Claire Janisch

Biomimicry SA

Claire begins her presentation by showing a David Gallo presentation from TED talks. (Ted talks is a pioneering live presentation webcasting initiative from the States). The footage in the David Gallo video shows the bioluminescence of deep sea creatures. We also witness the breath taking camouflage of a deep sea octopus. It has the matching pattern, colour, brightness, texture of the algae. “It changes colour and texture to match its surroundings.”

“We know only 3% of our oceans and we are discovering extraordinary life forms and diversity. So how many of us have actually explored deep space ?”


Claire begins her presentation with a picture of Earth:

“You are here, spaceship earth . It is an extraordinary space ship travelling through space. It manages to produce all the oxygen and food we need. Recognising this as a space ship, to start with, is an important thing.

“One of the most important assumptions that science is based on currently is the mechanistic world view. It is mechanistic reductionist science, that (says),we live in a clockwork universe, and you can understand the whole by pulling things apart. This science cannot bring life or consciousness in. It doesn’t fit into their paradigm or world view. The result of this mechanistic reductionist science is that we think that nothing is connected, so we think that we can cut down as many trees as we like and this won’t affect the system, or we can produce plastic, and it won’t have any effect on the system. It won’t get out into the ocean. We can put nuclear power stations anywhere we like. We can take fossil fuels into the ocean and it won’t have an effect on the earth. We can do so many other things. And it is from this background that I come from: Chemical engineering. I come from a deep appreciation of nature: a deep appreciation of life. It is all connected., it is all intelligent, it is all alive and it is all relative.

Claire shows a slide of ants…

“Ants have been incredibly productive for millions of years. Everything they do on this planet nourishes it. They enhance the place in which they live. We have been industrious for a few centuries and we have declined every eco system that there is. What do we not know that ants know?

“Bios means life and mimicry is to imitate. Biomimicry is the conscious emulation of nature’s genius; conscious because it is deliberate; emulation because it is deeper than just copying. It is looking to the recipes, blueprints, and the strategies in order to solve human challenges and to create designs that are well adapted to this planet. All around us are some of the most amazing technological marvels, some of the most extraordinary engineers and designers.

“ This is one of my favourites here. This is a picture of the spinnerets coming out the back of a spider. Spiders produce material that is five times stronger than steel. Two times more flexible than nylon. If you had a spiders’ web the width of my pinkie it could stop a boing. It is very strong, very flexible material. Yet it is made from dead flies and crickets, and when its useful life is over, spiders can eat it up again. It is made at the body temperature of the spider.

“ This is a picture of a hummingbird that flies at 1000km across the Gulf of Mexico at 60km per hour. It does so without stopping. Before it starts on this journey it stops to fill up with 2.1 grams of fuel, nectar from a plant. As it is filling up with that nectar it pollinates that flower ensuring that for the future generations there will be more flowers. Is there a way we can tap energy that does not cause the destruction of our planet? But that continually creates conditions that are conducive to life. As you go deeper into biomimicry and the patterns of nature, you get to the point of a cosmomimicry.

“There is an amazing potential for energy in our earth and every creature knows about tapping that better than we do. (NATURE): The consummate engineers, architects, designers (3.8 billion years of R & D). Life creates conditions conducive to life.

“ Here are a few case studies of current biomimicry so you can see what is going on . Airbus is one of the consummate designs. The creation of the airbus the largest jet you can fly had to be created with a wingspan within 80 m to be allowed in the airports, otherwise they can’t turn. For a conventional wing length to lift its body off the ground this would not be possible. The engineers looked to nature for a solution. They found that the wing clips at the edge of eagles wings enable them to catch thermals. The ends of the airbus 8380 wings are split. The hollow bones of birds have been mimicked a lot in aircraft. They are asking what the future of airbus is going to be. Extraordinary membranes encase the airplane. Each of the chairs is capturing the energy of the bodies sitting on them to power your holographic video machine in front of you. ; ; ;

“Buildings have come alive. A futuristic building from Phillips (is shown), where the buildings envelope is like a skin and there are pores in it that allow oxygen, in and out and humidity in and out of the building. As you touch the skin of the building it allows light in and out. www.

“This is a new material developed by the university of Berkely: as light hits it,which actually opens the pores. These buildings become more life-like. The airplanes become more life-like.


“We have extraordinary machines that are robots. We have the ability to mimic biological life forms. As we extrapolate this into the future we start to wonder what type of technology we will have.

“My favourite field in the field of bio robotics is the field of biodynamics . If we understand how to move fluids we start to understand how energy moves in nature. We can see the movement of water as it moves down a river. When water goes down a plughole it moves in this extraordinary spiral. It makes you wonder why we create straight pipes and fans that don’t have the same logarithmic spiral.

“The Paxgroup have started to look at this golden ratio and have created fans that when they move air or water they use up to 80% less energy, just because of the shape of the fan. My favourite example is the impellar. It is not a propeller. It does not push water. It actually sucks water. This tiny impeller can be placed in a water tank and as it starts to spin it creates this amazing flow-form that looks a lot like a DONUT. This tine impeller uses no more energy than two light bulbs. It starts to spin, creates a suction force and generates rather like a tornado which means you can keep your entire tank really mixed with this tiny impeller. This is an extraordinary impact that is mind blowing in the field of fluid dynamics.

“Comprehend nature and copy her.” Viktor Schaurberger.

“Viktor Schaurberger was fascinated as to how trout can stand still in fast moving water and how trout and salmon can jump up stream. I did my thesis for my masters on biomimicry on ‘how does nature store energy.’ The most extraordinary energy is stored in these vortices on the river. The trout swims into these vortices and because of the shape of the trout it manages like squealing about wet soap, push itself against gravity up the stream.

“Viktor Schaurberger created some of the most amazing energy machines that could spin water and that could spin air and produce energy. He produced things that when you spun them fast enough they started to levitate. The trout turbine 1955.

“John Searl producedthis energy mechanism that spins and creates this donut torus shape . It is an entity. It is the closest thing to a living thing that man can make. The wheel within a wheel, the spinning vortices created an energy that we don’t understand. His mechanism also started to levitate. The Searl energy generator runs in harmony with nature.

“I am reading a book called Biology Revisioned . When you move biology out of the field of mechanistic reductionist space and into the world of quantum physics there is amazing information. Photosynthesis is actually a quantum effect. Quantum physics and the field of chaos theory is having a major effect on the understanding of what biology really is. The quantum leap : self-organising order from chaos.

“As an expert in the field of biomimicry we take the process of extrapolating inspiration to reverse engineer nature to create human solutions.


“Our biggest failure is our failure to see patterns.” Marilyn Ferguson

I am interested in what connects all these different sciences together. What is the common pattern that links astronomy, nuclear science, geology and biology together.Patterns in nature are a key thing to biomimicry.

Claire shows a slide of electrons moving freely, a slide of one of our galaxies, a slide of a red cabbage that she cut open, and DNA. All have a spiral.

“This is linking to the field of fractal geometry. These are the patterns that repeat over and over from the very small to the very large.

“The two patterns I want to focus on are the branching patterns under a spiral because these reveal some very interesting things. The branching pattern we find in nature tends to follow a very specific sequence connected to the Fibonacci sequence, the 1, 3, 5, 8, 13 sequence, where each number is an addition of the first two. If you take the Fibonacci sequence and divide the numbers by each other you tend towards the golden ratio 1.618, 144/89 = 1.618 = phi. If you take the Fibonacci sequence and you turn it from two dimensions and into three dimensions you end up with these spirals that have this amazing logarithmic growth.

“Viktor Schauberger said spirals are the purest expression of human energy. Wherever energy moves on its own it resolves into spiralling vortices. Spirals, vortices and logorhythmic growing spirals in this golden ratio are very key patterns in nature. The vortex is the principle creative movement system in the universe. This is the work of Viktor Schauberger, and you can read about it in a book called ‘hidden nature’. He points out in his study of vortex that you can have spin that goes from the inside to the outside or you can have spin that moves from the outside towards the inside. When it moves towards the outside, friction builds up on the edge and this generates a lot of heat. When it moves from the outside to the inside it is actually a cooling force because the fastest moving liquid is at the centre. All of our energy in human systems is created by spinning things out and pulling things apart. (Concentrated power is silence. Diffused power is noise.)

“This uses a lot of energy as you keep adding energy to overcome friction. These two energy forces do not exist on their own, they have to work in concert. And work together to create an extraordinary flow form, a Donut-Torus shape, it is rather like creating a smoke ring. Dolphins like to play with this flow form a lot.

“When you have this pattern where the spirals are growing in a logarithmic spiral, this ever increasing flow is created because as these sign waves start interfering with each other in the golden ratio it is always constructive, always growing. You have an ever increasing force as a result of this constructive interference. It only works in a golden ratio . It is not a random choice. This is a very stable flow form in nature.

“A material thing is something possessing mass and inertia. These vortices, gyroscope, Torus are actually pure energy but have the illusion of form. You will see that in the pattern of the yin and the yang. Dan Winter says we live in a physical phi-cycle. Does the magnetic field create the magnet or does the magnet create the magnetic field? What comes first energy or matter? What do we know about our material reductionist universe when actually all of our universe is made of little packets of energy that appear to be like matter.


“The next phase is in understanding how form and energy are connected: This is interesting in the field of music. If you see the projector as projecting light, you can’t see the light until you stop it on the wall. You can’t see sound until you stop the sound. People have created examples of stopping sound by putting salt onto a speaker and as you play sound through the speaker you create form. This is the field of cymatics. And when you play sound through water it creates forms that look a lot like natural forms in nature. Yehudi Menuhin says music creates order out of noise and order out of chaos. Specific harmonics and specific ways of creating sound into patterns is intriguing. There is a lot of work around the golden ratio used in music. They use the golden ratio in the production of violins. Harmonics is very closely related to the golden ratio.

“If you take a piece of string and divided that string at a point. At the point where it is the golden ratio according to the diatonic scale is where it starts to sound harmonious. You can have seven different notes, the eight note is the doubling of frequency and octaves of harmonics of sound. And if you take those octaves up to the 48 th and the 49 th octave you have the colours of the rainbow. Sound light and energy is all connected through vibration. What the Egyptians used to say is that ‘ all form is frozen music’ . And where is the energy that created the form. We are very biased to see the surface and not the energy that created it. And so we get into the world of quantum physics , the unified field , and we realise that all of the particles we discover and everything emerges from this zero point energy field . As we get more and more reductionist we realise that everything is connected. The field of super strings says that actually there is no such thing as a particle. It is rather like these wiggles of energy that creates notes and each note is a different particle.

“Nature is just the progressive classification of vibration.” Brian Greene from ‘The elegant universe.’


“If you connect the theory of super strings with quantum mechanics you realise the deep patterns of nature reflect the nature of our universe. It is a fractality that is really evident. As above so below, we can see this as we go deeper and deeper into the atom.

“Plato said that all of reality is made from these five Platonic solids . These five shapes and all their combinations create all the possible structures of the universe. Dan Winter has looked at this. He says if you have a double electron vortex creating this flow form, rather like a gyroscope, the only way you can stack these gyroscopes, is in rather specific geometry, otherwise they will be destabilised. If you want to stack more and more of these gyroscope layers to create increasing complexity of matter, the only way you can stack them is if the flat ends (of the cones) are stacked up against the edges of the platonic solids. This means if each one is a double electron vortex you can only have 2; 6; 10 and 14 electrons in each shell.

“As a chemical engineer we study electrons shells. This is the first model I have ever seen that explains exactly why there are that many electrons in each shell. We know from quantum physics that they are not really electrons and that they are just waves of probability .

“Atomic elements vary only in frequency. Properties of atoms repeat in octave cycles .If you look at every single element in the periodic table, it has a frequency. Every element is layers of electrons vibrating. If you look at the periodic table it shouldn’t be linear it should be ever growing octaves of frequency. If you reproduce the periodic table in this form all the elements in the centre, like the eye of the tornado are the non reactive gasses. This is the work of NassiemHaramein,from “Crossing the event horizon,”where he actually connects them all together from every level to every other level.

“At a universal level we expect that the universe began with a big bang and started to expand like somebody blowing up a balloon. And NassiemHaramein’s question was, who is blowing up that balloon. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so as the balloon expands your lungs are contracting. So where is the contraction that creates the expansion? There is a cyclic and ever explosion and implosion that is happening. What drives the expanding universe?

“Professors Joseph silk – Department of Physics Oxford university, assumes that the universe is indeed in a perpetual cycle of birth and death and the DONUT TORUS shape is the best way to explain this behaviour.

“These images come from a book on the birth of the universe moving into an active spiral. You see the two vortices coming together to create that amazing flow form that we see in nature.

“Walter Russell in the early 1900’s showed all of existence is formed from interrelated vortices and spirals that radiated out and in simultaneously and this is actually one of the best models of the universe and is consistent with so many models and there is evidence from so many different cultures, such as the Yin and the Yang of China to the Celtic spirals that we see. There are really really important patterns that we need to be aware of. Walter Russell’s model shows how the creating universe appears from the one (from a spiral out) and disappears into the one (on a spiral in).


“When you start seeing the pattern repeated over and over again it really starts to make you wonder. If a magnet has a magnetic field then something spinning creating a tornado generates a tortion field. Every atom is made up of spinning electrons and particles that actually generate tortion fields. Every atom is a tortion field generator.

“A E Akimov group, Physics Institute of the Ukraine Academy in Russia, Akimov and Kozyrev, is some of the most amazing research well worth studying. Their study of tortion fields showed that just like a tornado when it has been through an area can actually bend materials and pull apart materials. They have studied people like Yuri Geller who is able to bend spoons. The same impact that he has in bending a spoon is the same impact a tortion field has. An extrapolation is that his mind is able to generate tortion fields. Focused thoughts are able to create tortion fields and have an impact on material reality. You can influence any tortion field with the application of an external tortion field. If you take a tornado type of spinning field and you spin something you can influence it.

“We know that all matter is made up of spinning things accumulating. Our thoughts are connected to this. Spiral convolusions of the brain and the spiral fibres of the nerves indicate to us that our very thought processes are rhythmical electric wave formations and are vortex generated. Our thoughts are generating tortion fields and very concentrated tortion fields that effect matter. People that we find out about in telekinesis and psychokinesiswho have the ability to effect matter with their minds, is not far-fetched.

“ Vortex regulates the brain and heart. The human heart is made up of two spiralling muscles and they form the donut torus flow form. And in the study of embryo’s and specifically chicken embryo’s they have found that before the heart starts to form in the animal, in the embryo, the blood starts to flow on those two interrelated vortices first. The heart forms after. We think of the heart as pumping the blood through the body in this specific flow-form, actually, the flowing form, the interrelated spiralling vortices, before the heart is formed. The heart is a resonating cavity that forms after the effect and it keeps that flow form in place in the material world. When your heart beats it has a big beat and a little beat. And when you are in a state of peace and love and a state of bliss your big beat and your little beat is in that golden ratio.

“The same flow form repeats throughout the universe, “essentially the human body is in resonance with the living mathematics of Nature,” from ‘The Secret Life of plants’.This is the Life force energy.


“Everything in the universe having been created by a certain vibratory pattern, and can also be mastered or influenced by the utterance of its corresponding sound pattern. Ancient Egyptian key notes show the power of the spoken word. Your voice box creates spirals. As you speak spirals come out. Putting a spin on things is actually quite literal. Every word you say comes out with this vortex; this powerful tortion field. It is not surprising that people have done research to find the impact of words and the impact of sound and music, not only on water but also on plants. Obviously the work of Dr Emotoillustrates the power of words and the influence of the crystals in the formation of water. When you have large amounts of people coming together to form intention experiments, transcendental meditation actually influences physical reality through focused thoughts. There is something interesting in the power of our hearts and the power of our minds being combined together. Mastering the power of observation, the observer effecting quantum physics is a key thing. And there is evidence in ancient scriptures all the way up to modern day films.

“William Tiller – Stanford university, in his research got groups of people to focus on this black box and put their intention into it and they raised the ph of water by 1. That is the factor of a 100 increase. If you take a glass of water and put it in a faraday cage so there can be no external influence, take the box that they have had people focus on and put that box into the faraday cage, and the ph of the water increases significantly. That shows that human intention has an impact on water. They repeated this experiment overand over again. And then they found that after they put the water in the faraday cage it would by itself increase its ph by one. What they started to realise is that they had started to condition the space within that faraday cage with the conscious intention of raising the ph by one. This idea of conditioning space is very fascinating to me. William Tiller made an amazing point. He said imagine if you are a free energy researcher, a researcher into extraordinary technology and you research in your laboratory day after day and after twenty years you get this amazing free energy machine working in your laboratory. You have through your own intention and consciousness and through the power of observation produced the potential that this free energy machine will work and you have actually got it working. As you take it out of this conditioned space and into the social consciousness of the world where nobody believes free energy is possible it starts to fail. This question of how consciousness precedes our reality is so impactful on our reality that if you don’t bring it into your science and understanding of how the world works, it can impact everything. In material reality everything is possible.



“There is a lot of work in the field of water treatment spinning water to take the memory out of water. You can also affect water with your own mind as Dr Emoto says, and with flow, the physical flow form of vortices.

“Every single element in the periodic table has a frequency to it. Which means you can effect that material when working with frequency. I am curious whether by applying a reverse frequency you can eliminate an element. Can you clean away toxic pollution in water by applying conscious thoughts, or frequency by effecting elements that we think are impossible to move.

An excellent example of Biomimicry are the mangrove swamps (such as we find in Durban ***. These mangroves can convert sea water into drinkable fresh water.

“There is evidence of mushrooms removing salt from an area and toxic pollution. Don’t you find it interesting that when an atom is pulled apart it creates the form of a mushroom. The flow form of pulling things apart creates that shape of a mushroom. Mushrooms can pull material reality apart.

“Harmony makes small things grow. Lack of it makes great things decay.” Sallust (86 – 34 bc)

“In the fields of quantum healing and sonic reiki there is amazing information that we can look into,and in architecture, sacred geometry and working with pyramids. Scientists in Russia are building pyramids to measure the impact of pyramid shapes on reality. The pyramid produced seismic activity in the area of the pyramid and had a beneficial influence on things placed within the pyramid. It is the power of shape and form, as it is connected to sound and shows how shape and sound are connected how energy and vibration are connected.

“Louis Michaud, a Frenchmen produces energy by spinning energy into implosive forces creating the equivalent of a tornado, generating energy by using implosion rather than explosion.

“Michael Rodim bound the coil according to sacred geometry. Hewlett Packard tested this coil and itcreates a 62.5% greater magnetic output than present day coils, by simply spinning electrons. They are tapping the quantum field through this flow form,(creating) free energy (through) perpetual motion. There is some unknown form of energy that is transformed into electrical energy. Tapping zero energy becomes possible when we realise energy is flowing from that field into material reality, continuously.

“The work of Viktor Schaurberger shows that if you spin water in that vortex in an egg shape it enhances that golden ratio flow form. One of my favourite jokes is the problem with perpetual energy is that it takes for ever to test it. Spinning vortices definitely have an impact on gravity. His work shows an anti-gravity effect.

“The John Searl story I recommend: “In the laws of nature there is nothing impossible, accept if your state of mind makes it so.” This coming from a man who is inventing extraordinary machinery tapping the quantum field and the zero point energy field!

(Some quotations from the books: ‘Ether technology of Rho Sigma’ & ‘ Los Alamos National Laboratories Physicist Robert Collins quoted in ‘Exempt from Disclosure.’)

“The best shape for a capacitor to have an equal charge in every direction is this Round Disk Shape. This creates an anti gravity effect. The work of John Hutchenson shows electricity and magnetism having an effect on gravity.

“We are assuming that ET craft is made from our technology. Their technology is nothing similar to ours. They used a different physics principle that we still don’t fully understand.

“We have proof that insects use anti-gravity techniques when they are flying. All of nature is tapping some amazing sources of energy that we haven’t even begun to look at.

“ The cosmic pulse of life: the revolutionary and biological power behind UFO’s’ is a book that jumped out at me when I was in America. And this is what sent me on the quest to discover the connection between biomimicry and UFO’s. The things we notice about UFO’s is the ability to go invisible, have anti-gravity impacts and travel faster than the speed of light. These don’t make sense if we look at conventional mechanistic science. It is so disconnected from life it creates the problems we see in the world today. If you realise tortionfields travel at least 100 times the speed of light, there is a new science that is turning everything on its head. There is a full spectrum of energy, not just that little bit we can see in the band of our senses, but there are other layers of energy. And each layer of energy has a layer of consciousness related to it. It is in the integration of the tortion fields of our mind and the energy that generates all of reality, where everything comes together. The vehicle was simply an extension of their own bodies, where it was tied into their neurological system.

“ Carr said the neutron accumulated energy because of its shape and focused it and also responded to our conscious intentions. (He said,) “When we operated a machine we didn’t work with any controls, we went into a kind of meditative state and all three of us focused our intentions on the effect we wanted to achieve. It sounds ridiculous, I know but that is what we did and that’s what worked.” Carr had tapped into a principle that is not understood in which consciousness combines with engineering to create an effect. You can write that into equations. I have no idea how it would work, but it did. I have heard the aliens use the same principle to operate their crafts. The physics seem to work in harness with their consciousness. Their craft amplifies the power of their minds. Their crafts won’t operate without their pilots. One part is the advanced engineering, the other is the mental and spiritual ability. We may have duplicated it on the first and we may be along way from the second yet. Consciousness leads to the formation of matter. And the ability for us to move through space and time is directly linked to our state of mind. What we think really does matter.

“YOU F O’S : Everybody is actually a UFO. Your own body is actually possibility moving through space and time. Not surprising that there is evidence of levitating Buddha’s and things. The recognition that your own body is a UFO,is where you can master the tortion field power with your mind and take your own body with you. The same flow form that forms around our earth, is our own space ship taking us through space is the very same flow forms that all these space ships are making use of.

“If you extrapolated biomimicry research into the future and you assume that advanced civilizations are at least 100 000 or a few million years ahead of us, it is possible that they could have already achieved this.

“ This is from Elizabeth Clara’s book Beyond the Light Barrier. “The space ship is created from pure energy into a physical substance. Generating life forms the cosmic plasma of eternity, is never faltering always alive and pulsating. This is the recognition that if you bring life back into science, (imagine) where it can actually take us. When you don’t try and separate everything into parts and you see the whole, you see what is similar rather than what is not the same.”

“The amazing film Thrive was launched 11 : 11 : 11 online . Th ere is so much more to know and there is such extraordinary potential when we open our minds and hearts to the species on our own planet and other planets and other life forms.”


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