Laura Magdalene Eisenhower


Introduction Michael Tellinger : “Laura carries a lot of information with her whether it is esoteric, whether it is scientific, whether it is historical. I present to you Laura Magdalene Eisenhower.”

It is an incredible honour to be here. I have admired Michael Tellinger’s work for so long and then when I got an invitation from him my jaw dropped. I am grateful to be here and meet everybody. This energy and this place South Africa, I am thrilled and very jet lagged and a little rough around the edges if that is okay?

I am going to give you a little bit of my background because I know the Eisenhower surname gives you a little bit of information.

I was born with a mission and a very strong understanding of why I would end up in the Eisenhower family and why I would end up with a father that became a catholic priest, due to his divorce, obviously an annulment; that’s what he became after the parents broke up. So it was interesting to have the Vatican on the one side and the political family on the other. Bam Bam!

I knew I came to crumble those systems. My father in particular is a profoundly wonderful man, but definitely controlled like many are. Not that that is a judgement. We all bring our good intentions into everything we do and can sometimes divide disruptures that we are in, and one can always make a difference to those places; and that is always a hope. Around ’85, ’86, when I was conscious of being alive and being a child it really dawned on me what was going on, on the planet, and I could feel it energetically in my body. I was really overwhelmed by it and I got a sense of what I was here to do but I couldn’t really explain it to anybody. It involved explaining things like I feel like I have been buried alive. What is that supposed to mean?

It had to do with feminine energies that had been exiled, forgotten and covered up. It is not about gender appearances, it is about mass healing energy, it is a feminine energy, it is cosmic, it is Gaia, it is feminine energy period, I could tell based on the vibration of the planet, even as a child, that something was really wrong. I was here to do something about it and to be in those structured families and to be in the Eisenhower line seemed like a good arena to tackle these issues. After being in the Clairvoyant institute for a couple of years they definitely said I pulled those two people together to be my parents for this reason.

I am not going to create any belief systems there are always grey areas when one is doing research. Most of what I share is based on my experience and knowledge that I gained along the way that really helped me survive. There are always grey areas so kind of see what you discover and clicks with you and leave whatever doesn’t. I am dealing a lot with myths so it is very much the story of the soul, very much the freedom to interpret it based on how it feels to you. These are concepts that have been found in the texts of the Nag Hammadi and that is basically what this first slide is about. The concept of the galactic core, kind of the like the big bang and the beginning and everything like that, where science and spirituality battle. It is the big bang. It is all of it. Why not? Basically in the gnostic perspective and in the perspective that I was really in touch with which is the Sophia energies.

Something of an expansion happened in the GODHEAD called Pleroma and that expansion went beyond the boundaries of the GODHEAD, which is a force that dreams. As it was expanding, getting to know itself as a process of creator understanding who it is, that energy went beyond the boundary which created this explosion, what we know as the big bang.

Before that though there is the Aeons. Aeons is a gnostic term for a cosmically pervasive process, aware, animated and animating. Aeons manifest sentient worlds by dreaming rather than the act of creation attributed to the biblical father god.

The dream sort of leaks which created a lot of disruption: a primordial sea of chaos. What happened was many forms were birthed and the archon system was created. Basically what that means is duality was formed. Once one is identifying the self, an ego is created and from there one decides how they are going to use that energy. Is it going to be aligned with higher self, is it going to be aligned with the source, or is it going to be out for itself and its own needs and desires? The archon system is very much about service to self. The unity consciousness in an aeon is a universal awareness.

Aeon: Greek, god, divinity, process, emanation, time cycle. Aeons manifest material worlds by dreaming rather than by the act of creation attributed to the biblical father. It is a unified field, it is unconditional love which is what Sophia energy did; even though a portion of the godhead energy leaked. It came back in and wanted to resolve the fact that an archonic system was created that cast a veil on the earth that was then formed and a rescue mission was set in place. I know this is hard to articulate because it goes into myth.

“An aeon might be envisioned as a mass of living luminosity capable of gesture response and speech. The standard metaphor for this energy is serpent. The Aeons are serpents and not reptilian.” John Dam Lash

I have quotes set to give credit to the person who wrote a lot of this work his name is John Lamb Lash. That is information that he has shared that I resonate with and that is why I am sharing it. I wrote a book called The Grail of Venus, Chronicles from Hell and The request to restore Heaven on Earth. After I finished the book I found a lot of the information that I wrote validated. So I am sharing information that is similar to what I discovered all on my own.

Aeons are serpentine and not reptilian. Aeons connect to Kundalini the higher octave of serpentine energy. When we are dealing with reptilians we are dealing with the archonic level that functions on a lower level of consciousness. It is the ruler of the lower chakras.

The reptilian energy is very much out of that sacred union concept, it is about control. It is about all the lower levels you can only imagine. I know a lot of people have heard stories about Reptilian agenda and things that go on in rituals and that is because it can only thrive on fear and certain energies because it was formed based on inorganic emotions and thought forms that the consciousness of the GODHEAD felt when it was leaking out of its original place. It panicked in a sense and created all these different forms. Some people say this was all a big error and a mistake. I don’t agree. I think this is an incredible opportunity and an initiation into understanding how we are becoming aligned and just like the creator energy but we have a lot of work to do to understand what that entails and what our responsibility is as co-creators of the world we wish to be in.

Higher-self connects to Aeons and source. Lower-self connects to archons in the physical plain, lower races that we hear about.

The integration of the two creates the alchemy that transforms this lower world into a higher vibration. Archons are not originators or generators like the Aeons are. If one is connected to higher self you find that miracles are easier to create. You are more in the flow of who you really are. The imitators are based on lower chakra energies, the lower technologies we hear about, the system, the media and everything about new world order and all this control agenda is imitating the source energy. The technologies mimic our own abilities that we are tapping into.

So it uses that print, like a photocopy that has been dumbed down and dumbed down, until it reflects back at us but it feels full enough to deceive us because it is still using archetype plains and some of the concepts that are familiar to us. It is causing separation because it is putting the deities and archetypes outside of us rather than showing us that they exist within. My work is really about turning the focus inward to discover the truth. Rather than looking externally for intervention for saviour, in as much as those beings are real they are a part of who we are, archetypes that exist within all of us.

Things like tarot and astrology which are made up of all these different planets that affect all our different chakras and are different recipes of all these different archetypes, and our job is to create archetypal harmony within ourselves. If we can grasp that then we are doing the real work and protecting ourselves from the things that really freak us out.

Sophia has two sisters, so in this rescue mission it could have been crumpled up but life was being created. Remember this is myths so it is more about imagination and the creative process of dreaming. It doesn’t have to be so factual in this context. I have actual proof about this that one might think isn’t even real. I have a hard time grasping the fact that I have this document. I don’t doubt the validity of it but I can’t believe that I have it. But it feels normal, kind of like being in the Eisenhower family.

Sophia had two sisters….

And I got this document. What I am going to do as I present this is throw in my life experience with the facts: facts that are not set in stone because we are all able to do what we want with it. I was preparing for my CAP and I had to go on a massive journey. There were targets on me. There were energies on me that I couldn’t figure out that I couldn’t articulate to anybody. Some people cannot notice these kinds of energies and can be easily controlled by them. With me I go ballistic. I go nuts. It is almost as if I am used to doing this. I tell them I am going to incarnate even more pissed off if this doesn’t stop. They know that killing me is not going to help anything. Here I keep coming back. This is where we are today recognising that there is no real fear of death, we are immortal beings and we are really learning to understand it through DNA, the tree of life and a lot of other hidden secrets that the illuminati used to harvest our energies to use against us.

Sophia’s two sisters were Lilitu and Di – Anu. They both had different functions, like right and left arms. We hear of Lilith the first wife of Adam who fled. And Dianu otherwise known as Danu or Diana, their story is interesting. And what is interesting in the Annunaki you find that these energies are manifesting in these tribes. They are very often trying to compensate for the patriarchal archonic system that has been created and cast a veil on the planet.

Sophia actually morphed with the physical planet. Gaia / Sophia is a multi-dimensional cosmic being that connects with all the star systems, everything. She is a living being. She is personified in different feminine archetypes and they exist in all of us.

My role is about awakening us to that and reminding us about those archetypes that will be the missing links to resolve the controls, the manipulations, the trappings of the lower chakras that make gravity more intense, the physical ailments more intense, based on survival and make everything feel heavy. When we discover the missing link we find that everything expands and opens up, it is a lot easier and we start to eject like an immune system all the parasitic germs and the different things because basically they are feeding off our imbalance. We have to take responsibility for realising in a sense we helped create the shadow government. We helped to create the situation that we are in, based on not ignorance in a judgemental way but by being slack. Our sovereignty is everything right now and that is why these forces are evil, they are here to change our mind. We are not meant to listen to them. This lesson is about learning where our attention needs to be. If we look in the wrong direction we might find that there is a demon, and demonic energy may be something that wants to enslave you. That’s not where we are supposed to be. It is not there to imprison us, judge us, punish us or trap us, or make us miserable, it is there to remind us where our focus should be. If they don’t see it that way, that is part of the alchemy, that is part of the rescue mission. That is the divine will, the divine plan.

I already explained the godhead kept on expanding until it became the pleroma. And there was a burst which created the archons, like the birth of the ego separated from our consciousness.

We find always these two brother scenarios, Seth and Osiris, Cain and Abel, Enki and Enlil, Christ and Lucifer, we see this polarity in the masculine and in the feminine too.

If anybody thinks she is attracted to trashy men: not at all. We are carrying all of this energy and we are all in this mess together. We are all in this divine perfection unfolding together. It is about aligning to that because nature only knows how to heal. We cut ourselves, we don’t have to tell our body to heal; it heals. If something in nature gets harmed, it knows how to regenerate and heal itself. That is the only thing it knows how to do. The mind controls and manipulations take us out of that flow and that is what causes degeneration and that’s what causes for us to be controlled, and then relying on the system to heal us. If we surrender, nature will do it for us and we would gain a lot of wisdom from what our bodies are trying to tell us.

This leak was tempered by the divine being Sophia. This sounds like a belief system and some people say you are new age, crackpot, pagan, and crazy which is funny because this is ancient wisdom. This has nothing to do with anything but the nature of the cosmos and the planetary body. These just happen to be names that we can drop. Sophia also means wisdom and it is the divine feminine energy within all. It has got many names. We can just call it Gaia if we don’t want to get confused and think of embodied beings. It is not about that right now. Sophia’s birthing is delivered through the very womb that is tiamat. The Archons are in this world in a duel dream, kind of like a nightmare. If we recognise it as such we can realise how energy shifts and in a sense it is lucid dreaming paradigm. I had profound lucid dreams, I got out of a lot of the entanglements that I was in. I was getting prepared to go into a very deep zone, what I call the underworld, to reclaim the mother womb that lead to a twenty year journey outside of my body.

I world is in a duel dream and there is a war between good and evil. We can get technical about the species, The Orion Empire, The Galactic Federation of Light: The Orion Empire is based on systems that have been conquered. The Galactic Federation are more the ones that are trying to pull all the strings and do all this.

Sophia, She represents the Venus energy. How do we connect with that? The Venus energy is our heart chakra. The heart chakra connects to the thymus gland which connects to the production of T cells which increases the immune system.

So, if we understand the Mayan calendar and the Venus transits, this is the focus going on behind the scenes. People are all getting more heart based. It is all about unity consciousness. This is lifting the planet out of this illness, out of this imbalance, this cancer that it is under and we are raising the immune system by connecting to the Venus energy which has hemmed in the patriarchal forces. It has been thousands of years of a journey. It was not an easy road.

The archons: Marduk slays Tiamat and that is kind of the beginning of the archonic system. The demures is what the gnostics call it. It refuses to acknowledge that there is anything higher than it.

The gnostics called it a veil over the planet. It refuses to acknowledge that there is anything higher than that. So, it only knows that controlling feminine is the way to be. The ego force is so powerful that it cannot imagine being in union or in balance. Talking about unity and harmony, neither one of them can have harmony over the other. There are names for that; Yahweh, Jehovah, Enlil and other names. I don’t want to get into names too much as people might have their own thoughts about those archetypes.

People know enough about this to know the Enki and Enlil energies and that whole duality part of the Annunaki which is where slave race, human occupation and mind control was implemented. And the Enki connection to Inanna forces who through hypnosis helped society to find direction, to awaken that within. There are always grey areas. People can question what I am saying. It is just another perspective and it is based on a lot of research and a lot of intuition. I use my physical self as a barometer the truth. I know I am getting close enough because it has been validated through voice prints.

There are two distinct types of archonic concepts. DEMIURGE we can stick with. With Yahweh there are different belief systems about what the energy represents. Demiurge you can’t go wrong with: that is the archonic lower god and that is the one the Old Testament is from. It is meaning lies.

Archonic systems are very much about service to self. Archons are imitators, not originators like the aeons. We are dealing with reptilians, we are dealing with the archonic system that functions on a lower consciousness; it is the ruler of the lower chakras.

There is the demonic, draconic or reptilian type of archon, cosmic parasites that will feed on any lower consciousness. They love to keep us entrapped, enslaved and they like to give us all sorts of goodies telling us that we are having fun and we are desensitized. We don’t realise we are feeding these beings. And it can be anything from people who want a lot of wealth, a lot of power to people who can’t stand how the world is and seek addictions or escapism. We all have to be careful, because there are two extremes. One can just lose it because it is such a challenge at time or one can buy into it and say it is all about power, money and fame and they lose themselves. One is susceptible on both ends. Strength is extremely important regardless.

Due to two distinct stages of their generation, the archons are invested with a depressive device, feeding on their own ranks. Folks like A’shayana Deane have talked about the three different competing energies, the Elohim manifested, fallen in a sense into the Annunaki and their fallen energy was Draconian; which is very archonic.

There are energies that didn’t fall that we connect with on a higher self level but the minute we hit matter we are very subject to free falling ourselves and almost acting as agents of these agenda’s without realising it. They like to play on our desires, our hopes, our fears, our needs, our wants.

The veil third chakra and below, they are trying to keep us trapped in it. The minute we hit the heart chakra everything else opens up to heaven and earth.

Because they are lower fourth dimensional energies they can feed on the lower heart chakra energies which is too much of a good thing when out of balance, excess. We all have those moments. It would be good to not judge ourselves. We can step out of this anytime. It is about our soul work. They do have plans to seal things up and make it very difficult to ascend. I definitely feel in my being this is an urgency to really step up to the plate even though source energy will never turn its back on anybody. Based on the system and the stronger controls they are trying to implement we need to really step up now because we are still in a good window period to break the chains.

This facilitated the Reptilians and the greys to take over planet earth through covert mind control like illuminate and secret governments are trying to do. I laugh at them.

They are just using energy, like the Nazi’s did: the real power is the dark matter. This is all just energy that they are harvesting and using. They know the occult, they understand astrology and power games. They might have all that information. They just need to be outsmarted, based on knowing that we are superior to it. They might have all that information but they are not in unity consciousness and that trumps it. It is a vibration that is so much higher. We are so much higher energetically then they are it is not even funny. And they are so scared of us they use all these technologies to keep us lower than them but they are inferior to us. We need not fear them. I choose laughter.

Archons are inert. Their forms are arrested in a premature stage of development. That the archon is the only god of the cosmos needless to say is a defining moment in gnostic ontology if not human evolution as well.

IALDABAOTH was a shape shifter. Ialdabaoth had a multitude of faces so he could put a face according to his desire. He shared them therefore he became lord over them. Because of the power of the glory he possessed over his mother’s life he called himself god and did not honour the place that he came from.

We are a global family. We should do that period. If we acted like that in our own families, it would not work. It is not like anybody is asking for a lot here. Who needs demonic energy? It is basically feeding on us. It is a parasitic force. The reason it took hold of the earth so quickly was because of that leak. The rescue plan really got in there and has protected us ever since. That is what Gaia is made of. As much as they are trying to control and rule it, they are dealing with a conscious being that is not going to be controlled. They might delay the place we are heading but they can’t stop it. They are trying but it doesn’t work.

I was on the frontline of discovering what that energy was all about. I was connecting with these archetypes recognising that my chart was all Venus and Pluto and I got unbelievable conformation of how I connected to this particular energy.

Some call it past lives. I say it is universal energy that I tapped into and I made a commitment to be a vessel for it and make sure that it had full expression on earth so I could complete this work in a unified field with all of you.

It is weird to be in the family that I am in because they had such high expectations for me. The curtails of being in a presidential family made me turn down all sorts of opportunities. I was supposed to be in an international ball representing the United States with full military escort. This would have been my chance to come out and be in the wealthy world of success and fame. I said I am sorry I am up in the mountains having fun. And there is a round of applause

My grandfather, Dwight’s son, gave me a high five and said I knew you were a real warrior. I didn’t know if they would all still talk to me but they do and they really respect it. It was just that they are locked into it. We have to have compassion.

Humanity is an intergalactic species and its seed is spread through a system of wormholes which permeates the cosmos. One major wormhole exists in the constellation of LYRAE. Most humanoids are not aware of the gods from whom they descended, they came from the 7 feet tall Nordics who came to these parts many years ago. Earth humans have become shorter as the result of dramatic increase in the planets gravity since the end of Atlantis.

My thoughts and I might not be correct and that’s okay because it is about energy. Just like we have field guides in nature so we can get to understand things more and know more about their properties. My thoughts is the Nordics made a deal with the Reptilians and they started to make hybrids which allowed them to be easily possessed by the reptilian energies. They are what we know as the Aryans. Based on testimonials, my research and being exposed to those energies as at a certain age I seemed to be pulled into that.

The original mother goddess deities are including Queen Semiramis, Isis, Diana and others were fashioned as Ninkharsag. I don’t know if people know some of these myths but the Queen Semiramis was married to Nimrod and didn’t have a great reputation. This was another control force. The demiurge lower male energies on the planet, the patriarchal forces always sort to control us.

Her son who was from a different partnership wasn’t happy with that and killed her. But because we never die we keep coming back to deal with these archetypal dramas. The most important place to solve them is within ourselves. We carry all this energy. The astrology, the planetary systems, the chakras, all these different archetypes. With Isis, Diana and the others there is a different story.

The Ninkharsag that I came to understand is that that force got split. The male energy wanted to turn everything toward behaviour modification and patriarchal control. She ended up splitting. And part of her became Ereshkigal in the underworld, her baby sister and the other part became Inanna and had to go through the Southern gates of hell to reclaim the motherhood which feels like hell, until you reclaim it.

My book was based on this journey and I really connected to these archetypes knowing that what I was going through was in a sense moving beyond patriarchal forces, to reclaim the power that they have kept us from, that causes us to fear, for all of us.

There is a higher race that had me look through a view finder and show me the positive timeline and said hold onto the truth of your life or they will rip it away from you, annihilate you. Hold onto it and all should be well.

Women are equally responsible. When they give their power over and try and be a man in a man’s world, and that is no judgement. We have so many cycles and reincarnations to learn. The gift of the zodiac is the gift of the tree of good and evil so we can recognise the difference, so we can see the opposite of what we are all about and make a choice and really embody our truth and who we really are.

Isis – Hathor – Inanna – Magdalene – Margaine – Persephone – Ariadn …

These are some names of feminine archetypes. We are all connected. There are many faces. They all had different characteristics and no they are not perfect, but it is about heart, it is about love, it is about major struggle, going through a lot in order to lift these veils and bring things into balance.

Hathor, I think she drank a lot! Inanna, I think she was a bitch some times, right? Magdalene, she cried all the time. Margaine, oh my god! Persephone victim consciousness, Ariadn the maze walker!

We are learning based on these myths, how to really reclaim the wholeness. And that is why (the feminine) goes into the underworld to find her wholeness again. When she does that there is no archonic force anymore. We must have compassion for the feminine because we are not just dealing with relationship dynamics we are dealing with heavy duty technologies that make it very challenging.

If we see ourselves on the feminine level similar to Gaia then look what has happened to her, she has HAARP technologies controlling her weather and creating natural disasters, oil spills, ozone holes, there has been such an immense mistreatment that the healing process is a very difficult process. I don’t agree that this is an error. This is an initiation experience and we are all part of it. It is a gift. In the end when we graduate and initiate ourselves it is an incredible blessing to be given this opportunity to take it to the next level. We have a major power within us to keep us aligned to refine the process.

This is of course where duality begins. When we take inner responsibility, it is not so bad, we take the power back. We are not waiting for someone else. We are doing it from the inside out.

This is a quote from Caitlyn Matthews. “Sophia the goddess of wisdom: She is not just the earth she is also the lady of our principle creative spiritual life.”

When we awaken the divine feminine energy that is what we get. It is connected to the earth and connected to abilities that everybody really longs for. We have been born into a culture that programmes us to forget that, through all these different images on the television and through media that we get so lost. We get into broken relationships and desensitised as to how far off we are.

Many of the Annunaki are from Sirius. They are known as the Nordics. The Nordics made a deal with the Reptilians, in Lyrae and the Draco star system and from there they fled to other star systems. I feel they were a race that was infiltrated by archonic reptilians, but not all reptilians are bad. They seem to be the demons behind the patriarch behind the archetype of the new world order. This is talking about the creation of the demiurge and the ego based nature which also connects with the celestial body Mars and solar plexus which the Venus body is raising in consciousness to divine will at a global level.

Unity consciousness and connection to the source is the rescue mission. The minute we embody unity consciousness, we are in that path, in that aspect. Maybe rescue mission isn’t the right term: transformational energies activated as the agents of this alchemical shift that we are in.

I had this inkling one day instead of being pissed at Mars and all that stuff around it, I realised that this is a third chakra energy. Everybody has a Mars energy connected to the celestial body through astrology and through the chakras and this energy is an energy that needs enlightenment the most. It needs the Venus energy to give it love to bring it to alignment so it is functioning not on will power or willfulness but divine will because will is power. The Mars energy and the Mars agenda is the misuse of power, and so is the illuminati. The Venus energy I believe if we can focus on that, within ourselves and on a global level, we can shift the Mars energy on a collective level into a higher vibration. There are some that carry that higher vibration already. If we can collectively understand that the Mars agenda can be enlightened and shifted. We are dealing with the politics and the dynamics of the shadow government and we are not separating it from the esoteric world or the archetypal world. It is all wrapped in that too.

When I was recruited to Mars they were using words like Orion, Oron, Osiris, and they were calling me archetypal names. It all connects but that of course is what we are in. We are in separation so we don’t see how all this connects. We see the ‘us’ and ‘them’ and it causes victim consciousness, anger and fear and pleading.

The Reptilian hybrids is what resulted in what we now know as the Aryans. The purpose behind their bloodline is to keep their race pure. This whole thing about the Nazi race being pure, it is really that they were possessed by the reptilian voices. DUKAZ seem to be the reptilian Annunaki. Not all Annunaki are Reptilian. This is a part of the duality of the Annunaki race. They are the cause of a lot of the major conflict but Annunaki also incarnated the ancient ones that were a part of the rescue mission. It is really for everyone to decide because we connect to these archetypes in our own way. We have all these archetypes within us what are we going to choose to do with them? The best thing we can do is find harmony because they all have their place. The problem is they are arranged in a very disturbed way right now.

Everything is a reflection of consciousness. Our imbalance as humanity is what we are reflecting, what we are seeing and what we are dealing with. Here is another Caitlyn Matthews quote: “More and more people within spiritual traditions are awakening to the realisation of the disclosure of the chakras, divine wisdom and the empowering matrix…. She comes, she is here.”

This energy is returning. This is the regenerative creative power of the universe and it is connected to Gaia. The regenerative creative power of the universe is returning. It is connected to Gaia which will regenerate and bring all this energy down. It is functioning the same way we are in terms of the laws of nature on a consciousness level.

The earth is the naked soul of the mother. If one looks at nature in this planet, it is like our soul. We are living inside of a soul in a sense because we are made of fire, earth, air and water. When we do our astrology those are the things we are ruled by. The alchemy is when the fifth element spirit comes in and shifts everything from the lower density energies that connect with the four elements into a higher frequency where we are held into beings that have those sorts of abilities and are held into all these aspects.

When we see nature we are seeing a soul. All these animals; we have spirit animals. The Native Americans are connected to animals. We are seeing ourselves from the inside out. When we get in touch with nature, we get in touch with who we really are.

The Annunaki messed with the tree of life and messed with our DNA they wanted us to be pretty stupid, so we are easy to control. Basically our belief systems were manipulated more than anything else. If one says oh ya I inherited heart disease or this and that, one has to look at the energy and not the symptom to say maybe one inherited a behaviour of stress, anxiety; rather than seeing everything based on physical evidence, really look at the energy behind it to understand how to restore the DNA.

“The reason why it took hold of the earth so quickly was because of that leak. The rescue plan really got in there and has protected us ever since. And as much as they try and control and rule over Gaia they are dealing with a conscious being. They might have delayed the place that we are heading but they can’t stop it, they can’t destroy it. When the time of Eve came about here we are dealing with that choice. It is very symbolic, very metaphoric and it really has to do with the fact that the tree of life has been altered. I believe it has been altered because the tree of life used to have a root system.

The energy that comes before the divine parent used to be the root system. It had roots, a trunk and branches. The kundalini energy from the root would go up. If one looks at the tree of life now, you’ve got root energy all the way up there which means that in order to get to the divine parent one has to go through the abyss because that’s how programmed this world is. That’s how much the lower archetypal energies are ruling. So for us to get back into the divine parent, back into our true awareness, we have to go through the dark minded soul, the underworld journey.

The journey I took was twenty years and seemed to fall into that world soul energy because it was so beyond me and I was taking on something far greater than my own soul process. I went to the clairvoyant institute and they validated all of this and they said I was helping to clear inorganic entities from wormholes. It is stuff you can’t explain, you are coded to do it and you just do it.

I didn’t have much attachment to anything else. I decided to do this work which I continue to do. It is a unified field where we manifest within our own race before we put our paths together to realise we have all been on a pretty similar journey to get to where we are today.

The tree of good and evil gives us a chance to restore it back to its original form because of the kundalini energy. Higher than kether which is the crown I am I am self ore energy and that is really the true GOD. It’s got other sacred names. Things like Elohim and what Michael Tellinger calls little g are not made of this energy. That is a lower form of it that wants to keep us from that higher energy where we purify, where we heal where we really connect to source energy.

And that is the whole story of before the cosmic egg cracked and when the aeons started to form, and the cosmic egg and the serpent; and the double helix; masculine and feminine.

The kundalini restores in a sense the tree of knowledge to understand what the snake represented, and to understand what the symbols represent we can see ourselves and our bodies as a living example. Rather than saying the snake is Lucifer, or the snake was Adam and Eve. We are that snake. The snake is the kundalini, and the Adam and Eve energies are two different archetypes working on us. Through knowledge and through understanding ourselves and understanding truth and not feeding into the lies we are given a chance to initiate ourselves. And that’s where we are today if we can deal with it.

There is some integration happening but people don’t want to expand into the totality of all that they are, their wholeness, so they link themselves to a certain aspect, archetype, a certain part of who they are. Our goal is to awaken all the different aspects of functioning as a whole. Right and left brain are merged together. Masculine and feminine are in harmony. Science and spirituality are working together.
The hexagram connects to DNA which connects to the Mayan calendar which also connects to the Venus transit.

Here is another quote from Caitlyn Matthews about Sophia. I guess she is one of my favourite authors. “The metaphor for the shape of the future beliefs will be determined by the needs of the people who live in that future. We are working towards better integration of the sexes, and that cannot come about until the spiritual values are given justice. Sophia’s intensive repertoire of metaphors exemplifies her availability to both men and women where she symbolically represents: The left and right half of the brain, the intellectual and intuitive side that is seen as masculine and feminine. She is both organic and chaotic, active and deceptive, sequential and simultaneous, defining, diffused, reconciling the dualistic factor and the polarised existence in her own person.”

When they are saying her it is somebody else. They are saying us. This is what we are made of. This is the true mother energy. Even if our DNA was messed with, even if we are from other races, she planted her seed in the life of everybody and she is the true mother. They are just sort of like a surrogate, they played a part. When we really want to connect to the primordial parent energy that’s where it is.

What I like to point out is if you took everything away from that person. All their money, this and that, I don’t think he will have a bad time because he is able to manifest. He is holding this energy.

When we form attachments our worth depends on it. We are in a world of duality, success / failure, right / wrong, good / bad and a very enlightened being doesn’t see things that way: He knows how co-create to dance with life to make things happen and his needs are always met. This happened to me. I have no trust fund. I was homeless. I was on my own which could have been an opportunity to meet wealthy people. There is no trust fund. I lived out of a van and I lived in the desert for years and the wilderness for a couple of years they would point it out if I was under some sort of mind control or split personalities. I can safely say that my family is not an illuminati family but they have been used and infiltrated to a certain extent. Eisenhower gave us a warning. So, my experience may be not what other people expect. I put myself in the wilderness to get away from DC energy and really see if I am sane and to test myself to put myself on my own boot camp. What is it like to not have money? Can I manifest things? What is it like to be in the wilderness? I was in 30° below and 110°. I was trained as a wilderness expedition leader. I got great scores and people felt safe with me. You put me in civilization and everybody thinks I am a freak!

It wasn’t just that I was giving up everything, a lot was being taken away from me, loved ones, I was definitely targeted. Shadow government sent people into my life. When I needed something and I stayed in that zone, no matter what and I didn’t play into the fear and the pain and all that, amazing things did happen. I created miracles, I did things that I just wish I could do right now but the point is we have access to all this energy. In the shift time, things are really shaken up and we are dealing with major changes. It is very important to hold the centre. The universe will take care of you. Nature only knows how to heal. Source energy only knows how to love and take care of you. It is the mind control that is the challenge. It will through you off your path, it will separate you … They gave us all these attachments that we would not be able to function without. And this is what they have been doing for the last thousands of years, showing us all these disasters that they are going to come along and heal and mend. There has been government control of our physical world and there has been religious control of our spiritual world. And obviously nobody here buys into that. And even if we do, a lot of us have open hearts, we think the best of people. So it is a difficult thing to wake up and realise the disruptures and the people you thought you could trust are serving the dark side or are hiding secrets that are very disturbing. I think it is like a dysfunctional relationship. Our planet is dealing with the same kind of thing. This is what the Gaia energy is going through. Why is she married to Nimrod? If anybody thought she wanted that here is a perfect picture that that is not a good relationship. It is lower chakra energy and we might find in our lives, relationships that we have that we know embody those relationships and that is what the Demiures and the archonic system is based on accepting it is way darker as there are these big demonic entities that are not organic and exacerbate it as manipulations pull more and more souls into the web of deception.

For women, Sophia is an archetype, it is victim sounding but she is everyone who ever was raped, isolated, abandoned or exiled. She is the ‘Persephone energy. Her potential is within all women. Her integrity is for justice in the world and herself. So, no matter how hard it gets, it is the Persephone archetype. A lot of people go through their life numbed, without knowing that their life is held hostage in the underworld, they go oh well their life and particular programme and they don’t pay attention to the fact that there is a huge portion of one’s energy in lockdown. And that’s for masculine energy as well.
The Labyrinth is the path to get out of (duality). It is the path of awakening and of reclaiming the motherhood and of kicking out the gatekeepers of patriarchy. It takes a while and there are many cycles. The Venus transit is how the Venus energy is played through these different cycles and kept this flow going and the 2012 shift time is a window period and the culmination of what that has all lead to and it is connected to the heart. So, when we connect to the goddess energy we connect to the heart. We bring those energies into balance, and we really experience the shift time of the cosmos and that is a positive timeline. Everything else is a dangerous place to be because this is the one energy that has been targeted, it has been used in ritual.

Most of the rituals in the dark satanic churches of the illuminati have the divine feminine specifically targeted. They use her energy at Bohemian grove and have all these codes to use that energy against her will. It is also part of the Sophia myth of her reclaiming her life because they are like vampires and they took her life, claiming to be the gods and they tried to sap her dry at various rituals.But now she is getting pissed and she is waking up and she is waking up within all of us. And this is very cyclical as we see with the DEMETER energy.

This was a very difficult time for the divine feminine world. The Christ / Magdalene energy really did represent sacred union. We don’t have to separate ourselves or put them outside ourselves but this is the more ideal relationship within ourselves. Not the Persephone / Hades energy but the Christ / Sophia energy. That is the unity consciousness. The one is in imbalance. One can carry that relationship in itself. It is not external relationships, it is internal relationships. The Persephone Hades dynamic is just as much as inner as it is outer. The inner starts first and then it manifests to the outer. This was in a book. Take it or leave it I am not trying to change anybody’s belief systems.

“I came for her, I came for all…For those who had lost their way, who could not return into the fullness she came unto them giving her life to the depths of matter. In truth she did suffer and become blind, but our father sensing her anguish said of being like him so that she might see and we would be as one again.”

The divine feminine has been behind the scenes this whole time, unconditionally loving and going through whatever it takes to lift this veil to conquer the forces of patriarchy which manifest in the worst cases in humanity. They feed on all the lower based things. We need to step up to the plate and realise we enable them. We need to recognise what it is to be aligned. It is not about transcendence and one of the speakers said that. It is about transformation. It is about the higher and the lower working together. We don’t need to take off. We need to bring that energy back in and that transformation, that enlightenment has the seeds of the soil. The soil is the soul it is fertile it is creativity. Light and dark work really well together. But there are a lot of demonic energies and gate keepers in that place.

I took a journey into the underworld to face all of that. I basically I couldn’t take it anymore. I said I give up. Take me to whatever is trying to control me and let me deal with it. It took me to two places. The first one was what some people call Dionysus, an archetypal name. He gave me an interview that he got twenty years previously. He was into alchemy and he was into magic. He was definitely connecting to that archetype. He met someone called ‘sein de aena’ which means ‘vein of the earth who claimed to be Eve. Sure, if everybody connects to an archetype they think they are this and they are that. It is universal energy that they are tapping into so that is a good sign as they are getting to the core prints of what we are made from. But this was very fascinating because he said I have had the interview for twenty years and she told me I would meet somebody, so I cast a spell, a really powerful spell that got out of control. I said what year was that 1980. I was 7 years old then and that is when I felt an incredible power and energy on me. We lined it up that the time he did the ritual was the time that I began to be targeted by energies.

When he first met me he said this interview belongs to you and I read it and of course I am sceptical about everything. I have an open mind, but I don’t keep fixed beliefs, even to this day I appreciate this piece of information but I don’t have fixed beliefs because that locks us all in so I am not encouraging fixed beliefs.

I read it and it describes me perfectly. Everything about me, my personality, my hair colour, my eye colour, everything. Immediately I got goose bumps and I thought I was going to throw up.

I wonder how did Eve keep herself alive? She kept herself alive with something called the philosophers stone which she inserted to keep her alive. She could age with a person and that person would die before she would die she would put it back in and regenerate. That sounds crazy, right?

When I let go I said control energies I am sick of being controlled by you I want to know what this force is? I was in California, I went all the way to Marilyn and it lead me write to the man and he said I have this interview that belongs to you I have had it for twenty years.

And I read it. It talks about all her children and it talks about creation. It talks about Sophia and the miserable god of this realm, the demures, but I had to break the spell because it had a strong control on me. It took about a year and a half to get away from that energy. I have the interview it has never been published. When I met up with him and all the forces pulled us together, I went into his home and there was a big library all about Sophia and he goes to a hidden cupboard and pulled it out. He said ‘oh my gosh,’ he has been looking for it and looking for it so it is not that he planned it like some government conspiracy. I had already written a book about this stuff. It was already very much me.

She is kind of like shape shifting. She has fiery red hair. Only her daughters can hold the orb. If the wrong person holds it – it turns back and kills them. It is made with nine ingredients and is connected to the elixir of life, the philosophers’ stone.

I know some of that stuff so I am sitting there going, ‘oh my god,’ and the Eve energy is the Sophia archetype. We all have different aspects. Because it is universal energy, anybody can tap into it but I had lost that Laura identity in that shell that I opened myself up to universal energy so that I could be a vessel for it. Divine feminine energies are so important to the planet right now.

She of course has many. The challenge of our time is to create a GODDESS theology and it also demonstrates the wrath of the sexual identity of the black goddess. Basically she has got a lot of faces. This is the first time I have ever publically shared the interview. I hear that everyone here is open minded so I feel comfortable enough. There is a round of applause.

In the interview that I was telling you about, it tells you how Eve was created. She was created off planet by three mothers, and it is all about the breath of life, but animated. There is the construction of form and the breath and animation behind it and that is what connects us to source energy. But the craftsmanship behind it, is sometimes from the mothers and sometimes from extra-terrestrial races.”

I break the spell and get my life back. He gives me the interview and says you need to read it. I thought we had a partnership but after twenty years of waiting to meet me he was not healthy, he had lost his mind. The impact had made him nuts because this is heavy duty stuff and he was thinking that it would be a year or two years but it was twenty years. After that I thought cool, now I can manifest the things I need to. Then I started feeling more of this control energy and I thought wait a second I thought I was done. The next I thing I fall in love. I was at a festival and someone approaches me who was very familiar with me. We form a bond instantly and get to know each other really well and fall in love. I was living in DC at the time. He would go to these secret meetings. I would say where are you going and he would say oh, I can’t really tell you. Psychic stuff, remote viewing, it is all very secret I can’t tell you yet! Okay

We had a karmic connection, we were meant to be together. I knew that and so did he. But, he was under their control, he would be triggered every once in a while and he would shift and be a totally different person. I wasn’t very skilled in mind control and government stuff at that point. I had an open mind to it all. I had seen this r that and I knew that those kinds of things were existing but I never thought that I would be a part of it. It was very confusing. He was talking about going to Mars. And I was trying to downplay it saying I am sure we will go to Mars one day and it is great you are doing research. I thought he was helping some space thing take us to Mars. But he said oh you can’t tell anyone. It was all very secret and I thought that this is very weird. He sent me all these emails and I saved all his emails. It is based on looking glass technologies and they would see that 2012 was going to be a time of catastrophe and we needed to go to Mars. It was based on projection, they didn’t have a clear picture. What I discovered from a defector is that they use looking glass technologies to find peoples past lives. They knew we had been a couple. I wouldn’t just fall for anyone. They can’t just throw an agent at you and expect you to fall in love. For you to have a karmic relationship they must choose someone close to you already because then the natural flow happens. Basically they got to him before I did. They had him under their control so anytime I would defy him and say no no I am not going everything would get very intense, he would get very urgent and say oh but you don’t have any choice. It started getting to we will kidnap you if you don’t go.

The avairy are sort of a front group, a think tank group, they are not very much in the illuminati thing but I do think they are a front group and my later research opened my eyes to that. And there are people behind them that manipulate them to do certain things. It is not those guys but it is through them. There was this one person who was his handler. They told me I could have a handler too. I was knew to all this and I said I don’t want a handler.

I had a dream that I was being taken up into this ship. It was a lucid dream. First of all I could feel the cold water, I was in the water, and these chains came down from a ship. On the ship they said we are not going to harm you, we are going to control you and it was about a new civilization on Mars. But they said I could choose. Are you going to stay on Earth and continue your mission, do you know what your mission is? I said of course I am going to stay on Earth and continue my mission, next thing I know I fall out of the ship and land back in the water, the ship is gone, my partner is gone and there is an alignment that happens with the planets and this organic light fills the sky and I pull over to the shore and am okay. This was before I knew a lot because when I woke up in the morning I said ‘hey I had a really weird dream.’ And he got really nervous and said you shouldn’t have told me that because he knew that I had made a choice. I was encouraging him to stay on earth with me and create sacred union to balance the natural energies on earth to really assist everything. His organic nature was very interested in that but he knew that he was locked into this thing and he was determined to get me to go to Mars. And it would get worse. He was acting like a robot. I thought I had to research the people’s names that he was talking to a lot. I got nothing. I was just trying to figure this out. It took me two weeks to hit the website that said that these folks were connected to deeper technologies like HAARP and in my view connecting to something that is creating the disasters. When some people go into underground bases it is because they are going to start taking out the population. Ding ding ding New World Order. That is everything that I am against so I think they rued the day that Laura found out what they were all about. It was hard because I tried to help him and obviously I loved him. Even sometimes he would get codes and climb out of the window to go on missions. There was nothing stopping him using the front door. I think he was getting really into this.

There is a connection with Venus and Mars and they are actually known to be a couple in the past. The Mars agenda: A lot of the archonic systems have overtaken it and put their influence on these planetary bodies so they are functioning on much lower vibrations. To bring Mars back, to awaken Mars from a deep sleep is really my goal. If we are going to deal with archetypes we are going t deal with archetypes. This is just a shadow government. This is not just about a Mars colony. This goes into the esoteric world.

Sophia is the divine feminine within us, so why do we care about the divine feminine within ourselves? What is our attraction to her? She has made the descent to the sub-cults of hell. She knows and shares in our pain and exile. Do we follow her because she prepares a home for us in her temple of stone and pillars? Many of us find her in the here and now and use her spirit to transform our lives authentically. This I can really relate to because in my book before anyone knew about this, this is actually what it is all about. When we awaken the truth and really get in touch with who we are that is what we are doing. I could definitely tell that that is what I was doing.

When we think of Gaia and we think of her as a cosmic being, the goddess energy, this is like mood manipulation, we find we are targeted at times, we find that energy is put on us to affect our moods and ruin our relationships. I had a lot of that happening. I had a list of people that they said that they used on me which were part of their programmes to destroy my heart. They knew I could be mind controlled, so they figured we will destroy her heart because she is all about love. So, they plant me with people that I naturally have an affinity to but they were in their control so I would end up finding that the person that I thought was okay I was in a battle with. And it is not an easy thing to do. I can only do it from a far and send them energy and address the whole thing as a whole. All these different programmes of mind control, to handle it on a larger level, is a way of coping with it because these individuals are just out of my hands at this point.

Earth is naturally adjusting herself and she does it very gracefully she is not out to destroy anyone. And that is the thing about going to Mars. Mother earth does not need us to evacuate her, you guys need to leave! You are the ones who are getting evicted! I have no fear of them. There is something that takes over. It is about justice, the passion for justice.

Everyone is turning to the internet, artificial intelligence thing, we don’t necessarily want that. Mind control is the greatest thing to warn yourself against.

I can safely say we are on a positive time-line, things are shifting towards the positive. As Kerry pointed out, not to feed a bunch of positive energy, it’s based on co-creative energy, it’s based on what we choose to do. It is not about sleeping on the job or saying everything is going to be fine. We have some serious work to do. It can be joyful. Everything is in our favour if we just understand what the missing links are and what we need to do to protect ourselves. The best thing we can do is not to listen to anybody. We can share stories, we can inspire each other, we can share information, we can share facts, but we really need to own our own truth. The work right now is understanding who we are. We are strengthening our intuition so we know fact from fiction and really questioning the things that we see and not just jumping at everything. They put us in such a state. The person who is going on the Occupy Movement might be another person that is hiding behind more deception so, we need to look towards each other to solve these problems. We need to gather amongst ourselves and not look to the media and not look to the television or anything externally accept for what we have created here and in other events and arenas that have nothing to do with television and media. This is where the unity consciousness is. It is with each other and relationship to self and that is where the real work lies: creating archetypal harmony with ourselves, with our partners, with our friends, the communities that we are in and really looking after each other. If we can just do that we are staying on the positive time-line. Things are shifting in our favour. The minute we get desensitized or complacent and think it doesn’t matter, then we are very vulnerable.

If people can just be careful of what you see and hear.

With the police state coming, the frequency is everything. The frequency is going to overthrow theirs because we can get much much higher than them. They want to keep us in fear, they want to keep our energies low, we can just say excuse me we don’t want to go there, we will take the other route. And that is when we get into the higher chakra, that’s when we create UFO’s and that is when we realise that the source energy is taking care of us, it only knows how to heal.

This is the ideal picture, mother earth taking care of herself and taking care of her children. We are giving that energy back to her within ourselves, realising that nothing is separate; no archetype. There is nobody we need to look up to. It is all within us. The earth is the soul, we are living inside our own souls because of the four elements. We are turning the pentagram upright again through spiritual awareness and consciousness which creates that alchemy.

The orbit that Venus takes is drawing a perfect pentagram in the sky. And all these cycles for so many years have been creating that print. As above so below, when we anchor that heart energy we realise we are actually turning that inward pentagram upwards by simply connecting to the heart. That’s what’s creating the alchemy and that’s what is defeating the illuminati. That’s a lot worse of a picture than that. We don’t want that, but if that still play out in lower fourth density 3D world, fine, there are a whole lot of species of people.

Roosevelt was the first person who had extra terrestrial contact. Take it or leave it. That’s when treatise based on abduction started to happen. The Greys are trying to keep their race alive because their race dies out in 50 000 years. They are travelling back, trying to get samples, harvest organs, get genetic information to help their degenerative being to get replenished again. That is the only life cycle they have. They can’t ascend because they are service to self. They can’t ascend because they don’t want to ascend. They use technology to stay immortal and stay on earth. They know if they die they will have to face the creator and go through all of this and they don’t want to, so they are trying to stay alive. Some of these souls jump from body to body. They are time travellers and use time control technologies. They have a lot figured out and strategized so they don’t really die. Even if they are playing this game we don’t have to be a part of it. They just want to recruit us in. We just need to know the traps. They can’t control us if we don’t want them.

The Archons are not quite the extra terrestrial races, but in a sense the archonic system is connected to the lower races, the lower forms, the global elite, the parasites that the reptilians posses, based on the bloodlines that take that energy in. That’s a control being that is wanting control so badly that it is possessed by the very demons that are connected to being in duality. That is the Nephilim energy in the great flood that attracted those demons into the abyss that the Nazi’s conjured up to work with.

This is Sophia with all the alchemical stuff in the background. Her body represents nature or the form of Jesus as the son of justice, Sophia provides the four elements of the alchemical process. As an instrument of divine will she presides over all matter.

You don’t have to look outside for GODDESS / GOD, this energy is within us and that is the process of our alchemy. There are beings moving through different incarnations. The zodiac is a great gift and so is kundalini to allow us to experience our strengths and weaknesses and the positives and negatives of the celestial bodies. For example Pisces in Neptune can be connected to spiritual mysticism but on the flipside and more negative side it can rule addiction and be very out there. Mars can be pioneering and leader but it can also be the Mars we are talking about; power hungry and controlling. Each planetary body has a duality to it. Understanding true good and evil and understanding the choice we have and that there is a flip side and finding the middle ground is what integrates the lower and higher worlds. This allows us to not need the zodiac or that kind of blueprint and be ruled by the stars because we made soul agreements to incarnate as certain energies. We can actually move beyond that and be directly in co-creation with source and be the really amazing divine beings that we already are. We are not becoming that we are already that. Things like our astrological chart help us understand what we are all about so we can move a little bit quicker in removing the veils that we have placed upon ourselves due to mass manipulation. We all have to have a lot of compassion for ourselves.
I didn’t meet him personally but he has been by my side since I was a little kid. He helped prepare me. That may sound like we had a great imagination. Imagination is what created everything. But it is funny because when I went to the clairvoyant institute they said Eisenhower is here. I wasn’t using that last name. I had a married last name and I didn’t want them to know that. I wanted them to know me first. Until I knew my real work I didn’t want to attract that energy into my life. When they said Eisenhower is here, I said that is funny what do you mean by that. I said do you know that I am related to him. They said oh really, he is totally by your side he is one of your spirit guides, one of your buddies and allies.

Then someone who was taking my readings was taking a shower and then she called me and said Eisenhower just showed up. He is worried about you. He is calling me his little Laura and worried that I was going on a round table panel talking about Mars. I think he knows I am like him and if we see something that needs to be done we are just going to do it. We don’t fear death. I really feel his presence and know that he is a beautiful loving good man. If he wasn’t I would be out of here. I have been acquainted enough with his energy to know the struggle he went through. He had 8 heart attacks. He got recruited into presidency. They wanted him because he was so adamant to stop the Nazi’s. When Project Paperclip happened and he moved into American government, he was the perfect target to be the pawn for the next renewal for the next press agreement. The man who wanted to beat Hitler, actually made an agreement connected to the Nazis! What a horrific thing that must be to carry! In a sense I was born into his family line to make up for that error or to complete the legacy of what he really chose. In my own way and in my own being we are on a similar path. We are both Libras. We are very co creative and we have very similar visions. He is really always with me and any time that I am really freaked out I feel his kind presence. Actually it is funny because he is the only one in my family who really understands me.

Eisenhower had three extra terrestrial encounters: one supposedly with the Nordics; one with the Greys and one with the Phoenicians. Defectives from the Mars programme said they gave him information connected to Venus.

Were the Nordics something that he should have agreed to? We don’t know because the Nordics created the agreement with the reptilians and that is what created the hybrids of the Aryans. The Draco Reptilian controlled the government before he was there, during the Roosevelt and Trueman administrations. He just walked into it. He made a mistake and I am here to take it on.

We know that anything to keep us in prison, anything to keep us in fear, especially during very powerful shifts of energy and on dates when we are about to expand they will create a false flag so our energy goes into fear and trauma, so there is a crisis and then of course they will throw the heroes in. Through HAAP technologies and chemtrails they are trying to keep us from accessing our higher selves. Nothing can stop us from reaching our higher selves. There is a round of applause.

What they used to target me in that relationship in a past life to use me. But they can’t read it past 2012 because what they project on can’t pick up the God frequency and that energy is being permeated into the world so much that these technologies cannot read it anymore because they are lower dimensional technologies that don’t really connect to where we are headed.

We are the most advanced technology there is and so is nature. Our co creation with Gaia will realise, Gaia is a multi dimensional being and so are we and in our co creation with her, we defy all of this and we just need to stay devoted and focused on that.

They told me that despite UFO’s I was the most expensive secret they had to keep. For me that means the unified field because there is no me without all of you. When they said it to me, they were actually saying it to all of us. We are the biggest secret that the illuminati are trying to keep because of our unified field and who we really are.

This is planetary harmonics and the connection to Venus. Through music and the music of the spheres and connection to different frequencies we can bring those sounds in and do a lot of healing. Ricardo is working with some awesome technologies.

We are turning that pentagram upright again through spiritual awareness consciousness, higher self, because it is a Venus vibration and it is the alchemy of how we connect with nature and spirits can dominate matter instead of the other way around. It is part of your lower archonic chakra world and makes the physical much denser much heavier and when we shift this to spirit as the dominant force. This will move matter and shape matter based on our thoughts and intentions. And we are going to realise we are the ultimate technology.

If you think of the Occupy Movement we have to be careful because they might put a false leader out there. Recognise that the real work is in ourselves, the inner work, frequency, sacred union, really being unified and really working together. They are allowing this to happen. We just have to be careful. At the same time I couldn’t be happier that it is happening. We are not stupid. I am so happy about the Occupy Movement that is a huge thing, we just have to be cautious like we have to be in all things. The phoenix is rising.

Sophia energy is a totality of wisdom, we accept her as both the black goddess and the transcendent spirit of the world soul which are equally available and this is what it all equates to.

This is the only truth: the cosmic timeline, everything else is theatre, mind control, and it all diverts us from the natural flow. We need to recognise that nature is only knowing how to heal and we go through cycles that support us that bring us to where we need to be. We don’t need to fear anything else because this is the truth. This is what we are made of, this is the organic connection that we have.

When I had the choice to go to Mars I was shows that this is the choice I had. Nothing is going to work because being devoted to this trip is what saved my life. The reinstatement of the feminine both human and divine is critical to our spiritual survival. As Gaia emerges the imbalances will inevitably iron themselves out. This is the force within all of us. When we rise that up, we balance our own energies. The divine masculine in unity together. The GODDESS energy needs attention on a global level right now, not as being higher than male but in union and balance and harmony and so we restore the tree of life when we do that. We are to wake up and knowing the difference between who we are and who we are not. If we can learn that all we have a beautiful future to look forward to. I am thrilled about it and so grateful to be here and thank you for listening.


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