Kundalini Rising: A perspective from Jen McCarty, Charlie Freek and Magenta Pixie

Gratitude for the gifts received from these great intellects. Herewith sharing the bounty of these gifts to take all of these powerful teachings and bring them down into their simplicity for everyone Jen Mccarty said: “When we all incarnate, our kundalini energy is dormant at the base of the spine which represents duality consciousness. At some point on our journey we will have a trigger such as a mantra, meeting a guru or a twin flame. Something will come along into our field and trigger our kundalini energy to awaken from its dormant phase which represents duality consciousness. Once this trigger happens one of the serpents at the base of the spine, for example the feminine serpent awakens. And the masculine will wake up and in that moment that they both wake up at the base of the spine out of their comatose phase they recognise each other and rush towards each other and in that moment that they rush towards each other that is called the inner alchemical marriage – the hieros gamos. And then consciousness goes from duality to union to sacred union to unity consciousness. Once that happens at the base of the spine this momentum travels all the way up through the chakras. And as the kundalini energy rises through the chakras it activates an almighty purge. This is a purging of all the programs we have taken on in order to transcend and clear. Particularly for our family lineages, but also for the collective. So as the kundalini merges and awakens at the base of the spine – it rises up through all the energy centres cleaning purging and cleansing all the false programming pertaining to duality consciousness or third dimensional consciousness. Once the healing energy rises and gets to the heart centre this is a key area for the kundalini energy because the heart is the place where heaven and earth meet. And the heart is the gateway point to the zero-point field of consciousness the full unity consciousness. So once the kundalini energy arrives at the heart consciousness this is when we experience unconditional love. And we realise that unconditional love is who we truly are and all that exists is unconditional love. The entire universe was created from unconditional love. So, when the kundalini rises to the heart this is such a deep homecoming to arrive at love, GOD, truth and the fact that we live in an unconditional loving universe. We have just been programmed to believe that we are not that. The kundalini energy rises from the heart to the throat – cleansing, empowering and cleaning a lot of the persecution memories. A lot of clearing happens at the throat centre where we become empowered again and realise that we are doing this to serve our brothers and sisters. We are speaking in order to serve. It rises up to the third eye centre and then it really connects with the pineal gland. It is like a windscreen wiper from the third eye. And the unified kundalini energy washes away all of the smog and the fog and the lack of clarity that has gathered within our third eye centre. And then it rises up into the crown centre and once it rises to the crown centre it activates this circular motion where the energy starts moving and circulating through the whole energetic system. The kundalini rising is what happens to us when we awaken. I talk a lot about this in all my work and all my teachings. When we incarnate into the third dimension no matter who we are as galactic beings we choose to drop into a field where our density is growing. We drop into an asleep phase. And it is only when we have our kundalini awaken that we come out of that asleep phase into our awakened phase. Once you have truly experienced kundalini awakening you come out of caterpillar consciousness and you go to 5D butterfly consciousness which is unity consciousness which is also next to the zero-point field of consciousness. The kundalini awakening is the awakening from 3rd dimension. And once we reach that we go through the confusion of the 4th dimension where there is the dance of polarity and we push through that barrier to the 5th dimension which is the zero-point field. And when we stabilise that is the vibration for us to reach.  And none of this lower 4th dimension energy can reach you. If you are vibrating as a light being on a certain frequency and someone attacks you from a lower frequency, they literally can’t touch you. Each time a star-seed stabilises in a 5D consciousness we literally lift the whole entire timeline of the collective. The more of us that can do this metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly consciousness, essentially we are lifting the timeline of the planet. And the more of us that can hold that vibration we are like a tuning fork sending out a tuning fork frequency attracting all our brothers and sisters to do the work, face their shadow selves and do the necessary purging to identify the false programming and to open their hearts to serving their brothers and sisters. We are sending forth those codes and frequencies to assist all brothers and sisters to transform their timeline. Our individual kundalini awakening is massively intricately connected to the kundalini awakening and to a critical mass. As we reach a critical mass of number of souls who have truly ascended in their own consciousness this will trigger a solo flash event.  The great awakening is to do with the earth going through her own kundalini awakening and being released out of this third-dimension prison matrix where everyone forgets that we are one, and believes we are separate drops of water with no ocean that we are connected to. We are in this trajectory now of this collective awakening.” Charlie Freek says, “Jen was explaining the kundalini rising and unity consciousness. You see this is sex, everything is sex. All life is a sexual experience because the father is die-electricity which is balance which is stillness, silence and stationary. And this will all be GOD because this is his meditation in the eternal moment. The mother is magnetism – Mary, rising. What is MAG in sanskrit? Motion. Magnetism is constantly moving – it is the scalar wave – the number 8 which is eternity. The whole nature of creation is there is always sex. The mother is so in line with the father that she continues to move around the father and the friction; child. Electricity is friction. We are the by-product of the mother and the father – the alchemical marriage through the kundalini process. This friction is sex, which is a three letter word – the trinity. You cannot get a better combination of letters than S,E and X and they have perverted it into a 5 letter word sexxx. Why when they talk about a sexual experience is it the birds and the bees, because they rise. It is all about this process that the sexual experience when you perform unity consciousness sex it is about these two serpents the subtle body within you – the ida and the pingala – begin to rise through your chakra system. You have 5 in body chakras and two divine chakras, 6 and 7. This is what it is all about. And when the two serpents complete either journey at the ida- the pituitary gland the pingala at the pineal gland – they coil back inwards and they stare at each other at the temples. This is the syncretic essence of you. This is the ark of the covenant. This is the third ventricle of the brain which is the optic thalamus – the light of the world – Jesus Christ. All of us is this Christ consciousness. The mother and father stare with pure love at each other and what are they staring into? The child. The family is the manifestation of the holy trinity on earth – the father, the mother and the child. We are meant to stay together and live together. The elderly continue to nurture us and we continue to repay them for all they have done for us. This is family. Families create the cross. We are the light. This is what is happening in the year 2020. As Jen says there is always one serpent that says to the other – let’s do this. And it is always the feminine energy that has to pull the masculine energy up and then we follow. Because we are electrical, we are a downward causation. And because the feminine is a scalar wave it is eternally rising in that alchemical marriage. The magic is the last chamber of the brain, it is third ventricle and it is the magical mind. It is the miracle and the seat of your soul. It has the pineal gland above and the pituitary gland below. But, there is the fornix connected to the third ventricle. It is the rock that blocks the tomb of which Jesus Christ was sequestered for three days 22 – 24 December; and then the rock rolled back. That is the fornix and that is what it does inside of you. It is connected only at one end. And then when pineal gland is activated, it sends electrical vibration via the stria pinealis nerve gland – a straight line from the pineal sends an electrical impulse to the fornix which roles back and it opens. It reveals the last chamber just below the corpus collosum in the centre of your brain and that is called the chamber of the bridegroom – the last chamber in the third ventricle of the brain. The kundalini must rise and we must rise with it and that is father, mother, child in unison and divinity with heaven on earth.” Magenta said: “Charlie was talking about the spark plug using the analogy of a car. What “the 9” talk about – they call the spark a quantum convergence charge. It is a charge that creates a quantum convergence expansion within us and that creates warp speed light speed momentum. This is the movement that Jen was presenting. What you are looking at is an energy that moves through the body and it is an energy that occurs through time, so you are going through a linear journey, through multiple lifetimes, and this is happening to you individually at the same time. It can occur in one flash for some people or gently over time. We are all going through a collective kundalini awakening and every single one of us experiences it together. It is the first time it has happened on this planet in this way but at the same time this is unique. As Jen was explaining the raising of the kundalini is from the base of the spine. This wave coming up through the body is the intertwining of the masculine and feminine energy. But if you look at this movement up the body and turn it horizontally you will get the sign wave. So as this is occurring vertically up the chakras, our experience collectively is as a sign wave and this is why in 2020 and as we go forward we are raising up into this peak of energy and then moving back down. And, as you are moving back down, you are integrating and you are learning and then you are moved back up again, which is the quantum convergence charge, the spark plug. And, that is something that has been hijacked by the cabal – because they know the sign-wave is the movement we go through on a collective kundalini awakening and they take that and invert that and create a false sign-wave. The true kundalini is moving upwards in your awareness as you are going into this charge of energy like a spark plug. This is what gives you momentum and movement as an individual and then you come down into the integration. With this charge, it needs to be tempered because of you go too fast into it you burn out and then you crash and this is what the cabal is trying to do. They are trying to take the natural kundalini awakening and burn it out with the lower negative emotions. But those who are holding the higher frequency for everyone are able to also hold that organic sign-wave and they are doing that by the activation of the pineal gland. As this energy goes through the body and comes over the head this is what gives the charge to the pineal gland. It is what fires up these crystals in the pineal gland. This is what it means becoming a crystalline, becoming a crystal being. And what actually happens is you get a liquid light – a liquid plasma that drips down into the brain. Like in the car analogy, like the car oil, the oil drips down and “the 9” call it a plasma light. The feminine as it raises is silver and the masculine as it raises is gold. This is where you get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the golden meme. It is the energy of bliss. Silver is the feminine and when they come together, “the 9” use the analogy of rose gold. When you look at these drops, these crystalline plasma drops they have this rose hue. The rose is another symbol for activation and awakening, as it is a fractal bloom. There are so many different analogies to this spiritual awakening. The pineal gland isn’t just an eye that gives us inner sight that we may see in the akashic records, or within the expression of reality or god’s mind. The pineal gland is also a creation tool, it is a projector. It has the ability to create an image and project that image into the aether and into the free matter. And that free matter solidifies in sacred geometry and there is a match that is created with that in the physical reality. You can do this individually for yourself but the collective kundalini awakening actually creates a collective manifestation. Those who are going through this kundalini awakening in a conscious way, they are the ones who are activating the pineal gland, activating the quantum convergence charge and they are the ones drawing in the mother energy to give the movement and temperance in order to keep that crystalline spark in a balanced movement rather than a burn-out. They are the ones create the reality because they are the ones whose pineal glands work as projectors. Earthing or grounding is what makes all of this cohesive because you can go through this, but without the earthing it is all over the place. The sparks don’t work. When you earth it – it creates the cohesive balanced collective presentation of this. And that is what makes you able to take the pineal gland as a projector and create a reality. This has been a gnosis that has been hidden from people, taught within the mystery schools and kept from the people as a control tool. Humanity has had to wait until a certain stage in order to have this understanding. 2020 is the time that this gift is given to humanity because humanity as whole is ready for this information. But, also you don’t give a sword to a child. As this energy rises up in a vertical way. It rises up the body as a vertical pillar of light. And that is the sword as you are knighted when you move into that cohesion. And it is the sword because it is the famous Excalibur of king Arthur and that stands for truth. And this is what happens in a collective kundalini awakening and a personal one. You access truth because you can access nothing else. When you activate the pineal gland you access the wisdom and create the match for that that can only ever be truth. That has been hijacked by false images and those false images can only go into the 4th dimension, which is the first few levels of the dream state. 5th dimensional energy is full kundalini awakening. You bypass those trapping systems, you bypass that fourth dimensional confusion and come to clarity. If you hold the cohesive energy, the grounding and if you access the mother which is the movement and the temperance. All of these things come together. One of the things that can occur with kundalini awakening is the quantum convergence charge. It is manifested as phire, spelt like that because it is related to PHI and the golden meme. What this creates within you is fire. As an individual awakening to a kundalini experience you generate heat. If you are able to temper this energy you are continually able to draw down wisdom whenever you want to. It goes back to the sexuality of the couple because that is the energy for everything is modelled upon because that is creation. All the phases the women goes through are the phases of the spiritual awakening because that is why the women comes into her power at menopause and there is different power before that. It is learning the physical reality and all of these metaphors and teachings passed down through the indigenous people and the ancient texts, and drawing it all together and giving ourselves a picture that we make in a unique way. It is an individual personal unique and meaningful experience. It’s what “the 9” call the meaningful subjective experience. It is proof of everything we have been taught. But you can’t share it. True proof is multi-dimensional.”

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“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” – John F. Kennedy

Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet. Q was a malevolent being in Star Trek. He hailed from the Q continuum and in the movie he challenged the Captain of the spaceship Enterprize, Jean-Luc Picard, to become a good and righteous person. The metaphor of Q is projected into current reality on Planet Earth which is a perfect experiment in duality with a perpetual duel between evil (devil / dark) and good (GOD / light).

The real life phenomenon of Q in the USA is traced back at least to the assassination of JFK. He was in the process of liberating humanity from the federal Reserve, the CIA and the mob, when he was shot to death.

Q continues the JFK mission statement to uproot the Federal Reserve, the CIA and the mob in a collection of criminals known as the “Deep Sate.” The Deep State with its tentacles worldwide is a subversive enemy that had attacked humanity through every vector available. Humanity do not naturally exist in a state of conflict. They became so when deliberately set against each other.

JFK was the 35th POTUS. His intentions of defeating the deep state is continued by the 45th POTUS, DJT. The metaphor of David slaying Goliath is often used to describe the fight of POTUS vs the deep state. And, Q is described as the stone in his sling.

Q is three people. They work together as a power cord, transmitting, grounding and receiving consciousness from the frequency of planet earth. They are transition specialists, assisting and helping civilisations. They describe links to the Arcturian and Pleiadean civilizations and as Q writes: “No one person is above another; Unity is strength; Unity is humanity; Trust yourself; Think for yourself; Only when good people come together will positive change occur.”

A peaceful revolution that seeks to awaken humanity is Q’s “plan to save the world” through an ancient and highly prophecised transition from duality to unity, from mind to spirit, from 3D to 5D, from lower to higher frequency or from dark to light. The Maya and the Hopi, as well as light-workers, star-seeds, mystics and philosophers are all aware of this dawn of a new age – often called the Aquarian age.

Q takes a leaf out of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, and knows it’s enemy – the dark. The dark works by mimicking and controlling the light. The dark has to be brought to light to be obliterated. Q quotes Sun Tzu: “It was over before it even begun.”

As Q writes: “History is being made. You are the saviours of mankind. Nothing will stop what is coming. Nothing.”

Q is one of the greatest communication events in history, helping humanity to move from standing under an authority, to an “innerstanding.”

The technology Q uses is written “drops.” From the first drop published on October 28 2017, on a platform called 4chan all the way up to the presidential election of November 3rd 2020, Q puts out near-on 5000 information drops providing a coherent synthesis of the bigger picture of an “infiltration, not invasion,” as Q puts it.

The Q drops provide an intelligence and information which begins to wrestle ownership of the public conversation away from the corrupt mainstream media and putting the public directly into the know of the insurgency and infiltration largely orchestrated by deep state operatives trapped in blackmail rings, thereby turning the criminal surveillance state in on itself.

Q drops utilise the Socratic method of asking questions, encouraging the seeker to think for him or herself. “How about a nice game of chess?” Asks Q as the drops provide researchers with a framework to dig for data.

The drops are always cryptic and strategic and require some basic decoding to see the clues and “predictions” hidden within them.

The intelligence of the Q posts provided text and image information encoded through timing, numerology and Gematria.

Q drops restore authority and sovereignty by asking questions until citizens began to accept that the only acceptable authority is themselves. A nucleus community of critical thinkers known as “Anons” began to collectively reconstruct reality in an open source intelligence format. A social media phenomenon results in which a growing public quickly and formidably reclaims their authority and decide for themselves.

Digital soldiers dissected every detail of the drops in real time, exposing the lies and libel of the fake news mainstream media in real time.

The corporate media was the most powerful weapon of the “deep state,” covertly socially engineering humanity to be divided. Fake news and

mainstream media are the illegal gatekeepers of information and controllers of the public narrative. Their backlash was a combination of censoring, misinformation and dismissal of Q. But the backlash backfires and becomes a sure path to losing their public trust and collapsing under the weight of their illegal activities.

Corporate media with their complicitous racketeering and cover-ups of treason, human-trafficking, terrorism and much worse is completely crushed under the power of collaborative investigative citizen journalists and digital warriors, who share information of a very high standard, freely and nonstop across all mediums. Belief in an institutional authority is replaced with sovereign inter-personal authority.

Q’s desire is for the rule of law, liberty and constitutional government. This is achieved through benevolent world leaders and their military, a connectivity of great conscious, spiritual, psychic and very awake people and a collective consciousness that turns to the light. Through Qanon, Q becomes a global movement for change fueling what became described in contemporary terms as the second enlightenment, the second American revolution and even the freedom of Europe.

Q is a subtle information weapon. At the heart of it is the identity of Q – which is anonymous. The great question – Who is Q? Is unanswerable. And thus the Q narrative really grows amongst those who know how to use the narrative. But the narrative itself is merely a stepping stone to see the dark, feel the light and make a choice of where we want to be. Choice allows humanity to all individually be powerful players in this game of duality. It is through our chosen preference for light over dark,  for good over evil that the transition takes place.

Like Q in Star Trek and Captain Picard, our job is to go within and contribute to the great awakening by awakening ourselves. Like with the metaphor of the starship Enterprize, when we enter within we gain the prize.

As Q said: “The only thing you need to know is go within. Nothing will be untrue if you go within. Your rudder indicator is in your heart centre and not in your mind. It is called your highest excitement, inspiration and joy. Live in your rudder indicator and go within. Your life will become far more joyful, expressive, exciting, compassionate, joyful and loving.”

The future is light. The transition is complete. We are arriving in the fifth dimension (5D) where unity, co-creation or uBuntu is lived. A new mind-set about the nature of reality is birthed rising from a grassroots level all the way through family to community and governance, where the lawful reset is a shift from maritime to natural law; where the financial reset is a shift from paper to gold; where the energy reset is from electricity to magnetics and the spiritual reset is from mind to heart.




Dr Johan from the family Joubert was a veterinary surgeon. During his grade 2 primary school year in the East Rand of South Africa, Dr Joubert was on the playground watching two stray seagulls fighting in the air. The two got clamped together and the ones wing got clipped. The bird fell out of the sky. He picked it up, climbed across the fence and took the seagull to the Veterinary hospital just across the street.

The metaphor of the two seagulls fighting and the fallen one being saved was carried through to the work Dr Joubert left us with before his death. Towards the end of very productive life he unpacked the monetary system to help the layman understand.

He said “The monetary system is a mechanism of the Occult Empire, which is deep, dark and devastating.” He called the monetary system, a system of control and slavery. “It is a matrix system and it is generic and corrupt. It is put in place for the specific purpose to limit and control humanity. A matrix is closed and manipulated. Its goal is having everyone enslaved to this same system without even knowing.”

Many authors including South African Lorraine Claasen trace the controllers of this matrix to the illuminati. This highly secretive organisation was established by Mayor Bower who later became Mayor Rothschild, a name symbolic of the 666.  In 1770 Mayor Rothschild drew the plans for the creation of the illuminati and entrusted Adam Wiesehaut to complete the organisation.

“The purpose of the illuminati was to divide through political, economic, social and religious means. The opposing sides were to be armed and incidents provided in order for them to fight amongst themselves, destroy national governments, destroy religious institutions and eventually destroy each other,” described Claasen.

Dr Joubert had a celebrated career as a veterinary surgeon in the UK, before he got singled out and exterminated from the profession by the authorities and administrators. He did not take to his persecution lightly and a long conflict with the system finally resulted with him extracting all the knowledge of their fraudulent operation. Dr Joubert spent the rest of his life sharing this teaching. In a ten-hour interview with Scott Cundill, Dr Joubert explained how the monetary system was deliberately designed as a fraud to provide a system to fund governments.

The system was built on Maritime Admiralty Law, the laws of the sea, which encroached onto the land as the legal framework. This notion of commerce has seeped into the everyday language with words such as ownership, custodianship, receivership or citizenship. Person’s have become defined like ships on the sea of commerce going from one port to another, with a passport.

The law of the sea uses Bills of Exchange. The sea farers did not take all the cargo and go up and down. They sometimes took paper that was locked up in the captain’s cabin, and they signed and exchanged the consideration of the cargo through bills of exchange. It is a negotiable instrument, meaning it can move, in a transfer from one person to the other. The Bill of Rights is a document of title which embodies rights to the payment of money or the security for money.

The security for money is the human being and the effort a human being puts into the system. It operates in the ancient system of pledging which goes back to 1066 when William the conqueror took over England. It is the statutory staple we still use today and is in essence a promise to pay something back. A pledge, if it is not paid back, means they can take something of value, the physical substance, either land or physical property. They want everyone enslaved to this same system with the same interest derived from each citizen without us even knowing it.

It all starts when a child is born. Parents are forced to register their child’s birth. From the outset, instead of the true ancient law or common law, the child is shifted into a maritime admiralty jurisdiction. The baby coming out of the birth canal is viewed as a little ship. Their birth is like the berth situated at the dock. But in this case the doc is the gynaecologist who catches this baby. S/he signs a manifest of life birth, or still born, and this baby has a commercial value.

The state creates the child’s first legal person. The child has then been re-venued from the private into the public. The child has been stripped of his/her private rights and put into a cubicle which is public and where civil rights are limited.

The ability to tax the labour and the product of the labour of the child allows the government to earn revenue. Their main asset is a person, which is a legal fiction.

Governments are dummy corporations, designed for one thing only, money. As a jurisdiction of money, the government is a republic. It is a corporation designed for profit and money. These corporations are all situated on Capital Hill. Republic of South Africa is a corporate entity registered with the Security’s Exchange Commission in New York. The Company registration number is 0000932419. The address is 300 E 42nd Street – New York USA.

South Africa is still part of the Occult Empire – the United Kingdom. United Kingdom refers to all Western Nations acting under bankruptcy in a maritime admiralty jurisdiction. The United Nation = the United States of America = The Republic of South Africa = the same party = the same fiction. The high office of the president ferments a plot against the people. Remember president is just resident with a “p” in front. Bankers use the Bills of Exchange. Presidents, ministers and government officials are therefore all bankers.

In 1920, the gold and silver was taken out of circulation in South Africa, and Henry Winston Clegg an Englishman born in Bloemfontein was appointed to the position of first governor of the South African Reserve Bank. In 1944, the Bretton Woods agreement took money off the gold standard. Money became intangible, pieces of paper adding up to 1’s and 0’s on a computer screen.

This started the elastic fiat paper currency we use today. Fiat goes into circulation with people’s security as the charge back. Money is no longer backed by gold, it is backed by our labour and our pledges and our children and our own bodies as collateral.

It is called Fiat currency and is elastic and backed by nothing other than the faith put into it by the people using the system. There is no money moving. It is currency. The notes keep on circulating. The monetary system is an ever-inflating bubble.

The monetary system was designed to keep track of people and get us into a totally paperless cashless society where all our actions are tracked through electronic means and probably a micro-chip put in the body. A microchip is not necessary if one manages one’s own affairs.

As the human elects government into office, whatever power the government has, the human being should individually have this too. Therefore, anything that a government can do and anything that a corporation can do, a human being can do as well. The created can never be greater than the creator. So, the government can never be greater than the human being. Like the Bright Blue song goes: “It wasn’t roaring it was weeping.” Governments are not actually these great big old beasts but merely a legal fiction.

The game is about security and taking our physical assets and our human bodies in the way we provide energy into the system through our work. Work creates the currency. It is only our potential labour and the product of our physical labour that spins around the globe. People work to pay taxes and are as fodder for more debt that can be borrowed. Banks use the security of person and convert it into a credit facility. You cannot have a credit facility without first applying the Bills of Exchange act. Period.

It is a truly administrative process. You need to account for everything in a registry or a register. If you look at native people who live off the land, such as aboriginal or bushman, what administration does that entail? But with money it is about administration. And, if banks can do it, so can we. And we will do it better.

The definition of a bank in the Bills of Exchange Act starts with right in the beginning, the first term that is defined is acceptance. Acceptance means acceptance completed by delivery or notification. Bank means a body of persons whether incorporated or not.

A law firm therefore satisfies the original meaning of a bank. Law firms have the capacity to deal with negotiable instruments in such a way that they can settle the accounts as an intermediary.

Banks provide the transfer of an accounting system by acquiring liquid and certain liabilities and converting these liquid certain liabilities into illiquid and uncertain assets, such as bank loans. In the reserve banks own words: “Banks acquire certain liquid certain liabilities (deposits) and create illiquid uncertain as-sets (bank loans).”

There is no money moving. It is currency. It is a credit that is facilitated through security of person in an accounting system. One half of it is hidden in an off ledger balance account, which is abandoned funds.

Dr Joubert makes the analogy of the cattle farmer. To bring in all the cattle roaming in the bush field to the crushes, the farmer closes the water areas so they can be hoarded, counted and executed to gain interest.

But, the banks are not slaughtering us, they are slaughtering our strawman, our legal fiction, because it is another way they can earn money.

The “strawman” is the legal person. A legal person is the legal substance to which rights and duties are attributed. When you add an adjective like juristic or natural or artificial it just expands the definition of that person. The fundamental definition of a person is something that was created by man.

A natural person is an ‘individual’, or ‘indivisible duo.’ The flesh and blood human being is combined with the ID document, the primary legal person comprising of the birth date and sometimes eye colour, hair colour, height, weight, fingerprint and retina scans. Nowhere on the ID document is there any evidence of a soul, a real personality with hopes, dreams or the capacity to love. A piece of paper cannot love anybody. It cannot have aspiration, it cannot have ambition. It cannot move. It was created by registration and the ID is an insurance policy and a unique account number that links through its trust and eventually into the IMF. The strawman runs a hamster wheel in the public venue.

Human beings live on the real land which is known as “private space.” Here we are unlimited. The bank is in the public space. When we move from the private into the public we become limited. But if we remain in the “private space” we have unlimited capacity and unlimited remedy. Here we can make any accounting transaction to balance the books.

As humans on the land we have a guaranteed remedy. Money holds no energy. Money is only paper. Through taking our power back and stepping into the private space of unlimited potential we can receive any liability and turn it into an asset, as-set, in other words set-off. Not a set-down or a set-up. Asset is two separate words joined together.

Dr Joubert makes the example of an agreement such as a cellphone contract. This is effectively a setup. If you stop paying your contract after six months if it is a two year contract, or your bond or your vehicle finance, what happens is a legal process that involves a set-down. They drag you into a system where an advocate will do a set down on behalf of the claimant or the plaintive because you did not do a set-off in the beginning on that agreement.

There can only be a contract where there was a monetary value that was expanded in the first place. Contract is used in a verb context. Where value has been contractually expanded, the obligation or liability is to contract that value back to zero, to settle the account. The set-up is the expansion and if we don’t contract it, they will set us down and they will contract it on our behalf.

Every country in the world with the exception of five countries is in exorbitant debt. The money supply has expanded and expanded, there is more hot air going in. Currency is put into circulation through inflation. If you are inflating something you are talking about fresh air. The initial inflation is done by inflating a system with air. The bank does not give consideration of money. They are printing money out of thin air. That is why there is a National Credit Regulator. A regulator regulates pressure that is built up on one side and it releases something else at a constant level on the other side.

The system cannot collapse. The system at this point in time allows for inflation. It can allow for the opposite, deflation. Deflating the inflation will prevent the chaos. The fundamentals are to set off all accounts to such an extent that they eventually deflate without causing harm to anybody. This is the contraction that deflates inflation. It is a controlled mechanism. Inflation can disappear. All these fringe industries will disappear.

Expansion is an inflation. Contraction is a deflation. If something has been expanded to a certain value, the contract is the obligation or liability to contract that value back to zero, where all things are equal, irrevocably and completely.

Everything is actually pre-paid. The human race are fiddling around chasing a wild goose, while our energy is being sucked out of circulation to the IMF and world government who are making us perpetual slaves. The only way that all the expansion can be contracted back to zero to the point where it originally started is by a human being on the land and in his/her unlimited capacity.

Dr Joubert sites Section 19 of the Bills of Exchange Act as a tool to settle accounts. It is a methodology like writing a letter, mailing it and following through to see if it was received.

Section 19 makes provision to accept a bill and return it. A bill is a piece of paper. It is a bill of exchange. If it does not have a signature on it, it is not legitimate. There is an exact likeness between a promise to pay on a South African Reserve Bank note and a promise to pay on a bill with a signature on it.

Settling an account with card or cheque does not settle it, it only discharges it. It keeps the wolf from the door, but it doesn’t get rid of the wolf. It discharges the debt but there are remnants of the debt staying in the account, so the account stays open. Section 19 is delivery as requirement for a contract on a bill; to bring it back to zero.

It is said that only the SA Reserve Bank can create currency and that they are the sole issuing authority of domestic bank notes. Domestic is inside the borders of the corporation. It is an internal corporate currency. SA Reserve Bank may be the sole authority to provide domestic bank notes, but they are not the sole authority to issue non domestic bank notes. You as a man can issue your own non-domestic bank notes. Non-domestic is the balancing of the books from the private side.

A physical document has value – it is like money, it is liquid certain liability. A liability is created in the form of a bill. It needs to be contracted back to zero.

“Because money does not exist, it is just pieces of paper. If they send us a piece of paper, we can endorse and say yes we agree that that amount is what it says it is, by signing it and it now becomes worth the same value as a domestic bank note,” he said.

If the bill is not signed and you sign the bill then there is a signature on the document, like the South African Reserve Bank notes. There is only one signature on a South African Reserve Bank note.

Dr Joubert made the example of receiving a bill from the service provider, Telkom. If the bill does not have a signature on it, it is not a legitimate bill. A bill without a signature is an inchoate instrument.

The simplicity is of you sign the bill, the inchoate instrument has a signature on it. It is a Bill of Exchange and there is a signature on that document, like the South African Reserve Bank notes, one signature.




The 16 Billion Year Coincidence

The shift of the ages

“In lak’ech” is the Mayan greeting which means ‘I am you and you are me’ and which expresses the Mayan principle of universal love.

“The Mayan calendar is based on the cycle of the Pleiades or “Muchuchumil” as they are known by the Maya. The elders say the universe comes from the Pleiades.” This was explained in the presentation by Ian Lungold as he explained in great detail s how, “a grand string of coincidences has been leading up to this point.”

2020 on the Ethiopian calendar. In other words “NOW”. As Lungold said, “Either we’ve got a 16.4 billion-year string of coincidences or we’re on a schedule. The ninth and highest Underworld is the Universal Underworld. As the Universal Underworld becomes the dominating influence, there is a shift in Yin/Yang polarity favouring the front side of the human brain.”

Many presenters and authors have spoken and written about the Mayan Calendar and its significant knowledge base.

On the Harold Reinl documentary Chariots of the Gods by Erik Von Daeniken the viewer visits the Mayan Calendar stones now situated at Museum Nacional Tressa Cossa.

The Aztec calendar stone is more than 11 feet across and weighs more than 24 tonnes. It is an astonishing precise measurement of astronomical observations.

The Mayan calendar was discovered by Matthew Sterling, a prominent archaeologist back in the 40s and 50s. The calendar marks a calendar cycle of 5200 years. The inscription on the calendar says there will be a descent of nine gods to the… and then it is chipped off. There are nine gods of ancient Egypt and there are 9 gods of ancient Maya as well. Descend to what? Initially it was thought they were descending to the underworld.”

The Mayan Calendar predicted an end-time taking place possibly right now in the year 2020. The Mayan Calendar depicts five different worlds destroyed by cataclysms according to the Mayans and earlier cultures of the area. Our word is being birthed into a sixth world.

Mayan elder Don Alejandro confirms: “We are at the doorsteps of the ending of another period of the Sun, a period that lasts 5,200 years and ends with several hours of darkness. After this period of darkness there comes a new period of the Sun; it will be the 6th one.”

The Mayans explained how the new period goes beyond technology as we know it. We go beyond time and money. Planet Earth and the Solar System comes into galactic synchronization with the rest of the Universe. Human DNA is “upgraded” from the centre of our galaxy (Hunab Ku).

In many of the other ancient cycles, the calendar of the Zodiac in the Temple of Hathor in Egypt,  the Tibetans series of cycles called the Yuga’s.  In the Hopi tradition, they say this is the end of the 5th dream and the coming up of the 6th.

Kerry Cassidy said, “With the end of the Mayan calendar comes a time of new beginning. Cultures from all parts of the world come together in agreement that: at this time in space, our earth enters unchartered waters.

Graham Hancock said, “We don’t have to go into darkness; we can brighten our own story. I believe it is possible for a great change in consciousness. Change is coming. This is a time of trial. The matter is in our hands.”

“The whole solar system is getting charged up with energy, we are going to see all the plants changing and we are going to see transformation, cataclysmic earth changes,” wrote David Willcock.

Aluna Joy described: “At some point, we think the magnetic energy of the earth will drop out. At that time, all the old, hideous, etheric record that has been anchored on the Earth by war and other horrible atrocities will be wiped clean.”

Jennifer Welch said, “This the end of one way of energising and the beginning of something different.” 

The Path of the Stars:

Author Hugh Newman described how the technology and knowledge was taught to the Mayan people by “Quetzalcoatl.” He said, “Quetzalcoatl arrived on a raft of serpents with a band of followers and was a teacher of vast sciences. He was represented as a mythological being. The plumed serpent, the rainbow serpent currents of energy run through the planet. Quetzalcoatl came into the gulf coast area and left high civilization, agriculture and all other skills. Legend tells us he was a light skinned bearded man who came from the stars. He taught men law, arts the cultivation of corn and cotton. His symbol is seen everywhere. It is actually an earth energy or current. The entwined serpent (two currents weaving around each other like Caduceus) is always associated with earth energy. When Quetzalcoatl finished his mission on earth he returned to the morning star promising to come back to earth again.”

The clue of when Quetzalcoatl returns is in the 5200 year cycle of the stars. Author Andrew Collins explained that fellow author John Major Jenkins wrote the sixth sun would be reborn in the Cygnus Rift. He had learnt this from the work of a Mayan expert by the name of Marion Popenoe Hatch.

Andrew Collins researched this. He said, “The symbol in Mayan texts represented Cygnus as the ‘cross bands glyph.’ This appears also on much earlier Olmec statues of the jaguar. The jaguar signifies the starry sky.

Collins traced the location of Cygnus adjacent to the stars of Sagittarius and Scorpio. This is where the ecliptic (the path of the sun) crosses the Milky Way. The new sun emerges at the time at a point that it aligns with the visual position of galactic centre.

In ancient Mexican cosmology, the sun was seen as an egg that comes from a crack which opens in a cosmic mountain, and this can be equated with the Milky Way’s Great Rift, the dark region caused by interstellar dust clouds where new stars are born.

The Milky Way Galaxy is symbolised by Ouroboros, the mythical serpent residing in the heavens. At the galactic central point near Sagittarius, this serpent eats its own tail. The Ouroboros symbolises the cyclic Nature of the Universe: Birth and Death, Night and Day, Creation and Destruction, Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Male and Female.


Solar Kananda and the coronal mass ejection


“The Mayan calendar end date represents a combination of a star constellation alignment that only occurs around every 26 000 years,” stated Alex Putney as he quoted Ptah on the Redi Ice Radio show.

Ptah had written that the end time in the Mayan calculations was when the heavenly bodies lie on an imaginary line that will join together the star of Betelgeuse (above the left side of the constellation Orion) with a central sun situated at the centre of the Milky Way. The sun meets the Milky Way at a location that is built by inter stellar dust clouds. The optical impression is produced that the Milky Way will touch earth all around and the galaxy would lie directly on the earth. In the whole that is the end of the Mayan calendar recording.”

“The Mayan elders speak of there being a period of thirty hours or more of darkness as we travel across the ecliptic plane of our galaxy. They describe the rays of the son not shining,” continued Alex Putney this time reading from another source called Valdar. He referenced a three-day period of darkness that will be the long night, writing “The resurrection will follow the still of the night.”

Putney explained: “The resurrection will come because of a blast of energy that will end that period of darkness and will literally be igniting an invisible sun very close to us, that is a binary twin of our sun and has been an enigmatic missing partner for hundreds of thousands of years.

Valdar calls this twin sun – Solar Kananda, the sun that has not yet blazed.

“The approaching embryo sun Solar Kananda is approaching from the constellation of cancer and as our solar system enters deeper into its sphere of influence, changes in our magnetic fields have from time to time been observed by the confederation,” wrote Valdar.

Alex said, “The brown dwarf has literally knocked through like a bowling ball through those pins and has created a chaotic scattering of cometary bodies. When we are crossing the galactic plane it is a field of no magnetics which means shields down.

Alex believed it could also be a time of polar reversal. He had texts from beings who allegedly have witnessed this event happening on planets across the cosmos. They say, it happens in a very rapid time and the magnetic field breaks as we cross through the galactic plane. As we emerge on the other side we have the reversal of the magnetic field.

Putney explained it like a magnetic field like the torus for example. There is a north and a south pole and at the crossing point from one to the other, there is a threshold that is a null field. That is the zero point.

In his book ‘Light and Water,’ Putney wrote how the Hopi and the Native American prophecies very decisively of a red star appearing in our close heavens and our skies turning red. They speak of the new world as the red dawn, the coming of the sixth sun.

The energy wave that is pulsing from the centre of the galaxy sets off super nova’s, one after the other in a long string as it expands from the central sun. Betelgeuse is the nearest super-nova in that string of events.

The ignition of Solar Kananda is connected with the blastwave from Betelgeuse which in itself is connected with cyclical blastwaves from the central sun.

All this was calculated by the Mayan calendar. Betelgeuse is roughly 640 light years away which means that actual explosion did occur sometime in the 1300’s.

Putney continued to read from Valdar’s texts: “This event may bring about changes which will gradually usher in the new age. There might be a change in the atomic structure. Every atomic power station will then cease to function and even electrical power will stop. But a new source of energy will then be available. There will be a regeneration, for example those of ninety years will be as fifty and those of you who are fifty will be as thirty. Many will not see those changes. Only those of you who can now accept the new way of life will perceive it and experience it.

Many are being conditioned for that day. Your sub conscious mind is being conditioned to prepare for such an event should it arise and then as if with the turning of a switch, true understanding will come.

Paul Laviolette, considered to be the Einstein of our time, said in an interview

on Project Camelot: “When a coronal mass ejection arrives, the solar cosmic ray particles get trapped in the Earth’s magnetic field. They produce what are called storm-time radiation belts around the Earth.”

The coronal mass ejection takes the Mayan prophecy into the field of science and medicine. Biochemist Colm Kelleher noted: “A transposition burst at the RNA DNA level can accomplish a genome change. “

This was explained in the presentation by scientist William Brown. He explained that when aggravated by light the RNA transcribes back into DNA. because Gamma radiation is an electromagnetic frequency. In an experiment with gamma radiation, Brown activated the vector transposal with a specific frequency.

He explained, “Beyond the gamma rays are cosmic rays that are constantly coming into the universe. What is naturally occurring is an increase in cosmic radiation coming in at this time. Cosmic radiation aggravates the multiple genetic components within the DNA, causing the DNA to reconfigure itself.

If love is the building block of the universe, then the coronal mass ejection brings with it love.


Judicial Activism in South Africa

“South Africa is a constitutional democracy. The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (the Constitution) is the supreme law meaning any law, or conduct of any person or entity, that is inconsistent with the Constitution is unlawful and invalid,” advised the DA.

Constitutionally Speaking advises: “There are at least two grounds on which the validity of lockdown regulations could be challenged. First, to comply with the principle of legality all regulations must at the very least be rationally related to the stated aims of the declaration of a national disaster. Recall that the declaration of a national disaster allows for the promulgation of regulations, but only to the extent necessary for the purpose of (a) assisting and protecting the public; (b) providing relief to the public; (c) protecting property; (d) preventing or combating disruption; or (e) dealing with the destructive and other effects of the disaster.

“Second, where a regulation limits one of the rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, the regulation will only be constitutionally valid if it is justifiable in terms of the limitation clause (36). The right to equality, dignity, and freedom of movement, and the right to access to food and housing may be of particular importance in the current situation.”

The leadership of the Democratic Alliance (DA) are filing an application in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (Act No. 2 of 2000) to impel Government to clarify the powers and functions of the Coronavirus National Command Council (CNCC) and that it is both sound and appropriate in the circumstances. The Public Access to Information Act gives citizens the right to access information and government the obligation to supply information to the public

A grouping of 30 other political parties have taken legal action on the basis that SA is a constitutional democracy and citizens have the right to access information in order to discharge their constitutional rights and in a constitutional democracy the people must be trusted and allowed to participate in all matters of national concern.

They have requested the release of the model that informed the decision to declare a national disaster, for independent review and have advised that it cannot be withheld due to national security considerations as greater transparency would in fact enhance national security. They have added that the uncertainty has created the panic.

Section 85 (1) of the Constitution stipulates that the executive authority of the Republic is vested in the President. Subsection 2 provides, without any equivocation, that the President exercises the executive authority, “together with the other members of the Cabinet.” The Constitution doesn’t grant the President the power to exercise his executive authority “alone” or with “some” members of the Cabinet. He can only exercise his constitutional executive authority “together with the other members of the Cabinet.”

DA have pointed out that the “Covid Regulations” are “directing municipalities” and this is a violation of section 151 (2) of the Constitution, which vests the executive and legislative authority of all municipalities in their respective Municipal Councils.

Furthermore legal request has been filed for information regarding
1. The decision to impose the Lockdown, the epidemiological mathematic model and accompanying data, reports.
2. Information that formed the basis of the decision to extend the Lockdown
3. Actual measures of the pandemic, in particular the death rate, the formula used in calculating the rate and what standard or evidence is used to indicate Covid-19 as the direct and immediate cause of a death
4. Actual measures of infection, the method used to test for Covid-19 and test device used and its reliability.

The legal team has advised, “The Judicial branch of government is compelled to release the data, to allow for independent review and informed public consent or participation. This to avoid or detect or discourage abuses of power and to ensure accountability.”

Jupiter the Bringer of Joy

With the Jupiter Pluto Conjunction taking place 05/04/2020 04:45AM South African time and then again on 30/06/20 and finally 12/11/20 : this is going to be a year for change or what some astrologers have termed “the phoenix rising from the ashes.”

Jupiter brings hope, optimism and expansion alongside the death, transformation and rebirth of Pluto. The conjunction on the 5th of April will also have the asteroid Pallas Athena – goddess of wisdom, truth and strategy in conjunction and Venus coupled with Pleiades, opening of the portal to the Age of Aquarius – the age of love, enlightenment, prosperity and opportunity. Saturn is also present bringing the value of science, technology, knowledge and creativity.

When hope, optimism and expansion meets with death, transformation and rebirth in the presence of wisdom, truth, strategy, love and creativity – there is a sense of magical opportunity.

The desire of this magical opportunity making a lasting impact will be expressed by approximately one million people around the world during the first conjunction of Jupiter Pluto on April 4/5 2020 taking place 4:45AM South African time.

Dubbed the Ascension timeline mass meditation it is suggested that tuning in together with the one million light minds will create a focused singularity in the quantum field which will entrain it to the conscious stream of a higher consciousness and a higher vibrational earth plane.

There are 4 potential timeline that are spoken about currently. All but one are dystopian. We are all aiming for the positive timeline whereby we may bring peace to earth and pave the way for a future free of crime, self-interest and corruption.

It is said that contribution is a mental focus of tuning in to one’s own spiritual core, the intuitive guidance within and connect with the oneness of planetary consciousness. We may visualise the removal of the negative forces on the planet and visualise a new reality where love conquers everything. We may use the light meditation as we visualise the light coming from the centre of the galaxy into our spiritual center, ensconcing the planet and connecting with the millions of other beacons of human light – all working together for positive and lasting change.

“This is where humanity come together to change the course of history,” said one source. “This is a catalyst of inspired vision and sacred action,” said another.

Ascension Timeline Meditation April 4/5 2020

Together with the Jupiter Pluto Conjunction hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world will be unifying consciousness in an Ascension Meditation to shift earth to a positive timeline and welcome in in the powerful age of Aquarius energy.

The meditation commences 04:45AM South African time and the suggested meditation is to use the pillar of light visualisation from the macro-cosm to the micro-cosm – healing all aspects of the dis-ease humanity is currently faced with.

Here are some of the video’s:

Stone Ruins : Mysteries of Africa

In and amoungst a vast network of stone ruins is a site like no other. It is not stone circles. It is standing stone circles. There are giant standing stones like Stonehenge in Nelspruit! Johan Heine is attributed for rediscovering this site. This site is situated on Barberton cliff overlooking the Barberton impact crater just outside Nelspruit. Adams Calendar is a settlement of enormous standing stones made from dolerite. These massive stones have been brought onto this site from elsewhere. The builders of this site chose this location very carefully. It is situated exactly on the 31 degree latitude line which I am sitting on now in Durban, the white lions are sitting on in Timbavati, the pyramids of Giza are sitting on and St Petersburg in Russia is sitting in. This is an energetic layline running through mother earth.

On visiting this site one is startled straight away as standing at the entrance pillar is a giant stone man with a triangle carved in his forehead. In 1994 this stone man was stolen and some years later it was returned as a memorial plaque to the Blue Swallow Nature Reserve. Stone man has been moved from its original position, which is approximately 2 kilometres away up the hill and at the entrance to the main standing stone site. Stone man is not standing at the entrance to Adams calendar. Credo Mutwa calls stone man the clitoris of mother earth. This is because the clitoris is a frequency device.

On entering the Blue Swallow nature reserve, one begins a short climb up onto the cliff plateau and then the long walk up a winding causeway of standing stones and stone pointers, with smaller standing stone circles until we reach the big one, the entrance to the main calendar site.

Mutwa was initiated there in 1937. He calls the place Inzalo ye Langa, ‘birthplace of the sun.’ Michael Tellinger has called it Adams Calendar.

The energetic effect of this great standing stone circle is considerable. Enki’s calendar is a big standing stone circle about 30 metres in diameter and the tallest standing stone has fallen over. It measures about 4 metres. It is a carving of Horus. When it stood it would greet the rising sun.

The point where the rising sun meets with mother earth is the point that Mutwa describes as “where heaven mates with mother earth.” Father Sun and Mother Earth are caught in a loving embrace, amongst the rising and setting of the entire starry cosmos.

There is also suggestion that at the point where Adams calendar is, there is a great crystal inside the earth, under this site. Bermuda Triangle is also said to have a great crystal beneath it, causing visitors to slip through dimensions and ‘disappear.’ Yet I did not disappear like the sailors on Bermuda triangle when I stood at Enki’s Calendar however I did experience something deeply spiritual.

On standing between the calendar stones one feels a sense of peace and purpose, a unity!


“Men can never slay the truth. Though banished, it will come again in greater power, for truth will subjugate the world.” Jesus the Christ

These transcripts include the Megalithomania speakers festival which was a fascinating event that happened over two days with several presenters presenting photographs and spoken words on some of the ancient wonders. Hearing the presenters story’s of traveling to ancient sites was an experience of the worlds’ ancient archaeological mysteries and a sharing of the energies from these sites.

This festival lead me to travel to the stone ruins at Adams Calendar outside Nelspruit and stand between the central standing stones and experience that vortex of energy. South Africa is a significant location in the great tale of humanity.

UFO Consciousness and Science speakers festival which happened later in the year was something similar, yet completely different. Using the foundation knowledge of the archaeological wonders of the world, speakers talked about philosophy, religious texts and new science. There were many many opinions presented which can not all be true. However they are all transcribed and presented in the spirit of this information and that is in the words of Graham Lesch, “It is worthwhile if you make it worthwhile.”

At both festivals I spoke to Bernie. She told me that she had always known she had come from the Pleiades. Bernie explained that the Pleiadians are us way in the future. She offered to send me a bumper edition of information. This she did. She sent me a whole package of disks including the fascinating series on Atlantis and the innovative film called Thrive. However the majority of the disks where recordings of interviews from a radio station in Sweden called Red Ice Radio. These recordings were refreshing and challenged a lot of ideas presented at the UFO Consciousness and Science speakers festival.

This was the eye opener for me, illustrating that in the work I have presented in this epic series of transcriptions there is truth, some over-exaggeration and some information that is tough to comprehend. The scriptures for the new day are presented as humbly as Buddha presented his teachings (the Dharma), “Like shit on a stick, blowing in the wind,” as he described it. As a collection of transcripts it takes the title of Spirit Reality because I have experienced the SOUL to be true. So as everybody’s soul is unique so everybody’s truth is unique. This truth has begun to shine through.

The totality is God and God is the one and the all. God being ‘all’ makes every everything an aspect of God. God IS and all that IS is the ‘isness’. God is infinite. God is all that is manifest, unmanifested and manifesting; a collective of consciousness so vast and so experienced and a force that is so absolutely united in and of itself that he/she.it.us.we.they.them.all.and.all is/are.

LOVE is a basic building block of the universe. Ananda sais, ‘Love is the holy spirit.’ The speakers festivals, online radio stations and these transcripts together with extensive online coverage is an illustration of the tremendous desire to share the message of love. Why? It is a 2012 thing. We are increasing our vibrations, repairing our DNA and beginning to live heaven on earth. And now it is a 2013 thing too.

The Body of information :

Listening to the voices from the Pleiades

Aluna Joy has written: “During the first sun/world the Earth was implanted with the 4 races; Red, Yellow, Blue and White. There was a council of 4 great creators called Balams that did this work. After life was implanted on Earth, the four continents were colonized and the four races continued the cycles of light. The creators sent four other beings from the Pleiades and each one of them took a continent. Kukulcan (or Quetzalcoatl) in America , Mayachez for the white world, Caramaya for the Asian world, and Nagamaya for the black.”

Ian Lungold has said: “The Mayan civilization believed that each cycle was just one stage in the collective consciousness of humanity. The Mayan are the most recent ancient civilization. They left the freshest tracks. The Mayan calendar is based on the cycle of the Pleiades or “Muchuchumil” as they are known by the Maya. The elders say the universe comes from the Pleiades.” Ian Lungold

Concluding remarks

This is the presentation of ideas, theories, extensive bodies of research, gut feelings, instincts and love. It is exactly what it is. No more, no less. The question therefore is not about this work, it is about your reaction to this? Will you be able to pull as much out of this that is available to you? Will you able to use this to trigger your own journey into all and every aspect from all and every perspective to what it is to be you?

Note that book one and book two are slide presentations so throughout the presentations striking visuals were used to explain the story further. These written versions have no visuals, however many visual are provided on the authors websites and the DVD’s are now available through Zulu Planet :

Have no fear of what there is still to learn. To be open minded to everything, suspend belief and disbelief.

One Love and Joyous vibrations for ALL

Struan Douglas