Jennifer Welch

The crystal skulls

Introduction by Michael Tellinger : One of the most recent movies that Steven Spielberg has done is about the subject that you are going to be learning about right now. It was about the Mitchell Hedges crystal skull. Well, there isn’t just one crystal skull, there are many. It just so happens that there are two and very important scared crystal skulls that are here in South Africa on the Nilotic 31 degrees East Meridian, acting as its guardian. That is also the white lions meridian. It is a sacred line that runs from North to South and has very important links to our place in the cosmos. I am so deeply privileged and honoured to introduce you to Dr Jennifer Welch, all the way from Durban. Let her take you on a beautiful journey of discovery that will change your perception about many things.

Good afternoon everybody I am extremely honoured to be here with you this afternoon. I am here with the two Himalayan crystal skulls that I don’t own, I am the caretaker of.

The one on the right is Luzl, she is the feminine energy. And the one on the left is Ezorok, he holds masculine energy. And in the centre is the sacred jade disk which spins the vortex of energy. I will be talking a little bit more about that.

We are all very honoured to be here and thank you Michael for putting together such a wonderful conference. I have been listening with great interest and fascination from the beginning and learning little bits and pieces here and there which add something new to my understanding. My experience with these skulls has been just that, experiential. I experience something and only later, maybe do I get information about it. If it was the other way round, I would have all sorts of reasons in my head why: ‘oh I read that therefore I am experiencing it’.

I have been full of admiration for all the wonderful factual knowledge and research and all the amazing presentations that have come up so far but my presentation is going to be very different.

Michael has asked me to make this experiential so I am not going to present any of my formal papers, I am going to be talking about the crystal skulls in general. I am going to be explaining my journey with the crystal skulls. And in the second half of the programme I am going to be showing some slides of what happens on the journey with the skulls and the sacred places because I think you need to see that. I want to make some time at the end for you to see some pictures of extraordinary sacred light photography. I am going to begin:

I am a psychologist; that is my usual job. I work with clinical hypnosis and body alignment therapy which explains in a way how I was prepared for this job of taking on the crystal skulls. The crystal skulls and the jade disk have shifted my perspective entirely from a very academic perspective to have to accept something for which there is no explanation. It is a big shift. It just happens. One of the reasons why I am presenting this is to explore ways in which all of us can allow ourselves to open up and discover other dimensions of ourselves and as we do that make a connection with our higher selves and with other creatures from other dimensions.

I am just going to start now at the beginning. This journey happened without any planning whatsoever. It started with a very traumatic shock experience which I will come to later. There is no planning to it at all, it is simply tuning in and letting go.

I would like to first of all start by giving you a little background information. I am very definitely with the skulls, we are all very definitely tied into the Mayan tradition. The Mayan tradition is a very fascinating and ancient tradition. The Mayans believed themselves to be survivors of Atlantis. Ten fifteen years ago I didn’t even know that Atlantis existed and I might have thought that it was a myth. Atlantis certainly did exist and it was thought to exist in that area in the Gulf of Mexico quite close to Bermuda triangle. Most of you would have heard of the Bermuda triangle where there are some mysterious happenings like ships loose course, airplanes are sucked in. There is something very different about the energy in the Bermuda triangle thought to be connected to perhaps the great sunken crystal that belongs with Atlantis. The whole background of Atlantis was first described by Plato in 4BC. He got his information from the priests of Solon who were even more ancient. They describe this in quite some detail and this is the quote I have.

“Beyond the pillars of Hercules there is an island continent of great and marvellous power, larger than any known lands.”

This is how Plato described it. Pictures are seen of an oval island with strips on the outside of the oval and canals on either side. Funnily enough when this island of Atlantis had been seen by seers and psychics like Edgar Cayce and Madame Blavatsky they have seen exactly that design. Atlantis sunk. That was apparently what it looked like but as you know Atlantis sunk. It was said to have sunk because of an abuse of power. It was a very mighty and large nation and it was said to have sunk in three stages.

I have had a past life experience because I was there with the crystals in Atlantis: the most terrifying experience: of great waves of lava from the back and huge waves hurling in from the front and this absolute terror at what was happening. But, what became even more frightening and distressing was an enormous sense of guilt that somehow I had been associated with the introduction of crystal, the use of crystal and this usage had backfired in some way and caused a bad disaster. It took me a few days to get over that. I was reassured that that was past history, yet I guess I had made a contract even then that I would be available in the future and other occasions to work differently, better, more creatively with crystal energy.

The Mayan consider themselves to be descendants of Atlantis. I have been associated very closely with one of the Mayan leaders, the Mayan keeper of days, and that is the elder Humbartz Men, who many of you might have heard of and I will come back to how I associate with him a little later.

You all know the Mayan calendar it is carved in stone and you can see it in the museum of Mexico City if you go to the great museum there. It depicts cycles of time of 56 000 years which is a huge amount of time. The last of these cycles is said to be coming to an end in 2012. That is not a fixed date but in this period. The Mayans already say we are in end time. Around about now there is going to be an end to the cycle. This does not mean the end of the world by any means. This is the end of one way of energising and the beginning of something different which we need to be up for to do our best to be acceptable and able to perform in a better way than we have up to now as humans. In many of the other ancient cycles of time there are also these huge expanses. There is the calendar of the zodiac in the temple of Hathor in Egypt and the Tibetans also have a series of cycles called the Yuga’s. And the Vedic books as well, and the Hopi’s; all these ancient traditions. Interestingly in all of them the cycle ends about now. We are certainly faced with a challenge of the new way of being coming up. In the Hopi expression, they say this is the end of the 5th dream and the coming up of the 6th.

The Mayans are well noted but haven’t been as well documented. The Mayan pyramids are still largely unexcavated. If you go into the forest and into Yucatan and so on, you will find that they are mostly covered by rocks, there has just not been the money to excavate them so far. We know that this great civilization from the excavations that have been done was at its peak between 5000 BC and 1500 AD. There is still a link maintained with the Native American tribes of North and Central America. This is followed by a tribe of elders that moves around picking up all of the oral traditions before they are lost. These people are called the Twisted Hairs. It is from their learning that I have been taught and I will refer to that later on.

There is a belief amongst the Mayans that when 13 crystal skulls are collected and connected and reassembled; the outside ones will be rock crystals like these, and in the centre there is supposed to be a pink skull, an amethyst skull. And when that happens this will be the signal for the beginning of the whirling rainbow nation of peace. It is very much entrenched in the Mayan tradition. They of course believe that there are 13 skulls. I believe there are more skulls than 13. In fact I have seen skulls from all sorts of ancient places which also have their own function. But, for the Mayans there were 13 and Humbartz believes that these two skulls and the other skull that I brought out that I will talk about later, are part of that 13.

The point is all skulls made from crystal and have an extraordinary capacity for holding information, reflecting information and are used in communication. All crystal skulls have got a great value. There are other crystal skulls. You have heard about the Mitchell Hedges crystal skull. The story behind that is the archaeologist Mitchell Hedges was digging in a place very close to British Honduras where he thought he would find Atlantis. He went back to collect more funds in Britain, and his adopted daughter was left with the diggers and she looked down and she spotted something crystal that was shining there. And she told her father when he came back and as they got closer to it hers was the only hand small enough to dislodge this skull. There have been stories about that and many debunkers. There are always debunkers. I have been in conversation with one of the ladies who has done a lot of work scrying with the Mitchell Hedges skull and she assures me that the debunkers are just simply trying to make a point. The Mitchell Hedges skull is highly revered. It is an exquisite clear crystal skull. It has a retractable jaw which ,means the jaw moves up and down and it is large. It is larger than these skulls. Many psychics and clairvoyants have used the skull for scrying. That is looking into the skull and seeing images and so forth. It has had a lot of interest. Interest in the crystal skulls peaked in around the 1920’s. Because of Mitchell Hedges everybody was talking about it. But, there are other skulls as well. There is one, in the British museum. The one in the British museum is said to move at night, it shifts its position along the shelves. There is a Parisian one which some say has a bit of a curse. There is one in the Smithsonian and there are various other skulls that are being care taken by various other caretakers. These are by no means the only skulls. These are ancient skulls. You can see from the patina on them that they are not shiny.

I am going to come to the discovery of them a little bit later as I have said. What happened was the BBC commissioned some investigative journalists to do a piece on the crystal skulls, so they invited the caretakers available at that time plus the Mitchell Hedges to bring their skulls in for scientific examination and took them to the Smithsonian. They took them to Hewlett Packard which as you know has been for a long time involved in communication devices using crystal. They found the crystal to be of extraordinary quality. What they were looking for was evidence of human carving and they couldn’t find any. And then the exhibition moved overseas, and went to various universities, Oxford and Cambridge and some of the skulls they did find were of more recent origins, 1850, 1830’s carved; they still have a lot of energy, but they weren’t ancient skulls as had been claimed. There has been a lot of investigation into the skulls but they couldn’t find anything that was irrefutable proof that they were man made or otherwise. Then of course they went back to the ancient ones to the Hopi Indian, Humbartz Men and he told them the story of the crystal skulls that they were not of this earth. These were sacred skulls, they were made some other way. After all that scientific investigation, not too much was discovered. I believe recently there has been another investigation, they did find evidence that they have been carved, but that has been debunked, there is no finality on that one!

I would like to say something about the Dropa’s. I am not sure if anyone is familiar with the information? In about 1938 in the Himalayan mountain between China and Tibet in a place called BayanKara-Ula, skeletons were found in the high up caves. They were peculiar skeletons because they had extremely large heads and very spindly little bodies. Near these skeletons they found disks. The disks were made of some sort of material that they could be engraved on. They found 613 of those. These little disks were found alongside the skeletons. On the walls of the cave wall were drawings of the rising sun, the moon and the various planets in the background. There were connections made between the various planets with little pea size dots, like a little map. And they were all dated after examination to 12 000 years ago far preceding the date of the pyramids. There were 716 of these disks. When they were examined by the scientists in the Chinese universities, they found that there were lines inscribed around them like the old fashioned records and these were little hieroglyphs and were able to break the code. And when they had broken the code, they found that if they put them on a turn table, there was kind of a humming noise that came from them. The hieroglyphs recorded that these were people called Dropa’s, they had come from some other planet and their craft had crashed in the high Himalayas. They were stranded there. That was how they got there. They used these disksas their way of communicating with their planet of origin because they couldn’t get themselves off of our planet. There is still a pygmy tribe up there that has skeletal structure very different from the usual and they do call themselves Dropa’s as well. The decoding was done in 1962 by a Doctor Tsum Um Nui. It is from him that we have that information.

Jennifer Welch says pointing to Luzl and Ezorok :

Now these skulls were discovered by an internationally renowned expert called Dr Frank Lu who is the custodian of many ancient artefacts and well known in the international market. In the 1960’s he uncovered 13 of these ancient skulls and we don’t know how many of the disks he recovered. He has named the 13 skulls after various human qualities and the name that was given to Luzl before I got her of course, she was called Wonder and the masculine energy, Ezorok, he was Clarity. I have always thought what an amazing combination of the masculine and feminine, Wonder and Clarity. I have been given some particular information about why these skulls have come into my care and how they are to be used. Both of them are related to love energy, particularly Luzl who holds the feminine qualities. Ezorok represents masculine energy and active will and involvement. I have been told that I am to work with both skulls together in order to help restore appropriate balance, between the masculine and the feminine energy on earth at this time. Masculine energy seems to have become excessively aggressive. And there is a need to rebalance these two qualities.

Ezorok is described as the gate keeper. The ancient jade disk increases the capacity to spin vortices of energy which open blockages. I am to work with these three sacred artefacts to open blocked energy channels or reactivate ancient energy sites on earth. The skulls have recently been released from the Himalayas for their safe keeping and hold high energetic significance. They are released at this time specifically so the star people may keep and increase connection with earth as they support the energetic changes that are happening and occurring amongst the planets. It was told that the earth is the youngest of these planets and moving into a different dispensation as the rest.

In trance when I connect with the skulls and the disks, a channel is opened which connects with the star system of Orion. I know this might sound completely wild to some of you and believe you it did to me the first time. Orion is considered to be a stargate to the galaxies above. Automatic writing happens while I am in trance. I do find a kundalini energy coming up and at a certain stage my hand reaches out for a pad which is kept nearby and automatic writing starts.

At the beginning I was given a great deal of interesting information but in later times it is mostly about the reassurance about the positioning of planets and also information about where I am to take the skulls to work next, particularly along the 31 degree meridian.

The meridian runs from Durban in the South which is where I was living, until a week ago, and it runs northwards, through Timbavati where the white lions are, through the Zimbabwean ruins, through the valley rift, up through Egypt, connects almost directly with the pyramids and Sphinx, beyond that into Mesopotamia, a very ancient cradle of civilization as you know, and beyond that again up to St Petersburg.

That is the meridian that I have been charged to work with the skulls, to hold positive energy, to release negative energy as far as possible especially in certain sacred sites. Obviously I have made a contract at some other time to do this work. It is obvious that I have complete free will in this, I can go along with what I have been told. I certainly find that from the training that I have given is that it feels absolutely correct to go along with whatever I have been told. On the occasions I have been doubtful and a little bit resistant I have felt so uncomfortable. When I go with it it is perfect and amazing things happen. I am left to trust this inner sensing and connection of whatever is working with me. I am going to give a few quotes from people who have worked with Mitchell Hedges skulls. There are certain writers that you might have heard about, there is Nick Nocerino, Sandra Bowen, Joshua Shapiro, to name a few that have written things about the skulls in general. Basically there are two ways in which people work with crystal skulls. The clear skulls like Mitchell Hedges are used for scrying, which means looking into the energy. In fact I recently acquired a very large citrine that also has a skull head. It has the most extraordinary rainbows in it. That one is used for scrying. These ones, I connect with kinaesthetically, through my hands. This kinaesthetic connection is my connection through the system. It is thought that the skulls record information and hold information, and that they are like recorders and they are holographically recorded in them. And that brings up the question of channelling, yes. Up until recently as a psychologist, I had a bit of a difficulty accepting that channelling was really happening. Believe me I have learnt differently now.

It is said by Nick Nocerino who raised the possibility of the crystal skulls being used as channelling devices by, I quote: “powerful consciousness and intelligence which appears to connect and work through the crystal skulls. Personal experience of those who work with the skulls leads one to believe that this is in fact true. There appear to be some beings who have transcended the physical plain or reality and at certain times these beings can communicate through crystal skulls because the skulls act as bridges to link their dimensions to ours. They could not communicate with us directly because their vibration is too high and would shatter us the same way as certain high notes shatter crystal.”

The skulls are able to step down energy so that it is available to a human being. I have experienced that this is how it happens too. The skulls can be used as healing devices. I have had some extraordinary experiences with people attending gatherings with the skulls and having some amazing experiences. A lot of people experience energetic emanations from the skulls, later you can perhaps come closer and see for yourself.

According to Nocerino: “A deeper activation occurs when a particular resonance or vibration is produced in its presence.” Certain people’s vibrations will be of a certain quality. This vibration is of the quality and the sound and consistency which is able to connect with the vibrations in the skull. The skulls apparently have locks built into them so any nefarious person came up and tried to use them for the wrong reasons they wouldn’t be able to. They are locked. They call these vibrational locks. There is a protection because the skulls contain ancient energy or ancient connectivity, which needs to be protected. The languages used by the crystal skulls, are pure thought forms so communication is mind to mind. When the crystal skulls fill with energy from certain people whose minds are projecting a similar energy, it causes the skulls to emanate a magnetic field, and this magnetic field draws one telepathically into their presence. Undoubtedly these are people who have worked with crystal skulls in their former lifetimes.

It is required by universal law that we have to ask permission, to be allowed to work with the skull even though we may have the right vibration because it is said that these beings working through the skulls are activation receptacles. They are awakening us to higher philosophies and the philosophy of what they call the mind at one, which is integrated: unification of pure energy.
In my experience of being in a trance state, a crystallised electric channel runs through my body and I have mentioned all that. I think I have said enough about that, I have worked with Luzl before and my eldest son Shaun has worked with Ezorok before and there is an extraordinary story connected to that.

Michael has asked me if I can tell my story. I will share my personal story now and I think it might give information about how we can prepare ourselves in how to connect with higher energy.
I acknowledge with deep gratitude before I begin the teachers that taught me, particularly Michael Owen who is a Yungian psychologist who is apprentice to the Deer Tribe and from him I learnt the amazing Native American teachings of the Twisted Hairs. I have also been guided by elder Humbartz Men, senior member of the Mayan council, Dr Frank Lu and Dr Credo Mutwa, the High South African Sanusi. Plus I had teachings and information from the high Buddhist teachers of Yutan. I acknowledge all of them in helping me understand what is happening.

I had absolutely no conscious knowledge of the crystal skulls before a spiritual emergence that occurred in response to a series of traumatic incidences that happened in our family in 1996. My husband and my two sons were riding in a cycle race from the North Coast into Durban and my husband was hit by a minibus taxi going at 120 kmh. He was knocked of his cycle. He was extremely badly damaged physically and in fact left for dead on the side of the road. My youngest son who was riding by saw what had happened and he resuscitated my husband just to the state of breathing. And then he was taken to hospital. There was vast physical damage. His arms, his thorax, his legs, and there was also brain damage. He was in a coma for a very long time. He was in intensive care for a couple of months hovering between life and death. I was also called in as by now I had a little training in clinical hypnotherapy to work with him at the trance level because he would not swallow. They couldn’t get him to swallow. Anyway it was an extraordinarily traumatic experience. And then he went into the neuro-ward. He was allowed home. He couldn’t walk at that stage, We had to teach him to walk again. He had been home a couple of weeks when I discovered I had a lump, a breast lump. It was breast cancer. I was taken off to hospital and I was in hospital for surgery and my youngest son came to see me after the operation. He said to me, ‘mom, you are not going to believe it, I also have cancer’. Some kind of energetic transference in my view had happened in that process and obviously I now know quite a lot about shock value instigating the development of cancers. However there we all were the three of us. My youngest son and I went into radiotherapy together and I started chemotherapy. It was a hugely stressful time and the oncologist said to me, ‘you simply have to have a break away from this, so we are going to delay part of the chemo-therapy and you are going to take a break.’

My sister and I decided to go to Israel and Egypt at that time. It was extraordinary to be on those sacred lands. There was a profound response to the sacredness of the place. And I started experiencing hugely deep emotions and so forth and experiences that I can share with you. At one stage I could have sworn that Christ was stroking my cheek and saying ‘it is ok you will be well.’ And I experienced Virgin Mary; especially when we went to the church of renunciation in Israel in the sea of Galilee. It was a profoundly moving time when I could feel that spiritually that a lot was shifting. We moved from there and I was experiencing strange movement in my hands which were completely without my and beyond my control. If you have been to Egypt you will know the extraordinary energy of the temples on the Nile. We were on one of these boats and I would wake up in the middle of the night with my hands making extraordinary movements. I had the impression that the one hand was always reaching upwards to connect with something that felt like a rope. And the other hand reminded me of Hathor holding a lily of some sort. I found this extraordinary and the process used to move on like a sort of mime. There was no way in which I could intervene. If I tried to it was extremely uncomfortable and I let go and on it went. I felt I was understanding something here. And after a while I began to feel that maybe I was making responses to this. It felt very comforting and soothing and the psychologist inside of me said, ‘well this is now psychotic.’ I thought it is not making me function any differently and I was enjoying the tour and felt fine. I thought perhaps it will stop when I get home. It never did stop. The more I went into these scared places, the more intense these energies became. When I got home it didn’t stop at all, it became more intensive. I knew enough from psychology to know that this was an automatic movement, and was beyond my conscious self. So I decided I was going to explore all the deepest aspects of trance.

Trance is an important part of anyone’s progress if they are hoping to connect with higher aspects of self and any deep state. It is needed that one learns how to go into trance or go into meditation. It is the same state neurologically speaking. I decided to explore holotropic breathwork which is an extremely powerful form of trance and in this form of trance one goes into this state through very rapid breathing and at the same time very dramatic different sorts of music are played loudly and you go into amazing states; similar to the states experienced by people who take LSD. It was then discovered that through holotropic breathwork we can experience the same states. It was amazing scenes of extraordinary grandeur. Sometimes it was an open space. It is an experience where you go through traumatic experiences and you are able to let go of them through the breathing technique. I won’t go into any more detail than that except to say it is extremely powerful.

One of the afternoons as a bit of light relief, one of the team said he was going to take us on a sound journey. It was fine. We were going to relax on the floor and see what happens, so we all relaxed and he started with the sound journey which was the playing of different instruments and I went into the most extraordinary space. I found that suddenly, I became a palm tree. I could feel the palm leaves and branches moving in the wind and then I became a deer which was standing underneath it. It was the most extraordinary weird thing. My whole body was responding to what was happening. Afterwards he said to me, ‘do you know what instrument I was using?’ I said ‘no’. He said, ‘it is a Native American medicine rattle.’ He said you have got to explore this because a part of you knows this medicine. It set me off in finding someone who could teach me the Native American traditions and it took me a long time to find the right teacher. And eventually I found Michael Owen, the Jungian who was attached to the Deer Tribe.

Michael used to come out once a year from New Zealand and we used to have weak long seminars and teach us the teachings of the Native American traditions. It was the most profound learning I have ever experienced in my life. These teachings, in the ancient ways, knew things that quantum physics is only starting to discover now. However in the course of this teaching one of the most important things that I was getting prepared for was connection with the earth. It is one thing to talk about ascension and drifting into the higher realms and everything else but the point is, we are here to live on this earth and unless we are firmly grounded feet on the earth and are of use in our earthly life, then any other experiences are irrelevant; they are part of a wholeness and cannot be separated from our earthly usefulness. We learn the ways of the Native Americans which are; all aspects of nature were our relations: that is the plants, the trees, the rocks, the elements, all of these are our relations. We are no more important on the earth dimension, but we did have more responsibility. In other words all those other aspects needed to be respected in the part that they played in keeping mother earth in balance. This was profound teaching to me and I loved it because I always loved nature.

An offshoot from that after learning about our relationship to the see and so forth, I was walking by the beach near the waves and I saw this extraordinary shaped shell. It was so intensely bright, I couldn’t help but pick it up. And it had the shape of a birds head. I looked through Roberts and Newman’s and there was nothing there like it. Two days later there was a programme on television about the Andes and I knew it was the condor. I immediately knew I needed to get to the Andes. It was as simple as that. So I hastily got in contact with my eldest son who is the wisest old soul and has taught his mum many things and I said, ‘Shaun do you know anyone who can put me in contact with such a trip?’ He gave me the name of some people who ran trips. Within 48 hours I had a reply from somebody who said ‘we are taking a trip to Peru and there are two seats left, are you coming? ‘I said ‘I am coming.’ A friend and I went on this trip on very short notice. The first aspect I was learning was about shamans and how I was to work shamanically and how the shamans of Peru work. We worked with the shamans of the desert regions and the high regions. We had the most extraordinary exposure to the way in which the shamanic practice happened. We went on horseback, we went on foot and we slept in all sorts of uncomfortable places, but I learnt a lot. The Americans we were with had already been to Machu Pichu. My friend and I had not, so we went off on our own on the wonderful train journey to the Orica valley and we went to Machu Picchu. As we got there I was filled with an extraordinary energy and I knew that I had been there. I had been called by the Condor and the temple of the Condor is one of the places you are shown. I had another extraordinary experience. I was so connected with the place that I knew this place. It was beautiful. I had this experience in a trance state where there was this guide showing everyone around. I was part of this group and I said I don’t need to come with you, I know this place and I found my way down underneath the temple of the Condor to the slabs underneath where they prepare the bodies for burial. It was a profound experience. I shape shifted into the shape of condor. I could feel the wind through my feathers. It was profound and hugely gratifying.

Back to Michael’s workshops and we were moving up in the scales of learning and we were taught how to hold our space. We held in these workshops in a game farm. It was wild and open. It was leopards’ country with all the animals that were there. We were taught how to go out into the wild and set our circles, sit and hold our space. And then we worked with connecting with the ancestors, the animals, the spirit of the animals, as well as the rocks and the stones and everything around us. Back at the ranch they had two pipe holders. These were senior members, who held us in the pipe. In other words they were there to make sure we weren’t being gobbled by the leopards. When we came back again one of the pipe holders said there was an image of you standing at the temples steps and I believe it is an indication of a visit to temples. She described these temples and although we had had some teaching about them, we couldn’t picture which temple site this may be. I phoned my eldest son Shaun and he said of course it is Chichin Itza. Within two weeks I had an email of the same people who had taken us to Peru, saying they are taking a trip to Yucatan. I knew I had to go to the next province where they were not going, but I went anyway. Of we went, my friend didn’t come this time. I had no way of working out how I was going to get to Chichin Itza. As I was leaving, one of my patients said. ‘I have a friend who lives in Mexico City and he sent an email to his friend and within a day he responded saying he had a girlfriend doing eco-tourism and she worked out something for me. Nobody in South Africa could give me an itinerary to get me to the temple sites I had to go to but that was done by some girl in America. On this trip the lady ahead of me knew all about crystal skulls and she was teaching me all she knew from seminars she had been on in Britain. I knew nothing. Somebody had given me a book, ‘The mystery of the crystal skulls’ and I had been in such a rush that I had not read it. She said to me I needed to connect with Humbartz Men. I said ‘who is he and where is he?’ She said, ‘I don’t know just ask.’

And the man sitting next to me in the bus knew all about sacred geometry which I was still experiencing coming through my hands. He talked to me about sacred geometry. And when the Americans had left and we had been to all the sacred sites in that area, they went off and I connected with my unknown American lady and she set me up with a Spanish guide who was going to take me around the temple sites. I confess I had a moment of intrepidation. He was a charming man. He said to me, ‘I am not confident about my English, I have asked an older man to come with me.’ Before we connected with the other guide, I said to him there is someone called Humbartz Men and I expect I am going to meet him at the end of my tour. He said to me, ‘I know Humbartz Men and tonight we are going to Merida and I will introduce you to Humbartz Men. When we got to Merida it was the night of the MardiGrass all the streets were shut off, so he phoned Humbartz Men and Humbartz Men spoke to me in his broken Spanish and said, ‘It is very opportune you come because the crystal skull is going to be returned to my people and it is important you come to this meeting’. So I was very excited and I was definitely going to be there. He gave me some information and he was going to send it by email and I thought that I would never get it right, the pronunciation of what I was trying to scribble down. But, it came through and I paid my money and I was ready to go to the receiving of these crystal skulls. And then I got a message to say that unfortunately it had been cancelled for various reasons.

I then was due to go on another workshop with Michael Owen and Michael had read my tarot cards and said to me, ‘you have to collect a crystal skull of at least palm size to hold the energy that is still coming through your hands’. Humbartz Men did not have crystal skulls but gave me the address of Frank Lu in China. The email went across and within a couple of days back came the response from Frank Lu. He had pictures of the skulls he had unearthed. I couldn’t believe it. I looked at skull number seven and my belly just shot out it was the most extraordinary shock. I knew that I had to collect number 7 and that was Luzl. So we made the arrangements. In my naivety I thought I would be given it, but you had to pay a lot of money because that went to further excavation and so on. I realised I couldn’t afford that, so I went into a sharp depression such as that I have never experienced before. I remembered had a small pension in England that came from when I lived in Zambia and that went to purchase Luzl. Over I went and met with Frank and he brought out Luzl and I was duly delighted.

I need to backtrack, there is something that I missed out. When I dreamed that I would take Luzl I had many moments of doubt. I thought that there was going to be a lot of money spent here. This could be a total scam, how do I know that this is real. A friend said to me you need to have your pad next to you when you do your next meditation. It was then that the automatic writing started. The first automatic writing that came through had nothing to do with the skulls per say. I was terrified. The message that came through was the most amazing, large scrawly uncontrolled writing. The first message that came through was “Joy to Men.” And it was signed Elohim. I knew that this word had something to do with Biblical reference and a long time afterwards I found out about this reference to higher energy. I asked if it was right that I collect the skull. I was told in this strange writing that, ‘this is what you have contracted to do’.

In addition to that, Frank said, I have a gift for you, it is the Jade disk. I knew about the Dropa’s by then. And then he said to me, ‘there is something else you have to see.’ He said to me there is a skull here that nobody else has seen and he brought it out and it was Ezorok. It took a double take. I knew it was connected with Shaun’s energy. I said to him I don’t know what this is about but that is connected to my eldest son Shaun, and he said, ‘that is why I am bringing it out, you have to take it and go back to Africa.’ I said, ‘I have no more money Frank.’ He said, ‘you don’t need money. It has to go.’ I asked him why that arrangement of the Mayan skull had not happened. He said, ‘my wife and I could not afford to go out to Mexico, but didn’t you know that you are supposed to be the curator of that skull.’ So I had then three skulls that I had to take home and the one Jade Disk. I did not know how to use the skulls but I had been told by Michael that the skulls will teach you. I put my hands on theses skulls and I would sit there and meditate and sure enough I was taught by the energies and what came through the writings. I had some amazing information coming through. Especially the beginning ones about Atlantis. I had one extraordinary experience that came through the writing and I went to one of Michael’s lectures and he taught me exactly the same thing that I had already heard from the writing.

Back I came and my first journey was to take the third skull to the Mayan people. At that part I am going to pause for a moment as the next part of my presentation is to show you some of the work I have done with the crystal skulls remembering that I had to learn how to use them and so forth.

* * *

To start with here is the crystal skulls up close. This is delivering the skull to the Mayan people. We had an ancient priest coming out of the forest. He blessed the skulls, he blessed the waters, he blessed the mountains and the rivers and the skull was handed over at the ceremony in the rivers of Palenque. That is Humbartz Men and next to him is Star Moza and my dear friend Celsete Ponzi that I am going to talk about just now. The Mayans are such amazing astronomers and mathematicians that when they constructed their pyramids at certain times of the full moon or whatever solstice they were celebrating, the moon would rise in the centre. You can see all the blurbs that came through at that time to show you the disks of energy.

That is the 31 degree meridian. My last journey was to St Petersburg. The first stop was with the White Lions. The White Lions of Timbavati are the guardians of Africa. They were the sacred lions of the Egyptian pharaohs and now they are coming back into their own. The work of Linda Tucker is known. The white lions also signify the change of energies.

The first journey out of Africa took us to Mesopatamia. We went with a Turkish lady. The beginning was the celebrations of the feminine, going to the feminine energy. Here we have the ceremony held in Central Anatolia which is the land of the mothers. It is an ancient ceremony at a site used thousands of years ago. In the course of this the voyages also aroused in me memories of past life experiences. This is a long initiation tunnel. In the centre of it there is a depression. I got to the centre and I couldn’t stop crying. Obviously some ceremony was held in the centre which was quite disturbing to find that I was so overwhelmed by it. These are the amazing volcanic sites that have been used by people of all sorts of religions for many centuries, including Christians to escape from the Romans and so forth. You see that little cave at the top there. We were to do a ceremony in the Native American tradition to the energies. That is my friend Celeste outside the start of the ceremony in true ceremonial style. In the course of it, the most almighty storm blew up with thunder and lightning and a flashflood so much so that the bus driver was so nervous he moved the bus to where he was sure he could get it out and down the cliff again. In town they had had inches of water. A lot of the shops were underwater. You can see some of these structures were used by Christians.

This slide is of one of the oldest villages excavated by man. It is the place Catal Huyuk. This is a shot of the main ruins but there was a part that drew me particularly and it was this little building here that was roped off and undercover. As I came in here with the skulls I fell on my knees. There was the most extraordinary energy coming from this whole here. I went into the deepest trance I have experienced. I went so deep I actually didn’t want to come out. That was the first time I experienced that. I was afraid but they said go deeper. When I got right down to the depth it was the most profound feeling of peace.

There was a book written by Barbara Hand Clow and she writes about the goddess Imanna from Nibiru who came to Catal Huyuk to bring knowledge of sun energy to this civilization which only knew moon energy. She brought a crystal and this crystal was such a powerful crystal that it was entrenched while she was working there. It had been moved to the black sea but it had never been discovered. The experience was so profound I could not talk for the rest of the day. Clearly it was crystal connecting with crystal in some amazing fashion. My friends were waiting for me outside and we went back to the main dig and outside was this curious mound with the little stone on top. I had this extraordinary sensation that I had to climb over the barrier, which was of course against the rules, and remove that little structure on the top which I did with great respect and put it down on the outside and then we saw a group of men coming up. I thought now we are going to go to prison and something dreadful is going to happen. There was a group of about 8 guards that came up and we as women stood holding hands around this sending energy for whatever needed to happen there and these men came and formed a ring around us. Bearing in mind that this was to balance masculine and feminine energy it was profound. They just stood there around us and then formed a circle outside of us. Later I was told in writing that it was necessary to remove that so as to free the masculine to its true potential and to remove aspects of high aggression and so forth.

This is the Grecian side of Turkey and this is the healing centre of Asclepius. It really rang a bell with me and felt like working in therapy the way we wish too. Here I am holding the skulls next to a very ancient tree and this tree started to weep, which is so amazing that my friend said she had to take a photograph, so there is the weeping tree. We got to this chamber here with cubicles where the therapists after having the dreamers dream their dreams under the running water…it is in amazing place, I thought I would love to do therapy here. I went outside there was this little boated section and as I stood there the first of the rainbows started coming through.

This is back in Istanbul, an extraordinary experience. We went to the Black sea, a very ancient part, we can see the purple energies coming through. We went down into some deep caves. There are no lightings in the cave. There were two skull eyes in the back of the cave and there was a connection from Luzl that was so powerful. We were very aware of ancient energy there. I was told the following morning that the eye appears. I don’t know what that is about but suddenly on the wall of the cave the eye appeared. In one of the old temples that we visited, this lady has a beautiful singing voice and we were so aware of this energy around us that we said ‘please sing to the energy.’ As she started to sing there was a beautiful blue energy that came through and just surrounded us. Coming outside underneath this ancient tree there are streams of light that were absolutely beautiful.

I had been told to connect with the wise old man, Credo Mutwa. He didn’t know I had the skulls with me. I went with a group. That is Credo’s healing circle. Again the eye appears. When I showed him the ancient artefacts this wise old man started to cry. It was the most moving experience, he said he had known, and only once in his life had he seen pictures of this. Because he was a male and had held arms he could not touch it; but if I filled the eye of the skull with sacred water and I poured it into the glass, then he could drink it and enjoy the energy. He said to me it had fulfilled a prophecy told by his mother. His mother had said to him, ‘if you drink from the eyes of a living god you will never die’. The very last day we left he said, I had done a drawing for us and he said I would like to tell you how human kind came to this earth. They came in the shape of this great bird, and out of the bird are spewed all these creatures. He said we came from Orion.

Bhutan I am going to go through quite rapidly. There is great respect for the energies of the earth, the water, the sky. There are some of the highest places. The energy was so high I didn’t get photographs. I didn’t take a camera. There is a great respect for tradition. This is the highest part, the great pass. It commemorates a time when the princes of Bhutan went out to defend their land and the lot were killed. It is surrounded by flags. Bhutan is so high that you come in parallel to Mt Everest. When I was in this area of the flags, I was filled with the extraordinary sadness coming through me I could not stop crying. I was there for about twenty minutes a release from this area of the extraordinary tragedy and sadness that was being commemorated here. I thought we had to take the skulls to the highest point. This is called Tigers Nest. It is so high that I knew I could not carry them. They are enormously heavy. We went the first part of our journey on horseback but we had to walk the last part ourselves. There is the Tigers Nest. To get there from the one side to the other there is a very narrow path with no side to it and the leader said you may not go there what you are carrying is far to valuable. I was so distressed. I wanted them to get to this highest point. And then it occurred to me that this is the test and I asked a very beautiful young man who was with us in the group, ‘would he be prepared to carry the masculine energy across this casm to the Tigers Nest and I would hold Luzl on the other side and the masculine and feminine would connect across this casm. It was the most extraordinarily beautiful experience. Afterwards we had the most extraordinary experience in the temple when members of the military came in with their guns and laid their guns down in the chapels inside the monasteries. It felt like masculine energy acknowledging the beauty of the spiritual and the softer things.

I have a lot more to show of the journey of the skulls. We have been to India, Russia and lots of places in Africa. I don’t have the time to show you these slides, however I would like to take the last few minutes to show you some extraordinary sacred light photos.

When I am working with the skulls, I feel this energy coming through me and connecting with me and all the rest of it, but I don’t see it. I have questioned this in the writing. I have said will I ever see you. They have said, ‘we have no bodies we are light beings’. My friend Celeste Ponzi who I met overseas at one of the temple sites with Humbartz Men had been given the gift of being able to photograph sacred light. she came up to Durban to do a presentation of sacred light photographs. She was staying with us. She was with me in Turkey. She lost her camera, it was taken from her energetically, so she used to borrow anyone’s camera or cell-phone camera. There is nothing fancy about the camera at all. She will use any camera. These effects are in no way photo-shopped. Before we went to the presentation we were just standing out in the garden and she said, ‘Jenny just stand still and she took a series of photographs. I felt foolish standing there. And then I said ‘you know Celeste we are thinking of going to another house. This house I was living in was a vortex of energy. It was simply beautiful with wonderful vegetation. I thought if I leave here will the energy go? She said she will try so we went up to the new site and took another set which shows different energy. And then the next morning I had just got out of bed and said I want to show you this special tree. You can see I am still there in my dressing gown and I haven’t even combed my hair and she takes some other energy photographs. I am going to show you these as a taste of the energy photographs and what I propose to do is to set up a table outside with the skulls and the disk and if anyone is interested in coming closer feel free to do that. You may definitely put your hand on the field, but definitely do not lift them as it breaks the energetic connection. In addition to that I will lay out the photographs as it is very interesting you see the photographs. She clicks very fast and if you can see the progression of the energy it is even more fascinating but these are some of the enlargements she sent me.

The patterns of the energy shifts, you can see the egg shapes, you can see the skirts and you can see the lights. That is when we went to a different place. That is what she calls my skull cap energy showing that there is still energy coming through. You will see that what came through is a picture of a skull within my head. Here is another one, the face has virtually disappeared. The ring at the bottom is the connections to shamanic energy, and the green one connections to earth energy. These symbols move through and they move through to different places on the chakras. You can see energy moving. In some of these the energy comes from the earth upwards and for some of these the energy comes from the sky downwards. There is a mixture of all of them. That emblem reminds me partly of Egyptian, partly of Mayan, and all sorts of things. What she calls the element eye.

This is one of my favourites. What happened was I came down in my dressing gown. She was holding her camera. I was standing next to this tree that I wanted to show her and I am looking at it saying the energy is amazing here because things are just growing even without water. She said, ‘Jenny move to the side.’ So I moved to the back of this tree and then she started clicking her camera. This extraordinary creature comes out of the tree and then starts moving across me into my energetic sphere. To see this energy moving from the tree! It looks like there is partly a sea connection there. It is my special energy from the tree.

I had no explanation for most of this. What I have learnt is that you can hold your space energetically so whatever the confusions that are coming in this energetic space, I believe if you hold your space and hold your focus you are stronger than any negativity. If we hold our own space we will not be taken over.

If one is wanting to increase connection to higher energy it is extremely important that one has some kind of meditation practice. It is in that state that you move into alpha rhythms or even theta rhythms and that it is possible for us to move into different dimensions. When we work with people in trance, they are working in an alpha state which enables them to have connection to past lives or earlier experiences from their childhood.

I have been challenged to form a bridge between the academic and the energetic. The sets of rules that apply to one have no connection to the rules that apply to the other. I have learnt to trust this innate connection and to trust what has come up in past life experiences and simply accept that this is something I have undertaken to do with a feeling of great humility and honour. It is honour to the crystal skulls and all the other crystal skulls that represent a higher energy that we can bring in to help steady things in this time.

I am moving to Knysna because I am told the band expands. It is not only 31 degrees now. It is 29 and 30. There is work to be done there and I have been fascinated to find how many other people also have projects in this area.


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