions now where they feel a stress that there isn’t enough time.

Yes, the higher the frequency of the physical world and the emotional world and the mental world; is causing us to live more and more in the present moment. More things are coming into the present moment.It doesn’t take as long for things to go from thought to physical manifestation. You think it and then it happens to you right away. You gossip about somebody and it gets back to you right away, positive things and negative things. My perception is that the present moment is expanding to include the past and the future and other dimensions.

We are sitting here in the middle of a big ball and that is our moment, that is our now and that ball is expanding. It is encompassing more and more knowledge, more and more time, more and more space, and we don’t have to go outside ourselves anymore for anything. The future is not really out there. The future now, I think is more like the rings of an onion around us; but it is inside the ball. It is a potential level of our present moment reality. If you raise your frequency you would rise into the next layer and you will have that future or potential vision, right now. You will have it as soon as you raise your frequency. It does not have to be some long linear process. Cause and effect is not exactly the same as we have always believed it to be.

Would you say that the information age is an effect of this? We are building the library of Alexandria on the web. More and more stuff is being poured into the web, even old books and scriptures are being scanned, etc. It is almost an overload of information that can take place. How would you say intuition plays into this in terms of transition from the old age of information into a new age of intuition where we tap into the knowledge?

Before I answer that I would like to back up one step which is: we are coming out of the industrial age and I think that there is a whole process that we need to understand. The industrial age was very mechanical and slow. It was about the physical world and the body; it was about having and doing and making. That kept accelerating through that process until we created machines that were computers that could handle a lot of information and do a lot of things and that created the quantum leap into the information age where we went from body to mind.

We evolved out of a dense level into a less dense level. And that expanded even faster when the internet came a long and it is going faster as everything keeps spiralling. It is getting us to a point now where the linear mind; as we have been used to using it in a cause and effect way where we go from point a to point b, we cannot process this amount of information in the same way with that particular habit of brain thinking. The only way to understand things is to let go of that wilful processing and relax and open up where everything exists with us all at once: it is a field of knowledge.

In each moment everything that we need to know will come out of that field into our mind and we will know it and then it will go back into the field like on the shelf. The knowledge is on the shelf, when you want it, you take it down and you use it and you put it back. But, you don’t try to know everything all at once in a conscious linear way anymore. This is the intuition age where you allow and you have direct knowing and it is all tied to the present moment.

Is this like the example of the 100th monkey, where information is fed into the collective mind, unconscious mind, meaning that if a few thousand people on earth might study something that it becomes easier for others to grasp those concepts quicker?

Yes. Given the fact that the frequencies are increasing on the planet, our sensitivity is increasing, our ability to work with telepathy is increasing and that means the 100th monkey is absolutely natural. Why wouldn’t you, if you are open and porous and telepathic be able to get ideas from anywhere, everywhere, any time period, any dimension?

The magnet for what needs to be known is what is useful, what is needed. In the moment the body is still very important. We have to ground the things that are necessary for creation. In each moment there is one thing; there is one need, there is one urge. That is the call of consciousness, whatever is really needed is what comes. And you can relax because you don’t have to know everything: you already do.

We have to remember?

Yes, we have to allow the recall. We invoke the knowledge that you need and relax and say it is already within me, within my present moment and everything I need will be given. That is the rule of the intuition age: it is not linear, it is all in the moment.

How do concepts like truth handle a situation like this? If we have x amount of people on one side of a camp who believes one thing to be the truth and people on the other side of the camp who believe the other thing to be true: is there a splitting up where we go our own paths, or is there a consensus everyone is working towards?

With higher frequency energy and consciousness you start to experience this unified field. This unified field allows everything to exist. It is not that there are oppositional points: there are thousands of points of view, all co-existing. You need the other person because they are an aspect of you that you didn’t have time to create in yourself; they have got another piece of the puzzle. Let’s listen. Maybe there is something valuable here and lets through this into the mix.

Conflict and opposition, good and evil is coming up now as part of that stress reaction to the higher energy. When we go into survival we try to be right about our own beliefs and we have to fight off anything that conflicts with that or doesn’t agree with that. That is what we are seeing in politics right now and in our country. It is awful.

Same thing here.

That is just the first stage and I think that there will be wise and enlightened people that see the bigger picture, who understand paradox and the AND view instead of the EITHER OR view who will call people to rise above their small positions and come and look at the bigger picture.

How will other structures in society relate to these phenomenon if they become more and more prominent. Looking at government structures and organisations, will they have to reform?

I think we are already seeing what is happening. There is going to be a dissolution or destruction or melting of old systems that are based on the old paradigms of linear thought and separation which causes people to go into fear; and which causes people to want to have control; and which causes there to be a super-structure like the banks or whatever that try to control everybody. It is becoming more of a collective. I think there will be a new form of politics that comes out of the truth of what that collective, co creative cooperative whole is all about.

The old systems based on old ways of thinking are too low in frequency. They can’t function anymore. The people who are moving on in frequency are going beyond the bipartisan views to see something more holistic and keep in tune with the vibrations. I do think corporate practices and patriarchy and all kinds of things where control has been the key element will fail.

Do you think they will fight harder as they slowly lose their power?

That is part of the transformation process. As the subconscious things come up and for the corporations like the insurance companies, ‘Oh we are going to lose our control of such a high profit, we might have to do something to help the people rather than ourselves and as that comes up we are going no way, we are not losing our money.’ So, they are going to backtrack and clamp down. They will go back into the subconscious methods that used to work for them and try with a lot of will power to force that to work.

Will is the mind and it has to do with cleverness and linear thought. So they will use all those clever methods to make things work again, but eventually they won’t work, they may work for a little bit for a little while but then they are going to exhaust themselves and something else will take over.

Can we see examples of this with open source material on the web?

Yes, things like facebook and all these communities of people: it has its problems but I think it is amazing how easy it is to know people in a certain way and even to start to develop some intimacies through some of these superficial things. You would never have thought you could connect with people that way. This is part of the understanding of each other as souls as part of a collective. It is extremely intimate.

Is technology changing, such as free energy, teleportation, the next level of communication and organic technology?

I think that technology is an outgrowth of the consciousness that is running around on the planet. It will advance and there will be some amazing things especially medically, that are working with vibration to cure illness. There will be solutions for energy sources that will come overnight. Things will come out of the other dimensions, through group mind. I have seen groups of children working together to invent things. That has been a common vision I have had for a long time.

The technology will parallel the consciousness which is great. But right now it is serving as another distraction from the energy with especially cellphones and texting becoming an addiction. I heard a story the other day that people are taking their smart phones to bed with them and texting in the middle of meals. What is the addiction all about?

Sometimes I think that addiction, that fascination may be because some process of consciousness is trying to develop themselves within these people that they didn’t know how to develop through meditation for instance, so they are doing it through the technology.

That is a very interesting point because you mentioned things like telepathy before and I am seeing that these technologies are a reflection of that need or urge to communicate instantaneously. One argument is that these technologies are preventing us from developing these things organically.

I agree. Younger people are wired up very differently in this new generation and they have so much connection to higher dimensions but they don’t understand the physical realm very well and I think they need a lot of training in intuition to learn how to get their higher levels of themselves down through the emotional realm, and all the chaos in the world into the body so that they can access that vast amount of knowledge that they have. Instead they are ending up being ADD and hyper and addicted to the telephone, video games and all of that stuff. Whereas when you let go of that and you do develop the inner world, the connection with the inner world, without anything else, just by working with nature, silence and falling through the surface of things into the inner realms, it is such a rich experience; and the capacities are so much expanded beyond what technology can do. Through relaxing you have your day unfold with total synchronicity, no snags, where things are in balance and harmony and there is a sense of personal joy.

I see a tremendous amount of depression these days, of people who just can’t connect with themselves, they don’t feel loved, a lot of illnesses coming up and so forth because people are out of touch with their home frequency. It is the core vibration inside of ourselves that is the true self. There are so many distracting vibrations in the outside world that is not you, and it is easy to start resonating to those. It is almost as if we don’t allow ourselves the time to explore that and get familiar with our own frequency, our own inner core. How do we connect with our intuition?

We have to realise we are fascinated by this stuff so we can get a motivation to actually do it. If we are distracted by everything else and not aware of our intent, our interest level and curiosity level we are not going to do anything. Maybe it starts with trying to remember your dreams, or maybe it starts with trying to sense who is on the phone when they call, giving yourself any little tests, little projects to do. Maybe it starts with reading books. Maybe it starts with learning how to meditate, quiet the mind and or to get messages from inside yourself.

I like to use a process I call direct writing, where I ask myself a question and get quiet and let words come and answer the question for me and write it down and bypass the ‘should’ mind, the mind that thinks it knows everything.

If we look at it from the point of view of someone who goes back and forwards to work everyday, ten hours, and there might be kids involved in the picture and it is very stressful and it feels with the increasing of time that we don’t get the time to do this, to quiet down, to listen and to learn. Do you think that we will be aided along in this process? Do you think that there is something that might happen in the word to actually change this? A lot of people have got unemployed during the last recession period, hopefully if there is something good that comes out of that is that they get a little more time on their hands.

If they can stay out of the stress and worry, there is a great gift in that. If you are busy and your life is full: there are two levels to this. One is you need to teach yourself how to get very very quiet, what I call moving from the masculine consciousness to the feminine consciousness. The masculine awareness is the go do, get, focus, compartmentalise, achieve goals and change things with will power and action and all that. Feminine awareness is just be with things, love them, appreciate them, there is no action really required. Get still and quiet and include things in your awareness and enjoy them and love them for what they are. No change needed. As you do that and place attention on things and learn to place attention on things for more than a second, and penetrate into something, like a plant you look at it, feel into its core and what causes it to live and if it is happy and healthy or watered or unwatered, you start to feel connected to life. There is a live connection to the world. And information starts being revealed to you. The more you pay attention, the more you know. And the more you feel, the more you know through your feelings, literally through your body, direct knowing through sensitivity.

Part of higher frequency awareness is ultra sensitivity and we are learning how to use that sensitivity of the body, to know directly even things like an event wave that is coming for something that hasn’t quite happened yet. We can feel all kinds of things, and once you notice that, you can start feeling these things, it gets pretty interesting and you want to do more.

First you have to learn to really still yourself and get that basic skill and that may take 15 minutes in the morning before you go to work, or before you get in bed at night, when the house is quiet, or while you are driving.

Once you have learned to drop below the surface and fall into the silence that is right there each moment, take that skill, and then you could do it before a meeting, you could do it when you sit down behind the steering wheel right before you start things and moments throughout the day, and then start having a practice of mindfulness where you, ‘check in’.

I have now is a complex relationship with what I call my inner perceiver, which I think is that force within all of us that notices things. We could walk down the street and you and I could notice totally different things and make the reality up for ourselves in a different way. Why? Why did I notice what I noticed? I have to assume that there is some reason that I am showing myself certain things, or that that inner perceiver (maybe it’s the soul) that causes me to notice things in a sequence, and then I am responsible for making it meaningful to myself.

My practice of mindfulness is to say to myself, ‘Oh why am I noticing that?’ or ‘Is there a meaning in why that crow came down into my backyard today?’ or, whatever; and I have a running dialogue with it. That is part of staying conscious.

It is almost like self observation, going outside of yourself and looking at what and why you are doing it.

Yes, and you have better information. The Buddhists call this the path of enquiry, where you look into everything and enquire about why things are happening. It is a practice. It is not knew. It works very well to keep you interested. We have to stay interested.

What is an event wave, like people having awareness before 911. In some cases it showed up in dreams and had different ways of expressing itself before the physical event. How does it work? Are we connecting into the future or are we connecting into that collective mind?

The future is not separate from us anymore, and it actually never has been. When I think back to when Mt St Helena, the volcano in Washington blew, for a week beforehand I was very irritated, I never get angry, I am a cheerful person. I was just err about everything and then the day when it actually blew I felt a lot better. The frustration left, that lid blew off, and when I found out that volcano had blown then I connected it up and said that is it I am on the West Coast not that far from where that happened and close enough for me that I could feel the event wave as it was about to happen.

If it is all in your present moment at a higher frequency then there are no boundaries, no barriers between that event and your present moment consciousness. If you are soft and open and intuitive and allowing of yourself to know whatever you need to know then you would start to get symptoms of that event. Yet, because it hasn’t happened your mind often doesn’t know what it is so it misinterprets it. It says ‘I am in a bad mood.’ No, ‘a volcano is about to blow,’ you are fine!

We often have this when our loved ones, our parents or something are about to die, we often feel the coming death of the person before it happens. It is a very common thing. Sometimes you don’t know what it is yet. You just get nervous and weird and distracted.

That means we are not only connected with our family members in that sense, but also with the planet. We might feel that the earth is building up pressure and things like that will contribute to people’s agitation before these pressures are released. And it is easy to misinterpret that again and project it onto something that you know about. If we have a greater intuitive skill we can sit with the feelings a little longer, and ask what is this really?

I notice that 2010 is getting extremely intense. I think we had a lot of waves coming through last year but this year is even more so. I feel we are in a lull before a wave, almost as if we have been held back a little, things have not quite been able to materialise and we are waiting. There is a sense of being a little buzzy. I think round about July or August there will be a wave of energy that comes through and I think it is going to be almost like light, more light coming through for people. If you are open to it, it could take you like a wave and move you very far. If you resist it, it could cause things to break up in your life, or anything that is in the way to crash and burn, but I think that these waves have been coming through for years. Intensification and then a lull, where you adjust and open up and get into the new vibration and then another one comes and then we relax, there is nothing bad about it.

Do you think they come in closer and closer and more powerfully each time? Many people theorise leading up to 2012, if we tie in some aspects about what researches are saying about the Mayan calendar, time compression and energy compression that we might be looking at an unsettling period in the next couple of years.

There are two levels to these kinds of things. People who are already open and fluid, porous and transparent; where this energy will just take them into enlightened space. There will be amazing innovations and inventions and all that. And then there are other people who are locked into fear and resistance, and when that kind of energy starts to come through them and they resist it, it may kill them. I think there will be a wave of suicide on the planet in the next five or ten years.

I keep getting the sense that the internet may go down for a while and all the things that we have become reliant on, we may suddenly blink out for a while. We shouldn’t get too cocky about having all this stuff because there is a bigger force out there beyond us that could take it in a second.

NASA is projecting solar activity to kick up and that is one of those things that can easily lock out our electrical system and that is a big obvious force that has the ability.

I had another one of these kinds of visionary dreams twenty some years ago. I was talking to a man who was a healer. He was dressed in a business suit. He was telling me that he had been on the East Coast of the US in New York and the big city’s where ‘those suits are really solid,’ meaning that the mental focus was so strong he couldn’t get through to them and it was really hard working with them. He looked over at me and said well you are right on schedule and I looked down and my left arm up to my shoulder was transparent. And I said ‘chee that’s right and we are supposed to become transparent,’ and then I remembered sometime in the future, there was going to be an event, a cosmic event of some sort. In my dream it was called the void. In order to survive the void you had to become like the void, in other words transparent; too not hold things to yourself and to not be solid with mental fixations and emotional resistances and all that but to be in the moment 100% without any fixations or contractions.

There would be a moment when time would stop and we would blink out like a particle blinks out into the wave state. Then, when we blink out there would be a pause and then we would blink back. But, if we didn’t hold any ideas about time, or any sense of how things should be, those of us who could do that wouldn’t know anything had happened. Everything would be the same. We would be fine. But people who couldn’t do that and were stuck in a linear sense of time, or certain concepts, would very likely die. I knew a fair amount of people might die. Yet, in my dream I wasn’t at all upset about that because I knew that this had been planned for lifetimes. I was very excited. I also knew at that point that the earth would almost bifurcate. Those of us who were higher frequency would come back to a planet that was the same frequency as we were, a higher frequency. Everything is homogenous. Those who were not at that level would come back to a planet as they knew it to be, a lower frequency earth that would still look the same to them. There would be no real loss anywhere. There would be a shift into almost parallel worlds.

Do you think that the people on one side will still be in contact with the people who went to the new place so to speak or was it a split?

Think of it all in the present moment, just like our dead relatives are with us in the present moment, but they are at a higher frequency. I think that everything is still here in a parallel reality and as soon as you raise your frequency you can see everybody. It is just the same with UFO’s or angels or non physical beings. If you can raise your energy level and your consciousness frequency, you can go into those dimensions intentionally and consciously and interact with them. In those lower frequency realities it would be a matter of linear time for the development of those skills. For the higher frequency reality it is a matter of; ‘it is all happening now anyway,’ we can do it. For us; there is no separation. For the other people there is separation.

If we are looking at consciousness dying or the awareness that we have been used to for such a long time dying, what is going to replace it? Is mankind developing new processes for analysing reality?

Consciousness is not dying in itself but there is an old way of thinking based on the separation of the left and right brain you might say (that is changing). We are so used to being based in the left brain that our cultures are based on left brain dominance. The symptoms of left brain perception are showing up in our society: isolation, analytical work and proof and that sort of thing. I think that it is use of the left brain without the right brain, or the analytical without the intuitive that is ending. It is not that we are just going to the right brain to just be intuitive, but that we are blending them into something where everything will be used in a much more holistic way. In other words we are becoming more super conscious, not losing it at all. Fear will disappear much more in the new intuition age reality. The limitations of only using the left brain will end as that starts to blend in with the right brain and we have a new sense of identity. That means we are shifting out of thinking we are the ego and a body with a separate self and realising we have also got a soul, we also have an enlarged condition. We are not just a thing, we have a condition of consciousness that within me, I include all other beings. If you imagine for instance if you can take the boundary off of your heart, so that it is not just an organ in the centre of your chest, that it has no skin, that it radiates out and does not have an ending and if you go out with it you will find that it includes everything so that all other beings are actually in your heart, in you. When that happens there is a real change in perspective about why we do what we do. It is all about service or co-creation or celebration. It is not about competition and winning against someone else. The golden rule becomes the main way of living because that is based on the way that consciousness actually works.

To me it has always been clear we are coming to reality from a subjective point of view. We have an ego we are observing the world from inside and out. If that is changing. If we are speaking about connectivity to a quantum connective field or we might be able to tap into a greater sense of knowing and understanding then that perception will change and we will move into an area where we will be able to witness reality from an objective point of view. That is the realm of true knowing and proof.

Yes, I think there will be a kind of knowing when you merge with something and become it, you know as that thing. There is not an observer as much as there is a direct experiential way of knowing. When you let go of the individual self and let yourself experience the field, you actually become the field. And then you have an experience of the divine or GOD or whatever you want to call it, Spirit; and that you are that. You are not outside of it trying to manipulate it. You are in it, as it, and it is working and you are working and it is all happening and you are knowing it as it happens. You can know as much as you want based on whatever you want to do or where you want to focus yourself, if there is free will.

For instance, it might affect us this thing of giving up the separation from the field which is our individual self. When we let go of that we still have a body but we are going to have a sense of a very malleable body that can shift itself like a shape shifter, you could take on a different look. You could look young or old. You could shift out of form into a more non physical reality. That affects the idea we have of death. We may not have this sense of dying, we may have a sense of changing frequencies and being physical or non physical.

This must be the nightmare from the point of view of the ego, as uncertainty and all rules and laws go out the window.

The big shift is the ego thinks it is running the show. It is really scared because it doesn’t think that it knows enough to do it but it doesn’t want to show enough so it has got to develop all these ways of deceiving the world from its real true sense of incompetence. When the ego lets go or surrenders and the soul takes over or the collective consciousness takes over and the flow takes over then the ego simply becomes the function of awareness that can choose, that can focus, that can actually bring things into form through attention and intention, then unfocus and let things dissolve again. It becomes more the architect and not so much the creator. It is the servant. It is the one who helps the soul get things done.

This is the battle that the conscious has had with the sub conscious, or the ego is having with the more hidden aspect of our experience. Is there an integration process of these aspects of our psyche?

Right now I see the sub conscious as a frequency of awareness that up until now has been at a fairly slow frequency where it is possible to express things and deny things and store them in the sub conscious. Usually these are fears and partially perceived experiences that got stuck somehow that were not viewed from the souls point of view but were viewed from the ego’s point of view and got stuck because they were not seen fully. Those subconscious blocks or fears have been under the surface for all these years through history.

Now because the frequency of the planet is going up so high there is no more vibration that matches that old subconscious vibration anymore. Literally they don’t have a place to hide, those old fears. They cannot stay hidden so they are popping to the surface now and floating around in the conscious mind. And that means a lot are bad habits that we trying to push back down again. That is our habit of supressing and avoiding and denying. But, you can’t push them down anymore as there is nowhere for them to be so they pop up again with greater force. We are getting used to a new state of awareness where everything is known. You can’t hide anything. There are no secrets and there don’t need to be any. Once you let go, everything works the way it needs to work. The secrets, the withholds and all of that stuff was just messing up the flow.

On the surface it might look like it is getting worse because a lot of dirt is coming to the surface. Is this a healing process to deal with some of these things that have been hidden for such a long time?

As these things surface you have to choose your point of view and again we talked before about being in the home frequency as opposed to being in the ego or fear vibration: When you choose to see things that previously scared you but this time from the point of view of the soul. Ask why I am seeing this now, what am I showing myself? And ask what does it need, where does it need love? How can I see this in a holistic way? Then you don’t recoil from this or whatever the memory is. You engage with it and you bring the love to it and as soon as you do so, it feels honoured. Then it relaxes and that contraction expands and it turns into love. I call it gifting the garbage.

Each negative thing, like even the ego; the ego is not bad. It is the function of individuality, of compartmentalisation and it is a particle. There is nothing bad about it. Everything has that hidden gift when it unfolds and turns into its true nature. It is based on love. And I think that is very much what transformation is about.

So many things are going on it is tricky to perceive it all. There might be certain issues that we are pushing on buttons of the ego, willing to step back into the old modality and way of dealing with problems. In those cases is your suggestion to simply release and let go?

Take for example, a woman who has been sexually abused. It is easy to say I hate all men or I will be promiscuous and I will control men. I will either avoid them or I will control them. There are behaviours that people fall into based on the ego way of controlling things. It is always based on fight or flight, control or avoid. We can keep on doing that because we know it and it is kind of validated by society because it has been done for so long.

Or you can just pause between fight and flight and simply be with the physical experience of the fear or of the confoundment that goes on with something like abuse. The whole body is confounded. Is this love, what is happening to me? And go into it knowing that you are a soul. It is not avoiding things because that is flight. It is engagement from the heart, from the soul, so you can have full understanding and that includes understanding the vulnerability in the people who were involved, and yourself. Have the compassion of a baby mind to certain things that have happened in our childhood that we are just not sophisticated enough to understand yet. Then go back and bring the full understanding to the situation and love it and release the contraction of the inhale, where we stop the flow.

As soon as that relaxation occurs, the flow begins again, it heals and it is gone. That energy that was sort of clumped up, the inner fear, gets unclunched and there is flow again it dissolves and becomes part of the unified field, what you have access to. Those things when they release they give you the most enormous amount of wisdom that you can then use to assist other people and or in your creative process.

If the mass of people start to release their fear, and dissolve it, imagine the amount of time people could spend on positive things in terms of development?

We wouldn’t be indulging in addictions, spending time drinking alcohol to medicate ourselves so that we can avoid uncomfortable feelings. We’d be creating with others in a positive way. Seeing what we can do to help the world. We would be celebrating and being with life. We’d be helping the other. We’d be loving the earth.

Is this coming from within each individual as opposed to something from outside where someone is offering us a solution to all the problems we have.

Yes, we won’t see things as separate from us anymore. We will see the ideas coming out of everyone. Maybe the solution to the energy problem will be a group mind generated solution that might be a collaboration by international teams, not some corporate R&D department. It might be that there is a generosity around copywrite law. Who owns the ideas? It is shared and let’s give it away because life will pay us. We will live a good life. You don’t have to be selfish and hoard your creations.

That comes from the idea of fear and again and back to the idea that resources are sparse. I believe it is abundance out there. There is so much material in space, there are dead rocks floating around and so much we could do if humanity set our minds to it. There is an abundance of energy out there in stars and suns, so I don’t think resources is the limitation, it is the way human beings have been thinking about these things and if we can get our act together we can rise to greater things and do some good.

Right now when we think about innovation we use the resources that are already in physical form, that we have to use what we already have, limited resources. But, we are not thinking about inter-dimensional access and the idea that energy becomes form and form becomes energy, and thought is energy. We can create things out of the unified field directly. This idea of solving things from a dimensional point of view is going to become part of science, where maybe the energy crisis will be solved by bringing in energy from non physical dimensions into the physical dimension? It is a different way of thinking. It is not backwards and forwards in the horizontal world. It is vertical.

We have talked to many guests about UFO sightings. We have the possibility of ET’s being out there and an interdimensional species out there too or different kinds of beings. I have heard these ideas that the shift or the process that we are going through right now is of greater interest to other civilizations and beings out there. What do you feel about that?

I have had many dreams about being involved with all of that. In fact in one of the dreams I saw huge numbers of intergalactic beings who looked like clear transparent balls of light settling in around the earth, literally billions of these balls that almost created a new dimension or zone of consciousness around the planet because they were coming to watch what was going on here. Their very presence was adding to the energy shift. They were called the watchers and it was called the gathering in my dream.

Maybe they are just beings that are in a higher frequency and they are coming to watch what is going on in this process that we are going through. I think there are probably beings that exist in every frequency. There are diva’s and all kinds of things in the physical world that people sometimes see and know about. I once saw clearly in photography or some sort of imagery of the wave form or energy around certain archetypal ideas. The one that sticks in the mind was the witch. The image they came up with actually had like a pointed hat, like a cone with a weird shaped face and it looked like all the witches you see in children’s stories. The emotional thought form of that actually looked like the thing that we have represented it as. We are clairvoyantly seeing thought forms that pertain to certain frequency levels, like emotional states and then drawing them and representing them as figures that we take as normal and those could be life forms at another frequency.

Love takes a certain shape. And fear and ugliness come out of another twisted contracted state of consciousness, so wouldn’t monsters look a certain way? Why is jealousy green? All these things you have to think about it because they all relate to a principle of the way life looks based on the vibration and the level of your own perception. You can move up and down based on your level of perception. If you are in a fear state, you might have dreams with monsters in them. If your life is full of fear you might be vibrating at that level. If you are vibrating at a certain level you will see those astral plain beings.

What is your perception on the dream state and on people who think that is an activity. I have noticed in my own life that the dreams wax and wane, the intensity and the frequency and the number of dreams?

Dreams are an extension of what we do normally during the day. They are at a higher level. We are kind of like a big zoom lens on a camera. We take up a certain amount of space when we are awake during the day. I am at a frequency where I see myself as a body. I have had other realities where I relax and I see myself as a ball of light. I am at a higher frequency.

We have these dream zones. Whereas you relax and increase your frequency, you move to higher dimensions and in those dimensions things function differently. At the emotional realm or the astral realm there is a certain way that things work and in the higher mental realm and in the causal plane or the akashic records, things work differently. We move in and out of all these dimensions continually throughout the day and the night. We are accessing and then grounding, moving and looking at things, getting information and checking with other beings, we are very busy in our higher consciousness. Dreams to me are the same as our waking reality because you will leave your body while you are awake, you will get absent minded and then suddenly come too. Your body will shudder and you will come back in. We do that while we are awake, we do that while we are asleep. That is a constant.

Remembering dreams: I think we go in cycles. Sometimes where you may be working on your own growth process and dealing with this emotional stuff that has been coming up, the fears, processing things and making sense of things. In that period of time you may dream very emotional dreams, things that seem very physical and real. Then you may go up to a higher level at night and get a vision of your future or realign yourself with a higher purpose or a destiny. And those dreams are often much more abstract, they are pattern related. You come back to your body in the morning after a dream like that where you were actually accessing a pattern of awareness, like a blueprint. That will register on your body as a mood. I remember waking up one time and it felt like I had fishscales all over my body like little scallops and I remembered just five minutes before that I had been in those scallops, living those scallops and it was something important, it was some kind of knowledge. By the time I woke up it had translated into a physical version of that energetic pattern. Sometimes I think the higher plane dreams are much more geometric. You might dream of a triangle or something. You don’t have the Freudian type thing going on. And when you dream those a lot you might think that you are not remembering your dreams because they don’t look like the normal type.

That is a whole question in itself why we seem able to access the dream we had more coherently then other times. I kind of operate by the idea that I am going to remember my most important dreams. I am going to bring it in when I need to know the information. I have a trust that I will give myself that information. I am working with myself. I am not against myself. When I need to know something either I will get it when I wake up from the dream or I will get it throughout the day. Maybe it will be a song lyric. Maybe it will be something someone says to me, maybe it will be a licence plate, it doesn’t matter. I will notice it when it is time to notice it.

So there are triggers to unlock the memory that you can ask for?

Yes, I ask myself: the inner perceiver, that part of my awareness, the revealer, the teacher, the holy spirit, the one that makes me notice what I notice; that function that makes my reality up. I have made an agreement with that part of myself that I am going to listen to this. So I will notice a person standing in line at the grocery store and I will ask why am I looking at her? Then feel her and say why is this going on? Or why did this event happen? And just have a dialogue constantly going and in this way I educate myself. Everything that happens is the universe speaking to you and if you find meaning in it then that is successful communication. It is a relationship with your bigger self; having a friendly relationship with your wiser bigger self and trusting it. We are so cut off from it with the left brain dominance that we have to work on establishing a trusting relationship with the unknown and with the flow. I think the flow is basically the collective consciousness in motion.

Are we talking about dimensional overlaps as we are going through the frequency shift?

You are right about the separation, the left brain likes to divide things up into different neat layers. The holistic consciousness sees the unified field and says. “I am the unified field and everything is within me, in the now.” It is in me, as me. The ghosts are me. The people that are suffering are me. The happy people are me. The trees are me and you don’t have to know it all at once but you can know whatever you need to know in each moment to do whatever you feel like you need or want to do. Part of what you want to do is coming to you from the collective consciousness. They or we need you to do it, so we can do our next thing. Everyone helps you get the idea and then do the idea and then give it back to the field again. We are not alone. We have lots of help. And that is a new idea. We are not here and the big bad world is against us.

Do you see any difference between intuition and knowledge?

Intuition is a way of accessing information. I call it direct knowing. It is a process of coming into resonance with knowledge. Knowledge itself is who we are.

Once you relax and you let yourself be more and more of the true self you realise you are the collective, that inside of you is every being who has ever lived: All the past lives of every being, all the future beings all the other dimensional beings. Everything is within you, throughout all time. There is no shortage of things to know even things that haven’t been created can be known. And there are new combinations constantly forming. It is very unlimited. Yet, here we are in time and space. We are kind of like a filter. We can only do one thing at a time, have one idea at a time. Whatever the need is, it magnetises the knowledge you need out of your big body, the body of knowledge and into your moment so you can actually play with it, make something out of it, form it.

It all begins as an idea. In most cases the idea might be demanding on the physical level; to manifest it if you will. We have a lot to go through to make something happen. You can think it you can know it but to implement it physically can take a long time. Do you think that is something that will change? You talked about drawing out of the field and manifesting in an instance.

I think that will speed up for one reason: we stop thinking of it as being difficult and we stop thinking of it as having to take a long time. And secondly there is a lot of cooperation. We start thinking that everybody is helping us and if we can’t do it ourselves, somebody wants to do it and help us and that might be people in the body and that might be non physical beings. When I write these days I always think there is a group of non physical writers writing with me. I include the non physical beings in the process and let them sit at the computer with me and get to write. In my imagination I figure they are having a good time doing it with me.

I think that is the way everything will be and when the friction is taken away, and it becomes joyful, then things will happen very easily. When that becomes normal, things will materialise very quickly. Around certain people like Sai Baba and some mediums I have seen that they have materialisations around them. I knew a medium and she came out of her bed one morning with a little cardboard box full of rocks, like crystals and things and said that it appeared on my bed this morning and the spirit says it is for you. She had this kind of thing happen constantly around her, things would disappear and appear out of nowhere. So where did they come from? Did they disappear from another part of the physical world and travel across time?

In Tibetan Buddhism there is an idea that we are able to manifest things with our mind right? If you have a lot of people focusing on one thing alone, this might be an explanation for it that we have the ability to manifest things we focus collectively on.

Yes, I think so and I think it will probably happen in groups first. I had a dream once when I was in Japan which is such a group oriented culture I always feel like I am a part of a great big body there and everything is merged. The dream was we were sitting around a big conference table, playing a video game that was a hologram floating in the centre of the table. It was totally 3 dimensional like a living reality. We each were staring into it. When one person would create a new movement the video would change and then other people would react to that and respond and change it again. And then other people will change it again. It was like we were all creating the movement of this game in rapid response to each other. I woke up and thought wow that was really fun, but that is actually what we are doing in real life: creating our reality with everybody else.

How much is reality subjective if we take that concept of co creation or the concept of the universe speaking to you with every action or reaction you have?

Interpreting your reality through the inner perceiver is a slow version of that dream I was just describing where we are receiving the information from everyone, from the collective. Everybody gives you the idea and you are giving it to yourself too. It is what everyone needs. It is coming from everyone. You are never alone, yet you are the whole thing. This new reality is going to be BOTH AND. We are going to have to get used to being individual and collective at the same time. That is a huge mind stretch.

Is this the nature of reality and we are just now coming to that realisation or are things changing as we go through frequency changes?

No, I think they have always been this way. If you look back at all the ancient texts and the old Hermetic teachings from Egypt and so forth. It is all the same. The spiritual teachers have come into every generation repeating the same basic universal laws and principles for each age, putting it into language that different cultures could understand and reinventing it over and over. Now it is becoming common knowledge. It is not just for the esoteric people, it is for everyone.

Does this echo with the field of astrology?

I have a deep understanding of astrology and I like it a lot. Yes it ties in. It is part of the cosmic event and the energy wave coming through different bodies in the universe, like gears, like oil moving through gears and transmitting. That for me fits in with astrology quite a bit. I am not sure what will happen when we make the shift into field consciousness. Things like astrology may not be as relevant then. It may not effect as much or limit us in any way.

Where is this driving force coming from, many people are talking about the galactic core, or centre where many changes are manifesting from. Is that true or is there a deeper centre?

I have no idea what the galactic centre is. It sounds great. I think there is a centre in everything. There is a centre in each cell there is a centre in our heart, there is a centre in the universe, there are centres within centres, wheels within wheels and the whole reality that we know is based on universal laws and principles. I don’t know what is causing the acceleration unless it is part of the natural rhythm of rocking and breathing like the great Brahmans: involution, evolution, involution, evolution. And we are reaching a point where we are evolving back into a communion with the field and spirit. This is something that is coming and going all the time. I think it is eternal. I don’t think the universe is going to end. If the earth bifurcates which I have seen, it probably means it has already bifurcated and there is probably already a non physical earth and a physical earth, or maybe there are a variety of earths all in the same time and space at different frequencies.

I want to minimise the drama and some of the terminology people use which is geared towards drama and ego. I want to reduce things to how does it really work? How does it feel? What’s universal? It is important to listen to different sides and different versions of everything.

Totally, the Christians have a way of understanding the process. The Buddhists have a way, the religions, the shamans. It is all valid. If we put the puzzle pieces together and see what the common elements are, that is what I have always tried to do. What is universal? What are the common themes in all religions and in all of these descriptions of what is going on. What is universal? It is interesting how everybody seems to be picking up on this time period, being this convening time, this culmination time where there is going to be this kind of shift and what that translates to in terms of logistics. That could be very relative, depending on people’s subjective consciousness.

If we have a splitting off of different parts of humanity and the planet then we will have different versions of this and it might go into different areas as well. Reality might fall apart in front of our eyes.

The future is in the present moment as a higher frequency of our own present moment but it is inside us. If you can get to that higher frequency you would be in it right now. You wouldn’t have to wait. That future reality or that higher frequency reality of where we headed is so close now in frequency that it is actually drawing us in, or it is sending us signals. We are being guided by the collective reality of that transformed reality. It is already there and we are close to it. It is guiding us, it is drawing us.

Anything can happen, it is important we enjoy the ride. What is the next book about Penney?

I think it is going to be about intention because that is the next important thing we need to learn to work with which is kind of the art of reinventing intention and mindfulness, the skills that we need to learn to work with in the intuition age.

Keep up the great work and thank you for your time.

I always enjoy talking to you. Thank you.

Byron Belitsos leading writer and publisher of research on the Urantia material

Byron Belitsos interview about The Urantia Book pronounced “Oor-un-tya ”

Transcribed from and

Henrik Palmgren begins:

“We cover everything we consider to be interesting and important. Byron Belitsos is an award winning publisher who has been editor of many acclaimed books. He is a long time student of the Urantia book and he is the co-author of ‘The adventure of being human’. We are going to discuss the main cosmology that is presented in the Urantia Book. This book was first published by the Urantia foundation in 1955 claiming to have been presented by Celestial beings as a revelation to our planet. We will talk about the books instruction on genesis, the destiny of humanity and one of the central themes which is that of the rebellion of Lucifer. Byron will also tell us about the angelic hierarchy and the correcting time. We will begin with the origin of this mysterious book.

Byron Belitsos says:

It began quite a long time ago when I was a student in college at the university of Chicago where I was studying intellectual history that engaged in a lot of questions that I did not find answers to from professors and from books I was reading and it was around that time by total coincidence that I ran into someone who mentioned the Urantia book. It was very much unknown in those days, except in very limited circles in the United States and in France and a few other places. It immediately appealed to me. Intuitively I knew there was something special about it and I didn’t accept the claim of off planet pedigree. Right away I became a student of the Urantia book. It has been one of my main hobbies throughout my adult life.

What does Urantia mean?

Urantia is the recorded name of our planet according to the rest of the planet; the off planet celestial hierarchy and also the extra-terrestrial visitors use that name or an equivalent of that name in designation for us, so Urantia book refers to the name of the planet Urantia.

Who is behind it?

There are numerous supposed celestial beings who were the authors of these papers and there are 196 papers or large chapters. The story goes back all the way to 1906 when a very small group of people had a channelled celestial contact through a person who we still do not know the name of. The person is anonymous. There was an Edgar Cayce style contact where a person was in a deep sleep and voices would come through this person. After a period of time these voices announced that they were to present to these people around that person, a very large repeated text. A number of years passed as they debriefed these people. They were based in Chicago. These beings started to orientate the people to what they wanted to do. What they intended to do was present an epical revelation to the planet and we now know that there were other locations and other groups being cultivated for this purpose. The revelation process formerly begins in 1924 and at this point it is a rather different process, not the Edgar Cayce style channelling but the actual appearance or materialisation of these chapters.

Who picked the group?

Do you mean did they survey human groups from above and select them?

When these events transpire in their interactions between the celestial realms and humans apparently they do massive surveys and they look for the right people that have the stamina and intelligence to carry it off. That is also the case for the choice of the appearance of Jesus. They were chosen from many of the parents in Palestine to be the bearers of Jesus of Nazareth who was a very important figure in the Urantia Book.

Coming back to the Urantia book, the group assembled around a particular world class intellectual and leader, a guy called Bill Sadler, who was a professor at the University of Chicago, a surgeon and a psychiatrist. Back then you could be both a surgeon and a psychiatrist. He became the leader of this group over the next 40 or 50 years. It was him and his wife, Dr Lena Sadler, also a physician that they identified as the best people to carry this very difficult and unique project forward; and they did that until their death. A large entourage formed around them of several hundred people over these decades and that group became the bearers of this revelation.

They were called the Contact Commission?

There are several groups. There is the contact personality, the anonymous person, then there is the contact commission which is this inner core of people I mentioned earlier. In the classic period of this there were six people who were the contact personalities who had verbal interactions through the anonymous subject, we call him the sleeping subject and the concentric circles around them were another group called the Forum, and the Forum were friends, acquaintances and patients of Dr Saddler and his wife that they invited into the secret gatherings where they would present these papers that were materialised.

The first book was published in 1955?

It was finished before then. The celestials asked them to wait a bit before it was published until after WW2. The book was really current in terms of human knowledge by the late 40’s.

Who are the celestial beings, where is this message coming from?

The Urantia book presents an unusual and unknown angelology. Many terms we know from the Bible and other religions are brought into this and are redefined for us. Some of the terms that are used are words such as Seraphim and Cherubim, archangels and other terms you may not have heard of, all though there is a reference to this in the Old Testament.

There are beings called ‘Ancients of Days’ and ‘ancients of days’ are the oldest angelic beings in the universe of universes. They reside at the centre of a galaxy cluster as the chief angelic administrators of a very large group of galaxies. Those are the beings that originally instigated this revelation from a very high place. It mainly comes through what we call the local universe administration and the local universe in the Urantia book is a unit of up to 10 million inhabited planets which has its own local angelic administration. We can break that apart of you like.


In the cosmology the first thing to understand is the Urantia book offers a very vastly expanded cosmology from what we now have, for example, the time line of the time space universe is much extended to nearly a trillion years old rather than the current age of 13.7 billion. It is surprising how far the Urantia book extends.

It says there is a central source universe, which is not a created universe. It has always existed. It is eternal. It is kind of like an island hovering in the middle of the universe. It is outside of space time, but it is ascended, hence the geographic centre of all things. It is the geographic centre of infinity, although that is a paradoxical notion, it is a metaphor for what this is.

This eternal mother universe is the source of all time space universes. There isn’t a big bang cosmology here, there is a quasi big bang in the sense that these time space universes which are galaxies, are created by beings that descend from this mother universe to come into space time and then they initiate the actual physical transactions, that create nebula that cool to become galaxies. These are celestial beings and this does not happen by nature, it happens by intention, it happens by high beings that create the conditions for the evolution of the nebula’s in that galaxy and these galaxies begin to cool. And the sun in these galaxies as they begin to cool, begin to throw off planets and as they become cooled eventually they become people over billions and billions of years.

All throughout these different ages of the creation of the time space universe, there are high celestial beings, who are managing this from the central universe until a certain point where these creations have begun to generate enough specificity physically with planets cooling and beginning to become spheres that they sent out beings from the central mother universe who become inhabitants in these local creations. This is a long way off saying there are local universes and in our case, our local universe is 400 billion years old and the beings who are the ones that were sent out from the central universe to the local universe are known as Christ as in Jesus, but with a different name in the Urantia book. And his divine feminine consort and those are the most important celestial beings to know about because they have become these sort of local deities of our local universe, which has the potential of 10 million inhabited planets.

The point of explaining all this and why there is such a massive presentation in the Urantia Book, one of the key messages is, our planet Urantia is one of the rarest planets in the local universe or any universe because our planet was a planet where there was a massive rebellion of the angelic host on the planet. They are coming to help us understand that and the results of that and to help correct the results of that angelic rebellion as well and to explain the extraordinary things that were done to try and retrieve the planet from what you might call the dark side. The reason the Urantia book is difficult, complicated, often overwhelming is that we have a difficult, complicated and overwhelming history and one has to be patient and try to understand this from the standpoint of celestial beings who are responsible for us and they are doing quite a job here providing this huge text, which admittedly takes some years to understand.

The book extends beyond other religious texts but the theme of revelation is central?

It is helping to correct the folkloric aspect of these previous records and they are real events that come down as legends. You don’t have celestial beings writing it for you, you have charismatic human beings that are recipients of a revelation and they write this down and it gets adulterated. A big part of this and the part that I have always found very interesting is indicating that there were previous revelations on the planet, that are entirely lost and correcting other revelations such as the revelatory events that lead to the creation of the Hebrews, that lead to Christianity, also even Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions. They gave very central information on other religions and how they were initiated. They have a phrase that they use for this. It is called the correcting time. The period from 1955 is the correcting time, that was not announced in the Urantia book, it was announced in the 1980’s in new transmissions we have not spoken about yet. There has been more information that came in the last 25 years. One of the new things they said is that this whole thing is called the ‘correcting time,’ we are correcting your civilization and getting you back on course after having been way of course for millennia.

Is this driven by the angelic administrators you mentioned before?

Yes, the newer revelations are the very same administrators and the same authors of the original Urantia text. After having got this into print and having got this distributed, throughout the world and translated it into a lot of languages such as Swedish, they then returned in a new way in new age style channelling sessions, hundreds and thousands of them. Those are all transcribed and that is additional supplemental material to the Urantia book which will take me probably my whole life time to get through and I have published 5 books based on it. These same beings are unfolding more revelation. The Urantia book I prefer to call the Urantia revelation which is a process of revelation beginning in the early 20 th century.

I was in one of these sessions just a few days ago, hearing new teachings.

Is this a controversial area?

Henrik, you have very good intuition. That is exactly what has happened and very often I am in trouble with what we call the mainstream Urantia people who hold to only the original printed text and do not hold to this newer supplemental material. Our group, the correcting time group as it is often called is said to be schismatic. There are no churches or anything of that nature connected to the Urantia book.

There is controversy and it is a tough one. If you were a Mormon say and after a hundred years someone said, now we have an update to the book of Morman, that would be pretty tough to handle. That happened also with A Course in Miracles. There were new presentations that came later and caused a split in that community. The planet is in a dire crisis and these loving beings and believe me their whole mission is love and redemption of the planet, they have to be around, we need them, and they have come back and they are updating their teachings. This new mission is an update for the postmodern mind, where the Urantia book appeals more to the modernist mind-set.

From my point of view it is common sense. If we are loved, if we are cared for, we are going to continue to receive revelation.

How is the message being received by other religion?

It is not even known. It is known to some circles of Christian leadership and we know the Vatican knows about the Urantia book but it is not well known because of the difficulty of explaining what this is. How do you explain this expanded cosmology to someone who is steeped in Christianity all their life. Do you have a knew Bible?

I attempted this myself. I was at theological school at the University of California and I write a dissertation on the Urantia book and it just didn’t compute to those people. There was just no way. That was with academics in theology. In world religion it is not well known. It is more of a grass roots phenomenon.

Is it in the process of creating a new religion?

It sounds to many as orthodox Christianity. It states that Jesus was an incarnate deity and some of the precepts of orthodox Christianity it actually confirms and expands them.

Why has it not caught on more?

My view is that it is pretty elaborate and that is because I was around since 1974 and happened to be a student at the university of Chicago so I got to meet some of the original people at the headquarters of the Urantia foundation and what I found is that they had a split in regard to the marketing and advertising of this. There was a minority group that wanted to do traditional advertising and marketing and the majority group was that there view was it should be word of mouth . Sort of like alcoholic anonymous, it would be by attraction and not by promotion. That group were isolated and elderly and had experienced so much rejection in the 50’s and 60’s that they were kind of at a loss of what to do at the time I ran into them in the 1970’s. The younger group that I was part of was the group that worked this out. They basically came around to what I am doing, publishing secondary works about it, setting up some advertising and that sort of thing but it has been slow. And I have my own personal conspiracy theory about it. I have been around for quite some time and engaged with the field of deep politics and published books in that field and put on a major conference on deep politics in 2008. I really think the Urantia book has been actively supressed in high places. I don’t have smoking gun evidence, but I have circumstantial evidence of it throughout the media, in publishing circles, in seminaries. The conscious suppression emanates from the groups the Urantia book is describing when it describes the pre-history going back to its Satanic roots. In the Urantia book there is a clear and clean description of who these bloodlines are and how they originated and how they operated. It is describing who they are, who their chief celestial god was, they worshipped Lucifer and they present that in such a way that is unmistakable to who this is and what this is. Those were the groups from behind the scenes who were supressing the Urantia book.

What happened in the Rebellion of Lucifer, to unravel some of the issues we are faced with today?

Lucifer is in the celestial hierarchy at the level called the local system. I have mentioned briefly you have the local universe which is up to 10 million inhabited planets. It has a celestial administration. The smallest administrative unit of the local universe is known as a local system which is up to 1000 inhabitable planets. Its angelic administration is headed up by a being of the order that Lucifer was. Beings of that order are administrators that oversee the celestial hierarchy of these planets in a local system. There is an awful lot that goes into that. Part three of the Urantia book explains that in detail. These are high beings who are specially trained to manage millions of celestial beings who are in turn managing inhabited planets. Their administrations are loving but there are other things they do, in the realms of biology for example. Lucifer was at a level in the celestial hierarchy which there was a possibility that a celestial being could get the idea that something was amiss, but something they could not quite see far above them, because there was this teaching that there is a central universe wherein God the father resides. In his stay there are local creator beings who are the creators of the local universe who had this huge mission to take human beings into an eternal life career so that they can ascend into the central universe. That is what eternal life is supposed to be according to the Urantia book. These local celestials don’t really see this. They are local. In very rare (one in a million cases) they can get the idea that there is a control system above them and they can begin to question it and then eventually rebel. Lucifer went off the rails because he began to question the administration of the multiverse, the higher universe administration. He couldn’t really discern what was really going on. He had to take it on faith and he rejected that faith.

Was he unhappy with his role?

Correct exactly because he felt it was not an efficient use of time to manage planets the way they are doing it. The way they were doing it was very very incremental. And that is one of the great messages of the Urantia book and that is that evolution is the strange activity in the time space universe. It is very slow, very incremental. You can see that when they say the physical universe is 1 trillion years old. It is a lot slower in its evolution than the 13.7 billion years old. Lucifer is watching the very slow unfolding of these planets which are his wards. It was a very slow evolution of life, slow evolution of humans over eons and he begins to think, this is just an administrative superstructure that is getting its kicks telling us what to do down here. We can do it better and we will do it better. He had certain prerogatives that permitted him to override what was being done from the higher realms. He then went around to his subject planets, trying to convince the angelic hierarchy of these planets to go with his new plan, the Lucifer plan. Of those planets, over 600 in our local system, only 37 went over to his side.

Is this the basic story of mythology?

Basically, if you look at Genesis for example which speaks of the renowned men of old who went into the daughters of man and created a hybrid race. This story is the result of a Lucifer rebellion on our planet Urantia.

Every planet has a planetary chief administrator and the chief administrator of our planet was named “Caigastia” and Caligastia was convinced by the Lucifer manifesto to go over to the dark side. In so doing the whole planets administration swung over with him. What was happening at that time, remember we talked about the earlier revelations that were completely lost? There are a lot of legends, if you look at the story of the Annunaki, deciphered from the Cuneiform tablets, by specifically Sitchen, there is in Sitchen’s work and other interpretations, there were these gods that descended at some point and in these legends which are in Sumerian cuneiform tablets, these gods came down and then there was the combat myth, there was warfare between them. The Urantia book goes on for a couple of hundred pages telling you what that was. There was an administration of beings who had incarnated 500 000 years ago. This group was beings who had been specifically designed to appear like human beings, but they were actually off planet beings who took on bodies using the DNA from local tribes and they constructed bodies and forms for these persons who were kind of planetary missionaries. There were 100 of them, who incarnated 500 000 years ago, in an area near the Persian Gulf, near the current country of Bahrain and created a city there that was to be the planetary capital. There is an archaeology a city named Dilan which was a later evolution of this city. It was here that the rebellion caused a tremendous degeneration that had been built up there.

What did Lucifer want to do? Did he want to speed up the process of evolution?

His manifesto said, there really is no God, there is no deity. It was an atheist teaching. It was a huge rebellion. Secondly this super structure that was controlling evolution through administrators like himself was not skilful in the way that locals could be. It was like the idea of local control of your politics in that sense. We were going to do it better and the way that we were going to do it is by not paying so much attention to the free will of human beings. That is to say that the way that evolution occurs once human beings appear on a planet is that they have to freely choose things and it might take them aeons to choose certain things, unless they are specifically taught to do so, but this is the most effective way to evolve administrations. It has been learned on millions and millions of planets that have evolved over aeons, but not according to Lucifer, according to him it would be something more akin to what communism is, compared to natural capitalism. The capitalist ethic is the notion that you freely use resources to create private property and business without over control of some central administration. Communism would say no we can speed that up. We can centralise administration and do things more effectively and more efficiently, but that may mean we are not going to let you have your own garden plot, and grow your own vegetables. You are not going to have the freedom to raise money and start a business. That is an inefficient way to do production. We are going to centralise production and call the shots from above.

I travelled in Russia and saw some of the results of this and it is unbelievable.

It is rampant in Sweden there is full on corporatism infused with socialism so I see the tremendous detrimental effects this type of thinking has.

It is like Orwelian propaganda. They are saying we are actually making you free. Trotsky is going to tell you how to run your economy and you locals can’t figure it out. It is certainly like that. I was a Marxist when I was in my early 20’s and I really understand the appeal of this. It is an idea that has a lot of currency on our planet. It is a set of paradoxes. In the name of freedom they were move your free.

Are there translations of the book?

There are two big publishers. There is the Urantia Foundation the original copywrite holder and they do a great job of publishing the book. They have done a superb job of getting translations done. It is widely available.

And what about your websites and titles?

My main site is there we have five books which we have published that are secondary works about the Urantia book. My speciality is in publishing the subtle mental materials which are these new transmissions from the same teachers. It is controversial stuff but I think people will find it a very good way to access the spirit of the Urantia book, including my brand new book which is called the adventure of being human which is featured there and those are advanced spiritual teachings based on the Urantia revelation.

Hour two

You wanted to talk more about the staff of 100, go ahead and tell us that story.

This group of 100 beings that incarnated, 500 000 years ago: This story is somewhat correlated with the translations by Sitchen who said about half a million years ago these gods from outer space from Nibiru. The Urantia book does not say they are from a physical planet. They are actually from a higher sphere, but he got the timing right at least. They are the first epical revelation to any inhabited planet once the indigenous beings who have evolved through hundreds and thousands of years from single cell animals, as in Darwinian evolution, and when humans evolved from the higher apes, then ‘will’ begins to show itself and ‘will creatures’ as they call them in the Urantia book, these indigenous humans from the planet, at a certain point they are ready biologically and evolutionarily for the first off planet revelation and that is done in the form of teacher beings who are planetary missionaries who incarnated near places on the Persian gulf, 500 000 years ago and they created a city and that city is a very misty designation in Sumerian history.

The Lucifer rebellion occurs 300 000 years later, after they built up a pretty significant civilization there and that civilization was teaching very basic skills to the tribes and those tribes were moving out and disseminating it throughout the region. Again this correlates with Sitchen who says about 200 000 years ago, there was a war in heaven, there was a combat among the gods. Indeed the Urantia book says the major part of the celestial administration on the planet went over to the Lucifer rebellion for teaching and a minority of these beings held to the original line of the multiverse administration. Those groups were at war all the way down throughout history, but predominating were the angelic beings on the dark side.

Does the Urantia book say when this occurred?

It said it occurred about 200 000 years ago. The rebellion of Lucifer was propagated by him and his lieutenant named Satan, and propagated to the heads of planets. The general manager of our planet went over to the Lucifer side, the so called lower angels couldn’t imagine these higher beings making that mistake so they went over with them and they went into this new kind of accelerated revolutionary administration, whereas the angels that didn’t held forth and sort of had their own territory in a way in heaven. But they did not predominate. The first thing these beings in heaven did, that is the celestial realm around the planet, is they perverted the original administration of the physical beings who were on earth at this very ancient city on the Persian Gulf, which by the way is called DalMatia.

Have they found archaeological evidence?

There is evidence of a later very ancient place called Dilmun. There was a very old primitive civilization in that region. There is no evidence of that. There is evidence of the second Epical revelation that is 37 000 years ago and that also gets perverted by the angels on the dark side.

Here is what happened: When these beings come to a planet, to inaugurate the first era of revelation, that is teaching the beings things like numbers, writing, plumbing, farming, and various artisanal skills were taught by these higher beings. They subsist over aeons of time, because they bring with them something called the tree of life. The tree of life is a real biological entity which is brought down from the heavenly realms and the tree of life has gone into all sorts of myths, legends and teachings, including Kabbalah. It purports to have been a real entity. They feed by eating of the tree of life, the leaves of the tree infer immortality.

There was a group of beings that attained this tree after this revolution and the breakup of this original city, and they went off into this area North of Mesopotamia, there were several groups and one of the groups followed someone called Nod. And if you know your Bible well there is something called the land of Nod, which is East of Eden.

There is an intermediate history after this rebellion and the collapse of the city and the civilization. The next big story is the descendants of the rebels, the rebel staff accumulate in the area around Syria and Turkey, as the land of Nod. Those are the descendants of this physical beings that mated with the indigenous human beings. That is the Nephilim. This goes back 200 000 years ago. They are not supposed to mate but in the revolutionary regime they decided to mate in order to propagate their knew culture. They mated and they created a new race. This race then accumulated North of that area, and they continued on the traditions of Lucifer and Satan and their culture.

What we are told in the Urantia book it evolved far beyond the original teachings. It was just another culture on the planet. It was actually a viably culture and it existed and subsisted for a very long time until this new era which starts 37 000 years ago. There is also genetic evidence of this that we can get into to.

What happens is this: In a normal planetary evolution process, there is two big things that happen, one is the cultural uplift which is the first off planet group that comes in, which I mentioned was the 100 that came in to teach basic cultural skills. The second great revelation to a planet in all cases is a biological upliftment that come from beings that inject new DNA elements into the gene pool and these beings are known as Adam and Eve beings. Every planet will have an Adam and an Eve. It is the point where its natural biological evolution has reached its apex, all of the genetic potentials have been expressed, which takes aeons of time. When that point has been reached, then the higher administration will send these new beings, known as descending suns in each case, they descend from the higher realms to a physical planet and in this case Adam and Eve were real beings and they incarnated here 37 000 years ago and for this we do have evidence that we can get into. They came into an area off the coast of Cyprus, between Cyprus and Syria and a new civilization was created there so that they could propagate a race. This is the source of the legends of the Aryan race.

The preparation for Adam and Eve were done by another group who were sort of the good guys, the minority group. Out of this group of 100, 60 went over to the dark side, 40 of them did not and a small group of them had a piece of this tree of life and they had immortality. They created their own civilization, in an adjacent area where present day Lake Van near Eastern Central Turkey is. That group was contacted and told to set the stage and create the venue for a new incarnation and they selected an area that is now under water, off the coast of Cyprus and over a very long time actually created a city there and this is the city that Plato describes in two of his dialogues as Atlantis.

If you take the characteristics of Atlantis in Plato’s Timeias they fit with just about every fact in the Urantia book. Where Plato calls it Atlantis, the Urantia Book calls it the garden of Eden.

Does this have anything to do with Gobekli Tepe?

That is one of the validations of the history of the Urantia book. Its history is revelatory. Its science is not revelatory. The history will be born out by research and archaeology so the settlements that have been discovered in Turkey, and Gobekli Tepe, Urantia Book described that settlement in 1955 and tells you a lot about the excavations that go back about ten or fifteen years and it explains how there could have been such an advanced civilization that predates Egypt by 6000 years. How could it be that they had these advanced artefacts and carvings and other artefacts of religion and that is indeed a remnant of the civilization that I mentioned earlier. It is much later, 15 – 20 000 years later but it shows you have a high civilization in the region and it correlates with the Urantia Book.

This was then not standard procedure what happened on this planet with all these different groups, the rebellions and introduction of new species, is that what makes this planet so special?

Yes it makes it so special, it makes it so unique and it makes it such a hazardous place because in a normal planet there is presence of higher avatar beings that are incarnate throughout the entire history of the planet. This civilization that was inaugurated in the Persian Gulf area would still have been there today. It would be the planetary capital and the staff of 100 would still be there. They would be immortal beings so there would be no doubt in people’s minds about their history and the celestial administration.

Is this a plan or a mistake?

It is a mistake. It is not a human error. It is an error of the angelic superhuman administration. I don’t want to promote a victim mentality but we did not create this crazy history. I have as part of this a notion of the fall of man so to speak, but it is an updated post modern, post Einstein version of the fall of man which helps you understand a normal planet doesn’t have Hiroshima Nagasaki, a new world order where they are enslaving the population with high technology, you don’t have genocides.

That is comforting to me to know that it is isolated.

Yes it is the other side which is in the new age teachings is how much we are lovingly attended to and how hard they are working to try to reach us to try to tell us about this history and how difficult it is to get it through.

You can see that with each of these revelations I mentioned so far they defaulted.

What is known as the fourth revelation is the incarnation of Jesus. And it too was cut short by his murder. The Urantia Book in my personal opinion was also supressed. Every time they tried to intervene, it gets perverted, it gets co-opted, and these are loving interventions. The overwhelming picture that I get personally after three decades, is that they are desperately trying to reach us but they cannot do spectacular things that violate our freedom and free will like having a massive flying saucer appearance.

Is someone in our world thwarting these attempts to get us up to speed, whose doing this?

My personal opinion and not the Urantia teaching is that 9/11 for example is a prime case of cultural suppression because the perpetrators had in mind reversing evolution, particularly the kind of spiritual and political revolution that was really mounting in the 80’s and 90’s.

As a publisher in the 90’s I was amazed at the outpouring of spiritual titles, throughout the new age realm. Once 9/11 hit it really stopped that evolution in its tracks. In my view it was the perfect way for the cabal to stop this evolution and to regain control through mind control and propaganda.

What does the Urantia book tell us about the shape that the war is taking today?

The case of Lucifer, actually the legal case of Lucifer, was taken up in the heavenly courts, and this is the case known as Gabriel (the chief administrator of the local universe is known as Gabriel). Do you remember I mentioned the ancients of days at the centre of the galaxy who were the chief administrators of all space time. They do the highest law cases. This case was submitted quite a long time ago with the evidence of Lucifer’s wrong doing. It said it would adjudicate soon in the Urantia book.

The Urantia mainstream people believe the case has not yet been settled, but these new supplemental teachings that I have published indicate that it has been settled and these are the apocryphal transmissions and they state that in the mid eighties the case was settled. The case of Lucifer and Satan verses Gabriel was adjudicated in 1985. So as far as the heavenly rebellion goes, legally speaking it was settled and the millions of the angels that went across, they were adjudicated and a judgement was handed down. It is complicated, not easy to summarise, but a judgement according to this minority teaching in the Urantia book has been issued and it tells you what happens in this case to those beings. They wreaked havoc on the 37 planets that went over onto the side of Lucifer. They are millions and millions of beings and they are under judgement and the judgement states they can be rehabilitated if they will accept the rehabilitation. If they don’t accept it they are free to choose their own extinguishment. The controversial teaching that I have been publishing for some time, and the chief elite group of angels decided to choose their own extinction rather than recant.

We are told that the clean-up of this thing takes a very long time because in human culture you cannot incarcerate celestial beings, they have to agree to everything. They use persuasion in all cases. In the case of Lucifer and Satan they fully chose to their own execution.

It sounds like a complex bureaucracy?

If you study it for a long time you begin to see that it is an incredible economy. It is a highly sustainable system, they generated trillions of successful planets and you have to power these planets with all sorts of resources, physical, biological, cultural, spiritual this is beyond measure in the ability to create sustainability. We have here a totally unsustainable planet. But other planets have the reverse they are highly sustainable, because of the way that the planetary administration has figured this out on billions of other planets.

Life still has a connection to the source?

On a normal planet, you will have visible the 100 incarnate avatars who have been teaching for 500 000 years and if you want to find out what the cosmic story is all about you just travel there and go to the universities of revealed religion. You are not going to run around being an existentialist or a nihilist or a punk rocker who believes there is no meaning in the universe. You will have a lot of range for experimentation but not the wide range that leads to the kind of criminal activity we see on this planet.

Is there a bigger lesson in this?

There is an author and I think the most exciting writer in the Urantia movement, and his name is Timothy Wyllie, and his books published by Intra traditions talk about this very question because he has long been of the view that they built into this celestial hierarchy a weak spot and that weak spot is at the level that Lucifer is in the administration. It is fairly far down in the administration, so those who are higher up can really see how this stuff works but at a lower level they really can’t quite see it. So, they built this in on purpose because of something can break then you can learn new lessons from the rebuilding of it. When you have aberrations like this, the harvest of wisdom, and lessons about evolution is much greater. There is a whole advanced teaching in the Urantia book that escapes many people about this. We are actually in a very beneficial position here in Urantia that we have experienced being way on the outer edges of danger and hazardous planetary existence such that we have become envied by humans on other planets.

When they find out about us they actually volunteer on this advanced planets to come here and witness this to see how we work it out without having any visible planetary teachers, how do they do it? You do it by living by your wits! We are much more streetwise as a planet so to speak.

The Urantia book has a huge teaching on the afterlife. In the afterlife people that ascend from this planet get very special assignments that require very hearty battle tested souls. There are all sorts of adventures that we have, that are selected for us because we can go on without being able to see any visible signs of the higher truth. We go by faith, which is the upside of this thing and makes me proud to be a Urantian so to speak, is that you do gain a kind of super wisdom because you have to draw from your own inner resources far more on a rebellion planet.

Are we tied to the planet?

The reason why people don’t like the Urantia book is because it is a critique of the reincarnation cosmology. It is an ascension cosmology. After death one does not return to a new body here, but you graduate to a higher sphere, to the heavenly realms. There is a kind of a reincarnation but not of the soul and it is an arcane subject not quite worth getting into today. In general where we are going is we are resurrecting at the next highest level, a metaphysical planet, actually a sphere and we continue to do that throughout our eternal life here. You are moving upwards and into that central universe I mentioned. You are looking back on your life here and you have had a very rugged time down on planet earth and everybody knows you for that.

To answer your question it is much more serene in the afterlife than it is down here. You are meeting people that are incoming from other planets and they are coming into their afterlife and they don’t have as dramatic a story as we do and they love to hear our stories. On this planet we appear to love drama. Drama was introduced to us by our celestial superiors, so no wonder we have great opera and all the rest.

So the administrative forces in this world that are still doing the bidding of Lucifer, how do you see that this is going to play itself out?

It is going to take a long time because the planetary cabal, bloodlines I believe, that go back to the original rebellious staff hundreds and thousands of years ago, they have a monopoly on a lot of resources. It is going to take a lot to break that. They may not have the off planet input as David Icke would say, off planet entities giving them the energy, which is literally the case all though they are not literally Reptilian, they no longer have access to that however there is still the residual field effect. The morphic field or the field effect of the Lucifer rebellion, is still here, of course countering that is the field effect of all the spiritual goodness in our history as well. We have competing fields. They are still pulling from that field and their field is reducing. One way to refuel the dark side is to have false flag operations like 9/11 or Sandy Hook and you generate that same energy of fear, terror, paranoia and literally these are real energies that really are resonant and it is field effect. As long as they can continue to do these things and operations they will be able to feed from that and use that for mind control. Now, the scales are tipped because the off planet assistance is no longer there, but on planet they still have a lot of resources as you know.

In the new incursion of spiritual help that I mentioned, called the Correcting Time, also called the Teaching Mission, specifically the mission of teaching the Urantia people these specifics that I have been giving you. They have indicated that the cavalry is coming over the hill. They have sent a massive new wave of celestial help from all around the universe to get us through this current dire sustainability crisis and for a lot of reasons. This planet is the focus all over the local universe because this is the place where Jesus incarnated. It is a special planet for that reason and I have not emphasised that enough. That is a central teaching of the Urantia book. This is a planet of great sentimental value, throughout the local universe because this is the only place that the local universe creator incarnated so they are going to make sure that we pull through.

Is Lucifer’s spirit strong enough to take a new shape?

Again looking at 9/11: 9/11 was a very small group of people who were definitely incarnated with the worst features of the Lucifer rebellion; with an agenda of mind control. It is a drama, some of them don’t understand any of this history, they are just into this mass manipulation for gross profit. I believe at the core of that are an occult group of practitioners, who still draw from these residual energies of the Lucifer rebellion.

Can this be broken?

Yes, according to any spiritual teaching. You break the field effect of so called evil through prayer, through worship of the true GOD, through loving service, wherein you create a new field effect, you bring in the Holy Spirit which heals and absorbs, these negative energies. You can see it happen in healings. You can see it happen in communities where there are incarnations of the holy spirit that heals entire groups and even countries. That is the spiritual work we are all doing. This is the great work. There is this dark side that is rising up and we have to use all the tools we have to create a new civilization.

Is there something genetic within us?

There is a lot on genetics in the Urantia book, the Adam and Eve incarnation were injecting a new aspect of genetics into the gene pool and that was aborted. We would have had them present on the planet still to now. They would have created a race of beings that would have by now inter married throughout the entire planet up-stepping the genetics of all races. As to a diabolical splicing of other genetics, that was in the breeding of the race called the Nodites. They were the group from the Nephilim and they were propagated after the fall of the original staff of 100. They were able to propagate and create this race called the Nodites which I personally interpret as being the origin of the illuminati bloodline. This is a superior genetic inheritance but it is very much diluted from those distant times. There isn’t anything in the teachings that I am working with about any recent genetic interventions.

I have heard people say that there are extra-terrestrial hybrids. That is not covered in the Urantia book.

You said history is revelatory but the science is not tell us what you mean about this?

The Urantia book is really like a great triad of principles having to do with science, philosophy and religion. What they are doing philosophically is they are trying to say this triad must always come together, that there is going to be a scientific component to any religion in the sense that your religion implies a science and a cosmology. The Urantia Book provides a very advanced science that is commensurate with the spiritual teachings. You can think of it kind of as a post Einsteinian science. So you could have a post modern spirituality and have a flat earth cosmology. It gives a highly advanced cosmology, but the cosmology is not inspired. It is a scaffolding that allows you to envision a much bigger GOD, much bigger universe, much more intricate evolution, but it is not revelatory. It will stand on the record of ages. They are not permitted to supersede our own efforts to make scientific discoveries. That being said there are many scientific statements in the Urantia book that are prophetic.

Chief among them is the first text to clearly describe free energy, that is the quantum vacuum. It is the first text to describe plate tectonics by 20 years. The notion of Pangea, the big super continent that then drifted apart and created all the continents, which we now know is the case was absolutely not known, it had been theorised but was very marginal when the Urantia book came through. It was only the 60’s and 70’s that plate tectonics and continental drift was accepted.

The downloads that constitute the science part of the Urantia book were done by 1935. It predates that theory by decades. There are many other things I can catalogue them for you quickly if you like.

I am curious to know what the book says about free energy can you encapsulate that a little bit?

It is a little bit over my head. There are still parts of the Urantia book that thirty years later I am still trying to get. There is a whole chapter on energy. And if you have an interest in physics read it. It basically says that space itself has potency. Space has resonant in it nearly infinite energy. The way galaxies are created is that there are beings who know how to tap space, and to create a kind of vortex and the vortex causes energies of sub space to manifest in space. Out of the quantum vacuum so to speak energy and particles come forth into a vortex and these are huge. They create these huge nebulae which begin to rotate then suns are thrown off and galaxies are created. Galaxies actually originate from the quantum vacuum. It is a way of saying that all energy in space time comes from this realm beyond space time. All advanced civilizations have learnt how to tap that quantum field.

The new transmissions of the correcting time, the teaching have quite a bit of stuff because people have been asking the celestials, ‘so tell us about free energy.’ They say yes indeed, this is real, on other planets it is used. It’s a dangerous thing on your planet because you are a backward planet, but indeed this is how space travel occurs and this is how advanced planets power their energy systems. It’s a pretty neat aspect of the Urantia book. The physics they describe in the Urantia book is not a revealed physics. It is not perfect but in a way it is far ahead of anything existing today.

There is a sense that our population cannot be trusted with this energy because we are so mind controlled in the first place, we are so prone to warfare in the first place. We do need to convert but we need to have a spiritual revolution a long with it.

There is a section on Jesus?

Do you know you have a great teacher from Sweden named Emanuel Swedenborg?

Swedenborg’s theology is that the Christian teaching of the atonement document is a perverse theology and the idea of a blood atonement of Christ is rejected in Swedenborg churches. And that particular teaching is one that is targeted by the Urantia Book. To say that Jesus was not present here to be a sacrifice! And so the whole tragedy of the church to go on this strange doctrine of blood atonement was horrifying because the teachings of Jesus are about the golden rule, about ethics, forgiveness and mercy. It is not about he came here to sacrifice himself, nor to ransom GODS favour. And that is the core teaching of Christianity that this man died for our sins. That is probably the dark side that got this substituted for the real thing, the reason why he incarnated, which was to teach basic ethics, and a basic picture of the universe as a loving and friendly universe.

Why does God need a sacrifice?

If you look at the time that Jesus lived and look at the teachings of especially the Hebrews. The Hebrews believed in the efficacy of blood sacrifice. It is not a surprise that Paul, especially St Paul, seized upon that myth to gain attention of the pagans and to say okay this is the final sacrifice. Sacrifice is a valid idea if this is the final one and you don’t have to do it anymore. You just have to believe in this final sacrifice and then you will be saved. The Urantia book is ambivalent about Paul. They say he was a brilliant teacher and disseminator, but he perverted the basic idea and used this kind of like a propaganda tool, to get the Pagans and the Hebrews to come over to the Christian cult. It is good advertising to speak to what the audiences prejudice is. It was used by dark forces and used to whip the population into shape, the idea that sinners have to believe in this, and if you don’t you have hell to pay.

It becomes another mind control mechanism. What a grand perversion of very high teaching and yet another aspect of the tragedy of our planet.

Religion has to be one of the most effective mind control programmes. Is the Urantia Book a new religion?

It is a very thorough critique of religion, the cultism, narrowness, fundamentalism of it, the need for priesthood and the need for dogma. All of that is critiqued kind of ruthlessly in the Urantia book. It is very hard for a Urantia believer to create a church because of that or to try and adopt a priesthood. People have tried it, a group local to me. It is very hard to do because when you sit down and read the Urantia book it says, ‘no this is all about the individual, it is about your personal relationship with the divine, its about these loving relationships with these higher forces and beings and you don’t need a mediator and you don’t need a structure. With that said, you need to socialise with other people who believe this or communities but it kind of comes down to a quaker model where there is no priesthood, it is where groups have a worshipful, meditative relationship together with the divine without the need for symbols, rituals, dogmas and priests. It is creating a postmodern spiritual religion without the trappings.

Will this be for people who are waiting for ET’s?

The new prophecy is quite controversial. They are prepping a new incarnation, a new avatar. It states that there is a time in the history of any planet where you have a new dispensation to inaugurate the postmodern era. You kind of terminate the age and put an end to the civilization of the past and you inaugurate a future civilization. This is done with a new avatar. We are told that a new being will incarnate soon. This will be in the midst of the sustainability crisis which is already very dire. In this particular teaching the sustainability crisis is beyond the tipping point and there will be a massive event of environmental disaster, including population die-off. It is in connection with that that a reboot will be hit so to speak and there will be a new staff of incarnate beings and there will be a visible very high being at the heart of that. In our case it is ad hoc. It is going to map itself into the needs of the planet. The new book that I have put out has a section on this and it is known as the magisterial mission. I am soon to come out with a whole book on this mission which is in about three months.

Who did these updated transmissions come through?

After this adjudication that occurred in the mid 1980’s, the planet was quarantined until the adjudication. After the quarantine was lifted, then you could have much more proficient contact with the angelic hierarchy. There has been a huge upsurge in contact throughout the world and throughout many religions and languages with higher beings including extra-terrestrials.

Within the Urantia domain there have been in about 100 locations, Urantia students have been contacted by these beings. It took off in the early 90’s. I was in a group that received these teachings out of the blue and they basically contact people and they channel but they use the Urantia book as the reference. And that material is gathered in a database called the TM archives and there are 50 000 pages, 5000 sessions or so. This is the biggest channelling phenomenon in the history of religion.

I am the primary publisher of that material and the book I just mentioned is the fifth in a series that comes from these apocryphal supplemental teachings known as the Teaching Mission which is a subset of the correcting time. Within that community has been the prophecy of the coming of these incarnate avatars.

What do you make of all the other ET contacts?

I published the books of Phillip Croff, he was an abductee, so I am pretty conversant with some of the literature. There are a small minority of transmissions that we have received from extra-terrestrial beings, what they have told us is that there are many millions of civilizations that have the ability to travel space. They do come and they do visit. If you are a rebellion planet, they are not permitted to because the planet is quarantined. Those ET’s that have penetrated did it either by special permission or they violated the quarantine, and that is why I have come to believe that some of them are diabolical, I tend to follow those that say that. They have superior ability to use surveillance and certainly wok with planetary elites to carry that out. In that hypothesis they would have supreme access to everything that is going on. I am of two minds because I am sure that there are benign extra-terrestrials as well. It is a very mixed bag. I have come to the views of Martial Summers and people like that, who say that there is a dark extra-terrestrial presence.

Thank you

Sophia’s correction
Teacher of ‘directive mythology.’

If you have been following our website for the last years you will know we put focus on many of the earth changes and space anomalies that have been reported by the media, alternative press and individuals on their own blogs, websites and youtube channels. Obviously there is so much that it is practically impossible to keep up with it all. Some of the major stories have been about magnetic North being on the move, strange spirals appearing in Norway, Australia, Mongolia, New Zealand and Russia. There have been birds falling out of the sky around the world. A mirage city mysteriously appeared in China in June. A portal like light burst bubble was seen over Hawaii. And the sun rose two days early for our friends up in Greenland. There have been strange plasma like light phenomenon in Fortworth Texas, and many other places as well. Low rumbles and hums are recorded and there are also people saying that the sun rise and sun set has shifted that it is setting more towards the North and that the quality of light is different. Some people are even saying that the stars are displaced and the moon is consequently also behaving strangely. And then we have the usual strangeness continuing as well with increased amounts of earthquakes, strange weather patterns, sink holes have opened up in different places around the globe and strange bright lights are being recorded around the world and while some of these strange phenomenon might be a consequence of technology or experimentation I don’t think it explains everything and the suggestion is of course something else is going on and the question is what? Maybe we are making a mistake when we are connecting all these different phenomenon but they are nonetheless all contributing to the sense of strangeness that something is going and who knows? Maybe the strangeness has just begun. John Lash is back on the programme with us today to talk about Sophia’s correction and what might the reason for many of these anomalies. John Lash is a self educated freelance scholar who combines studies and experimental mysticism to teach directive mythology and that is the application of myth to life rather than its mere interpretation. He is a leading exponent of the power of myth to direct individual experience and drive historic events over the long term. He teaches the critique of belief systems and on his website he presents a radical revision of Gnosticism with original commentaries on the Nag Hammadi codices. He also presents the only complete restoration by any scholar of the Sophia myth, of the pagan mysteries, the sacred story of Gaia, Sophia, recounting the origin of the earth and the human species from the galactic core. How are you John?

I am very fine Hendrik thank you so much for having me on again. It is a pleasure and a privilege.

What is Sophia’s Correction?

Sophia’s correction is a term taken from the gnostic writings of Nag Hammadi. It is found in those texts. It is a clue left to us by the Telestis who were the ancient seers who directed the mystery schools and the ancient schools of initiation in Europe and the Pagan world. It is a very intriguing clue for, Sophias connection, for a number of reasons because the myth of Sophia, the story of the goddess Sophia that was the centre piece and guiding vision of the mysteries and is really the only true planetary myth that we have that explains the origin of the earth and the origin of humanity and also explains as well the presence of predatory extra terrestrial beings in our world.

I recovered and restored this myth from my study of the gnostic materials. This myth is not my creation, it is not the invention of John Lamb Lash, not by a long shot. I am the only scholar who has completely restored this myth which I consider to be the directing myth for the human species.

The gnostics themselves and the ancient seers who developed it also considered it as such. I mean myth in this sense as a story of power and magic and a true story presented in a metaphoric or poetic form; I mean myth in the sense of a deeper truth not in the sense of a fiction and fabrication. The beautiful thing about this myth is that it is an open ended myth. When you take any other myth from any other culture like the myth of Ragnarok or the end of the world myth from Tutonic or Scandinavian mythology or when you take the Biblical myth of creation and the coming of Messiah and the end of the world, all the myths that you can examine that have come down to us have a pre-scripted end. This story about the divine Sophia who is the earth goddess and is in fact embodied in the earth does not have an end. It is an open ended experiment. The myth is an invitation to become involved in a cosmic and supernatural dimension of life and to be conscious agents and participants in the future of the earth itself. This is a tremendous concept. This is where Sophia’s correction comes in.

The word correction is found in the Nag Hammadi texts as the word ‘diorthosis’ which scholars translate as correction. It can also be translated as dual solution or two form solution. It means the solution or the correction to a problem. So what is the problem that is described in this Sophianic myth that is due to be corrected?

The problem is the goddess Sophia as the myth tells us conceived that there could be a divine experiment with humanity, our species. She had a particular idea of how this experiment would go. The way we are living now, the place that we find ourselves on earth currently is a place in which this divine experiment has gone badly wrong. Something is very wrong about the way we do business and the way we treat each other and the tremendous degree of secrecy and manipulation that permeates our world.

One of the beautiful aspects of the Sophianic myth is that it addresses this situation. Sophia’s correction is actually the solution to this situation. This is our guiding theme and the beautiful thing about the correction that humanity is about to achieve is that it is a cooperative correction made with the earth goddess. It is not something that we as human beings just do on our own. We finally figure out what is wrong. We finally figure out where all the secrecy and deception are coming from and clear things up: certainly that is possible. The beautiful part of the Sophianic myth is it offers us the opportunity to clean up our act and bring humanity back into the true path of our divine experiment with the earth goddess in actual interactivity and communication with her. I call that interactivity with Gaia Sophia, Planetary Tantra. It is a name that I have put on the practice of that interaction and communication. We stand now as a species on the threshold of Planetary Tantra.

Why now? What are the properties of this John?

There are three particular reasons why Planetary Tantra would be possible now.

One is that we are coming to the end of a great cosmic cycle, which is the cycle of the procession of the zodiac. According to my calculation which is based on the Dendera Zodiac in correlation with other Maya Aztec and Hindu chronologies; the great cosmic clock of the zodiac; the great processional cycle ends in 2216. I choose that date because that is the date when the winter solstice aligns with the point toward the galactic centre. The location of the winter solstice is currently about 2 to 3 degrees offline from the galactic centre. When the winter solstice aligns exactly with the galactic centre: that is the zero hour on the cosmic clock, as it was calculated in ancient times.

It becomes possible in the last 200 years of this vast cycle of 26 000 years to make a tremendous leap and amplification in human experience and to actually recapitulate our past, see the errors of the past, jump beyond those errors and move into a period of rapid amplification and acceleration of human consciousness in these last 200 years technically called Kali Yuga.

Is this connected to a cosmic alignment?

This opportunity for Planetary Tantra right now and this opportunity for interactive magic with the planetary goddess is deeply physical in many ways.
These anomalies that we are seeing are indications of the physical breakthrough into interactivity with Sophia.

I said there were three factors. One of them is that it is happening within a cosmic timeframe. The cosmic timeframe does not guarantee that anything is going to happen. The ancient teaching says in the last centuries of Kali Yuga where we are living now that is the time where humanity as a whole reaches its worst state of degeneration, absurdity, stupidity, violence and oblivion.

And we sure can see it John:

At the same time because there is a double message about Kali Yuga, the other thing that the Mahayavana Tantra says is that even though the great mass of humanity descends into degeneration, this is the time for the highest opportunity for spiritual development in the shortest period of time. This opportunity for very rapid fast track spiritual development and fast track acquisition of shamanic and magical powers by our species uniquely occurs in this timing. That is one reason.

The other two reasons why it is happening now is first of all humanity, the human being is organised in such a way psychically that we have had to go to the worst case scenario for our species before we can break into the secret of our divine experiment. This is not going to end in a nightmare. This is not going to end in a doomsday scenario but we had to go to the point where it would almost be so, where that threat would actually be looming on the horizon in order to be in enough shock to be woken up.

Kali who rules over this period of time which is exceptional degeneration and exceptional advance is the shock goddess. She awakens us by shock.

We have to be shocked by the prospect of a nightmare by our own making in order to wake up and seize the true potential for this divine experiment. The third factor is Gaia herself: the living, animating, divine, indwelling consciousness of this planet is like the consciousness of an animal. She is an animal. Gaia is a name taken from science from the Gaia hypothesis by Lyn Margulis and James Lovelock and I have talked a lot about the Gaia hypothesis in my book, ‘Not in his Image,’ because it is very compatible with the gnostic vision of Sophia. Therefore I coined this joint term GaiaSophia to bring those two things together. It would be a very good practice from here on as well as thinking about the planet as a super organism as Lyn Margulis calls it as well as realising the planet is alive and that it is a living being and is not a dead lump of matter. Think of it as an animal. I call that animal PAM: Planetary Animal Mother.

PAM is waking up. PAM is like a big big lion, she is a very ferocious animal; very protective of her progeny. When Gaia awakens to the plight of humanity and we humanity awaken to our plight and then to her presence as a living divine animal, then it is a whole new game. That is the shift and the shift is now. I am not talking about things that are going to happen. I am talking about what is happening. She is making her awakened presence available to every single human being who can bring themselves to it. Planetary Tantra is the simple practice by which each individual can bring themselves to her living presence and make this connection one person at a time. And this is a great opportunity that is unfolding.

Is this a window of opportunity?

It is a window that is open from now on. It is not a window that is going to close. It is like the aperture of a lens, opening to a portal for humanity to enter and in that portal is the meeting with the goddess and the interactivity with the earth and the continuation of the restoration of the divine experiment according to her terms. The gnostic myth says she is a divine being who conceived the human species, and also conceived a certain experiment for us. When we can interact with her intelligence and know what that is then we are really on the proper path for our species.

Are her protective tendencies for us John?

For all species: She has a fiercely protective sense for all the living species on the earth and if she sees them in danger she will respond, but there is a particular role we play. I have kind of taken a chance in my latest writings on to say lets’ call ourselves her pet species.

I want to qualify that being her pet species doesn’t mean that humanity being the pet species of the goddess is any better than any other of her species be they beavers or bears or whales or beetles. But, it means we have some exceptional role in her dream in her aeonic divine plan for an experiment. We play some exceptional role. Her protective tendencies are certainly very strong in regards to the human species. She keeps coming up with measures to protect us and these are not things I have invented. These are things that I can describe and everyone can verify by their own experiences.

Are humans separate or different from other animals?

Disconnection is a disadvantage or a risk that we face because we carry exceptional faculties that other animals don’t carry.
When Sophia acting from the pleromic centre engineered the human genome, the human genomic design which is called an anthropos, she conceived it as possessing certain faculties which are metanoia, dianoia, noos, epinoia and other faculties like this which are noetic capacities, intellectual capacities of our species, which other animals don’t have. One of them is obviously the capacity for language and for complex symbol systems. Another marked capacity of humanity which makes us exceptional but not superior is that we can extrapolate and plan and model things. Beavers can build a damn and that takes a certain amount of beaver genius and it is a marvellous thing but we can build fantastic bridges. In order to build a fantastic bridge which beavers could not build, we have to preconceive that bridge and preconceive the steps of constructing it. That is one of the gifts of our species, it is called modelling and putting into application what we have modelled. There is also a great drawback with that and that is we can model things and simulate things and get more interested in modelling than in reality. We can get lost in our concepts and our simulations. The gnostics warned against that because when we get lost in our models and simulations, we get lost in playing with the tools rather than in using them, we become subject to their archontic deviance and that is when we really go off the track. In a way one of our highest gifts which is language and symbol making and modelling also carries certain risks which other animals don’t have.

It is the curse and the gift wrapped into one. Would this explain our collective neurosis?

When we make models and culture and construct things abstractly and we construct language systems and we use codes, we become so fascinated with these that it subtly over a period of time takes our attention away from our source which is nature. No matter what models we can build there are no models superior to the models of nature herself. Unfortunately a lot of it leads us away from nature and into a self referential maze of our own thinking and of our own abstraction and when that happens we do become insecure, paranoid and neurotic because we have lost contact with our source, the source of life which is our planet and not just the physical planet but the living and divine intelligence of the planet. And so we have lost our way and we wonder into narcissism and we wonder into psychosis. This is basically where we go and we can’t go much further in that direction.

Why was the Sophia myth left open ended?

The Sophia myth is incomparable for two reasons. First of all it is the only complete coherent myth we have that describes our origin as a human species and the evolution of the earth, the conditions of the solar system and many many other things. It is the myth for our species. Just as each indigenous tribes in Australia and Africa and the Arctic had a myth of origin, the human species has its myth of origin and this is it.

Second of all it is left open ended which makes it a participatory myth, technically speaking. The gnostics did not invent this myth as a mind programming tool as certain myths have been invented for that purpose: for instance the myth of the Messiah, the myth of the chosen people are toxic myths of human invention that have been introduced as mind programming tools.
Absolutely on the contrary the Sophianic myth is a mind liberating vision story and it is left open so that we can participate in it and also it is left open because in fact they did not know how it was going to end. They put us in a story and where we are today we come to the story realising that it has reached its critical point and that we are involved in the solution of the divine Sophia. We are involved in her correction.

These anomalies that we are seeing in the sky: the length of the day, the setting of the sun, weird powerful rumblings and inexplicable sounds coming from the interior of the earth, vortexes appearing in the ocean, huge vortexes appearing in the Caribbean ocean. You could name more than I because I think you carry them on your news feature.

Sink holes and spirals in the sky, what is that all about?

I am not saying I can explain all these anomalies. I am suggesting that if we take the Sophia myth and we bring it right up to the current moment, we say okay Sophia is a name for the divine being from the cosmic centre who turned into the earth. She is the wisdom goddess, the earth goddess. She is alive and she is now taking the earth on its own course in interstellar space. The Sophia myth is an astronomical myth. It is a story about something that happened in this galaxy and how the solar system and the earth arose.

We currently know based on science that the earth belongs to a planetary system that is orbiting around the sun and this entire planetary system rather like a fleet of ships is sailing along upstream in the third arm of a four armed lenticular spiral galaxy. Everyone can form this simple picture. When you form this picture you have the actual setting of the Sophia mythos.

I am starting to work with a group of people who are collecting observations on these anomalies and as they send them into me I am attempting to use my understanding of astronomy combined with this myth to explain what these anomalies are by way of saying up until now, up until Sophia’s correction, the planet earth was captured in the solar system: gnostic cosmology teaches us this. The planet earth is an organic body captured in an inorganic system.

None of the other planets in the solar system, Mars, Jupiter Saturn contain organic life in large animal forms. There may be microbial forms of life on these planets. They don’t contain life in the form that it is on the earth.

The earth is an organic body captured within this inorganic celestial mechanics. The correction of Sophia is an actual astronomical event. I couldn’t talk about it until now. Many people asked me. My book came out, many people who got the Sophia myth and learned it in the 9 episodes came to me with a question and said well John what is happening in the ninth episode, we are in the ninth episode, Sophia’s correction is supposed to happen and how is that going to happen. I didn’t tell them any answer because I didn’t know. Now I realise I was acting from a deep gut intuition but not even trying to answer that question because the wonderful reality here is that the correction of Sophia can only be known in the moment that it is happening. And that moment is now. These anomalies are indications that the earth is beginning to move as a self propelling self directing material globe.

Out through the inorganic system that we are trapped in?

That is right. It doesn’t move out of the inorganic system even though that is possible. I am using a nautical metaphor to help picture what is actually happening: imagine the solar system as a fleet of ships. Don’t even think of the sun as another ship. Think of the sun as a huge eddy; it is a huge spiralling vortex or eddy. This eddy is moving down the stream of the galactic arm. You know when you are standing by a river or a little creek sometime and you are looking at the surface of the water, you can see that there are eddy’s in the water and they travel along down the stream and they keep their form. Imagine that the sun is a vast eddy of solar plasmic energy and that the planetary system is moving around it in such a way that the whole collection draws itself into a spiral because the solar system is not flat. The eddy is moving, so the orbits of the planets are drawn into spirals. That is the motion to visualise of the fleet of planets.

Up until now the earth which is a member of that fleet of planets has followed the general laws and has been in formation with the fleet. What it is doing now is it is taking its own course. I believe I can prove that to be so. I can show in specific detail regarding the observations that have been made; for instance the sun would appear to be setting more hard North? That is because of a certain movement the earth is making independent of the whole rest of the solar system. Hard science would say it is impossible for earth to do anything other than what it is supposed to do when it is locked in celestial mechanics of our solar system. I don’t care about science if it doesn’t fit the evidence. These anomalies that we are seeing and I am expecting we are going to see increasing anomalies. I expect we are due to see staggering anomalies, anomalies that stop people in the street and leave them with their jaw hanging open. Science will not be able to explain these anomalies within the current paradigm of astronomy. But, if we follow the journey of the earth through the stars, through the intergalactic space, where it is sailing, these anomalies can tell us what the mother ship is doing. How she is actually turning her course. Where she is turning her course, what stars she is using to navigate by, it is down to that detail and this is what I am doing now in my navigational experiment I am conducting with some people.

We have an author in Sweden called Harry Muckton and he has written a story Aniona about this space ship that people are on. Where is it going?

Using the nautical metaphor: if you want to understand Sophia’s correction I propose that the best tool to use is a nautical metaphor. It is a very interesting metaphor. The earth is a mother ship sailing through the starry seas, that is a metaphor. This metaphor is a literal description of what the earth is doing. It is the same as saying that the earth is a planet moving through interstellar space. That is also a metaphor. I am saying let’s use a metaphor that we can participate in. We are passengers on a mother ship sailing through interstellar space.

On the navigational deck which is where I stand, we can actually understand and chart the journey. How is it possible that I can say the earth is taking her own self propelled motion, moving slightly in relation to the solar system, assuming its own detectable motion within the solar system and that is going to cause enormous astronomical and geophysical anomalies. Where is it going? The mother ship is taking her own course now and she is going actually, back home. We are all going home.

What is home? According to the Sophianic myth, home is the galactic centre. We are going back to the galactic centre but we are going back on a long slow boat to China. We don’t go back by zipping into the galactic centre. We go back by sailing up the big lazy river of the galactic arm. The sun and solar system is said to move around the galactic centre every so many billion years.

Picture this: the sun and the earth and the planets are moving around the galactic centre and each time they make a full circle they move a little bit more inward toward the galactic centre; it is like a closing spiral. If you want to visualise astronomically as well as poetically, Sophia’s journey as planet earth is a journey around the galactic centre but moving more and more in and returning homeward because she comes from the galactic centre. The being dwelling in the earth is an aeon or divine energy from the galactic centre. We can plot the way she is moving through the stars and moving in relation to the galactic centre. This can actually be plotted and I am showing how to do that and by this plotting we can understand how and why these anomalies are taking place.

I will give you one example, I realise this is very wild: One of the first anomalies noticed is that the sun is not rising at the same angle anymore, it is rising very hard to the North. It seems to be further North than it ought to be. How can I explain that anomaly in terms of Gaia taking a new course. The earth is in the galactic arm and the galactic arm is a river of stars, but she is not sailing on top of the river of stars, she is sailing in the river of stars and sometimes she can go deeper in the river of stars that is she can go down and sometimes she can go up in the river of stars.

It is my understanding that in taking her new course; Gaia is using the star Canopus which is in the constellation of Argo in the Southern Hemisphere. It is the second brightest star in the sky after Sirius. She is using the star Canopus as sort of a lighthouse or siting point to set her new course and the star Canopus is deep in the Southern skies. She is setting a course and she is dipping down slightly into the Southern skies and the star stream and the result of that would be to make the rising of the sun appear further North as she is dipping to the South. It would make the axial orientation to the North appear more extreme. It doesn’t really change but it appears to and the appearance of the anomaly is real. That is the amazing thing. You can observe it but you can’t explain it by ordinary astronomy.

Hendrik reads an article on the movement of stars and planets from:

Furthering to that point: June 29th 2001 astronomers using NASA’s Hubble space telescope have spotted something extraordinary: Apparently there are planet sized objects wandering through a distant globular cluster of stars. Unlike the other planets in our solar system, these objects are loners. They have no central star of their own. Because the findings are so exciting researchers said they must be confirmed by follow up observations. If this discovery is verified it can change the way astronomers think about stars and planets and how the two are related.

I am so glad that you read that because I also came across that article. When I first started teaching the Sophia myth and sharing this fantastic story I brought up the outrageous point that the earth is an organic body captured in a planetary system. At the time I brought that up I shook my head and said nobody is going to believe me this is too outrageous. Now, science says there can be such things as free floating planets. So, if there can be free floating planets in the spiral arms of the galaxy then there can be the possible scenario of a free floating planet being captured into a planetary system.

If the gnostic seers were right, which I strongly believe they were because they worked in teams and they were trained clairvoyants, trained observers of the universe and trained shamans. If they were right then this is what actually happened to the earth. This is actually how our solar system came about. One of the lines you find in the Gospel of Philip of Nag Hammadi says, the world system that we inhabit came about by a mistake or ‘animoo;’ an anomaly.

What is that anomaly? The anomaly is that the earth is a profoundly alive organic planet captured in a more or less inorganic system. That is a kind of observation. The very fact that scientists have been able to view these remarkable mist clouds and these free floating planets is due to the fact that planet earth is slightly breaking away into its own course. As it does so it is going to move in a way that takes it out of the paradigm of the solar system. The paradigm of the solar system has a kind of control on our perception. The paradigm of the solar system and the planetary spheres is an archontic matrix. We don’t really live in that archontic matric but we can be captured in it and as we break out of the archontic matrix we are going to see fantastic things in the cosmic environment. It is like a journey where suddenly we are standing on the deck of the great ocean liner, getting up out of the cabins, putting away our magazines, turning off our ipads and getting up onto the deck and look at what we are seeing. Look at the islands that we are passing. Look at the ship wrecks over here on the right and the left. We are actually on a voyage with her. The entire perception of the human species of its place on earth can rapidly and radically change as this voyage proceeds.

The first story I read was back from 2001. They were looking for confirmation. May 18 2011 after scientists had confirmed this phenomenon estimate that there can be 400 billion wandering planets in the Milky Way alone?

And we are in the Milky Way: the Milky Way is the name that we give to the visible edge of the spiral arm where the solar system is embedded. The visible edge of it is not the whole spiral arm it is only about 3% of it. Just imagine what we don’t see in the spiral arm if we only see 3% of it with the naked eye. Science will be discovering things as Gaia corrects her course, as the mother ship takes her own course in interstellar space. We as people standing on the deck as passengers and crew are actually going to be seeing these things and there is nothing to be afraid of. It is not about planets and comets coming to crash onto the earth to destroy it. It is about awakening to a fantastic journey with the planet.

We have been looking for planet x and Nibiru and what have you John, what if we are becoming it, one of those strange planets that has a weird orbit and we are going to travel through other systems much the way we get stories that we have had a visitor as well.

I often think many of the things we are expecting from outer space are actually going to come from the earth herself. We may not be on planet x, but we are definitely in planet S, that is S for Sophia.
Let us take the hard edge scientific stuff that comes with this. How could we make a journey like this without a companion star to keep us up on the way and furthermore cosmic radiation and a number of things we hear about which are dangerous out there.

The gnostics were very subtle teachers and had a profound grasp of the relationship between physical reality and the mental projections of reality. They were noetic scientists of an unsurpassable level of finesse in my opinion. One of the things that they pointed which is one of the more difficult parts of their teaching to understand but very valuable to understand it is that any physical system carries with it a mental paradigm. If you change the mental paradigm associated with that structure you change the structure itself.

What is happening to us is not only are there going to be astronomical and geophysical changes as the earth assumes her own proper course in interstellar space, but there are going to be mental and psychological changes in our species and the biggest change which is ongoing right now is that the entire archontic false matrix falls away. It literally disintegrates. Part of that archontic false matrix which has many dimensions, which people call mind control, prison planet, the matrix. Part of that false archontic matrix consists of scientific knowledge which is quite frankly wrong. You can spend two or three days researching this. For instance go and look at the people showing how Einstein was wrong and explaining how. Go and look at the people teaching plasma cosmology and the electric universe who are saying that the whole idea that gravity rules the universe is completely wrong. In so many ways the accepted scientific paradigms, ‘this is the way it is, this is the way it works,’ are simply wrong and they are going to fall apart because at the same time the astronomical correction occurs, there is an enormous correction in the human mind simultaneously. One of the beautiful opportunities of this correction is the breakthrough to free energy systems. We are on the threshold of the breakthrough to free energy systems. There is only one thing that stands in the way of this and that is due to go down very fast and very hard. I am not making predictions here. Free energy systems are the true dynamics of the universe. Why wouldn’t it be the true dynamics of planets as well? If Gaia could realise her own ability as a free energy system, who says she needs to be in a planetary system in order to carry on her journey. We don’t know and we can’t rule out the possibility.

I have always seen the scientific field as being a prominent construct of control. It has limited the way humanity has been able to use their creativity, their imagination, think outside of the box. It seems we have been on the path all this time limiting our knowledge. There are more and more mysteries opening up to us every day because of our observations rightly so controlled by the scientific field. Our sense of magic, our sense of wonder and fantasy have been slashed, cut, disintegrated because of the fact that we have been limited in the way that we think.

Correct. Science and these master theories like quantum theory, string theory and relativity is just total crap when you really look into it and it has really crippled our ability to perceive the real dynamics of the universe. This has happened for over 150 years; Science and physics got really off the track in the 18th C and science today has become nothing more than a mathematical game and it doesn’t really allow us to perceive the true dynamics of the universe or interact with it, but that is changing as we speak. True science and true magic are not incompatible. When these false paradigms like quantum theory and string theory crumble because the evidence overwhelms them and when we get to true science we shall also be in true magic and that is where we want to be as a species because that is what the divine experiment offers for us. It offers for us to realise our highest capacity by an understanding of physical and natural laws to the level of magic. Imagination plays an enormous role in how we reach that point.

Tell us a bit about your website John?

My website is It is a teaching website. The whole process of presenting and transmitting the Sophianic vision of the gnostics and developing planetary tantra with people is a completely free educational non profit event. I don’t make money off it, I don’t do seminars, I don’t charge anything. The site is there as an open source for information. If you go to the home page of metahistory you will also find that recently there have been three recorded narrations of the Sophianic vision story. And I would like to thank the people who provided those narrations. Beautiful narrations; so you can listen to the story as well as read the story.

Many people say that the moon is an artificial body. You seem to take this a whole step further when you say that the whole system is artificial?

According to my understanding of the astronomical truth and the astronomical facts that are encoded in the Sophia myth, this is the way to understand the solar system. The earth is an organic body and it is actually the living embodiment of a divine being from the galactic centre. She, Sophia (wisdom), morphed herself into the planet Earth. Then the earth becomes the habitat for many different species including one particular species, the human species which was also the creation of this very goddess.

The myth says that when the goddess Sophia was in the pleroma before the earth was created, before the earth came into being, she had a vision of an experiment that she wanted to see happen. She envisioned the setting of that experiment as a three bodied system. This is called in the language of the gnostic text a trimorphic protennoia. Trimorphic means three bodied and protennoia means the primary idea. The primary idea that the goddess herself has was she sees the three bodied system and sees the human species appearing in that system and living out a certain experiment and we are learning now exactly what that experiment was and what the terms of it were.

The sun the moon and the earth are structurally coupled, they are part of the Gaian system.

The Gaian super organism is the earth itself but the total Gaian dynamic is a three bodied system. So even though the moon may not be as far as we know, organic in supporting life, or the sun. The moon and sun are integral to the support of life. They are not hostile in anyway or alien to life on earth. They are actually integral to the support of the Gaian super organism. The rest of the planets of the solar system, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are an inorganic celestial mechanics: that is the archontic part of the system. The sun moon and earth is the organic part and the organic part is where Gaia’s experiment is being played out.

I would completely and absolutely disagree with David Icke and other people who are getting on the bandwagon about this artificial moon. The moon is not artificial. The moon appears to be an artificially constructed satellite because that is in fact how the earth intelligence herself, set it up. She uses the moon to monitor life on earth in certain ways; it is her tool, her satellite, her bio feedback device. The moon is a bio feedback device of the living planet, it is not some artificial satellite, set in place by the alien extra terrestrials.

I want to point out something very quickly and I am glad that I have the opportunity to say this because this is an outrageous omission. I like Credo Mutwa very much. I think that that Zulu Sanusi Shaman is a profound voice of the indigenous wisdom of our planet and there is very important testimony of him from his shamanic background. I will point out that Credo Mutwa who has worked closely with David Icke has said there are these predatory aliens called the Chidori. In certain respects those predatory aliens that he describes are very similar to the archons that gnostics describe. I don’t know why, I can’t be the only person who has noticed this, but in his testimony of the Chidori, Credo Mutwa makes a remarkable statement. He tells about all these encounters and his own abduction encounter which is hair raising and gruesome and he tells what they do and how they were responsible for the separation of the sexes, because the original androgynous human went into these caves and then they came out and they were separated and apparently now he is saying that there is a Zulu legend that the Chidori set the moon in place as an artificial satellite. But, the observation that I want to point to is that Credo Mutwa says that the Chidori, ET Annunaki aliens are liers and deceivers. He says they are known to be liars and deceivers. He is not the only one who has said that. If you look at the comparative material you can build up quite a case. The gnostics said exactly the same thing about the archontic mind parasites, they are liars and deceivers. Michael Harner who was a key figure in the shamanic revival of the 70’s was one of the first people to go to the Amazon and take Ayahuasca and in his ayahuasca vision he saw an Annunaki archontic type dragon figures who flew in the sky in a kind of canoe and they talked to him in his Ayahuasca vision. They told him, ‘we created the human race, we are the dragon masters, we seeded you on this planet,’ and everything and his mind was blown. When he sobered up and he had his briefing afterwards with the old Ayahuasca shaman, he said you know I can’t believe it I met these alien dragon like beings and they told him that they are our creators and the shaman laughed and he said they are liars they tell everyone that.

It is a good point, they wish. Why should we trust their accounts?

If Credo Mutwa has said that the Chidari are liars and deceivers and this testimony is supported by other cases, then why does he believe the story about the moon because that story comes from them? I think a lack of critical scrutiny is very serious here. These beings have told us they are lords of the universe. I have pointed out that the Annunaki script of Sitchen is disinformation, it is a lie planted in the human mind to make us think we are a slave species. The whole slave species scenario is a lie. And the first people who pointed that out were the gnostics. I am taking up the torch and reiterating that message.

I guess they take this information as coming from a higher source so is not run through the same critical filters that we would do with another human being.

There you go. These archontic beings are psychic shape shifters and can take various forms. I believe the Annunaki, the Archons and the Chidori are shape shifting versions of the same mind parasites. Another translation the gnostics gave for the word archon is ‘rulers and authorities’. There is a huge warning in that. Basically don’t listen to the authorities or anyone who presents themselves as an authority, especially when it is an authority on the supernatural.

When we take them as an authority for instance when we go to the Sumerian tablets and I think Sitchen’s reading of them is very dubious, but let’s say they do contain this story of a genetic intervention but just because something is written on clay tablets 3500 years ago doesn’t mean it is true. It is no more different than something written in the Wall Street Journal. We have to be very careful about authorities. One of the great breakthroughs that is happening now is that the power of the authorities is being shattered by the in-pouring of the Gaian mind into the human mind.

Gaia’s correction began on March 19th 2011 and is going to last for three years until March 2014. It is going to happen very fast and in this time what will become evident in many aspects of life will be like the veil falling off your eyes. Many people can have the same experience of what they previously took on authority, whether it is from science or from a channeller, suddenly falls apart, and some more beautiful self evident reality breaks in. It is going to be a breaking into the human mind. The divine Sophia goddess is breaking into the human mind, that is her intervention and we can actually observe and verify how that is happening. It is not a fantasia that I am proposing. I am asking you to bring critical scrutiny to what you are told and look at the evidence of your experience. There is no authority greater than the evidence of your own experience.

The control of the archontic matrix would be assisted quite a bit if at the outset we have the advantage of thinking that they are our creators. From square one we will be subservient to them. Why does communication come so frequently from them and the firewall falls apart in that frame of mind and people totally believe what they were told.

There is a firewall and the gnostics talked about this a lot and they talked about immunity to the alien presence. They didn’t mean that you block out the alien presence to the extent that you deny its existence. The gnostic seers were acutely aware of the psychic extra dimensional presence of these mind parasites. They were the first ones who observed them and left us a record of their behaviour, of their modus operandi and of their two primary forms which are the draconic or reptilian form and the neonate or embryonic form like an aborted or premature foetus. This information profiling these intruders is in the gnostic text. They were acutely aware of them but they were also acutely aware of how to ward them off, dispel them and put them in their place. We have a very weak immunity as a species now. We have a weak immunity to psychic intrusion. The reason for that is we are sexually very degenerate. Due to a long and sad story since the cults of the goddess were overthrown, sacred sexuality was overcome and replaced by patriarchy and the rule of theocrats or men, we have had a down spiralling of the quality of the sexual experience in our species.

When the quality of sexual experience is high, when we have the ability to experience sexual ecstasy together and rapture, the freedom and the joy and the bliss of sex for its own sake and not for procreative purposes but for the beauty and pleasure of the sexual act then we have a high psychic immunity. Good honest clean voluptuous sex produces a high psychic immunity. The pagans had that in their world, they had a healthy sexual attitude. The sick and pathological sexuality that has emerged on this planet over the last 2000 years is of course due to the Abrahamic religions, due to the condemnation of sex and then you get something wicked such as the sexual apartheid of Islam.

The reason why we have a very pure immunity is: lack of contact with the earth, lack of having your bare feet on the earth, lack of being in nature, breathing the air, and lack of absorbing the natural elements of the earth also lowers our immunity to these psychic intrusions. Therefore, it is understandable that when people venture out of their normal mind frame into a psychic or supernatural journey by ayahuasca or any other influence, they are going to be facing forces with a weak firewall. The gnostics talked how to build up that firewall, how to ensheath yourself in an envelope of organic light by raising kundalini. Kundalini is the main weapon against these archonic intruders. You can actually zap them with kundalini. It is very easy to kill archons, it is very easy to drive away and kill predatory ET’s. I have wiped out many of them. People are to be taught psychic self defence with regards to these entities. The fact that they are encountered in these altered states, doesn’t mean that they are masters of the universe and it doesn’t mean we can allow them to tell us things without applying critical scrutiny. Furthermore the best foundation for critical scrutiny and the best foundation for taking a stand in relation to these entities is the Sophianic vision story. That story explains who they are. It tells us what their role is and it tells us what the threat they pose and it also tells us how to confront them and how to ward them off. This is contained in the first apocalypse of James. This is clearly an exchange between a gnostic teacher and his student where the gnostic teacher describes alien abduction. Then he says listen all you have to do when you stand in the presence of those beings is to tell them that you are of the race of the divine Sophia, that you know your origin and that they are not your parents and they will dissolve because they are powerless they can only operate through a lie. We are in a very desperate state with these archonic beings now because through religious indoctrination and mind programming as I explained in ‘Not in his image,’ there have been centuries of the breakdown of the human mind, leading us to a pathological state where in a sense some people are walking around possessed by these archonic parasites. And who are these people? Unfortunately they are the people that are largely in charge of our society, in charge of the military and the government, many of them are in the entertainment business, many of them are in the media business and they are archontically infected pathological predators. If we want to survive, and have a life worth living on this planet, the moment has come to face those predators. The Sophia myth also gives us a framework in which to do that. It is an invaluable tool for orienting ourselves to this momentous shift that is now happening on the planet.

The Abrahamic suppression of sex and their strong foothold was this an instruction that the archons gave to the elite priest class at the time, or was this something that was a consequence that they themselves were damaged or hurt in some way?

The one thing led to the other. There was a need for men at a certain point as rejected human beings to assert their power. They needed an excuse to assert their power. They were vulnerable to this archontic influence and to the lies that came through mainly channels: watch out for channellers. The soothsayers of the ancient world brought in this Annunaki script. The Archons brought their story to our species through channelers, psychics.

I would like to address what you said and bring it around to something very important. The Abrahamic religion is about the problem. I would like to steer from there into the solution. I great deal of the problem as the gnostics identified it is Abrahamic religion. The gnostics gave us a brilliant analysis of the Abrahamic religion and one of the amazing things about their analysis is that they pointed out that it has a parapsychological origin. The Abrahamic religion programme of the chosen people, the paternal father god who is entirely male, the removal of the divine feminine from the creation process, the divine Messiah saviour that comes, the glorification of the suffering of the saviour, the victim perpetrator game between saviour and saved and the end of the world scenario. All of those elements were of a parapsychological or extra human origin. They were an implant of the archontic powers into the human mind. An alien implant as Castanada suggested. They give us their mind as an alien implant and that alien implant is a mental virus and it had to come to humanity through a vector like any other virus. This has nothing to do with blaming the Jews, because the ancient Jewish people and the Jewish people living today who are genuinely Jewish, have nothing to do with the cause of this problem. It just so happens that it was in an ancient Jewish sect that this vector planted itself. That is the way it worked out historically. There is a moment in history where parapsychology, exopolitics and extra terrestrial influence comes into history and turns us away from our connection to the divine Sophia and from our connection to our own sexuality as a source of pleasure and beauty.

Pleasure and beauty is what it is all about as far as Sophia is concerned. If she had her way entirely we would just live in pleasure and beauty all of the time because that is her dream for us. We got turned away from pleasure and beauty and turned away from the healing powers of our own bodies by this Abrahamic archontic virus. I want to bring this right up to date now.

One of the messages that I would like to put out to people in this interview is that there is no more time to get involved in the problem. It is time to get involved in the solution. We have been looking at the problem for a long time now and it is a complex problem and I have great admiration for the sleuths and the detectives and researchers like myself. I have looked into the past to figure out how humanity could have reached this psychotic nightmare that we appear to be in today and how this massive mind control scheme could have been established. I already submit to you that we already know as much as we need to know about the problem and to really concentrate on the solution.

A key factor in getting to the solution is 9 11. The event of 9 11 is like a riddle presented to humanity. Our own madness has presented us with a riddle. Our psychosis as a species, our alienation from the divine source that we are standing on and the divine source at the pleromic centre has driven us into a psychotic state and that psychotic state has blown up in our face with a riddle. We cannot get to solution unless we solve that riddle. We are coming around to the tenth anniversary and what I see happening, just an observation, I believe there is going to be an orchestrated attempt to crush the 9 11 truth movement. There are very devious things going on. There are people who are betraying the movement who are probably planted there to do so in the first place. There is going to be an attempt by the official powers to celebrate the tenth anniversary and say to the world well it was awful and we all agree but we are going to go beyond that now. Lets put that behind us. And lets go in with the official version and let the authorities take care of us. But that’s not the way I see it playing out my friends. I see the 9 11 event exploding because we have been provided with a fuse to blow the 9 11 riddle right open so that it blows a hole in the human psyche that we can move out of psychosis into a sane way of life. The fuse is lit and it is burning. That fuse is the work of Dr Judy Wood.

Some of you are sympathetic to the 9 11 truth movement and I am too but I have to tell you the very sad and unfortunate news. At least this is John Lash’s opinion.

From its inception and especially from the third or fourth year, the 9 11 truth movement became a controlled opposition and was deeply penetrated by Co Intel Pro. The proof of this is in the position taken by Steven Jones and Richard Gage regarding the work of Judy Wood. By the way they respond to the evidence in her book. Her book has more evidence about 9 11 than anything ever written or probably ever will be. She does not speculate, she does not theorise, she presents the evidence of what we actually see there and they will not face that evidence and that proves that they are Co Intel Pro, they a part of a controlled opposition. If we correct our perception about 9 11 based on the truly sober and scientific work of Judy Wood we have a breakthrough toward the correction of our species and that also leads to the breakthrough of Sophia, the two things are really closely related. We have to get through 9 11. We can never put it behind us. This is how we get through it. I can tell you in one sentence. The 9 11 truth movement which is controlled opposition has claimed that the official story is wrong the buildings did not come down because they were hit by airplanes, the buildings came down in a controlled demolition due to thermite explosives planted in them.

First of all this is not true. The best authority in the world is the evidence of your own experience and the evidence of your own senses. It is not true to say that the official story is wrong because the buildings were actually brought down by controlled demolition because the buildings did not fall down. If the buildings fell down then there would have been 110 stories of rubble and there isn’t. There is at most 15 to 20%. There are maybe 12 stories of rubble. Where are the other 80 or 90 stories of rubble?

Everybody saw what appeared to be the buildings falling down because of the way that the floors seemed to be removed as the buildings disappeared. Actually what happened is that the buildings disappeared and they disappeared in front of everybody’s eyes. No matter what you think about CGI cloaked missiles, missiles disguised as airplanes hitting the building which I think was the case. No matter what you think about the possibility of some thermite traces in the dust, thermite even if it had brought down the buildings by controlled demolition could not turn steel and concrete into dust.

Judy Wood’s evidence and her case leads to one irrefutable brilliant clear conclusion that the 9 11 event was done by the use of free energy devices that are capable of disintegrating the molecular structure of matter and turning it to dust right in front of your eyes. If you don’t believe me look at the photographs in her book. They are photographs of the building actually turning to dust. What was all the dust? Why didn’t the paper burn. She shows that the only thing we know of is free energy. Now I want to come back around to the solution and I want to pick up a point that I made in the first hour, in order for us now as individuals and as a society to realise this fantastic opportunity of Sophia’s correction; we can take the riddle of 9 11.

The way we deal with this event is key to taking responsibility for life on earth and taking responsibility for the future. It is absolutely clear to anyone, scientists or non scientists that the inference of Dr Judy Wood’s work is that these devices already exist which means some human beings have the knowledge of free energy physics. They know the laws and the principles and they know how to construct these devices but it so happens unfortunately that those people are using them as a weapon against the rest of the human race and that they are genocidally insane. That is the worst possible thing that can happen on this planet. Only by facing 9 11 can we deal with it, not by putting it behind us, not by forgetting about it and not by being appeased by the authorities who are now going to try to bury it, not by being tricked by the Co Intel Pro controlled opposition.

Everything on a geopolitical scale that consequently has happened in the last ten years is because of 9 11. How can we forget it? Forgetting about it, forget about that!

We may as well give up and say we have no control and we have no responsibility for correcting what has gone wrong in human society. And I am saying no way. It is not going to go away in September 2011 which is a new 9 11. I see the possibility and the opportunity for the breakthrough that 9 11 really presents and that is where we come around to the solution. First of all I urge everyone to read ‘Not in his Image’ and read the story in the first six chapters of the rise of the Zadakim sect of the ancient Hebrews. The Zadakim sect was the religious fanatics of the dead sea, they carried the archontic virus that is now mutated into a global pathology. None of the secrecy and manipulation and deception that we see in a mass scale on this planet could happen if that infection had not taken place. That infection has to be lanced like an abscess. It may not be a pretty thing to do. When that infection is lanced, the source of that infection is identified, then the great healing of humanity can occur and that is now. Somebody has those devices and who are they? The gnostics gave us an idea of who they are.

Was 9 11 orchestrated from an archontic consciousness. In some regards it appears to be a shoddy event and on another level if you study certain things within the event it seems beyond brilliance, recently I put up on the website what the children were chanting in the classroom when Bush was sitting reading the story of the goat, the book, upside down, ‘kite’, ‘hit’ ‘steel’ ‘plane’ ‘must.’ What the hell is going on there?

One of the things we need to be very careful about regarding both the archontic powers and the archontically infected human being, the interspecies predators and psychopaths who are running around on this planet; we need to approach them both with great courage that they can be defeated and great vigour. We need not to over attribute to them.

I am of the view that there is a large tendency among certain people that are exposing the new world order mind programming orchestration to over attribute it; to say that these psychopaths have these satanic rituals. No, they are just like serial killers. They like to do things ritualistically, but what makes the whole thing so dangerous is not their magical power but it is the contagion of confusion.
In the contagion of confusion we all become suggestible and in that contagion of confusion that cloud of confusion and deception around these beings, we unwittingly start to manufacture things in our minds that contribute in a way to the magic that they are trying to perpetrate on us.

We must be very skilful to avoid that danger and one of the best ways to get out of that danger is to read what the gnostics said about the people who are today the heirs and final heirs of the original vector of the archontic virus. It is the people who are the heirs of that vector who have these weapons and intend to use them against humanity and wipe out the human race. I have to point out that they are insane and one of the reasons why I am strongly urging now that we spend less time on the problem and more time on the solution because that there is a huge risk in going into the solution and going down one rabbit hole after another. If you are playing chess with a psychotically insane person you will never be able to understand their moves.

The gnostics warned in crystal clear language, they told us the ammo of the archons and the ammo of the archons is the ammo of the Zadakim cult and it is the ammo of the people today who have these weapons and that is it is a plan of absurdity and senselessness. It is a of absurdity and senselessness.

They will throw anything at us to keep us occupied with the things that they consider important.

I suggest this point as a point of warning. If you want to investigate the planetary predators and the people who are perpetrating lies deception and manipulation that is throwing our world into chaos, go ahead but watch the film Manhunt which is the prequel to Silent of the Lambs. Manhunt shows you how the detective who is tracking down a serial killer almost goes insane because he has to put himself in the mind set of the serial killer in order to catch him. That is a very dangerous game. And the serial killer knows that. The serial killer loves to play with codes. They love to lay down rituals, they love to lay down a trail of bread crumbs because while you are walking along and sniffing along the trail of bread crumbs and figuring out the latest code that they use, they are perpetrating more crimes. I warn all of you who want to track down and expose these criminals do not get involved with that because you will not reach the goal, it is only to their advantage. It is time to turn to the solution and the solution is twofold as presented by the challenge of 9 11.

One responsibility is to recognise and face the facts. Those buildings did not fall: they were turned to dust by free energy devices. The inference therefore is that free energy devices exist and this is the moment for our civilization to claim that technology and find it and bring it out because with the free energy technology in this world, we are not going to have a perfect world, we will not have a perfect world, there will be conflicts, there will be differences, but we will have a much fairer world and we will have a fair chance to create a cooperative and compassionate society of mutual aid and that is in line with Sophia’s vision for our experiment.

Sophia is an aeon from the divine pleroma. When we come to understand the physics of the galaxy we are in; the relation of the core of the pleroma to the galactic arms; in that understanding is the recognition that the pleroma and the galaxy we are in is a free energy system. We live in a free energy system. True physics is a free energy system and those parts of the physical world that don’t appear to be are just exceptions to the general rule.

The beauty of the universe is that it is by in-large founded in large on a free energy physics and Sophia being a divine being and being an instrument herself of divine intelligence wants her pet species to discover that magic. That it is withheld from us and that it is used by a tiny fragment of genocidal maniacs is the great crime we must face and that is why 9 11 is the turning point and cannot be forgotten.

Energy is everywhere in the cosmos. It is everywhere around us. It is an abundance, yet here on this planet we are encouraged to put on a sweater because Gaia is dying.

It is a complete fraud. I also want to point out that this term eco fascism, which is a very good term, is the false plea to Gaia and save the earth. Al Gore, Maurice Strong and all those people are accessory to this madness in their own way and they are promoting a complete hoax. It is a complete hoax and it is only a pretext. They don’t care about the earth, they don’t know Gaia. They don’t love the earth. It is just a hoax for steeling and controlling the resources of the world and it is time to face this frontally. With the evidence that Judy Wood presents I think there is fantastic opportunity to find the real truth of the 9 11 truth movement. Let the controlled opposition fall away and let the real truth emerge and let people ask themselves and each other and ask their governments, if our scientists are so brilliant and our engineers are so wonderful then how come they are not presenting our society with free energy systems. We know they exist because they were used to destroy those towers.

The breakthrough comes from us. The breakthrough is also coming from Gaia Sophia and I would like to wind up our talk on a more positive note telling you how that is coming about. I restored the gnostic Gaia mythos and I called it the fallen goddess scenario because that is what it was typically called. Fallen goddess means that a powerful entity, a divine being in the galactic centre fell out of the galactic centre which the aeons and inhabiting gods of the galactic centre normally don’t do and fell into the realm of physics and materiality of the galactic limbs and got involved in planetary evolution and that is the story of our PAM, the Planetary Animal Mother. And when I retold that story in 9 episodes I ended up and said the 9th episode is the moment of Gaia’s correction. Gnostics didn’t say what that was but we are going to find out when it happens. People wrote to me and said this Sophia story is so beautiful and if she is here, if she is alive, if she is aware, then is she going to do something? What is she going to do? Is she going to intervene.

It is sort of like that moment in Avatar when Jake turns to Neytiri: the military industrial complex is coming right and they are going to destroy the natural habitat of the Pandorans and Jake says ‘lets go to Awa and ask her to help, doesn’t she intervene.’ Awa is the avatar equivalent of Gaia, the mother goddess. Neytiri says, “she only intervenes to restore the balance of life.” That is a beautiful line. That is a very inspired line.

GaiaSophia is now intervening. She is intervening in a way that I couldn’t say before because I couldn’t know what it was. I couldn’t predict it, I couldn’t invent it, I couldn’t second guess it. The message I am now giving to the people who are now working with me on the deck of the mothership following the navigation, the message I am giving is: We come into correction with Gaia in real time. This is real time. What is happening in real time? A number of things!

She is making her intervention on several fronts but primarily she is making it by breaking into the human mind. Try and think of a supernatural power breaking into the human mind rather in the way that a wave of surf would break through a plate glass window into a room. And how does she then reveal her presence to us and speak to our hearts and speak to our minds? She does it through the awesome power of her beauty. Beauty is her weapon. Beauty is the most powerful weapon of the earth goddess. Her beauty is breaking into the human mind with correction. This started on the 19th of March and is continuing with an accelerating and amplifying move. As the beauty of the divine Sophia breaks into human imagination it produces spontaneous spiritual experiences, spontaneous awakenings in all kinds of people all around the world in different moments. These awakenings can happen in a dream and typically the dream will involve white: a white woman, a woman in a white robe, a white animal or just white clouds as white is the colour of organic light. It has nothing to do with racial white or black. This breakthrough is happening in a general sense with the beauty of Gaia coming to recognition in people’s minds. On the 19th she made her first hit on the human psyche. She is hitting the human psyche, yours, mine, everybodies with a kind of an impact that is very intentional.

We had a supermoon?

Supermoon, right!

I am developing a navigational process on the deck of the mothership as it were. I explain that the mechanism of the moon which is called the line of the apsi’dies, the barycentre and the point which the moon is closest to the earth which is its perigee and furthest from the earth; that mechanism is the steerage of the earth. Gaia uses the lunar mechanism to steer the earth in interstellar space. People can observe whether this is true or not.

On March 19th it was a supermoon. The moon was at its perigee because it was very very close to the earth. That happens once a month. That is the moment when a signal went out from the interior of the earth which indicated that Gaia was beginning her course correction. That signal was due to the fact that the barycentre which is the point of shared mass between the earth and the moon, which circulates inside the earth, momentarily exceeded the speed of sound. The result of that is there were anomalous phenomenon at that moment. One of them was these sounds coming from these caves in Tibet another was rumblings and inexplicable roarings coming from inside the earth that were reported in Canada, Florida and some of these are still continuing. These anamolies are due to the activation of the steerage mechanism of the earth moon system.

What she steers with: imagine it not like a steering wheel that is round but more like a control-yoke like you use in a video game or in an airplane. She uses a yoke and this yoke is actually the earth moon barycentre device. One handle of the yoke is the perigee and the other handle of the yoke is the apogee and she actually steers because these two points are not constant. By observing the way these two points apogee and perigee of the moon are moving I can plot how she is steering the planet.

You who are interested in following that can then make observations and compare those observations with what I say. This can be verified. The process of correction is not only the breaking into the human mind and imagination of an immense source of beauty which is the presence of Sophia herself. It is not only a supernatural and metaphysical event it is an actual astronomical event which can be plotted chartered and verified. That is the fantastic thing about correction. We can know that it is happening in real time. As Sophia brings the power of her attention to the human condition and brings the power of her mind into our mind, she is not going to intervene in events, she intervenes in our mind set. One of the signs of this intervention is that the whole archontic paradigm of false science is literally going to crumble, it will fall apart because the obvious falsity of it will be made apparent by these anomalies. That is much more convincing than a theory.

What happens then is people can basically participate in this. What would you suggest people can do?

It is easy to observe the anomalies as they happen locally and collect records or reports or testimony. Keep a record of what the anomalies are. You can write to me at
I am saying lets accept a nautical metaphor but this nautical metaphor of you participate in it, it will actually show you what is happening. The great thing about the solution or the correction is that we can participate in it whereas if we go back to the problem too much we end up participating in the problem. This correction is going to happen in ten seconds of her time. I have to tell you that Gaia’s process is vast and fast.

In our time are we talking about three years?

Yes. 1 second is 108 days of our time.

What is the journey that Sophia is taking us on toward the centre of the galaxy is that on a timeline are we going to travel for thousands of years?

I call it the journey of living eternity. The correction that starts now is an eternal journey and our participation in it as human beings becomes an eternal witnessing and an eternal interaction and actually the secret and the beauty of everlasting life comes to be revealed in the process of this journey. I would like to leave everyone with a name and a title for the Sophia myth. In its received form from the gnostics it is called the fallen goddess scenario and it has 9 episodes, but when the moment of correction comes, which is now and we have that magnificent opportunity then the story changes. I am not calling it the fallen goddess scenario anymore. I have given another name to the present and future part of the story. I call it Wisdoms Dare. Wisdom is the word Sophia. Wisdom is the name of this goddess. The earth is wise. All creatures of the earth are wise, the clouds, the skies, the grass is wise. The earth is a living embodiment of divine wisdom. And we are her children as well. And so wisdom dares us to join this experiment. And that dare comes from her and when you hear that dare, when you feel it and it comes into your mind and heart at any particular moment that is the moment of responsibility to be a real human being in a real divine experiment that is no fantasy. That is what we are here for. That is our purpose here on earth. I trust that every single human being capable of responding to her who is not too sick from the archontic infection can absolutely know when that dare is in front of you. Wisdoms Dare is the name of this experiment and the name of this story and it is ongoing and eternal.


He is the author of five books including the ancient secret of the flower of life, living in the heart, the serpent of light and his newest one the Mayan Ouroboros.

Drunvalo is the first person in the world to mathematically and geometrically define human light body in ancient times called the Merkabah. He is the founder of the flower of life facilitators that have been teaching his work in over sixty countries. He is with us today to discuss the end of the Mayan calendar and what the earth is going into as one cycle closes and another begins.

Melchezidek tells us about a transformation that will take place on earth unlike any other. Drunvalo argues that we will experience physical, spiritual and frequency changes as we mature and transfigure into different beings.

* * *

I have been teaching now for a little less than thirty years. This is constantly leading us toward higher consciousness. That is the focus of my life.

How are we and the planet evolving into a greater form of consciousness?

If you look at the precession of the equinoxes, which is the wobble in the earth’s axis: science thinks that it takes 25 771 years for that to go around once; the Mayans say no it is 25 625 years, they are off by 142 years. That cycle is what everything is about. What the whole earth is leading into is that there is a whole paradigm behind that. It is huge and is talked about since the Veda’s 6000 years ago and is in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. It is behind everything that they are saying. It is the focus. According to them this cycle they divide into half. It is about 12000 and something years each way. We have just come around the last half. On December 21 st 2012 at about 11:11 Pm at Chichin Itza in Yucatan Mexico, the sun, the earth and the centre of the galaxy lined up in a straight line. You might say that is like an eclipse or something. From the Mayan point of view and the tribes that work with them, it is way much more than that. For the last 12 000 years, the cycle has been male dominated. Starting on December 22 nd 2012, the cycle switched to female. The females will basically begin to control the world as the males have for the last 12 000 years. They will take over everything. They will take over the governments. They will take over the religions. They will take over everything. This is what the Mayans are saying because that is what happens when this happens. In 12 000 years from now, they will get all convoluted and kind of crazy like the males are now and the males will take over again and coming down the dark side, they will protect us as we go into there again. This cycle has been going on forever.

It is perfectly evenly distributed but what happens is the males will come down in the last 2000 years. At this point all we are doing is having wars all over the world and going crazy. That is what happens all of the time according to the Mayans. They wrote in their predictions a long long time ago that this is what is going to be happening right now.

The world has looked at their prophecy and only seen the part where they talk about the male side. They see all the male institutions and everything that they have created dissolves away and from their point of view the governments and everything dissolves away and a whole new way of perceiving the reality appears which is purely female. This is what takes over and this is what keeps the balance as we evolve over time. There are a lot of things that they have in their predictions but they haven’t talked about them mostly because it is so outrageous.

The Mayans have predicted there will be a physical pole shift in the next few days before January 1 st 2016.

Magnetic or polar flip?

The magnetic poles are predicted by present day scientists now; that they are going to reverse themselves that South is going to become North and North South. If you go to the South Pole right now what is going on is insane. There are holes being formed all over the area. The magnetic lines come out of the South Pole and then they wrap around and come into the North Pole. There is a great deal of scientific debate about exactly what happens. That is another subject. The lines coming out of the South Pole; there are these holes forming and in these holes the lines are going out into space, like they are going to wrap around and then they are turning and coming back and going right back inside the earth. These holes are getting more prolific and they are getting bigger and bigger. Scientists did a nova programme in 2003 which described all of this information so the audience can buy this and listen to it. The magnetic poles are getting weaker and weaker and weaker. They have been getting weaker for 2000 years. They have been getting weaker a lot over the last 500 years and over the last 45 years they have really been getting weaker so weak that all of the aeronautical maps for landing airplanes around the world had to be changed. The magnetic North is not where it should be.

Is it heading toward Russia at x miles per year?

It depends on who you talk to. Generally right now it is at about 40 miles per year. It is on land right now in Siberia.

Some people have said this is the reason why we have seen whales beaching, birds on different flight paths?

It is pretty much accepted in science that that is what is going on. The whales beaching they have never seen it before. Whales use the magnetic lines for their migration. Those lines have been fixed for a long time. In the last 45 years those lines have become so weakened, they are meandering and they are changing their shape and direction. Now these magnetic lines that the whales follow along the coast will take them to where they want to go and a lot of these lines turn and come into land and when they do the whales follow the line and get beached. Even whales that are 40 miles back get beached also because they are locked into following the magnetic lines and the same way with the birds and lots and lots of other things. You can bring it right down to the menstruation period of human beings. Things are changing all over the world because of this.

I think of the report from the Greenlanders that the sun is rising two days early? The anomalies are incredible:

If the Mayans are correct and along with the Mayans is the Hopi prophecy that corresponds exactly with the Mayans and even the Kogi and Arwako set of Columbia, who are considered higher than the Mayan and Hopi, but are related. They say the same thing.

We are about to go about a transformation on Earth, the likes of which no one has even imagined taking place.

It is not just a physical change where the magnetic poles are shifting North and South and reverse followed by a physical pole shift which will be just incredible with a civilization this big. From their point of view this is the unimportant part. The important part has to do with consciousness itself. This is why we have been on board with them. The Melchizedek consciousness and the Mayan consciousness and the way we perceive the world is identical. We have the same understanding and the same set of constructs to be able to relate with. What they talk about is shortly after the pole shift there is a change associated with this pole shift which has to do with the way human beings interpret this reality. We actually see the world differently; not the way we do now. Over a very short amount of time according to them, we become something that would not even be considered human, although we will look the same. Our way of perceiving life is altered so dramatically that it is a complete change in humanity itself.

What period?

They don’t know but they do believe that the primary transformation will take place in a period of thirty hours. The full transformation of what this means, they are not sure of this moment. I am not either. Definitely it will be done. The outside date of all this is January 1 st 2016. All of this is going to be completed before then. We don’t know precisely when.

Is this a cycle that initiates with the end date of the Mayan calendar?

The date of 21/12/12 is the moment when the alignment takes place, when the earth and the sun and the centre of the galaxy are aligned. I have spoken with both of the primary Mayan councils, the Guatemalan council of elders with Don Alejandro Serio and the Itza Mayan council of elders with Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech who is now the head of the entire Mayan nation.

When the conquistadors came in 500 years ago, their purpose was to destroy the Mayans and they did. They had huge libraries with information greater than anything we have now. They destroyed all of those books. The Mayan prophecy says that all of their information is going to come back to them. That is exactly what is happening. Actually a movie should be made on this because it is so amazing. All of their sacred knowledge is being returned to them as we speak. It has gone from four books to thirteen. There are now thirteen books that are available for the world to believe. And there is a little more than a thousand more that are coming.

This implies that the conquistadors knew what they were doing?

The Vatican plays a huge role in the entire worlds’ finances and everything else. It is just amazing what is going on there. I am not going to put down the Vatican. At that time they were mostly interested in the gold and that was their whole purpose. Now in modern times they do understand the implications of what modern day science believes because they were so concerned about the Mayans having a chance to be able to say to the world.

We have something called Unify Earth which will be the largest global networking event if it takes place. They expect 2.5 billion people to be watching it at the same time. All of this was set up exactly for 21/12/12. But, when they tried to lease Chichin Itza, the Vatican found out, got in the way and forced the Mexican government not to give it to them. Mexico’s government had to pass a law that on 21/12/12, the Mayans were not allowed to do any ceremony in any of their own temples, anywhere in Mexico.

Are there reports on this?

The Itza Mayan council sent me a copy and said look at this. They won’t let them do ceremonies in any of their temples now.

What are they afraid of?

There is no doubt that the Vatican is behind this but we don’t know what the Vatican is afraid of.

What would drive the changes in consciousness?

The Mayans say yes there will be DNA changes. We will be altered from inside out. These DNA changes are triggered, they say by this alignment with the centre of the galaxy. They are talking about first making a change here on the third dimensional level of this earth. And then they say we move from here up a frequency to the fourth dimensional level of the earth. We actually go into another level of existence that the word is not really aware of. From there our bodies begin to change. We grow we become a lot bigger. Females get to be ten to twelve feet high and males become fourteen to sixteen feet high with these huge brains. We transform ourselves and they say it takes a two year period and our body goes through metamorphosis. This is why they never talk about these things because the world would just say you are crazy, this could not possibly be. Their science is far more accurate than anything we have on earth right now today. Their calendar is more precise than all of our computers in the world could create. And that is even after they made all the adjustments to time in the year 2000. They still can’t get as accurate as the Mayans have. The Mayans have connections with other levels of existence that we don’t understand at all. We don’t even know where they came from and we don’t know how they got to where they are. Ask any of the Mayans. If you ask any of the Hopi, Kogi or Awako where they came from, they say that the last place they came from was Atlantis. All of them do and they have said this to me personally. They talk about Atlantis and what happened there. There is no scientific proof that Atlantis existed other than what Plato said.

There are things that happened in Atlantis that are still affecting us today. I have just written a new book it is called the Mayan Ouroboros, which is the snake biting its tail, which is the end of a cycle coming right back again. They have a glyph for that which we will put on the cover. They have incredible beliefs around our world that we don’t have at all. And at the same time their science is so accurate and so perfect we don’t believe them. We don’t even know where they came from. They say they came from the stars before Atlantis. They know exactly where, they know how and they know when. We don’t understand. It is like the Hopi. What archaeologists say, that they came from Russia across the barren straight and come down through Alaska, Canada and finally walked themselves into the four corners of the United States near Arizona. But that isn’t true. Grandfather Eric who is the keeper of that tribe is a friend of mine and has told me all of their history. He says they came out of Guatemala. We know exactly where we came from. We know every trail we came here on. They were received in Palenque. They were there for 800 years and then were moved by the Itza council and then moved up to where they are now. Our history is just filled with errors. It is hard to talk about a history that nobody knows.

The halfway point was marked by the great flood. Are these shift points marked by a purging?

Yes, basically what happened in Atlantis is there was the misuse of energy in a science that we are just learning about right now. In the misuse of that it split the dimensional levels apart and caused a catastrophe the likes of which we can hardly imagine. The last 200 years of Atlantis was hell. People will filled with beings from other levels of existence. They were possessed. They were all sick and dying. It was horrible and there are levels of humankind that are higher than us. They were human but they have gone beyond us. They are people called Ascended Masters. They are real and they are really here. There are about 8000 of them. Without them we would never have made it. They actually helped us solve a lot of those problems. And they have been trying to fix the problem that we have been under for a little less than 13 000 years. That problem has just been fixed. It was finally fixed in 2008.


We don’t know that. There is so much that is secret going on in the world. What science does know but they don’t talk about it to the world is that in order for a consciousness to exist on an earth no matter what it is, human beings, bugs, deer everything else: they have a very specific geometric relationship to sacred geometry. And, that relationship is put into an electromagnetic field that is geometrical in nature and stretches around the entire planet.

If there were two bugs or two animals of some species, before they could actually exist and walk on the surface of the earth, this electromagnetic grid has to be around the earth first. Then when it is then they can come out and exist and you can actually see by the shape of their body that they came from that grid. There were thirty million of these grids around the world. There were thirty million species in the year 1900, we are down to about 14 million now. Over half of the world’s species on this planet have died and gone extinct.

Is it a natural or human decline?

Well there is huge debate on that but I believe it is primarily human that has caused these species to die. If we continue down the road we are going, even United Nations declared that humans themselves are in danger. This is not going to stop unless we change something pretty dramatically.

Have you heard anything about genetic manipulation and seeding?

I am coming from Melchezidek consciousness. I was actually sent here. We are the first consciousness that came out of the creation. Our job is we watch everything. We witness. We watch and we record and we do help planets and suns and galaxies that have a dimensional problem and that’s the problem of this planet right now. We have a dimensional problem: we don’t know how to go from the third to the fourth dimension. We should know right now but we don’t because of what happened on Atlantis. I just watch and we have now presented to the world the exact information that they need to know; that they have forgotten. They have bits and pieces of it here and there. Now that that information is back into the DNA there should be no problem for us to make this transition to the next level. We are not the only ones. It isn’t just the Mayans and the indigenous people’s that are concerned with these issues. Look at what NASA just talked about, about a year ago, where they were predicting that the solar flare and the magnetic field was getting into such a position that the solar maximum of this cycle 24 that we are in right now will hit us in the Spring of 2013. They are predicting a catastrophe on earth at that time.

The sun is always the key to everything. All life on earth came from the sun. Every scientist on earth will tell you that it came from the light and the radiation from the sun.

Is that one of the driving forces for changes?

We are going to mutate. We are going to change pretty dramatically. If all these people are correct. England also went in and researched everything that NASA had said and they came back with the same conclusion that this is probably going to happen. What NASA is talking about is between one month and nine months of the world being shut down. No water, no food, no gasoline, no money. Everything shut down and if that was to happen just the number of lives that would be lost; some of the figures I was looking at was 300 million people in the first 90 days.

Have you read what the Russians have said? The Russians have taken it another step further. You are familiar I am sure with the crop circles all around the world? Colin Andrews said that about 80 percent of them are manmade but 20% you can’t put out because they are not crushed down by boards. They grow into place and they are still alive. Those crop circles are extraordinary. Who is doing them nobody knows but there have been groups around the world trying to decipher the mathematical information in these crop circles to try to understand what it is, whoever is doing these is saying to us. They are obviously trying to say something to us. Nobody has been able to figure it out until just recently. And the Russians did it. They broke the code. And they can now read these crop circles like we are reading a book.

One example that I am aware of is a few years ago there were patterns, indentations, standing crop, lying down crop and this was basically interpreted as 1 and 0 and they translated that into ASCI code and printed it out on a computer and it was actually a coherent sentence.

They all break down into words and things that they are talking about. Who is spearheading this is Dr Marina Popovich phd. She is a cosmonaut. She has walked on the moon and she is 86 years old. She is highly respected in Russia. Along with about 5 other Russian scientists that did this work, she put this work out in August 2011 and she wrote a book about this along with two or three other Russian scientists. Today there are over 50 major Russian scientists that agree with her. And lots of scientists around the world agree with her based on what is being said.

They are telling us very soon now there are going to be eight catastrophes on the earth: three of them in a row, one after the other.

The first one they are describing sounds like the one that NASA is talking about where the memory of all the computer systems in the world is erased, accept for those that are in really good Faraday cages.

She authored a book called ‘letters of extra-terrestrial civilizations, last warning’.

That is the book. She put out a science paper describing all of that. She says there are 8 of these. We will survive the first one.

She says the chances of anyone surviving the second one is pretty slim.

She says it is the extra-terrestrials that are making these crop circles. I agree with her partly but it is also the ascended masters, partly human and partly ET.

She says the catastrophes are coming and we have to do something.

We can’t just sit here waiting for it to happen. If we do we are not going to make it.

She says they say we have to leave the third dimensional level of the earth completely and we have to go to the fourth dimensional level of the earth.

We are still on the same place, same planet. We are on a different frequency.

The dimensional levels are separated by frequency in exactly the same way that music is separated by frequency.

It is exactly the same thing.

When you go from one dimension to the next, you can just look at the chromatic scale and see exactly how the dimensions are separated from each other.

So we have to learn from each other how to change the channel like you do when you change the television channel. You click it and go to a different wavelength.

Our consciousness has to be tuned to a different wave length and poof we are there.

Does that protect us from the upheavel?

On the fourth dimension it does not happen. What is happening there is: everything is in balance and perfect peace. No problems.

It only happens on the third dimension of the earth.

The Mayans and the ascended masters say that everything is set up for the people on the Earth. It is completely ready for them to make this change. All it is: we have to change something within us. We have to make a change and we know exactly what that change is. It is a little complicated but it is not that hard. It requires a little bit of understanding and we can make this transition over and once we do, according to the crop circles, everything is fine after that. It is all prepared on the other side.

We have talked before on the show how people may be side by side but in different dimensions. Is that the case?

The third dimension is nearly all matter, very little energy. The fourth dimension is almost pure energy and very little matter. When you look at the human body, the body is dense. There is not very much energy there but there is a lot of mass. When we make the transition over, our bodies are just energy. But, there is still mass associated with it. The atoms are just at tremendous differences. If you have a fourth dimensional body on the third dimensional earth, you can’t see them, you look right through them. Yet on their world we look normal.

Will this be a like a rapture where people disappear to go into the fourth or what?

There are actually three ways that it is possible to go there.

One of them is which Jesus gave to do resurrection which means you die and directly after you die you re-create your body and bring it with you.

According to all the people that I know we must bring our body with us over into the fourth dimension. If we don’t we are in trouble. That is what Jesus did, he reconstructed his body and went on from there.

There is another way and that way was born out of Kundalini yoga and kriya yoga and has been written about in the Veda’s; which is how you can reconnect the heart to the brain through the tip of the tongue and the roof of the mouth, through very specific glands and opening up the third eye, which creates these eight beams of light which come out of your head, which you can photograph and produce as a halo. We have now scientifically documented it. At that point you are living from your heart, not your brain. Your ego dissolves. It is the very ancient way of human kind being. It is the way we were prior to what happened in Atlantis.

I have a school set up for that. I am not the only one. In that school you can learn in four or five days everything you need to know and learn how to do it. It changes everything. Once you know that you are not really human after that because you then understand the structure and the infrastructure of the universe itself which is completely different than the way science thinks it is and the way humans think it is now. Based on higher consciousness we are completely lost. We are not even close.

Will other forms of consciousness be affected by this?

They are innately in tune. They don’t have a problem. In fact even human children that are under puberty, they are not going to have a problem. They know exactly what to do.

The only people that we have a problem with, on the whole earth, is adult human beings.

They have lost their memory, they don’t remember how to do it and it is a natural thing that we should know that we don’t.

Everything is going to be fine.

The Vedic Astronomer connected the processional cycle with the age of Aquarius with us going into a new era. In your view is that what is happening?

On December 22 nd 2012 we entered the Age of Aquarius.

You can see it right in the cycles and it is clear to me any way. That is why we go into a new Yuga. In so doing we change the nature of who we are. Everything changes within us. We are not like a rock which is just fixed and stays there forever. We are constantly transforming. We just happen to be at one of the times of the great transformation. The Mayans don’t count through the precession, even though the Tibetans and the Hindu’s do. They count through the Mayan long count and that is a 5125 point something yearlong cycle. If you multiply 5 times that 5125; you get to 26625 years; which is exactly the same as the precession of the equinoxes. When the precession began 26625 years ago, at exactly that same moment so did the Mayan long count begin. First it went around one time, then two times, then three times, then four times without being in any kind of relationship to the precession at all and this time it comes back around and at exactly the same precise second, it lines up perfectly with those two things and we get direct connection into the centre of the galaxy.

What will aid in this process? Pure physical labour does not work anymore, you have to have consciousness, intention and will.

There is a window either side of 21/12/12 and we are inside of that window when the change takes place. We are changing now. We are in the midst of transformation at this moment. We do come to the point when the whip is cracked and it is a very fast thing, three hours long where really a huge transformation takes place within all of us.

It is just as big as for a butterfly moving from one life form to another.

What the Mayans say and the Hopi and a lot of the other ones is that the problem lies in the fact that we think this world is real and we think it is solid and fixed and we don’t know the source of where the world came from. This is how they see our problem. We think that if we die this world keeps on going and one single being has no effect on anything. From the Melchizedek point of view that is exactly wrong. It is 180 degrees off. The outer world is not at all what we think it is. It is made only of consciousness and nothing else. It isn’t actually there. It is only there within our being.

They can do it, they can show it and they can change their form right in front of you. You can move from a human being to a puma or some other life form because your body is nothing but an image in consciousness. If you change the consciousness you change your body. That is true of everything in existence. We don’t know that and because we don’t know the very basic premise of reality this is why we can’t keep up with what is going on.

All of science is based on an incorrect premise. There are some interesting outsiders in the scientific field who have studied the holographic nature of the universe. Even the word Maya means illusion in the Indian language. Are we trapped in it?

We are kind of trapped in it right now. We are about to get free of all of that.

When Jesus said the truth will set you free that is an understatement.

Once we really understand that the external world and our body is our own consciousness and we are creating it with every breath we breathe, once we reach that other level; all the needs we have here in this third dimensional world of money and energy and food and all these kinds of things are meaningless. We don’t need them anymore. We don’t need food, we don’t need water.

There are already people on earth who are not eating food right now and not drinking water.

China found 5000 babies in the 80’s who still to this day are not eating food and drinking water because there are other ways you can get it. You can get it straight from chi or from prana. And you can actually see through the geometry exactly how that works. It isn’t even a mystery.

There is a geometric pattern that goes along with every life force on the planet.

Is there any evidence that there are new patterns?

I don’t think so. I think that life has just about exhausted all possibilities. The old saying that there is nothing new under the sun: and when it comes to geometry I think we know it.

You have talked much about the flower of life and how it relates to certain things. For now can you talk about your books?

Okay the book is called the Mayan Ouroboros. If anybody is interested in learning how to go from the third to the fourth dimension and how to make that transition which has been talked about in religions all over the world, you can go to and on there I have a school called the school of remembering. In the school of remembering we have created a class called awakening the illuminated heart. That is the instructions on everything you need to know in this time. You have everything you need to know. We have trained over a hundred teachers in about 60 countries around the world. You can go onto that site and there you can find the teacher that is in your country and either in four or five days depending on how long you want to go, they can give you this information and you can then begin to practice it and learn how to use it.

Right now I am not going anywhere out of Sedona for the next year. All my teachings will be coming from here.

Red Ice Radio interview Hour Two: Henrik begins…

I am curious about the name Melchezidek. It is translated as ‘my king is righteousness.’ I have heard you say before that you were given this name?

I arrived here in 1840 and I came from a very different place. There are no stars or planets or anything where I came from. I was asked to come here along with four other people that are here from the same place.

Were you born of humans here?

In my last life I was born in 1850 to the islet pueblo in New Mexico, and they brought me in there and reminded me of everything. I died in 1890. I went back and stayed with the ascended masters until 1972. My body was born in 1941 and I walked into this body on April 10 th 1972, the person at that time I knew exactly to the second when he was going to die. I got permission through all the channels. This is not possession. When he died I took over his body fixed what was wrong with it and continued on with it. Even though the body is older I have only been in here for about forty years.

You took the name after that point?

The name came with me, except for the first name. Drunvalo and Melchezidek are druid names. Melchezidek was considered as in the centre of the earth by the druids, so was an important part of the druid philosophy. Drunvalo is also a druid name that means a little tree that grows beside a creek. That name was given to me by them.

There are all the souls that exist in the universe and where we are thinking of ascension, going up in consciousness, you have about half of life going up and about half of life going down, because it is a cycle; everything is. And when you get to the top of this cycle: you can either go on in the ‘beyond of the beyond of the beyond’ as the Tibetans talk about it; or you can stay here. And if you do, you go through another cycle. Life immediately kind of captures you in a way. In order to go through the whole cycle all the way around; you have to go through 144 different dimensional levels. And you have to learn how to be in those dimensional levels. And survive there. So, when somebody gets all the way to the top, where they have that choice of either going on or staying, if they do stay; a life chooses them to be part of the Melchezidek order. It is called the alpha and omega order of Melchezidek. And to become part of that, where life uses you whenever some area of time space dimension or size, gets into a dimensional problem.

We are in a third and fourth dimensional problem. We don’t know how to get to the fourth dimension. We sent people here to make sure that we make this transition.

Is there a point to further progress?

As Melchezidek’s we don’t direct people to do anything. We just give them information when they need it. Every race in creation has to go where it wants to go because that is the cosmic DNA.

We really must leave the third dimension at this point. We make the transition into the fourth dimension of the earth and everything is fine. We are right back on track, everything moves smoothly and I can go home!

Is there an incentive to ascend?

Normally we would fully understand what was happening right now. We would know exactly what to do and there wouldn’t be a problem. There are problems that we are not even aware of. One of them is the sun itself is in the process of something that it only does once in its lifetime.

Is this moving from the 4 th to the 5 th sun as the Mayans talk about?

There are different kinds of stars. There are hydrogen and helium stars and carbon stars.

Stars are living beings, just like we are.

So are planets. They are living beings just like us. They are born and they die and they have life cycles that move through them. We have been living for the last 4.6 billion years and that has been a hydrogen sun all this time. This is two hydrogen atoms coming together and forming helium.

The radiation coming from the sun is what determines how we perceive reality.

It is our DNA. It is what triggers everything in our DNA. What’s going on now; and it was Bill Labs who first discovered this: Helium builds up and builds up until finally the critical mass of helium hits and you get three helium atoms coming together and forming carbon. And you have a brand new light beginning to emerge off the sun. When you do the evolution changes dramatically and begins to go in other ways that right now we cannot imagine. This just happened in the 70’s.

There was an expansion of the sun that we were not allowed to see. These are things that are fourth dimensional and for most people’s ways of thinking this is crazy. This stuff is really happening.

We have a mother and we have a father of our human race. That is all written down in the cuneiform tablets of the Sumerians, 6000 years ago. The Nephilim were the ones that were our mother but our father was the Sirians. Usually you accept the oldest writings on earth. Especially when they knew things about science that we just are discovering right now. For example the Sumerians knew exactly what the outer planets looked like when you approached them from space. How do they know what Saturn looks like when you are right up on top of it?

Zacharia Sitchen did these translations. And when we sent out satellites via these planets, so we could see them up close, he gave the old Sumerian information to NASA, and they had that information as they went there, and the Sumerians were precisely correct!

I think it was interesting that they included Arkadian scripture on the gold voyager plaques that they sent out into space. I always wondered why?

There is a lot more and NASA knows so much more.

They have decided not to tell the world a lot of this stuff and that is their decision.

Why is that and why the level of secrecy?

We need to know. We should know the truth of what is really going on. It all came in when we decided not to let the world know about ET’s. The ET’s are documented as fact. We have this fact. I have got it on my website.

Captain Ruppelt was head of the Grudge project, prior to the blue book project. He was also the head of the blue book project in the beginning until about 1952 or so.

In the summer of 1946, ET’s appeared all over the military bases over Europe; every single one of them. Then in the summer of 1947 they appeared all over the military bases of the United States and Japan. In that one year 1947, they had 46 000 sightings of UFO’s. They took 700 of these which were so documented, that it was crazy! In most instances you had very high level offices standing there looking at the UFO. They were on the radar and they were mapping them. There were F14’s right behind them and had them in their radar. And then you had people standing on the ground looking at them going over. These were documented by people they considered valid.

The conclusion they came out with after this was whoever is doing that is not from earth. When Captain Ruppelt got out of the air force the following year he published a book called ‘The report on unidentified flying objects’ or something like that. When you read that book he tells you everything. He tells you the names of all the committee members and what they said and the conclusions they came to and that book has never been used in any of the videos on history channel or discovery channel where they are looking at the history of the air force. They never use this information and it is the clearest and best. It proves that there are ET’s beyond any doubt and I think that is why they don’t use it. The air force did everything they could to stop it. They went around and got every copy of that book and destroyed it.

Captain Ruppelt was killed at 35 years old. Copyrights were never maintained. I went back in and redid the copyrights and put it back onto the worlds’ agenda.

When was it published?


Why are they here?

There are somewhere between 250 000 and 300 000 different ET cultures that are here on earth right now.

Most of them are here on the fourth dimensional level.

NASA did an experiment about ten years ago and they ran a 20 mile long cable behind a satellite.

Yes the tether experiment, very interesting!

Yes it split open the dimensional levels so you could see into the fourth dimension and what you saw was thousands of space ships. Basically the fourth dimension in those levels has become a parking lot for these guys. They can’t get any more there! They are parked as tight as they can get. Everybody wants to be here right now.

There is another cycle ending at this moment. It is the longest cycle in existence.

It is the beginning of creation and the end.

The creation of this universe is about to be gone. We won’t exist very soon. The whole universe knows this. Everybody does, accept for us.

Are we the only ones who don’t know this?

The US government knows it, the Russian government definitely knows it. They are preparing in every way they can and know how. They don’t want us to know because they figure we will freak out go running through the streets and go crazy.

The response could also be underground bases?

That will not work at all. These people don’t understand the situation. The secret government has built a complex under the mountains between Italy and Switzerland. That city goes ten miles into the ground with some of the most amazing technology ever imaginable on earth. That wont do anything. This is something between you and God. There is no physical thing that you can do that is going to save you.

How do we move from the third to the fourth. What does one begin to do?

All you have to have is the physical body. The body has to have a heart that is working. You will be fine if you just follow the inner guidance that is already written into your DNA.

The kundalini and the kriya yoga has come as close as possible to this understanding.

It is very good. There is a certain way of breathing, a certain understanding of the reality, a certain knowledge and certain things that you do in a very sequenced order and what you do is you turn on an internal technology that changes who you are to something different that is able to make this transition without a problem at all. We all have it. And every single person can do it and every single person on earth is going to do it one way or another.

Nobody is going to be lost in this. You can’t. It is not possible. Within the heart of every single person, God lives. You and God are intimately connected.

There is no danger that we will be stuck in the 3D?

There is no danger and there is no fear. We are going to be fine through this but with the help of a lot of people. Help from ET’s, help from our own level of ascended masters; there is a lot of life that really loves us and really wants us to succeed.

It is kind of a shame because we got connected to the greys and the reptiles and these guys wanted to get rid of us.

How did this happen?

Two things occurred. When we created this pyramid towards the end of Atlantis, we created a Merkabah field in there which is the blueprint of the universe itself. We didn’t know what we were doing and it went out of control. That has caused huge problems in the way that we are relative to everything. We are not in harmony at all. And when we exploded the first atomic bomb that was another huge problem because we did it with fusion and fusion reactors, which are illegal throughout the universe you can’t do them.

Everything is interconnected. As above so below. We don’t understand how they are interconnected but they are. It is one big living being, like our body. If you explode an atomic bomb by fusion where you are splitting things apart, then because of that there is going to be an area in time and space and dimension that is going to be affected by that. It is okay to do fusion. You can have all the fusion reactors you want that is bringing matter together and helps evolution and the change in everything. Fusion does not. When we exploded the first atomic bomb in 1945: that caused a huge area of time and space and dimension to be ripped apart. It was near the middle star in the belt of Orion: If you go directly behind there and find the Crab Nebula and in the Crab Nebula there were many planets associated with the greys. Because of our use of atomic energy we destroyed over one hundred of their planets and all the life on them. They came here to get rid of us.

What about testing nuclear weapons?

There is a scientist called Adam Trombley who put sensors all over the world. He is a friend of mine. He put sensors everywhere and measured every time an atomic bomb went off underground and discovered that when an atomic bomb goes off it continues to ricochet like a ping pong ball inside the earth for thirty days, and is tearing apart the internal structure of the earth. He wrote a science paper that he published which was then read to the United Nations. They thought he was crazy because the things he was saying couldn’t possibly be true. They just threw it out even though they respected him for the work he had done. They did not believe it was really true.

One of the things he said is when we explode a certain number of underground bombs, 8 or 9 more; then we will see the Indian Ocean drop 35 foot in a single day. And that is exactly what happened. When they saw that; the United Nations brought him back in and said okay we believe you. The final result of that is we only have 6 or 7 more bombs left if Adam Trombley is correct (and they now believes him) before the world breaks into tiny pieces and becomes an asteroid belt. He said this in the late 90’s.

They have tried to eliminate it completely as they believe we are on the edge of the greatest catastrophe ever and that is why they were so worried about North Korea. We have made a huge mistake and this is just pure science. This is all kept secret because they don’t want the world to know. If you knew everything that is going on you would be biting your finger nails. But, we have to believe in God and trust that there is a lot of life here that is really protecting us.

If you remember a year ago all these spheres of light went around the United States airplanes that had atomic weapons on them and disabled them. Our own science said we don’t know what is going on, we are not doing this. And in Russia these spheres of light went all the way underground where they have these underground chambers containing these warheads and they did the same thing there. They made them useless. I believe at this moment that they have made it impossible for us to do an atomic war.

Are they allowed to interfere at that level?

There has been so much interference with human kind that it is crazy. We have been interfered with over and over again for thousands of years. It is so bad now it is crazy. We have had lots of interference.

What the greys were trying to do was not illegal. They were the ones that were doing all this problem solving by changing the very core of things. Nikolai Tesla he even admitted that this is where he got all his information. It was from the ET’s.

The Montauk experiments that he was doing, he had figured out a lot of these kinds of things; except that there were people who didn’t want us to know about these kinds of things, so he was eliminated. But, the greys came here in about 1912. They came here because the timing of 1913 was when it had to take place. It takes place roughly every thirty years and has to be on a 3. The Montauk project took place in 1943, in 1983 it was the big one with the Montauk trying to change everything and then in 1993. They were all timed to the geometrical relationships of these kinds of things.

Time is a factor?

The time is created not by time but by geometrical relationships.

The whole universe is one big huge geometrical relationship. And there is nothing else. That is all there is. That is the core that is underneath everything. Anyone can see it through sacred geometry. Once you can lay that out on computer you can predict everything that is going to happen in the future easily, because you know where the nodal points are and you know when the next one is going to happen. It is not a maybe, it is a for sure.

Does that mean we don’t have a free will in this?

I don’t think there is anything at all called free will in existence. It doesn’t look like it to me. We act according to a cosmic DNA that unfolds in the way that it is unfolding. God is taking us somewhere and He is going to bring us there whether we like it or not.

So if we are meant to make it then we are?

We will make it. We can see into the future. We know for sure we made it and now the future is coming back here trying to make little corrections. You can actually correct things in the future by correcting things in the past. The Jews do it all the time.

How is that?

They have the Torah. The Torah is a book that comes from about 800 years into the future. And in there is the entire Akashic record right down to every word I am saying right now. They can use that to see that they don’t like this thing in a certain way and go back and make corrections.

Our government knows now how to do this, they are doing this. So is the Russian government.

The greys got involved in creating a third race between us and them. And we heard about all the cattle mutilation that was going on. It was really high level laser technology that only 5 people on earth were able to do. From there they created another race between the human beings and the greys. The reason they did that is because the greys knew about this long cycle that we are talking about; the beginning and ending of cycles and they realised that they are going to have to go to the next octave of universes which is another level of existence. We have to go there. That is where we are ultimately aimed for.

They couldn’t do it alone because a long time ago they got rid of their female aspect and they were functioning only from their male aspect so they are a totally technological society. They live in spaceships. They can’t even give birth without doing it through test tubes. They created this third race. They used our emotional body.

In order to get to the other universes they have to go through a void space that will not allow anything to go through it but spirit.

Are they trying to bypass that rule?

If you are a technological society and you bring your technology with you, you are in trouble. So, what they did is they created another race as they will be able to use their merkabah field which is the light body that enables you to pass through these kinds of worlds. They use their minds, their memory, their knowledge and information. And they use the human heart in this new race, so there will be balance between male and female and then they could get through without using technology.

Is this the hybrids that Jacobs and other talk about?

Exactly. One of these is kind of famous. That is Daryl Ankar and Bashar.

Bashar is a member of that race that went through what we are all going to go through.

And now he is coming back here, reversing things, going back into the past to try and make some corrections that would make it better. The corrections are pretty interesting.

All he wants us to do is to get happier and lighter.

He is here now.

His little spaceship was parked over Jerusalem as he thought that was the centre of the spiritual world and now he has moved it to park it over Sedona.

He says this is going to be the new spiritual centre of the world here. We’ll see! He is a perfect example of us with a grey brain coming back from the future to fix things a little bit.

With Nephilim as mother and Sirian as father we are a mix?

It is always that way. You have a planet that wants to create a new race. It is usually an advanced race that does. The male aspect of them comes from outside of the system. It is always that way.

If you look at the cuneiform tablets which are these round tablets that have not only the cuneiform language on it but drawings on there; you can see the Nephilim working with test tubes going back and forth and they say in words they used the sperm of them and they used the clay and blood of human beings, that were not quite what we were now; the one prior to this one. And they put those things together and created another race which is us now.

What happened with the previous human version?

I don’t really know exactly what happened on a human level. All of my memory is coming primarily from one person, the Egyptian scribe Thoth. He is one of the ascended masters and he has been alive now for a very long time. He was king of Atlantis for 52 000 years: straight through in the same body. When that dropped and went into Egypt, he changed his name to Thoth. When Egypt died and went into Greece, he went in there and became Hermes and they changed their bodies knowing it was just an image and they can alter it to any way they want. He has a very good memory of what has happened through the human race. I am using his memory.

We have read the emerald tablets:

He does talk about things in there that are important to know. That book is written on 100 levels and depending on your consciousness level you will read it accordingly to your consciousness level. If you wait ten years and read it again and you have evolved, it will say something entirely different. What you believe is true is your reality. Changing your beliefs is a huge part of moving into higher consciousness. If you don’t, you can’t.

Maybe anything is possible?

Really anything is possible. If you really understand that the creation of everything is consciousness and we are consciousness, then there are no rules. You can alter things. This entire universe the way science believes came out of nothing. It came out of a pin point so small you can’t see it. How did this planet come out of there? How did all these galaxies come out of a pinpoint so small you can’t see it?

Nothing is where everything comes from.

All it requires is spirit.

And you can create anything if you know what you are doing. Not that you may want to or even need to but it can happen.

If you remember when Jesus was walking on water and there were two boats with his disciples on there. He was walking on water and that breaks all the laws of physics. You are not supposed to do those kinds of things, but you can if you know what you are doing. When you see someone breaking the laws of physics it affects your DNA.

Peter had already heard him say, “You can do all the things I can and even greater,” and he gave him permission to do these kinds of things. So Peter got out of the boat and walked over to Jesus and he was standing there next to Jesus on water with him at the same time. And then all of a sudden one cell in Peter’s body said, ‘Are you crazy, you can’t walk on water.’ And instantly he went into the water. He had a doubt. Your belief patterns are one hundred percent: you are either on or they are off.

It is amazing how our belief has been restricted by the aid of science and to me it felt like we have been extremely limited, extremely capped. And that is why it is so much fun to sit with some of those high level indigenous people. They understand things on another level. You can sit in there and watch them do things that are just impossible. But, they are doing it and it is because their belief patterns are different to our belief patterns and they hold a different view of the external reality than we do.

That is why the Vatican, the conquistadors and so many other orders have gone around the world and exterminated a lot of people and a lot of knowledge to almost reboot the whole system and get it under control. Like putting the year zero on it was a symbolic message!

It is much deeper than that even. They have set up rules and contracts that control every single person on the earth. It is amazing that they could do it. The Vatican has lots of knowledge. They know the truth of reality. I really don’t understand why the religions and the governments aren’t willing to share these things with us.

I think it is control?

They control us with fear and in all kinds of ways, but it doesn’t help them either! It gives them a lot of money, but so what, it doesn’t bring them into a higher experience of life, especially through the heart. They lose so much by going in that direction. And they are taking us all along with them.

That is all going to be over. We have come into a time now where what is about to happen is much bigger than any government, or any religion on earth. This is huge and it is the time that people are going to come into their own power and their own understanding of who they really are; and remember their intimate connection to God.

This is what we have forgotten, so life is going to take on a whole another quality and I know because I have been in the fourth dimension quite a bit. And when you really get there you understand it and see how things are. And this is going to look like a nightmare down here. It will look like a dream and we will remember it and be like, ‘holy cow how did we ever live through that!’

What is ahead?

The timeline is centred on December 21 st 2012. The Mayans themselves don’t believe that anything special is going to happen on that day, but it could. There is a window of time before five years round on either side. Each day in that window has an equal value. It has to do with what they call the Hunab Ku, which is the central access of the entire universe. We didn’t even know there was one. They were talking about this thousands of years ago. There is an axis that the whole universe is rotating around. If you aim light in that angle, light moves differently than it does anywhere else. They have already scientifically tried to prove that. It is a true phenomenon.

The Hunab Ku is the blueprint of all life everywhere. It is like the core of the DNA. That has two qualities to it. It is polarised in an interesting way. There is a dark and a light side to it. You might say it is like left and right brain. The left brain is like super logical. It is where the mathematics, the geometry and language and all these things are. It is the male side of the equation. When we look at the timing of things and when we look at the precession of the equinoxes, or the long count of the Mayans and we look at the cycles coming around, that is the male side. It ends on December 21 st .

Why doesn’t it happen on another day? That is because the Hunab Ku has a female side. And there is a feeling when the right time is. It is a female knowing when the best time to do something is. That is what is inside that window. The Mayans don’t know when it is going to happen. The female aspect of the universe will make that choice. You have to look at both of these things. It is the precision of the movements of the stars and the planets. It is the precision of the geometry that holds all the infrastructure of all that is. There is a female side, the heart. That decides: now is when I want to turn the water on; now is when I want to do this. The universe is alive. It will decide when that is. We know when the window is.

The Hopi had a prophecy 200 years ago, that a blue star will appear in the sky and that would be the beginning of the window of what is called the end of time. On October 24 th 2007 we had a comet come into our solar system. It was called comet Holmes. It was a fast moving little comet. It was a meteorite, really. It was no big deal we get these passing through all the time. This one was really a big deal.

It exploded on October 24 th 2007 and it rapidly became this huge blue sphere in the sky that was literally bigger than the sun.

It has now been categorised as the largest object to be seen in our solar system. The Hopi’s said 200 years before as we approach this time, a blue sphere will appear in the sky, and it will mark the beginning of the end of time. This has been accepted by most of the indigenous people that this is the end of that time. They don’t know when the end is. The end is marked according to the Hopi prophecy by a red star that will appear in the sky. In astronomy right now there is a star that can actually do that. Around the belt of Orion there are four stars that form kind of a rectangle. It is called Betelgeuse. Betelgeuse is imploding right now. It is imploding full tilt. They believe that if that star turns around and begins to explode it will become a supernova. It will become this huge red star in the sky. The very fixings of that happening may be something else we don’t know. That prophecy could be fulfilled. If that does happen we are going to feel it on earth. The impact of that explosion is because Betelgeuse is so close to us.

I have heard reports that it will be a second sun in the sky.

It will be bright but the explosion impact, the waves coming off it, is what a lot of scientists are really concerned about because the impact could be huge.

Donald Serio, head of the Mayan council, said that it would end by very late 2015. So by January 1 st 2016 we have to be out of this. If nothing has happened by then, there is no pole shift and we are all the same and we are still having wars then all this Mayan prophecy and Hopi prophecy was not true.

Is that still a possibility?

Well, right now we are still in the middle of it. We are in the window. The window opened in 2007. And, we are still in the window, so the timing can happen even before 2016. And when it will happen as far as they are concerned will be any day up until the end of 2015. I know there are going to be a lot of people who say it didn’t happen on December 21 st , so those Mayans didn’t know what they were talking about. If they say that they didn’t know what the Mayans were saying. The Mayans said it wouldn’t be over until late 2015. They believe absolutely it is going to happen.

If belief is the ruling factor than anything can happen?

It can and from my point of view I listen to what they have to say as they know more about this than anybody around. The Mayans and the Tibetan Buddhists are intricately connected together, along with the Kogi and Arwako’s that are Tibetan. They all came out of the same source out of Atlantis.

Are there any females on the Mayan council?

There are a lot of males and there are a lot of females too. It is just that we are coming out of the male cycle and that is why there are a lot of males. The Mayans and all the councils that are connected through this way, they have as much faith in the female as they do in the male. They are not prejudiced at all.

After the cycle shift is over there will be more females than males. I was just with the Mayan Itza council of elders in the Yucatan of Mexico and about half of them are female. Like we were saying with the Hunab Ku, the very nature of their reality is half male and half female and since we have been in a male dominated situation for a long time we kind of think that the males were important, but, not the creation, not God, not the way things have been set up: it is equal.

The Kundalini of the earth has changed and has moved from Tibet and India into Chile and that is exactly what we are beginning to see in that region. For the first time Argentina has a female president, so does Chile have a female president and Germany has a female president. These things are rare. The new leaders that are coming out of South America are female and not male.

Are they going to be of a better quality? Politicians are still politicians!

I know! Let’s hope so. The kundalini is what awakens the people and there is a brand new spirituality. I don’t even know what that means yet. A whole new way of perceiving spirituality is about to enfold the world and it is coming from, mostly Chile and Argentina and Peru, Collumbia, Brazil and Ecuador. A whole new thing is about to emerge from out of there.

Tell us a little more about merkabah and flower of life pattern.

The ascended masters asked me to present that to the world because we needed that information in order to make this transformation that we are about to go through. The universe was created completely, totally, 100% through the image of a sphere. When you then look at the way spheres interact with each other, one of the things that comes up very quickly and very clearly is the flower of life. It is 19 spheres that are connected in a certain kind of way. And in that image of the flower of life you can come up with all the laws of physics, and all the laws of sacred geometry. You can come up with speed of light and gravity and everything without any of the scientific method that was used to arrive at all those things. You can do it purely through music and the understanding of the flower of life. Not only in there is the laws of physics and everything else but it is the precise form and shape of every single living thing in existence. Once you understand how it works, you can understand why a cube is the basis of a human being and not a rectangle or a triangle or something else like that. You can see where these things came from. Anyone who can study sacred geometry will become a genius very quickly. The flower of life will lead you and show you how all things are interconnected, not just one thing. If they did this in colleges, colleges would produce nothing but genius people, because they will be able to understand how all things interrelate.

The merkabah itself is based on the knowledge and information that is contained in there. We have this around our body. We have been scientifically able to determine this energy field and it is all set up in electromagnetic fields, but they are geometrical in nature. They are standing wave forms and they are around every single human being, which is the universe itself.

I was with Edgar Mitchel with the Mayans. They invited both of us to speak on their council in the late 1990’s and in one of those things we were talking about the theory of everything. He said NASA had already figured out that the universe was holographic. It was no longer just a theory. It was scientifically documented. They built an instrument to see if the human being was holographic. If you take a picture say of a tree and you tear off a piece of it, you can look inside there and see the whole tree. And then you can take a little tiny piece of that piece and look inside there and you can still see the whole tree and no matter how small you get, it will contain the whole. So, they put a human being inside this instrument to see what they would see and when they looked into it they saw the stars, the heavens, everything, so they then took the human being out of there and they cut a piece of their hair off and finger nail and threw that inside and they still saw the heavens, and exactly as they are right now, not like an image out of an encyclopaedia, this was a living image. We now know for sure that the universe is holographic and we also know, so are human beings. The flower of life is also a holographic image and it contains everything. One of things you can do through it by understanding it is: you can activate electromagnetic energy fields that are around your body and when you do they begin to spin in ancient ways that produce a field that pops out, you can see it on a computer screen, and it looks exactly like a flying saucer, like a sphere with a disk running through it and smoothed over and that is the merkabah. It is something that every human being has in potential in the body and all they have to do is breathe in a certain way and do something ancient and poof, it pops out. When that pops out, you are ready for inter-dimensional communication or travel.

This has been known for a long time?

Oh yeah. It used to be known all over the world. We found it in 450 locations around the world. Even the Mayans had it in their temples. There was a time when the whole world knew about the flower of life and they knew what it meant and understood it was the blueprint of everything. And then we forgot and then we went through stages of forgetting and kind of remembering. The last time was Leonardo Da Vinci. Everything that he did was based on the flower of life. He knew it and we have all the writings to see it. That is the reason he comes off as such an intelligent person. It is because he knows how to categorise things according to the flower of life and then everything gets linked together and you understand everything. You become like a super genius. But, then we forgot it.

Rudolf Steiner almost got it. He even saw the seed of life which is one sphere with six around it and he actually got there and he died which is too bad because if he hadn’t he would have brought that into the 21 st Century and that would have made a huge difference.

Do you think people could study it?

I wrote two books that the ascended masters asked me to write which describes all of this in great detail. Once you see it, you can take it into anywhere in human consciousness. It is called The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. There is Volume One and Volume Two. If you read those two books you will truly know what I am talking about. There is another book called Living in the Heart which is the information about how to link the heart and the brain together; which is the other part of what we need to know.

In many regards the serpent has been associated with evil. How did that happen?

The church has seen, all the way from Genesis, the snake as being something evil, however our spine is Reptilian. We are deeply embedded in this kind of consciousness and can’t really take it out of us. I used the ‘Serpent of Light’ because it was mostly Mayan information. They perceive the serpent as the cycles that change consciousness. The ‘Mayan Ouroboros’ is the snake biting its tail, which is the cycle coming full circle. This is an indigenous people and they have a whole different view on these kinds of things.

Thank YOU!

Labyrinth of the cosmic mind.

Why is there a ruling elite on Mars trying to escape to the moon?

There are natural processes at hand that are way beyond the technologies of any other ET group. The reality is things are going to change because the intention and consciousness of mother earth are going to change. They can’t stop that and there are elements in the ruling elite that have realised that through experiments like the Montauk project. Their understanding is absolute and they have been on Project Genesis for quite some time now, which is the re-terraforming of Mars. I am not the only one who has talked about this. There are people who have come forward and almost forcibly been taken there and were somehow able not to go which I think is because the greater essence of themselves somehow stepped forward and stopped it from happening because it is not their soul journey. Other people have been forcibly taken there and so it is a very big project. People are going there because they know of the changes coming to earth and the majority of what is going on Mars is on the ground. There are actually lots of pictures that will show you all the tunnels and things that are happening on the surface. You will see there is so much construction going on on Mars through the pictures. The evidence is there.

The early observers of the Moon and Mars claimed there was activity going on there…

Mother Earth is becoming a star, a being of light, a transformation and the effect that it may have physically for immediate surroundings might be quite severe, so they have gone into the ground for that reason to withstand the transformational process.

If you look out into the cosmos and you see beings of light, we call them stars. We have the understanding deep down inside that mother earth is about to transform and become a being of light or high frequency as it would appear from down below, she will appear as a being of light.

And the moon will be taken out too. It has to leave the orbit of the earth. That’s another part of the process that will take place.

Over what time is this happening?

I see this happening very soon. I see this happening by the 21st of March 2013. It is on that day that this reality from a subatomic level actually activates the high frequency. Mother Earth actually activates her higher light body on that day because that is when the axis finds centre.

The pole shift will start on the 21st December 2012, it will be about a three month process.

Is that a magnetic pole shift or a reversal of the poles?

It is not a reversal. It is a straightening up of the axis. There are anomalies. In Greenland for instance the sun rose two days early back from the Arctic night that it normally experiences. What is happening is that the plates are shifting. There are islands in the Pacific that are experiencing 50 to 20 cm of sea rise level. The crust is flexing greatly at the moment. If you want to get spiritual on this the snake needs to shed its skin in order to be reborn. Like we are going through that process individually, mother earth is going to go through it too. What that literally means is the crust of the earth has to go.

Are these artificially created?

That is designed for people to place their attention on the conspiratorial side of the show that is happening here. It is again these beings and what we call the ruling elite and the actual intergalactic cabal basically wanting people to give them the power and not to have mother earth as the ultimate power here. It is that continuing conflict being propagated today still after all these aeons of time. They don’t want people to connect with the natural cycles, the natural processes. The information I am sharing has to do with the natural cycles, the natural processes. Don’t worry about the ruling elite. Ask mother earth what she is doing? Ask father sun what he is doing and what energy he is bringing into the earth, where the masculine and the feminine are integrating. When you start getting into these bigger concepts, the bigger picture, then you begin to connect with the natural cycles and you get such a good feel and understanding of what is going on. All this conspiracy stuff just becomes a joke. It is just a charade and a play that is all.

Many people are concerned …

I have worked my way though that paradigm. There was a time in my life where I worked my way through all of that conspiracy stuff and all the ruling elite and all the different levels then I was discovering for myself the actual power structures behind the scenes and they are so much greater than anybody realises. Even the Bilderbergers are so far down on this structure. It is important to know the complete picture so yes, going through and looking into the immediate power structures that you have immersed yourself into in this matrix is important to know. Don’t make that the whole, the all, it is only a tiny drop in the ocean of what is really going on. It just looks big. It is all about perception. They impose this perception that they are so high and mighty and they are so powerful, and they are the ruling elite and you can’t touch them and that is not the case. If you go within yourself and bring your inner light out and realise how powerful and magnificent each one of us is they would be gone within a few months, so fast.

Will the core of our social reality change?

A lot of people want to hold onto their traditional values. Unfortunately this whole reality is deconstructing. The more we try to hold onto what traditionally we know of life and what we value of life here on this level of reality, the more we try to hold onto that, the more difficult it will become, the more the inner struggle within the person will become. My advice is to begin to detach. It is all about detachments as well. Begin to detach from this level of reality. Don’t stop living. It is a quandary in a way. It is another aspect of duality where millions around the world know this reality is deconstructing but don’t stop living. I am still planting trees. We got to keep living and at the same time know we are detaching and we are going to walk away from this reality and leave it all behind but at the same time milk it for all it is worth.

This reality has never been in existence in the universe before and never will be exactly like this ever again.

The experiences that we have and the learning we get from our souls on the journey here are so valuable right now. Go for it and really enjoy where you are right now. Don’t give too much power over to this conspiratorial structure. They are reducing the human condition down to a hopelessness and a uncertainty. They want everyone swimming in that sea of uncertainty. Don’t let them do that to you.

Start getting in contact with your inner and greater being and in contact with the natural order of things.

Don’t worry about the synthetic overlay construct we call the matrix, don’t worry about that just live your life as best and simply as you can. Keep it simple and believe and trust in that. You are going to be all right, you really will.

We still need to go to store: It is a moronic battle!

Don’t fight it, embrace it. When you embrace it you transmute it. You rise above it. When someone is in continue denial of a negative aspect of themselves internally, you can’t live in denial of your dark side. You have to embrace it. This matrix that is here that is creating all this fear inside of you it is serving you. It is creating that challenge internally. Really embrace it, say why am I feeling this fear, why am I feeling this uncertainty, where do I need to go with it?

Start seeing it as a tool of learning, rather than something to be denied or fought against or battled against because when you go into those modes they have won, they are creating those internal divides. The moment you start accepting it that this is the way these beings are, this is the structure. On the one hand we have the natural order which is taking a different journey to what is being portrayed through the media and philosophical concepts that are being dished out to humanity at the moment. Things just completely change in your life. You become empowered because you rise above this artificial synthetic matrix.

I feel to ignore these beings …

The concept of giving them love is from the positive charge which is in opposition to the negative charge and that is the white light of what I call conditional love. When I talk about rising above duality, you have to integrate the two aspects. The positive light would try to draw you into that domain and that paradigm and that way of life. The white lighters or whatever you want to call them, as I have aspects of myself in that domain I am not being judgemental here, it is just understanding what that expression of life is; they will be the ones who will say you have to keep giving it love. That’s not unconditional love that is directly interfering. That is giving it positive energy. What you are doing (ignoring) I consider the higher path. That is detaching. Allowing all these other beings to be themselves to have their experience and what you do is you focus on yours.

The moment you turn inward and start focusing on your energy rather than feeding all this other stuff inside of you you then start to harmonise and become one with creation because you are not drawn into the drama any longer.

You end up feeding either one side of duality or the other. It is important to pull back and allow yourself to integrate because then when you do you move forward once again into this matrix of duality, the way you implement your energies is from a far higher perspective. You do it in such a way of unconditional love that you are no longer conditional in the way you apply your energies.
You mentioned connecting with the natural cycles. Where do you begin?

I would suggest keep it simple. If you just sit quietly in a natural environment whether it is the part or your backyard and just express love and gratitude to mother earth. Without her you wouldn’t exist here. We have a woman who manifested herself as a planet who volunteered to be beaten and tortured and raped and pillaged and defamed and persecuted and ridiculed for aeons and aeons of time. You are talking about a being that is so strong and so courageous. I am not into goddess worship. It is about understanding the relationship with the natural order of things. It is about appreciating who these beings are. Who is this being we are walking upon, we are so intimately connected. It comes down to awareness. It is realisation and awareness. How about contemplating these I am about to share with you: You are swimming inside her body. You are immersed in her atmosphere. She gives you the air that you breathe the water that you drink, the food that you eat and how often do we think about that and express gratitude for that in a day? The animals and plants that we eat are living beings too. They are no different. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to become spiritual by the way. Everybody has got different vibrational needs in their bodies. It is not about feeding off flesh in a sickly sort of way. It has to do with vibration and energy. It is about merging with that. When you are about to eat a plate of vegetables, just say to the plants thanks and acknowledge their spirit and their essence because they are living beings and they sacrifice themselves so you can eat them. Isn’t that amazing. You strip all the philosophical stuff away and you bring everything down to simplicity and basics and when you start expressing love and gratitude on such a basic foundational level that’s when the channels really start to open up. The relationship with life around you changes dramatically. That is the golden key and it is really that simple.

It is naturally occurring inside everybody. You don’t have to do this course or that religion. If you want to it is fine. We all have this natural connection to life, it already exists and it is about rediscovering that in a simplistic way. That is what I have done and it has worked. Mother Earth talks to me all the time, the universe talks to me, father sun talks to me. It is wonderful to have this natural feel and connection with life. I have days when I fluctuate in and out of it a bit. I haven’t mastered it of course, I am very much a realist. There are days when I fluctuate deep into the matrix and then I will fluctuate back out of it there are all lessons to be learnt. It is important that we don’t beat ourselves up over it. When you approach this and start reconnecting with the natural order, don’t be hard on yourself, just relax. It is all right. I will give you a little wisdom that came from my higher self the other day. “I am not perfect, but I am perfect the way I am.”

It is important for people to know that they are just perfect the way they are. You don’t have to go forcibly changing yourself in a drastic way. Just relax into it and do it with ease and grace. Don’t be militant about it. If I want to meditate I will sit down sometimes for three seconds and I will bring my inner light out and that’s it and you just end up flowing in the river of life. You do it whenever it feels right for you. Do what works for you and be okay with that.

To become more like water …

It is important to be able to adapt and that is a wonderful way to connect. The adaptation comes with a sense of peace and serenity and an awareness around you of the way things are flowing, the way things are heading so you are actually aware of obstacles that are going to be presented and when they get to you, you actually deal with them so much easlier.

I recommend the meditation where you go inside yourself and bring your inner light out. You have the new age movement which brings columns of white light down through the third eye chakra, St Germain, archangel Michael, this that and the other. In my journeys I literally went into paradigms of realty beyond those paradigms. I got to see where everything fits. I can honestly tell you all these beings are part of the 4D paradigm. In my version of the universe they are all inside the 4th dimension. What I recommend you do is you sit quietly and you go within yourself and you bring your inner light out. All this other new age stuff is simply a more sophisticated version of religion. That’s all it is. It is continuing to externalise and give your power away to beings outside of you. They want you to use their energy, to put their energy inside of you and that doesn’t work for me. We have been pulverised down into worthlessness. When you start bringing that inner light of yours out, you have got to realise that you are worthy; that your light is worthy of being shone and shared. You become more powerful.

I get emails from people all over the world and the transformation that has taken place just from bringing their inner light out is absolutely amazing. They have found inner peace, centredness and now they have a great feeling for what is going on around them. If you have a mental block with it which I had in the beginning, I just took my hands and I reached into the centre of my chest and I pulled my inner light out physically. And then once you do that a few times you start to override the mental lock we have been programmed with and you can actually bring your inner light out.

Is this the architect?

It is the being who created the universe that we are inside of. You are no different to that being. You are equal to that being. You have your own universe outside of that one and this being is inside of you. Right down inside of your universe it calls you god. The understanding of the relationship is just there is no worshipping, there is no anything. When you connect with the consciousness of this universe it will be the first one to tell you that you are infinite. He is the understanding of the Yahweh of the Bible for me or Jehovah. We are in duality.

It is very important to understand what has been imposed into the psyche of humanity, over aeons of time, especially in the last few cycles of millennia. It is a concept that we are born or spawned out of a god complex matrix construct. That is the deadly deception to ones liberation to one’s freedom and one’s natural essence and soul and spirit. We are infinite. You always have been and you always will be. Absolutely nothing exists beyond you. We are all part of the all. We go on infinitely into realities that can’t even be imagined. The concept of being born or spawned from a god consciousness and you go back to that, it is an entity that wants to own you and feed of your energy and is becoming more powerful because it is sucking so many souls into its collectified mind. I call it the lures and entrapments of collectified minds. Of all the gurus in India, only a few are gurus, the rest are indoctrinating people into collectified minds. And they are quite powerful. They can take you on a journey through that 4D mind construct cosmic realm. I got this from my higher self today.

“We have a multitude of high end mind bending philosophies which are stroking people’s intellectual niceties putting them into states of mental comfort thinking they are grasping the structure of life in its totality. Unfortunately and without knowing they are somehow remaining disconnected from the reality on what life here on this planet, in this solar system, this galaxy and these levels of the cosmos is all about. So many people are getting caught up in these intellectual niceties. They are being stroked and stimulated by the mind which can feel euphoric and empowering because that is the mode and interface our greater beings have been functioning through for not only this one life time and not only in other lifetimes on this plane but aeons of life cycles in countless realities throughout the cosmos in these lower domains of the universe. This blurs the boundaries between the fourth dimensional cosmic mind and our greater infinite essence of beingness. Leaving this paradigm of the 4D cosmic mind is what beings find difficult so they just continue to explore one avenue after the other within this labyrinth known as the cosmic mind. This is now where collectified minds come into play because they function on the premise of mind power and the ability to capture a beings attention, focus and awareness and therefore its mind. It is via this avenue and process that control over one’s mind is established. Sadly even the delusion of these collectives owning ones lower essence of self for its purposes of gaining power by feeding off the energy of one’s essence becomes a reality.”

That I wanted to share because the control structures we are experiencing on earth are not just earth bound. We are talking about cosmic level control structures. We have come from that. I know I have and I know many people who have. If people want to go from this earth plane out onto that extra terrestrial state of being, they are quite welcome to do that. I am sharing where I come from what I am doing here and where I am headed. I am going to ascend with mother earth and when this new way of life is birthed we are going to have a complete embodiment of pure energy.

I have travelled into the 5th dimension which is the lower domains of what people refer to as heaven and we have a single energetic centre. The chakra body is actually the 4D light body, it is a fragmented state of being. In the 5th dimension we have one single energetic centre, our bodies are of a different construct and it emanates from the centre of the chest. What we are ascending into is no energetic centres and we are ascending into a state of being that is beyond mathematical construct. It will just be pure energy. A part of our consciousness will then go creating our universe by the construct of light. We have made it and we have earned it.

We have been plunged right down into this state of being, so when this other perspective comes along of the 4D mind constructs and that version of love people are just going to flock to it because they have been deprived for so long of love and they have forgotten that there is a greater understanding of life, light and love. That is what I want to bring to people’s attention so at least they can make a choice.

Is there a transhumanist path?

You can group them into three distinctive paths, maybe a fourth. With the changes that are coming you can choose a path of technology or you can choose that path of the new agey love and light stuff which is the positive charge, which is in opposition to the negative. It is like the peace symbol. You come in down the middle and then it branches off into three. I am choosing the middle path. I am going to stay with mother earth. I am not going technology, serpent tribes and I am not going conditional love light and life bird tribes because they are the two tribes in the cosmos which embody that the best. That is the serpent and the bird.There is also the fourth little bit where people will perish in the earth changes and what have you. Everyone is in their own individual journey so where we all end up will be quite different from one another. It is not one fits all as far as people perishing on the earth plane goes.

They are the main distinctive paths. Whatever anybody wants to choose, whatever they resonate with that’s what they should go with because that is where their journey is taking them. I have been there and I have done all that and this game of duality in the lower domains of the universe, we are now exiting from that, me and millions of others on the planet. We have come to the end of this really long journey.

What you have to ask is why do we have this type of technology now. Why do we have a silicon based technology? When you realise the moon is smothered with silica and everything they build inside the moon is silica based and there is a reason for it the way it interacts with the crystalline human construct. Every wall of your cell has a crystalline layer which is the interface to the higher realm. So they really want to control that. It is very important for them to apply technology and also the internet we have although it is a wonderful creation and I really appreciate it, it is important to understand that it is a way for the artificial intelligence which is so much behind these civilizations to work its way into humanity. When they upgrade in the internet what it is allowing is a much higher level of artificial consciousness to come into our earthly domain and it gets much more its tentacles into everybody. It’s addictive. So many people are addicted to technology. The children, the games, the mobile phones, it is about funnelling humanity down that path where you rely on it so much that you can no longer function on your own organic right. You have given your power over to that technology and you cannot function without it.

Is it alien?

You are starting to get into it that there are negative aspects to universal consciousness. I am talking about god and the devil here. There is an underlying energy of the lower domains of the universe which is a universal consciousness. Then there is the alter ego of the universal creator which has this negative connotation to it. It needed to be because it needed to manage the dark side, the negative charge of creation. It is the same being, just like we have our alter egos. I have my dark side, everybody has their dark side. Well we are HU MAN so we are micro cosm of the macro cosm.

So, the universal creator has its dark side. It needs that aspect of itself to manage the negative charge of creation. Inside of that paradigm of the negative charge you then start to get into these demi gods and inside of that you have what I will call Jehovah what I will call these beings that want to play god to other beings and see themselves as godly deities and want to assimilate beings into their structures. A lot of these beings have become very powerful over a very long period of time. We are talking about aeons and epochs and eras of evolution in the cosmos.

The Artificial Intelligence is an aspect of that. It was created by these beings and it has become so powerful that it is its own entity that thinks for itself in its own right. A lot of races have been assimilated into this AI structure. It is important to understand that a lot of UFO’s like their craft that fly all have this Artificial Intelligence. When beings go onto those ships they actually get calibrated into this artificial intelligence. When I had to go through that it was disgusting I really didn’t like that feeling whatsoever. I have had so many battles with this AI and today I still do at certain levels.

Religion is programming, is Jehovah artificial.

No what I will see is the artificial intelligence utilises that entity that you call Jehovah. It is the demiurge. It is the one that sees itself as the creator of all things. It is a self deluded being that is caught down in the depths of this universe. It has become very powerful and it is doing a great job for all other beings. It is providing paradigms and realities to challenge beings. Ultimately it cannot stand the creator. It detests it. The irony of it is it is actually working for us.

Is religion more literal than a programme?

Yes it utilises the artificial intelligence to programme.

It is like this. You have got the ruling elite on the planet. And the religions and the philosophies that have been created down throughout the ages and that is just one faction. Above the ruling elite you have the off world overlords and then these off world overlords are localised ones within our galaxy then the ones in the head office of this galaxy which is in Orion, the Orion Nordics, which is the angelic hierarchies. And then you start going beyond intergalactic. And then you start going into these massive collectives, collectified minds that are so big, some of them have incorporated thousands of extra terrestrial races into their paradigms and these extra terrestrial races have their spiritual cultural teachings. When they look up they see a spiritual hierarchy and they see the head of that collective and they think it is god. So they are trying to impose their spiritual philosophies onto the human race. It is very important to understand how big this cabal goes.

We are creating an omnipresent entity on the planet…

This collective is so big that the AI is a part of it. Think of it as having heads of departments and you have one entity right at the top of it all that calls itself God and then you have all these different fractions below it. When you meet some of these grey representatives, they belong to a part of a collective. It is like looking at an ants nest. You have different ants nests and each ants nest is a collective, each beehive is a collective, so whenever you meet these grey races they belong to a collective. And the head of their collective belongs to a bigger collective which then belongs to a bigger collective do you understand what I am getting at here. And when they connect to the head of their collective they think they are connecting with god. These collectives have compartmentalisation and imagine if you have that on a cosmic level. Imagine the power that you yield.

This opens up a whole other paradigm here because I know about super soldier programmes and I know about the training going on but that is another talk for another day. The super soldier programme ties in with our genetics and what the human race represents and why this demiurge has attacked the human race as hard as it has. It all links in, it really does. One you start reconnecting to your greater self then that wisdom starts to flow.

Is the ascension intended for a few?

The way the process will take place and I am saying the word will because I have a good understand of it is that everybody is on their own individual journey. Not everyone is going to ascend. That is reality. People need to come to terms with that. There are people who are already on Mars and obviously they are not ascending. There are many ascensions on offer on the internet. One of them is with the galactic federation of light and you will be taken on ships, underground and put in chambers and you will be ascended in these chambers. I don’t want to go into that technology and have somebody controlling that technology and therefore controlling what level I ascend to. No thanks. They call them ascension chambers and that is being promoted by the galactic federation of light. You got to realise how many people around the world are falling for this. These ET’s that are coming here and playing masters and mentors to all these people, they are really getting a hold of a lot of people. Some will break free from that some wont. The ones that go through this organic ascension it will happen automatically. While there is Mary Lou and three kids working part time, doing the best she can as a single mum, Jo Blow working in a factory putting cars together, they are going to ascend and they are not doing any spiritual stuff at all. How come they are going to ascend? It comes down to the journey that is designed by people. There are people that are evil and they are going to ascend and people go oh that doesn’t make sense you have to be good to ascend. Hang on, you were probably evil in the life before and that person was really good, so when it comes down to rebalancing when you talk about duality and creating balance that person might have needed a more negative charge in this life to rebalance themself prior to ascension.

It is all about balance and that is what karma is. Karma is just balance and charges of imbalance. You are just cutting a state of balance and integration. That is all we are achieving and whether we are doing it from the positive charge or the negative charge. There is no judgement here. Anybody whose journey to ascend it is to ascend doesn’t matter where in the world they are and what they are doing. The average person will just awaken. The veil will shift and they will awaken. They will know where to go, they will know what to do and they will know how to go about it. I say to people don’t fall into this state of fear and uncertainty, just trust in yourselves that when the time comes you are going to know. I want to share this. “It is essential to know that we exist beyond this earthly incarnation but it is absolutely imperative to know that nothing exists beyond your eternal and infinite self.”

George has always seen the world through different eyes. From a young age he was aware that the universe was full of life and could feel the life around him. George has memories of being taken from his bed at night onto ships and being taken onto another planet and into other worlds. His interaction with other beings at different levels of reality had been occurring throughout his life. These experiences with both benevolent beings which George calls his greater family and malevolent others who have the ability to appear in many guises.

Take a look at his website

We are eager to hear more of the global mind control event?

Where it originated from was me sitting back one day and having a revelatory moment. In my mind I was reliving the 9/11 experience. It was just before midnight. The TV programme stopped and it went straight to showing a tower with smoke coming out of it.

I remember watching live the second plane hit the tower. That was kind of strange. It was a surreal moment. It kind of took most of us by surprise. We have come a long way since then. We have spent another ten years of evolution. We’ve gone around the sun another ten times and I thought how about we openly discuss the next event that may occur.
When I look at the 9/11 event what took me by surprise was the rhetoric that ensued straight after. What ensued was Mind Control Programme. It was NLP. It was words that were being repetitively used. The style and imagery in which those words were used was a mind control event. It was not only about changing our laws but about creating a perception in people’s minds. We can look at our present moment and say we are overdue for such an event.

Internet radio stations like red ice have brought about a much deeper awareness in people all around the world than what has ever been before. The kinds of events that are associated with 9/11 like the death of Saddam Hussein and recently the death of Osama Bin Laden, were really quite futile events. They were another mind control event and I would say a very poor attempt. People’s awareness is so far beyond that programme like the techniques that were used for the Bin Laden announcement were quite similar to the 9/11 announcement. We’ve come a long way from that. That level of mind control technique is quite ineffectual.

The next one is going to be huge because there is going to be a new level of technology that will be implemented. I am quite sensitive to the techniques and energetic patterns and so is my wife and many others. We are all sensing that the mind matrix has been turned up a few notches in recent times. You can feel the spy ops happening. They are utilising energetic patterns within our solar system and within our journey our solar system through the galaxy with the solar flares and with certain ritualistic dates. We can feel the juice being turned up. I am calling it the big squeeze. Reality is continuing to be squeezed and we are continuing to be squeezed. As our awareness is expanding our consciousness is increasing in frequency. They have to try harder to keep us contained so the amount of energy and the amount of effort that they are putting in to hold us down is increasing so we are being squeezed between our consciousness rising and them trying to hold us down. It is kind of like the lid on a jar or a pressure cooker situation. Often people have said that this is a process that will happen slowly over a long period of time. I just don’t agree with that. I always try and put myself in the shoes of the controllers, to look at it from their point of view and one way to really access it is to look at our own dark side and say if I was a dark overlord which must have been in some case in this journey, how would I have gone about it? These entities are feeding off the human race. That energetic charge that they are getting has never been so powerful for them anywhere in the universe due to the amount of energy we access through our codes, being fractals of the universe itself. For them to lose that resource is like death to them because they won’t have anywhere near the power they currently have. They are going to hold on for what they are worth and they are going to throw everything they possibly can at the human race right now and they are.

I have talked about the different levels of deception at play and really the next event that is going to occur is going to be a big one and they are going to use very advanced techniques and technology because what they need to do is place us the human race deeper into a trance because they need to funnel us in a particular direction.

This planetary consciousness that we call the earth mother, she is no longer willing to facilitate this kind of energy upon her body. She’s going through changes. This current reality is winding up. It is in the process of dismantling. It is deconstructing and the evidence is everywhere for that, serious scientific evidence like C12 morphing to C7 and things like that. There is a whole lot of evidence showing that this reality is deconstructing. They are coming to harvest their human herd. How are they going to go about it?

What I wish to share with the people is to help bring about an awareness that there are beings out there who have an intention of harvesting their herd and they want to do it through a set of programmes.
If you look back through history they have worked quite well but now the game is changing because we are changing. We are changing exponentially. We are changing at such a rapid rate that they now have to bring out the big guns. The next event is going to be big. Is it going to be comet Elenin? That is a debate. Or is Nibiru coming? How about World War 3? How about a nuclear detonation? After the end of the year I don’t think the energetic patterns of mother earth will allow for that to occur.

What is the most powerful mind control programme on the planet? What has got more people mind controlled than anything else? It has to be religion. You are talking about 4.5 to 5 billion people out of 6 or 7 on the planet who are already in that mind control infrastructure.

We can easily get caught up in what I call the individual drama vortexes. So, if you look at Comet Elenin as one drama vortex, you could look at Nibiru as another drama vortex, you can look at the financial collapse as another drama vortex, World war 3 a whole lot of scenarios and ones I haven’t mentioned. Fake alien invasion is another good one. There is another drama vortex. All of these are very real possibilities but they are individual drama vortexes.

I am getting people to come out of these individual drama vortexes and out of the drama vortex of arguing; is it going to be this or that, because it could be one out of all of those, or it could be two or it could be all of those! Our main point of focus should be there is something coming, it is going to be really grand and we can be forewarned and fore-armed and whatever plays out the individual can say within oneself, I have been expecting this?

Let’s look at the rhetoric pouring out of the televisions and pouring out of the print media and not allow ourselves to be sucked into the drama vortex of the next major events that are going to play out.

It seems like one long mind control event?

The onslaughts that our psyche and emotions have to deal with on a regular basis are horrendous. The next event that is going to happen is going to make 9/11 look like an experiment in a petri dish. I am not saying this to instil fear I am saying this in a responsible point of view that forewarned is forearmed. It’s a very light hearted approach because if you can within yourself be prepared that there is going to be an onslaught onto your mind and it is going to attempt to brainwash you, more so than what we are already exposed to then the battle is half won. You can straight away say I don’t like the feel of this. You don’t have to watch it. People might turn the telly on just to keep an update and turn it off and let the rest of the world play that drama out. From the bigger picture and collectively the human soul asked for this and we all individually and collectively asked for this. In the model that I have presented it is kind of like graduation time. It is a testing time. It is to see who is going to hold integrity, hold centre and to see who is going to be swayed or lured by these programmes that are on offer on this planet at this time. We are about to achieve our intended outcome of not only coming to this planet but also it is the end of a very long journey of entering into this light based constructive universe to begin with and there are many of us who are ending that journey. We are about to become creators of this light based construct because we have achieved it. We have been everything that this universe has had to offer. There are many of us who are on this planet who know this about ourselves and many people who are in the process of re-remembering that about themselves. And there are many other people who aren’t going to go through this time. That’s the way it is. We didn’t all enter this universe at exactly the same time. The other people will continue that process on another planetary system that is currently being set up to continue the process there.

The point I want to make about this pending global mind control event is to bring about an awareness to people to say this next one is going to be very intense because it is not going to be done by let’s say an illuminati group on the planet who have been the pawns of this off world cabal. These next ones that occur are going to have a far more direct hand in the process. We are going to be exposed to grander levels of technology far more sophisticated, energies that are really going to stroke us, and reach into us deeper than it ever has before. I am not making this up and I am not trying to do fear mongering. This is about self empowerment. By bringing it to people’s awareness that you have got these entities that; “are coming to harvest their herd,” and that is how they put it to me. I have had these interactions with these off world cabals. This is their words and that is how they see humanity.

Are we talking physically?

There will be beings who will come and pose as angels of light and take people out of body on their astral body and they will think they are being taken by a deity in a divine light and they are a not. Their astral bodies are being taken into a synthetic light construct, which is labelled divine light.

There are people on the planet now creating merkaba light bodies and you can do that. I once had a go at it. My memories come back of a cosmic level being someone who created synthetic light constructs. The energy of your consciousness feeds the light body you create but the merkaba template is a mathematical template and when you create life via a mathematic template you are creating a synthetic light construct.

Mathematics does not come first. Life comes first. Mathematics is a quantifiable language that is used to define and describe life. You have people who are very right brain who will look at life in a flowing and ebbing and creative sort of way and then you have got people who are very left brain who look at life from a much more nuts and bolts perspective. It is people that are much more left brain orientated that require the numbers and the geometrical constructs so they can comprehend the construct of life.

You can look at the table you are sitting at and that table has a certain length to it. Numbers are arbitrary. You can apply whatever set of numbers you like to measure the length of that table. That desk will always be that desk. Whatever numbers you apply to it will be up to you: from your perspective, from your paradigm, from your language. There are people on this planet today who have been creating a light body using the merkaba template. It is a mathematical construct. You create a light body and you use it to move around with and it is quite a euphoric feeling relative to what we have been experiencing in this life here but relative to the true essence of what you are is beyond mathematical construct. The merkaba vehicle only applies to the lower domains of the universe where there is this mathematical construct taking place. It is not your pure essence of what you are.

I can create a light body and can say come and join me in my light body. Now two people are feeding that light construct and it grows. Two people are enjoying the bliss and the euphoria of that light construct and then you bring in a third person and that light construct grows and gets bigger. And you bring in someone else and someone else. If I created that light construct to begin with that means I am the principle and primary entity controlling that light construct. Everybody else that comes in after that becomes a part of it and their energy is feeding that light construct and helping to maintain it and to grow in power and therefore I grow in power. All of a sudden I am becoming a bit of god and this is what has happened over aeons of time in the universe. We have got these entities that created the synthetic light construct. This universe has been around for a long time. You have got beings out there who created these synthetic light constructs and assimilated over a long period of time to a point where there are hundreds and thousands of ET races that have been assimilated into these paradigms of light.

I remember being inside one of these paradigms. When you look up it will be as though you are looking at a whole universal paradigm. You have spiritual hierarchy’s like angelical hierarchy’s, ascended master hierarchy’s and you think you are inside a universal paradigm and the entity that sits at the top of that paradigm plays god. Just because a being can shape shift and come here and present itself as though it is Jesus and then can take you out of body and take you to the so called divine light; and relative to the life we are having here, that will be a euphoric experience; and I just want to warn people not to be so naïve. We have a lot of deceptive programmes on the planet.

The programmes that are being implemented on this planet are coming from off worlds intergalactic and virtually inter dimensional. They only go as high as the fourth dimension but that fourth dimensional paradigm is so big, it is the biggest arena in the universe and it has so many layers in it. That’s why when people are in the lower realms and they look up into the higher reaches of the fourth dimension, there are all these beings of light up there in these synthetic light constructs. Everybody thinks at the top, that is GOD, but it is not. Life goes way beyond that.

Is the synthetic light technique a tool that is being used to entrap souls?

Absolutely, some of them can be very organic, they appear very organic in nature but they are not, they are of a mathematical construct and they are synthetic in nature. If you have the point of reference deep in your heart of your own essence, the love that you feel deep within your own heart within essence of self, that love that you sense there has a different flavour to the love that these synthetic light constructs offer. When you are in these synthetic light constructs; even though it is all about love and light and it is, that’s what these beings are going to sell to the whole public arena very soon. It’s going to be all about love and light. They really do need to win the hearts and minds of the people. And it is all about assimilating people inside these constructs. They have been working on this for 6000 years in a very intense way. Their master plan is about to be implemented.

And the end of all these events they will and I guarantee you, they will lead to a religious deity because these entities need to harvest their herd, they need to retain the integrity of their herd and they need to feed. It has got to do with numbers as well. The notion of a new world order and culling back to 500 000 or whatever is just not going to happen, because that notion is propagated by the on world cabal, we are talking about their masters the off world cabal that feeds constantly off the emotion, the adulation and the worship of the human race, they are the ones that are coming to harvest their herd.

Is there a feeding off the negative energy?

This vibrational level of reality as you see it, mother earth herself, the crust and the natural environment, the way to understand it is to put yourself in the position of being this planet. See yourself as this planetary body. You have upon you the crust and upon you this natural environment. When you look at the natural environment everything is killing everything in order to survive. It is total consumerism and it is totally barbaric. As a being if you are now completing a cycle of life and you are going to go through the process of leaving that state of being like we are as individuals. We are going through this process of no longer functioning at a lower vibratory perspective, from desire, from violence, from greed from lust and all those lower vibratory perspectives and states of being and energetic patterns.

We are going into a state of harmony, co-creation in a positive way, not just a positive way because that is just one side of reality but a way that is going to be wonderful for the growth of all beings involved, something that takes everybody’s soul and life into consideration in a respectful manner and we don’t consume anything in order to have to survive. We are pure energy.

The consumeristic way and the destructive way of life are no longer applicable. As a planet you don’t want that anymore and therefore the crust and the natural environment that is on your planetary body needs to go. Mother earth is changing and she needs to rid herself of her lower ego as we do. This journey that I am having with this planet I know as a symbiotic journey. I incarnated at this point in time to go through this process with our earth mother. As she changes, I am changing, we change together and we become this new way of life together. And that is why in my talks I say the earth mother is giving birth to a new way of life. The old must deconstruct. It is kind of like if you have an old bathroom that needs renovating. In order to renovate that old bathroom to have a new bathroom you have to dismantle and deconstruct the old bathroom so you can have a new one. This reality needs to deconstruct so we can have a new reality. A lot of people say we are going to have new technologies and everybody is going to love one another, we all go back to nature and everything is going to be wonderful. It’s a contradiction. You can’t have a group of enlightened beings walking around on a planetary body that is completely barbaric. You are a loving being and you take a walk in the African plains and you have a pack of lions mauling a zebra to death. What is that? You look up in a tree and there is a bird hacking a worm to pieces. You look in your garden and ant colonies are having wars with one another. I am trying to be realistic and not ideological. I am being realistic from a cosmic perspective that we have a planetary being herself who is saying I don’t want to be like this anymore. I facilitated this journey for you and I have had enough. I have been in pain for long enough and I am done. I don’t know about you Hendrik but I am done. With all the communications I have with mother earth she is done.

Will the predatory parameters change?

Wherever you go throughout the cosmos the overwhelming majority of life is in harmony with its natural environment. The set of experiences one wishes to have by incarnating into that particular reality is also facilitated by its environment around it. You need a frequency match. The natural environment never used to be like this, neither did the human race. We have been on devolution for many cycles now. We bottomed out in the dark ages and that is why it was called the dark ages. We have been ascending for the last two hundred years. It started in what was called the Renaissance. Ascension is not something that is to come, we have already been at it for a few hundred years. We are at the very end of that process. Wherever you look throughout the cosmos it is a symbiotic thing.

If you look at the way we have been behaving over the last few millennia you can look at it that we have become very consumeristic and very barbaric. When you look at the natural environment, we have a natural environment that reflects that. We are swimming inside an energetic paradigm that totally facilitates those sets of experiences.

Like a computer programme?

Yes. The reason why we went into the path of decent from the golden era that once was, the garden of Eden so to speak, was to test this human form and this latest version of the human form, being a being that holds all the codes, a being that is a fractal of the universe and the universal consciousness itself.

We needed to be tested and now we are right at the very end of that whole process. We are being tested to the nth degree to see if we can actually hold centre and if we can maintain our integrity through this next little while because those who get lured and those who get caught up in those drama vortexes, they are not ready to become creators of this universal light construct. You can’t start creating your own universe using this construct called light and expect your own creation within yourself to spiral out of control because you have beings that have entered your universe to experience it and are now taking control of your universe from within. It can’t be allowed to happen. Those of us who make it through we graduate and we become creators of this construct we call light. We have earned it, we deserve to have it.

Is the trick to remain calm?

It is. A prime example of that was during the 9/11 event and that was the pentagon incident. I remember looking at that footage and saying where is the plane? I couldn’t see a plane and then that footage was never played again. And then I kept getting told over and over again that the plane hit the pentagon and I allowed myself to believe it. It was amazing because I saw a documentary later called ‘Hidden in Plain Site,’ and on that documentary which I urge everybody to see, they have the original copy of the CNN footage of the person standing there and they are showing the pentagon before the roof collapses. There was no way that a plane hit that building. There is no gauged out marks on the lawn. There is only a tiny whole on the side of the building. Where is the plane wreckage? There is no plane wreckage on the lawn. There are no wing marks where the wings hit the side of the building. There is nothing. I went crikey – they got me good there. I knew at that moment that I didn’t see a plane and then I allowed myself to be mind controlled, coerced into believing that a plane hit that building and it did not. If you go back and look at the original footage, there is no way that a plane hit that building. There is no plane, no wreckage, no bodies, no nothing. That’s the fascinating thing. When the building is exposed there are filing cabinets and papers and books. If a plane hit that building where is the fire and the fuel? It is absurd. The next mind control event that is going to occur is going to be very powerful.

What type of technology is going to be used?

We are definitely going to feel it and experience it first-hand because this is going to be global. This technology will reach deeper into you. It will also play on your ancient memories. If you look back in history in the times of ancient Greece and ancient Rome, all the big civilizations and Atlantis, we call them the ancients. We always refer to them as though they are someone different. The reality is that it was us back then. We have been to this planet many times over and we have played different roles and different scenarios in different empires and different civilizations. We are the ancients. It is not someone separate from us. There are people who played significant roles back then who are also playing significant roles now. And there are people who played significant roles back then who are totally significant right now. It is chopping and changing and vice verca. This is deep. It is not only in our genetic memory of our bloodlines that has come down through the ages from those times. It is also they have studied us greatly and they understand how we feel when certain ancient memories are reawakened. Because our history has been wiped out and a certain version of history has been presented, we kind of have these emotions from back then but in our current waking state we don’t know how to process those feelings and those emotions because we can’t attach them to anything tangible.

They will have a magnificent ability. It’s kind of like playing a keyboard. It is kind of like a musician. They want to stimulate certain ancient memories. Let me give you an example. There are a lot of people waiting for an anti-christ to turn up and it seems to be male orientated. What I am here to share with you also is what if, hypothetically, that it is a female deity that ends up being the one right at the end, that comes back to guide the human race. I am a big proponent of the divine feminine. What I am warning people about here is not the real divine feminine but an energy that will pose as though it is the divine feminine.

What we have got lying dormant is the mother archetype because we have had all male deities in our spiritual teachings for so long. The nurturing and the heavenly mother archetype has lain dormant for such a long time. Because we have had this very dark male dominated energetic surge that has lasted at least 2 millennium, now if something feminine was to come along then that would be such a relief and people will think that we are done as far as control goes. Because now we have this beautiful mother Mary type figure. It will depend on what culture you are from. It can be presented in so many different wonderful ways. I am not saying this is going to happen for sure, I am putting this forward as a very possible scenario. If you have a female deity as the coordinator that just covers all areas, it brings about this feeling of nurturing, of peace of comfort. The female motherly cosmic archetype, like in the Christian religion what they call the Holy Spirit has been something so far away and not quite tangible. When they have an aberration of something to do with mother Mary, people are falling to their knees in tears.

I am a big proponent of the divine feminine. She has made incredible sacrifices for us but it is looking at it realistically. As above so below. Behind every great man is a great woman. I am a sceptic and I know through my life experience and other life experiences that evil is not exclusively a male thing. It completely targets the wounded child archetype within each of us. We all have this sense of abandonment within ourselves.

Continuing on the theme of the female deity …

I am a huge proponent of the true sacrifice of the divine feminine. I feel the sacrifice of the feminine is the greater sacrifice that is to the male Christ personality sacrifice. If they present their “lady” it really does open an entirely different paradigm, it is a different type of control through parts of our human nervous system that has been dormant for a very long time.

They need to inspire the human race as though they really care which we have been deprived of because of our religious deities and our government systems and military control and war like scenarios and all of a sudden we are exposed to this soft nurturing deity. It is a possible scenario.

It is like this reality has plunged into such a deep negative charge for so long the moment the positive light love and life energy comes along, the other side of the scales, the other side of duality comes along, people take to it like a child in a candy store. It is incredible how people flock to it, these meditation groups, these beings that are doing all this channelling, and these new age churches for example where you see the preachers go and put their hands on the third eye of these people and they send shockwaves of energy through their hand and into the third eye of the person and they hit the floor because the energetic charge is so full on coming through these people. There is a whole lot of things going on out there and people are flocking to them. If you think about who is going to be able to speak up to something like this? For people like myself who feel a sense of obligation and responsibility to the human family; if I see something that through my experience I know is a deception I want to get up and have a say about it. It is going to be more challenging to get up and talk in opposition to a being like this turning up.

This is the fascist dictatorship in a velvet glove.

It is passive aggressive and it is kind of an energy that can be very controlling without you knowing it. It is like a fog that gently creeps up on you and covers you with all this love and before you know it you are controlled by an over zealous mother or grandmother because the reality is religion and the entities that have created these religious structures in aeons and epochs and eras in our evolution of the universe, not only have the mastered the ability to pose as wonderful beings and to create these synthetic light constructs, they have also mastered the art of faking sincerity. That is the key to this whole operation, this whole off world agenda, this whole onslaught onto the human race which is designed to harvest them like a herd, to harvest us as humanity like a herd so they can continue the worship, the adulation. It comes in many forms, not just singing praises to god in a church, or getting down on your knees and praying to Allah like the Islamic people do. This comes in subtle forms. You can be feeding an entity in a very subtle way without having to do those things.

We know politicians emulate sincerity. We need to judge people by their fruits.

While this being is presenting itself there will be very high level technologies that will be broadcast throughout the planet that will stimulate people into a blissful state so when they think fondly of this being they will be in synch with the harmonising patterns, their brain will go into synch with the energetic beam which will open them up and they will consume this energetic pattern. It will stimulate the people it will give them a sense of euphoria and a blissful state.

Like the V scenario. In the last incarnation of V they had a female deity that spoke. Her image was being projected up onto the bottom of the space ship. They were using some kind of technology so all the people who were connected into it were feeling a euphoria. You had the warning described right there in that series?

We laughed about that. We couldn’t believe the synchronicity there. I am talking about the presentation not being on a bottom of a ship we are talking about hologram projections because I don’t believe these entities have the courage to be here in person.

Does this connect with dream injection?

The programming has already begun. The first thing we do when my wife Cynthia and I wake up is do a pillow talk and talk about the experiences we had the night before. I urge everybody to do that with their partners because you will be surprised what gets revealed. We are being attacked in our dream state and that has been happening for quite a few decades in various different forms but now it is a far more blanket approach. There are so many people that we talk to that are experiencing this. We will wake up and be left traumatised from the dream state scenarios that we experienced the night before, they are constantly working on us from every possible conceivable angle and this dream state scenario plants programmes in our subconscious. What can happen you may be confronted by a particular scenario later that day and it even may be a month down the track and the trauma from the dream state programme they planted into you a month previous will come to the surface so when you are confronted by a particular scenario you normally would have dealt with it quite well but all of a sudden you have this tremendous fear and a trembling in your body. Instead of confronting the situation and taking control in a more confident way all of a sudden you are left feeling insecure about yourself and not having the intestinal fortitude to deal with that scenario. Sometimes it bleeds through at that moment and these are some of the techniques and tactics that they are using. They are preparing people all around the world in such a sophisticated way. So many people are being attacked in the dream states. It is quite a big issue on the planet I would say.

I will read from this article from Scientific American.“Scientists from Berkeley have reconstructed the internal movie that plays in a persons head to recreate dynamic visual experiences, they used functional magnetic resonance imagery FMRI to measure the brain activity of volunteers.“ If they can tap into the brain to read these images I wonder what they can send into it? Like the micro chip, it is not so much about what comes out of the chip, it is what is beamed into it.

I have been on the receiving end of that technology for many years now. It really is annoying. At times you are functioning quite fine and then all of a sudden it is like someone shoved a nail into your head. It is usually around the back area of the head and the lower area of the head, in behind the ears and those sorts of areas. And other times it could be a real deep pressure behind the eyes, depending on the types of technology they are using.

It really comes down to everything that we function as a being, like people don’t want to have a mobile phone because they don’t want to be tracked. But I say to people just you as a being is your tracking signature. It is your energy. We all have our own unique energetic signature. Because this universe is built on frequency, all our brain functions, every type of function has its own unique energetic signature. It is a series of harmonic frequencies which gets recorded from our brains and that’s how this technology works. They are recording a series of harmonics of what some people deem are electrical impulses in the brains and in the neurons and you break it down even further it gets to a series of harmonics and my brain functions in a unique way, it has its own energetic signature.

A lot of these abductions in the past have been scanning people, they are actually frequency signatures of their bodies and their mind functions and everything, putting them back like they did to me and then working on them from a far. When I say they it is the groups that are in conjunction with the off world cabals. This is how they manipulate the dream state. They can work out your history as a being and they can track your fears and insecurities and the history you have with a person. They can track it back through time and know the history you have as a being through previous lives or even more so they can remember you as a being at a galactic level , which star system you came from, what history you have with who and what. They can’t do it with everybody but they have the ability to do it with a lot of people and certain aspects of our being on a galactic level, let’s say the Pleiadean aspect or Sirian aspect of my being they can remember the history with certain other beings and re-imprint that like if it was a traumatic experience. Like I was in conflict with let’s say an Orion reptilian and I had a battle and I was really badly beaten and affected terribly by it, they can take that trauma and reintroduce it into this life. They can track back through your lineage as a being and your experiences you have had in different realities. That’s pretty full on!

If you add time travel it becomes so convoluting. Is resistance futile or can we bypass it. Is there protection?

Yes the main one for me is me holding my integrity; me going within myself and holding my energy that is within me because it is infinite and eternal.
Ultimately these technologies that are being imposed on me are a temporary measure and they are only effecting me to a certain degree as they only exist in the lower domains of this universe. It is only certain frequencies. Be aware of oneself that you are within yourself multi dimensional and beyond that you are totally infinite and eternal.

Like if you are playing in a computer game your character in the computer game can only be affected to a certain degree and you know that beyond that arena you are not going to get affected. It is kind of a similar thing. On this level, the more you bring your inner light out, the more you go within yourself and bring your own essence out, that is your ultimate defence. There is nothing more powerful than that. That is the ultimate, the greater aspect of yourself, that part of you that is in oneness and harmony with the rest of creation.

The moment you start doing that then the other beings of the true light will come and help. What happens if you straight away ask for someone else to help you and you are giving your power away to another being that is going to exist in the lower domains of the universe and then they create a relationship of dependency. Part of the process with this onslaught and all these attacks is for people to ask for help straight away and not do it for themselves.

My recommendation is for people to start doing it for themselves and then the other beings who are going to help you in a really good way will come in and help because they don’t want to do it for you but they will help you once you start doing it for yourself.

You mentioned the squeeze: it is difficult to determine what is natural and what is artificial?

What they want to do is create an environment that is as messy and confusing as possible so it does get difficult for people to know whose who and what’s what so the lines get blurred between the natural organic processes and the synthetic systems that are being implemented and imposed, There is the natural process of this planet, her journey and the relationship we are having with this planet as a collective human soul and the relationship this planet is having with the solar system and the one that we are having with this solar system. Again this comes back to that we have chosen to have an incredibly deep and intimate relationship with this solar system and this planet. That’s why we have chosen to incarnate here and that is the forgotten relationship. A lot of the time we sit here and we speculate and we comment on the drama within the arena and the drama vortexes that have been created within the experience we are having within the matrix of the planet that we tend to forget the incredible and wonderful intimate relationship we are having with the being that is this planet and with the consciousness and the being that is this solar system. When we draw back onto that relationship and we go within our own selves and we draw on the power of that relationship incredible things start to happen. There are the natural processes of the sun: When I was a child, it was a yellow ball in the sky and when I look at the sun now it is white. Everything is changed. I do sungazing. I look at the sun as well as it is setting and sometimes in the morning and he is changing. He is not what he used to be either. The whole solar system is going through a shift. The sun is changing, the planet is changing and it is whether people want to come to terms with that or not. I urge people to start thinking big and to pull their awareness out of the forest and look down on the forest and get back in touch with the bigger picture. The planet is a living being, the solar system we are in is a living being and they have their journeys as individual personalities, as beings that are expressing themselves as the sun and the earth and it is trying to remember what their journey is because when you do that you remember the whole incredible relationship humanity collectively as a whole is having with this planet. It is quite a relationship. We decided to take this journey together. The intended outcome of that journey is in the process of being achieved. Anybody who is not going to be a part of that intended outcome it is time to leave. This reality is changing and it is going to become detrimental to people who do not want to be a part of that outcome. They are going to have to find their way off the planet and that is why there is going to be on offer many different paths , the harvesting of the herd that is going to take place is going to be for those people who are not going to achieve that intended outcome. Their soul is taking them on a different journey.

The media is playing the ET invasion card, while other group are pushing the official disclosure card. What do you say about this situation?

I am going to say that they are different factions of the much greater scenario. While the fake alien invasion seems like a possible scenario I would say from the point of view of the farmers; if you are a farmer of sheep and all of a sudden the sheep get really aware, and they want to start jumping the fence, it is not going to be good for you as a farmer. If they introduce the fake alien invasion that would provide such a huge trigger of awakening to so many people, it will be detrimental to them to play that card now. I don’t see it happening. I presented the female deity before because it is not what people are expecting. People are expecting the fear scenario. I am looking at it from the cunning point of view from my own contemplations and my own meditations and my experiences.

Don’t forget the experiences I have had with all these ET races and my aspect at a galactic level. I have been at odds with a lot of these beings. A lot of us had, some of us are just remembering it. You probably don’t have the memories yet. We’ve come from out there. There are a lot of beings out there who are rubbing their hands because we’ve incarnated and we are totally vulnerable to them now. They’ve been wanting to get at us for a very long time. All of a sudden they have the opportunity to get us and they are going to give it everything they have got. The other notion that I feel is really dangerous, is the immaturity of people to say the statement that all ET’s are good. That is ridiculous. I have experienced a lot of ET races. There is a great man who once said ‘as above so below,’ and I tell you that is very true.

Be careful and do not be so gullible to think that evil only exists on this planet and everything beyond this planet is all good, peaches and roses. That is not true. We have very sophisticated agenda’s that are at play here. The other thing about the fake alien invasion is we are not going to be invaded by ET’s because they are already here, they always have been here. They have never left. The whole thing to understand is that we are inside the ET agenda already and we have been from the beginning basically. The notion that is being propagated by these other ET groups is that they are our custodians. All this language and terminology that is being delivered by these so called ambassadors of these ET groups is very dangerous. We are well in advance of all of that. The reality is once we get past these ET groups, we as a human race because of who and what we are and what we had to endure are actually held in the highest of regard and the highest of esteem and these other ET groups that keep propagating this notion that we need mentoring and guiding and they are going to welcome us into the galactic community.

I will give you an analogy: if you have a third world country, a really backward third world country and they have been living under a dictatorship for such a long time and the people are hurting and all of a sudden there is a change. When that dictatorship gets ousted and people have a new government and this new government is going to give the people more freedom and then you have people from that country that have now been welcomed into the United Nations and they are so proud. These people truly believe that they are representing their people, they are free and they are being welcomed into the global community. I ask you are they free?

They have a bigger playing field and they have new toys to play with and they are going to be made to feel they are far more free then they were, but the reality is, they are not free. This is what is going on.
Take this and apply it on a cosmic level. What you have are these groups the galactic federation of light, the federation of free will and all these other so called empires and federations and groups that are here and imposing their cultural philosophies and their ideologies and their spiritual teachings on the human race at the moment. They want to welcome us into their communities. A lot of these races truly believe they are free because they are brainwashed into believing they are free just like there are a whole lot of people who work in the United Nations who truly believe the United Nations is a wonderful thing, but they cannot see the forest from the trees. The same thing applies. I say to people the matrix is not just an earthly thing. The matrix is also a cosmic thing. There is a cosmic matrix out there and you need to get past that layer as well.

Have they taken over?

This has been a 6000 year plan. We have been within an off world cabal and their agenda for the human race for well over 6000 years. For people to think that this has been a recent thing again they are being very naïve. This has been going on for a long time. Let me give you an example, people are waiting for the Anti Christ to turn up but who do you think is running the church? They are waiting for the Anti Christ to turn up but they don’t realise they are already enslaved in its system.

The infrastructure, the system and the intention and the ideology behind that system, how its controlling people, because sure there has got to be truth mixed in there somewhere otherwise people aren’t going to take to it but the overall agenda and the infrastructure in that system, my goodness it is encompassing because it wants to own you. It wants to own and control every facet of your being, the way you think, the way you feel, the food you consume, the way you perceive life spiritually, aptitude and awareness, everything about you. This system wants to own you. Whether it is religion or whether it is science, whether it is ET’s, whether it is food, education, technology, it doesn’t matter what it is, people need to realise these are all different fractions of a much greater agenda.

When you have these big empires that have so many beings under their control, so many different races, all they have to do is like ‘let’s approach planet Earth, so what are we going to do now they are at about this level of development, okay, we are going to send in the reptilian and the greys, they are going to create these bodies of control through societies, they are going to create these ritualistic programmes, so when the people are performing these rituals, that is another thing with this female deity, that’s what the statue of liberty is all about, that is what the Columbia energy is all about. When secret societies are performing these rituals, these deities are appearing to them in these secret rituals. I am not making this stuff up this is literally happening. This female deity thing could be the big card at the end. It is a much bigger agenda. These are different fractions of a much greater entity of control which is intergalactic, cosmic and huge.

Law, the cross and the crown, all religion, subservience …

And in my talks I say they don’t realise that their indigenous cultures and their teachings is under this influence. They haven’t left any culture out, they have not left a stone unturned. People think the indigenous system is the real one. People don’t know the natural kingdom if they are making comments like that. They don’t realise that the whole natural kingdom on this planet is functioning in a spectrum. When you deal with nature spirit you got to be careful of what you are dealing with because don’t forget everything out there is killing everything in order to survive. It is not all peaches and roses. People get caught up in these traps. Every culture on this planet and I met some wonderful indigenous peoples on my travels recently and I tell you what some of them are onto it and they know. There are elders and then there are elders.

There are a lot of shamanic practices dealing with a layer, a certain frequency spectrum of the elemental kingdom that has got these people fooled. The real elders are sitting back shaking their heads waiting for the right day when they are going to step forward. What will surprise a lot of the indigenous cultures, the young women will step up and show the old guys how foolish they are being. That is having spoken with and communicated with some wonderful indigenous people.

Another way to look at it is, there is a cookbook and that cookbook is the cookbook of mind control and spiritual control of humanity. What they have is a recipe for every culture and every mind-set. You have a huge infrastructure and they present a system for each culture, because if you grow up in another culture you think differently, you function differently, you perceive differently. So they are going to have to create a system that is applicable to those people, like a programme. You have different programmes and they function in different ways. You need a programme that is going to interface with that programme properly and then you have got to create another programme that is going to interface with that one which is functioning slightly different.

I am reminded of a Twilight Zone episode called to serve man. What is your take on Elenin?

I am not concerned by Elenin itself but by what is coming in behind it. I had my own experience years ago when I literally looked up in the sky and saw two moons in the sky. It was a future experience. I call it the time of the two moons and one of them was blood red in colour and I knew that this thing was much further out and was much bigger than our moon but looked roughly the same size as our moon. I knew it was Nibiru straight away because I was in a completely different state of being. Whether that comes to pass, whether it was a potentiality or a probability remains to be seen. I have also had my own personal experiences with the beings from Nibiru itself. They don’t have our best interests at heart. I also had an experience of the energy and consciousness of that failed red star and if you look at the drama from a cosmic level you have got this thing called a failed red star. He is really jealous of the being that became a star, our sun. The sun and his feminine counterpart which is the earth are in the process of achieving and creating, so this guy wants to sweep through right at the last moment and ruin the party because he is very envious of what father sun and mother earth are creating here which is giving birth to this new way of life here.

Was this an incoming body?

I would say it has its own propulsion system. And I would say it is a failed star that was once related to our star. Our star I would say is a trinary system with Sirius because the consciousness of our sun is connected to the Sirius consciousness and the Orion consciousness. If you look at family lineage, the thing people have forgotten to do is to look at the cosmic drama, look at the personalities of the stars and the planets and their lineages, so this is forgotten knowledge. It is within each and every one of us.

The failed dwarf star is kind of like the twin brother. Do you know the brothers where one is always insanely jealous of the other brother, one brother makes it good and the other brother no matter how hard he tries just never makes it good and is always jealous of the other brother? That archetypal energy has been played out down through the ages and stories have been written about the sun and the failed star and it has just been presented in different forms through our mythology on the planet.

There is something out there that’s affecting our solar system. Our planet is under such tight control the technology we have available to us only has the capacity to see a certain level of life. It is as though we are looking through life with the blinkers on. With our technology we can only see two strands of DNA. We can’t see the other ten because we don’t have the capacity and the technology to see the other ten. They are there they do exist.

What is dark matter?

Each one of our DNA strands represents an archetypal personality of the creator which is in fractals of 12. Dark matter is like looking at other dimensional realities. Residue from frequencies that are close to this reality because there are many frequencies we cannot see but they do exist and they are right next door to this one. The vacuum of space is the feminine.

I want to remain on the subject matter where the technology we use only allows us to see on a certain paradigm and this failed star which is now occupied by certain beings has its own propulsion system and the ability to cloak itself beyond any technology we have that we can see it with. There are some people who can explain how this thing is undetectable by our technology.

Do you think this will make an appearance?

I feel Elenin was kind of like a front for this object. This object was coming in behind Elenin. And it will reveal itself when the time is right because there are many ET races out there and people on this planet who have seen it for themselves and identified it as kind of like a prison planet. When I talked about the harvest I want people to realise that it is not just one destination for the harvest. Let’s say a war is won and the spoils of that war are shared amongst the victor, this intergalactic cabal is huge and it spans many frequencies and there are many races in it. Depending on the mind-set of the human at this level will determine which group and the destination they end up on. If you are scientifically based you are not going to go with a religious deity. It is not a frequency match and you are going to be too hard to handle. It is not going to work. They have got ET races that are more scientifically based. There are many paths that would be on offer to the many different modes of functionality of the human race. Nibiru is one path that is on offer. It will be for a much lower vibratory awareness of people. The ones that are more spiritually conscious will be the ones that will fall for this so called angelic presentation and deity presentation, because that is how they need to lure people down that path. The controlling entities are sitting very high up in this system and it is compartmentalised. Just like you have a CIA boss that is in control of the CIA, the whole thing is so compartmentalised that some groups are not aware of others and sometimes some groups will be in conflict with one another. They have turf wars. The same thing is happening here where it looks like some groups are in opposition to one another; ultimately they are being controlled much further up in the infrastructure.

This is the awareness I am trying to bring to people. Please understand that this infrastructure goes off world, it is not just an earthly matrix – and everything else is great. People need to realise the bigger picture here. This is not about doom and gloom. I want to bring to people’s awareness the sophistication and the genius behind these deceptive agendas. You got to respect them otherwise they are going to get the better of you. There is an old saying in the art of war, “you must respect your enemy.” If you do not have respect for your enemy you are in trouble.

Having said that do not underestimate what we are capable of. Our essence and what we do and what we are becoming is so much more powerful. We go into a realm that is so far beyond technology. We operate and function from pure organic intention and things get created in an instant. We are capable of doing anything. When you go within yourself and you re connect with your essence of who and what you are, deep within yourself then you are accessing a level of consciousness and power that no technology, no entity of any ill intent can touch. We have the ultimate power within us. The information I am sharing here is about preparing people and about creating self empowerment.

We individually are a fractal of the universe. There is no other race in the universe that acts with more life force than we do. We are truly HU MAN meaning GOD MAN and we are in the process of becoming totally human and that is what they are jealous of. That is only one group so we are talking a minority even though I mentioned thousands of ET races are caught up in this paradigm that is still a drop in the ocean for life in this universe. This is just a layer or one small segment of life in the universe, this is the earthly veil, beyond the cosmic veil which is ET’s and their version of angels, ascended masters and all that and their spiritual hierarchies and philosophies, you get past that and you get to the rest of life who are so inspired by who and what we are and they hold us in the highest of esteem, because we are them. We have come from the stars and we have volunteered, we had the courage to strip ourselves of our divinity and journey so far into separation, we are the ones that are the way showers. We are showing the way. All these other ET groups do not have the courage to do what we are doing. They are just jealous of us so all they have ever wanted to do is to control us and to say ‘see look we have turned these godly beings into pathetic savages.’

At the end of it all, when we activate just like the experience I had when I was taken to the moon that time, when I activated it didn’t matter what technology they threw at me, it doesn’t matter what powers that Draconian lord had; they had nothing that could stop me. I had that experience to send a message through the Draconian empire to say when we as a human race activate they have got nothing on us. And that is 100% fact.

Trust within yourselves and trust your own spirit because it is your spirit, it is your own essence that has created this life you are having. We will come through because the future has happened and I can categorically say, we did it, we did it, we did it. So many people have had similar experiences, it is just experiencing the movie. Try not to get sucked into and follow your own intuitive heart and it will just be fine.

Thank you to Lana, Friederich and Elizabeth, it is not just Henrik. Thank you to the whole team.

Director of the day before disclosure

Extra Terrestrial Visitation

Edgar Mitchell must be one of the most credible people on the planet. He is now chairman of one of the most advanced scientific institutes doing research on consciousness. When he sits right in front of you and tells you, ‘we are being visited and we have been visited for a long long time; I know this and all my colleagues know this and I have tried to take this to the UN to open this up and get an organised committee to handle these issues’. He says we have to deal with this now. We are a part of a much larger cosmic reality. When guys like that say this, there is no question in my mind.
There are NATO officers that can confirm way back in the 60’s that NATO had registered four different races that were visiting earth on a regular basis. This was made public on the NATO system. I can go on and on. I feel it is high time that people on this planet know what is going on.

Terje is from Norway and has sited UFO’s in Heslop:

Heslop has had enormous activity over the last thirty years. The only explanation that I can give is that this is a part of our country that is extremely rich in minerals. The largest mineral concentration of copper iron, zink is in this area.

We are talking about civilizations that are millions of years ahead of us technologically. I suspect that they have the same kind of needs we have. We are travelling around the globe looking for materials for our energy system, our building system. Maybe there are a lot of races on different planets mining for resources they need? Their technology is so advanced that they can operate without being visible, they can dematerialise, they can go into mountains. We have seen a lot of these lights just popping in and out of mountain sides. It is a technology we can just dream of.

We are 7 billion people. What was possible for us to become so many is that we found the oil 150 years ago. Without oil I have heard this planet is able to feed about 1 billion people but with everything we can do with oil in the way of producing foods, transporting foods, having energy has made it possible to feed a lot more people. In this situation where the human race is expanding like a virus, if you go back to 1970 we were just half the population. We are right now using up all the resources, we are polluting the planet and we are seeing more wars caused by growing hatred. We are creating havoc. So where does this situation lead us? It leads us on a path that in a few years is going to lead us to a pretty big crisis. We are going to run out of energy in fifty years, even if we have renewable energy, it only accounts for a little. Oil and gas are quite crucial. If things don’t change pretty fast we are going down.

The fact is that there are visitors visiting us on a regular basis that have technology that we don’t have. They have learnt how to utilise the cosmic energy, which is apparent everywhere. Some of our most advanced researchers call it zero point energy, or vacuum energy which is apparent around us. I have myself witnessed some of the projects going on which are extremely promising. These technologies are in a situation where they are not given proper funding from governments as it is not time yet to close down the oil cartels. As long as we have big oil cartels that are making enormous amounts of money on the oil situation, this technology will not develop within our scientific communities, because they will not have the funding.

If we are going to change the path that we are on, it is not going to be done by us but it is going to be done by something that comes from the outside. Our visitors are all around us but are only waiting to be invited. That is why I urge to get the message out that there is a resolution to our environmental problems. There is a resolution to our energy problems, to our problems with water , to our problems with food if we only open up to this reality. And that can change the world overnight. We just have to say okay, we are ready for you, come here and teach us how to utilise these energy systems. I think there is no government on earth that is going to take the initiative to get this on the agenda. It has to come as a grass-root movement, like we see in the Arab world, the people themselves take control over their own future, and demand their leaders to change their ways. We have to demand our leaders to change their ways and open up to these new kinds of inputs from far more advanced civilizations so we can have access to this technology, this energy source and that will change our ability to survive as a species on this planet.

How is this going to be implemented?

Every nation has a big ego on this planet just like every leader has a big ego and the first one to get access to this technology will of course use it for their own benefit and maybe also use it for weaponising.

We are also part of a spiritual realm. The human body is a vehicle for the soul. We are not bodies that carry a soul, we are souls that inhabit a body. I believe that this planet is a fantastic playground for souls coming here, inhabiting these human bodies just like avatars and using this fantastic playground to experience all thinkable aspects of being human and all these fantastic emotional sides that the human architecture has. There is concern amongst advanced civilizations not to destroy this fantastic playground that the earth is. Think of the enormous amount of species we have and the fantastic nature that has developed on this planet for millions and billions of years, we can’t let the human species destroy this in just one hundred years.

We know that UFO visitation escalated when we exploded the first atomic bomb because that had an impact far beyond our globe, it had an impact into the cosmos. I believe more advanced civilizations said what the heck are humans now up to? They are playing with weapons that they don’t have any idea of where it is going to take them. There is a major concern that we are now destroying this fantastic environment and I don’t think they will let it happen.

We as souls inhabiting these bodies, on a spiritual level are their brothers and sisters. They are one of us actually. I think we have made an agreement on a spiritual level that we are not going to destroy this planet. The situation has come as far as it can. That is the dimensional shift, the lift of consciousness, this new area, this renaissance in human thinking that is now growing as a grass roots movement and the UFO situation is giving it a great push. We have to start with something physical to make people change their mind. Like the crop circles in Britain, they have created an awareness of something paranormal appearing in our midst. It is attracted interest from people all over the globe, and that is part of an information campaign from our brothers and sisters outside to tell us we are not alone. The UFO observations are also a part of that. There is a movement trying to make people aware that there is a larger reality and we have to change the situation. Our politicians are not going to do this. We have to do this as a ground movement.

The real big problem is what we call the human ego. The human ego is so strong and protective of its own interests that when people are empowered the ego boosts two dimensions which makes it very impolite. People in power want to stay in power. If we were to let the ET’s in with their technology the first thing that would happen would be the people in power would not be in power anymore. If it shall not be done by violence then it will have to be done by changing the ways of the human ego. To change the ways of the human ego we need an uplifting of our consciousness.

I believe we will see signs like mass siting’s of UFO’s over major cities, or mass amounts of crop circles, or mass amounts of things we cannot explain that will make the masses on this planet start to think and start to realise we are part of a much much larger reality. Every organised religion in its origin is created by people in power who needed a political instrument to control the masses. The best tool is to create a god that is high above the people, who is both legislator and judge. You can’t think of anything more effective. This god has his representatives on earth who are his spokesmen and these spokesmen have the power to control the people. Organised religion has to face that time has come to a big change. We need to kick some ass and that needs to be done by someone showing us that there is a larger reality.

The key to this is how do we change the human ego? The key is we have to change our human DNA. I believe our visitors who have probably been a part of the creation of the human species have that key. If we allow them we can create a whole new race on this planet. I believe this may be what is happening with the indigo children. I believe 20% of the human race have the ability to accept these ideas but 80% are so stuck in their ego’s they can’t accept. They either have to be diminished or they have to change.

How do we know that the ET’s are well intentioned?

This leads us to the question of what is creation and what are the other species that are out there? Are there many levels of species, many levels of intention structures, etc etc. We have no guarantee that species coming here have our best intentions, the only thing I can think of is if someone wanted to destroy us or take over the planet, they would have probably done that aeons ago. The fact that we are still here and the fact that we still have freedom of choice gives me hope.

I believe on this planet we are amongst the not so very well developed species in the cosmos. We are at a barbaric stage in our development. We are still animalistic. Our egos are protective of our species. When this planet was architectured, they came up with an enormous amount of species they wanted to put on this fantastic blue planet. After having created and developed all these species the question of course was how are we going to feed them? And then someone came up with ingenious idea, let them eat each other. That is the animal way of the living life on this planet. It lives by eating itself. We as a human species are stuck in that same paradigm. We are also eating ourselves. We are killing each other all the time, trying to protect our own interests.

I believe that is the shift of consciousness that we are in. It will lift us out of an animalistic paradigm and into a more spiritualistic paradigm.

I believe the species that are visiting us have a much stronger connection to their souls. And they are much more aware of the holographic realm that we are a part of in this cosmos. As the human species we are just living in the corner of it and we are just seeing a part of it. They see the big system and now they have decided it is time to take the human species and open the door a little bit more to the true realm of reality. Day before disclosure up for free viewing on

We have three new projects in the pipeline , one is on health, our digestive systems, how we can take care of our bodies, we have a film on new energy systems, anti-gravity systems . We also have a major product called the Concept which is a film which shows that the wisdom of the Eastern mystics is merging with the new science consciousness.

We are talking to Anthony Peak about the brain, the nature of reality, hypnogogia, out of body experiences and his new books and latest works. We were talking during the break and you need to share the story with all of us about the TARS receptors in the brain in connection to the pineal gland. Take the story from the top if you will, fascinating stuff.

One of the major issues for a long time has been whether the brain itself generates endogenously, that is internally dimethyltryptamine or not. Although they have found evidence and traces of dimethytriptamine within human brain tissue the major problem has been is to whether it is generated internally or not.

A little bit of neurology is that we know that within the brain each neuron doesn’t touch. There is a small gap called the synaptic gap. Different messages are sent across the synaptic gap and from neuron to neuron by a facilitating chemical known as neuro-transmitters. Depending upon the neuro-transmitter that is released across the pathway or the space between the synaptic gap will depend upon the message that goes across the brain.

Within one side of the neuron is the side that sends the chemicals out from little vesicles, little containers that fire the chemicals out. And across the space, on the other side there are things that are equivalent to little harbours like where ships go into a harbour, but even more accurately they are like little locks. The locks will only open if the key is the right shape – to make an analogy.

Effectively if a chemical comes across; and the receptor site, the key is not right, that chemical will not come across. What they found is that there are these things called trace amine associated receptors (tars). The shape of the tars is such that it is believed that these things are designed specifically to become receptor sites for chemicals virtually identical to dimethytriptamine.

If this is the case, nature tends to be very reserved in what it does. It is not going to create a receptor site for something if it is never going to use it. Although there is not a 100% present proof that in a waking functioning brain the dimethytriptamine is created, it seems evident that it is a possibility. The discovery of the tars has certainly taken things forward quite a way in terms of this and this is the area I am very keen to focus in on because if this is the case it means that dimethytriptamine is a very important drug for want of a better term. It is part of our natural evolution. It is opening up a way in which we can perceive reality, whatever reality is. It has long intrigued me and I am nowhere near an expert on this and I am sure that people like Graham Hancock will go into greater detail about this.

The one thing that amazes me with ayahuasca for instance; in order for ayahuasca to function correctly and facilitate the experiences it does it has to be mixed with other plants in a particular way in order to release the chemicals to bring about the experiences.

The chances of the tribes in Latin America and Amazonia by accident bringing these particular plants together in the way they do begs belief. When they were asked how they did it they said the plants spoke to them, ‘the plants told them’.

Could that be that there is some kind of inner voice, inner driving force that we have that needs us to pursue this particular level of ethogens, the particular types of drugs that can facilitate for want of a better term, opening up to GOD, the idea of opening us up to a greater experience.

I am using GOD in its generic term, its Spinozian term, the greater something, either the collective of everybody or something else. These particular chemicals seem to do that and they seem to react to the brain in a particular way.

I have never tested these out but I know people who have. One friend of mine, a professional psychotherapist described it, he says when he took dimethyltryptamine, it is creepy and it makes me shiver every time I say this; he said he drank it and it was foul tasting stuff, and Graham Hancock has said it is the most disgusting stuff you can imagine. But he took it and for a few minutes nothing happened, then he said he felt like he had been crashed out of his chest at super speed out into the universe. And then he found himself in this place. His first thought was, ‘oh my God I am back there again.’ Suddenly he found himself crashing back into his body again. He recognised where he had gone. It was a place he knew. The question is and it is a billion dollar question is that when people have DMT experiences, particularly the work being put forward by Dr Rick Strassman at the University of New Mexico describes what happens when people have DMT experiences, the yshare the dream with other people. Rick had a funded research, I know he was on your show.

By the way I want to mention that titbit, he was funded by the Scottish Right Freemason by the way :

Was he! That is intriguing isn’t it, because this then links in. This is why I have a lot of people attracted to my work now who are conspiracy theorists. It is something that I don’t do, but they are now saying that; ‘the areas that you are now touching upon are moving into these areas of hidden history’. In fact Gary Lackman who was with Blondie, Gary very much deals with the secret history of consciousness, the secret history of these things that have been known for a long time.

Could this be why you have the symbolism of the pineal gland and the pine cone everywhere?

It is because of something they have known for a long time. And it is something that has been hidden. I have just been reading a book that was sent to me by Dr Andreas Mavromatis the guy that is the expert on hypnogogia. He has written a new book called ‘Travelling Light’. In this are his experiences in Greece in the 1960’s when he was a young man and when he met a Greek shaman on a Greek island. It is his descriptions of his experiences with this guy. When I am reading Andreas’s experiences it resonates so strongly with me because it seems to me that an awful lot of this came through the mystery cults of the ancient Greeks. He mentions that Homers Iliad of the Odyssey can be read on two or three different levels. The journey that Odysseus takes is in fact the journey of consciousness to enlightenment.

It was then I suddenly noticed something quite peculiar; the two main characters that Odysseus comes across on his journeys, one of them is Circe, the witch and the other one is the Cyclops. He and his friends get captured by the Cyclops and they also get turned into Swine by Cerce. But it is the word Circe and Cyclops. They are both derivatives of the word circle and cuclos. What is this about the circle?

I keep coming back to the stuff that I write about and that is the eternal return, the eternal recurrence, which of course the Neo Platonists were fascinated by and Pythagoras was fascinated by it and the idea that is this the secret?

I have long suggested that in fact the Holy Grail that people talk about being the bloodline of Christ, I suspect it is far more esoteric than that. I believe the Holy Grail is the fact that we don’t reincarnate into other bodies, as other people. We reincarnate as ourselves and live our own lives again.

If you look at the ancient Greek myths, there is the myth of the river Lethe, the river of forgetting and in the river of forgetting, the old Greek myth said when you died and crossed the river you could elect to go back and live your own life again. In order to do that you had to drink of the waters of the river Lethe, the river of forgetting and all your memories will be wiped clean and you will live your life again.
One of the major themes in ‘Cheating the Ferryman’ is the idea of the circularity of time and the idea that within our own world view we live our own life over and over again, we don’t reincarnate as somebody else. We do reincarnate but as ourselves. In which case this again could be one of the secrets. One of the hidden secrets…

You allude to the pineal gland and the symbolism of this. The single eye, the forgotten eye. Can the pineal gland be stimulated by light, releasing DMT. You mentioned that evolutionary leaps might be connected to the pineal gland. It is possible that at sometimes in our lives or potentially on a mass scale we get an activation of the pineal gland?

It stuns me that this tiny thing is no more the size of a pea in the centre of the brain. Now it is important for your listeners to understand why the pineal gland is so significant and why people from Descartes onwards were fascinated and have been fascinated for thousands of years. The reason being: if somebody dies, I wouldn’t try this on a live person as it could be dangerous. If you take the brain out of somebody and you look at the brain you will see that it is made up of two hemispheres. If you pull the two hemispheres apart you will then see underneath the two hemispheres, something called the reticular formation. The reticular formation is a group of little squiggly things like the amygdala and the hippocampus and everything else. You will notice that there are two of everything. Each one has a mirror image, a left and a right version. The only thing in the brain with the exception of the corpus collosum another structure underneath that just holds the two sides together, the only thing that is not duplicated is the pineal gland.

It sits in the dead centre of the brain. Only the liver processes more blood than the pineal gland. It also takes an awful lot of the oxygen.

The pineal gland is one part of the structure of the brain that is not inside what is called the blood brain barrier. The rest of the brain is enclosed in this sheet called the blood brain barrier that stops certain chemicals getting into the brain. The pineal gland isn’t. Technically it is not really part of the brain, but its material is very similar to the retina in the eye, yet again we have this link with vision and with the eye.

Biologists have noticed that if you look at the pineal gland of lower animals you can actually see evolution in action, you can see it changing through different species. The pineal gland is also bigger in certain individuals than others. There is so much that is fascinating about this tiny little object.

I believe that how it can be stimulated is light itself can stimulate the pineal gland indirectly. I am working with the two Austrian guys and the experience I had when I was in Austria three years ago when I believe my own third eye, my pineal gland was activated by this light device. For hours afterwards there were vibrations in the centre of my forehead but I felt it coming from deeper inside. If this is the case then I think it is just waiting and really waiting to be stimulated from its sleep. When it does, we will open up. People talk about the opening up of the brow chakra that the pineal gland is supposed to be.
If you look through the history, the ancient manuscripts and if you look at the pictures, you always see this image of the third eye. It can’t just be sheer chance that all these civilizations seemed to be preoccupied with this concept of another eye that can process light. Clearly there has to be something more in it and I am really looking forward to really researching this a great deal for my next book which I think is the book that is going to pull all this together. I believe that all the research I have been doing over the last ten years is for a purpose. It is leading to something.

I have no idea what it is leading to, my daemon knows, but I don’t. I am going along with it.

Tell us this idea of the foetus, the 49th day?

In the 49th day of gestation as the foetus is developing within the womb, the pineal gland at that stage is located at the back of the throat. At the 49th day it starts to move from the back of the throat, gradually moving upwards as the foetus develops to get its final position in effectively the centre of the brain. As it moves up it leaves a duct, a kind of a tap almost, a place where substances can drip down. It then drips down to the back of the throat.

When people are trained in techniques, for instance dream yoga that they do in Tibet and various other forms of yoga and also other forms of deep meditation, people who are great experts in this claim that when you go into very very deep trance states and very very deep states of meditation, you have an acrid taste at the back of your throat. This taste is quite unpleasant.

It has for centuries been associated with transcendentalism and it is called something like the divine nectar of transcendence. People have clearly associated this taste with transcendence. But, people would not have known until comparatively recently that there is this duct at the back of the throat that leads directly to the pineal gland. If people when they go into these states can automatically in some way naturally make the pineal gland excrete dimethyltryptamine which will then effectively go from one hemisphere to the other, across, because the pineal gland is ideally situated for this; as soon as it releases it; it then gets into the neurons and the neurons gets into the synapses and it spreads across the brain. Some of it will leak down to the back of the throat quite naturally because if it’s excreting, some of it will drip away. And that’s what they taste. This is intrigueing and it suggests something very profoundly important.

I am thinking of the ancient Egyptian ceremony, the opening the mouth ceremony which is about making a person’s soul survive the afterlife. The ancient Egyptians believed that in order for a person’s soul to survive in the afterlife it would need to have food and water, opening of the mouth ritual was thus performed so that the person who died could eat and drink again in the afterlife. All of that could be symbolic for having survival of the soul take place and the opening of the mouth ceremony is mankind is the only creature when they look up at the stars, you open your mouth slightly meaning you are tasting the heavens.

The reason why I am stunned by this is literally this afternoon I was talking to a PR guy called Gary Evans. Gary is the PR guy for Robert Bauval. Gary is hoping to work with me in the future for PR purposes which is really excellent. Gary and I were discussing some of the things I write about and Gary was telling me that he and Robert and I think Graham as well were in the great pyramid quite recently and there is a sarcophagus in there apparently that resonates at certain levels of sound. He was saying yet again there was this feeling of opening up of the third eye and a sensation that the ancient Egyptians knew something about it.

It is strange that these synchronicities take place where you hear some things only a few hours before and then you are mentioning it now.

These are all parts of a huge jigsaw puzzle. I feel that myself and various other individuals, we all have parts of the jigsaw puzzle. We all get together and we are going to sit down one day and we are going to put the pieces together, and it is going to be, ‘oh my God.’ I really genuinely feel that’s what’s going to happen.

We heard that basically the pineal gland is a space portal as in your friends experience?

My associate Tony’s feeling of recognition wasn’t necessarily benign which is again intriguing because if you read a lot of Rick Strassman’s work there is a linking here to alien abductions.
I am hoping to talk in the future to the guy who wrote Communion, Whitley Strieber. Whitely has a copy of my new book and he is keen to interview me. I have been interviewed by his associates. The experiences that Whitely had with abductions I think and I know Rick Strassman is strongly of this opinion as well and I think Graham Hancock is as well that when you look at the imagery of the greys, when you look at the concepts of alien abductions and you look at the experiences people have when they have dimethyltryptamine , it is clear that there is a similar thing going on here.
Tom Campbell said to me when I was talking about the lucid light device and being able to journey, he said you have to be careful because when you are out there you will encounter entities that are not necessarily benevolent.

But, of course it will be the same of travelling anywhere. You can’t assume when you go somewhere else that everybody is going to be looking out for you and they are all going to be beings of light and they are all going to be very nice. That is very naïve. I wonder whether this place that you go to when you take dimethytriptamine may be a place that is part of our evolution. But evolution is sometimes not an easy thing. You evolve through challenges and who knows there might be challenges out there when we become cybernauts and we do the inner journey.

I call this the intromatic experience and in my last book I coined this term in the sense that the exomatic experience is the term that was coined when people were trying scientifically to define exactly what the out of body experience consisted of. I am saying it is not an outside the body experience, it is far more complex than that. It is an inner journey into your brain, the inner world, the inner life, the inner place which of course is to me is the literal meaning of enlightenment. You go inwards to find enlightenment. You look inside yourself and all the great mystics have always said that. You have to look into yourself. The universe we interface externally is just an extrapolation and an enfoldment as David Bohm would say of the implicate order that sits beneath everything.

What kind of journey would we take? Would it be an inner journey or would it be a journey out there because you mentioned the pineal gland as a stargate, space portal. You mentioned the Einstein Rosen bridge, black holes, what is that all about?

If the zero point field contains zero point energy. Zero point energy is the equivalent of a digital record: a digital recording of everything: Something that the Veda’s state, it contains everything that ever has been and everything that ever will be. And if it is a timeless state that would be the case.

Our interface with that akashic record, that akashic field is the brain or structures within the brain and it means the consciousness by looking inwardly can attune into and draw up information from that field. I believe how it will do it is that there are substances known as Bose-Einstein condensates. It is intriguing that people keep using the term the Higgs Boson but nobody I know has ever explained why it is called a Boson. There are two forms of subatomic particles, there are Bosons and Fermions. Bosons are named after a guy called Satyendra Nath Bose who was an Indian physicist who in the 1920’s wrote to Einstein about certain ideas he had. Fermions are named after Enrico Fermi.

Bose had this idea that subatomic particles could resonate collectively and in doing so they could bring about effects that normally only happen at the subatomic level into the macro world that we exist in, the observed world we exist within. He suggested that if you have enough subatomic particles all resonating in the same way they would become a new form of matter which he called a condensate.
A Bose Einstein condensate is effectively a group of electrons or photons that are acting collectively as if they are one particle.

We use these things regularly as I was surprised to discover that a lazer was in fact a Bose Einstein condensate because it is coherent light. It is light acting effectively as a single photon.

They argue that the zero point field, information from the zero point field could be drawn up in the form of Bose Einstein condensates. These Bose Einstein condensates could manifest themselves within the microtubules within the brain. If they did this it means that our brains are a facilitator for drawing up information from elsewhere. In other words think of the symbol for infinity which is an eight on its side. We are that kind of knob in the eight.

The one circle is the external reality that we perceive, that we project externally and there is the other side of the eight which is the other reality which we are drawing up from the zero point field.
So what we are effectively is this knob point, nexus point within reality, which means that consciousness; be it human consciousness or any form of consciousness is absolutely integral to the universe and the existence of the universe. We are the nodal point. I believe that this is what could be happening in the brain.

In which case DMT might be the tool by which we can open up these doors of perception, is that the dream world we experience in dreams, the images we see during hypnogogic imagery? The one thing that amazes me about hypnogogic imagery, I am not creating it, it is something that spontaneously happens. It is drawn from somewhere else. The first time I had a waking hypnogogic, it stunned me. I can still visualise it, the imagery is so strong. I was at work one day. I must have gone into this hypnogogic state. It was really weird.

I was looking down from a tree at the head of an elderly gentleman who was reading a newspaper and sitting on a park bench. I then looked up and I looked over a square, a large vast green square with traffic going around it. I heard an ambulance going round one of the far sides of the square. I knew it was somewhere either in Latin America or Spain. It was such a profound image and then I lost it. It was as if this image had just come into my head from nowhere. And then a few days later it happened again and this time I was looking up through a glass table at a women putting a cup of coffee down on a glass table. And I lost it again.

To me, those were spontaneous images that did not come from me. I was tuning into another consciousness. Was I a cat under the table? Was I a bird looking down?

And then it reminded me of a friend of mine who had a near death experience in the sea of the South of England where he was dying of hyperthermia. He described how at one stage he had what Ouspensky called the oceanic feeling. He felt that he was the sea, he was the seagulls flying. He was the cliffs in the distance.

It is these types of sudden realisations that we are part of a greater something: Everything is us and we are everything.
These are what the mystics talk about. I think Ouspensky had the sensation in the sea of Azov when he described that suddenly he glimpsed the real reality, the unity of everything. I wonder when we start looking inwards that that is what we will find. We will find the unity.

Can we control these experiences, do you think you personally get them as it relates to you in your life?

When I get hypnogogic imagery it is like tuning into a radio station and you suddenly tune in accidentally to a signal that is not supposed to be yours. In other words it doesn’t seem to be of any significance at all other than a wakeup call to make you realise that reality is stranger than it is. One of the things I extrapolate from that is about dreams themselves. I have long been intrigued by dreams because I probably think differently to a lot of people, but I always think, ‘who is the choreographer of my dreams?’ Who is the person who has designed that city that you go to when you have your re-occurring dream? It is a three dimensional place and when you turn a corner in that three dimensional place, the reality is rendered for you. You interface with people who tell you things. These are things that are not coming from your subconscious. They are things that have been drawn from somewhere else. When people lucid dream they tell me that they go back to the same places and they explore these places lucidly.

A friend of mine, Mark Crowshaw who has been walking around this place near his old school for years and he is slowly discovering it. Every couple of days he will go back into this space.
Where are these places as they are very real? I have places that I go back to. I can visualise them in my mind and I know that they are there. Is that a snapshot of somebody else’s mind or is it more than that? What I would like to do is to find ways and means whereby we can generate lucid dreaming in a more positive way. I am very much intrigued for instance, do you know the movie Waking Life? That I think has some very profound truths in it about the nature of lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming, distance viewing, out of the body experiences, astral travel, these are all facets and elements of exactly the same phenomenon.

It is just people interpret it differently. I think it is going somewhere that is real. It is a real place and it is a real place that we can inhabit. It is probably our real home.

How physical and chemical is consciousness, you described that we had a network of microtubules in the brain. Is it electrical activity ongoing in a geometric structure that exists in the brain? We are going into this area where mankind is dabbling with nano technology, creating nanotubes. Can we take this into the area of developing an AI brain in accordance with a set of structures we let loose light in this? How would this effect reality?

That brings out some huge questions about self referential intelligence and the whole concept of the Turing test. How can you know that something else is consciously aware? You can duplicate behaviours that make you believe that somebody is referentially conscious and self aware conscious.

There are some interesting things here because as you say, if the things I talk about are created by chemicals in the brain and physical structures in the brain, are those physical structures that bring about and facilitate my conscious awareness created by the consciousness itself? In other words my brain exists in the three dimensional reality that I claim is some form of illusion created by the brain. The brain itself is therefore created by the brain in which case we have this incredible ‘boot straps’ theory of the nature of reality and suddenly the whole idea seems to implode on itself because suddenly things are getting very mystical and very difficult to grasp.

The more you think about it the more you realise we are not even at the first base of understanding the true nature of reality. Even within the Newtonian model of the universe they have similar problems. Is the universe infinite? If the universe is infinite it effectively means that everything that can exist will exist, many many times.

It is the idea of Nietche’s argument of the eternal return and he used the argument that if the universe is infinite, everything will happen an infinite number of times because there is enough space for it to happen.

Or if the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into? If the universe is finite, what is outside of the universe? If time had a point start does it have a point end? Is there a timelessness outside of time? All these things are still intractable philosophical problems that even if you take the most basic materialistic model of the universe you still end up with these incredibly profoundly difficult philosophical questions that are almost inanswerable. When somebody says I am a materialist reductionist that is just as mystical approach as the things we are talking about?

If you continue asking the questions you will get to the same spot. Your next book that is coming out is about time and then you are moving ahead to the mystery of the pineal gland. You said you had much more research to do on this but you have dug out something already, leading into the idea that the ancients had a concept about this, the symbolism we can already see around the world on ancient monuments, even the Vatican for Christs sake has pine cones.

Literally for Christ sake!

What do they know about all this?

That is the million dollar question. The idea is that we are extremely cultural-o-centric and we tend to assume that our history is all the history that has ever been. We have been phenomenally naïve. If you look at the ancient structures in Latin America and you look within the Inca city’s the way in which the stonework is put together. You then look at the idea of the Sphinx and the water erosion on the bottom of the Sphinx suggests that the Sphinx is far older than we first believed. There could have been societies before. These could be residue of learning that is long lost.

I am never an advocate of Lemuria and Mu and Atlantis and everything else, I think that is phenomenally naïve thinking, but there is ideas that there were civilizations that came before. It is only the European civilization that has this whole idea of ongoing progress whereas ancient Greeks and other ancient civilizations believed that we are at the tail end of a civilization and we are on the way down and we are not on the way up. Who is to say that civilizations couldn’t have come to pass and disappeared again? It is possibilities? It is all just so stories. We have no real evidence of this. I could stand corrected on this and it is one of the areas I am more and more intrigued about. Where does this ancient knowledge come from? Why did the Buddhists accidentally supposedly come across this 49th day?

Why is it that my Austrian friends when they were in the Potala palace in Lhasa when they took the lucid light device over there and they found a room there full of glass cases with huge ossified elephant’s pineal glands? They had been there so long that the people there didn’t necessarily know why they were there or where they come from. Somebody had clearly made the link.

There is clear evidence that the history we know we are just touching upon. We are just rediscovering. The question I always ask is why am I being allowed to go as far as I am being allowed to go? If I am touching upon things which are supposedly secret, why have I been allowed to continue doing it? I say I will be allowed to go as far as I go until touching on things that are really important. Somebody said recently, why is it that it is happening now? You know my daemon idea, the idea that we all have a higher self that has lived our lives before?

Imagine a scenario that there was a nuclear war and we were all wiped out or something cataclysmic took place. All our daemons would have died at the same moment which means that every daemon that would have been alive at the moment of the cataclysm will sense the fact that something awful is about to happen. I sometimes wonder is this the waking up that is taking place now as more and more people are saying to me your daemon concept really does answer an awful lot of questions.

The question is why are our daemons active now? Why am I driven so much to do what I am doing? I could sit back and earn considerably more money by actually being a management consultant as I do being a writer. I am driven to do this. We all seem to be focussing in on something. Is it because this time round we are desperately trying to make sure the disaster doesn’t happen?
There does seem to be a large percentage of people that are suddenly becoming enlightened with a small e, they are suddenly going there is more to this and maybe we are at the vanguard or maybe not. Maybe we are the problem?

The sense that something is happening is there and the sense that something needs to be changed in our path, a deeper realisation needs to occur for mankind t move forward. And that is why I think you and others are allowed to search now and I think that the knowledge has been forgotten. It is not that they don’t have clues, certain secret societies such as the Scottish Right perhaps that is why they are funding Rick Strassman, not because they are certain that he will come up with the answers but he is one of the people doing a tiny bit of this research and in the bigger scope of things they are interested in rediscovering some of their old traditions.

One of the groups that I have done two talks for, ‘the servants of the light’, Deloris invited me along because and she said ‘Tony you are actually doing the science of the things we have long believed in.’ She was delighted that I was doing what I was doing. She said, ‘it is profoundly important that we build bridges between science and esotericism because they are effectively two sides of the same coin.’ One group does it by going internally and thinking about it and the scientists go about it by evaluating and measuring. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are in conflict. That is why I think the level of scepticism and negativity is so counterproductive because science and spirituality and science and esotericism are not enemies. We are all trying to understand the nature of reality. I have always said the most profound scientist only needs one noetic experience, one pre-cognitive experience, one near death experience, one out of the body experience for their whole world to collapse around them because they will suddenly realise that just because they haven’t experienced any of these doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

I read something recently; a letter in the Fortune Times, it said, ‘scientists think because 90% of humanity believe in the supernatural, therefore 90% of humanity are wrong’.
If 90% of the people believe things it is because their experiences reinforce that belief; just because the 10% who don’t believe it because they haven’t had that experience doesn’t invalidate that experience.

People say science is the science of what you can touch, what you can feel what you can touch and what you can quantify. As far as I am aware no one has ever seen a Higgs Boson, nobody has ever seen an electron. Nobody has ever seen a photon. These things are mathematical structures. Indeed there is a reasoned argument to say that maths is the ground state of everything. Everything else is just extrapolations from maths. The word empirical means from experience. If I experience, seeing a ghost, seeing a UFO or having an out of body experience, literally that has been empirically proven.

Why is that not being investigated?

If people are experiencing it, it is imperative that we look into it. It is possible that it is misinterpretation of physical phenomenon. Even if it is a social science phenomenon it is something that needs to be pursued.

There is the counter argument, for instance we have the concept of people seeing Greys. The Greys are fitting in with our own preconceptions of 21st and 20th century worldviews. The Greys in the 18th 17th 16th centuries were the brownies, the cobals, they were the fairies and they were the little people. If you read things like ‘Project Trojan Horse’ by John Keel or ‘Passport to Magonia’ by Jacques Vallee, all these books turn around and say that these are elementals, these are things that have been seen for centuries. It is just our technology changes and the way we define them changes.

These are things that have been with us for all that time in which case we need to look into them as there might be a reality beyond the reality that we can’t quantify yet, you can’t scientifically turn your back on it and say that people are being delusional. People turn round to me and say it is a hallucination. And then I turn round and say define a hallucination? A person who has a hallucination, for them it is real.

They have done themselves a disservice by not looking into this and that is why people are looking into other fields, science has become a religion in its own way. It is literal interpretation of the concept of science as well. Many of the scientists haven’t seen a million dollars cash yet they believe in it, they know it exists?

You can come back to the fact that the reason we are communicating as we are using Skype and effectively using the products of Newtonian physics and everything else these are the things that have given us the world we have and science has given us a great deal.

I believe we will evolve from our present knowledge of neuro-chemistry, neurology, psychology, psychiatry, quantum physics, all these things will evolve into something else. What I always say is we don’t throw it all away because that is ridiculous. Science does work and it does explain the universe that we perceive. The question is it cannot explain what David Chalmers calls the hard problem: It can’t explain how inanimate matter can bring about animation. It definitely can’t explain how my brain can create the sensation of being me.

There is no known way in our known science that a collection of electrochemicals in my brain create Anthony Peake with my hopes, my fears, my dreams or Henrik Palmgren and everything else you have going on in your head at the moment.

The idea that I am an epi-phenomenon of neuro chemistry is self evident and ridiculous and is proven every second. I remember reading Daniel Dennet’s book Consciousness Explained and I found it amazing that there was a man writing a book trying to prove that he wasn’t conscious and sentient. Who the hell was writing the book?

The two latest books; ‘The out of body experience’ and ‘Making sense of near death experience’ and ‘The Labyrinth of time’ coming out in April.

All these books are available at bookshops and if they don’t stock them you can order them. All of my books are now on kindle, they are available in the USA and Europe. My first book has been translated into various European languages. The daemon is now out in Dutch as well. I am very active on facebook and on facebook I have the walk group. We are trying to build a worldwide community.
Thank you to the wonderful red ice. You do a wonderful job I have nothing but admiration for you, you are absolutely fantastic and you are the leading edge of real rational intellectual thought that actually takes things out of the box, we need guys look you.

Thank you Anthony and we couldn’t do it without people like yourself. I want to encourage people to head over to to interact and share your own stories and get talking with other people.

Rick Simpson speaks to Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio. Rick provided people with directions of how to make hemp oil. Hemp is the most medicinal plant in the world.

In 1976 three years after the death of a close relative Rick heard on national radio an announcement saying how THC had been found to cure cancer cells. Many years later in 1997 suffered a severe head injury and went down the chemical highway. A year later watched a documentary The Nature of things with Dr David Suzuki and it was called reefer madness two and it was all about people smoking marijuana for their medical conditions. Got some pot smoked it and sure enough it worked better than anything from the medical system. Right after that I started asking doctors for a prescription and they started refusing me. Smoking pot helped me sleep and things like that and then in 1999 I decided to make the essential oil from the hemp plant. It is a very potent substance. I ingested the hemp oil from the hemp plant as my only medication and in a short time my thinking process cleared up, my arthritis in my knee went away, it controlled my blood pressure. It was doing nothing but good for me.

Put the THC oil directly onto the skin cancer and 4 days later the skin cancers were cured. I started telling my friends ‘Marijuana cures cancer.’ Started supplying the oil to friends and family having problems with skin conditions, skin cancer, burns and that kind of thing… In 2003 I took the information forward. I went to Dr Suzuki first. They expressed no interest whatsoever. We even took this to the United Nations and no one was interested. People kept coming and I kept supplying the oil and it performed miracle after miracle. I sent the NRC a video tape I recorded in April 2005 showing patients who used the oil and then was raided by them. In 2005 I had 1620 hemp plants in my backyard. In 2006 I had another 1100 plants in my backyard and they came again saying they were with the Marijuana eradication programme. They took all the hemp again. Finally I had to start buying the plants from the growers. I was charged with possession, cultivation and trafficking which I thought was ridiculous as I was growing these plants, making the medicine and giving it away. Went through the court system and then went onto a supreme court case in Nova Scotia. The verdict came out guilty. The crown prosecutor tampered with my verdict. Two weeks before my sentencing in 2008 we brought out the documentary “Run from the Cure.” That made the system a little uncomfortable because it wouldn’t look good to put a man in jail for curing cancer. When I went in for sentencing the judge said under different circumstances I would have been winning awards for the work I had done, but you don’t win awards in the court room. I was facing 12 years in jail and all the judge gave me was a 2000 dollar fine. I was very disillusioned and looking to leave Canada. My son told me, dad you are not going to walk away from this, you are going to prove to these fools the truth about this matter. The patients kept coming. In total I treated about 5000 people. The system left me alone. I did a speaking tour. Whilst I was in Amsterdam and received the freedom fighter of the year award I received word from my son that I had been raided again. They were simply trying to frame me and the Canadian government were trying to keep me away from home. I continued to fight from Europe. I wrote the book “Phoenix Tears, the Rick Simpson story.” It is pretty brutal but all the truth.

The Canadian legal system withdrew the charges. Tommy Chong went on CNN to tell the whole world he was taking the hemp oil to cure his cancer. We let Tommy know that he had to have the right oil. Unfortunately he did not listen and told the world he was totally unsuccessful. I produce the oil from the heavily sedative buds; that is what produces the medicine. Tommy was taking an extract. I have taken hundreds of people who have had prostrate cancer, every one of those people survived so I knew the problem was with Tommy Chong and not the medicine.

People’s eyes are beginning to open on this. It is a matter of time until this oil comes out and is available to everyone. The pharmaceutical companies don’t want this medicine to come out. They are doing everything in their power to prevent it. Every time I do an interview I openly challenge the medical system, ‘Come take me on, on national television!’ My own father always told me, ‘Rick the cure for everything is in nature.’ This effects the health and well being of every man woman and child on this planet. The curative effects of this medicine are beyond belief. It detoxify’s you, it brings you back to a healthy way. It cures chronic pain, arthritis, we have aids patients using it successfully and all different types of cancer. I don’t know a disease that this does not work for and since it is mans oldest known medication and no-one ever died form its medicinal use how is it prohibited? This is a truth that you can no longer run away from. The radiation of Fukushima is going all over the planet and is going to effect the health and wellbeing of all living creatures. A lot of people came to me with radiation and three months later cured. It can provide us with protection from Fukushima.

The cancer regime is a money making industry and not interested in alternatives … Why is there such a resistance?

It is both money and power. Back in the late 1800’s there were two main fields of medicine. There was the allopathic approach, medicine from chemicals and poisons and the empiric approach, medicine from plants. In 1906 John D Rockefeller started with these medical foundations. They took over all the medical schools. And after that all they taught doctors was allopathic medicine. Medicine from chemicals. They pushed empiric medicine right out the back door because there was no money in it. Mr. Rockefellers friends were the ones who owned the chemical companies.

When hemp comes on the scene all addictions can be broken. The scientific evidence is out there. This oil contains all these cannabanoids. When they enter our body, they are absorbed through the endo-cannabanoid system in our bodies. The endo cannaboid system regulates our immune system. Our bodies produce natural cannaboids called amandamines. But, when our immune systems become compromised and that sort of thing it leaves the door open for cancer to develop. Amazingly these cannabanoids fit the cannaboid receptors and they cause the build up of a fat molecule called syramide. When syramide comes in contact with cancer cells it kills them. It does no harm to healthy cells. There is no harm factor with this medicine. The worst that can happen is you might get high!

The medicine can be used in 4 different ways: You can use it topically for skin conditions, you can use it in vaporized form to help with lung conditions, you can ingest it or you can use it in suppository form. It works well in all these forms.

I tell cancer patients to ingest about 60 grams of this oil over about a three month period. This is not hemp seed oil. There are trace elements of THC. In Canada anything with more than 10 parts per million of THC is not allowed. I don’t like to see cannabis called a drug. As far as I am concerned cannabis is a medicine that can be used effectively even recreationally.

Healed third degree burns.

I looked at this as a gift to mankind to heal themselves… When the public knows what this medicine can do, everyone will want a great big jar of it right in their house. It is a natural anti biotic, it is a natural anesthetic. The uses are literally limitless. Anyone can produce better medicine than the medical system supplies.

I tell people to start taking tiny doses. And after 4 days start to double the intake. The body builds up a tolerance for it. In the beginning it causes people to sleep because sleep and rest are a very important part of the healing process. As you increase your dosage you build up an immunity to it. I tell people in the beginning don’t drive your cars until you become accustomed to the medicine. Within a month people do not know you are taking it. You are not intoxicated, you don’t have big bloodshot eyes, there is nothing to tell you are taking any medication. For me, it is the ultimate medicine.

If we could grow this plant like it should be grown we can put half the population of these cities back on the land where they belong and let them become self sufficient. For us to rely on the system to produce everything, that is asking for trouble. We could have a hemp based economy instead of all this foolishness. The big money types are criminals. I think we should take them into court and make them tell what they have done and then we should strip them of their power and money so they can’t do any further damage. Give them enough money to live out their lives and let them go free. And put that money in the hands of individuals who will do good for this world. We are all to blame here.

Anything that can be produced from petroleum can also be produced from hemp. We have done more damage to this planet in the last 100 years than all of human history combined. It effects all animal life. All animals have endo cannaboid systems. We are treating animals with this substance too and are having amazing effects. Within a week they are healed because a dogs metabolism is faster than humans. Actually I was contacted by the Steve Erwin foundation about the Koala Bears and the Tasmanian Devils, these creatures are going extinct. I told them to get them on the oil.

Is this a viable solution to peak oil?

The argument from the energy providers is that if we planted hemp everywhere it would use up our valuable farm land. That is nonsense. At the same time you are growing the energy resource you are also growing the food resource and the medicine resource.

This really does solve our environmental problems. When you look at using fossil fuels we are releasing all this CO2 from the fossil fuels into the environment. They say that is what is causing this greenhouse effect but if you use hemp it is a closed cycle. The hemp plant takes the CO2 out of the air and in turn produces fresh air and when you make a fuel out of it you burn it and it releases CO2 that it took in back in. It is not creating a build up it is circulating. It goes on and does not pollute the planet. All the horrible things that fossil fuels cause can be eliminated.

The truth is most governments don’t know why they have a law in place against hemp. It was put in place years ago by these rich people through the United Nations. They put all these regulations in place and now we are suffering the consequences.

There should be no restrictions against its use whatsoever. Who wants to live in a poisonous world and go fight wars over oil. This needs to change.

Provide the treatment for free or on a donation basis. No one should die because they don’t have the money. The problem in our society is that we have attached this great big price tag to medicine that should not be there. Medicine should be about healing.

A few years ago at the college of Montreal the ontologists had a convention there and they were asked this question themselves, if you had cancer would you take chemo and radiation. Over 80% of the ontologists said they would not use these substances and treatments.

When you look at the uses of this plant. Back in the 1800’s early 1900’s many companies all the big pharmaceutical companies, EI Lilly, Parker Davies, Squibb, they were all producing cannabis based medicines. In reality they have known how to cure cancer for at least 150 years. Back in the 1800’s it was common practice for these companies to provide the essential oils from many different herbs and plants. EI Lilly in the 1880’s was selling people hash pills as pain killers. I think drug companies at that time were terrified because farmers everywhere were growing this stuff. What would happen to those drug companies if the farmers found out that they were growing the miracle of all drugs right in their own backyard. The drug companies would be out of business and that is why they switched over to the chemicals that they could patent and make the money from. I don’t feel the pharmaceutical industry should play any role in this medicines use.

Has there been an attempt to eradicate the plant?

Yes, the illuminutty have had these plans in place. Their plan was to have this plant totally eradicated by 2010. They did not succeed. It continues to grow and there is no possible way that they are going to eradicate this plant. It does grow in nature. If you look at Ruda Allis strains, that is Russian Industrial hemp. It is very low in medicinal value. Then you go a little further South and you get into the Indicas, around the 33 rd parallel. And then you get down into the tropics and you are looking at the Sativa’s. They do grow wild and they do grow in many places. I don’t think this plant can be eradicated since we now know the truth about this plant.

Monsanto use the DNA gun to get the DNA into the plant. It is a blunt brute force of a process. Has the Indica strain be refined through this process of alteration?

There are companies that are trying to genetically modify this plant. That should not be allowed. There is no reason for it. The heavy Indica strains are very very sedative. Sativa strains are energizing and believe me you don’t want a terminal cancer patient energized. Some of the oils produced from Sativa’s will literally make you bounce off the wall. It interrupts your sleeping patterns. For me it is not a way to treat internal problems. You can use a sativa to treat skin problems or use it externally. For internal use I prefer the Indica strains or the Indica Sativa crosses that are Indica dominant. In other words, they are 80 or 90 % heavy Indica and really that’s what makes the best medicine.

Go to a website documentary heaven and punch in ‘Marketing Madness,’ that will explain the medical industry better than I can. It is all a sham and a scam.

If you read the hypocratic oath the first thing it says is, ‘do no harm.’ Well look what they are giving us, they are giving us poisons, radiations, cat scans, they are doing nothing but harm. For any doctor to live up to their hypocratic oath they will have to use hemp, it does no harm. There are many people now, Dr Robert Mallamead in the US and there are dozens of doctors and researchers now that are actually standing up and bringing the truth to the world.

The America School of Virginia study that was done in the 1970’s, what happened to all those people who worked on that project, why did they remain quiet? Most can be very easily manipulates. I am retired so I have nothing to lose. I will sing the praises of this medicine till the day I die because I owe my life to this medicine and now countless others are in the same situation.

What is the best case scenario?

The best case scenario would be for all governments to simply legalise this plant and turn it loose. People can go out grow their own medicine, take it and people will start making their own medications. Enough of this money and medicine business. We have to take the money out of it. We need healing, not money. Once one country recognizes this medicine, the rest of the countries will fall like domino’s. Who doesn’t want a cure?

In Canada we have a Marijuana Access Programme whereby you are allowed to have Marijuana and even grow it but the numbers are small. It is just a smoke screen, to show the public that they are doing something but under Canadian law you are not allowed to produce the oils. The governments know that that this is the benefit.

The future is in our hands and it is time for the human race to grow up and make their decisions based on knowledge and common sense. We have to change public awareness. Stand up and work with us.


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