Alex Putney

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Alex Putney is here to discuss extra terrestrial and prophetic messages about 2012 and the high resonance change and the transformation that humankind and our planet might be facing in the next years.

Second hour

What is the barefoot concept, I understand it as a grounding aspect a way for the human body to align itself with the earth. What is the importance of that?

Grounding and the electric conductivity of the body is one of the most important things to be aware of. In every religion, we have different names of things and different structures and temples and languages but the bottom line is when you are on sacred ground, you take off your shoes and when you drink sacred water, you feel good about the world and you express good energy. Those concepts underlie every human tradition that we have. Being in modern culture and wearing rubber shoes electrically isolates the person who wears them from the earth. That is your connection with the creator. That is my connection with the universe and creation is through these electrical currents in the ground and through the standing waves of infrasound which focus energy into the ground. The technical process is called bio-electrification. The process that happens within these temple stones is actually caused by the Pierzo electric effect which is the effect of the crystals in the bedrock itself. And in the temple case it would be quartz and calcite crystals in the temple stones resonating. Those crystals are transducing the acoustic frequencies of infrasound received at those sites into electrical pulses and an electromagnetic field, and that is measured at Giza and at other temples around the world. That energy is literally what scientists have identified as Direct Current or Alternating Current sometimes too depending on the pulses in the temples. But these energies can actually act as a primary metabolic driving system. The Mayan tradition talks about a superior man and the average man. They talk about the average human being tied to the tree from which he eats, but the spiritual man, his spirit and his body is free to soar from the pyramids or from the hill of the star as they call it. So literally, they tell us that the people who are initiated, who become gods. The Mayan pyramid, the name Teotihuacán means place where man becomes god. Their initiations are literally intended to raise the human condition, raise the human metabolism from the normal level tied to the tree to the superior level which functions through the pyramids, and through the barefoot direct connection to the earth, the spiritual metabolism which is a higher metabolism.

I want to read a quote from Lyman and Colley from two researchers who produced results showing that essentially that cells could function on electrical current in the cell rather than by breaking down energy produced through the metabolism of food which is what the Mayans are saying.

They say in their paper, “rather than negative effects, exposure of cells to electric current may actually have positive consequences for resistance to infection in that important cellular electrochemical changes correlate with enhancement of specific enzymatic activities, in particular a facilitation of succinate dehydrogenase and ATPA’s activity has been observed. Both of these enzymes are associated with the oxidative capacity of the cell. Specifically it has been suggested that an electro chemical reaction occurs between mitochondrial membrane bound H positive, or Hydrogen positive, ATPA’s and ADP leading to the formation of ATP or energy. Therefore exposure of cells to direct electrical current may indirectly or directly increase energy resources within a cell and facilitate cell metabolism. This in turn may actually render a cell less susceptible to viral infection.”

What kind of current are we talking about?

They measured a current that was in millivolts. This would be a little bit more than what you would receive walking on the beach. Literally the quartz sand will conduct that energy and electricity moving from the waves crashing on the beach which would push all the quartz around in the sand against itself generating current and as well you have got the transduction of currents from lightning bolts through the ocean, and we know that salt water is a good conductor. An interesting transition occurs in the human body when you fuel it with nano particles of gold and silver of the proper particle size which is 2 to 10 nano metres. This is the size of nano particle present in the water in the springs in Lamana Ecuador. This water which I have been studying creates an amazing change in the human body. What it actually does is, it raises the spectral reflectance inside the body and creates a prism inside the body so that DNA is communicating within your cells at a much higher rate. It is increasing the conductivity of the body because the nano particles of gold and silver act as pathways for electricity to jump through your body. Normally what happens when you haven’t colloidal gold or silver in your body like when you are walking barefoot on the beach, for example, or on dirt you will actually be getting most of the electrical current through your bloodstream because the blood has a high salinity and it has high iron content, which is why it is red. Those characteristics limit the electricity and the exposure of the cells in the body too exclusively within the blood stream. Whereas when you drink colloidal gold and silver that electrical pulse from the earth is transmitted throughout all the cells in the body because of the transduction that happens through those nano particles. The most amazing effect has to do with electro luminescence of those nano particles. When you drink those nano particles and they are inside your body and they are exposed to electrical current they convert that electrical current into pulses of light. It turns out that the silver nano particles actually transduce electricity into blue light and the gold nano particles actually transduce electricity into red light. Within your body when you drink colloidal gold and silver of the proper particle size, you are literally illuminating your DNA from within your very cells through those nano particles. The nano particles are electro luminescent and they are illuminating the human body. We have all heard that term illuminati or enlightenment, the light body and all these things but I can tell you for a fact that the changes that I have been able to engender in my body through meditation, through the crystallisation of the water that I drink has transformed my consciousness and allowed me to access the deeper parts of my consciousness including past lives and all the things that seemed to be hidden from the average man. I still eat food and I still have the natural metabolism going on but I am aware of the possibility of the spiritual metabolism and that is what I am working on. The Mayans ask us to sacrifice the need to eat and the need to survive off of others, but to be able to move on into the future into a way of higher metabolism and anybody who initiates at the Mayan pyramids can move into a spiritual metabolism where all the needs of the body are provided electrically through the nano particles of gold and silver and the illumination of the body that happens when you drink that scared ayurvedic water.

I know you have been drinking this water directly from the streams. You mentioned there was a company that bottled this water?

Yes I think this company made mistakes at all levels of their distribution, marketing, research and production of the water. They bottle is in plastic bottles and they make a lot of the same mistakes others make. I don’t recommend looking for this company. The energy there is not right. The water is looking for personal visits. I don’t think it wants to be shipped around. There are different places around the world where our research needs to take this geometric information that I have uncovered and we need to apply that information to look at underground water streams and different spring sources to define at what other places on the planet these sources run? I think it is a worldwide phenomenon.

There is always a suspicion with human handling of these things. This is not dissimilar to white powder gold is it?

Not it is not. I have no personal experience with white powder gold because I avoid it specifically based on my research into that product. I found that there was a binding with DNA that occurs with single atoms of gold inside the body. The confirmation of DNA and the movement of DNA shows a direct link with emotion. I think any attachment of gold to my DNA strands is going to limit my ability to emotionally return to centre, for example to find myself in meditation. Colloidal gold with the particle size of 2 to 10 nanometres which is many atoms, those particles are in the water in Lamana and have helped me kill the lime disease I had contracted from a deer tick in California. That is the kind of gold and silver nano particle that I want in my body. Monoatomic and the restrictions they can cause on the DNA is enough reason for me to wait on the results of that. Some people are experimenting with monoatomic gold and are getting good results but I believe those results are due to the bio-electrification aspect of the mono atomic gold. The illumination effect that I am looking for with the red and blue light from the gold and silver nano particles does not occur with mono atomic. Gamma rays and other energies have been measured from those particles that I am not ready to have in my body yet. Certainly the electrical current they transduce is good for the body, so it is a mixed bag there but I don’t think the negative aspects are present in the larger particle sizes of 2 to 10 nano meters.

What we are talking about here is the illumination of the light body?

Yes and all the research that is coming to the fore right now like from the plasma theorists, who are presenting this accurate concept that it is the throughput of energy from our sun in a string of suns that produces the energy that we see as light from our sun and not some independent thermonuclear reactor happening within the sun independently of other energies. The understanding of the human light body also has to reflect that awareness that is the throughput of energy that is being amplified by the human consciousness into light around us. That connection illuminates what was happening with the situation around Nikolai Tesla who was surrounding himself by electrical currents and was one of the first people to expose himself to that much energy at different times throughout his life. The benefit that he received from that is obvious through his discoveries. The humming of his machines was creating the conditions of consciousness for him to recall what he had known in past lives during Atlantean times and bring that to the fore for use in this time with the new age. Certainly that is something I continue in my work is looking to not connect with the past but more so with my own higher self that contains in my self conscious all of that deeper knowledge that all of my incarnations both past and present and future have at their disposal.

In my view there is a true illuminati and a false illuminati. What do you understand of the illuminate, is there a true illumination that has nothing to do with this controlling brotherhood?

I think that is a good contrast to present that right after our talk about the difference between mono atomic gold and the nano particles of gold and silver found in Lamana. It is that same difference. The luminosity and the electro illumination of the nano particles of the larger size are directly reflected I think on all levels. The non-emitants of the mono atomics are also reflected on a higher level. At a solar level we can see this with the black hole and the sun, reflecting that expansive magnetic field that giving energy and that contractual magnetic field taking energy. I do think these so called controlling bodies, these politicians, Bush’s Rothschilds, Rockefellers, these types, they may or may not, I think many do take mono atomic elements and have been controlled in that way in the same way that Egyptian rulers had been controlled, and the kings of old may have been taking monoatomic elements for the same reason and being emotionally crippled by them. I think that is the fools gold and reflected on our level we have that same thing there are beings of light giving energy and we can measure this. There is a directly measurable effect of luminance in the body. And that effect has not been measured with nano particles of gold and silver in the body. There is a whole new avenue of research that has not been followed up on. The illumination of DNA with gold and silver nano particles within the body is at the forefront of what I intend to be doing with future research. This is really important when we consider energy and crop circles and energy forming inside pyramid chambers where I think it will be unsafe for people to be unless they have initiated themselves in these practices using these special high energy waters. Discerning the quality of water and the different isotopes of hydrogen contained in those water molecules because there are three forms of hydrogen, there’s protium, which is one neutron, one electron, one proton. And then there are low resonance isotopes of hydrogen called deuterium and tritium which have two and three neutrons in the nucleus and those lower forms vibrate at a lower resonance and throw off in their trace amounts in all of earths water; those isotopes throw off the resonance of the different beings on our planet and the different people. That awareness is important. My new book is called light water and that concept has to do with both the conductance of light through the water by silver and gold nano particles but also; has the idea of light water being composed of pure protium or the light form of water. Whereas the dissonant forms of water would be the deuterium and tritium, the dark water or the heavy water and that is actually what is used in nuclear reactors and as a by-product of nuclear reactors.

What is the nature of the water we drink out of a tap?

Heavy water is lacing all the water present on the planet, so distillation processes can by evaporation: the evaporation rate of light water is greater and the boiling temperatures for light water is slightly different than heavy water; so there are processes in distillation which are partially successful in separating the two. I would say most people everywhere are drinking heavy water. In my book I present the concept. We have this concept where everyone is saying where is this water on Mars. There used to be lots of water on Mars. And we also have this event that is related to the departure of Mars’s water. I think there was an interaction with earth where the close proximity of Venus into our solar system created the conditions and the aberrations and the orbits of the planets to where Mars lost its water to Earth which flooded here as ice and then re-melted into our atmosphere. It turns out that the water on Mars has five times as much heavy water as earths water sources, terrestrially. That would explain the event where the great flood occurred and the pyramids were thrown out of synchronised function. How could the water flood the planet in such volume in short a space of time unless it came from out the planet? The pyramid network was running on protium water and the water from Mars that came through the instability in our solar system, literally covered the pyramid up to a height of 74 metres which is why the casing stones are still intact above that height. The flooding occurred and the water ware of waves tore the casing stones off below that height. The heavy water from Mars, the shutting down of the pyramids and the lacing of all our water with the heavy water caused the low consciousness we all experience today instead of the pyramid resonances and the high energy protium waters that were preceding that event.

I am reminded of the Sumerian creation mythology where they talk about the planet Tiamat and they talk of the mingling of different waters. This could be interpreted as salt and fresh water.

Good reference. The whole concept of Mars being associated to the energy of war is exactly that. The energy of the water on Mars being transferred to Earth and lowering the energy of the water through its low resonance isotopes, that energy transfer is a more deep and profound reflection of the truth that the energy of Mars is war.

What about the casing stones, you mentioned the synthetic nature of these stones, considering the air bubbles inside. We have a limestone cover on the pyramids that were speculated to be white and reflecting the sky like a mirror lighting up. What do you think they did? I heard theories that they were moulded in place.

I am definitely in agreement with the research presented by Jacob Davidivitz who first published his papers on casing stones in 1981. He is a French geopollimer researcher who essentially replicated the different synthetic stones from the sites in the Middle East including Giza. His work and several other researchers in their work in the Atruskan blackwares and different ancient processes, they are now understanding geopollimers much more clearly and are now able to really conclusively show that these stones must have been synthetic. Some of the other research I have been involved with through my work with Klaus Dona. He has been organising some wonderful collections of anomalous artefacts from around the world. His research into some of those artefacts that he has presented from Columbia suggest that the forms of the stones cannot be produced by any other way than by digestion with Oxalic acid. That is something that Davidivitz has proven too by testing when you cast a stone using oxalic acid as a disaggregate. You can take a bath tub, full it with the liquid form of oxalic acid and drop in some chunks of limestone and let it sit there, it will disaggregate into an even slurry which you can then cast and it is a thermo setting slurry so heating would evaporate off the acid and set the stone and would also leave certain chemical signatures on the surface of the stone which could be measured. Those have been measured by subsequent research by Davidivitz and his team on artefacts from all over the world including the Andes and in particular the gate of the sun at Tiahuanaco. These practices were not only used in Egypt but in all advanced cultures related to the Atlantean civilization around the whole entire planet.

You mentioned the Atroskans?

There blackware technique, involves the mixing of soda ash and lime and by the chemical powder mix into the clay they were able to fire them in a simple fire on the ground and those temperatures in the presence of these chemicals in the clay would achieve the same thing that would require 2000 more degrees to achieve for ceramic production. And they would produce a blackware finish. And that blackware finish has been on many of the artefacts from the Atlantean sites and the artefacts being presented by Klaus Dona.

Can we talk about these objects you have called the mandalas of Lamana?

Before I get there I want to answer the first question about the effect of the luminosity of the pyramid stones at Giza. I want to read what the pyramid texts in Saqqara directly say about the effect of the luminosity of the pyramid and the beams of light that it describes moving around the planet.

“House bright and dark of heaven and earth, for the solar ships put together. Great pyramid house of the gods with pointed peak. From heaven to earth it is greatly equipped. House whose interior glows with a reddish light of heaven, pulsating a beam which reaches far and wide. Its awesomeness touches the flesh. House of eternity, its foundations are stones, the water. Its great circumference is set in the clay. House the rightness of whose howling the great ones you see in orbit bring down to rest, mountain by which UTU ascends, whose deep insides men do not penetrate.”

Here we have been talking about gold and silver ayurvedic waters that produce red light inside the body through gold nano particles. We have been talking about how HHO plasma can be produced from waters with gold nano particles in them in Lamana. All these connections explain what is being said in the pyramid texts in Saqqara. The word pyramid itself is a Greek word that speaks of fire, PIROS. What is burning inside the pyramids? The Mayans have a direct answer in their understanding for us in their explanation of how pyramids work in Mexico which is the same as Saqqara in Egypt and about a red light inside those chambers and here is what the Mayan tradition tells us.

“Cosmic creator Hunab Ku guides the initiatic work of the Mayan elders at their sacred pyramids. Take care of the light that I leave within my temple, when you form the human being, teach him to venerate my house, for within it they will find the light they need for eternal life. Teach him also that if he should stray due to his errors, vices or ignorance, then I Hunab Ku will reclaim my beloved beings and take them to my temple of wisdom and nourish them again with my light which is in the heavens. Then together Tepeu, Gugumatz and Huyub Caan will perform purification rituals using this brilliant light for the benefit of my beloved who recreated and moulded so that they can live in the light of eternal wisdom.”

In the earlier quote that I read from Humbartz Men speaking about the lightning that will flash within the pyramids and pierce through the shadows of the human race, what is being spoken about is literally vacuum chambers forming within the pyramids where people will not be safe to go in there. HHO plasmas are forming due to gold and silver nano particles in water that is literally humidified below the pyramid and released as HHO gas rising up through the pyramid chambers and igniting.

What does that mean? What do you think Alex?

I think on all levels. Dr Randall Mills and his team, in New Jersey, have created vacuum chambers made of quartz crystals, which all the pyramid stones are made out of, quartz on the interior stones, calcite on the exterior stones. Those black light power reactors in New Jersey are literally using metal nano particles to form the HHO plasma from water and they are recording the spectral output of those plasmas in the UV, infrared and red range. I believe this red light of heaven being described in both Saqarra pyramid texts and the Mayan texts are literally talking about an HHO plasma that you will not be able to be in those chambers without being burned if you have not prepared in the proper initiation that the Mayans prescribe for us, drinking the ayurvedic water with gold and silver in it. I believe these places will have to be evacuated. My website is tracking evacuations that are happening around the planet within this mathematical structure, specifically due to infrasound waves or low frequency sound waves in the frequency in the human heart, inverting into electromagnetic fields and high electrical pulses in the ground that short out all electrical equipment in an area. There are whole areas of Messina Sicily that are being effected and we have Mt Etna that has been in sporadic activity, smoking nearby, and those evacuation areas in Messina are directly sitting on limestone just as the pyramid stones are in Egypt, as well just to the South West of that location in Sicily we have the limestone structures in Malta which have huge underground areas and above ground megaliths. The point I want to make is that these areas, there will be meetings with extra terrestrial beings happening at these places. The energy at these places will be off the charts, there will be people having spontaneous healing. There will be water springs popping up at different sites around the world where these energies are converging. All these things I am tracking on my website. There are places where gravity is being offset. There are researchers from France investigating weights that they think have been reduced in material and they are trying to explain how the off set of weight happened as they are no longer calibrated to what they used to be. They are sitting on a hotspot where their weight system is experiencing a semi-levitation which is measurable and will be increasing in the future. That is exactly proven in that there are other locations in the world in geometric confirmation with this pattern for instance in Gushan China and Yellowwood State Parks in the US where huge stones have levitated above trees and in certain cases landed into trees and have been seen later. The stones that have levitated into trees in Yellowwood Park in Indiana are exactly ¼ of the earths’ circumference from the pyramids. If you inscribe a square within a circle, the meeting point would accurately depict the relationship between the geo-positions of Giza and Indiana State Parks. The mathematical implications keep unfolding. A team of researchers can spend five lives looking at this new avenue to understand this phenomenon which has been anomalous up to this point.

These things have been happening quite a few years ago. Are these energies moving through? It is not constantly always going to be in this area. It is an energy that is shifting according to these ratios you have discovered. Is this fair assessment?

It is and it is related to the fluctuations in the solar activity. I have been correlating the solar flare activity and directly finding the flare ups of infrasound fires around the world, being directly following those events. I think we are experiencing the lull before the mega-storm of the magnetic reversal of 2012 and the last solar reversal which occurred in 2001 was the last major resonant time period where we can use that period as a forecasting for what will happen in 2012. There is a page on my website that shows the satellite radar data from Naval research laboratory which correlates directly to the mathematical formula I have presented in terms of the standing wave geometry being emitted by the pyramids. Researchers such as Karl Munk can actually provide further calculations to confirm what I am showing. Essentially what Tesla’s understanding of standing waves and we understand today from further researcher that shows us that the changes are happening, within our DNA in relation to these standing waves as well. Literally there is a phenomenon going on where new species are being formed. For example there are animals called Chupacabras in Texas. For example in a laboratory in Russia, researchers have presented papers in which they demonstrate their ability to use infrasound to convert one species to another, example frog to salamander was given.

I heard they were able to do that but because of the genetic coding, the DNA structure could be changed temporarily but after a certain generation they go back into code and realign themselves.

It is the influence of the infrasound that creates that change and once the infrasound is removed, the change is also removed. The DNA augmentation that happened in the presence of that infrasound is completely removed in the absence of it. I think that is the same experience UFO contactees describe being in the other dimensional experiences on board these crafts and other technologically achieved realities. They are describing a change that is happening through their body that is completely temporary and they came back to our dimension because they are being energised and brought into a higher meta function of human consciousness, into a holographic function. All of their senses and their whole brain wiring, biorhythmically their whole body is functioning on a higher level. That is exactly what is being seen in these experiments. You can literally transmute a species into a higher form of itself using infrasound. In the absence of that infrasound it will revert back to its lower form. That is the same thing researchers doing research in to transmutation have actually found the potential to transmute one metal into another, say lead into gold, can be realised through resonance; but the actual physical transformation and permanent transformation is a whole separate issue, a secondary factor. Infrasound in the case of biological forms is really the key. Around the world we when we talk about the transmutation of human consciousness is happening in the animal kingdom and is reflected by the new animals we are going to see. Literally new colours will appear to us and we will see auras I believe, whereas even in the animal kingdom these changes are definitely occurring as well.

Do you think we are in an in between state and therefore we might see some weirdness?

That is superstition acting out in most people’s perception of that because there are also beautiful animals that are forming. We have giant birds soaring around the sky’s that appear to people. There is another animal that does not have a name yet that is kind of a long tailed mix between a kangaroo and a cat and that I have photos of from a couple of continents. There are certainly beautiful animals forming as well. The Chupacabra is very different. But I have to say that vampirism exists today in bats and it is not a horrible thing. There are certainly vampiric beings who are trans-dimensional beings that leave the same types of marks that thess, what has been called a Hyoti, a mix between Hyena and Kyoti. Like any other animal it has a place in nature and it is not more vile than any other. There are beautiful species coming around and the human reflection of these changes is one of those really beautiful ones. Right now we have science and human consciousness and human politics interactions being marred and mitigated by psychopathic individuals who don’t really deserve any place in planning for humanity. That’s a scar on the face of humanity that will be healed in the changes coming in 2012. Let’s face it if we are all telepathic and psychic and seeing auras, there is no way anyone is going to swindle us into any of the scams that these governments have done.

What is the consequence of a magnetic reversal? Is that related to the idea that even our electronic equipment will be wiped out?

Solar activity in the past after Europe and England were wired telephone equipment, any solar activity since those times caused fire in the equipment. 2012 is a culmination of a cycle that the Mayans knew about probably because they were handed down that information; considering the calendar begins a long time before their civilization existed. I think the Atlantean calendar is what the Mayans go by to arrive at this date of December 22nd 2012. This date has been corroborated by crop circle formations which have produced the planetary alignments of all the planets on that exact day. That is the best confirmation that the Mayans have an accurate calendar. The Western interpretation of that calendar on the Gregorian calendar is accurate because the crop circles point out that day. The critical factor that is going to be impacting the earth is going to be a blastwave of energy from a supernova from a nearby star called Betelgeuse which is the red super giant star, the left shoulder star of Orion. I would like to read a quote from University of California, Berkley researchers who have published data showing that, literally that star is in collapse right now.

“Betelgeuse’s reach is waning. New observations indicate that the giant star has shrunk by more than 15% since 1993. This could be a sign of a long term oscillation of its size or the stars first death nulls.”
I would say that there second conclusion that the star is in its death null and about to go supernova is the obvious conclusion we have to draw here. 15 years in the life of a star is nothing. So 15% collapse in that time is like seeing it on its way down. I believe the Mayans have calculated the blast to hit earth on December 22nd 2012 as it is based on a galactic cycle. There is a huge wave moving through that star and coming towards us. The light from that star will be our clue to the fact that that wave has hit the earth in 2012.

Are you talking about what we can see and measure?

It has already happened because it is about 640 light years away. Solar scientists looking at these observations should be easily able to create a model and give us a window whereby we can expect to see the optical effects of it. Between now and December 22nd 2012 we can all watch that star shrink from its great magnitude right now, down to nothing. I believe on the moment of December 22nd 2012 we are going to see that star get massive, look twenty times as big as it looks now and we will see a flash of light and we will see auroras around the whole atmosphere of the planet, not just aurora borealis and aurora australis, but everywhere.

Tell us about some of the other titles you have up on your website?

I have got 5 books and I am working on my sixth which should be available very soon. It is called Light Water. Phi is definitely something people will have to absorb, and all my books will have to be absorbed in a slower way. It is pretty dense and pretty thick and I encourage people to get that one first. My other books are about half the size. My second book Tesla’s Rebirth and my third Veil of Invisibility go into the concepts from Phi, specifically the standing wave theory and the HHO gas and the acoustic levitation using standing waves. All the concepts are looked at in the context of Nikolai Tesla’s discoveries. Tesla’s Rebirth goes into the connection I have in this life with his cognitions and understandings. Veil of Invisibility goes into the Conspiracy Theories and the truth of the assassination of Nikolai Tesla when he was 86 years old. We do need to look forward. Looking behind will help our understanding of 2012, but we certainly need to look in both directions.
Thank you for your time.

First hour
We will be discussing the next magnetic reversal, giant skeletons found in Ecuador, Betelgeuse going supernova and being visible from the earth in 2012, purification of water and physical alchemy, a scientific experiment that is taking place in the United States by a Dr Joe Champion. He has allegedly managed to transmute copper lead and I think other metals into precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum.
I was here a few months ago and did a presentation at the Utopia conference and it went beautifully. I am here now this time and have got the video from that presentation and hope to have it up any day now. It is two and a half hours and 150 slides, so I am excited to get that out to the world. It is really beautiful connecting with everyone down here and this great energy.
Are you there to do further research?
It is fascinating to keep travelling around this country and also Peru because there are so many things and they all deeply connect with all the ancient sacred structures which are well known. There are underground sites all over the area where people are practically leaving things in the ground because they don’t have the money to excavate them properly. I have heard of a masadon (mammoth) being discovered in the Lohar area which is the same area of Ecuador where the giant human bones were found of a 35 foot giant as has been discussed with Klaus Dona and was presented to the public at the exhibition of Unsolved Mysteries. That is something of on going interest here in Ecuador. My goal is not to do archaeological work so much as to help people on the ground with the information that we have derived from these findings. I believe I have a pretty significant piece of the puzzle to explain. Not only why ancient people were building these structures to take advantage of a natural energy source that is moving through the pyramid structures but also how they were using that to energise their own bodies with special water sources that are found not just in Lamana, but in several places Ecuador as well as in Mexico. That is my most interesting avenue of research to be able to test the water in different areas and uncovering how we can use those in combination with the pyramids now that we can understand them as a world wireless energy system that resonates with heartbeats and synchronises heartbeats worldwide.

How are the giants that have been found related to the electric water? Have they grown this large because of the energetics in the water?

The relationship is only maintained through the standing wave field of the planet. The pyramids are certainly much younger than some of the giant bones. I believe there are giants existing today in very secretive locations around the planet. The giant bones in Lohar particularly speak of a time when all human beings on the planet may have been on that scale. That is also corroborated by the Acambaro artefacts from Mexico which are carbon dated to be 6 to 7 thousand years old. Those artefacts depict ancient humans interacting with dinosaurs. I don’t believe those interactions were happening at the time of the making of those artefacts. I believe those artefacts were demonstrating the Atlantean knowledge passed down from generation after generation that was aware that ancient humans were giant and on the scale in comparison with what we know of the size of dinosaurs. Ancient humans were five times larger than we are, just like the Kimoto dragons are one fifth the size today as they may have been during the dinosaur age. All life on earth was experiencing much more enormous proportions because of the gravity on the planet was much greater and different. My research puts together the concept that; the acoustic resonance on the planet dictates the strength of the gravity field which dictates the size of life forms on the planet. I think that is very well corroborated by findings from insect life during that time as well. We find beetles that are literally the size of little go carts. We find dragon flies that have a six foot wingspan. We know today from the gravity conditions that those insects will be crushed.

The other amazing factor is studying the blood pressure needed to pump blood up the long necks of the brontosaurus. That dinosaur is probably the tallest animal that we have on record and to be able to explain how blood was possibly pumped up to the head of that animal to keep it conscious scientists have had to come up with schemes talking about that they have twelve hearts, a string of hearts in its neck to pump that blood. If it had the physiology like an animal of today, the blood pressure needed would be so high that the animals head would explode. The physics of today cannot explain the size of those animals and the physics and the functioning of those animals’ bodies million and millions of years ago. On my website on the time cycle section I have linked to a story where giant dragon flies were 15% enlarged and that was achieved through a hyperoxide environment where more oxygen was present in the atmosphere.

Someone measured the diameter of the nostrils of one of the dinosaurs, and they estimated in some cases a dinosaurs nostrils wouldn’t have been bigger than a cow is today, which means for them to bring in enough oxygen through those tiny little nostrils would set the nose on fire because of the friction. The answer was that there must have been more oxygen in the atmosphere overall. We had an incredibly lush environment more like a jungle worldwide and more oxygen as a consequence. What do you think happened there? Did the resonance of the planet change because of some kind of cataclysm?

I think that effect being so drastic would have happened from a series of cataclysms over the ages and I would imagine that life forms on this planet have been changing in size not just from large to small but probably going through cyclical periods of downshifting in size and then reverting back to a larger size. I imagine there were also conditions present on the planet at one time or another where humans were quite small. Looking for human bones we tend to look on our own scale because if the bones are five times larger as we have in Lohar there is some kind of mistake and this is some kind of ancient marsupial or sloth or something. That has been completely disproven by scientists who have received sample bones from this collection in Lohar. Seven scientists all confirmed that these were genuine human bones that are older than can be dated by radio carbon techniques. And in every case they confirmed that they are exactly 5 times as larger than modern human. Another interesting thing was there was a confirmation of holes: if you take a slice through a bone, for example a femur, on the interior of the bone there are vessels for marrow and blood movement and those vessels have a particular structure based on the metabolism of the type of animal or human being studied. Carnivores, herbivores, omnivores all have different structures of those bone holes. The human metabolism also has a completely different structure to all animals. So this evidence is not just looking at the shape of the bone, it is looking at the internal metabolism of the being that was growing those bones. These bones also had quartz growing on them, thick layers, confirming these are very ancient bones, certainly more than 50 000 years and quite likely hundreds of thousands of years.

What was the nature of the find?

I was there with Klaus when we visited the site and apparently there was more than one skeleton originally found in fragments and they were all found on the hill side which we got to visit although further excavations are on hold.

There are many other things that have been unfolding. Last time you were on the show people were very interested in the whole Betelgeuse, twin suns, 2012 story. We also want to mention that you have uploaded your books to the website in pdf format for free. Light Water is the most recent one. Where would you like to go Alex, we have so much to discuss here.

What I do in my latest book Light Water is provide information from separate sources that I find completely valid. With this in mind I am assembling information from different sources that were not in contact with each other and yet give us tantalising suggestions about aspects connected with the shift of the ages and the events of December 22nd 2012. Chapter by chapter I will read the hardest hitting information from these sources and we will start at the beginning of the book. The first quote I will give is from contacts with extra terrestrials that took place in Durban South Africa in the 60’s and 70’s. The contactee in this case was named Edwin and this is an alias and the information he was given was from a planetary system called Caldas and they belong to a confederation of twelve planets. And the contacters name was Valdar and he explained some really fascinating things about the new age.

Valdar continued with his explanation: “I have used the word conditioning.” He is speaking about his interactions in giving information to humans as well as sub conscious information is preparing humans for this big shift. “Another aspect of this conditioning programme emerged with the discussion termed the enigmatic subjective called the new age. One has to be conditioned to accept the new age. In the ancient scriptures of the confederation it is written that the divine one will change many planets. A voice tells us there will be a change. The timing of this event will depend on many circumstances. It might be caused by the separation of the two universes resulting in a complete break in the magnetic field between them. This event may bring about changes which will gradually usher in the new age. There might be a change in the atomic structure. Every atomic power station will then cease to function and even your electrical power will stop. But a new source of energy will then be available. Your physical world will undergo a transformation, a cleansing of the earth and then the resurrection would follow the still of the night. This transformation will be almost instantaneous, even the heavens will change colour, mankind will be afraid but a great uplifting will follow. There will be a regeneration, for example those of ninety years will be as fifty and those of you who are fifty will be as thirty. Many will not see those changes. Only those of you who can now accept the new way of life will perceive it and experience it. Many are being conditioned for that day. Your sub conscious mind is being conditioned to prepare for such an event should it arise and then as if with the turning of a switch, true understanding will come. Some of you may become teachers or leaders. Valdar also mentioned again the disturbance in the magnetic fields which although unobserved by astronomers on earth caused an insurmountable barrier to all magnetically propelled spacecraft. This disturbance came to an end on the 18th January 1981. Once the magnetic disturbance of the December solstice of 2012 occurs and the magnetic fields return to normal then there could be a radical change on earth. When the changes come and come they will the rotation of the earth will be the opposite of what it is today. It will take the planet quite a while to readjust itself, but it will do so because the earth is still a very young planet. These things happen to young planets and must happen before your stun becomes unstable and turns into a supernova and burns everything out but there is still many millions of earth years before that event. But then there is the possibility that the earth may turn into a ball of fire as the result of a nuclear war, however I feel that these changes that I mentioned will come before mankind can perform such a deed. Let us wait and see. There are still many things that even the confederation is uncertain of. Changes can be observed and data analysed. But only in Mother Nature, the divine one will trigger the reaction that will change things permanently. I repeat, permanently on earth.”

What does he mean by conditioning in order to enter into this new age?

The whole programme of creation provides us with environments for conditioning and the whole shift of the ages implies that creation is providing a different conditioning environment for us and so it is certainly a natural shift and a natural programme and I believe these extra terrestrials are so in tune with the natural flow of energy through the cosmos and are so aware of this change that they are coming here to offer their own conscious messages concerning this natural shift for us. A few lines within those quotes they give have really deep meanings which are passed off as metaphorical because those statements are heard throughout human culture. One of those is, Valdar says : ‘The resurrection will follow the still of the night.’ That reflects what the Mayan elders speak of there being a period of thirty hours or more of darkness as we travel across the ecliptic plane of our galaxy. They describe the rays of the son not shining. This is what is being referenced by Valdar. It will be a three day period of darkness that will be the long night and that the resurrection will come because of a blast of energy that will end that period of darkness and will literally be igniting an invisible sun very close to us that is a binary twin of our sun. That concept is also spoken about by Valdar in other discussions and they describe the presence of what they are calling Solar Kananda which is their term for a sun that has not yet blazed, kind of like a nascent sun.

I quote “The approaching embryo sun Solar Kananda is involved in this programming. We first heard about Solar Kananda approaching our solar system in 1973. Solar Kananda means a sun that has not yet flared or blazed we are told. It is approaching from the constellation of cancer and as our solar system enters deeper into its sphere of influence, changes in our magnetic fields have from time to time been observed by the confederation.”

This concept speaks of an embryo sun that I believe at the end of the dark night, the energy coming from the core of our galaxy will reignite a binary twin star of our own system, which has been an enigmatic missing partner for hundreds of thousands of years.

Do you believe the brown dwarf is in our solar system? There are other theories that it is on a wider elliptical orbit and it is not even close to our solar system.

I believe the brown dwarf has already penetrated through the OORT cloud that surrounds our solar system or what we think of as being the extent of our solar system. I believe that all the cometary activity we have around our solar system is attributable to that. We have scientists seeing meteor strikes all over the moon. There are flashes. We have them all over Jupiter, all over Saturn. We have heard of sonic booms in our atmosphere from meteors striking. We have seen actual footage of meteors being caught all over the world on police car dash cams, from people at football games sitting at the stadium and capturing it with their camera. As a phenomenon these can be called the OORT comets because I believe this is cometary matter from the OORT cloud surrounding our system. The binary twin of our sun, the brown dwarf has literally knocked through like a bowling ball through those pins and has created a chaotic scattering of that cometary bodies. I would like to quote on that very topic from another contactee Billy Edward Meier from Switzerland. He directly references this concept and speaks about it in reference to the Mayan calendar. This is a quote from a conversation with extra terrestrials from Pleyares star system that took place on February 1st 2009 which was his 72nd birthday. He is in conversation with an extra terrestrial called Ptah.

Meier begins questioning : “Regarding the Mayan calendar 2012, it will bring a series of special events and our sun will contribute to them because on the suns’ surface enormous eruptions will occur and solar storms will be caused which will be very intensive and influence earths geo-magnetic balance. The earths’ magnetic field can suffer very strong fluctuations through the strong x ray radiation falling down on it. And through such geo magnetic storms, power grids and all electrical compliances can collapse as can satellites and the ISS can also suffer great damage and can even bale completely. Such solar storms can lead to enormous natural catastrophes and in the worst case to a polarity reversal of earths’ magnetic field. Such solar storms form to a climax in an exact rhythm of eleven years, which is normal, but in the year 2012 it can happen in an extraordinary magnitude. Earth will come under a very strong bombardment of hard radiation which can have a very negative effect on the earths’ ozone layer. Due to entire resulting process nitric oxides and acid rain can fall worldwide which may have bad or devastating effects on the entire plant world. The enormous solar eruptions can lead to further very strong climate changes and with it immense droughts, bad weather, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, crop failures and therefore to even greater famines than have existed up to now. 2012 brings other unpleasant events such as an unknown invisible dark space wanderer that is threatening from the fringe of our solar system and could wreak tremendous havoc on earth. If this were to occur the fact of its existence will be openly proven around 2010 or 11 or not at all because the possibility of a dark and unavoidable passage of the colossus is also possible. Aside from that all kinds of unpleasant vaccinations regarding non peace, warlike actions, increasing degeneracy and excessive human ways of behaviour are threatening for the year 2012.”

Now here is the interesting part. Ptah states : “You should not say more because what you have said should be enough. Regarding the Mayan calendar 21/12/2012 represents a combination of a star constellation alignment that only occurs around every 26 000 years. The Mayan calculations are assuming that earth on 21/12/2012 will lie on an imaginary line that will join together the star of Betelgeuse above the left side of the constellation Orion with a central sun situated at the centre of the Milky Way. The sun meets the Milky Way at a location that is built by inter stellar dust clouds. It is called the dark cleft of the Milky Way by the human beings on earth. On the 21st of December 2012 at nightfall of Winter Solstice, the sun is directly in that cleft and it is in such a position that the Milky Way covers the horizon in all positions all around. The optical impression is produced that the Milky Way will touch earth all around and the galaxy would lie directly on the earth. In the whole that is the end of the Mayan calendar recording. This should suffice my friend. To say more would be too much because it would only foster the fear of the human beings of earth. Keep silent on all the further explanations we have given you.”

Is the magnetic field stabilising again?

When we are crossing the galactic plane it is a field of no magnetics which means like shields down, which is why Billy Meiers is speaking about all that radiation coming through at that time. I believe as we move through the galactic plane that is the exact moment of polar reversal. A lot of scientists who have never witnessed polar reversal are saying that this could take hundreds of years. We have statements from beings who allegedly have witnessed this event happening on planets across the cosmos and they tell us that this happens in a very rapid time and the magnetic field breaks as we cross through the galactic plane and as we emerge on the other side we have the reversal of the magnetic field and just like in any torus or any magnetic field, you have a north and a south pole and as soon as you move from one to the other, there is a threshold that you cross where you have a null field, and that is the zero point and that is exactly what we are going through.

There is evidence of this in Steens Mountain, suggesting a magnetic reversal happened in thirty days.

It’s going to be fascinating and it is all going to be panning out in our lifetimes and that is why we are all here I believe.

Is this reversal happening right now? We can see weakening of the magnetic field speeding towards Russia at 40 miles per year at present. Some people even say the reversal is happening right now basically.

“Yes. When we look at an exact date for it everyone questions how the Mayan ancestors could know this event was on a specific date. My understanding of that is the Mayans explain that their knowledge is to do with understanding galactic waves, cycles of pulsations omitted at a regular rhythm from the centre of our galaxy, from a giant central star. That is what is implied when Ptah is explaining to Billy Meier that the Mayans are calculating their calendar date based on the earths moving through an imaginary line that joins together the star of Betelgeuse with the central sun. They are referring indirectly to the synchronisation of events where the energy wave that is pulsing from the centre of the galaxy is actually setting off super nova’s, one after the other in a long string as it expands from the central sun. Betelgeuse is the nearest super-nova in that string of events that is going to be hitting us. We can use that as our marker to understand this greater energy movement in a cyclical way from the central sun. Betelgeuse is linked in with scenario as well as Solar Kananda our embryo sun, binary twin brown dwarf. The interaction of this two is what I am putting together. The Hopi and the Native American prophecies which I discuss in the last chapter of ‘Light and Water,’ speak very decisively of a red star appearing in our close heavens and our skies turning red. They speak of the new world as the red dawn, the coming of the fifth sun. All of these things together are only comprehensible when you understand the connection between Betelgeuse as well as our dark star and the fact that the ignition of this brown dwarf is connected with the blastwave from Betelgeuse which in itself is connected with cyclical blastwaves from the central sun, all of which were calculated by the Mayan calendar.
We are talking about a kind of domino effect here and one thing leading to the next. How close do you know these things will unfold?

I believe the blastwave from Betelgeuse will hit us. It will become obvious that it is coming from Betelgeuse because that star will be 25 times its normal magnitude and will appear as a large ring.
Al Carter in Queensland is suggesting that the Betelgeuse explosion may appear to us as a second sun, I am not of that opinion. A second sun will be making an appearance due to that energy wave hitting us and that sun will actually be the brown dwarf twin. I do believe we will have two suns’ in 2012, but I don’t believe one of them will be the appearance of Betelgeuse. I believe there will be actually a star in our near heavens that we will be able to witness as a red star. We will be able to witness it as a red star something in the order of 50% the magnitude of our sun.

There was an article in the New Zealand herald a while back detailing this idea that twin stars could be visible from earth in 2012.

The Mayans tell us we have been given this knowledge from beings who come from the Pleiades star system. The fact that we have corroborating evidence coming from extra terrestrials from that region of space as well as other regions of space all speaking about these same details, for me the truth hangs together, it resonates. When you have enough pieces of the puzzle you can put them together and they really form a resonance that excludes other pieces that don’t fit. That piece about Betelgeuse being our second star. That piece doesn’t fit directly. It is a component of what will be happening. I believe it will be a much more dramatic appearance in our sky’s. People are certainly on the right track. The energy from a supernova, if Betelgeuse is exploding on December 22nd 2012, optically by our perception it means it is roughly 640 light years away which means that actual explosion did occur sometime in the 1300’s. That connection is what I am researching further and I am working on another book explaining some of the solar activity that has not been understood and some of the energies that were coming in in the 13th century from this blast wave, instantaneous superluminal waves that were affecting our planet. The optical wave that will be striking us, is the big eye opener that will allow us to pin down this influence we are seeing all around in the shift of the ages. We see it in human consciousness and all of the planetary systems, all animal life all meteorological systems as well as on every other planet in our solar system as researchers like David Wilcock and others clearly explain. The waves of energy are already influencing us and it is simply going to be an announcement for all human kind as to the source of that energy and it will hopefully echo ancient knowledge and show that we have not lost the wisdom that we were entrusted with.

You are saying the initial effect we were feeling back in the 1300’s? Is there evidence?

I am looking to find big pieces and put them together. Researchers like Charles Fort and there was a magazine promoting his ideas after his death, called Fortian times. Magazines like this include so much data that points towards the effects of explosions in constellations at various times in the past, with earthquake activity and atmospheric auroras on earth. That is certainly connected with what has happened in Chilli with the latest massive earthquake. People videotaped aurora’s in the sky over that earthquake epicentre. A lot of people are pointing at HAARP being a culprit and that is possible, but these stories go back hundreds of years to the point that we know even natural earthquake activity does involve auroral activity overhead.

Earthquake lights, rainbow translucent colour appears over the area that is going to be affected by this. It happened over China in the recent big one over there. We don’t know if it is natural or Haarp related.

All the displacements of matter that humans have caused by the damming of waters and the mining processes, subterranean blast testing, Billy Meier clearly elucidates all those connections being directly involved and the infrasound field is what is stimulating these changes. And this is the piece I hope to give to the puzzle. The invisible effect which connects not only the pyramids worldwide and connects one earthquake event with another one is directly related to terrestrial infrasound standing waves. Literally when we have earthquake lines like Nasca and the Nasca plate where we have mega-quakes going on in Lima Peru and South of there; that location is on the opposite side of the planet to the epicentre of the events happening in the Sumatra area, the Indonesian tsunami in 2005 and all the mega quakes since then. On my website I give earthquake pairs. In a few events there are exactly antipodal earthquakes: Antipodal meaning occurring on the opposite sides of the planets to the other. These events have to be linked because of the time it takes for sound waves to travel from one event and reconverge at the same intensity at the other side of the planet to cause another event.

The massive birds and fish die offs that have been happening lately are they related to HAARP?

The temperature changes alone that we are seeing are so extreme that that in itself can easily account for the vast die offs we are seeing, the mass bird deaths, the mass crab deaths, octopus deaths and fish deaths. These have not just been happening in January 2011, these have been happening for the last number of years and now they are culminating in a way that cannot be contributable to HAARP and thinks like that. It is not mysterious what is caused by HAARP because people monitor those facilities it and they can see exactly when it is switched on and switched off. With the Haiti earthquake I present the HAARP data to show that HAARP was active for two days before that event and stopped right after the event. We do have clear indicators that certain events are artificially created. They are working in the natural magnetic fields of the planet to manipulate them. So, these are certainly events that solar flares could also have caused. The fault lines that can be influenced artificially are also ones that can be influenced naturally. I don’t think we can account for 2 or 3 % of the intense change in weather activity we are witnessing. Most if it has to do with straight up climate change that is easily measurable.

Obviously they are doing tonnes of experimentation with HAARP, but it has become a magic bullet in the conspiracy field and everything is attributed to it. This is erroneous.

Even the insanity of human beings to develop a system like HAARP and use it as they do is simply a reflection of the natural changes as well. In our brains the thought wave patterns that we are experiencing right now are in flux and the magnetic fields that we are subjected to are in total flux. I don’t believe man is not a natural force. The stupidity of man is certainly the result of natural forces. It is part of our learning cycle. This period of where human beings have existed in this low resonance on earth in what we might call the dark ages, this period has been a learning experience where an environment has been created for us where we cannot see aura’s, people can come up to you and lie to you, and we don’t have the intuition or the psychic ability or the aura reading ability to determine that you are lying, you don’t even believe what you are saying. And that is exactly what I think is going to change in 2012. Once the consciousness level is raised a bar, then all of a sudden you don’t have the same capacity for any of the dark things that happen on this planet. Things like slavery and satanic worship and generational abuse, sexual abuse of children and then them repeating that on their own children. Psychopathic families on earth right now are caught up in these cycles of abuse and it is really just receiving and giving abuse, it is not being created, it is being transmuted and passed down the generations. Those psychopathic cycles of torture are not going to be possible and cannot be hidden from any group or community in the future; especially communities that are living barefoot, living in the heartbeat resonances and using sacred waters. The sensitivity of beings on that level of consciousness completely denies the ability for lives to penetrate and subvert society as has been the case for thousands of years. The stories of the pyramids were totally falsified by the stories of psychopaths telling us that pyramids were built by psychopaths enslaving whole nations. That is simply not the case. That is a vision of psychopaths would like to install in our consciousness, but the reality is that these buildings are amazing ancient psycho-acoustic structures that were not built to glorify any one being. They were built to uplift all of humanity up to a telepathic level of consciousness. When these buildings were in full function at heart resonance, there was no lying and heart sacrificing going on. That was later and after the fact. The heart sacrifice is literally speaking about karma and in the genuine Mayan tradition that looks back to the Atlantean source of all these pyramids around the world, heart sacrifice is a metaphor for sacrificing your own desires in a karmic sense because it is that that keeps you in the forest of limitations and from achieving bliss and enlightenment. Movies like Mel Gibson’s Apocolypto these are specifically programming people to deny their own heritage. Every culture in the world has a heritage of using these pyramids. Every culture has been subverted by psychopathic belief systems and those are going to fall aside as 2012 reignites our pyramids and people start doing heart sacrifice in an internal way and internalising all the energy that they would like in their life and charging their body with powerful energy waters. That to me is going to be the change that signifies the new world.

If consciousness is raised by everybody on the planet that will form the best intelligence community and in people are aware of their surroundings corruption would be impossible. Are we looking at a situation where we will have a consciousness level that is immediately raised no matter how you have spent your life on this planet? Are we all going to be given this gift of enlightenment?

That is a very profound question and I would have to answer that by asking, ‘Who is going to choose a natural path’? In my mind anything that is toxifying the body, the mercury, the chlorine people are drinking and showering every day. The water in your body is your temple. How you look after your temple is going to exactly reflect how you handle the conditions coming in 2012. I recommend people take metal out of their mouths. They meditate, and they focus their bio-rhythms into synchronisation with the planet and finding places to do that by using my maps to find hot spots to do that.

Beings like psychopaths don’t even value their own life, let alone nature. They don’t recognise the power of nature. They don’t see the depth of freedom allowed when you use natures systems. When I look at the future I think about at what can potentially happen with this high resonance change. I don’t see all of humanity being upgraded up to a higher consciousness level, because I understand all of that to be related to the quality of the temple in your body and I choice. I also believe in the fact of reincarnation. In my books I speak about my experience there and I show the history of research which is suppressed. There are thousands of cases from which we can draw parallels of what creation is doing with reincarnation. There are so many examples. My case is certainly one of the extreme examples that people can look at and will hopefully benefit many people, not just therapy for myself in releasing passed life issues, but of course for helping everyone see we are all dealing with the same issues here and we are all in the same boat and it is changing rapidly. When I speak about people escaping the danger of Tesla’s AC currents which were strung over everything people were using. That is my goal in my work. Yes we have giants on the planet, these are all realities. If we learn the lessons we have already understood by understanding the gravity changes and the cyclical changes that occur then we need to wake up to the coffee and realise that archaeological digs is really a waste of time right now, we literally have 690 days before this major cosmic event coming down the pipe at us. We have a choice. I see two types of people making two types of choices. I see soulful souled conscious human beings who are acting in awareness of the earth and listening to mother earth, making good decisions and walking away from metals that are burning. I have on my website these hotspots that are indicators of what will be happening planet wide. Anything metal is going to get hot in certain places and ignite plastics on them. Plastic wiring is igniting. There is places where curtain rods is igniting on fire and the same thing with hangers igniting clothing on them. This is happening on hotspots worldwide with a distinct geo positioning relationship to each other that implies the pyramids as being a source of the transduction of energy for solar flares which are going crazy right now. That is a lot of information but I hope people can visit my website and look at those stories because it is profound and it is happening at a place near you near me and near everyone.

There are certain things you can do individually.

The mapping throughout the website presents focal points that people can look at in their own region and orient themselves. Here is a hotspot, I live a hundred miles from the hot spot and if I am going to have a barometer for my local area, here is where I should be looking. Lets just watch there and see what is happening not to run around thinking we are going to have fires and all our appliances will ignite tomorrow. We can look at these hotspots on these maps and use them as an indicator to know when we should consider unplugging our appliances and taking them out of our house. So many things can be done like going barefoot to increase electrical currents through your feet and energising the water you drink by including high purity water with gold and silver nano particles.

All of your books are available for download for free. If we can support your works, how can we support your efforts.

I have been so lucky to have amazing support not only from the entire universe, but also from individuals who feel a resonance with what I am doing. I am happy to be working with several partners now in Lamana. As far as donations, that can occur through peoples thoughts, and the meditation and that is the best way to receive energy through the universe. Send it out there this is real. Sending me dollars is a nice thought but it is very materialistic and it is something we are moving beyond. The universe is taking care of everything and I am hoping that everyone can feed themselves and that is the best way to contribute. If we can share the love in our hearts and share the information that we are given about what is going on right now.