Stone Ruins : Mysteries of Africa

In and amoungst a vast network of stone ruins is a site like no other. It is not stone circles. It is standing stone circles. There are giant standing stones like Stonehenge in Nelspruit! Johan Heine is attributed for rediscovering this site. This site is situated on Barberton cliff overlooking the Barberton impact crater just outside Nelspruit. Adams Calendar is a settlement of enormous standing stones made from dolerite. These massive stones have been brought onto this site from elsewhere. The builders of this site chose this location very carefully. It is situated exactly on the 31 degree latitude line which I am sitting on now in Durban, the white lions are sitting on in Timbavati, the pyramids of Giza are sitting on and St Petersburg in Russia is sitting in. This is an energetic layline running through mother earth.

On visiting this site one is startled straight away as standing at the entrance pillar is a giant stone man with a triangle carved in his forehead. In 1994 this stone man was stolen and some years later it was returned as a memorial plaque to the Blue Swallow Nature Reserve. Stone man has been moved from its original position, which is approximately 2 kilometres away up the hill and at the entrance to the main standing stone site. Stone man is not standing at the entrance to Adams calendar. Credo Mutwa calls stone man the clitoris of mother earth. This is because the clitoris is a frequency device.

On entering the Blue Swallow nature reserve, one begins a short climb up onto the cliff plateau and then the long walk up a winding causeway of standing stones and stone pointers, with smaller standing stone circles until we reach the big one, the entrance to the main calendar site.

Mutwa was initiated there in 1937. He calls the place Inzalo ye Langa, ‘birthplace of the sun.’ Michael Tellinger has called it Adams Calendar.

The energetic effect of this great standing stone circle is considerable. Enki’s calendar is a big standing stone circle about 30 metres in diameter and the tallest standing stone has fallen over. It measures about 4 metres. It is a carving of Horus. When it stood it would greet the rising sun.

The point where the rising sun meets with mother earth is the point that Mutwa describes as “where heaven mates with mother earth.” Father Sun and Mother Earth are caught in a loving embrace, amongst the rising and setting of the entire starry cosmos.

There is also suggestion that at the point where Adams calendar is, there is a great crystal inside the earth, under this site. Bermuda Triangle is also said to have a great crystal beneath it, causing visitors to slip through dimensions and ‘disappear.’ Yet I did not disappear like the sailors on Bermuda triangle when I stood at Enki’s Calendar however I did experience something deeply spiritual.

On standing between the calendar stones one feels a sense of peace and purpose, a unity!


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