Barbara Hand Clow

Awakening the planetary mind, catastrophobia and the archons : Taken from Red Ice Radio

What is the catastrophobia theory ?

My grandfather was half Cherokee and half Celtic and he was carrier of the Cherokee record tradition which is a tradition that is 10 000 years old. I was his initiate. He told me as a child about all this incredible world cataclysm and he had a globe, and he showed me on the globe all the different parts of the planet and how they had changed as a result of this. When I went to school what I discovered was most of contemporary science told another story, what they basically said was we were living in a world of slow and gradual change.

I was working at Bear and company as an acquisitions editor and the book by JB Delair and DS Allen, ‘The Earth Nearly Dies’, came to my desk in the English edition. I sat down and read the story from two scientists coming from Oxford telling the exact same story my grandfather had told. He told me when I was young that the scientific confirmation of what he was telling me would occur during my lifetime and that I was to bring the story to the public. I published the book ‘The Earth Nearly Dies’ in America and then I contacted the authors and I said, ‘You have written the scientific story of what happened to us 12 000 years ago, I would like to investigate how this has affected human consciousness.

At that point I went to work with the two of them and Catastrophobia came out in 2001. The main point of Catastrophobia was to describe the cataclysm in detail and then to speculate how that cataclysm has affected us since 9500 BC. It basically concentrated on 12 000 years of human consciousness. It took a deep look on who we were before the cataclysm. Awakening the Planetary Mind differs from Catastrophobia because I am focusing on the last 100 000 years of human consciousness.

What is the bicambrial brain ?

I was looking for sources that went as far back that investigated how our consciousness is changing as a result of trauma and cataclysm. And lo and behold one of the books that really captures my attention is ‘The breakdown of the Cambrian Mind,’ by Julian James. I completely disagree with the conclusions that James came to. What he did was he went way back into early Greek legend and he got into a great shift in our species that occurred about 4000 years ago. The shift that occurred was, apparently:

We were very right brained at the time, we had a bicambrial mind which means that our right brain was active to the point where we could hear voices in our head. And as we know there are some contemporary channels that can do that. It is not like the bicambrial brain went away 4000 years ago, it is as we became more scientific and as we advanced with left brain development, the right brain awareness was suppressed quite a bit.

One of the things about awakening the planetary mind, now that we have come to the end of the Mayan calendar and full brain consciousness is opening again, what is happening is that these bicambrial skills are starting to come back into people’s consciousness.

I think that this period about 4000 years ago that James zeroed in on is a point where we were actually waking up. If you go back 12000 years ago to the period after the cataclysm, this is a period of survivalism from 9500 BC up to a period of about 6000 BC. I think we were in really bad shape. I actually see this period of around 2000 BC as an advance forward, where we had recovered enough that we were capable of activating left brain skills again.

We went through an amazing period of destruction in the solar system from 14 000 BC to 11 000 BC. It was a period of about 2 or 3000 years, the Younger Dryas period. So when we come to who we were after we went through this experience we were really in bad shape.

I have done quite a lot of work doing past life regressions. I have talked to a fair amount of people who have been able to recover memories of the cataclysm and right after the cataclysm. I have done that myself. It was like the whole electro magnetic field of our brains, was just blown sky high. And the recovery has been very difficult. But, I think it has been a progressive opening, I think that point 4000 years ago was a breakthrough, not a breakdown.

Was this a collective consciousness ?

The word I like to use is survival consciousness. You see people in modern times getting into survivalism where they limit their option and limit their sense of where the future should be. Why did people have a beehive mentality? Why could priests and kings control people to such a degree? We went through those phases because we were so limited at the time.

This (period) is basically the national underworld as defined by Carl Callaman. The time acceleration from 3116 BC through 2011 was the priest king civilization development. The big struggle that people are having now is imaging that they can be autonomous. People are so accustomed one way or another to put themselves in a certain niche, or certain position and just accept a salary. And what is happening around us now is that all those governmental structures, financial structures and social structures are collapsing. People need to recover the understanding of what it is to be an autonomous human, which would mean that your full brain capacity is functioning and operating and then at the point you know exactly how to navigate the reality you are inhabiting.

I worked with Carl Callaman’s research and wrote the Mayan Code as a result of that. As we got closer and closer to the end of the calendar; particularly when we came into late 2010, I was starting to develop an early sense of what we might be like after the calendar ended.

Then I decided to take Catastrophobia to the next level. Carl Callaman’s analysis of the calendar and the nine underworlds resonated with me. The test for that will be what happened during 2011. It is really possible that during 2011 things would accelerate 20 times faster than they would since 1999. He has come up with a definition of what is going on but it doesn’t answer the questions of who are we and what are we going to do in the middle of the energetic fields.

Regarding the ideal that Carl Callaman came up with, it is going to be like harmonic convergence. Ten years from now there probably wont be anybody who doesn’t look at 2011 that way. That is the way these things happen. You don’t understand what has happened until it is over with.

One of the things that I find most astonishing is the testing and discovery of the Higgs Boson particle and also the mathematical calculations for superstring theory have now been accomplished. And both of these discoveries have now been announced early December, about 5 or 6 weeks after the calendar ended.

I am the author of Alchemy of 9 dimensions. The other area of my research has to do with 9 dimensions of consciousness. My theory in Alchemy of 9 dimensions is based on Super String theory. I had been saying for ten or fifteen years that the next leap in consciousness would come with the acceptance of Super String theory as being a description of our reality.

For the last hundred years we have mainly been living in terms of quantum mechanics. We have incredible technological devices because of quantum mechanics. If we were to be living in a world where the technologies we were dealing with is based on super string theory then what will happen is the devices and technology we live with would be based on multi-dimensional consciousness, which is a critical leap forward.

They were saying that this would happen at the end of the Mayan calendar. So, when it actually happened I was in a state of shock.
In terms of super string theory, the mathematical calculations have been accomplished in terms of a computer. I don’t know how long it is going to take them to realise what they have discovered and what they are going to do with it.

Alchemy of 9 dimensions describes what we would be capable of if we were multi-dimensional beings. I do have some methods and techniques how to handle the new level of awareness that is here right now. Within individuals I am seeing tremendous breakthroughs going on. In terms of the collective level, things that may come to us in terms of science, that is something that is going to unfold over time. The fact that the discovery required for us to take that leap has already occurred that is extremely significant.

I have been out teaching since the calendar ended so I have a way of gauging and most students are reporting that 2011 was the most traumatic year of their life, in terms of distress and constant push. People are reporting to me that coming into December and January people are feeling a peacefulness and most importantly people are reporting very high degrees of creativity.

Has the acceleration that Callaman described stopped or is it increasing ?

At this point Carl is exploring how these waves are happening. I am watching events and I think the best example of the shift of the energy fields is the example of the potential default of Greece, and what is going on in the Euro zone. What happened as soon as the calendar ended all everybody talked about was Greece is going to default. At the end of the calendar, the Europeans created a system that was kind of similar to the Federal Reserve in the US and they have started printing money. I don’t know what the consequences of that are going to be ultimately. Money is a funny thing. Money is actually an etheric thing. It doesn’t always add up to what people think it adds up to.

Are you talking about the European Stability Mechanism (ESM)?

Yes when they did it a lot of people who were speculating on the markets got really screwed because it changed all the rules of the game. Money is a funny thing. How much of it is there really? What happens when there is too much debt? Suddenly people started making deals and all the rules of the game changed. In the political realm in general I was really worried about Israel attacking Iran for a long time. I felt that if it didn’t happen at the end of the calendar then it probably wouldn’t, so at this point I think it wont.

What is stopping it escalating further?

Freed Zakaria did a really interesting thing on Sunday on CNN. He is a great interviewer. He ran a bunch of clips of things that were being said in the world fifty years ago when we had the cold war between the Americans and the Soviet Union. He ran a whole lot of clips of the Americans threatening the Russians and all that stuff and ran it side by side with the kind of threats you are hearing now. What happened of course during the cold war is everybody threatened yelled and screamed at each other but they didn’t actually attack. He made a pretty strong case for the fact that that is what is going on now.

Let us get back to Catastrophobia and Awakening the Planetary Mind for a minute here. The basic idea of these two books is that we have a huge databank in our brains of past cataclysms that we have not processed. We have kind of a free floating anxiety complex that’s floating all over the place and looking for something to be afraid of. That’s what my work is all about. Identifying that free floating anxiety and opening up the consciousness to the levels of strength we are actually really capable of. It doesn’t do you much good to worry about what the Israeli’s are doing in Iran.

Are we consciously manifesting these events?

What we know from psychology and advanced neuro-analysis is that the brain will spin around and around something that hasn’t been identified. If it is lurking in there, people will always be floating on the surface of that trauma and be very dysfunctional in their current lives.

If we go back to 9000 to 6000 BC there were no remnants on the planet (until) we finally found some things like Catal Hayak and Gobekli Tepe , but it is amazing how little we have to see going back to that period because there was so much destruction.

One of the incredibly difficult things to understand about the modern human is some of the crimes we see. It is incomprehensible. But if you go deep into that survival mentality when people had to abuse, even their own children, and as all this memory awakens and as all this consciousness awakens, it is logical that we will see some of the truly bizarre behaviour that we are witnessing.

Does this apply to psychopathic behaviour of our world leaders?

I am working on a novel right now. And one of the things I am going after is sexual abuse in the catholic church. When we look at a situation like that, the number of children that have been abused and the number of priests that have become abusers, what we see is the truth coming out.

When this does happen I think that people are in their survival mind and I don’t necessarily think that these people really know what they are doing. The important thing is now that the truth is coming out it is not going to be possible for people to act like this anymore. We are at this point of facing really hard truths and we are on the edge of being able to change the type of behaviour that humans have been getting away with.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had neuro-scientists studying what goes on in the brain when people have repressed trauma? Another issue we have in the current war is the number of soldiers returning from war, people with severe issues of brain damage and post traumatic stress. You can’t blame then, they got sent over there because the only way you can get a job in America is to volunteer for the military. What is shocking about the States is for a lot of 17 or 18 year young men who want to go out and get a job, take that option because it is the only job they can get. This is ending.

Right at the end of the calendar, all the troops came home from Iraq. The strategy has changed, (war) is under humanitarian aid and we saw that in Libya?

Yes. And if the strategies are changed then you are going to have less and less individuals who get caught up; and you think of the trench warfare in Word War 1. I am enough of an optimist to feel that if enough individuals have a different choice in life, ultimately things are actually changing.

Now the issue of 2011, you have to ask yourself what was the acceleration? As far as I can tell, it was the ability of people to use social media in order to change their society. In other words the galactic underworld 1999 plus was the acceleration of technology. The significant change in 2011 was the number of people who discovered that they could change their reality by using social media.
For example, the next challenge regarding what the global elite is up to is that all citizens on our planet have to refuse to allow drone warfare. The only thing that is going to stop that is the decision of tax payers who refuse to allow that.

How do we deal and heal with the catastrophe?

I have seen a tremendous improvement with the way people are dealing with seeing the darker side. What my grandfather said and what I have stuck too all the way through this whole thing is he said until people hear the story, they are not going to be able to do anything. In other words, the thing that enables people to take on their full intelligence, and their full capability is actually understanding their story. And that’s where these books are coming in. Helping us remember who we were before this whole thing happened. There is a deep sense right now of not being able to imagine what the future might possibly be, and not being able to imagine how they are a part of a future that is arriving.

Lets look at it from the point of perennial wisdom, you know the great knowledge of the past. Regarding the ancient wisdom, a destruction begun on our planet about 2500 years ago, going from 500 BC up through 200 AD, we start seeing for instance the destruction of the Alexandrian library.

Can I shift to talk about the gnostics, because I think the gnostics are the real geniuses in terms of understanding how evil actually works in our world and our evil actually comes into our reality. What we see 2000 years ago with the rise of the Catholic church is an intentional consistent suppression of the story. We have 2500 year suppression of the ancient wisdom. If we go back 2500 years ago we have a situation on the planet where people did know the story. We get this from Plato and a lot of ancient sources. The reason why the truth has been suppressed is because you can’t control people if you know the truth.

From my perspective I look to look at what people know in terms of how old they are. For instance what does a forty year old or a fifty year old know? As I go down with people in age from age forty to age thirty, I find they know more and more. Those are the ones who are educating themselves. There is always a mass of people who don’t pay attention and just don’t care. If you look at the educated people, a 25 year old is more likely to have read the references in my book than a fifty year old. There is a progressive awakening.
Speaking of the gnostics we can bring John Lash into the equation. John Lash has brought such a breakthrough regarding the activity of the archons on this planet. This fits into my own research in terms of the cataclysm. I actually think that the archons were created during the cataclysm.

If you go back into the descriptions of the cataclysms we have, the best one is the enuma elish which is in the Sumerian records. If you read all of these early sources describing the cataclysm, it is all about these great titons fighting in the sky. It is about the destruction of various bodies in the sky and I think that what happened is when the cataclysm occurred and damaged our solar system, I think that is when evil came into the world. I can see that especially by reading the ancient sources. When that happened these ancient sources like enuma elish or Plato’s story, what happens is the planets turn into archetypes. Instead of Mars being just Mars, Mars is also the planet of War. What happens is archetypal energy gets attached to bodies in the solar system and of course one of the bodies that was in the solar system is now the asteroid belt. During the cataclysm a planet that was in the area of the asteroid belt was destroyed. So we have the issue of a part of our system being completely destroyed, which has had a great effect on our psyche. At that point I think there was such a disturbance in our system that it was possible for the archons to be created. People went into such fear in the consciousness that evil was actually created in the minds of the inhabitants on earth.

The reason why people are not looking at this information right in front of their faces is because they are afraid of it themselves.

Do the archons exist in our shadow world ?

It is very difficult to define exactly who these beings are. Nothing is going to change unless we recognise the truth about what is really going on. And then if they are a psychological construct of some sort that comes from fear, then they are going to change and ultimately disappear if people change their minds.

This is a tough question and I had a talk about it with David Icke once. I said to him in my system I am working with 9 dimensions and for me the archons are in the fourth dimension, not in the third dimension. The third dimension is where we live and the fourth dimension is the archetypal realm. One of the interesting things John Lash points out in one of his books, he had some interesting instructions coming from the gnostics where the gnostics actually gave some teachings out about what to do if an archon appears.

I was fascinated by that stuff because I have had the archons appear a couple of times. I did exactly what John Lash said the gnostics said you should do with it in dealing with an appearance and they went away.

In my universe this means that they are fourth dimensional but they have the ability to come into our dimension. William Irving Thompson told me one day that these questions have to do with ‘misplaced concreteness.’ It’s a subtle edge, they are not really there but they can definitely affect you. That is where this edge is between the third and fourth dimension and that is why I like my work in alchemy so much.

We have a lot of choice whether the fourth dimension is going to affect us or not.

Can you tell us about your experience with the archons?

When I experienced the archons I was in my study in New Mexico. I bunch of those Sumerian chicken beings appeared on the roof. The Babylonians did a lot of versions of those guys, the chicken gods.
They were on my roof. I could hear them. I could feel them. I could see them.

At the point that they appeared I was working on a section of a book which had to do with revealing some major secrets about how people are controlled. I had conjured up a complete field of energy that had to do with breaking that code. I was opening a secret that had been hidden for thousands of years.

The fourth dimension functions by means of quantum mechanics. It is functioning by means of non local fields and probabilities. The fourth dimension can be accessed by the third dimension which we well know from all the devices we are working on.

The gnostics felt that people should understand how these fields operate and they should receive instruction on how to deal with these fields. This comes from my childhood training my Native American training, which is ‘how to stay in your integrity in the third dimension.’ How to be located right where you are right now and not be confused about being in any other space. The native American teachings teach that your power lies in your ability to be present in your current reality and be clear about that. And then with the Native American teachings you can really travel into the fourth dimension and the higher dimensions as long as you are located at your altar in this dimension.

Fear is a big issue. When something like that happens, I don’t go into fear. Fear to me is the edge of my freedom. If I go into fear, I lose my freedom. I notice that as long as I do not go into fear I do have a lot of freedom.

I have had a couple of good friends get thrown into prison in the last ten years. A persons fear can even create a reality where they end up in prison. This excludes the fact that neither one of them should be there at all but there is something going on with the way they create their reality that they ended up at that place.

How do we prevent that?

That’s what my teachings in alchemy are all about. It has to do with really learning how to inhabit the third dimension. The third dimension is our planet and our world. As you know we are in an incredible turning point where we are taking our world back from the global elite and the global elite are really operating in the fourth dimension. They are masters at dealing with fourth dimensional forces to their advantage. For example, I have been an astrologer for my whole life and at the beginning people were treating me like I was an idiot. The global elite uses astrology all over the place, to run their programmes and then they run debunking programmes to make anybody who is an astrologer or psychic into a fool. Alchemy literally gives the mastery codes for how to work with the different dimensions. There is nothing new about it. I had a passed life in 1500 BC in the Heliopolitn Mystery schools in Egypt and the Heliopolitn mystery schools from about 3000 BC to 1200 BC they had all this information and Egyptian society is maintained on an extremely high level working with these levels of consciousness. What I am really teaching is how to be present in third dimension, fully conscious and how to consciously access these other levels.

The fourth dimension also has to do with human creativity and how to work with archetypal consciousness. In the third dimension people have what they need and a way of providing for themselves they have some autonomy and then they are free to explore these other levels of consciousness.

Regarding the fourth dimension; in a healthy society, such as I found in Bali twenty years ago, they were using the fourth dimension as it should be used which is a field of dark and light creative forces, so you have all this wonderful drama with dragons and angels, because people need to play in the fourth dimension and need to play with expanded levels of consciousness and they need to deal with their inner issues of dark and light, by playing with it creatively.

Another issue is what about the higher dimensions? The fourth dimension is the fourth dimension, but there are nine or ten dimensions. When we get into the higher dimensions, like for example the sixth dimension which is just about my favourite one as the sixth dimension is the field of geometric forms and so on our planet we have access to the sixth dimension through lay lines and vortexes and sacred sites. If we go back 5000 years ago we will find a very highly developed technology. If we go back 15 000 years ago we see really highly developed levels of human consciousness regarding the 6th dimension. When the 6th dimension is open to people then they can feel the laylines and the vortexes and they can feel the opening potential in a temple. Like when a person has six dimension open they can go to a sacred site like the great pyramid and they can get in touch with these very high levels of consciousness. What are those levels of consciousness? When you go into the sixth dimension you are into the realms of ideal forms. It is actually very Platonic. What exists in the 6th dimension is an ideal form of Hendrik. There is an ideal form of Hendrik in the 6th dimension. That ideal form of Hendrik knows when he should be doing yoga and knows when he should be taking a walk and knows which supplements to be using. A lot of body workers these days are working with connecting the 3rd dimension and the 6th dimension. What goes on the 6th dimension is literally an ideal world and there are even worlds above that that are even higher than that.

The amazing thing about these dimensions is as soon as you incarnate you have the ability and the right to access those levels of consciousness. If people do it and when people do it, our world transforms.
A dear friend of mine was John Michell. John and I used to teach together in England at the sacred sites and I did crop circle research with him and John Michel just simply lived in the 6th dimension. He was the most 6th dimensional person I had ever met in my life. He was a complete mystic and all he could see was just beauty around himself and geometry and colour. John was way ahead of his time and I think he will be a prototype of human beings in the future. He lived in this dimension totally in touch with ideal realms of consciousness.

The 7th dimension is sound. A lot of people these days are working with sound healing and working with crystal bowls and tuning forks and different things. They are tuning into dimensions that actually create form on the planet. The sound creates the geometry and then it becomes form in the third dimension.

Those fields are open at this point. I detect a significant difference in people. An issue for people is what they are experiencing is so intense that they can’t verbalise it. More and more I am seeing people just surrendering and just living and that is exactly what we have got to do now. My website is called

‘Awakening the Planetary Mind’ what do you mean by this title?

For me titles come in the middle of the night and I write them down. Awakening the Planetary Mind is actually connected to the Mayan code. If you look at the subtitle of the Mayan code, it is time acceleration and awakening of the world mind. For me the idea that my consciousness could comprehend the world mind is a big stretch, the idea is that these two books are participating in an awakening of a world mind consciousness and I think that is what is happening now.

Is the world mind consciousness connected to the human realm or the earth too?

I think that the planetary mind is a noosphere and this goes back to Jose Arguelles and the different thinkers who have talked about the idea that there is an earth consciousness of Gaia that actually exists in a higher dimension. In my system of 9 dimensions that would be the 8th dimension. It would appear to me that these books have a lot to do with 8th dimensional consciousness. They are an attempt to probe into that level of consciousness.

What is the 8th and 9th dimension?

According to the Pleiadians back in ’84 ’85 the 9th dimension is the Mayan calendar and the timing of the galactic centre. So, what do we do now that the 9th dimensional agenda has completed itself? The only thing I can really do with that is to move into the idea that the 9th dimension is kind of a zone of nirvana. Callaman says it is a zone of enlightenment. The sense (we had) of the 9th dimension until October 28th was a time dimension, but it is not that way anymore. What I feel is almost like a chemist working in the laboratory. And when a chemical works there is a complete shifting of all of the components that are in it. And I feel we are living in a planet right now where all the basic field components are actually shifting.
I am very saddened reading yesterday of the two journalists dying in Syria. That led me to deep thought about what is going on in Syria. In my universe what is going in Syria has something to do with the issue of sacred sites and portals on the planet. These areas of the world are steeped in ancient history and ancient battles and ancient conflicts so at this moment in time these are the things that are coming to the surface. So I find if I look at it from that point of view it gives me a better hook on how I might comprehend it.
To be specific about that: (Syrian conflict is around) the issues of portals and sacred sites and places where energy is being worked out. In those locations, the way we can understand how they work is to move ourselves into our sixth dimensional consciousness. In my work things change because of what we think about at the sixth dimensional level. In other words the 6th dimensional level is the place where thought is actually created by the human. I am talking about the thought that changes the collective. What would it take in the collective mind to have enough disgust and horror and anger about what is happening here to just simply find a way to stop it.

Everybody knows that if the Americans arm the rebels it is more profits for the arms manufacturer. What is being called for from these events is a collective refusal to allow this sort of thing to happen on the earth right now. The issue is how would we work that idea as an individual. The 6th dimension is so profound.

Why have some sites (of conflict) been looted in the middle East?

We can look at that from two points of view. One if you look at it from a Callaman perspective what you are seeing is the destruction of the elements coming from the ‘National Underworld’. The museums and various archaeological sites are mostly priest king temple sites from the last 5000 years. There is a deeper perspective where I recognise that these are also tools of the global elite. Through time and through this 5000 year cycle one of the ways in which people have been controlled is to create idols and statues and articles for veneration in rituals. Then those articles and statues and sacred sites hold energy. Even though I hate to see the destruction, that energy may be the one thing that is locking people into the old pattern, so they can’t move to the new pattern.

For someone who isn’t locked into the mindset that that object is controlling, then that object gives you the chance to contemplate the mindset that you are trying to figure out. I am working on early Christianity right now and some of the sites that I need to see are being destroyed right now. Maybe these things do imprison the minds of humanity.

What Awakening the Planetary Mind has attempted to do is to find as many remnants of the 100 000 year cycle, which is the Regional Underworld and the period that human beings first became connected with the awareness that their life went way beyond one lifetime. So, if we go back 100 000 years, what we find suddenly on the planet is huge red ochre mines in South Africa. These are big mines. You not only had the mining of red ochre but there was a trading system to get this red ochre all over the planet. Then we start to see Neanderthal burials with red ochre being used. The basic understanding is this symbolised the blood of the mother. If somebody was buried after they died, they would be buried in the blood of the mother.

In Awakening the Planetary Mind I went back through the various archaeological sites where we have any remnants of anything and attempted to drive that timeline back way before the cataclysm, to recover the kind of intelligence that human beings had. At that point mostly Neanderthals (lived) as most of the regional underworld period is Neanderthal. We see Cro Magnon coming in about 35 000 years ago. It is interesting that this period is 60 to 70% Neanderthal consciousness. That is the consciousness of dream time.

Scientists are working with Neanderthal DNA, is that symbolic?

About 5 or 6 years ago we found out that approximately 4% of our DNA is Neanderthal. The minute that that happens scientifically what you see is the awakening of the Neanderthal mind. Then in Awakening the Planetary Mind, my task was how could I possibly bring back that 100 000 year cycle since 99.9% of it was destroyed. We do have a few remnants from before the cataclysm. The key to breaking into that 100 000 year cycle was to use Callaman’s technique. For instance you and I and everyone listening has had a chance to observe all thirteen cycles of the Galactic Underworld. We have been alive and observed that huge time acceleration in 1999 and if we go back and examine the galactic underworld and in the Mayan Code I had a technique of doing that where you could go back through each one of those cycles or lived it out while it was happening, you would understand how these six days and seven nights work.

Since we have so much data on the National Underworld, the 5125 year cycle and then the Planetary Underworld 1755 plus and the Galactic Underworld and since we were able to live through the Galactic Underworld I realised that I could apply this to the Regional underworld. I can take Callaman’s model of what each day means and what each night means and I can use those dates on the Regional Underworld to figure out what is going on. I did that and that is the real genius in Awakening the Planetary Mind. By using Callaman’s technique I found that the Regional opened and I was able to see how that process went along.

The midpoint is 50 000 years ago and we see tremendous advances in archaeology at that point. The fascinating thing about applying this process to the Regional Underworld was one of the most interesting points in anyone of these Underworlds is always night five.

Night five is when there is a big destruction that always goes on. Night five was when Neanderthal went extinct. We do not know whether Cro Magnon committed a genocide or not, but it kind of looks that way. This opened up some very deep potential thinking that if this is the first extinction, the first genocide then this gives us some deep reflection about genocide in modern time.

For example the racial species on our planet that has the highest amount of Neanderthal blood are Jewish people and the reason for this is that Cro Magnon and Neanderthal coexisted in the basic Middle East area for the longest period of time and the interbreeding was most intense in that area.

This brings up an interesting thing about why Jews have had to deal with so many issues around genocide. I find that this deep level of reflection on what has already occurred seems to contain thought keys that might enable people to unlock some rigid patterns. Like, we can’t go on doing what we are doing on this planet such as what is going on in Syria right now. We all know it can’t continue but everybody is locked up and doesn’t know how to stop it.

In Chapter seven you write about the fallen angels and the underground cities. A German author has discovered underground networks in Europe from Scotland to Turkey dating back to the stone age about 12 000 years ago.

That doesn’t surprise me. This whole area was pretty much under ice. Turkey was on the edge of that ice. There are a lot of interesting issues around the Younger Dryas which is that period from about 10 500 BC to 9 500 BC. This is before the actual large cataclysm. We had a huge period of increasing cold on the planet and it would appear that a lot of people went underground at that point.

In my opinion at the time of the cataclysm we went through a regression and a terrible period of survivalism and then we see evidence for awakening of consciousness around 6 , 7 000 BC. I cover that in detail in Awakening the Planetary Mind by using the site Catal Huyak because we have such amazing data from that site. One of things that I am hypothesizing is that the Age of Gemini which would have been 6 to 8 000 BC was actually a period of enlightenment in consciousness even though people were dealing with tremendous levels of survivalism. What we see at Catal Huyak, we see the beginning of the Zoroastrian religion and some of the murals on the wall would appear to be early versions of Zoroastrian wisdom. That wisdom along with the Vedas in India, those two levels of wisdom teachings probably represent the most profound databanks that survived the cataclysm. They did it with story telling. When you go back to those periods, you look at how precious that wisdom was.

What I tried to do in the Pleiadian Agenda and Alchemy of 9 dimensions, I tried to find a modern way to express that kind of wisdom. What has been happening for me since the calendar ended is I have been realising that what I have been trying to do was probably more important than I thought myself. The Zoroastrian Vedic wisdom is a kind of intelligence about how our planet works that I think kept human beings in a state of peaceful co existence for thousands and thousands of years. That is what we have lost and there is such an edge of destruction that there is a desperation to recover it.

Back to the 6th dimension: The scientific background that I used for it is the work of a physicist Julian Barber who wrote a book called the End of Time. Julian Barber turned physics upside down about ten or fifteen years ago. Julian Barber developed the idea that there is a world of forms, in terms of an ideal world that creates a real world. It is straight Plato, but the difference between Plato and Julian Barber is Julian Barber accomplished the physics calculations that prove that the ideal world is real. It is astounding. If you could see this man’s calculations it would fill the first twenty stories of a high building. When he finished it he said this world is made of geometric forms and I have done the calculations for triangle land. He said I am not going to do tetrahedron land and no one is going to do it because doing triangle land was a million miles on. Do you get my drift. This man proved that the world of ideas creates reality in our reality. What I see in workshops is the image of triangles for people. He said if we get excited about something in our dimension then the ‘mist in Platonia rises,’ in those triangles. When we are bored with stuff and not interested, then the ‘mist in Platonia goes down’. Platonia is the home of ideal worlds. It is a geometric field. He said what we think about matters and it creates runnels of thought that then creates realities that affect our world.

So then these people, the global elite use Masonic ritual that goes back thousands of years . In other words they discover techniques at a ritual level in order to manipulate thought patterns in reality. They worked really hard to not have us find out about all these ancient sites. The cover up on people realising that we were once very advanced and very empowered has been their agenda. As long as people could never really figure out who they could be then they would never really be who they could be and the global elite can go on having lots of maid service and plenty of gold artefacts, etc.

That’s right (they say) you have come from the dirt. You have crawled out of the primordial sludge. You are nothing more than that.

Yes and most people are mind controlled that if they can have a maid and the gold artefacts they will take it immediately. So, we see some really interesting things going on mass consciousness right now. Have you watched the series Downton Abbey.


You don’t need to watch it, it is just a portrayal of the elite doing what they want to do all the time. 9 out of 11 of the award winning productions, movies and television series are focused on the period of about 1880 to 1915, the period right before the first world war; and Downton Abbey is too. Right now Hollywood and Media are literally burying people in the obsession of all of the wonderment of having maids and beautiful dresses and gorgeous dishes and castles. It can’t be accidental.

Why that time period?

Because humanity went into a collective depression at the beginning of the First World War! What happened on our planet in World War 1 and World War 11 was just so ugly that it threw people into a collective depression in terms of the ugliness of life and the ugliness of evil in our planet. That is what we are coming out of. We have literally lived through a hundred year cataclysm. I think war only ends when people are sick of it.

One of the things that Dounten Aby has done is they have a very graphic portrayal of World War 1 and they especially paid a lot of attention to what it caused for all the people involved in it. The stories of the servants are as highly developed as the stories of the elite family and there were different people that were killed in the war and wounded in the war. I think we are starting to look at something that has been a big shadow that nobody has really looked at. That is the positive side of it but I can’t help but see how Hollywood will manipulate people to get them to want to have pretty dresses and live a high life. You have to assume that all of it is a programme that has been set up in order to get you to do this or to do that.

Tell us about Neptune in Pisces :

Our conversation is quite Neptunian. What happened is Neptune went into Pisces about a week ago. The last time it was in Pisces was the 1840’s, the 1850’s. This was the first transit into Pisces since the planet was sited. The planet was sited about 30 years before that. As soon as Neptune went into Pisces suddenly we see hypnotism develop and mesmerism and a huge build-up of mystical consciousness. If you look at the US at the end of this period around 1860, one third of the people in the US believed in spiritualism, the other two thirds were Christians or Jews. One third believed in contact with the afterlife and all these other dimensions. So we should be seeing an explosion now of mystical consciousness but it is going to be different then in the 1840’s.

How will it be different ?

I of course hope that it will be multi dimensional. Since we have been multi dimensional before I don’t see why we can’t develop that again.
For example string theory and the Higgs Boson was detected at the end of the calendar, so science is moving in the direction of multi dimensionality. The difficulty is imagining what that could mean. Yet, we do know that there were cultures in the past directing their systems based on multi dimensionality and the best example we have of it in my opinion is ancient Egyptian culture. The information that has been given to us about ancient Egyptian wisdom is mostly coming through that National Underworld priest king filter. That is a complete fairy tale and has been proven over and over again by archaeologists.

If you get deeply into Egyptian religion and hieroglyphics and all that stuff you can see that they understood quantum mechanics and they understood advanced geometry and as far as I can tell they created a society based on multi dimensional principles.

Did they have a more holistic approach to this kind of knowledge?

This is where the work of Laird Scranton is very important because he has managed to show that hieroglyphics is a quantum mechanical language. And if you get into the Heliopolitn mystery schools we see that the Heliopolitn mystery schools are actually based on string theory. Then what we see at the 3D level , we see a society that went on for thousands of years very peacefully based on agriculture and craftsmanship and had apparently a very beautiful life as far as I can tell. We see a society that was not particularly warlike until 1500 BC when they started getting attacked. They eventually became defensive and basically Egyptian society degenerated as soon as it became warlike and any society that becomes warlike including the US will inevitably degenerate. It is the fast ticket to your own destruction.

It rots from within like the Romans?

Matthew Fox pointed out to me years ago that creating weapons will always destroy a society because weapons are not productive. In a country like the US, the minute that 50% of your productive energy goes into making weapons, you are doomed.

And then you have to ask yourself and how would it be if a society is healthy? The interesting thing about the period 1880 to 1915 is that was the period of very high levels of craftsmanship where there is a tremendous usage and love of handmade materials and artistic objects. The Egyptians did it that way too. Their jewellery and craftsmanship was absolutely superb. So, it would appear that periods of healthy society go back to weaving and silver making and much more natural ways to make the things we need.

How long is this period of Neptune in Pisces?

It is about 22 years until about 2035. It is a long time. How can we use mystical consciousness and intuitive consciousness at a high level because so often it just degenerates into confusion where everything is dreamy and you don’t know what to do with yourself. This is a time that if you follow your feelings, you kind of need to change your life a little bit so that you have the opportunity to follow your feelings a little more. Everybody is going to have to do that their own way. It is a matter of how you organise your time and stuff like that. If you do organise your life according to how you are feeling you are going to find yourself gradually developing very high levels of mystical consciousness and this means being able to see beyond the physical dimensions. This is where string theory comes in. String theory is based on the idea that the first three to four dimensions. The fourth dimension isn’t as physical as the third dimension. It functions more by thought and archetypal levels, but the idea is that we are going to find ourselves automatically able to travel into the non physical dimensions. Then the question is what is there and what kind of wisdom exists in those places?

Like with Neptune, Neptune can leave you nowhere or you can use it for what it is actually available for. This is where I would like to go back into that 100 000 year period before the cataclysm, back to about 20 000 years ago. What we find on the planet at that time is we find a global maritime civilization. Graham Hancock has done such a great job describing a lot of that. The reason why we have so little left of that is because the sea rose so much and it is underwater. The other thing going on at that point was that the whole planet was activated by a series of vortexes and laylines and sacred sites.

The planet was actually constructed to be a place of very high consciousness where people can activate their intelligence by means of interfacing with sacred sites or by means of walking on laylines. The work of John Michell and the crop circles have definitely activated an understanding of vortexes and lay lines and sacred sites in the consciousness of a lot of people. The idea is that with Neptune in Pisces that part of the planetary activation is awakening at this point. This creates cosmic consciousness which is the ability to be connected to the whole universe and not just to the earth itself. So what I think is happening is that this level of intelligence is awakening and it is the very thing that can free us from the prison of the global elite. The global elite has got us all locked up at the fourth dimensional level. The fourth dimensional level is the archetypal realm of dark and light. And as long as they can keep us bouncing back between good and evil and polarities like that, we don’t move into the higher levels.

For example I am in touch with the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians are in a higher dimension. They are very wise beings. There is great and strong voluminous evidence for contact with the Pleiades during the hundred year cycle. In fact you could almost say that that hundred year cycle is actually a Pleiadian cycle.

Rising above that and connecting with the higher dimensions of consciousness, can we move ahead?

The big issue with that question is handling the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is the archetypal realm and for example the archons as far as I am concerned is in the fourth dimension and the forces that the global elite work with to control us are fourth dimensional forces. In healthy third dimensional societies people understand the fourth dimensional level and what they do with it is they play with it and they create with it. Examples of that would be dragons in Chinese cultures or bull dances in Minoan cultures and so we have a big job to do here. We need to move back into the story and the myth and people being in a position to understand the inner forces of their minds because if you don’t open up that level of creativity in our world then humanity will finally destroy itself.

Can we end talking about the stargate conspiracy ?

I read everything that Picknett and Prince writes. They came out with the Stargate Conspiracy in 2001 and it came out just when I was working on Catastrophobia. Basically the Stargate Conspiracy is working with the question of the global elite creating a religion by means of the new age. Every time we come to a new astrological age, like 2000 years ago we went from Aries to Pisces and we see the rise of Christianity and we are at a point in terms of Equinox precisions that we are moving into the Age of Aquarius, we have to be very smart about creating a new take on how to work with reality versus being overtaken by another religion. Picknett and Prince did a great job of showing how the New Age is attempting to set itself up as a new world religion. I took this very seriously because I was a New Age publisher at the time and also a New Age writer. A few years ago we had The Secret. I personally don’t go for that stuff. But I am very sensitive to this issue of the 9, because in the Pleiadian agenda the issue was 9 dimensions. There is a constant attempt to use the idea of 9 to control people.

This material is very important. Right now I am spending my time in my research in about 200 BC through to 100 AD as I am trying to work out how we got off track previously. I think if you go back through these changes of the ages you can see in each one of them, what the potential was and you can actually analyse how they got off track.

I wrote alchemy of 9 dimensions partly because of Picknett and Prince’s book. I am the person who channelled the book called the Pleiadian Agenda and I don’t like channelling but there was only one way to get this databank in so I channelled it and then I spent ten years analysing that material scientifically. I think anytime any of us get any intuitive wisdom by channelling or tuning in I think we have to deeply question and analyse everything that is coming in. You should be really careful of where that stuff is coming from because that is where the issue of mind control is coming in.

Edgar Cayce and the Masonic agenda can you tell us about that?

Edgar Cayce was presented to the public as a sleeping profit. He was supposedly this guy who went into a dream state. Edgar Cayce was an incredible medical intuitive, possibly one of the greatest medical intuitives that has ever come to this planet. I do not want to discredit his work. His work was incredible. He was used as a ply at the public level to support an agenda of what basically was going on on the Giza plateau. The agenda going on on the Giza plateau; a lot of it was based on Edgar Cayce’s prophecies about the hall of records and the awakening of Egyptian wisdom. The funny thing about that is it created a bunch of archaeological adventures and involvement with Egyptian government.

From another point of view, the hall of records did open. Look at the knowledge we have now versus ten years ago. In other words you can make a case for the idea that the pyramid itself is a repository of knowledge and you don’t have to find some room down below that has a few copper disks in it.

When I look at my career which goes back into the mid 1980’s there has been a massive awakening of the hall of records, but the reason why I covered what Picknett and Prince had to say was to show how a genius and intuitive like Edgar Cayce can be used as a tool by the global elite to pull off one agenda or another.

Look at it this way, what does the public think? The Hall of records was never found, Edgar Cayce was wrong and nothing happened. But, let us step back a step and realise that the knowledge has opened, that is how they fool everybody. The global elite disheartens the public, they take away the heart. What they do is they get everybody involved in a big quest, like Thrive, you get everybody very excited and of course nothing happens. But something does happen, however you have now disheartened the public they get distracted and go off and get Prozac or get drunk. It keeps them from thinking. I think Picknett and Prince are incredible investigators.

I am working on a trilogy right now on how we lost the connection with the real Christ. This does not have to do with the Christ of Christianity. It has to do with the issue of Jesus surviving the crucifixion and teaching in the East for another 30 or 40 years after 30AD. The reason why I am going after this is because if everybody realises they all have the same being and cosmic consciousness in their heart, then there is not going to be anything to fight over.