James Gilliland

Enlightened Centre for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence

I would like to be referred to as nobody because it is a very powerful space to be in when you consider yourself nobody, because you have nobody to please, nobody to live up to, and nobody to defend. There is so much I want to cover today and this is the first time I have done a Skype presentation along with video, powerpoint and everything else. I want to get into the inter-dimensional things happening here at the ranch.

This is a picture of Kan. He is in Japan right now helping the people with the quakes over there. He knew this was happening. We all knew there was going to be a major earthquake and tsunami. We didn’t foresee unfortunately the nuclear problem, we don’t get it all right all the time. He went back to help with his people. His whole village was destroyed. His family, at the last minute, got an impression that they needed to go to higher ground and were fine. So he reunited with his family. He is over there teaching classes and workshops right now and helping people to awaken and heal. The first picture is of him coming out after a 21 day dark retreat. You can see the energy’s around him. The next picture we are just kind of kicking it! You can see he is a very big man he is about 6 4” he looks like a wrestler. He is just a big mountain of joy. Very blissed out.

The next slide he is doing the Rainbow body meditation which is one of the things we teach here. We teach a lot of different meditation techniques. You can see in this experience he is starting to phase out in this experience. We have quite a few pictures like this. You can see him he is actually going out of body and leaving. He is moving up and out changing into a different frequency and a different body. That is just one of the sequences. I have quite a few pictures of people phasing out at the ranch.

We do a practice called Yi-gong when we do the self-master classes and we are meditating and engaging the higher consciousness and energy. When you do that your frequency starts rising up and people start phasing in and out. I believe the whole earth is in that process right now. It is little slower. Some are experiencing it a bit faster others have it lagging behind. The whole earth itself is moving up in frequency and getting ready to shift into the next level. It is like graduation day. There are some people engaging the energy faster and really working with this energy so they are already doing it, going between worlds. And there are worlds within worlds within worlds right alongside of us that we are not aware of. Most of us believe we are a body personality and we don’t engage our spirit yet. Our spirit is multi-dimensional. And when we understand that: We can go on and experience these other plains and dimensions that are right alongside of us.

The next sequence of photos was taken with Kan’s cellphone. He was out meditating in the field. We call it the field of dreams. All these crazy things happen out there. We have manifestations of masters appearing out there. We have ET’s appearing out there, we have ships flying over on a regular basis powering up and saying hi. It is a real high vibrational place and vortex where things happen. The first picture he took with his cellphone when these lights started appearing to him. The next picture is where the lights started coalescing; coming together, the next picture one of the beings actually manifests and appeared to him. If you take a look at that picture the one on the right is an old painting of Quan Jin with a vessel in her hand. The one on the left is the picture that he took. He has this ability to go between dimensions and get these pictures. This is in a field at night probably at two o clock in the morning with a cellphone and no light which is amazing. There were two investigators who grabbed his camera and verified that he did take those pictures at that time. The pictures are on his phone.

After that I said to him hey I would love you to get one of these photos of one of these beings, Ezekiel that I work with, that appears as just a huge ball of light to me. When I see it, it is big golden ball of bliss. So he went out into the field and meditated on it and shot the next picture which is this giant golden ball. In the background it looks like a crystal city, actual Michael Ledwith who was there said it looked like the dome of the rock, So there is some kind of portal or time travel thing going on here that we don’t know. It is really interesting when you get these photographs of these dimensional beings appearing through these gates. When you see through them you see other places, other areas that seem to be existing right alongside ours.

The next picture is really interesting because it was taken right after a counselling that we did when Mary’s energy came in. This picture was taken 10 o clock in the morning due West, so it can’t be a camera flare it is actually shooting in the opposite direction. You can see the light bending.

When I was on Coast to Coast, they asked me what are those little blue lights at the bottom of this photograph and I told them that I think there are some kind of nature spirits. In my subconscious I knew they were beings and also nature spirits and they are also tied into the ascended master realm as well. They all work together.

Lets go to the next picture. Just as a disclaimer, I am not Catholic I am not any religion we just happen to have these beings appear here. They are universal beings. The next picture is an aberration of Mary appearing over the trees. This is in the same field. This is going to get really interesting. These are Fresco’s all over Europe that have been painted from the 12th Century to the 14th Century.

Here is a picture of Mary praying and you can see above her is a UFO with a golden beam of energy is coming down. The next slide is a blow up of the ship. It is showing that in ancient times they knew about the contacts, and the connections are very spiritual. The past 60 years they have pretty much squashed that. They have been back engineering technology from the crash sites. They have been doing all they can to squash this ancient connection that we have with these higher dimensional beings and our off world visitors. That’s been going on pretty intensely for about 60 years. It’s coming back into light.

“I love Bob Dean he talks about the man from Galilee who is very connected to these ships.

The next slide is an interesting sequence that Kan took. This time we had actually bought him a really nice camera. He was woken up in the morning by this blue light shining through his window and he came out and this was right in front of his window and he took a picture of it. He took another picture; this being started to appear to him. We saw the picture and said ‘gosh I wish you had a little more detail to her face, you can’t really see her.’ I was teaching a teachers training self mastery class. Kan was in the class. During the class we all felt this beautiful energy coming in, everybody was crying and sobbing and healing and it was just this amazing energy. I told him it was Mary’s energy that was coming in. Kan pulled his camera out and takes this beautiful picture of Mary appearing to the group. My scientific mind says that this could be a higher dimensional being. It could be a Pleiadian, it could be Mary. I just have to go with what was given to me on the inner guidance. I didn’t get a DNA sample or fingerprints so we can’t really nail this down 100%. A lot of this is dropping down to the heart and feeling whether this is right for you or not.

These are universal beings and the divine feminine is coming in very strong right now. It has been for a while to shift these old patriarchal energy’s. We can see the effects of that now on the planet. A lot of that is this divine feminine energy coming in saying enough is enough. We are done with the wars we are done with the excessive abuse. We are done with all the other nonsense that is going on.

The next series of photographs were from the feline feminine energy. These are 6th dimensional felines. You can see the energy’s crossing. That old saying ‘don’t cross the beams.’ They do cross before they manifest. And in the next photo you see more of these feline beings manifesting. There are different types of feline beings coming in right now. They are coming in to assist in this awakening and healing process. In ancient times they called them NARSHRINGA in India. They were the benevolent protectors. A lot of the Native Americans have their feline beings, especially down in South America. They are connecting with these.

In the first relief in Egypt you can see these feline beings. They are interacting with the Pharaohs and the Egyptians. They are very powerful beings.

These were not just dreams and visions, these were beings. They are part of our ancient past. These are not just ancient visions. These are beings that are very advanced. And there are different types of beings.

The next picture is of a 5th dimensional feline being. Her roots go back to Sirius. She has been very active at the ranch. We have had a lot of people experiencing her. This is not a photograph. This is a painting that I had done. I don’t have a fifth dimensional camera, but Kan seems able to pull that one off. When you look at these pictures they trigger things in the soul. They trigger ancient memories and connections. Some of us might have been some of these beings in past lives. We are multi-dimensional beings, eternal beings. We have been all over the universe. This is just the earth right now that we are occupying. When we get past that thing of just being a body the rest of the universe starts opening up and that’s what we are doing here. Her energy is just beautiful. I went out of body. I went up on a ship. I saw this beautiful blonde with her back to me. She stood up and turned around and before I could recognise that she was different she ran up and gave me a big hug. It was like long lost family coming together, just exquisitely physically and energetically beautiful, very very loving and caring beings.

There a lot of people who saw this ship come over the dome of the rock and let off this huge flash of energy. It sat there for a little while and then took off. They tried to debunk that. There were several videos of that. A couple of them were very real before a whole lot of other videos got thrown into the mix to debunk it. And all the debunkers jumped on the band wagon as well. But that was a real event. They went over to the Wailing Wall as well. What they did was change the energy there. All that old consciousness that was traumatised into the ground and land there for years and years and years was shifted. I asked them why they are here. There are Pleiadians, there is the Orion Council of Light, the Andromedans, the Sirians and all these different beings. They said they are here to help us release the past. We are holding on to old wounds, grudges and beliefs and those are inhibiting us from evolving. They are here to help us do that. That energy is traumatised into the land. They are shifting the energy and the land. In this unified field it is affecting our fields and the field of consciousness in the area. So when they do that, there is a huge change.

And everybody knows what happened after that huge energy shift. Egypt was changed momentarily. And kudos to them I hope they can have some elections and get their own people in there.

In the next picture you will see some of the seventh dimensional beings. They are felines and they are lions. Other people are having these experiences. Mary Rodwell who was here at the ranch as well has been documenting lots of interfaces and interactions with what has been termed indigo children, or contactees that are actually experiencing these beings. They see them very clearly and draw them.

We have one come here and his energy is so immense and so powerful but they have an amazing sense of humour at the same time. They don’t need to prove anything, they have already got everything. They don’t have anything to prove but they are kind of hilarious and very powerful energetically.

James takes a sip of water from a blue bottle and everybody gets the giggles. It is actually super oxygenated water. The audience laughs

You guys need to save the Jack Daniels and the cigars for Bob Dean. He will tell you stories that will raise the hair on the back of your neck. He will talk about Mars.” Michael Tellinger who is controlling the slide projector on the SA side says, I just want to tell you James that Bob Dean unfortunately had to pull out because of health. We wish him a speedy recovery. The reason why James is mentioning Bob Dean because when I was at the ranch Bob Dean was there as well and that is exactly what he did, sitting with Jack Daniels around the fire at night keeping everybody entertained with his stories of extra terrestrials and Mars and so forth. He is a phenomenal character. I hope he recovers soon. James Gilliland continues: We got to give him credit. He has been there in the trenches for a long time and putting his life on the line. He’s getting up there and he’s really having trouble getting around. He really wanted to go to South Africa, but health wise it is a tough one on him. Michael Tellinger continues: It was at your ranch that he decided he was going to come for this conference. He said ‘if I do one more conference this will be the one!’ For those of you who don’t know Bob Dean he is the one who starts his presentations by saying “We are not alone, we have never been alone so wake the hell up.”

The next slide is another one of those phasing in and out. We are actually phasing in and out between a wave and a particle. We are going back and forth something like 14 times a second. We are actually blinking in and out. When you slow down that process you start phasing out. We have many pictures of phasing out. The next picture I am messing around building the tower house that I am in right now. They took a picture and you can see again there is phasing out. There are quite a few of these. The next one I am doubling a bit you can start to see it.

James out of body

This is taken by Tom a professional photographer. He is a remote viewer. This is with emulsion film. I told him when I was going to go out of body and when to take the picture. I was doing the Tibetan meditation and I am spinning my energy bands getting ready to go out of body. I told hem when to take the picture and he caught me half way going out.

You can see the first body where I am more physical, my eyes are closed and the second body as I am moving out my eyes are open. This is not one of these cameras moving really fast. He got several pictures like that. I just chose this one out to show people that you can actually go out of body. We do have a body within a body all the way back to the Source.

This picture is around the camp fire and we get this all the time, you can see their infra-red body. Their next body up. There are a ton of these pictures. We have a thing happening there, like disappearing acts that happen all the time. I will be meditating and to me I feel totally normal. I don’t realise something happened. I see everything very clearly on this level. But people can’t see me. I would walk right up to people, there could be 8 or 9 people standing there with half of them looking right at me and they don’t even see me. And when I talk they jump right out of their shoes. It is kind of hilarious. That happens quite a bit. This first picture is from a series where I am standing in a field. You can see I am just standing with my jacket on. These are taken by Pam. In the next picture you see a streak of light and another little red streak and she took one more picture and you can see blueish green lights and a red light and then the fourth picture she took was an orb. In our higher dimensional bodies we actually are an orb, a big golden orb.

We don’t need a physical body anymore we can travel throughout the universe as light sphere with 360° vision and able to sense everything and be anywhere we put our mind to instantaneously. It is amazing when we shift into that level.

The next ones are some friends in Florida and she is having the same thing. Phasing in and out. You can see right through her. She is just walking in her garden. This next picture is in Japan and is a teacher in Japan and she is teaching meditation classes and you can see the energy’s streaming around the class. In the photos you can see her standing there starting to phase out and in the next picture you will see she totally phases out.

That is a real common occurrence that is happening everywhere around the world right now. The next picture is one of the students that comes up on a regular basis, Tom and he is disappearing. This is a picture of Nate. He is one of the regulars that lives here. Look at his leg you can see right through him. You can see the chairs behind him. This is in the meditation room where we do all our practices. The energy is so strong there you can feel it as soon as you go into the room. We do a lot of transpersonal relief and counselling there as well. The next one you can see the chairs again and you can see right through him. We have a lot of energy photos. Here is Jan and she is doing her energy practices as well and you can see the energy field around her, you can see the pink energy moving all around her hands and arms. You can photograph the energy and you can see people phasing in and out on a regular basis. Here is one of the students at the self mastery class during one of the meditation. You can see her starting to phase out. And here is another one where she is phasing out.

This is Lisa at one of the conferences. We always see that people have a double. They have a face within a face, when they are doing their lectures. The energy here is so strong and the veil between worlds so thin that we actually see our higher selves, our higher beings that we are working with.

This is one of my favourite photos. These are some beings that are popping in to say hi. And if you look into the left corner you will see a robed being with a head that looks something like ET. They have almost like a horse head type being. And he has a little orb on his shoulder. These beings are very ancient, very wise. When you have a being like this appear to you most people just hit the road. They put it in reverse and get the hell out of there. And that is one of the things we need to do. We need to master our fear if we are going to engage these beings because 1. They have a very high energy about them when they are there and it will amplify any fears or even guilt or any of these lower frequency energy’s that you are carrying. They amplify them. And they look weird to. They look a lot different to the way we do. We have to get over that. Just like those feline beings when one appears to you. We have to learn how to stand in joy and love and bliss and without attachment to these experiences so we can have them. And if we stick around we can learn from them and gain some valuable wisdom. Unfortunately today, especially with the military, we treat them with aggression. We try to shoot them down, we try to back engineer their technology for the war machine. But that is coming to a close and things are changing.

This is a place where they do feel safe, they do feel welcome to come and connect with people. People who do connect with these beings have amazing spontaneous healings. They go through huge transitions and energy shifts. And have a major awakening when they go through these experiences.

The next slide is the vibration continuum and it is the electromagnetic light spectrum to help us understand it. The first level the physical level that we are in right now is Hertzian. That is the world we live in. The next one is infra-red. The infra-red is for things that go bump in the night. I call that the Oscar level. And there are many levels in the Oscar level. At the low level there are crazy phenomena low level ET’s and even demonic disfigured beings. And at the high level of the Oscar level we have teachers and masters. They haven’t mastered unity consciousness yet, they are still stuck on the wheel. They have some kind of a religious belief or some kind of separate belief that doesn’t allow them to see the greater operation and master unity consciousness.

We like to get out of the astral levels and into the etheric levels, the fifth dimensional centred levels and the sixth and seventh dimensional levels is what we work with. Those are the beings that have mastered physicality and are off the wheel. They have some incredible wisdom. We have a saying “just because you are dead doesn’t mean you are enlightened.” When Bobs Garage guy dies he can probably help you fix your car and give you some guidance; as far as spiritual matters, he probably couldn’t do much for you. Say hi to Bob and bless him but you really want to hook in with the higher beings.

Lets look at the next slide. Can you see the being above the women? The audience responds ja.This is an astral being. This particular guy died of a drug overdose in this old hotel. The women standing there was very sensitive. She was over subjected and it hooked into her field. She came to us, she was very sick. So we checked into it and found out that it wasn’t a physical experience, she was being affected by this being. She had picked up a hitchhiker. So we removed him. We had the higher beings come to take him and have him move on. She got well instantly and went back and told her husband about it. And he said oh that is just power of suggestion. Yet here the being is in the photograph and he is affecting her fields of energy. You can see she is turning down. He is affecting her other spiritual bodies as well. The husband was still sceptical so he went down to the police department and asked if anybody had died on that building and they said yes the young man had died of a drug overdose. And they showed him the picture and he looked at and said, yes that is him, that looks exactly like him. We have a lot of evidence about this.

We have a mental and emotional body as well as a physical body.

And these beings have mental and emotional bodies too. They can affect you; they can affect your mood swings and throw you into fear and sadness. When people commit suicide they usually find quite a few of these beings stacked on them. If you can learn how to clear these energies your whole world will shift. If you clear the energies of the room it shifts and changes. People who have been committed or who are a week out of going into one of these sanatoriums or whatever, we taught them how to heal themselves, and basically told them there is really nothing wrong with them other than being over sensitive. They need to learn how to heal these energies then they can help others with these energies and then they can talk to the higher beings as well. They just need to learn how to discern who to work with, talk to and heal these other lower frequencies. I get post cards all the time from people in Hawaii or wherever just having a great life. They just need to learn how to clear these energies. It is a much better method than putting them in a strait jacket. I think it is really important to learn how to keep our own fields clear and how to keep your families energies clear by doing these practices. They are in books and I have put the clearing sessions on the website.

As the veil gets thinner we are going to be seeing some of this. There is an old saying; the closer you get to Nirvana the more the beings rear their ugly heads. So this is a good technique to keep your energy clear in the enlightenment process. Before we teach people to meditate we clear the energy.

James takes another swig of water and says, This oxygen water that I am drinking is actually made by a German physicist. It is amazing stuff. He actually crystalised oxygen and suspended it in water. He can raise the oxygen levels up to a 1000%. And oxygen is the highest extended antibiotic you can get. This is a long subject but these technologies are some of the other things we are working with here at the ranch.

Going back to the pictures; this is one of the ships starting to manifest. In the second picture they are actually stepping their energy down, it is a little more physical. They look organic, they are like living ships, and they are made out of materials that are organic, they are conscious, they are alive, the ships are connected to the occupants and there is an interface that goes on with these ships. The higher beings use these types of ships, they don’t use the nuts and bolts so much, they use more of an organic type of ship, because it is much easier to jump dimensions in these types of ships. If you are dealing with higher dimensional beings; a lot of their ships are made of substances that are more organic and go through an ascension process to move up to the higher dimensions.

This is a picture of the Pleiades. The Pleiadians have been known throughout history. If you go to any indigenous culture and ask them where they came from, almost all of them point towards the Pleiades, they point toward the stars. You ask who built the temples they point at the stars, they say the gods. Everybody has a different name for them. The Pleiadians are even in the Bible, they talk of the sweet energies of the Pleiades in Amos and Job. If you go to Hawaii, and talk to the Kahuna’s they point at the Pleiades, they say that’s our ancestors. The Native American, the Cherokee, my great grandmother was a Cherokee; they point at the Pleiades, as their origins. If you go to the Philippines their shamans do; as well as in Indonesia. There is a long history of contact with these beings. And they have been around forever. There are some people saying they don’t exist. They do exist but they exist in a different time than ours. They can actually drop into this time whenever they want. The Pleiades we see is not the same Pleiades they live in. The one we see is much younger. This is a painting of GI, one of the Pleiadians that has been coming here for quite some time. She is about 2 million years ahead of us in time as we know it. These beings are amazing they are coming back in time, from a higher dimension, to assist right now, assisting those who ask. They are not here to push their will or their ideas on anybody. They are here for those who rise to the occasion. They are helping us with this process. They told me right now that they are returning in very large numbers. They have been handed the sceptre. They are pretty much in control of the Earth, they are coming in to reset it to put it back on its original course.

The Earth was hijacked by some lower forms. A lot of people call them greys, Reptilians, Archons. There is all kinds of different names for these beings and there are low level incarnations that happen. Earth was originally created as an Eden to allow people to evolve to their highest potential and they got hijacked by these lessor beings. There is a huge clean-up process underway. There are things happening on other dimensions and the astral level that are bleeding into this level as well. This ties into a lot of the conspiracy stuff because people don’t realise that a lot of these illuminati families and new world order people, they do ritual and they call these negative regenerative beings in for power, power over others. Eventually they end up losing their soul completely and they are puppets for these dark forces. That being removed now they don’t know what to do. Their negative power base is lost and the frequencies of the earth is being cleaned up, and the collective consciousness is being accelerated and cleaned up. They are no longer frequency specific, and what you are seeing is the fall of their empires. They told me you are going to see an end of tyranny by this November that we are in right now. They told me that two or three years ago and I thought wow that is quick, these guys are really entrenched. We are just seeing amazing things happen if you are paying attention.

A lot of these major families are being exposed on every level. They are all coming forward. They had the Bush Blaire war crimes tribunal. All of these things are coming up into the light and being exposed, and all the shenanegans, the trillions of dollars that have been stolen and misappropriated. And that is all part of this process. They say no rock should be left unturned. Armageddon is the great uncovering. It is bringing everything up to the surface. There is a huge quickening and there is a quickening in consciousness, and there is also a quickening in karma, or action reaction. It is like the whole inter-dimensional universe is behind it. It is too big. It is part of a natural evolution and a cycle. And there are all these other beings behind it as well. If you want to try and stop this one, good luck!

The next picture is an Orion mothership, it is the Orion council of light. A lot of people think everything that comes from Orion is negative. Orion is a huge system. There are so many different life forms coming from there and there are some beings just like us who had to deal with ancient wars with the reptilians or the greys and they are returning to assist us in this process. JJ Hurtak who wrote Keys of Enoch talks about the beings coming from Orion, the Orion council of light and I actually have a drawing of one I met with and it is identical to the drawing that he has.The next picture is the Orion system and it is a huge system with a lot of different beings.

The next picture is Nelia, she is part of the Orion council of light, She came and did an initiation on me. I was actually in the bathtub meditating and I told them, I want to know the truth what is really happening here, what is my connection to this, I was at a point where I said I don’t care if it kills me or if I need to go out of body or whatever. What is this about, why is it happening and what is my place in it? The next thing you know this beam comes right through the wall and three golden balls of light hit me in the chest. I have photographs of the mark that it left. The next thing I knew I was on the ship and I was having a conversation with her. I told her I really want proof that this is a real event. And she said you have all the proof that you need, and the three golden balls of light that came and hit me in the chest were all of my memories, of past lives and I had a flash of about 5 to 10 seconds of each life and got to feel the emotional energy around it and who I was. It was a huge initiation. And it was done.

We have a lot of Pleiadian, Andromedan and now Sirian energy. There are a lot of stories about Jeshua Ben Joseph and Michael Ledwith has wonderful information about who he really is. I think that the old teachings about him that come from the pulpit need to be researched. He travelled all throughout India. He went to the Egyptian mystery schools. He went to Tibet. His teachings were universal in nature. They were never created to become a church and be isolated as chosen ones or anything else. He is very connected with the higher dimensional beings.

Here is a fresco where he is being baptised by John the Baptist: You look above him and there is this undeniable golden ship sending the same golden rays that came down to Mary. One of the past lives was walking with him and the other information that has come to me is that he was not what people think he was. His body was actually jumped up genetically to house the soul that inhabited that body. If you want to read the Bible, Joseph was very pissed off because Mary was pregnant and said I am not marrying this women, she is with a child and I haven’t slept with her, so he had this extremely high dimensional being appear to him, Gabriel and said, this is God’s child and you rear him as your own. Basically he said yes sir. There is a lot more to this story than we know about. When he was born his genetics were jumped up quite a bit because his energy was so strong it would burn the synapsis out on a regular body. We are tying this all into the higher dimensional beings and the mini mansions that he talked about. He couldn’t tell people the whole story because people weren’t ready for it. Hopefully we are ready now to hear the rest of the story.

This is Mt Adams and this is one of the ships hovering over the mountain. These are kind of self explanatory. You can see a ship hovering over the trees. Lets drop down to the one with the guy in a helmet on a motor cycle. These ships that have that antennae on them at a 45 ° angle are being seen all over the world. They are the same ships. They are seen over in Spain and France. This is a picture of the ship creating its own little wormhole. They pop in and out. A lot of them don’t fly like we would think they would fly. They appear. They set their co-ordinants where they want to be and they pop in and out wherever they would want to be. They don’t fly like conventional craft that we would know.

This is Tom with the 100th monkey radio show. He is on BBS as well. He has got this funny orb above his head. These are some of the orbs and light spheres that appear at the ranch. We have thousands and thousands of pictures. This one looks like a woman with a shawl on.This a couple very much in love and this beautiful pink orb appeared above them, that was at the ranch. This is the wonderdog and you can see the lazers coming out of his eyes. This is pretty crazy. He is not a normal dog I think the aliens dropped him off here. This one has little lazers coming out of his eyes, a blue and green one up to the sky. And there are orbs up there. Even the animals are kind of bizarre up here. We just have a new edition as far as animals. We have yaks up here and we just had our first baby yak. It is beautiful it has a white head. It is a cute little guy it is jumping all over the place.

These are just pictures of orbs and energy fields. This is a really sweet man who was out there. He just wanted to connect with the orbs and feel the orbs. He was doing a little prayer for the orbs to come to him. And then they took a picture and here is the next picture. You see is totally surrounded by orbs. This is the conference building where Michael actually blessed us showing us his presentation. You see the conference just fills up with these light spheres, orbs. We are trying to figure out how to get them to pay admission, but so far we haven’t figured that out.

I love this one, this is a little heart shaped orb appearing to a friend of ours. The next picture is doing an initiation. This is a yi-gong initiation that I gave. You can see the energy field starting to appear above us.

This is one of the practices that we are doing. At the end of the Yi-gong practice you hold your hands up in the air and you can feel the plasma energy in the air and they took a photograph and you can see this light ball. This is another guy giving an initiation.

It is wonderful because this guy came to the ranch, his wife had died a week earlier and he was very distraught and upset and so we sat him down in the chair and started sending him this bliss energy. You can see by his face that it just blew him right through and he was so blissed out and happy that he felt guilty. So I said well does your wife want you to be sad and upset and he said no. I said she’s fine. She’s all blissed out in spirit. It is amazing what you can do with this kind of energy. You can take people from a total traumatised state and just send this energy and shift them right out of it.

This is one of my favourites. There is this light that opens up on the mountain. We see it all the time. Right where this light is there are two places with this door opens and these things fly in and out of the mountain. So, we got a plane and Brett took us up there and I took a picture of this opening up there and right in front of the opening it looks like a giant Buddha is carved out of asphalt. This area is only open a week or maybe two weeks and the rest of the time it is totally buried by the snow. We got there just at the right time. It is very treacherous land. To get up there you would have to have some severe climbing gear and you have a very small window so we have never been up there yet.

This happened recently on July 23rd: Four ships came in and hovered right over the Baptist church here and over the school. They stayed for about twenty minutes, formed a triangle and took off. The three that were lined on top came in as a triangle and then they lined straight up and down and then took off as a triangle. They looked something like a star trek enterprise.This is another group that just recently came in. I asked for a power up and we got it.

This is our sun. The sun is going wonkers right now and has been for a while. It is the driver for a lot of the process we have been in. It has actually been affected by other forces as well. These are NASA photographs of the sun. You can see a ship in the corner. There are these ships that are as big as the earth that are sitting right next to the sun. You can see these ships are expanding their fields and they block huge mass ejections from the sun and flares. They have been operating for some time. We have had every agency come to the ranch, even NASA came twice, but they wont go on record and talk about it. They have seen the ships and they have looked at our videos and they have said those definitely are not ours. They have validated that these are definitely IFO’s. We call them IFO’s because we know whose on them. These ships are being seen all over the world. This is China.

This is what is happening with the earth right now. There is this massive galactic bubble that is happening at the centre of our galaxy. They are photographing and measuring it. A huge tremendous burst of light is passing through the entire galaxy. If you have felt yourself feeling off centre a bit, a having crazy hot flushes and mood swings and all these other things happening, tired one day and super energised the next day, that’s all due to these energies moving through. We are riding these waves of energy.

The ninth wave of unity consciousness is still going on. The Mayan calendar talks about it. We are in that process as well.

Anything that is outside of you, anything that is doing the separation game, doing the charity programme, they are not frequency specific to these new energy’s that are coming through. They are going to have an experience, they are going to have manifestations and their resistance, if they don’t let go, is going to take them out eventually. The earth is evolving to a higher frequency. A new world is coming in, not the new world order, that’s not going to happen. We are moving to a new time and space. We have to adapt to that process. They said that the charity frequency is not frequency specific to where the earth is going and they are helping to usher that out and assist us in the awakening healing process.

I lot of you know John Kelley he does reverse speech and is very involved in the UFO field. He came up.

Go to http://www.yourinnervoice.com for these videos that he filmed.

He has filmed a lot of these ships at the ranch. We just got some of the latest ones so people can see some of the latest footage that we have done. These ships that come in are just one ray of light. They don’t have running lights or strobes on them. We have ships landing on the mountain, morphing from one to three and back to one again, doing it for thirty minutes and they take off and leave the jet away and came back to the mountain again. We have crazy footage. I have boxes and boxes Over 25 years I have been filming these ships so you can imagine the catalogue that I have. A lot of it is on the website. http://www.eceti.org There is a lot of crazy stuff going on with HAARP activity. They took this picture when they start seeing crazy rainbow clouds along with the chemtrails and everything else. This was right before a major quake happened.

The next photo is of the volcanoes going off in Japan. In Japan whenever there is an emergency the school kids have these hats under their desks. I thought these hats were cool.

This next one is my favourite. This is over in Japan. This is the volcano going off there. It is pretty undeniable. Can you see the woman’s head? It looks like the lava is coming out of her mouth. These are mind blowing pictures of deities in nature. It is almost like the diva of the mountain or the woman of the mountain. It is bizarre to see these eruptions and these events that take on these forms. Mt St Helen blew here. These are some of the earth changes happening right now due to the alignment with galactic core and the sun reacting.

A lot of people are talking about Nibiru. People are getting photographs of Nibiru and all these different objects coming in. They always want me to comment on it and the only thing I can say is there is definitely something perturbing the earth, the gravitational fields of the earth. The earth is wobbling like crazy right now. We are watching changes in the star patterns at night here. The milky way is changing its angle things like that. The Inuits are talking a lot about it in Alaska.

If you are out watching the sky almost every night, if it is weather permitting, like we are, we are noticing that there is definitely something going down and the stars are sometimes not where they are supposed to be. The earth is doing a major wobble. These are signs in the sky. These pictures are taken from all around the world.

These are taken out in space. There are these massive light ships in space. This giant orange ship is the one filmed by John Leary, a Lockhead engineer. We did the intention experiment at the conference. We had 200 people participating in the event. And this beautiful ship came over. Brookes Agnew, John Riley, Mary Rodwell were out with us and a whole host of people along with 200 eye witnesses got to see this ship fly right over the conference building after an intention experiment.

These are in Mexico. The next one is in China. Basically we need to rise to the occasion with what is happening here. We are all in process and we are all in this together and we need to support each other in this awakening and healing process.

There is an old Cherokee saying going: if it isn’t good for everyone it isn’t good. It is really that simple. We are in the process of contact it is happening in a lot of places around the world. It is being censored of course, but we are getting ready for a huge reunion with the greater family of man. Our ancient ancestors are returning. And it is a good thing. The ones who are already here, we have already made a mess of things. I don’t think there is anything to worry about with the ones that are coming. The ones that are coming are the ones here to assist us in helping us clean up this mess. We have to do our part. I think it is so important to focus on love and joy and bliss. And be of service to humanity and earth. And start walking our talk, basically. We all need to get behind each other. And work towards reclaiming our divinity and sovereign rights given to us by the source itself. We don’t have to ask anybody else. It is a great honour to speak in South Africa and I wish I could have come personally. Sending love and blessing to everybody.


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