Michael Tellinger

‘Temples of the African Gods’

Don’t believe a word I say. I want you to take this in, let it wash over you as a wave of positive energy, take it away with you and go and do your own research. I am going to present to you a bunch of facts and some interesting facts and some theories and conclusions but these are my theories and conclusions based on facts and evaluations and it does not mean everyone agrees. But after statistical evaluations and probabilities, I tend to sway towards my conclusions rather than any other. I hope you take something away with this that makes you think.

From space we live on this beautiful planet called Gaia. Planet Earth is a beautiful example of sacred geometry. The closer we get to earth we realise how utterly divided we have become as a species. We are divided on every possible level you can imagine. It is so severe that we cannot imagine what unity could possibly be like. Do not confuse this with anything else other than the Tower of Babel event. That event in human history plays a very key role in what we are experiencing as a human species today. I also believe the Tower of Babel event didn’t happen when we believe it happened in Babylon and so forth. It happened a long time before that because the time that Babylon happened there were already many other languages in the world. The reason why I started with this point is because I will end at this point with a united humanity that looks forward to a world of abundance in a new world. I believe we have a great deal to learn from the ancient civilizations and a great deal to learn from the people who have been speaking here. We can take away and spread this consciousness because we are catalysts for the seeds of consciousness that we are planting here this weekend. The history of this planet is a lot stranger than people realise.

This giant footprint in rough granite was discover in 1912 in remote parts of Swaziland.

This is not a hoax, this is not a carving; this is a real footprint. Somebody who was rather large walked over there many millions probably billions of years ago. It was not always upright. Because of the long periods of time, the tectonic movements have pushed it up and created an amazing spectacle for us to observe. For those of you who have been following the work of Klaus Dona will know the amazing evidence he produces for giants and small people who have lived on this planet for millions of years. That footprint is testimony to this. The fact that giants have lived on earth before us and different sizes of people: the evidence is right here at the University of Wits. Professor Lee Berger has a giant hip bone that shows it was between 25 – 50% larger than the normal human. These are amazing pieces of information that should be part of the mainframe. These are the things that you have to go looking for to put together these amazing assumptions.

Here is a wonderful photograph taken by my friend Anne Pearce a few years ago.

This is a split second that she saw this image, taken from the front-door of her house in Fourways. This photograph was taken a few seconds later and then it was gone, just a little orb in its place. This is not something that you will see with the naked eye. She did not see it when she took the photograph, it just appeared in the photograph. This is not photoshopped, this is the way it appears. There are possibly huge planets in other dimensions that exist in the same space as we are in.

Whatever that is I leave up to you.

We live in an electromagnetic universe. Everything spins and vibrates. It seems to appear out of thin air. There was nothing there as Lloyd Pie said, and then this nothing exploded to create the universe. What Nassim Haramein calls it is the vacuum. And suddenly out of this vacuum pops this amazing stuff, what we see around us in the universe. The electromagnetic universe is detected by things that spin and vibrate. These galaxies are beautiful representative examples of the spinning and vibrating motion.

Unfortunately the electromagnetic spectrum gets taught to us in this diagram. It is a little squiggle on a piece of paper. What this is a 2 dimensional representation of a three dimensional event. There are a deeply complex set of rules that govern the physical universe. The electromagnetic spectrum is not everything that there is, this is just the stuff we can detect and measure.

There is all this other stuff that we just heard from David Hudson that we can’t detect and measure with conventional science.

We don’t know that it is there. Any self respecting scientist will tell you we know absolutely nothing. We think we know things because we observe it. I learnt in horror that most mainstream science and laboratories only write papers about things they can explain. If they can’t explain it they won’t right about it or not report it.

Out of this whole electromagnetic spectrum we can only see a little piece and a sliver of light they call visible light. Everything else as far as we are concerned is invisible. You don’t always have to see it to believe it. The ancients had a very keen understanding of this. They called it the third eye, the pineal gland. Basically what the pineal gland is; is a frequency receptor like our eyes. They pick up the frequency of the visible light and convert it into something that our brains understand. It picks up the other frequencies and converts it to understandable information. Unfortunately that has been messed with and if ever there is a good argument that we have been genetically manipulated, the fact that we can’t use our pineal gland is a good example.

When it comes to Newtonian physics, there is brilliant evidence from one of the universities in Australia, talking about the fact that the laws of physics don’t apply everywhere in the universe. They change from place to place. We have examples of this here on planet earth.

The double-slit experiment in my opinion is the most confusing and incorrectly reported experiment. It tells us that matter exists as a particle and a wave. This is not exactly true. For those of you who are not familiar with the double slit experiment there is a barrel and the photon goes through two slits at the same time. Clearly one particle can’t go through the two slits at the same time. We know it goes through both at the same time because it creates an interference pattern on the other side. This is a hugely problematic situation. How is this possible? That is why they say matter exists as a particle on one side and a wave.

You can see dark light dark light dark light.

But it is not a wave. It creates a wave effect. We describe it as a wave. But what the particle does is it disappears into time space. It exists in past, present and future, in all places at the same time. It crosses the dividing line between space time, three dimensional space, and time space.

It is that area that I believe David Hudson’s gold goes to when it disappears off the pan. It crosses over and Willem de Swart has a lot to say about this.

This is a very important experiment that shows us that other dimensions exist. The particle disappears into another dimension it does not exist as a wave. The Buckyball is a beautiful example of this double-slit experiment. It is directly linked to our consciousness in this time right now. Buckyball consists of 60 carbon atoms, which are made up of 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons. Buckyball is the largest particle or molecule used in the double-slit experiment where it vanishes into thin air. Think of the structure of this. Carbon, matter, the stuff that we believe everything is made up of and it consists of 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons, 2012. I believe that the Buckyball being the largest molecule we use in the double slit experiment is an encoded way to tell us that somehow in the year 2012 our consciousness will be high enough to start recognising the fact that there are other dimensions and recognising that we can move through other dimensions. It is represented to us in a physical experiment with the Buckyball carbon matter. You can also see these hexagon and pentagon structures in for example the hallucinogenic drugs, like Dimethyltriptamine and most of the other hallucinogenic drugs at the molecular structure with a hexagon linked to the pentagon. From the pentagon which is the 5 and the structure behind physical matter and the Fibonacci sequence that sort of deceives us in this dimension of security and in this projected reality we call the universe, our home. The hexagon seems to be the spiritual or perfect shape or effect. When shaman take hallucinogenic drugs, they go from the physical to the spiritual, the pentagon to the hexagon. It is interesting to see these structures encoded in hallucinogenic drugs.

That is when we start recognising the fractal space and the frequency of infinity in finite space, the holographic nature of things. It is extremely complex. The nature of reality is so bizarre and so confusing that the deeper into it you get, you are, “How on earth did that happen, this beautiful holographic projected physical reality that is not really there!” Audience laughs. I don’t want to digress too much but some of the presentations I did with David Wilcock and the discussions we had are phenomenal and the work he has been doing. Some of the work David Wilcock has been doing with the Russian researchers, shows exactly this, the crossing over from the physical through space time into time space. They are doing experiments dropping giant balls and measuring the microscopic weight of these balls that vanish into thin air. And they measure it over about twenty minutes and the weight slowly but surely comes back: inexplicable in normal science. In Genesis 1, I chose this particular Bible because I had never heard of it before. Dobay Rheims 1899 American Edition (DRA): “In the beginning God created heaven and earth.” As you know from Michael Ledwith that is not necessarily true and the original meaning is completely different. I am interested in verse 2 and verse 3 because they are actually a lesson in quantum physics and the nature of reality and materialisation of matter as we know it.

“And the earth was void and empty and darkness was upon the face of the deep.”

“The spirit of God moved over the waters.”

Nothing exists yet water is there. Water seems to be this conscious medium that permeates all things. The reason why we are all here is because of water, every cell in our body is filled with water. We are made up of 79% water, depending on your age.

“Let there be Light.”

What we are getting here is that first it was the sound. God said let there be light. So it was the sound of God that generated the light that combined and together the sound and the light manifested all the stuff in the universe. I see that as the true structure of matter, the real holy trinity: sound and light that activates the infinite quantum soup of possibility and manifests as matter. When you start getting into sacred geometry you start seeing the effect of this everywhere you look. If you take three spheres inside the larger sphere what do you find in the middle, a beautiful hexagon and you start seeing these structures that just support everything we are talking about here. This is a fascinating photograph of an electron riding a beam of light and you see the concentric circles inside the electron that tells you that that is made up of much smaller particles that once again can be broken down into sacred geometric principles. This I believe is one of the most important discoveries in recent times. This is not more than 3 or 4 weeks old. NASA released this information that sprawling clouds of cold water vapour surround giant galaxies. And suddenly verse 2 of the Bible makes a lot of sense. Before there was anything else there was water and we start to understand why water has infinite consciousness and it has infinite memory.

And now I am going to show you something that truly blew my mind. This is probably one of the best kept secrets in all of science and history. In 2006 three high-school students and 2 undergraduates at the University of Tennessee discovered that sound travels faster than the speed of light.

Don’t think of this as conventional sound we use here to talk to each other. This is an experiment they conducted and I am not going to go into great detail. Sound light manifestation bang there is your quantum physics lesson, the holy trinity that seems to be at the base of this projected reality of ours. Sound and frequency are the common denominators of all religion creation. In Christianity it is the word of God. In Hinduism it is the Aum. The Egyptians believe the universe was sung into creation. The one shape that all other Platonic shapes can be overlaid into is the hexagon. That is the only one. The 5 Platonic shapes fit into the 6 days of creation. The first one was the void, the spirit of God and there was nothingness. The six aspects of Aum are OM MA NI PAD ME HUM. The six aspects of the eye of Horus. All these are is the six resonance ratios of sacred geometry. Everything here has got to do with sound and frequency and resonance.

Pioneers of Sound frequency:

Royal Raymond Rife discovered the cure for all diseases in 1931. In South Africa Paul Greyvenstein has taken his work to a whole new level. I was hoping to introduce Paul Greyventstein here this weekend but he told me he has got so much trouble with Mosanto and the Beyer people who are now blocking his energies and his frequencies in the work he is dong in the labs with farmers that he has got to create new fields of energy and frequencies to override their blocking frequencies. It is insane. What it tells us, is that Mosanto and these guys know exactly what he is doing and they should be doing what he is doing but they are not, they keep selling us poison, genetically modified poisoned foods and poisoned goods.

John Keely in 1888 showed how sound could be used for a variety of things. He did levitation and all sorts of things and drilled holes into hard rock with sound frequency.

Nikolai Tesla gave us free energy. There is a big debate how he did this. Nikolai Tesla told us the earth rings like a bell and you can tap into that sound frequency source of energy wherever you are on the planet of the earth. And use it and that is what he did so successfully. It as an inexhaustible energy.

What does this have to do with ancient civilizations? They understood sound and frequency and they used it as a source of energy. Sound = energy ; Mass and matter = frequency = energy: The higher the frequency the higher the energy. Therefore much of the higher frequencies we don’t hear. We can only hear up to about 60 000 hertz. Anything above 60 000 hertz is when we start to deal with some interesting stuff.

The pyramids and many of these ancient structures are resonating chambers for the creation of energy. If you think that the pyramids are dead and they no longer resonate and they no longer give us energy, you would be wrong.

This is a photograph taken that shows there are really strange fields of energy and frequency coming out of it.

Now there is a modern day pyramid builder in Southern Florida. Ed Leedskalnin built Coral Castle singlehandedly with a huge number of giant blocks of Coral, some of them weighing ten or more tonnes and he singlehandedly constructed this huge place. One of the stories I have been told: The truck drivers used to deliver the rocks and stand around the corner as he singlehandedly offloaded these huge stones. And then he would come round the corner and tell them they could take the truck and go. Two school kids reported seeing him from the bushes nearby offloading these rocks with ice cream cones in his hands. We are dealing with sound and the focusing of sound frequencies.

Many of the tools and artefacts we are finding in South Africa are directly linked to ice cream shaped tools. This is what I refer to as the ice cream cone phenomenon. Notice that ice cream cones are not all the same shape and this applies to the stone tools.

This is the tool that Ed Leedskalnin used.

It is 24 U shaped magnets in an interesting circular pattern. This is deeply encoded stuff. I urge you to do some research about this. This is a levitation device. Once you start researching Coral Castle he has left behind many clues and lots of information as to how he did this, written and carved all over Coral Castle and many people have gone into great detail to uncover it.

Spot the similarity between Ed Leedskalnin’s energy device and John Searle’s energy device?

There is obviously Stonehenge and those interesting U shaped arches and here is John Keeley’s musical dynasphere, there is some sort of interesting circular pattern that you have to develop and use to create levitation through sound. Sound levitates things, the monks in Tibet have been using sound to levitate things for thousands of years. I found this spectacular bit of footage (Acoustic levitation by David Deak) that blew my mind so I am going to show it to you because only when you see sound levitate things you will finally have this paradigm shift and realise that is exactly what sound does. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

We hear a high pitch noise.

These are very light objects and therefore their frequency is audible. The higher the frequency the higher the energy. We can hear this frequency as we use less energy.
We hear a high pitch noise it becomes more intense.

As they suddenly change the frequency it starts to do weird things.

The balls are bouncing around.

Extremely subtle changes of frequency, the balls start to spin. I hope that explains to you that sound levitates things.

There is a round of applause.

Our current belief that Africa was a sparsely populated continent with very few inhabitants a thousand years ago and very few prior to that is just wrong. If you read history books they show you extravagant arrows to show how people moved down into Southern Africa because no-one was here. I have bad news for the people writing history books because the ancient stone ruins of Southern Africa tell a completely different tale. They tell us this was a densely populated part of the world long before any other part of the world. There were millions of people living here. The people did not migrate here, they were already here.

These are some examples of these stone circular structures throughout South Africa Botswana and Zimbabwe, I will scan through them quickly they are in more detail in my book Temples of the African Gods.

You will see every single one of these stone ruins was a completely different shape, completely unique. This is the first thing that struck me. How is it possible that this ancient culture would build so many structures and each one is completely unique? You start seeing interesting things.

On the ground you have no idea that this is there. You realise there is an attachment with a horse shoe shape and a stone in the middle of that.

You have to start looking at it from the air.

Another horse shoe interesting shape that we find over and over. And then they built these beautiful flower shaped structures.

There must have been some significance in the shape of these stone structures.

There is an interesting structure of hexagonal cells that are very important.

The links to the Northern ancient civilizations is all over the place. Sumerian, Egyptian, Romans, Phoenicians, Maltese, Hindus, Dravidian: every Northern civilization can be found in its original form down here in Southern Africa, many thousands of years before they emerged in the North.

Cyril Hromnick has done phenomenal work in presenting us with his evidence of the Hindu Dravidians mining gold in Southern Africa 2000 years ago. They were known as the Makomati people, a sect of

Hindu Dravidians in Southern India, Sri Lanka that were gold merchants and gold miners. Some archaeologists and historians that don’t want to be mentioned tell me they have evidence of the Dravidians being here in 2000 BC already. You see them represented by some of the stone structures they left behind.

And the Romans were here: this is a coin from Antoninus Pius, the emperor in 138 AD found twenty five metres deep in a gold mine. A Phoenician constellation carved on a stone gold found at great Zimbabwe in 1881 by Theodore Bent. A Sumerian Babylonian coin from 300bc found in the foundations of the Marian hill monastery.

And the carvings in hard rock: the Sumerian symbol of the cross in a circle.

The Sumerian winged disk actually comes from Southern Africa because in these ruins there are thousands of them. In South Africa it is referred to by Credo Mutwa as ‘Mabona, Lord of Light’ . Also the Sumerian winged disk, the cross in the circle with lines coming out of it. You can see a winged disk carved on a rock near Carolina, Mpumalanga. It means “Great is the all seeing Lord of the sky, Mabona’, it is well recognised in African culture.

The Egyptian pillars of Egypt on a headrest from Egypt, the concentric circles, headrests from opposite parts of the continent of Africa until you look at the top of this headrest from Africa and there are many you can look at from various museums. Look at this Maltese cross carved out of this headrest from Southern Africa. There are several of these from the same museum in Marion Hill.
The mystery of the cross, the knights of Malta, the Templar all thrown into the same bag here in Southern Africa. Then you start seeing evidence of sun worshipping cultures, the Makalanga people.

There are thousands and thousands of carvings in Driekopeiland in Kimberley.

In my opinion they are extremely old: just by looking at the erosion on this and the cracks through these carvings. No self respecting artist is going to make a carving over a crack so we have to assume these cracks occurred after the carvings were made. This symbol is also one of the symbols of the four seeds of creation of the Dogon people of Mali.

This is a statue made of diorite. These are carved into diorite. This is a statue of Kahfre, 4500 years old carved out of diorite. Which of these two would you say are older? Audience chuckles!

The erosion tells us a very important tale here. The Egyptian Ankh was a frequency tool. It was the universal theme to eternal life and knowledge. It is a sound frequency device, tuning fork that had all this information and knowledge encoded in it. The Egyptians used it for healing. They healed people with it. Everyone has their own ankh tuned to their own frequency. In Egypt the Ankh was calibrated to their own body’s frequency and energy field. The Egyptian ankh is a tuning fork. It was the key to all life and universal knowledge. They could do all kinds of things with it. You need to find a frequency that is tuned into your body and to the Ankh. There seems to be a connection between your body’s frequency and the frequency of the Ankh to allow you to do something with it as a tool.

And here is a beautiful Ankh carved among those thousands there. You see the Ankh inside of a radiating circle. One of the many thousands of carvings into this very hard diorite at Driekopseiland.

Clearly these ancient civilizations in Southern Africa were already practicing this long before Egypt even came to light. The Sumerian tablets give us a lot of information. They introduce us to the Annunaki. All the great stories in the Bible originally come from the Sumerian tablets. They were then translated and edited into the Bible. For me, the most important things are they introduce us to the Annunaki and give us evidence of ancient times. I want to find some evidence in the Sumerian tablets that we can use as an anchor. And you find them in these two ‘kings’ lists’. There are several ‘kings’ lists’:

When I was travelling through the Unites States, the curator of the Santa Barbara museum came to my presentation and said that ‘I have a kings list in my museum.’ There are many ‘kings’ lists’ and all kings lists are telling the same story.

These two ‘kings’ lists’ are phenomenal works as they are found in different places and at different times yet they tell us virtually the same information. They tell us after the kingship descended from heaven and then it mentions all these kings how long they ruled and it adds up to 241 thousand years before the flood, and these two kings’ lists corroborate each other.

We have got to start looking at little pieces of evidence like this to find comfort in the fact that the Sumerian tablets were not intended to mislead us they are a true record of human history. That and the flood that swept over are an important part of human history. Some other Sumerian tablets that are very important for the sake of our origins.

“In the distant days, those days after destiny had been agreed, after An and Enlil had set up the regulations for heaven and earth, Enki knowing the rules for heaven and earth, the fixed rules, he set up cities…”

I am not going to go into detail. There is a huge amount of information encoded in this piece of translation that goes to the deep understanding of the military, the navy, the secret governments are encoded in this one piece of information : ‘the fixed rules of heaven and earth.’ The word ‘Abzu’ has been given many meanings. This is where the gold came from. Is there a place where we can find where the gold came from, this place called the Abzu where the Annunaki set up their goldmines?

“Where the landmass the shape of a heart was given, in the lower parts thereof golden veins from earth’s inners were abundant. Abzu of gold the birthplace of Ea to the region.”

Ea later became Enki in the Sumerian translations. And then we read more about Enki, the creator god or creator deity.

“And let us create a womb, a hard worker to take over. Let the being the toil of the Annunaki carry on his back.’

These are profound words and very important pieces of information we get out of this script.

That is the symbol for Enki.

Enki is the Sumerian medicine man and geneticist. His symbol is still being used by modern medicine today. His symbol is the medical symbol, caduceus. And then it goes on: the planning to create Adam as a slave.

“The primitive worker shall be created by command, he will understand our tools, he will handle for the Annunaki in the Abzu.”

It is as clear as daylight what is going on here. I am not sure why so many academics fight against this. Over 600 African mythologies tell us exactly the same thing. The pale sky gods are the abelungu who came down from the sky. They created the people, to mine gold. The Zulu people, people from the sky. The abelungu have the same aspects as ascribed to the Annunaki in the Sumerian tablets. Lord Enki is also known as Enkei as the creator-god. And Solomon is known as Shelumi the ancient African king who owned all the gold mines. Credo Mutwa tells us Abantu in Zulu means the children of Antu. Antu is the Sumerian Goddess who loved the Abzu – where the gold came from.

I suggested this was a densely populated part of the world because I went to the trouble to count these ruins.

In 1891 Theodore Bent did an exploration on horseback. Bent was a phenomenal archaeologist who probably did more for research in Southern Africa than anybody else. He talks about an ancient civilization and at least one and a half to two and half metres of sediment pointing to a gold mining civilization. He estimated in 1891 that there were about 4000 of these ruins. He was also the first guy to truly excavate Great Zimbabwe and give is valuable information.

By 1974 Roger Summers wrote three books and does a beautiful calculation that estimated about 20 000 of these. In 2007 I estimated at least 100 000 and I started counting. I got aerial shots and broke them into squares. If you go onto google and know what you are looking for you are going to find these everywhere. I counted all the stone circles and took averages and so forth. Whenever you see trees growing in circles and semi circular shapes you know they are growing out of a wall or next to a wall.

That is the partially remaining wall of stone circle structure.

Trees do not grow in circles. The Free State is covered in this stuff. They are all over the place. Most of them are covered by soil. Most of them are visible from mountaintops. I did a calculation based on history books that this was built by a Basotho Tswana tribe moving through in the 1800’s, it is so nonsensical it is like a fairy tale. It would have taken that group of people fifteen lifetimes to build this. The Palace of the Lost City is built on exactly one of these. They are truly built on an ancient vanished civilization. When I stopped counting I stopped at 10 million in all. And from my research in the last 6 months there were probably a lot more, 20 million. Clearly we have to take our history books, throw them away and start from scratch. Everything that we have been told about Southern Africa, somebody pulled out of their thumb without any scientific backing and without any corroboration and they keep teaching it to our children and we pay money for our children to be taught that kind of nonsense.

What happened to this civilization? Clearly it is a vast civilization of probably 50 million or more people living in Southern Africa for an extended period of time. I put that time scale at about 270 000 years. What happened to them? Remember what the Sumerian tablets told us about the 240 000 years that the kings ruled. And then the flood came.
90% of what I found on google are still covered by soil. They are still covered by what seems to be the devastation of the flood. Most historians and archaeologists all seem to agree on this event that wiped out a global civilization. This is a beautiful story. We have the physical evidence of this right in front of our eyes. An advanced vanished civilization that knew this advanced stuff we are only starting to discover.

What is so special about the stone ruins? You can see that the ruins are deeply encoded with the rising of the sun and sacred geometry, the phi factor for example. This is not what a bunch of people threw together quickly overnight because they wanted to build a shelter. We are dealing with advanced knowledge of sacred geometry, the movement of the sun, these are complex things.
Important to note that there are no doors or entrances: Archaeological drawings from 1939 clearly point out to us there are no doors or entrances and they are all linked by these roads / channels. When you read our history books they tell us that these roads were built by people to drive their cattle, from circle to circle, with no entrances and exits! Sometimes they are 5m wide, sometimes they are 1m wide, it is nonsensical. They come up with it, put it in our history books and teach it to our children. And if they don’t regurgitate that in the exam, they fail. What kind of education is that?
And there are also agricultural terraces that run for thousands of kilometres, linking everything together. Everything is interconnected. Mountains are covered in these circles and channels and terraces interconnected. Everything is connected and that is where the key penny starts to drop. There is a spider’s web effect.

And there you see the hexagonal cells.

The hexagonal cells incidentally are what I believe to be the early cloning chambers where the Annunaki were cloning the early humans. They used hexagonal cells just like bees do and other insects do.

Imagine most of Southern Africa being covered in this continuous settlement looking something like this.

What you are looking at is the largest and most mysterious stone settlement on earth: terraces that cover of 450 000 square kilometres.

What is this activity all about? It is all about gold. You cannot separate human history from gold. And it is not human obsession with gold, it is the gods obsession with gold. In Genesis 2 it gives us that very specific clue. Adam is alone on earth, there is no eve, she has not yet been fashioned from his rib, god comes to him and says there is a place called Havilah, the land is good, there is water and by the way buddy, there is gold. I want you to go there and dig it for me. It is not man’s obsession, man inherited this obsession from the gods. And that is where I try to explain to people the difference between God with a big G and god with a small g. I am amazed at scholars and researchers who have researched this for decades and still constantly cross that line, between the divine creator of all and the small g gods, advanced beings that are hungry for gold, using it for their monoatomic purposes to enhance their auras and all this kind of stuff. Their obsession was with gold, this was not the obsession of the divine creator of all things in the universe. Clearly a dividing line there!

Wherever there are gold mines there are stone circles and that seems to be the pattern around all of Southern Africa. There are at least 75 000 of these gold mines, added into the side of the mountain that have been found near the Lidenberg area. Ancient mines had been found in the 1930’s already all over South Africa.

De beers in 1992 found an ancient mine that went 22 000 feet deep. It was cut with absolute precision indicating advanced laser technology. Anglo American has a secret file. I was told this by the chief Anglo American geologist. Whenever they come across an ancient mine, they cover it up, file it away and move on.

Anne Kinsinger is head of geology at Zimbabwe university. She came to the conclusion that these are not slave pits or animal pits but where actually extraction floatation tanks for the processing of gold, some of them using as much as 1.78 grams per ton of gold. I suggest you find her papers online.

Who was in charge of this large gold mining operation in Southern Africa? The Sumerian god Enki.

“In the Abzu Enki’s plans was conceiving where to build his house, where for the heroes dwellings to prepare, where the bowels of the earth to enter.”

It tells us everything, Enki’s house, the mines and the technology.

“An abode by the water, Enki for himself established, in the midst of the Abzu, a place of pure waters Enki betook…

“The earth splitter, Enki there established …

“The earth there a gash to make, by way of tunnels, earths innards to reach, the golden veins to uncover…”

This comes directly from the Sumerian tablets. I think it tells us very clearly what the hell was going on here and why there are more than 10 million ruin structures and this vanished civilization that we know nothing about. Is there a ruin that could be Enki’s house? Great Zimbabwe.

If you speak to people that do dowsing and energy work; Paul Greyvenstein called me out the blue and said I am finding that Great Zimbabwe has got Enki’s energy all over it and I said that is amazing that is exactly the conclusion I have reached. You see from various aerial shots it is very similar in structure and there is a lot more stuff under the soil, as you can see huge amounts of sedimentation that have not really been excavated.

Great Zimbabwe is very confusing because it has been rebuilt by civilization after civilization, and this is why it doesn’t make much sense today. And then there are two conical towers. We are only told about one. The other one is virtually broken down. Remember I told you about ice-cream cone phenomenon? I believe these are giant ice cream cones facing the sky.

It is a very specific stone that most of these structures are built out of. These stones ring like bells. They have a high iron and high aluminium component and are extremely hard. They are metamorphosised quartzite.

This is what they look like, black on the outside with a distinct patina growing on the edges.

It is so hard you can’t break the stone. You find this anomalous new class of stones that all look like ice cream cones. They all come to a point they have these cone shaped effects. Remember we have cones in our eyes as well in the retina so when you see superman doing something with his eyes by focusing on things and phasing things out with lazer beams from his eyes, there is probably a lot of truth in that. The ice cream cone phenomenon comes to life with these tools I have been finding. The patina on these tools tell us we are dealing with something that is at least 200 to 300 000 years old. This patina grows at 1 microscopic layer per thousand years.

In the museum in San Jose in California there are these beautiful cones that were extracted from temples in Sumeria that commemorate the building of the temples. Ice cream cones! And then we get these sacred stones which archaeologists describe as weights for digging sticks. This stuff cannot be made without precision tools and advanced technology. There are (also) hundreds and thousands of sacred stones around Southern Africa. Enki’s calendar is the flagship of these stone ruins. It is clearly a calendar site of absolutely amazing precision. It is badly ruined, it is very old. It is a calendar because the setting sun casts a shadow from the one rock and onto the other. This is the stone man that was removed in 1994 by ignorant governments.

This is the view the stone-man would have had.

Baba Credo Mutwa was initiated at Adams Calendar in 1957. He refers to it as ‘Inzalo ye langa.’ Not necessarily birth place of the SUN, but SON, the birthplace of the son of humanity. This is where humanity was created and actually the cloning process, the fertilisation and insemination into the Annunaki females if that was the case, happened here at Adams Calendar.
How do we date these stones? I looked at every possible angle. I tried to do what the guys in CSI do. I followed the clues. I followed the evidence and reached my conclusion. Magnetic alignments, sand shift, geology, erosion, lichen growth, archaeo-astronomy, stellar alignment, patina growth and psychic revelation. Geology tells us that these stones were brought from somewhere else.

There is the rock from the area, anthracite rich in gold and there is all the dolerite brought in to build Adam’s or Enki’s calendar. This is black reef quartzite, it is on the edge of this cliff.

There is a beautiful excerpt in one of the Zachari Sitchen books that says,

“40 Shah after arriving on earth, Enki built himself a special place on the edge of a cliff in the deep Abzu, in line with his abode in the North.”

40 Shah equates incidentally to 285 000 years, they use the 3600 year cycle. There are other things we look at like erosion.

That piece broke off and most geologists will tell you pick a number over 100 000 years to describe how long since that piece broke off.

I talk about the patina growth.

This is a beautiful monolith sticking out of one of the walls that at some stage broke off.

Since then this layer of 2mm of patina has grown back. You can see the beautiful black stone underneath. For that patina to grow back where that tap had broken off would have taken at least 200 000 years. This has been standing there for an extremely long period of time. These are the tell-tale signs we must look for.

Here is one of the beautiful fallice stones that I found.

It is in my museum. It is completely covered in patina. If you shaped it, it would have originally been that black colour. It is covered in patina. The archaeo-astronomy is phenomenal at Adams calendar. The first thing that strikes you is North South is not aligned at 12 o clock. It is out by 3 degrees 17 minutes and 42 second discrepancy anti clockwise. We are dealing with true North here. Wherever you are on earth it should stay fixed. We are probably dealing with the best evidence that Charles Hapgood is proposing a crustal shift or a crustal displacement that has caused that drift or deviation from true North to that. Johan Heine had it re-measured in the last three weeks and got exactly the same results we got the first time round. We have physical evidence of giant disturbances on planet earth, possibly the events that lead to the great flood is sitting encoded in Adams calendar. There is also an Orion’s belt connection. All ancient cultures are linked to Orion’s belt. The astronomers gave alignments of 70 000 to 60 000 years ago. Those numbers don’t really apply because we didn’t take that 3 and quarter degrees into account.

There is even a guardian bird at Adams calendar. Which bird in Egypt marks the rise of the sun? It is the Horus bird. Horus lines up with the rising sun, just like in Egypt – Horus looking at the rise of Orion. Beautifully carved, it has a flat belly. The nose is broken off. If you stand it up, it stands about 3 metres high.

There are very distinct pyramid structures. Whether they were carved out of natural rock or artificial remains a big mystery but they are clearly very important because when you draw a golden mean spiral from Adams calendar, it lands right between the pyramids. I believe that is not a coincidence, but there is a very important link between those.
Enki’s Calendar Great Zimbabwe and the pyramids of Giza are perfectly aligned on the 31 degree nilotic meridian. 31 degree Nilotic meridian is a sacred meridian that the two crystal skulls we saw yesterday have been protecting. 31 is numeric value for Elohim in the Bible.

What were these stone circles all for? Archaeological drawings from 1939 clearly point out to us there are no doors or entrances and they are all linked by these roads / channels. And some of them have concentric circles. When I see concentric circles I see amplification chambers. This reminded me that Nikolai Tesla said the earth rings like a bell and if you know how to tap into earth’s frequency, you can use it as a source of energy. We know that sound is the manifestation of matter. Cymatics give us the beautiful shapes that sound manifests in matter. The shape of Aum is encaptured in the Hindu symbol.

When you put sand on a metallic plate and you put the sound frequency of the vowel A, AAH, that is the shape you will find.

Every one of those 10 million stone circles is completely unique because it represents the cymatic shape of the sound frequency that comes out the earth at that exact point. So, what these guys were doing is they understood this and were creating little plug points into the natural energy of planet earth, using that energy and channelling it, connecting it together so that they had energy to use.

These are Hans Jenny’s photographs showing us the circle in the middle with these spiders webs going out of it. Those are the terraces.

They were channelling energy into the terraces so that they would enhance the growth of the crops. They were using it for everything including the mining of the gold. Just to show you how sound manifests this is spectacular stuff to realise.

Michael plays the video of a harmonic voice mandala. We hear the harmonic voice chanting.

The subtlest change in frequency makes the whole world of difference in the visual representation. To understand how much energy these stone circles are generating I am quickly going to take you to 1944, Japan. The Japanese invented a death ray using Nikolai Tesla’s principles with which they were going to smite the allied army (they got nuked before they did that and the whole thing got turned upside down.) Inside the death ray they used a magnetron, a high frequency energy generating device you find in every microwave. Can you recognise the shape in the stone circles? These are the amplification chambers, you create as much energy as you need. Imagine if a magnetron the size of the death ray 6 inches in diameter could smite the allied army imagine how much energy a magnetron 30m in diameter, could create in the form of energy?

We are dealing with the generation of energy that we don’t understand today. All of Southern Africa is one giant energy grid. We have measured the energies the heat signatures and the frequencies in the stone circles. The heat signature that was measured, the maximum temperature is 80 degrees, which tells you that you are standing on top of a volcano. The sound frequencies we measured are non-existent in today’s applications. The electromagnetic waves were measure vertically and horizontally. The particular device we used is known as Horizon, a highly sophisticated device. This is what we found: Outside the circle it averages 5.5 ° on the ground. The moment you go inside it shoots up to 29 °. There is no scientific explanation for that. Clearly there is a huge amount of heat signature and energy being created in there. When we come inside the bigger circle, the temperature goes up to about 33 °. Inside the walls we measured 14.5 gigahertz of sound frequency, virtually nothing outside just ambient noise.

Inside the circle the electromagnetic waves create a dome shape effect, like a roof. That is why we lose gprs feed inside. The heat signature outside the walls is 5.5 °, climb over the walls and it is 58 °. Something really strange is going on inside these circles. We measured 103 decibels at 33.5 gigahertz, these are sound frequencies at very high levels that we can’t hear. They are creating huge amounts of energy inside these circles.

In Enki’s calendar this is where everything we know about science flows out the window. As you approach the circle, the heat signature on the ground is about 9.5 °. The moment you enter it shoots up to 77 °. And the moment you go between the two calendar stones right in the middle it maxes out at above 80 °. It tells you, you are standing on a volcano. It goes higher than 80 ° the machine cannot measure it anymore.

The electromagnetic voltage outside is very little with ambient noise, around the stones is 1700 megahertz in a dome shaped effect. It is an imaginary circle, outside nothing, inside 1700 megahertz. Between the calendar stones there is a pillar of electromagnetic waves shooting out of the ground straight into the sky at 1800 megahertz with the dome effect around it.

Psychics have explained that this is an active portal and a vortex.

Then we measured the sound frequency. The frequency allocation of the United States ends at 300 gigahertz. Nothing happens beyond 300 gigahertz. We measured more than 375 gigahertz of sound frequency inside. There is nothing outside. We are dealing with a huge energy generating device.

A few years ago modern science discovered laser saser technology. This is where we start understanding the use of sound as a tool. The ‘splitter’ that Enki talks about in the Sumerian tablets, saser technology has been found to be more powerful than laser technology.

Sacred stone is one of the key tools to convert frequency from one to another. You put one frequency in and a different frequency out. The diameter of these cones seems to be around 3cm on average which equates to 10 gigahertz. I believe that 10 gigahertz was very important to these ancient civilizations. They did with the saser beam very much what we do with the laser beam. The laser beam goes up and down millions of times, you amplify it and then it goes through a quartz crystal. Sound does not need a quartz crystal; it needs something that will focus sound. I have told you that the stones that they use are very strong in their acoustic properties. The Ice cream cone tools are really just a quartz crystal that will focus the sound frequency to create a saser beam.

Now this brings me to what do we do with this knowledge? We are reaching some strange conclusion of a prophecy. As above so below, the end days will be like the first days, here we are in Johannesburg with brilliant minds sharing knowledge and information with us, coming back to the true Cradle of Humankind. We need to rediscover this free energy.

These structures are still active and alive and giving us free energy. One of the main quests of civilization today is to regain free energy. That is one of the worst tools of entrapment and slavery that we are exposed to by the Illuminati and the Royal Political Bloodlines. Sound can do everything, it can even boil water. Peter Davey who died recently has been boiling water with sound frequency since 1940. He took this information to the grave with him. I am working very hard on this.

Imagine if you can boil water with sound you can solve the energy crisis in South Africa with a car battery and a solar panel this size and a frequency generator.
How much water do you want to boil? No more coal mines, no more giant Eskom pylons polluting our skies.

We are reaching the end of one cycle and starting another. Every social political system has failed us. This is why we have this space right now. A small group of Royal Political elite, ET’s, call them what you want, is in control of the world. Theirs is a firm grip over us, it is about absolute control. That is what we are facing on a daily basis. If you think you have free will, wake up! You are a complete slave to the system. The sooner you realise this, the sooner you can liberate yourself from this. No-one is more enslaved than those that believe they are free.

Money was maliciously introduced as a tool of enslavement when the kingdom was lowered to earth from heaven. When they lowered the kingdom of earth from heaven, one of the things they introduced was money as a tool of enslavement. It goes all the way back to the Sumerians.

The Sumerians were the first people to use money in the form of clay tablets. The prospects are very dire at the moment. 99% of the global population are deeply unhappy. We don’t do what we love, we have disgusting jobs that we hate. It is a miserable life. Why are we doing this? There is no happy outcome to the economic and political duress of the planet. Every year it gets worse. Global economic collapse is imminent. What I am telling you is the bad news, I am about to give you the good news.

What is going to happen when it all collapses? And it is going to collapse either because the economy can’t handle it, we can’t keep propping up this nonsensical money based system, or we are going to be smashed into by a comet, or a solar flare is going to fry all the satellites and within a few seconds we are going to go into darkness. And if we go into darkness what are we going to do?

What are we going to do if we have to live in a world without money?

It is a beautiful story. I need to remind you of your inalienable rights. These are the fundamentals we have all been denied of. The simple things that we forget; the country belongs to its people, the land, the water, the minerals, the air, the forest belongs to its people, it does not belong to the government or large corporations.

We have been so bamboozled over such a long period of time that we have forgotten. The government is our servant and they are supposed to be doing what they are supposed to do to make our lives easy. They are just making wars to enslave us to entrap us, we pay for everything. You can’t walk out of your house before you have to pay for this or that. Now they are laying claim to water, they have laid claim to minerals, they have laid claim to everything. It does not belong to them. When did we give them permission to own it? The government has stolen the country from its people, it is as simple as that. The sooner you come to terms with that the easier we are going to be able to make a transition to the new world or new earth. The government is trying to do the best for themselves and the large corporations which are all controlled by the Illuminati and are ultimately probably controlled by the ET’s.

Money is the obstacle to our progress. This is the tool they have used for thousands of years. Money does not bake the bread. Money does not build the rocket. Money does not do anything. People do things. Money does nothing. We do not need money for anything in our lives. Every day millions and billions of people across the world, do amazing things. And many other millions of people are prevented from doing things because the bank has told them they can’t give a loan because their idea is not financially viable. If money is the obstacle to all progress and money is the tool of enslavement, how do we break that? The answer is so simple. Remove money!

I have spent seven years putting this together, I call it uBuntu, Contributionism: a new social structure for earth, where everybody contributes their natural talents for the benefit of all. This is how nature works. We are the odd ones out. We have created this chaos. We have got to liberate ourselves from it. No money, no barter, no trade, no value attached to anything. Everyone’s contribution is equally and infinitely valuable. We are all one, we are all equal. Money makes us unequal, the economic system makes us unequal.

I call ‘Contributionism’ the natural order of things. It is a self creating system. It is so simple that it truly boggles the mind that has been so poisoned by a capitalist system that we can’t even begin to think about this. I call it the natural order of things in a self created system.

In a world without money there is no envy, crime, corruption, greed, hoarding, hierarchy and no obstacles. It is absolute abundance for all people on all levels. Please go and read about this. It will put a smile on your face that you will never wipe off again: food, science, free energy, arts culture, sustainable communities, unrivalled invention, absolute abundance on all levels. This took me seven years to get and it will take you a week because that is how consciousness is growing. Our consciousness is constantly being activated by the light that comes to us from the galactic core. This is a system for a liberated conscious society that is moving into higher levels of consciousness and universal beings. The African system uBuntu is actually a very simply system, where children are allowed to follow their passion and their natural talents and their talents are enhanced by master teachers with the same talents, so they can contribute with their natural talents for the greater benefit of all. It unites people and re-joins them from this hugely divided world. The moment you remove money you start uniting people. From unity comes inward infinite diversity.
Megalithomania 2011 presentation titled : Vanishing gold civilisation of Southern Africa

Introduction By Hugh Newman After thirty years of a long obsession with the origins of human kind and the genetic anomalies of the human species Michael Tellinger wrote Slave Species of God, with Johan Heine they found startling scientific discoveries and wrote Adams Calendar and Temples of African Gods. This fascinating story of the origins of humankind, gives us a fascinating impression of our place on our planet and indeed our universe. Combining scientific reason with simple deductive reasoning and a Megalithomaniacs mind Michael comes up with a new vision of the history of the past of ancient Africa. Last weekend he carried out extensive research with a team from San Diego and this weekend will be the first presentation of these findings. Please give a huge Megalithomaniacs welcome to the one and only Michael Tellinger.

I am going to start completely differently today with a statement I normally throw around the dinner table, that is, ‘Don’t believe a word I say. I want you to take this in absorb it and come to your own conclusions.’ I am going to present to you a bunch of facts and some interesting discoveries, some facts and some theories and conclusions but these are my theories and conclusions based on facts and evaluations and it does not mean everyone agrees. But after statistical evaluations and probabilities, I tend to sway towards my conclusions rather than any other. I hope you take something away with this that makes you think.

The history of our planet is not as it seems. This is a very important and crucial little bit of information that we need to sink into our subconscious. We come out of school and for those who are privileged enough to come out of university, it is often associated with ego. The higher education the more probable it is to have the wool pulled over your eyes and I am one of those perfect examples. I have taken a long time to figure this out.

Things are not as they seem. There has been a lot of stuff happening on this planet that makes no sense. And when you start researching origins of human kind and asking those questions, Who are we, Where do we come from, Why are we here? I bet many people have asked those questions? And here we are, still not sure: Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? What I call the great human puzzle.

There are some very special revelations the African continent is giving us right now in this very special time of human history approaching 2012 and other interesting time periods. It is very important to take these things into consideration. These things do not happen by coincidence.

When you go back and start searching in history and looking at the anomalies that don’t make any sense you realise you can’t stick to geology or history or archaeology you got to just open your mind and research everything that crosses your desk. If you don’t you will miss pieces of the puzzle. And a lot of the very important pieces of the puzzle came from ancient indigenous knowledge. You will see that this ties beautifully into some very modern advanced discoveries.

The other fascinating thing is you realise that all these areas of research; astronomy, archaeology, physics, mathematics, quantum physics, metaphysics and paranormal activity are linked. You realise that all these areas cross over. You cannot separate anything from anything else. There is some sort of common denominator that holds them all together. Some sort of a weird energy field that holds all this information together. And that becomes very exciting and if that happens for any researcher it is a life changing experience, and that it was for me. And at that moment you realise that everything is related, that is a beautiful moment to reach in your life as a researcher.

That is our planet.

It is a beautiful example of sacred geometry hovering in the midst of space, perfectly relating to everything around it in absolute balance and harmony. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be there.

To support that history is not as it seems there is a giant footprint in Swaziland near a place called Kwaluzi.

You got two choices as an archaeologist or scholar. You can either reject it as some hoax or you can take it seriously and realise that this is the real thing. The moment you do that and you speak to geologists, it sends shivers up geologists spines because they realise that this was not what they were taught at school. This is 200M to 3B years old. Something else has been going on this planet for a very long time and we are just only touching the surface of this body of knowledge.

So if history is written by the victors how much do we really know about human history. This is a fascinating subject because we get thrown these idioms every day. This means a great deal. If you take that statement at face value, it means you lose 50% of the information in every war or conflict. That presents a huge problem for those who write our history books and the stuff we read in history books. What we know about history is so far removed from what really happened that we can’t trust anything. And we have to evaluate and re-evaluate everything all the time.

The Sumerians were supposed to be the first civilization on earth. They emerged about 6000 years ago in Mesopotamia and they gave us all the knowledge we have today. Our knowledge of poetry architecture, music and even recipes in cooking and all the technical stuff we use today we pretty much inherited from the Sumerians. If they were the first civilization and they started 6000 years ago. Throw out a number, how many wars have we had in 6000 years?


If you put 6000 wars in 6000 years and put it into our statistical model and see what it spits out. At year 1 we have 100% knowledge and information. By the time you get to year 8 we already know less than 1% of the original truth. After 124 years you reach 10 to the minus 34. That is how much we know. Planks constant. Everything after that is entirely insignificant. By the time we go past 124 years from this human civilization, we know less about our human origins than is permissible by the laws of physics.

We live in an electromagnetic universe. Everything spins and vibrates. And because it spins and vibrates we can detect it and know its presence because everything has a frequency. Everything has a frequency from subatomic particles to planets, solar systems, galaxies, vortices. Even the entire universe has a spin motion.

Leading physicists like Nassiem Haramein point out very beautifully how this all fits together and how they generate the energy and how they regenerate the twisting vortex motion energy. Everything spins and vibrates and because of that we can detect it.

This is how the electromagnetic universe is presented to us.

It is infinite in both directions. Everything you can imagine vibrates at its own specific frequency. Once you know its frequency you can affect the positive with the negative. This is understanding vibration fields. The amazing thing is out of this entire electromagnetic spectrum we can only see a little piece and a sliver of light what we call visible light over there. Everything else as far as we are concerned is invisible. There is not always physical evidence for the start of the universe. You don’t always have to see it to believe it. How did the ancients respond to all this stuff they could not see? The ancients had a very keen understanding of this. They called it the third eye, the pineal gland. You will see the third eye echoing through all ancient cultures. Somehow they knew more about this psychic ability, this ESP of being able to feel, read and understand the other frequencies that are not necessarily visible to our eyes. There have been huge amounts of research and it is amazing when you realise how important the pineal gland is in our anatomy. And how this has been manipulated to control us, it becomes quite spectacular. Basically what the pineal gland is, is a frequency receptor like our eye, they pick up the frequency of the visible light and convert it into something that our brains understand. It picks up the other frequencies and converts it to understandable information. There seem to be some people who are awakening and using their ability to use the pineal gland.

Frequency equals energy: Ancient civilizations understood frequency and how to convert it into energy. Ancient civilizations and modern physics overlap very comfortably.

Sound and frequency are the common denominators of all religion. The Primordial Word, let their be light the sound of God that created the universe and all things in it. In Eastern philosophies, it is the primordial sound, the Aum that created all things. Sound is the primordial source of all things in the universe. This lays the foundation for nature’s law, which is sometimes referred to as sacred geometry. Sacred in Greek means fixed.

We are dealing with fixed geometry as it is fixed by the divine creator and the primordial source of all things and we realise there is only one law of nature. And that is the law of nature.

Take for example) the six aspects of Aum. OM MA NI PAD ME HUM, the six sound frequencies. Suddenly in the symbol of Aum you see these beautiful shapes that actually are the representations of sound manifesting itself in physical form. This goes back to the 1700’s with the plates and then Hans Jenny’s research in the 60’s and 70’s you see some fantastic things that come to light. And that is sound manifesting itself in physical form. The six aspects of Aum are represented in sacred geometry. The six sounds represent the six days of creation. We are combining all this into the laws of nature and it starts to show us the source and origin of these things and it seems to come from sound. The number six is not just restricted to Hinduism and Christianity. Egyptian religion talks about the six aspects of the divine eye of Ra. The five primary Platonic shapes that give rise to all other matter and frequencies are inextricably linked to the six days of creation as first there was a void. All this fits together as the essence of God moves across the waters, across the Void.

When you get exposed to the wonderful work of Willem de Swart in the ‘Secret numbers of God’ you understand that this number 6 represents the physical world, the manifested imagined world we see around us, this thing called the nature of reality.

Vibration Frequencies Harmonics Resonance; that is the stuff that makes up the universe and everything in it. Ancient civilizations used numbers. They knew exactly what they were doing. They understood the laws of nature. And that is evident when we start analysing the monuments in Egypt and everywhere else and that does not exclude South Africa.

The number 3 is the Holy Trinity. The way you explain it in music and frequency is 3 notes make up a harmonious chord. Only when you play the third note you complete the holy trinity, you complete the tri-chord, you complete the harmonic chord. You can manipulate that chord you can make it a flattened third or a pointed seventh and you can manipulate people’s emotions. Soundtracks make you weep in movies. It is not the visuals, it is the sound that harmonises and vibrates with your soul that moves you.

What have the numbers 7 & 8 got to do with it? There are 7 whole notes in a harmonic resonant octave, the 8th note is the end of that octave and the common note between that and the next octave so it binds them together. And that is how all these harmonic vibrational frequencies and bubbles of the universe are linked together. Are there common boundaries, are there harmonic frequencies? The number 12 & 13 does the same. When you take 12 spheres and place them they fit perfectly around the 13th sphere so they touch. 12 disciples around the Christ, you see the symbology coming out of that. It all comes back to the laws of nature and sacred geometry. 12 notes in a resonant harmonic octave the 7 whole notes and the 5 semi tones. And that 13th note is the boundary of that harmonic octave and the common boundary between the next one.

And then you suddenly see this number 22 appear everywhere. 22 is one of the cosmic numbers – the ratio of 22 over 7 is phi the common denominator between all circles and all spheres. That is the ratio by which they are linked. And ratio is a fundamental thing that we need to pay attention to; to understand what ancient civilizations were getting up to. It gets more and more exciting.
Pioneers of sound frequency: There have been a number of people over the years who have embraced sound frequency to do all sorts of amazing things. Unfortunately these people have been removed from the mainstream of society as their information was highly dangerous to the mainstream of society.

Royal Raymond Rife was quoted to be the man who discovered the cure for all diseases in 1931 and also made the first microscope which could see cells and bacteria for the first time. When he found the cure for all disease you can imagine what the pharmaceutical companies did to him. Unfortunately he didn’t get very far with his cure for all disease. He was using sound frequency and other forms of frequency. He used about 750 different frequencies to cure cancer and all kinds of other diseases

Recently I found a guy in South Africa by the name of Paul Greyvenstein. He gave me permission to talk about him and talk about his work. He is the new modern day Royal Raymond Rife. He cures all disease. Paul is a simple, humble farmer who has this gift and he knows exactly what to do. He uses more than 50 000 frequencies to cure all these diseases. He has the ability to identify frequencies of everything you can imagine. In my longer lectures I speak in greater detail about how he works and what he does. Take note of Paul we need to make sure we build some sort of energetic field around him.

John Keely in 1888 showed the world how sound could be used for a variety of things. Lift giant blocks, crush them into fine powder, drill holes to almost perfect accuracy. He disassociated water with sound and did all types of amazing things. He also said the earth rings like a bell and he designed a musical Dynasphere directly associated with frequencies of the earth. And through the frequencies of the earth you could tap into them and use them as a source of energy and guess what?

Nikolai Tesla said the same a couple of decades later when he built a Tesla tower. Tesla gave us free energy. I heard from Andrew Collins the other day that one of his tests, he lit 20 000 homes in one night on Long island with his radiant energy from his Tesla tower on Long Island. He also said that the earth rings like a bell. And wherever you are on the surface of the earth you can tap into that sound frequency and use it as an inexhaustible energy.

He either drew the energy fields from the ionosphere or he tapped into the surface of the earth and the sound frequencies. Carmen Boulter believes this and he pulled it up to the top of the tower and converted it into his radiant energy forms. He created the cordless light bulb which picks up the energy from your body and lights up in your hand. We can do that today.
There is a company here in Johannesburg called High Pressure Heating. They do it with neon light tubes. They are in the wood drying business and they have these long machines that they slide these tree trunks into. They expose it 13.56 megahertz to suck all the oxygen out. The way they test their machine is calibrated correctly is by taking a tube of neon light, they stand above the machine and if the light lights up in their hand they know that the machine is calibrated correctly.

Tesla, Keeley and all these others rediscovered what ancient civilizations knew very well a long time ago in Southern Africa. They understood frequency and energy and how to put that to use in all possible ways. Everything is just frequency including your thoughts. Be careful what you think. We have all seen or heard about ‘The Secret’. It is real stuff, ground-breaking scientific research showing how our thoughts can manifest our own reality.

That is why they call them mad scientists.

How do you take what you see in the lab and what you study and share it with the people on the street they are going to think you are goofy? Many common folk think that science has got it all figured out. Science does not have all things figured out. If you speak to any scientist worth his salt, they will tell you 95% of science is unexplained, we observe it but we don’t understand it. I have it from very senior scientists in South Africa who have told me exactly what they observed in their laboratory.

We are dealing with something very unique. Evidence of antiquity and advanced ancient technology is all around us. Ancient civilizations understood frequency and energy and how to convert frequency and energy.

We don’t have any idea how they did this until we start embracing the thought of frequency manipulation and sound manipulation.

In Carmen Boulter’s wonderful documentary Pyramid Code she shows that the Pyramids were nothing else but for the generation of energy. After years and years of use and being gutted they have not lost their energy fields. There is an amazing photograph taken with a special lens that shows you that there are still some weird electromagnetic frequencies that come out of there.
We will be doing this photography at Adams Calendar and some of the many stone circles near Watervalboven very shortly. Something strange is going on and I will be talking more and in great detail about these energies and frequencies tomorrow.

The word mythology is completely misunderstood in today’s society. Mythos 1270AD, means historic events that were sworn to be accurate and true by priests and kings. It was an affidavit of accuracy in history. So it actually means completely opposite to the value that we have ascribed to it today. If you change the word mythology with history suddenly our entire human history changes dramatically. There are all these gods coming down from the sky doing all these wonderful things, flying machines and all kinds of things. And then you start realising the difference between gods with a small g and God with a big G.

For decades scholars have been talking about the origins of humankind at the tip of Southern Africa. Where is the Cradle of Humankind? Even in the last week brand new genetic information was put out that the Cradle of Humankind is nowhere else but right in the South of Africa.

The widest genetic diversity comes from Southern Africa and therefore there would be no question that the origin of humankind comes from Southern Africa. This is very important to support the findings we are making of ancient ruins and civilizations. Mitochondrial eve studies have been suggesting this over and over again. 300 000 years ago humankind suddenly popped out of nowhere. And then we take people to Sterkfontein caves and we lie to them, we say look this is the Cradle of Humankind and we show them Mrs Ples and little foot and they get very excited and at the same time they get very confused because these have nothing to do with homo sapiens. These are little cretins called Australopithecus and there is no scientific conclusion or consensus that we evolved out of these little cretins. When they take you to the Cradle of Humankind they make you believe that and suggest we evolved out of these cretins. It is a complete misnomer that this is the Cradle of Humankind. It should be called the Cradle of Hominid Kind.

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The Cradle of Humankind is all over in Southern Africa. It has been completely overlooked and misunderstood. The most ancient written record in human history as we know it, the first civilization was the Sumerians. They wrote down everything they could. When you read the thousands and thousands of pages from Oxford University, they treat all the translations of the Sumerian tablets as a work of fiction. I am not kidding. The first people on earth who founded the art of writing, they sit down and write millions of clay tablets full of crap! How is that possible?

I did a lot of work on literacy, teaching children how to read and I can see at least one person in this auditorium who worked on that project with me. I know what it is like when a grade one child who can hardly read gets the meanings of words wrong. When I read the translations of Oxford University website I can see exactly how they are getting things wrong. It is like watching grade ones that have just learnt to read trying to use big words they don’t understand.

All the great stories in the Bible originally come from the Sumerian tablets: every single one of them, the Holy Trinity of Anu, Enlil and Enki. The Bible refers to the giants as Anukim. It is probably who the Sumerian tablets refer to as Annunaki. We meet Elohim, the biblical gods. Elohim is a plural not a singular. Every time you read god in the bible you have got to replace it with the gods. Allah is a derivative of Elohim, also plural. In Genesis 6 we meet naughty Nephilim, the sons of the gods who came down from the heavens and they saw the beautiful daughters of man and they married as many as they wanted and had children with them. This is some interesting stuff we read in the bible. It never really gets explained until you start understanding the Sumerian translations. The Sumerian tablets are a great source of information.

On the left are two examples of Sumerian kings lists:

The Sumerian kings list tells of 8 kings who ruled for 212 000 years before the flood. Another kings list tells us the names of at least 10 kings because it is damaged, who ruled for 234 000 years before the flood. Ancient cultures have this flood event in their oral traditions.

“In olden times the gods came to earth and created earthlings. In the prime times no gods were known nor were the earthlings fashioned. In the prime times the abode of the gods was their own planet, Nibru was its name.”

Make of this translation as you will; the work of fiction or real information.

“And let us create a womb, a primitive worker, a hard worker to take over. Let the being the toil carry on his back.”

We get introduced to the Lord Enki, the Sumerian deity. We get introduced to his symbol which today is the medical symbol, caduceus.

The word Abzu is very important. Abzu has been given many meanings. Gold came from the Abzu. If we can find where the gold came from then we can reverse engineer it and say this must be the Abzu. The gold came from nowhere else but right here in Southern Africa and it is still coming from here. Zulu creation agrees with all this stuff. Most of African Mythology and historic African accounts speak about the same things, the sky gods, in Zulu, the abelungu came down from the sky. They created the people, to mine gold. The Zulu people, people from the sky. The abelungu, the pale sky gods, the same aspects ascribed to the Annunaki in the Sumerian tablets. If you think Enki is a Sumerian entity, no way, in Zulu he is known as Enkei.

Solomon is not just Solomon in the bible, in Zulu tradition he is known as Shelumi; the African king who had all the gold mines. Is Solomon really who we think he was or was it actually someone else in another part of the world? Credo Mutwa tells us Abantu in Zulu means the children of Antu – the Sumerian Goddess who loved the Abzu where the gold came from.

Over 600 African mythology’s speak about similar events and origins of humankind. Our current belief that Africa was a sparsely populated continent with very few inhabitants about a thousand years ago and very very few prior to that, well fortunately the ancient stone ruins of Southern Africa tell a completely different tale. Many of these stone ruins have been called cattle kraal by those in a position of ignorance because there are many thousands of these. I will show you a few of them.

First thing you realise, all of them are circular, some of them are complex and some of them are simple. We are dealing with huge amounts of sedimentation.
Each one is completely unique. That is crucial to this expose. Some of them have complex internal structures; some of them have simple internal structures. And then you start seeing this spiders web effect that comes out of the central circle and many times it covers the whole mountain and the whole hill interspaced with other things. They are all linked by these ancient roads and channels.

You are looking at something very unusual. Look at that horse shoe shape with a perfect circle in the middle. When you are on the ground you don’t realise that is there, you can only see from the air. Most of these are pretty flat on the ground. A nice figure of eight there and a nice horse-shoe in the middle of a much larger circle. You start seeing these amazing anomalies. Look at all this stuff in between covered by soil, look at the beautiful flower shape. This is one of the areas we scanned with gpr.

Important to note no doors and no entrances and this is one of the important things discovered in 1939 already. And there are agricultural terraces that run for thousands of kilometres. The numbers just don’t make sense. This was in a sparsely populated continent with 5000 people? These terraces cover mountain after mountain, thousands of square kilometres. There are ancient roads, actually channels, with this spiders web effect that runs out from these channels. It seems originally all of these stone circles were all connected by these channels and the terraces all interconnected.

Look at that beautiful cluster of hexagonal cells.

That is a spectacular discovery that makes no sense.

This is a spectacular picture

Imagine most of Southern Africa looking like this a long long time ago. What you are looking at is the largest most mysterious ancient stone settlement on earth. There are ancient roads that link them and terraces that cover more than 430 000 square miles. Many many other civilizations have reused and reoccupied these structures and that is why they are so misunderstood. What is so special about these ruins?

There are special relationships in sacred geometry in some of these structures. This is mostly Johan Heine’s work he has spent years and years of research plotting these. If it wasn’t for Johan we would not know this. He realised these things are encoded with very ancient knowledge of sacred geometry.

When you start seeing hexagons you realise that this stuff is far more encoded and complex than we ever imagined.

It is aligned with all kinds of solstices and equinoxes in both directions. To do this you have to go out and mark the days and Johan was very diligent in doing that. These are no accidental structures, very carefully placed for very specific reasons.

When you extend that line you get a perfect hexagon inside the circle and a perfect star tetrahedron inside the inner circle.

You realise that these guys were way ahead of the pack in terms of their knowledge. You know that they understood the fundamental nature of matter, the fractal nature of reality.

The first reference of these goes back 500 years to the Portuguese Antonio Fernandez when he landed on the Mozambiquean coast. There are records and entry’s that he talks about of the Makalanga people, ‘the children of the sun’. There were sun worshiping cultures in Southern Africa.

How many ruins are there? In 1891 the brilliant Theodore Bent did an exploration on horseback in South African and Zimbabwe and he is the first guy to excavate great Zimbabwe and talk about an ancient civilization and at least between one and a half and two and half metres of sediment pointing to a gold mining civilization. He estimated from horseback in 1891 that there were about 4000 of these circles. By 1974 Roger Summers estimated about 20 000 of these. He made a beautiful diagram in one of his books.

In 2007 within the first year or so after walking up some of these mountains I concluded that there were at least 100 000.
I started counting as I was busy finishing Temples of the African gods and I didn’t want to suck this information out of my thumb. I got areal shots and broke them down into squares. I counted all the stone circles and averaged the stone circles. I did what I deemed to be scientifically acceptable. I took all the areas of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana where they are, and what you find, you see them very quickly. And some people who have gone on tours with me and flown in helicopters get to see it quite quickly. When you start counting them there are thousands around Johannesburg. These could not possibly be built by any tribe of any kind in recent South African history. There is a stone ruin in the Melville Koppies. They are all over the place. When I stopped counting I stopped at 10 million in all. And from my research in the last 6 months there were probably a lot more than 10 million.

And at that moment we can close our history books, open up our heads and start from scratch. The history of Southern Africa is completely different from anything else we have ever heard. We need to move into a new area of knowledge and wisdom. Now that you know this do not be swayed by arguments to the contrary they all come from a lack of research and a lack of knowledge in this area. And I can speak from experience I have walked these mountains and spoken personally to some of these so called very clever people and they do not really know what they are talking about.
Megalithomania 2011 second presentation titled : The Advanced technology of the vanishing gold civilizations & Temples of the African Gods

What did we learn yesterday? We learnt that there are at least 10 million stone circle ruins in Southern Africa. The word mythology actually in its original form means sworn testimony of past events. We know less about our human origins than is permissible by the laws of physics. These are not simple things for us to wrap our heads and minds around. The history of this planet is far more mysterious than we possibly could have imagined. Everything is connected.

Frequency is the backdrop to the universe. Frequency is a source of energy that drives everything which you can actually measure and detect through the electromagnetic universe. Everything is connected by consciousness. Evidence of antiquity is still around us. Evidence of advanced ancient technologies is all around us. Some of the ancient artefacts are energy generating devices.

Here is an interesting photograph showing an interesting magnetic wave coming out of the great pyramid.

And then I am going to drop a bombshell on you. How man geologists in the audience today? You will have to take my word for it! Stonehenge is a lot older than anybody has possibly imagined. I dropped this on the people at Megalithomania last year. Here is some geology to show you that we are dealing with something much older than a few thousand years old, much older, hundreds of thousands of years if not millions.

For this you have to accept that that stone lying down there used to be on top of that stone there.

That one fell over and broke. I walked in there and I was shocked to see this. I know what a fresh break looks like and I know what an older break looks like. The erosion in that break is not something that would happen in a few hundred or thousand years. This took an extremely long time to erode; a few hundred thousand years at least. The stones do not lie to us. We are dealing with something that has taken an extremely long time to erode.

The next particularly interesting phenomenon is this particular lintel. No architect would put a lintel up that is cracking. They dragged this from a few hundred miles away to put it up there. My guess is that the lintel was intact when they put it up there and look at the erosion around that crack. That is spectacular. That erosion does not happen in a few thousand years, that’s an extremely long period of exposure for that kind of erosion to happen. I believe in Stonehenge being 500 000 years old. You can do with that information what you want. Yesterday I started by saying don’t believe a word I say. Take that information and do your own research and reach your own conclusions. These are theories and conclusions I have reached after putting pieces of the puzzle together. I like to tell people I do what the guys at CSI do, follow the evidence and follow the clues and I reach my conclusions based on the clues and the evidence.

The other important thing is what happened to all these millions of stone ruins scattered around South Africa?

We saw some compelling evidence from Graham and Andrew about this event called the flood about 12000BC.

All ancient civilizations have a story of a flood in their culture. They all talk about a giant flood that destroyed not only their civilization but the world. And I believe that same flood around about that same period came across Southern Africa and wiped out this technologically advanced gold mining civilization. And you see this by the amounts of sediments on all the stone ruins. We only see a small fraction of the stone ruins, the rest is covered in soil. The best examples of these stone structures are on the tops of mountains. Sea sand, sea shells and fossilised fish have been found in these stone circles and that tells a story in itself.

All of this activity in Southern Africa is all about gold. Human history cannot be separated from our obsession with gold. In Genesis 2 when Adam is alone on earth, there is no eve, she has not yet been fashioned from his rib, god comes to him and says there is a place called Havalah, the land is good, there is water and by the way buddy, there is gold. So why would god tell Adam that there was gold? And wherever there are gold mines there are stone circles and that seems to be the pattern around all of Southern Africa.

This is an aerial shot of some of the gold mines.

There are two different types of gold mines, the added gold mine that goes into the side of the mountains and the normal ones that go down into the ground. However we can’t see those because of the flood and sedimentation.

These are some of the examples of the added gold mines that have been recently opened. All along that ridge there you see gold mines.

Many of them were reopened in the 1800’s when the gold rush came to South Africa. In 2005 a geological company in Mpumalanga did a survey on behalf of Anglo American who wanted to close up these mines to prevent illegal gold mining. They counted for 5 years and in 2010 they stopped counting when they realised it would be financially unrealistic and unfeasible to close these gold mines as they had counted 75 000 at that point. This is in the Barberton, Lidenberg area. Expand that exponentially and imagine the whole of Southern Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique and how many millions of these gold mines there must be. And that is just the added gold mines, what about the ones that go into the ground?

When I was up in Limpopo, two guys completely independently of each other told me that when their grandfathers were mining gold in the 1930’s they came across about one hundred feet down these passages which started going to all directions, filled with these mysterious artefacts and tools. They called in the experts, the Merensky Reed people who control the gold mining industry. They said thank you for the artefacts, ‘We are aware of this.’ Clearly there are ancient gold mines underground all of Southern Africa and the modern mining industry are aware of that.

Now there can be no doubt where King Solomon’s mines were. Remember King Solomon is known King Shelumi an African king who owned all the gold mines. Maybe there was a twist to the tale.
Anne Kinsinger at Zimbabwe University is a geologist there and she has written several papers now where she shows conclusive evidence, she actually proves that the so called slave pits or animal pits or rain pits had nothing to do with that but where actually extraction tanks for the processing of gold. I suggest you find her papers online they are a fascinating read and completely independent research from what I am doing.

Great Zimbabwe is the grandest of them all and when you look at it from aerial shots you realise it is the same civilization. You are dealing with a large population of people who covered most of Southern Africa who were mining gold.

I have been reading some of the interesting provocative Sumerian translations of Zacharia Sitchen who came across a huge amount of flack from everywhere. Quite frankly I place my trust in his guidance as he devoted his entire life to one specific study. The more we start reading the translations the more we start supporting some of his theories. I am not saying he was right in everything. There are certain things like the Abzu which was in Southern Africa, this was the Abzu.

“Great rivers there rapidly flowed an abode by the flowing water Enki for himself established a fortress for his house and other places where the workers will live. And for the bowels of the earth to enter .. the first gods did descend.”

Obviously to extract gold. And we realise we are dealing with the serpent worship of Enki. Yesterday I mentioned Paul Greyvenstein, what a phenomenal man, just to be in his presence is something very special. After reading my books he phoned me and said I have looked at Adams Calendar and I have looked at Great Zimbabwe and they are both connected by the energy of Enki. This is exactly what my conclusion is.

There must be serpent worship in Southern Africa. The creation cave of the human race is in Southern Botswana. It is a serpent worship site, Credo Mutwa visited there with the KhoiKhoi KhoiSan people after the war and they offered carved heads made out of jasper to the serpent as part of a shamanic ritual. He says Tsodilo Hills is one of the two most important sites for the creation of the human race. The other is Adams Calendar. Suddenly serpent worship links us to all the great civilizations of the world, The Romans, Phoenicians, Egyptians all of them and it is all linked by gold.

This fraction of Phoenician gold was found at great Zimbabwe in 1881 by Theodore Bent: a phenomenal archaeologist who probably did more for research in Southern Africa than anybody else. Also a Roman coin from 138 AD with the face of Antoninus Pius was found twenty five metres deep in a gold mine. This Sumerian Babylonian coin from 300bc was found in the foundations of the Marian Hill monastery, KZN.

The presence of the Dravidian Hindu’s shows the incredible effect the Dravidian Hindu’s had on culture in Southern Africa for at least the last 2000 years. This was exposed by the brilliant Cyril Hromnick. The Hindu Dravidians had an immense effect on the development of culture in Southern Africa.

They left behind even their symbols of fertility like this one here inside the stone ruins.

And we start seeing how civilizations move and live on top of each other. This is ultimately rule number one in archaeology. Proof of habitation does not constitute proof of construction. You see some very interesting connections.

On the left you have a headrest from South Africa and on the right a headrest from Egypt from the Marion Hill museum and what you start seeing is the pillars of Egypt.

The Sumerian symbol of the cross in a circle and the Sumerian winged disk actually come from Southern Africa, because in these ruins there are thousands of them. These stone circles are made out of very hard stone. This is Andesite, it is the same as Diorite. It is extremely hard. Some of the statues in Egypt have been carved out of this very hard rock. And when you start looking at the erosion of these you realise we are dealing with something extremely old here. Credo Mutwa says this cross in the circle is referred to as ‘Mabona Lord of Light’ in African culture. And there you find this cross in a circle with lines coming out of it. ‘Great is the All Seeing Lord of the Sky Mabona’; that is what that symbol means. And then we start meeting and seeing evidence of a sun worshipping culture in Southern Africa. When the Portuguese arrived here we have the earliest reference to the stone circles in Southern Africa in 1510, Fernandez, where he found Karanga or Makaranga people, ‘children of the sun’. This is eerily close to the four seeds of creation of the Dogon people in Mali.

This circle with the line coming out of it. Notice the cracks that go through these carvings.

I suggest that the cracks occurred after the stone carvings were made. I believe no self respecting artist would carve anything on a cracked or torn canvass. I suggest that the cracks occurred after the carvings were made.

And then we get to the Egyptian ankh.

The ankh is a very specialised tuning fork. And if you know the story of John Keely from 1888 who created his levitation device with sound he used a circle of sound devices and it was tuned to his own bodies energy points. When someone else came in, it had to be re-tuned. And that’s why you see these guys all have their own ankh’s and I believe they were tuned to their bodies frequencies and that is why they could perform certain things. They all have energies for healing.

And they draw these pictures for us there it is.

This picture paints a thousand words you have the ankh and the radiating circle. I love this. Theodore Bent came to the conclusion that the bird on a pedestal was the symbol for the protection of the gold mines. He found this image carved to the entrance of many gold mines. It was always this bird on a pedestal looking up to the gods for protection. The most famous birds on a pedestal are at the Zimbabwean ruins. You are dealing with the first mascots and the protectors of early gold mines. And some of these birds are exquisitely carved whilst some are very basic images. If you take the eye away you are looking at an elongated stone with a broad base and a narrow top with an interesting angle. I found dozens and dozens of these kinds of stones. There are hundreds of examples.

There you have it a beautifully carved bird looking to the sky for protection from the gods.

Ed Leedskalnin built Coral Castle. He built this singlehandedly with a huge number of very large stones, some of them weighing up to ten or more tonnes and he singlehandedly constructed this huge place. There are beautiful doors that pivot on a small access. There are various theories to how he did this.

This is the device that he made to do all this stuff with.

When I see the device I start seeing standing stones in a small structured way. We are dealing with energy devices and suddenly you see standing stones like Stonehenge with internal structures. This is what I call an ice cream cone phenomenon because of one of the stories I have been told. The truck drivers used to deliver the Coral and stand around the corner as he singlehandedly offloaded these huge stones. And then he would come round the corner and tell them they could take the truck and go. Nobody knows how he did it but there were reports of these eerie sounds and high frequency pitch noises and so forth. Two school-kids reported seeing him from the bushes nearby. When they come home they told their parents that they saw him offloading these rocks with two ice cream cones in his hands. We are dealing with sound and the focusing of sound frequencies.

These stone circles in Southern Africa are not just any kind of stone. They are very special stones and they all ring like bells. I recently in the last two weeks made some new discoveries but I can’t really talk about them now but will write about it in my next book, the amazing ability of these people to use the laws of nature to generate energy.

We are dealing with metamorphosised quartzite. This is a very hard black stone, hornvels (quartz crystal properties). It is a black stone and it rings like a bell, I will show you now. On the inside you can see it is very very black and it is covered by this patina. That patina grows very very slowly. We don’t really have an exact dating on how quickly it grows but we know that it takes thousands of years per microscopic layer. So if you have a patina that is 5cm thick you know that it is extremely old.

Then you start seeing these phenomenal tools, pointed conical shaped tools all over the place.

This is what I refer to as the ice cream cone phenomenon.

This is a very special one.

There are a hundreds of these: They are not for crashing or bashing. That is our primitive brains telling us that. It is for something completely different. We are dealing with sound and the generation of sound energy. And then you see some other interesting artefacts that I am collecting. This one I found in a graveyard in Watervalboven. A graveyard is like an archaeological dig. This is another beautiful example of the ice-cream cone phenomenon. Flat here and pointed over there. They are all made of the same stone, the hornvels. And you see we have an interesting story.

This is what we are going to get to a little later.

The sacred stone. Just to show you why I say these stones ring like a bell. When we were clearing some of the sites, I heard the sound accidentally. I realised that this had nothing to do with cattle kraals. The circles have no entrances. The recently used ones have newly inserted entrances.

He plays the stone and it rings like a bell and the audience erupts into applause. And here is a stone-age guitar, do you think this is a natural shape just from erosion. Rubbish! This is specifically carved in this particular shape because once again it is a strange type of tuning fork.

It’s like Indiana Jones when he gets into the middle of the temple he has to put a crystal in; and it opens the door. It is all sound and light. These are kind of activating devices that had these weird shapes. Listen to this.

And he plays another stone that rings like a bell.

When you hold it you feel the frequency rush through your body. It is beautiful. I am really showing you a fraction of the stones. Then we get to the sacred stones. There are hundreds and thousands of these stones with these beautifully carved holes in them. The archaeological society of South Africa claims that these are weights for digging sticks! The rock is very hard and they come in all shapes and sizes from the little ones like this to the large ones like that but the hole in the middle always remains a specific size, they range between 1cm and 2 cm and 6cm to 7 cm and that is it. There is a very specific reason it all comes down to frequency and sound. Among all these beautiful stone ruins and artefacts, where is the flagship? Adams Calendar. Thank God for Johan Heine not listening to academics and believing that there was something special underneath and insisting on going back and measuring and declaring that there was something significant there. So significant that when I went to Credo Mutwa he actually asked to come and see it. When I got there and I showed him Adams Calendar he started to cry he literally burst into tears, he told me he was initiated at Adams Calendar in 1937. He told me it is one of the two most sacred sites on earth. It is where heaven mated with mother earth one of the two creation sites of the human race. This is the view from a helicopter. That is North and that is South. North and South dissect exactly between the two calendar stones. Over there is where the stone man would stand, what Credo calls the clitoris of mother earth. There is a perfect alignment with the other stones.

Over there lying on its side, one of our finest discoveries linking us to Egypt. All of these stones are dolerite. Extremely hard. And this here is the edge of the cliff that drops down 1km into the Barberton valley, known as the Transvaal escarpment. Remember the Barberton valley has the richest gold mines in the world.

This is the view North directly between the calendar stones and look at that ominous little tree sitting on the horizon. Something very special sits under there. And the stone-man, which I call the oldest sculpture on earth. I know that when Andrew Collins was at the ruin he was very impressed by this particular stone. This was taken out of Adams Calendar in 1992 and two years later it was returned so they could put a plaque on it to commemorate the opening of the ‘Blue Swallow Nature Reserve.’ By miracle it survived.

This is the alignment you get on the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.
It is a few degrees out and there is a specific reason for that. Why is it a calendar? Because: the setting sun casts a shadow from the one stone and onto the other.

It starts on the summer solstice here and moves across there and on the winter solstice it ends of over there and starts coming back and that is why it is a calendar.

We went to investigate the tree looking over the horizon and this is what we discovered: this beautiful altar, which the tree is growing out of. When we had it analysed with infrared photography, the guy that did the analysis suggested that there was a cavity about 3m long and 3m deep under the altar. The story goes back to Inanna and Dumuzi in the Sumerian text. Inanna and Dumuzi are like the Romeo and Juliet of the Sumerian tablets and when Dumuzi died sometime after the flood if you read the translations of Sitchen (which is interesting), it says that Inanna took his body to the deep Abzu where she buried him at his father’s special place. Adams Calendar is made by Enki and the deep Abzu is where the gold came from, so I believe this is possibly the grave of Dumuzi.

There is an interesting carving of a sphinx made out of dolerite.

I believe that these carvings had features at some point but dolerite peels, it peels in these thin onion rings. How do we date stones? Magnetic alignments, sand shift, geology, erosion, lichen growth, archaeo-astronomy, stellar alignment, patina growth and psychic revelation. I follow the clues and I like the last one psychic revelations. They all tell me the same about Adams Calendar. What is the statistical probability that 200 psychics can tell me the same thing? Several billion to one! So what I am telling here is the truth. You didn’t see that coming and the audience chuckles. Geology tells us that these stones are not part of the bedrock. They were brought from somewhere else. There is the rock from the area, black ringed quartzite, rich in gold and there is all the dolerite brought in to build Adams Calendar, or as we now call it Enki’s Calendar. Some of these stones are covered in lichen growth. The lichen is so thick on some of these stones that the mind boggles. You can do a study on lichen growth. I was told recently you can measure how much lichen growth and how long. There is layer and layer of lichen and this particular type grows at 1mm per annum, so this is about 2000 years of growth if the conditions are right. The erosion is quite spectacular.

That piece broke off and fell down. There it is.

I have asked the geologists how old is that break? And the average response is I don’t know pick a number older than 50 000 years or so. The archaeo-astronomy is phenomenal here. These ancient civilizations did not make mistakes. If they did something, they did it consciously. The first thing that strikes you is that North South is not aligned at 12 o clock. It is out by 3 degrees 17 minutes and 42 seconds anti clockwise. This is a strange anomaly that does not make much sense. If it was Enki that built it they wouldn’t make mistakes. We are probably dealing with the best evidence that Charles Hapgood would have been extremely excited about that shows us there has been a crustal shift or a crustal displacement that has caused that drift or deviation from true North to that. There is a lot of research to be done there.

Stellar alignment: All ancient cultures seem to be obsessed with Orion, the Egyptian pyramids, the Chinese pyramids, Great Zimbabwe is also linked to the rise of Orion and Adams Calendar (particularly when you lift up the fallen stones) you have a very clear alignment to the rise of Orion’s belt.

Osiris and Enki is the same individual: I realised this recently. Osiris’s son is Horus and he is looking at the Orion. The astronomers gave alignments of 75 000 to 60 000 years ago. Protective birds don’t only come in the shape of the Zimbabwe ruins but also in the shape of Horus.

At Adams Calendar there is the earliest carving of Horus.

This monument is about 4m tall and if you look here there you have it: Horus lining up with the rising sun; just like in Egypt, Horus looking at the rise of Orion. Actually it is aligned in the direction he was facing.

This is one of the earliest pictures of Johan in 2005 when he first discovered Adams calendar and look behind him there in the valley.

This valley is the Barberton Impact Crater. It is about 2 billion years old showing the oldest rock formations in the world.

And these don’t belong here. (He points out some mountains).

They are not part of the geological formation. I have checked this out geologically and on the google maps. They are completely separate although they look like very distinct pyramids. They are covered in soil. It looks like there is bedrock sticking out of it but so much time has gone by. There is a third small pyramid between the two it is completely covered by soil, you can hardly see it. I believe there is thirty to forty metres of sediment. During the flood, there would have been 1km of water depositing huge amounts of sediment in the valley, therefore the third one is hardly visible. We don’t know what they are but we know they do very unusual things with our gps. You lose your gps position completely.

I connected Adams Calendar with those three pyramids by inserting a golden means spiral over it. The golden means spiral follows the Coriolis Effect it goes in the opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere as the Northern Hemisphere. They are clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere and anti-clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and that is one way of checking. This golden means spiral from Adams Calendar ends right up between the pyramids. What is the statistical probability that Adams Calendar and this can be linked?

Another interesting thing is the Greenwich Mean line is not always where it was today. It used to run through the Great pyramids on the 31 degree East Longitudinal Line. Adams Calendar, Great Zimbabwe and the Pyramids of Giza are perfectly aligned on the 31 degree longitude. 31 degree is numeric value for Elohim in the Bible. All ancient Hebrew words have numeric value and that value is 31.
What were these stone ruins for? No entrances, no doors all linked by these channels. Look at these archaeological drawings from 1939, they show us they had no entrances and no doors all linked by these roads or channels. You can see how concentric it is. And if you know anything about sound this is what comes to mind.

Nikolai Tesla told us like John Keeley the earth rings like a bell and you can tap into that sound frequency source of energy wherever you are on the planet of the earth. And use it and that is what he did so successfully.

The stone circles are a representation of the cymatic energy sound frequency that lies below the soil. That is why each and every one of those 10 million or more stone circles is completely unique because it represents the cymatic shape of the sound energy that lies below the ground where it is. All connected by those roads. And you have that spider’s web effect going out of it. Not only did the builders build these stone circles they carved them into rock before they built them.

There are some more interesting cymatic shapes from Hans Jenny.

This is the cymatic shape of the Aum the primordial creative source, a sound.

It is not a beautiful round circle and that is why all the stone walls are not perfectly round. They follow the sound frequency and the cymatic shape. To understand how much power these structures generate: the Japanese invented a death ray to smite the allied army (they got nuked before they did that). They used a magnetron, a high frequency energy generating device to generate this energy. Every microwave has a tiny little magnetron this size that generates all the energy. Imagine if a microwave could generate so much energy and a magnetron 6 inches in diameter could smite the allied army, imagine how much energy a magnetron connected by conductive stone that is 30m in diameter, all connected tapping into this network and grid of the densely populated across Southern Africa would generate? They generate energy even today. We measured 14.5 megahertz and 7 decibels: incredibly high frequency off the charts. I will be publishing this information. The temperature at Adams Calendar can be measured at 80 degrees which would suggest that there is a volcano under your feet. At Adams Calendar we measured more than 380 gigahertz, 1800 mega volts between the two stones and more than 80 degrees heat signature. We do not have the technology to measure the frequencies, they all maxed out. This is what freaked out the technicians who came.

We are dealing with ancient frequency and saser, technology to generate this – not laser – focussing sound to generate energy, using the laws of nature through tapping into the cymatic shapes of the energy force and magnifying it through the structures of the magnetron devices.

The ancient civilizations understood how to use frequency and the generation of energy. They used it for their gold mining operations and channeled this energy into hundreds of thousands of agricultural terraces that helped to grow the crops using this energy field. As above so below. The earliest civilization were using this energy some 300 000 years ago. The stone circles are still there giving us frequency and energy every day. We just need to learn how to use it. Thanks for listening!

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